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VidCoder is a very easy to use DVD, Blu-ray and any video file to MP4/MKV video converter. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. Easily batch convert your video/DVDs/ISO/VIDEO_TS and Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV. Burn-in/Hardcode srt subtitles. Requires .NET 4 Client.

Free software
Version:1.5.34 / 2.38 Beta
Released:Nov 13, 2016
File size:9.0MB
Portable version
Old versions available
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Latest version

1.5.34 / 2.38 Beta (November 13, 2016)

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Download VidCoder 1.5.34  [Direct link 9.0MB]  [Win]

Download VidCoder 1.5.34 64-bit  [Direct link 9.4MB]  [Win64]

Download beta, portable and other versions

Download VidCoder 1.5.34 portable  [Direct link 9.4MB]  [Win]

Download VidCoder 1.5.34 portable 64-bit  [Direct link 9.9MB]  [Win64]

Download VidCoder 2.38 Beta  [Direct link 11.2MB]  [Win]

Download VidCoder 2.38 Beta 64-bit  [Direct link 11.6MB]  [Win64]

Download VidCoder 2.38 Beta portable  [Direct link 12.0MB]  [Win]

Download VidCoder 2.38 Beta 64-bit portable  [Direct link 12.5MB]  [Win64]

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Download VidCoder old versions

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More information and other downloads

Vidcoder can NOT rip DVDs! Use a DVD ripper or try the libdvdcss from VLC Media Player, see Handbrake/Vidcoder with libdvdcss DVD ripping.

Use VidCoder 1.4.25 or older if you can't get latest versions to work in Windows XP.

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

2.38 Beta

Added option in file menu to enqueue a folder of video files.
Added error checking to the result of the disc folder picker. If it's not recognized as a disc folder, it will be queued as a folder of video files.
Updated icon of DVD/Blu-ray Folder source icon to include a disc.
Updated HandBrake core.
Fixed issue where the wrong output size could be chosen when using an anamorphic input and non-anamorphic output with max width and height.

2.37 Beta

Fixed error that could occur when using "Save as" on a Picker.

2.36 Beta

Added tooltips to the custom filter settings boxes that list the possible keys.
Custom filter settings boxes now auto-populate with default settings.
Gave more room for the custom filters boxes and improved line breaking for multi-line boxes, since key names are now required.
Updated HandBrake core.
Fixed crash when changing scaling mode with video loaded.
Fixed encoding failure on videos with non-square PAR and Anamorphic disabled.

2.35 Beta

Overhauled sizing UI:
Added padding support
Streamlined UI: No longer can specify both Width and Max Width, simply a checkbox to allow Anamorphic support, Custom Anamorphic gone in favor of Manual sizing
Moved rotation to Sizing tab
Renamed tabs Picture -> Sizing, Video -> Video Encoding
Removed Pixel Aspect Ratio information in input/output preview boxes if PAR is 1:1.
Sections within Sizing tab now wrap dynamically, supporting more window sizes.
Updated HandBrake core.
Fixed issue where fallback encoder wasn't respected in some cases for auto-passthrough.
Updated installer to download .NET Framework 4.6.2 when it is not installed already.
Updated handling of invalid filter settings to drop the filter and log an informative error message instead of failing the encode.

2.34 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to fix crashing issue on some encodes.

2.33 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to bring in new Opus audio codec.
Fixed crash from UnauthorizedAcessException when trying to delete a DVD folder.
Fixed crash when trying to play a missing video file.
Fixed issue where "Open Containing Folder" didn't work on paths over 120 characters long.
Fixed custom denoise box not appearing.
Updated Spanish and Russian translations.

2.32 Beta

Updated HandBrake core. This should fix QSV encoding.
Added error handling for a missing custom video player.
Added protection for crash when messagebox owner window can't be found.
Removed extra logging of JSON encode object and got rid of empty lines there.

2.31 Beta

Fixed install detection for VLC and MPC-HC.
Updated HandBrake core.
Made picker changes to output directory and naming format apply immdiately.
Fixed crash when the remote process can't find the specified title to encode.
Added proper assembly title and icon to the worker process.
Fixed issue that could prevent a new picker from being created when editing the "None" picker.

2.30 Beta

Updated to keep source video chapter names if they are present.
Changed the user preset JSON serialization to happen on a background thread so changing encoding settings is faster.
Changed log window to only scroll to the bottom on new logs if we were already at the bottom, so it doesn't pop you out if you scrolled away to look at something earlier in the log.
Updated translations.
Updated HandBrake core.
Updated version string to only display Major.Minor.
Added logging to the target size calculation and refactored loggers to work better in the worker process.

2.29 Beta

Added handling for a simple path argument directly on VidCoder.exe. This means you can drag a video onto its shortcut to launch VidCoder and open that file.
Improved message when downloading .NET framework bootstrapper fails.
Stopped obsolete properties from getting written to saved and exported presets.
Updated HandBrake core.

2.28 Beta

Updated to handle new HandBrake filter format. This should fix many filter-related issues in 2.27 including slow encoding and broken cropping/scaling.
We now back up database files when upgrading them and offer to restore them if the current database has a version that's too high. This allows you to downgrade back to an earlier version and keep your old presets.
List of possible presets and tunes is now read dynamically from the HandBrake core
Updated HandBrake core

2.27 Beta

Updated HandBrake core. This removes the FDK AAC encoders, which can no longer be included due to GPL license compatibility concerns.
The "Custom folder for previews" setting now also overrides the directory used for HandBrake's static previews.
Added fractional display for output PAR value.
Changed automation service listener to lazy startup to save 500ms on startup time.
Updated translations.
Fixed bug preventing custom name format in picker from applying to batched files.
Fixed rare crash with drag/drop.

2.26 Beta

Added translations for Beta.
Changed the way some sentences are constructed to be more friendly to translation.
Changed stop on exit behavior to keep the queue item, rather than clear it.
Made tooltip for CPU throttling appear on entire control rather than just label.

2.25 Beta

Added automatic character set detection when adding SRT files. Gives a warning when the detection fails or doesn't match up with an available encoding.
Added automatic cleanup of temporary handbrake files for times where the encoder or app crashed without graceful cleanup.
Added Georgian translation, thanks to Gela Mekoshkishvili.
Added Dutch translation, thanks to CSalat and Arco Keijzer.
Fixed issue where preset associated with picker would not change if the pickers window is not opened when the new picker is chosen.

2.24 Beta

Updated HandBrake core; this should fix foreign audio search hanging on files with no subtitles.
Fixed problem where the preview would fail to update when changing cropping values if the picture was set to a fixed size.
Added protection against crash due to not being able to open the logger file.

2.23 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to fix hang issue with foreign audio search subtitles.

2.22 Beta

Fixed problem where audio could fail to pass through on old presets.

2.21 Beta

Updated HandBrake core.
Fixed crash when exiting with a stuck encode.

2.20 Beta

Added ability to pick which codecs are included with auto-passthrough and which are re-encoded.
Moved audio fallback encoder to outside of the audio encoding, since it affects all encodings.
Added option to close VidCoder after the encode queue completes with no errors.
Added a warning when there are a lot of titles with a similar duration. This helps identify discs authored with a bunch of phony titles and chapters mixed up.
Fixed issue preventing the name override picker from applying to scanned source and to the Queue Multiple Titles window when its override is unchecked.

2.19 Beta

Fixed issue where stable databases with audio or subtitle pickers would fail to upgrade.

2.18 Beta

Got rid of the fractions of seconds displayed for the time range end when it is at the end of the video. It will still include up to the very end as long as the displayed time is within one second of the true end time.
Fixed crash that occurred on upgrade of old XML pickers.

2.17 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to fix 2-pass hang.
Fixed issue where TrueHD and EAC would not pass through with the Any scope.
Fixed Custom denoise box not appearing.

2.16 Beta

Overhauled audio and subtitle selection. Allows specifying multiple languages and more flexibility in setting the default subtitle.
Now when choosing a preset in a picker, the preset is chosen in the main UI and locked. This keeps the UI in sync with the output and avoids confusion about what the feature is doing.
Fixed an issue where the * would not disappear from the picker button after reverting a picker.
Fixed bitrate being too high for previews when using Target Size.

2.15 Beta

Refactored file drag/drop logic so it works on any window, not just the main and preview ones.

Fixed crash on clicking level dropdown. Disabled the level compatibility checking for now as that method is now missing from HandBrake due to their upcoming 10 bit support.

Fixed extra % showing up in main window title when encoding.
Fixed chapter .csv import button.

2.14 Beta

Updated HandBrake core.
Fixed Advanced tab crash.
Fixed crash related to a renamed H.264 native method.

2.13 Beta

Updated HandBrake core.
Added Turkish.
Fixed several crashes.


Added Georgian translation, thanks to Gela Mekoshkishvili.
Added Dutch translation, thanks to CSalat and Arco Keijzer.


Added Turkish translation files missing in previous release.


Updated HandBrake core to 0.10.2
Added Turkish translation, thanks to exthemax and secgin.
Updated other translations.
Updated links to point to and new GitHub page

2.12 Beta

Added ability to send completed file to another program.
Updated in-app links to new GitHub site.

2.11 Beta

Added a built-in video player to the preview window. This can be disabled in Options -> General.
Fixed issue where we missed upgrade actions on older files during the JSON conversion, which could corrupt them. Added code to clean up null container names.
Fixed cropping values not updating when switching presets.
Fixed issues with output directory, name format and encoder when switching pickers.

2.10 Beta

Fixed Options window being unable to close when "Remember previously used files and folders" was checked.
Fixed audio output preview not updating when window was opened after scan.
Fixed preset expand/collapse button stopping working after closing and re-opening encoding settings window.

2.9 Beta

Fixed crash on doing a second scan when a subtitle is selected.
Added checks to prevent crash on switching containers with passthrough selected.
Fixed missing audio output previews and erroneously marking a preset as modified.

2.8 Beta

Fixed issue with video encoder changes not getting shown correctly.
Fixed issue preventing Extra settings on video panel from being saved.
Fixed crash that could occur on a second scan.

2.7 Beta

Changed default worker process priority to Below Normal.
Made all container options visible by moving UI over, shortening container display strings and slightly increasing the default window size.
Fixed crash on trying to set a network share as the initial directory for the pick files dialog.
Fixed crash on scanning second source or closing video source.
Fixed some odd behavior that caused modifications while switching presets.
Fixed crashes with previews < 100 pixels.
Fixed cropping values not persiting.
Fixed bug where the default clone instead of fast deep clone was used across the app.
Added missing System.Reactive.Windows.Threading.dll to installer to fix non-closing dialogs.
Fixed auto-set of width when Keep Display Aspect is checked.
Fixed Display width setting for custom anamorphic. Due to API changes and code complexity this will no longer work with "Keep Display Aspect".

2.6 Beta

Giant refactoring release.
All internal storage for presets, pickers, queues and window placements changed from XML to JSON. Saved presets and queues are now stored as .vjpreset and .vjqueue JSON files which are associated with VidCoder.
Updated .NET Framework to 4.6 and added the ability to download and install the framework as part of the VidCoder install. Hopefully this means faster start times on x64 due to the new RyuJit engine.
Changed from MVVM Light to Reactive UI, refactoring every ViewModel, and changing every message to instead rely on Observables. Hopefully in the long run this means fewer bugs with things not updating when they should.
Overhauled window manager to have a simpler interface and dynamically open windows based on available area, instead of having prescribed spots for them.
Added script to copy translated resource files and add them to the project in a Translations subfolder to keep the root Resource folder clean.
Ran all views through XAML Styler to clean them up.
Queue import/export are now exposed on the CLI.
Fixed two pass encoding not working with Target Size.
Improved behavior of VidCoder window when importing a queue or preset.

2.5 Beta

Made log output to the window appear drastically faster.
Added JSON encode object to the log.
Fixed audio sample rate (broken in JSON conversion).

2.4 Beta

Added CPU throttling option. This can limit the number of processor cores available to VidCoder for encoding.
Changed the way the portable version locates the database file. It will now favor using the database file beside the portable executable rather than the one in %appdata%.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 7252, which resolves an issue where we would always scan twice before encoding.
Removed old config code and config migration code. Had reports that it was unintentionally firing for a user.
Fixed behavior for >10 picture previews.
Fixed issue where custom detelecine and denoise filters values would apply even if another option was selected.
Fixed crash on opening audio tab with certain passthrough encoders.
Fixed blank entries on the passthrough scope dropdown.

2.3 Beta

Scan progress now shows up on the taskbar icon.
Added ability to hibernate when completing an encode.
Preview encode progress bar now correctly reflects total progress and does not reset when doing a subtitle scan or a 2-pass encode.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 7170.
Fixed a bunch of things broken in the JSON API conversion
Fixed bitrate, quality and compression picking for audio tracks.
Fixed automatic subtitle selection.
Fixed reported crash on encode progress update.
Fixed DXVA decoding.
Fixed crash when batch-encoding with an audio picker.
Fixed odd progress reporting for encodes with foreign audio search.
Fixed the "fast decode" checkbox not getting persisted.
Fixed the encoding preset for QSV not getting persisted.
Fixed crash on stable -> beta upgrade when there are no sub-directories in the stable app folder.

2.2 Beta

Updated HandBrake SVN to 7149, which uses the new JSON API. This changes the way every encode setting is sent to the HandBrake core, so please kick the tires on this one!

2.1 Beta

Fixed handling of old NlMeans denoise, resolving a launch crash for some users.

2.0 Beta

The Beta train continues! I've switched to a different versioning scheme: The major number increases for each stable HandBrake version and the minor number increases for each Beta release and bugfix release.

Added pickers! Pickers let you automatically choose titles, audio, subtitles and destination, as well as automatically queue or start encodes when a source is loaded. While encoding presets customize how a file is encoded, pickers control what is included in the file and where it goes. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see added to the Picker window.
Added a collapsible left panel to the Encoding Preset window, to switch presets quickly.
Changed window placement to open new windows dynamically in open areas rather than in preset locations.


Fixed up old presets generated in 1.5.28 that were corrupted by a HandBrake enum change. Removed references to HandBrake enum files from the preset structure to prevent future preset issues like this.
Fixed crash issue with VidCoderCLI and presets with chapters markers.
Fixed custom denoise not getting passed through to the encoder.
Fixed SRT files with non-ASCII characters causing encodes to fail.


Re-enabled Turbo First Pass for x265 encodes. (Working this time)
Fixed missing Russian, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese language files.
Fixed NL-Means denoiser.


Fixed issue where x265 preset and profile would not be set if switching from x264 with the Advanced tab open.
Removed Turbo First Pass option for x265 since the arguments for it are unsupported and cause encodes to fail.
Fixed issue where presets could get a bad tune list and fail on x265 encodes.
Cleared out Advanced options string when switching from x264 to x265 since the encoder arguments aren't always compatible.
Updated translations.


Intel QuickSync video: a hardware-based H.264 encoder for Intel CPUs.
H.265 encoding with x265.
VP8 using libvpx.
libav and FDK AAC encoders. libfaac has been removed due to license issues.
NLMeans denoise filter for higher-quality denoising.
OpenCL hardware-assisted BiCubic scaling.
Burn-in for SRT subtitles.
Added Encode Details window. Exposes elapsed time, ETA, current and average FPS, running file size, current pass and pass progress.
Added Rip DVD and Rip Blu-ray AutoPlay actions for Windows: now you can have VidCoder start up and scan a disc when you insert it.
Added rotation and reflection filters.
Reworked Basic vs Advanced x264 to be more correct.
Added option to mark an automatically picked subtitle as Default or Burn-in.
Reworked audio passthrough: added ability to set a fallback encoder or pass through if the input track format matches the output format.
Added option to preserve Created and Last Modified times when converting files. In Options -> Advanced.
Added option to preserve the source folder structure when batch-encoding video files.
Enabled right-click actions (edit, delete, move to top, move to bottom) on queued items during an encode.
Added warning dialog with 30-second delay for the automatic shutdown on encode complete.
Removed single-instance restriction.
Support for up to 8K resolutions.

1.5.27 Beta

Updated to HandBrake SVN 6509.
Updated translation files.
Fixed encodes failing when using the default preview folder.

1.5.26 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6501
Updated installer to display the update success message. This allows us to run the installer in silent mode without launching the program afterwards, and to avoid the splash screen showing up before the update success message.

1.5.25 Beta

Added ability to customize the preview folder location. (Options -> File Naming -> Custom folder for previews)
Removed the single-instance restriction. Command-line and auto-play actions will apply to the first instance of VidCoder opened.
Added Russian and Brazilian Portugese translations.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6430.
Updated translation strings.
Fixed the update check hanging when the update info can't be retrieved.
Fixed a crash on closing the logger.

1.5.24 Beta

Added NL-Means denoiser.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6254.
Added extra error handling to DVD player code to avoid a crash when the player was moved.

1.5.23 Beta

Added first translations for 1.5. Includes new languages Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Czech. Many of these translations are still incomplete: you can help out on Crowdin.
Added an option to pass through an input track if it matches the output codec.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6209.
Fixed crash on AAC passthrough.
Fixed x264 settings getting set incorrectly when reverting from a preset with the Advanced tab.
Fixed occasional crash when calculating remaining time.
Fixed drag and drop problems when scrolled down in a long list of queue items.
Fixed problem where auto-pause failed to work with jobs started from restored queue items.

1.5.22 Beta

Added ability to burn SRT subtitles.
Updated to HandBrake SVN 6169.
Added checks to prevent VidCoder from running with a database version newer than it expects.
Tooltips in the Advanced Video panel now trigger on the field labels as well as the fields themselves.
Fixed updating preset/profile/tune/level settings on changing video encoder. This should resolve some problems with QSV encoding.
Fixed tunes and profiles getting set to blank when switching between x264 and x265.
Fixed commas causing chapter names to get dropped.

1.5.21 Beta

Fixed issues with preset upgrades and presets erroneously getting marked as modified.

1.5.20 Beta

Added rotation and reflection filters.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6160.

1.5.19 Beta

Preset/profile/tune/level choices are now pulled dynamically from HandBrake. This should fix QSV encoding.
x265 encoding is now working on x64. It fails on x86 due to a HandBrake issue.
Added a dialog box prompting you to apply encoding profile changes to the queue if you've switched settings before encoding. This should help avoid situations where a user's changes don't get applied to the encoded items.
Added a warning dialog with 30-second delay for the automatic shutdown on encode complete.
Added the ability to override the output directory from the Queue Multiple Titles dialog.
Removed the "encode completed with errors" warning as seemed to just be causing confusion.
Enabled right-click actions (edit, delete, move to top, move to bottom) on queued items during an encode.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6141.
Fixed video quality granularity for MPEG2, MPEG4, Theora QSV encoding.
Updated version checking to properly give a "not supported" warning on Server 2003.

1.5.18 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6123.
Fixed crash on 2-pass encodings in x64.

1.5.17 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6061. This should fix crashes on scanning some Blu-rays.

1.5.16 Beta

Added new option. Options -> File Naming -> Preserve folder structure in batch encodes
DRC compatibility is now detected from the HandBrake library and is grayed out when used on a source that does not support it. (Currently non-AC3 sources)
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 6008.

1.5.15 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5953. This should fix the intermittent "encode failed" false positives.
Fixed issue with some SSA subtitles failing to burn in.
Fixed problem with codec and passthrough selectors getting messed up when switching containers.

1.5.14 Beta

Fixed crashes for profiles using an old muxer. These profiles have been upgraded to use the new avformat muxers.

1.5.13 Beta

Encodes that complete with errors are no longer marked as "Failed" but with a new warning state.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5908.
Updated WPF NotifyIcon library.
Fixed crash on selecting a title in the Add Multiple Titles dialog.


Added Chinese Simplified translation, thanks to china591 and jxtp.
Added Italian translation, thanks to Shambhala76.

1.5.12 Beta

Added an option to preserve Created and Last Modified times when converting files. In Options -> Advanced.
Added an option to mark an automatically selected subtitle track as "Default".
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5878.
Fixed auto passthrough not applying just after switching to it.
Fixed bug where preset/profile/tune could disappear when reverting a preset.

1.5.11 Beta

Added Encode Details window. Exposes elapsed time, ETA, current and average FPS, running file size, current pass and pass progress. Open it by going to Windows -> Encode Details while an encode is running.
Subtitle dialog now disables the "Burn In" checkbox when it's either unavailable or it's the only option. It also disables the "Forced Only" when the subtitle type doesn't support the "Forced" flag.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5872.
Fixed crash in the preview window when a source file is deleted after scanning.

1.5.10 Beta

Broke out all the encoder-specific passthrough options into their own dropdown. This should make what they do a bit more clear and clean up the codec list a bit.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5855.

1.5.9 Beta

Added Rip DVD and Rip Blu-ray AutoPlay actions for Windows: now you can have VidCoder start up and scan a disc when you insert it. Go to Start -> AutoPlay to set it up.
Added error message for Windows XP users rather than letting it crash.
Removed "quality" preset from list for QSV as it currently doesn't offer much improvement.
Changed installer to ignore version number when copying files over. Should reduce the chances of a bug from me forgetting to increment a version number.

1.5.8 Beta

Added hardware acceleration options: Bicubic OpenCL scaling algorithm, QSV decoding/encoding and DXVA decoding.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5834.
Updated VidCoder setup icon.
Fixed crash when choosing the mp4v2 container on x86 and opening on x64.

Warning: the hardware acceleration features require specific hardware or file types to work correctly:
QSV: Need an Intel processor that supports Quick Sync Video encoding, with a monitor hooked up to the Intel HD Graphics output and the latest drivers.
DXVA decoding: Only supports certain file types and codecs, such as H.264, VC1, WMV3 and MPEG 4 in an AVI container.
OpenCL: The Bicubic scaling only works properly if you have an AMD graphics card. Otherwise it crashes.

1.5.7 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 4819.
About dialog now pulls down HandBrake version from the DLL.
Added a confirmation dialog to Stop if the encode has been going on for more than 5 minutes.
Fixed handling of unicode characters for input and output filenames. We now encode to UTF-8 before passing to HandBrake.
Fixed a crash in the queue multiple titles dialog.
Added code to rescue tool windows which get placed outside of the visible screen area.

1.5.6 Beta

Added access to new avformat muxers. Container choices are now pulled dynamically from the HandBrake API. Note that the mp4v2 muxer does not work in 32-bit mode, and the avformat MP4 muxer does not yet support vobsub subtitles.
Changed shutdown to use InitiateSystemShutdownEx so it can work even when you're remoting to another computer.
Added elapsed encode time to log.
Moved encode details popup to above the progress bar so it doesn't flicker when it's at the bottom of the screen.
Fixed problem with the MP4/DTS error not refreshing when changing containers.

1.5.5 Beta

Added command-line interface. Will enqueue a file and start encoding it. Syntax: VidCoderCLI.exe encode -s <source> -d <destination> -p <preset>
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5714.
Fixed encoder-specific passthroughs not working.


Added German translation, thanks to felix.bau42, MOSMarauder and Oetzy.
Added Chinese Traditional translation, thanks to sec2 and ken670128.

1.5.4 Beta

Added German translation.
Added ability to import and export queues via XML files.
Added a selectable fallback encoder for auto-passthrough. If the codec can't be passed through it will be re-encoded.
The advanced x264 settings are now populated with settings from the previously selected preset/profile/tune/level when switching to the advanced tab.
After selecting "advanced" settings we now switch to the tab automatically.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5678.
Fixed crash in number box.
Added missing strings to resource files.
Fixed blu-ray title names getting cut off in the Queue Multiple Titles dialog.

New in 1.4.23

Added French translation.
Fixed non-x264 video encoders not sticking in video tab.

1.5.3 Beta

Added option to pick basic x264 settings or advanced x264 settings. Advanced tab is hidden until it's enabled.
Added option to burn in subtitles that are automatically picked by language.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5641.
Fixed issue with chosen non-x264 encoders not staying chosen.
Fixed crash if upgrading to the beta with a non-x264 encoder.

1.5.1 Beta

Added French translation.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5614.
Fixed crash in locales with , as the decimal marker.
Fixed a few warnings for compression level and quality on audio encodings.

1.5.0 Beta

The betas have started up again!

If you were previously on the beta track you will need to install this to get back on it. That's because you can now run both the Beta and Stable version of VidCoder side-by-side!

Note that the OpenCL and Intel QuickSync changes being tested by HandBrake are not in the betas yet. They will appear when HandBrake integrates them into the main branch.

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5590. This adds a new FDK AAC encoder. The FAAC encoder has been removed and now avcodec's encoder is the default.
Available sample rates and framerates are now read dynamically from libhb.


Added Xbox 360 preset, thanks to Relhak.
Added Spanish translation, thanks to fantasmanegro.
Added Basque translation, thanks to azpidatziak.
Fixed behavior of custom anamorphic auto display width and max width/height.
Fixed double-logging on local encodes.
Fixed remote encoder not using libdvdnav even when enabled, which had caused some problems with multi-angle DVDs.


Fixed frames range option not working correctly.
Fixed the status message blocking clicks when not visible.


Updated HandBrake core to 0.9.9
Blu-ray subtitle (PGS) support
Additional framerates: 30, 50, 59.94, 60
Additional sample rates: 8, 11.025, 12 and 16 kHz
Additional higher bitrates for audio
Same as Source Constant Framerate
24-bit FLAC encoding
Added Windows Phone 8 and Apple TV 3 presets
Introduced process isolation for encodes. Now if HandBrake crashes, VidCoder will keep running and continue processing the queue.
Added view modes to the Preview window. Now you can see the image in 1:1 or in "Corners" mode to show a close-up of cropping results.
Overhauled the Options dialog
Better, more organized interface
More options
Dedicated Updates panel with more information and the ability to check for an update manually
Big update to video range UI
There's now a bar you can click to set the start and end: left click to set the start and right click to set the end.
"Start Seconds" and "End Seconds" have been replaced with editable duration fields with the format 0:00:00 . Should no longer require math to actually set. :)
Replaced Chapters queue column with Range queue column and made it work for all modes.
Greatly improved x264 options
Preset is now a slider
Can now set H.264 Level (incompatible levels for source are grayed out)
Added "extra options" text box to Video tab to remove the need to use the Advanced tab
Added "Fast Decode" checkbox to support multiple tunes
Added a portable version. This packages up VidCoder as an .exe file that does not need to be installed. Be aware that it's not completely portable as you still need .NET 4 Client Profile on the computer for Windows versions earlier than 8.
Moved options storage to SQLite rather than the standard .NET user config. This means less chance for config settings to get corrupted.
Laid groundwork for the next beta to install side-by-side with the stable version.
Fixed non-centered text, bad coloring and inconsistent button looks in Windows 8.
Added Hungarian translation, thanks to Brechler Zsolt. You can pick your preferred language in Options -> General. If you want to see VidCoder in your language, help out on VidCoder's Crowdin page.
Updated WPF text rendering to use the better Display mode.
Added a menu option and button to close the current video source and get the initial "pick source" UI back.
When doing batch file encodes, VidCoder now picks the default title to encode rather than just the first one every time (useful for ISOs).
Disc folders can now be batch-added with drag and drop in the same way that ISOs can be.
Added the ability to set a custom completion sound.
Added an option to set a custom video player.
Added ability to set the priority of the worker process.
Individual encode jobs now log to a separate file as well as the main consolidated file.
Added the option to copy the encode job log to the same output folder as the encoded video.
Added preset name as optional queue column.
Mixdowns that are not supported by the current source are now grayed out.
Custom formatting now works on batch file encodes.
Fixes for many bugs, including batch encoding, sizing behavior and many more

1.4.19 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5415.
Changed setup file icon to the VidCoder icon.
Added some error checking around the possibility of the EncodingProfile getting set to null.
Fixed "Stop" and "Pause" functionality for non-worker process encoding.
Fixed bug where the automatic deletion option would fail if the source had just been closed.

1.4.18 Beta

Added option to use in-process encoding (for a fallback until the last issues with the worker process are resolved).
Added extra logging to the encode worker handoff.
If we're unable to connect to the worker process we now kill it, reducing the chances of leaving a zombie process encoding away without the GUI knowing about it.
MP4 muxing errors (like the output file getting too big) are now shown as errors in the log and cause encodes to be marked as Failed.
Updated the Delete Source Files feature to work on disc folders as well as individual files.
Added the ability to automatically resume the queue when restarting VidCoder.

1.4.17 Beta

Fixed burned subtitles getting cut off by cropping.
Fixed crash on completion if sound alert is enabled and the user is running VidCoder.exe from a different directory.
Changed worker logging to use a temp file to reduce the chance of locking the SQLite file.
When applying an update, we now let the process exit naturally rather than calling Environment.Exit. (This is an attempt to fix a crash on updating)

1.4.16 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5358. This fixes an issue with the scan progress going backward sometimes.
Added ability to tell VidCoder to look in a different directory for the .sqlite settings file. To do this you need to edit VidCoder.exe.config and VidCoderWorker.exe.config and follow the directions.
Fixed install detection and DVD playback for MPC-HC (Registry key was moved).
Increased worker process timeout to 20 seconds.

1.4.15 Beta

Added a portable version! This packages up VidCoder as an .exe file that does not need to be installed. Be aware that it's not completely portable as you still need .NET 4 Client Profile on the computer for Windows versions earlier than 8.
"Open in containing folder" now selects the file as well.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5312.
We now have finer-grained scan progress (not just title-level).
Fixed behavior of switching off of modified, built-in preset. You can no longer do a phantom save on it.
Changed how VidCoder responds to the worker process failing to respond to a ping. It now needs a bit of extra evidence that the worker process has died before stopping the encode.

1.4.14 Beta

Added ability to duplicate a subtitle track (useful if you want to include regular subtitles and forced only subtitles).
Added preset name as optional queue column.
Updated HandBrake core to svn 5245.
Individual encode jobs now log to a separate file as well as the main consolidated file.
Added the option to copy the encode job log to the same output folder as the encoded video.
Added a button to open the log folder to the Options dialog.
Increased cost estimation of the foriegn audio search pass.
Made column sizes for source subtitles consistent whether or not they're selected.
Improved logging for worker process failures.
Fixed crash on restoring queue items with multiple chapters.
Fixed output size calculation not updating when modulus was changed.

1.4.13 Beta

Big update to video range UI
There's now a bar you can click to set the start and end: left click to set the start and right click to set the end.
"Start Seconds" and "End Seconds" have been replaced with editable duration fields with the format 0:00:00 . Should no longer require math to actually set. :)
Replaced Chapters queue column with Range queue column and made it work for all modes.
Fixed logging for non-chapter ranges.
Increased precision for title and chapter durations.
Added an option to set a custom video player.
Added ability to set the priority of the worker process.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5184. This adds 24-bit FLAC encoding.
Disabled 4:4:4 x264 profile as the Auto profile should cover this.
Changed number box to go back to (auto) when at minimum and pressing down.
Advanced UI now allows setting motion estimation range under Hexagon and Diamond modes.
Fixed a pipe naming issue that caused failures to contact the encoding process.
Fixed blurring on a few icons.
Fixed display of audio quality in queue when using Auto bitrate.
Fixed buggy deblock setting on Windows Phone 7 preset that was causing encodes to only use ~30% CPU.

1.4.12 Beta

Overhauled the Options dialog: Made it cleaner and better organized.
Added an Updates tab with more detailed status and the ability to manually check for updates.
Added a menu option and button to close the current video source and get the initial "pick source" UI back.
Disc folders can now be batch-added with drag and drop in the same way that ISOs can be.
Added a menu item under Help to get to the Updates section of Options.
Added a hotkey for Options (F4).
Updated Android presets to bring them in line with HB presets.
Removed checkbox for Zero Latency tune as it does not help on these encodes.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5125.
Made changes to help diagnose reported encode proxy issues:
Increased worker ping timeout.
Added exception logging on ping timeouts.
Increased worker process priority. The worker threads themselves already have lower priority.
Fixed memory leak from scan instances.
Fixed issue where only lowercase extensions would be recognized when queuing up folders of files.
Fixed typo in AppleTV preset.
Fixed some common string resources not showing up for Hungarian.

1.4.11 Beta

Added Hungarian translation, thanks to Brechler Zsolt.
Update HandBrake core to SVN 5098. This update should fix crashes on some files.
Updated the enqueue split button to fit in better with the active Windows theme.

1.4.10 Beta

Added progress percent to the title bar/task bar icon.
Added MPLS information to Blu-ray titles.
Fixed the following display issues in Windows 8:
Uncentered text in textbox controls
Disabled controls not having gray text making them hard to identify as disabled
Drop-down menus having hard-to distinguish white on light-blue text
Added more logging to proxy disconnect issues and increased timeout on initial call to help prevent timeouts.
Fixed encoding window showing the built-in preset key rather than the preset name.

1.4.9 Beta

Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5079.
Fixed crashes when encoding DVDs with title gaps.

1.4.8 Beta

Fixed encode failures when including chapter markers (Regression in 1.4.7).

1.4.7 Beta

Added view modes to the Preview window. Now you can see the image in 1:1 or in "Corners" mode to show a close-up of cropping results.
Added the ability to set a custom completion sound.
Gave the encoding settings command bar a more distinctive background color and extended it to the whole width of the window. Added the preview button to the command bar.
Rearranged UI in Video tab and added back the section headers.
Added the "Most" choice for the advanced x264 analysis option.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5071.
Fixed excessive hard disk activity when quickly changing encoding settings by moving a slider or holding down a number box button.
Fixed cropping output not updating when switching cropping modes (regression in 1.4.6).

1.4.6 Beta

Brought back the x264 advanced options panel due to popular demand. Thank you for all the feedback.
x264 Preset/Profile/Tune/Level has been moved back to the Video tab, along with a copy of the "extra options" string.
Added Fast Decode and Zero Latency checkboxes to support multiple Tunes.
Added cropping option "None".
Audio bitrates that are incompatible with the encoder (such as MP3 > 320 kbps) are no longer preset on the list.
Fixed crash on opening VidCoder after de-selecting "remember locations".
Fixed problem with some H.264 levels getting incorrectly grayed out.
Fixed problem where preview picture dimensions could "drift" when in Strict or Loose Anamorphic mode.
Fixed "Video Codec" label in the audio tab.
Renamed ffmpeg to Libav in encoder names to better reflect the library they're coming from, and improved capitalization of encoder libraries.

1.4.5 Beta

Removed the old Advanced user interface and moved x264 preset/profile/tune there instead. The functionality is still available through editing the options string.
Added ability to specify the H.264 level.
Added ability to choose VidCoder's interface language. If you are interested in translating, we can get VidCoder in your language!
Updated WPF text rendering to use the better Display mode.
Updated HandBrake core to SVN 5045.
Removed logic that forced the .m4v extension in certain cases.
Increased max width of preset combo box.
Changed VidCoder to be a single-instance program. Attempting to open it again will show the main window.
Moved options storage to SQLite rather than the standard .NET user config. This means less chance for config settings to get corrupted.
When doing batch file encodes, VidCoder now picks the default title to encode rather than just the first one every time (useful for ISOs).
Fixed RF 0 showing (none) in number box.
Fixed reported crash on closing.
Fixed main UI not updating when output folder was picked in options.
Fixed crash when you have two SRT subtitle tracks and mark one as default.

1.4.4 Beta

Fixed inability to create new presets with "Save As".


Added option to join the Beta track.

The Beta track is a new, opt-in release track that will feature HandBrake nightly builds and all the new features that come with them as well as new VidCoder features. It won't be quite as stable: crashes and glitches will be more likely. However you'll get all the latest and greatest stuff and can help me squash bugs before they make it to a wider audience.

To opt in, go to Options and click the "Join the Beta track" checkbox.


Added ability to drag a folder full of videos onto the window to queue them all.
Added Windows Phone 7 preset.
Upgraded HandBrake core to 0.9.8 release.
Overhauled automatic audio and subtitle selection. (Tools -> Options -> Audio / Subtitles)
Added "Play Source" button to preview window.
Added chapter start time to each entry in the chapter naming dialog.
Added size of preview file to log output.
Added some crash protection against HandBrake returning a negative pixel aspect ratio.
Fixed DVDs not playing with VLC 2.0.
Fixed possible crash when auto-pausing during an on-demand scan.
Fixed intermittent crash when opening options dialog.


Added option for the minimum title length to scan.
Added support to enable or disable LibDVDNav.
Added option to prompt to delete source files after clearing successful completed items.
Added option to disable remembering recent files and folders.
Tweaked number box to only select all on a quick click.


Updated HandBrake core to 0.9.6 release (svn 4472).
Removed erroneous "None" container choice.
Change some logic and help text to stop assuming you have to pick the VIDEO_TS folder for a DVD scan. This should make previewing DVD titles on the Queue Multiple Titles window possible when you've picked the root DVD directory.


Enhancements to Queue Multiple Titles dialog:
Instant static previews
Ability to play individual DVD source titles with VLC or MPC-HC
Ability to override the naming format for the batch
Gave each audio encoding a background gradient to make different encodings stand apart.
Updated to HandBrake svn 4445.
Fixed multi-angle support not working (was missing a call to enable libdvdnav).
Fixed reported crash for sources that scan and find no titles.
Fixed issue with audio previews not updating when opening a window with a passthrough audio encoding.
Fixed a problem where the auto-updater would prompt you to apply an update you already had if you had installed it manually.


Fixed crash on encode complete when "keep scans after encode complete" was unchecked. (regression in 1.2.5)


Added option to eject a disc after encoding.
Added option to play a sound on encode completion.
Changed Add to Queue to a split button with a choice to add multiple titles to the queue.
Enqueuing and encoding are now available before picking an encode directory. Attempting to enqueue for the first time will prompt to set the encode directory.
Fixed some number formatting bugs in the Advanced panel that occurred in some locales.
Fixed all queue items being highlighted instead of just the one currently processing.


Added optional Duration column to queue.
Updated to HandBrake SVN 4368. This should fix some encoding crashes.
Updated "Audio Bitrate" column to "Audio Quality" column due to introduction of constant quality audio encoding.
When switching to custom cropping, the values will start out the same as what they were with automatic cropping. This should make tweaking the automatic values easier.
Fixed Move to Top, Move to Bottom and Delete queue item context menus not working.
Fixed crash on editing queue item from different source.
Fixed ranges not being reset properly when a new title is selected.
Fixed range preview not updating on title changing.
Fixed crashes due to having an outdated fallback audio encoder in a profile.
Fixed a few minor problems around UI updates due to NotifyPropertyChanged typos by switching to expression-based notifications.


Updated Handbrake core to svn 4344.
Fixed the 6-channel discrete mixdown option not appearing for AAC encoders.
Added handling for possible exceptions when copying to the clipboard, added retries and message when it fails.
Fixed issue with audio bitrate UI not appearing sometimes when switching audio encoders.
Added extra checks to protect against reported crashes.
Added code to upgrade encoding profiles on old queued items


Fixed a couple regressions: video encoder was blank in queue and crashes with the High Profile preset when opening the Settings window.
Fixed problem with auto-update introduced in 1.2.0. If you have 1.2.0 you will need to update manually to get this.


Updated to HandBrake svn 4311. Refactored to read in list of encoders from HandBrake itself. Added ffaac, FLAC audio and ffmpeg2 video.
Reworked audio encoding UI: removed grid and gave each encoding more vertical space. Added audio quality targeting and compression.
Added status messages. Added messages for a few events (encode start/stop, playing a preview clip, update available, update download finished).
Made source and destination path UI elements smarter about what parts they cut out when they don't have enough space. Parts in the middle are cut out first and the file name is left until last.
Added {titleduration} as a choice for auto-naming.
Changed second/frames range to update automatically while typing.
Changed preview window background to have better contrast against black.
Added an option to disable keeping scan files around after encode completion. This can free up space when encoding many items in a row.
Fixed crash when holding down up/down buttons on number controls.
Fixed problem with DVD insert/eject events not being registered.


Fixed regression that prevented new user presets from being created via Save As.


Added x264 profile/preset/tune options in Video tab.
Added option to send completed jobs back for editing. (Right click a completed item -> Edit)
Add pop-up info box for the video range selection. This will show the selected time range: the start, end and duration and a graphical representation.
Updated HandBrake svn to 4265.
Added "None" to Mixdown choices.
Added version and publisher metadata to the installer.
Updated passthrough to use HandBrake's built-in auto-passthrough.
Fixed DVD capitalization cleanup function to only apply if the source name is all caps.
Fixed completed items changing to bold when encodes are in progress.
Fixed bug with the watermark text appearing while editing a number box.


Fixed Queue Multiple Titles menu choice not appearing when applicable.
Added a cleanup option when a corrupt user.config file is encountered.
Added an option to delete user settings/presets on uninstall. This should make recovering from corrupted data a bit more straightforward.


Fixed preview button on encoding window not working.
Fixed output to source directory not working for batch encodes.
Fixed startup crash on restoring queued items. (introduced last version)


Added option to put encoded files in their source directory.
Added options for how to resolve file conflicts: Overwrite, automatically rename or prompt.
Added leading zeros to time output when auto-naming files to let them sort correctly.
Added File->Exit .
Added inline warning for DTS audio in MP4 container.

Fixed problem where the first click on another UI element while editing the destination would not register.
Fixed problem where entered text in the destination field might get clobbered when a scan finishes.
Fixed problem where blu-ray folders wouldn't get the right {source} for auto-naming.
Fixed File -> Open options being available when scanning.
Fixed crash on batch encoding videos with no audio track.
Fixed problem where numbers could get copied from one preset to another when switching between them.


Added the ability to bring back a queued item for editing (Right click -> Edit).
Added an option to minimize to the system notification area rather than the task bar.
Added Android encoding presets.
Added context menu options to queue items to move them to the top or bottom of the queue.
Changed encode destination box to look more like an editable text box.
Support for subme=11 in the advanced options GUI.

Fixed a problem where a deblock filter could get added to the encode when deblock was disabled. This should fix issues with normal encodes only using 1 CPU core.

1.0.0 Stable

VidCoder is now out of beta! Thanks everybody for the bug reports and feature suggestions. Nothing exactly special about this release but I feel that it's a mature enough project to go to 1.0. :)

Added splash screen
Updated to HandBrake svn 4167: This adds AAC and MP3 passthrough as well as DTS and DTS-HD passthrough for MP4.

Fixed an encode failure that could happen on audio passthrough.


Added option to Sleep, Log off or Shut down after the encode queue completes.
Added support for DTS-HD passthrough. Note that Target Size/Size estimation will not work correctly for this as the underlying libraries do not report the bitrate correctly.
Added Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) support
Added shortcuts to re-open recent sources
Updated Normal preset x264 settings to be faster. (mirroring HandBrake update)
Moved encode progress bar and ETA down to the bottom of the window.
Updating to HandBrake SVN 4103.

The XmlSerializers used are now pre-compiled. This means things should be a little faster on startup and this should eliminate some crashes related to compiling them.
Changed update metadata storage to use the sqlite DB. This along with some extra checks to ensure the installer file exists should eliminate some reported crashes around auto-update.
Stopped reporting early completions as failures. Too many false positives.
Prevent a crash when getting the system DPI fails.
Removed code that reads an old version of the encode queue. Should prevent crashes that have been reported.
Fixed buggy "(Empty)" drive option appearing in the source list.
Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to pause a restored queue item before the on-demand scan had completed. The pause button is now disabled until it can have effect.
Fixed some controls getting partially cut off in the Picture tab at minimum window width.


Updated to HandBrake 4024svn. This fixes problems with mpeg2 sources: corrupted previews, incorrect progress indicators and encodes that incorrectly report as failed.
Fixed a problem that prevented target sizes above 2048 MB.


Added color coding to the Log window. Errors are highlighted in red, HandBrake logs are in black and VidCoder logs are in dark blue.
Moved enqueue button to the right with the other control buttons.
Added logic to report failures when errors are logged during the encode or when the encode finishes prematurely.
Added Copy button to Log window.
Adjusted audio track selection box to always show the full track name.
Changed encode job progress bar to also be colored yellow when the encode is paused.
Added multi-select to drag and drop on all lists (queue, customize queue columns).

Updated to HandBrake 4011svn. This may fix some crashes on mpeg2 sources.


New startup UI for one-click scanning of discs or opening a file/folder.
New seek bar on the preview window to make switching previews easier (you can click anywhere on the bar).
Added gradient backgrounds to the main window to visually group the sections.
Added Open Video File and Open Video Folder options to the File menu.
Moved preview button to be in line with the other control buttons.

Fixed settings getting in a weird state if they were saved without an output folder being chosen.
Fixed preview image not getting updated for the first change made after saving a preset.
Fixed potential overlap of file names when batch encoding by fixing the auto-numbering system.
Fixed crash on batch encoding files with no audio.
Fixed issue with psy-rd not registering above 1.0.
Fixed video encoder getting null value when switching from MKV to MP4 with Theora selected


Added automatic preview of encoding bitrate when Target Size is chosen, and file size estimation when Average Bitrate is chosen. Also moved bitrate calculation to VidCoder as it will be removed from HandBrake soon.
Added button to clear completed queue items.

Increased size of number box controls in the queue multiple titles dialog to compensate for up and down buttons getting added.
Fixed bug with range specification which was causing the end of the range to be used as a duration.
Encodes that fail to produce an output file but report success are now reported correctly as failed.
Changed preview to use calculated bitrate for the full encode when using Target Size.


Added new feature from HandBrake: Audio Gain. You can now adjust the volume up or down when encoding a track.
Updated to HandBrake version 3935svn.
Changed user preset storage and queue persistence to use SQLite database instead of XML files. Should eliminate the chance a crash could wipe out user data.
Added ability to export a preset to an XML file, since user presets can no longer be found in the %appdata%VidCoder directory.
Added up and down buttons to number controls.
Added individual job ETA to queue progress tooltip.
Changed "video file" icon to look a bit more like a traditional windows file icon.

Fixed turbo first pass not working.
Fixed crash when trying to play a non-existent video file from the completed items tab.


* Updated auto-naming to handle seconds and frames ranges as well. Deprecated the {chapters} token for auto-naming in favor of {range}.
* Allowing file drag to preview window and enabling main window shortcut keys to work no matter what window is focused.
* Added option in config to enable giving custom names to audio tracks. (Note that these names will only show up certain players like iTunes or on the iPod. Players that support custom track names normally may not show them.)
* Added tooltips on the Enqueue and Encode buttons explaining if they're disabled due to no chosen output folder.
* On the Queue Multiple Titles dialog, if "select range" is enabled, the range will now update after the range has changed. Also clicking on the number box will select all text within it.

* Adding missing trellis=0 to the Apple Universal preset.
* Fixed issue that could cause different custom cropping values to be lost when encoding multiple items in a queue.
* Fixed issue with non-anamorphic calculations with cropping and Keep Aspect Ratio.
* Fixed crash that could occur on opening the Destination Browse dialog with manually entered relative paths.
* Fixed Queue Multiple Titles option not showing up after choosing an output direct


* Adds ability to choose an arbitrary range (in seconds or frames) to encode.
* Adds ability to override the title number in the output file name when enqueing multiple titles.
* Updated presets: Added iPhone 4, Apple TV 2, fixed some existing presets that should have had weightp=0 or trellis=0 on them.
* Added {parent} option to auto-name format. Use {parent:2} to refer to a folder 2 levels above the input file.
* Added {title:2} option to auto-name format. Adds leading zeroes to reach the specified length.
* Update to HandBrake SVN 3735: the 0.9.5 release version.
* Adds minimum size to preview window.

* Fixes crash on batch encoding files.
* Fixes a possible null reference crash.
* Fixed crash that could occur when custom output file format was chosen.
* Fixed radio button markers disappearing from default/custom file format choice.
* Fixed problems with inline track name preview not showing up on audio stream selection in the encoder window.


* Added x64 version.
* Made the audio output preview more detailed and accurate. If the chosen encoder or mixdown is incompatible with the source, the fallback that will be used is displayed.
* Added "Auto" to the audio mixdown choices.
* Reworked non-anamorphic size calculation to work better with non-standard pixel aspect ratios and cropping.
* Reworked Custom anamorphic to be more intuitive and allow display width to be set automatically (Thanks, Statick).
* Allowing higher bitrates for 6-channel surround when using AAC.
* Changed wording on empty width and height fields from (not set) to (auto) to be more clear.
* Combined AC3 and DTS passthrough options so that one choice can work as a passthrough for either format.
* Changed built-in presets to use Auto sample rate rather than 48 kHz.
* Updated the "Encode" icon look

* Fixed crash that could occur when refreshing the preview image while encoding a preview clip.
* Disabled deinterlacing on static previews to help prevent a crash.
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MP4, MKV containers
H.264 encoding with x264, the world's best video encoder
Completely integrated encoding pipeline: everything is in one process and no huge intermediate temporary files
H.265, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VP8, Theora video
AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3, FLAC audio encoding and AAC/AC3/MP3/DTS/DTS-HD passthrough
Target bitrate, size or quality for video
2-pass encoding
Decomb, detelecine, deinterlace, rotate, reflect filters
Batch encoding
Instant source previews
Creates small encoded preview clips
Pause, resume encoding

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33 comments, Showing 1 to 5 comments

I've tried using other tools to "burn in" subtitles. Handbrake didn't work. So before today, I had to convert files to AVI format and use AVI ReComp to do the job ... a very time-consuming operation with some loss in video quality. But today, I tried VidCoder. It's quick and seemingly lossless. However, the file I ended up with was twice the size of the origin file (no problem). And I noticed that at the very beginning of the new file, the audio seemed to have a "wind-tunnel" sound that went away after a few seconds. However, to fix that, all I had to do was import the audio from the origin file - and it stayed in sync and sounded perfect.

VidCoder does the job it was intended to do.

May 12, 2016 by AlecWest Version: 1.5.34 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Overall it's a good easy-to-use tool but there's a feature missing: you can't adjust subtitle font and size.

Feb 14, 2016 by drkblog Version: 1.5.33 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease: 8/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value: 1/10 Overall: 7/10

Before I knew about Handbrake, I used Vidcoder before I knew it was from Handbrake. I wasn't savvy in video encoding but I learn every way from other people's settings through the info from mediainfo on movies (especially YIFY's). Currently was recording gameplays for keepsake, to remember I used to play particular games before.

When I heard a lot of people used Handbrake encode videos (in mediainfo it was written in it) and I tried using it to convert those recorded gameplays (averaged FPS) to constant 60 FPS with average size maintaining the quality before I bring those into Adobe Premiere for final editing. (reason is that Adobe Premiere won't import averaged FPS properly as both audio and video will definitely out of sync)

However I recently found out Handbrake kept encode the videos with audio out of sync. I had no idea why it can't sync the audio, tried on AVS Video Converter, AVIDemux, both AV synced. Did fiddle with all the settings, nothing seems to remedy that out of sync issue. I thought I had bad recordings at first but in the end, Handbrake was the culprit after all.

So I turned to Vidcoder, improved Handbrake, prayed hard not to disappoint me with just some basic settings on video at constant 60FPS, can output some videos without audio out of sync... and yes, it helps! Just set H.264, 60 FPS constant, 18 constant quality, preset very fast, no tune, profile and level automatic, added keyint 1, that's it. just what i need to re-encode the videos from x264 video and PCM in .avi container (recorded from Bandicam) and ready for Adobe Premiere. Fantastic!

Nevertheless, I do like the encoding speed of Handbrake, thanks to Vidcoder, now i can even see clearly how long and how fast the encoding duration and speed on each videos and even on batch.

The most powerful MP4/MKV encoder to recommend for all users!

Nov 3, 2015 by Munkiiedude Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

SO GLAD I found this tool - it is exactly what I needed!

I have for years been using avi.NET for converting DVDs to DivX files, so I can watch my movies and TV shows from my hard drive, instead of having to get up and change discs all the time. A couple of factors prompted me to look for something different. I don't actually NEED the files to be DivX (or Xvid) - my WDTV media player will play a number of formats. And the new video player I just installed in my truck has a resolution limitation of 640x360, which is smaller than anything I've encoded, so anything I want to watch in my truck will have to be redone. Re-encoding a TV series with 168 episodes would have taken nearly 5 days (roughly 112 hours) with avi.NET, just for the encoding itself, not counting maybe 2 minutes per episode of prep time to set up the job queues. So I went looking for something that would do the job faster. I'll be able to do the same task with this program in only about 16 hours (the first season - 32 episodes - took 3 hours 15 minutes)! And that includes the almost zero prep time, since I can add an entire folder of files to the queue in a matter of seconds.

I have experimented with encoding episodes in a few different ways.
360p H.264 (1280kbps) with 6dB gain MP3 (chose this because it's the maximum frame size allowed by my truck)
240p H.264 (640kbps) with 6dB gain MP3 (chose this to be able to fit the entire season on a single 32GB flash drive)
480p H.264 (2304kbps) with AC3 passthrough (chose this for playback on my television - AC3 is 5.1 channels)

I chose each of the different bit rates to give me an average output quality of .31 bits/pixel*frame - not quite as high as the original MPEG-2 source, but not low enough to notice. I initially tried encoding using a small amount of Dynamic Range Compression, but without the 6dB gain, the output file was considerably quieter than the source, so I scrapped that idea. With each of the three different output settings, there was very little difference in the encoding speed - in fact, even though the bit rate is considerably higher, the 480p files encoded just a bit faster because of the audio passthrough, instead of having to convert to MP3.

FWIW, adding DRC to the audio increased the encode time considerably - for a single 26:33 source file, it took 8:47 to encode at 360p with DRC, as opposed to 6:20 to encode at 480p with AC3 passthrough - it took about 42 minutes to encode the same file using avi.NET. For a 2:22:55 movie (The Avengers), I was able to encode it in 42 minutes, as opposed to the roughly 3 hours it would take with avi.NET!

Jun 15, 2015 by awgie Version: x64 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I have found this much easier to control than XMedia Recode which is also a good tool, but for people who know more than I do. I works great on my older system. I'm batch converting a lot of old files and everything works great so far. It has an "advanced" tab for those of you who know what you're doing, but for the rest of us it stays out of the way.

Jun 14, 2015 by mistaknly Version: x86 Beta OS: Windows 7 Ease: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

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