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Akai DVPS-760

2 user region code comments

November 02, 2002 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Me, September 15 2002:

This unit is available at Sam's Club and

To change the region code:

1. Open Disc Tray
2. Push "Setup" on remote control.
3. Push "91010"
("9" is the region code for all regions. You can substitute your region for 9 if you prefer.)
4. Push "Step," "Shuffle," and then "Next"
5. Close the Disc Tray.

to verify that the hack has worked:

1. Open Disc Tray
2. Push "Setup" on remote control.
3. Push "Shuffle," "Step, " and then "Next"
This takes you to the secret setup menu.
4. Scroll down to the "debug" setting and verify that the region you selected is selected here. Note that making changes directly to the menu here WILL NOT WORK!
5. Close the disc tray

Note: There are some interesting settings in the secret setup menu that can be useful. When playing certain PAL discs on an NTSC TV (SouthPark vol. 12-15 for example), you will notice certain distortions caused by the drawing method. You can alleviate this problem by changing the "picture mode" in the secret menu until you find a setting that works.

PostRegion code hack posted by Werner, November 02 2002:

I bought the Akai DVPS-760 at Sams club and can confirm that this hack works, played a United Kingdom region 2 and 4 DVD without problems.
One point that was not clear to me on the original posting is that under the second part of the hack, where ">|>|" was posted, this is infact the "NEXT" button, I have clarified it below

Region-free hack
For details, read the following thread:

In case the thread is already deleted:
Use the REMOTE to perform these operations:
1. Once the DVD player is turned on, open the disc tray.
2. Push the "SETUP" button.
3. Push the following buttons in sequence:

1. Open the disc tray

2. Push the following buttons on the remote control:


3. In the menu, scroll down to "DEBUG" and verify that it says "9".

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