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Daewoo DVG-6000D

6 user region code comments

August 18, 2002 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by fatbloke, January 04 2002:

with no disk inserted
press " setup "
then " stop "
then "[< (prev) "
then "[> (next) "

PostRegion code hack posted by Nick, January 21 2002:

turn on player with no disc, press on the remote SETUP,STOP,BACKskip,NEXTskip (the 2 buttons down the bottom right of the remote), then you will be in the menu, use the arrow buttons to move down to region and press play, on the right you will see regions,push the arrow button accross to the regions and select which one you want useing play button. then press setup to go back. You can also use the 3000N firmware upgrade to add bypass to the menu and to disable macro, BUT if you use this firmware you will lose the functions on the front panel (only on/off and to close tray will work), but remote still works ok.

PostRegion code hack posted by tom, May 02 2002:

Same code as DVG3000N works fine
1.- Turn On
2.- Press Open
3.- Press Setup, with remote, don't close the dvd plate in the hole process.
4.- Press Play on the remote.
5.-Choose TV Type in the menu with remote.
6.- Press Stop in the player (No remote)
7.- Press |< (Prev) in the player
8.- Press >| (Next) in the player
9.- Region ID Menu Shows
10.- Select the region (with remote) or Bypass
11.- When in region desired press Play
12.- Press Seup with remote

Tested on DVG-6000 (without D) on may-02-02

PostRegion code hack posted by , May 06 2002:

You might as well try the Daewoo 5000N firmware on the 6000D. The front panel buttons will become disabled (probably), but the digital display will still work - or at least it should, since the two players use the same type of display.

Also the 5000D and 6000N remotes are the same, so you shouldn't lose any remote functions by trying this.

Try this at your own risk. If anything goes wrong, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! Don't blame me or this site!

PostOther hack posted by G, May 20 2002:

This may only apply to certain models in my case the 6000G in the UK :-

Just read the previous article advising to perform a firmware update on the Daewoo 6000 using the Daewoo 5000's flash.

BE WARNED !!!!!!
I have a 6000G ( Based in the uk ), after the firmware update, the macrovision hack works, YOU WILL loose all buttons from the front pannel including power/eject.

And another added problem!!! The sound levels have dropped by around 60% of what they used to be !!!!!

This is only apparent when you play back a DVD, and seems to be around the 5.1 decoding and AC3. If you install a music CD the volume is fine, however insert a normal DVD (Dolby Digital/DTS) and you need to crank up the volume.

May well be a problem if you intend to BACKUP your dvd's shall we say !

And there's no going back, cannot get a copy of the original firmware for 6000

I had to build a small op amp into mine to get the volume levels up to record correctly ( very not recommended ! )

Anyone know of any firmware other than
Regards G

PostRegion code hack posted by Gary, August 18 2002:

to change the region of the dvd6000d is alot easier than you think......just put a region 1, 2, 3, or 4 and so on into the player when it comes up with "wrong region" just push the "title PBC" button on the remote and away you go!!...the disk will play. works for me on my dvg6000d!

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