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SmartDVB is an unpretentious digital-tv watch application for satellite, terrestrial or cable TV cards. Emphasis has been put on overall speed and user experience on the desktop concerning DVB operations like scanning and channel viewing. It also allows for HTPC/PVR functionality through SmartOSD and legacy video renderer OSD. New OSD includes Options menu for quick PVR like access, better integrated EPG, Teletext, graphical timeshift, program data, zoom, custom graphics station list and also logo support.

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  Latest version:
0.4.0 (January 25, 2015)

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:
v0.4.0 Release
fixed: Scanner update would mark MIS entries with other ID incorrectly lost.
fixed: RF scan would not take into account other defined LNB's for the current satellite and incorrect LNB limits might be set also when blindscanning.
fixed: some more RF scan fixes/cosmetic issues.
fixed: tray icon record state would not always correctly indicate recording on/off.
fixed: issue where channel icons would not be shown correctly when SID's were shown in the channellist (only for service name based icons).
modified: some modifications to tbs and autodetection code, might detect specific tbs devices (also tbs 6983) better now (thanks to steven).
fixed: some more fixes to scanner MIS parsing (thanks to alexi).
fixed: RF Scanner resource strings added (for translations).
fixed: MIS scan scanner ( bug which could select the wrong mis when scanning (thanks once more to alexi).
fixed: sometimes a scheduled record would use the wrong EIT entry.
fixed: some cosmetic changes to record name defaults.
fixed: updated streamreader.dll to
fixed: some minor fixes to the SmartOSD timeshift button toggles (remote now also should toggle between play/pause).

v0.4.0 rc
added: timeout message for scheduled action start (30 seconds default value) added to schedule settings dialog.
modified: record all audio PID's for transport stream recordings moved to record settings dialog and should now also be used for normal manual recordings (previously
it only worked for scheduled recordings).
added: chroma subsampling (4:2:0, 4:2:2 etc) to the additional video status, needs testing.
modified: pressing the 'play'/'pause' keys now toggles play/paused state, previously it would remain at the chosen state.
fixed: timeshift pause did not work correctly (introduced bug). Some modifcations to timeshift code with regards to this.
modified: some addons interface calls modified (DoDiseqc doesn't require the full channel data but instead uses the transponder and satellite structures, which is more
appropriate not all channel data is needed by this call, this might break existing addons, but since there aren't many yet i figured it wouldn't be much of a problem.
If you have build an addon you'll need to rebuild with the current addon example headers to be sure)
modified: some setup changes. If you had undefined problems with upgrades previously please try again.
improved: osd timeshift button states (ff/play/pause didn't always update button state correctly).
added: end time to add schedule task dialog (by requests).
improved: smartosd transparency slider settings is more verbose now (seemed unclear to some)
added: EIT event description on the main epg pane is now also shown in the edit field.
modified: by default dvb-t offset settings are not used (too many users seem to have issues with this). Added an option to the scanner dialog to specifically enable offset
addition to the currently scanned dvb-t frequency.
improved: EPG ampersand "&" would be incorrectly translated to underscore at some places.
added: blindscanner option to disable retries when no data is received.
added: option to diseqc settings to not show 'positioner moving ...' message when moving a positioner/rotor.
fixed: scanner bugfix where MIS values would not be shown correctly with a sort selected/active.
improved: some modifications to to enable it to tune dvb-t/c (dvb-t tested).
fixed: bug which could occasionally cause a crash when using the diseqc console.
added: basic RF scanner. Only works with streamreader.dll supported devices so don't try this otherwise won't work.
Might be removed for final version if it causes too many issues. Added for testing/feedback.
updated: streamreader.dll to current version.

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All features / Full description:
Easy to use and user friendly interface .
Low footprint, fast operation with fast channel changing.
Supports Skystar 2 WDM and BDA-S/T/C and ATSC devices.
Includes a BlindScanner (as of 0.2.5 RC1) which also scans for channels (your blindscan card must be supported by the crazycat streamreader.dll blindscan interafce)
Supports SkyWalker devices used in North America for turbo-fec modulations.
Supports diseqc (depending on DVB device used) including motor support.
OSD (on-screen-display) which can also be used as a basic HTPC setup through remote.
DiSeqC support includes using cascaded switches setups (diseqc 1.1)
H264 and S2 support (through bda driver) so you can enjoy full HD channels.
You can create scheduled record tasks for your favorite tv programs .
Supports teletext and multi audio channel, including teletext subtitles.
Supports MD-API plugins.
Supports MPEG and TS record formats .
Supports Windows XP® ,Windows Vista® and Windows 7® operating system .
Includes integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
Supports timeshifting also for H264 channels.
Supports winlirc remotes and native remotes (depending on DVB device used)
Supports basic CI (Common interface)
Optimized EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) support
Favorite channel list so you can arrange your channels as you want
Remote channel list so you can arrange your channels for customized use with your remote
Snapshots so you can make an image in BMP format of the current channel
UDP streaming to other pc's using a UDP capable viewer like VLC.
Allows you to use multiple monitors in the fullscreen/application mode.
Customizable for usage in North America (scanner and epg parser)
Customizable input settings for keyboard or remotes.
DVB subtitles (not fully functional yet).

Alternative to SmartDVB:
Argus TV

Guides and How to's:
No guides/tutorials, submit guides here.


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i have been using vlc player to rec and watch tv only problem is that vlc player will rec every channel on the frequency and also when watching tv some programs will be interlaced so i have been using mediaplayer classic to watch tv as it can use my video card to decode the video and its also make the video look alot better not interlaced but you cant rec video with mediaplayer classic

but thanks too this great app i have the best of both these app and now i can rec 1 channel and watch another channel even if its not on the same frequency

and this app is free WOW

Posted April 02, 2015 by . Tool version 0.4.0 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Great software! Although the interface looks just a teensy bit outdated - who cares in view of the rest!
I got a Terratec Cinergy HTC Stick (USB-connection) a few days ago. The delivered software is a Terratec-version of DVBViewer. Alas, took almost 4(!) hours to detect all the available DVB-C channels and channel switching takes sometimes up to 15 or 20 sec. The interface looks a bit smarter - but recording options are close to none especially regarding video/audio quality.

Here SmartDVB outsmarts! Seeking all available DVB-C channels took less than 5 minutes(!) (same hardware, same system), channel-switching is smooth and fast, i.e. instantly!
And there are numerous settings available in the recording section. Have to try those yet.
Keep up the good work!

Posted January 25, 2014 by . Tool version 0.3.5 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

"...unpretentious digital-tv watch application" - maybe "unpretentious", but for me (i own a Leadtek PxDVR3200H tunercard) it's working in really fullHD, crystal-clear and without any problem, with only 5-8% use of CPU. Thanks to the author!

Posted February 07, 2012 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

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