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My MP4Box GUI is a Graphical User Interface for the well-known command line tool mp4box. My MP4Box GUI, like mp4box, is freeware. MP4Box is an MP4 muxer. It can import MPEG-4 video (H.264 or ASP, encoded for example with x264, DivX, Xvid, 3ivx or FFmpeg) and audio streams into the MP4 container. The end result is ISO compliant MP4 streams. It can also produce MPEG-4 Timed Text streams by importing subtitles formats such as srt. It can also split MP4 files into sections, which can be useful when transferring files to portable media players. Join and Split.

File size:3.6MB
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  Latest version (January 04, 2013)

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Download My MP4Box GUI (direct link)

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My MP4Box GUI screenshot
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Version history / Release notes / Changelog - 2012/01/03

added grouping support for audio when using Apple Friendly v2
added ttxt, xml and ogm/ogg chapter support
Recommend using ttxt chapter files
when playback will be on Apple device.
updated various aspects of GUI
updated 'supported' files
updated track titling - 2012/12/28

updated error handling
updated to mediainfo
updated to mp4box 0.5.0-Rev4065
added 24.00 and 15.00 fps options
added -ipod, hdlr=sbtl and other options "Apple Support"
These options can 'break' subtitles in
'non-apple' players and are only recommended
when playback will be on iOS, iTunes, iPhone
or the like.
added m4v, 3gp and 3g2 support
added 'drag-n-drop' support throughout
added select/deselect options to demux
added edit command line option
fixed track naming - 2011/12/18

updated to version of Mediainfo.dll
added multi-file select support when demuxing *requested*
fixed bug preventing extract(split) by time *reported*
fixed a few other small issues - 2010/10/30

* added multi-file select support when joining *requested* (note)
When joining files with embeded subtitles the resulting file will have extra time added to it. This is a bug inside of mp4box.exe, I have no plans at this time to fix it. - 2010/08/11

* added language support
* added title support
* added PAR adjustment support
* added extract/split support by time (ie. from hh:mm:ss to hh:mm:ss; eg. 00:30:00-00:32:00 would extract two minute clip starting 30 minutes into the video)
* added clear logs feature
* added send bug report email feature
* added conditional x64 support to installer; due to bugs using x32 mediainfo.dll on x32 systems x64 version will be installed on x64 systems
* changed demux srt, from raw to srt
* updated mediainfo.dll to
* updated to custom build of mp4box.exe and libgpac.dll - 2010/04/12

* -added ability to change priority
* -added many mp4box advanced options
* -enhanced logging
* -added workaround for mp4box IDX/SUB periods bug
* -enhanced UI and error handling
* -added progress bars
* -updated to version of Mediainfo.dll
* -resolved many bugs - 2009/12/16

* -added spliting support(duration/size)
* -added hinting track support
* -added demuxing of subtitles support
* -enhanced user interface
* --save/revert settings
* --check for updates - 2009/11/08

* -updated to version of Mediainfo.dll
* -added demuxing support(w/o queueing)
* -added concatenate joining support(w/ queueing) - 2009/11/02

* -fixed bug preventing idx/sub streams from muxing - 2009/11/02

* -enhanced user interface
* -added support for srt, idx/sub and ttxt subtitle streams
* -enabled queueing support (no pause yet) - 2009/10/27

* -fixed a few bugs
* -added/cleaned a few things
* -made mp4box.exe window hidden upon execution - 2009/10/25

* -Initial release
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All features / Full description

* Create mp4 files containing:
- video streams with m4v, cmp, h264, 264, h263, 263 as input format or from avi, mpg, mpeg, vob, mp4, mov, ogg, qcp and 3gp format.
- audio streams with aac, ac3, amr, awb, evc, mp3 as input format or from avi, mpg, mpeg, vob (mp2 only), mp4 and 3gp format.
- subtitle streams with srt, idx/sub and ttxt format.
* Add up to 20 tracks to an mp4 file.
* Delay every audio and/or video track separately.
* Change the framerate of added video.
* Save a list of jobs to be completed at a later date.
* Join supported files(mp4, 3gp) end-to-end aka concatenate joining.
* Demux supported files(mp4, avi, mov, ts, idx/sub, srt) to their raw formats.
* Hint tracks to ready for streaming.
* Split files by size or duration. eg. 700mb CDs or 60min

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Acronyms / Also Known As

MyMP4BoxGUI, MyMP4Box GUI, mp4boxgui, mp4box gui

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Guide to use this program in English here:

and guide to use this program in Thai here:

Posted May 01, 2016 by RosalieFPigg. Tool version 0.6.06 using OS Windows 10 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Worked flawlessly on Win7 for years until my upgrade to Win10 then it would not indicate if it was processing the file (demux/mux/join) or not, it will still display "Ready", otherwise it does complete the task. Just a minor glitch that could very well be due to Win10 and not the program itself since Win10 isn't nice to other software as well. Compatibility mode has no effect. Sad the developer has abandoned his fine program otherwise I'd gladly donate to support his efforts.

Posted April 12, 2016 by depamode. Tool version using OS Windows 10 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 2 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

Does the job I got it for, which is joining MP4 files. More specifically, to add 5 seconds of blank space to the start of each video. I created a 5 second video containing a blank picture and silent audio track, but with 500 videos to process, I didn't want to have to re-encode every one of them. So I encoded the 5 second video to match the MP4 files I was working with, and tried this out, and it works perfectly.

A couple caveats, however, if you are joining files and using the queue to do so, like I did.

One, if your destination filename contains non-standard characters, like "" (accented "a") or "" (long dash), the program will give every indication that it has succeeded, but the destination file will simply not be there. Oddly enough, it did not have a problem with a "" (a "u" with an umlaut) in the filename. Easy fix was to change the offending letter in the filename, and then correct it in the new file once processing is done.

Another, much more troublesome problem, however, is that if you run out of disk space on the destination drive (in my case, an external hard drive) before the queue has run out, the program will continue to run, but - for obvious reasons - there will be no output files. It would have been nice if there had been some kind of error checking in place that would have halted the queue and said something like "hey, stupid, didn't you check to make sure you had enough disk space?" But no, it just kept going, processing 255 of my files in vain - I estimate around 2 hours of wasted time for my computer. At least I wasn't just sitting there doing nothing and wasting my own time as well.

In all fairness to the developer, these both may have been flaws in the mp4box program itself, and not in this GUI. Nonetheless, the problems exist, so if you use this GUI, you may want to be aware of them. I know for a fact that this was the case with the first problem, and it has been corrected in the latest version of mp4box, but they also changed one little parameter (one that would affect me, anyway), so you can't simply copy the new version of the program into this GUI's folder and expect it to work (I know... I tried).

Posted August 19, 2015 by awgie. Tool version using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 7 of 10

does the job very well

Posted May 17, 2015 by rsanchez76. Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

this is the best mp4 file mux/demux program BUT:
ı am using windows 8 and after few muxing when ı try to open program the window is doesn't open up,I see the icon on the taskbar and even when I click on this still can't open up...Please fix this...
ı know it's free ı can't complain,but this is important...
and one last thing:plz add the other languages option on the track title edit

Thanks for the developer

Posted October 29, 2014 by jujiko. Tool version using OS Windows 8
Ease of use 4 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 7 of 10 Overall score 7 of 10

This is THE tool for cutting out sections of an MP4 file and/or concatenating MP4s. It plain works. I had absolutely no problem with an 4 GB MP4 from my Galaxy S5 shot at full 1080p HD.

My only "complaints" (it IS free, so it's hard to complain...) are these:

It lacks a video preview function/GUI timecode selector. Basically, you've got to view your movie in a different program and make a note of the points at which you want to do your cuts. Then, you type in the timecodes manually.

The interface is a clunky.

If you want any kind of real precision, you need to turn on the option to "Edit Command Line." This gives you more precise control of some parameters, like timecode entry.

That said, it does what it needs to with regard to cutting/pasting clips. I have NOT used it for mux/demux, so I can't yet comment on that.

Posted July 27, 2014 by fragmannyc. Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

I now swear by this software for handling ALL mp4 files. There are quite a few that simply cannot be handles my mkvtoolnix. Especially the subtitles. This one does a phenomenally fast and flawless job.

Posted November 09, 2013 by pmshah. Tool version using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

This GUI working with partially encoding. At my MP4 videos - this GUI changes "variable" bitrate to "constant" bitrate. Use YAMB instead this rubbish.

Posted October 30, 2013 by multiplexor. Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use - of 10 Functionality - of 10 Value for money - of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

Great little program! I had a MP4 video file which had a 5.1 channel audio file that I wanted to replace with a 2 channel file. This program handled the tasks with no problem, video and audio were in perfect sync. For the hell of it, I then tried adding subtitles and that too worked perfectly. I haven't used any of the other functions but for simple demuxing and muxing, this program is perfect. It's also very easy to use, highly recommended!

Posted January 28, 2013 by Quadzilla. Tool version 6.06 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Worked great for me!!

I demuxed an MP4 I made with my cheapo "FLIP" video camera, then muxed the video with the music audio I made and it worked perfectly.

Posted August 09, 2012 by Noahtuck. Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

I tried to delay the audio, but it didn't work at all.

Posted February 19, 2012 by davexnet. Tool version 0560 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 6 of 10 Functionality 4 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 6 of 10

I wanted something to chop up MP4 videos into specific durations so I could upload them to YouTube. MP4 is a very efficient and YouTube prefers it, yet there aren't many editors that won't force you to re-encode. Or pay money.

This worked perfectly. No desync issues, no degridation in video/audio, two clicks, and it's ready and done.

It is NOT a replacement for a line editor. It is not very pretty. But it does not have to be, it does as it promises.

Posted December 21, 2011 by kbbbb. Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

I ONLY tried this program for trimming, so I do not know more about its performance.

Sadly, "MyMP4BoxGUI" (and MP4Box.exe) are not good for trimming (cutting) long videos, such as movies or TV episodes. Both ruin the synch of videos after like 10-20 minutes, especially when there are multiple audio tracks and/or subtitles.

For example, a resulting video would show a person talking, but the audio track is many seconds too fast (or slow) while the subtitles are different still from the video and/or the audio. Horrible.

Maybe the program is good for short videos and other tasks.

Posted March 30, 2011 by cestmoi. Tool version 0.4.5 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 5 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

I was not sure how to rate this App, so I am Fair to the Author. Since it did not work for me I wanted to gave it the middle of the road grade, but like I said I did not want to hurt this proggie's rating ... so!

1) I used version, since it is NOT and Executable version. I prefer these versions over the Installer type. I am confused why the Author does Not offer non-installer version of his program, since is so small. BTW, I ran Virus Scan on this proggie and it seems Clean!

2) I tried using it to join my MP4 files and it crashed at the get go, tried multiple times and no luck and it gave me a Warning regarding "invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box"!

3) As earlier Reviewer compared "My MP4Box GUI" to "YAMB" ... I like to chime in on that. Where "My MP4Box GUI" Failed ... "YAMB 1.6" worked Perfectly.
Note: for the YAMB stay with the 1.6 version, since Version 2.0 and up Did NOT work for me.

Since this GUI it looks so Clean and Simple, I am hoping that the Author would offer a Non-Installer version of his Program for the Future Revs or even for!

Posted February 16, 2011 by gonwk. Tool version using OS Vista 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 9 of 10 Overall score 7 of 10

Great software for what i need, merge lots of mp4 file. Use it already few months in daily basis. everthing is ok.
Drag and drop support will be great for ease of use (maybe some people prefer in this way).
Overall great software.

Posted February 14, 2011 by user_name. Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 9 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

Works perfect for my purpose = I just wanted to join MP4 files from my digital camera. It takes almost no time at all, and the video is not harmed in any way.

Posted January 21, 2011 by bigrig. Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Tried both this and the somewhat better known YAMB to split and join several MP4 files. While YAMB had more split options, YAMB sometimes crashed mid-split, and exiting the program always caused a multitude of error messages to cascade until the task was killed. Joining would create a single file, but in the default configuration YAMB creates a file that will only play for as long as the first file.

By contrast My MP4Box GUI is a very solid performer. Cuts and joins are clean, and the end result in either case is very smooth. While lacking in some bells and whistles (particularly in terms of split options), if you can figure out what you need, it will give it to you every time. A guide for this would be very helpful as there are some options I never could figure out how to work, but then I didn't have to, so it wasn't a serious issue.

Posted December 25, 2010 by EwanG. Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

I had several .mp4 files created with Handbrake 0.94, from 1080p sources. They all shared the same characteristics, and I needed to make a single file out of them, without re-encoding.

After seeing various recommendations for YAMB, I decided to try it. But YAMB's "join" function doesn't seem to work as advertised. Although I obtain a single "Joined" file at the end, any attempt to play the resulting file in VLC 1.0 will result in multiple instances of VLC opening on my machine (one for each of the original source files).

The same behaviour was replicated again and again, during subsequent attempts.

I used My MP4Box GUI - rather unimaginative name! - instead of YAMB, and all the problems disappeared. The resulting file played correctly, and without exhibiting any aberrations.

Good job! It may not look too polished, but it does what it's supposed to do!

Posted February 03, 2010 by AnitaPeterson. Tool version 0..4.9.1 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

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