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Daewoo DVD-S151

8 user region code comments

April 04, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Roger, October 01 2003:

Anyone know how to hack this Daewoo DVD player>

PostRegion code hack posted by db, October 23 2003:

Unverified post in newsgroup indicates that this player is region-free with no mods or code entry.
Would appreciate if someone could verify (I have no non-US DVDs to test on my unit)
Newsgroup post attached:

From: TB (
Subject: Re: A dvd player model which will convert pal to ntsc ?
Date: 2003-09-02 11:41:37 PST

>One thing you need to be aware of is while many players will *play* a Pal or
>NTSC format dvd, it may not have the onboard converter so the picture
>displays properly on your tv or monitor. Surprisingly, many of the cheap
>Hong Kong dvd players have this feature built in. The Daewoo S151 dvd player
>for instance is all region and also has a Pal/NTSC onboard converter and
>goes for under 100 bucks. It does not have progressive scan and it is a
>"cheap" player that doesn't output as quality picture and sound as say,
>higher end Pioneer, Toshiba or Sony dvd player but it will do the job.

PostRegion code hack posted by Vidar, November 09 2003:

This player is region free. I have verified with an european DVD and everything works perfect. I bought it on Sams club for 40 bucks.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ralph, November 15 2003:

Has anybody checked the Daewoo DVD-S151 out
in a 220-240VAC environment?

Some of the other Daewoo players are
multi-voltage, being both documented and
undocumented as such. This one is rated at 50/60
cycles, so I wonder if it isn't multi-voltage as well.
If the PAL --> NTSC conversion works both ways
(Why shouldn't it?) then this would be a great (and
cheap!) present for European friends ... even if they
have to run it through a 220 --> 110 V converter.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who can share
relevant knowledge or experience with me.

PostOther hack posted by Supermatteo, December 12 2003:

I have had this DVD for two months and it is working fine. It is already set to read all DVDs (all regions and PAL/NTSC). It works with any TV. It needs 120V power supply, so, if you want to use it with 220V, you must have a voltage converter (you can find for $5 everywhere on Internet). Picture and sound are ok (Not the best... just ok).

PostRegion code hack posted by Justin Waine, January 21 2004:

This player is region free right out of the box but if you need to see the region menu all you do is go to the main screen and press MENU 1 9

PostRegion code posted by Jake Schantz, February 13 2004:

Anyone know how to disable the macrovision on a Daewoo DVD-S151 (or any other Daewoo product, so I can try). It's a great little play that does a lot for the cheap price. It plays all the European videos we have, then can switch easily back to US region. But it doesn't have a coax port, and the tv at my wife's school is so old it doesn't have RCA or the other inputs - so it has to play through the VCR that's attached.

Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by V2rt3g4, April 04 2005:

lo que tienes que hacer es muy sencillo y funciona con todos loa daewoo.

- enciendan el dvd y dejen la bandeja abierta.
- presionar los botones 1,3,7,9
- presionar el numero de la region de la pelicula que quieran ver, es decir, 1 para zona 1, 2 zona 2, 4 zona 4, etc.
- introducir la pelicula y listo.

Deben hacerlo cada ves que el dvd lo pida.


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