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Daenyx DV2001

10 user region code comments

October 25, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Demetan, April 14 2006:

Setting the region: you can choose the region with the service menu,

simply open the tray and type in 9735 (disregard the invalid key messages)

0 is region free but some dvd's may not play with region 0, you'll have to switch it back to the region of the disk for those(region 1 for canadian dvd's) (tks to TigerMM)

PostRegion code hack posted by Jean, December 06 2006:

This hack doesn't work. You do get a new screen when you open the tray and press 9735 and see REGION 1 but you can't "go" to REGION 1 and change it with the UP or DOWN arrows. Unless there's something I'm missing. DEMETAN, if you read this, please email me at

PostRegion code hack posted by Wanderer, January 08 2007:

After you enter Service Menu, first of all you have to press RIGHT arrow and after that choose region with UP and DOWN arrows. Good luck

PostRegion code hack posted by Mr. C, March 02 2007:

this hack does not work - while you get "Region" as a line item, there's no way to chane it.

PostRegion code hack posted by BB, April 17 2007:

I tried the 9735 hack with no luck.

However, I then tried just playing a different region DVD (region 2 on a factory set region 1 player) without doing any hacks, and that worked like a charm.
Switching back to a region 1 DVD afterwards went fine as well.

I'm guessing that the players where the 9735 hack doesn't work are region free in the way that they set themself to the region of the DVD (like some PC DVD players).

FYI: This was a player bought at Toys'R'Us in Canada

PostRegion code hack posted by Billybagobagels, May 19 2007:

Two versions of this model are sold by Toys R Us in Canada.

The region hack mentioned above only works with the version with the blue light power button but not the version with the green light power button.

I've noticed the the boxes containing the Daenyx DV2001 blue button version have an extra UPC sticker on the side or on the bottom of the box. The green button versions don't have the extra UPC sticker. Check the whole shelf if you need to. Sometimes the blue button versions are at the back. They seem to be older stock.

PostRegion code hack posted by Derry, May 31 2007:

I was just playing with a green light power button version of this player i bought the other day from extra foods(superstore's smaller market version) and i opened the tray pressed the setup button and then 9735 nothing changed on the screen but now it plays multi region! Somehow the 9735 resets it to region 0 i think.

PostRegion code hack posted by VampireWolf, June 26 2007:

For the Daenyx DV2001 with green light:

1- Open the tray
2- Press setup on the remote
3- Using the remote enter 9735 and a number will appear on top right of screen
4- Using the Left/Right arrow change the region to 0 to 6 as you wish
5- Press setup again when the region is set for the disc you want
6- Play your DVD

NB: If you want to play PAL on NTSC be sure the DVD is set for a NTSC and not
to auto position.

PostRegion code hack posted by pureaddiction, November 09 2007:

The 9735 hack did indeed work on the green light model. When entering the setup menu type "9735" and the top should say Language 1. Use the right/left arrows to change the region from 1-6. Mine also has 255 which appears to be the region free choice.

PostRegion code hack posted by Cactus, October 25 2019:

I bought a used Daenyx DV2001-P (the one with green light on power). Pink one, sold at Toys'r'us.
No success with the open tray + setup + 9735...
Here's what I did: I press setup on remote, put the TV system on "auto" (instead of NTSC or PAL)
and I clicked on many numbers until a number showed up on the upper right corner in setup main
menu (took a while!). A number finally appeared and I click enter and it would change from
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,6000. I chose "o" (zero) and exit setup. Then I tried the Pal dvd again and it
worked! :) So in my case, it was to set the region to zero and this regardless of the open tray
or hack code. Hope this helps and Good luck! :)
ps: I also have a black one DV2001 (bought new back in the day) and I do not recall needing the
hack on that one. Was already set multiregion.

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