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Daewoo DVG-9200N

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June 25, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by tdockweiler, August 12 2004:

1. Turn On

2. Press Open (disc tray must be open with a different region disc in it for verification)

3. Press 1 3 7 9 and the number of the zone that you want to use between 0 and 6. Use 0 for region free. You may need to press all these keys slowly. When you press the last number, it will display at the top left of the screen.

4. Now press play. Other region disc should play. If you didn't do it correctly it will display "Wrong Region".

When you turn off the DVD player it will keep the settings.

PostRegion code hack posted by junkyard, August 16 2004:

Just bought the Daewoo progressive-scan DVD player DVG9200N (With coaxial and optical digital audio outputs, component- and S-video outputs, and Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound).

Cost me only $40 bucks at Target - used the region hack posted by tdockweiler and it works!

DVD Player is now region free Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by dddemarco, September 30 2004:

1) Turn on Player

2) Open Tray

3) With the remote, key in the numbers 1,3,7,9. They will appear as "X's" in the top left hand corner of the screen.

4) After keying in the numbers, promptly choose your region code you'd like, from 0-6. The region code you select will appear as a number, not as x's, as did the 4 number hack code.

5) Throw in a Region 2 Pal or NTSC dvd to try it out.

Mine works great. It even correctly converts Anamorphic Pal dvd's, unlike alot of the low-end players. That is a HUGE plus for me, and the reason why I bought it. Which I have to thank the top/first poster on this board for this player, "tdockweiler". Thanks for the heads up on this player.

I bought it at Target on sale for $40. The sale came at a good time, as my Cyberhome Ch-402 just crapped the bed on me. Although it is inexpensive, I'm only going to play my import titles on it that can't play in my Emerson, to prolong it's life a little.


PostRegion code hack posted by dddemarco, October 06 2004:

To revise my post above.

I noted after putting in the hack, to put in a Region 2 Pal or NTSC dvd.

What I meant to say was, put anything in the player "other" than a Region 1 ntsc dvd, to check and see if it works ok for you.

Mine also plays dvd-r/rw & dvd+r/+rw excellent.

PostRegion code hack posted by donbanania, June 25 2007:

1. Have your DVD player connected to the TV

2. Make sure your DVD player is plugged into your power outlet

3. Turn on the DVD player

4. Press 'OPEN' on the DVD remote

5. Using your DVD player's remote control, press the numbers:
"1 3 7 9 0"

6. This will reset the fully region free settings of the DVD player

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