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Acoustic Solutions DVD321

5 user region code comments

November 14, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by mcrussell, December 31 2002:

I noticed with region 2 player if you press the mute button while in the secret menu it displys VER 25500, but you cannot change it. Do you think there might be some way to change these players to multi region?

PostRegion code hack posted by John D, January 27 2003:

Just bought a multi region, multi format Acoustic Solutions DVD321 from Richer Sounds in Newcastle for 59.95, the region 2 was 49.95. What I really got was a region 2 system with a piece of paper with the same hacks as Alan H has posted below. Can't complain too much as before Christmas the prices were 69.95 and 59.95 and the system works great plays everything. So I can confirm that Alan H's hacks work just fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by ian wilkinson, August 08 2003:

Richer Sounds are selling 2 versions of this player. It is the 321M which is hackable, and for that they charge an extra 10.00. It is this and only this machine that is hackable.

PostRegion code hack posted by Sunny Patel, August 11 2003:

I don't know if this will add to the confusion as far as the Richer Sounds DVD is concerned but for the people that are having problems, are you using the remote to enter the codes or the buttons on the DVD.

I was just reading another site that had the following to say:-
Remember to press setup on the remote then use the Next Previous Next Previous buttons on the player not the remote.

Hope this helps as I'm thinking of buying the DVD from Richer Sounds but I'm not sure wheter to pay the extra 10 or not.

PostRegion code posted by OB Preston, November 14 2003:

I've noticed you can enter a debug info mode by pressing fast forward whilst in the menu. You can access information by keying 00 to 69. If I select 00 (or 01 - can't remember) I get 14.4A displayed. I guess this is a version number for the firmware. Typing 69 gives A....D.... ?? There are some others - 13 returns OK. However, I think I got a disc type display stuck on all the time for a while - so use with caution. I was unable to get 4000 enabled at any point but there are still lots of options here to try.

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