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MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet analyser enables decoding and low level analysis of ISO/DVB transport streams. Open, decode and de-mux MPEG-2 transport streams from digital satellite, cable and terrestrial TV broadcasts. It can be used for fault-finding, equipment and system testing, software development and learning more about how MPEG-2 systems work. Requires .NET 4 Framework.

Trialware ($4)
Released:May 28, 2016
File size:309.7KB
Portable version
Old versions available
Version history available
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MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet analyser screenshot
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Latest version

2.5.0 (May 28, 2016)

Download sites

Visit developer's site

Download MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet analyser 2.5.0  [309.7KB]  [Portable]  [Win]

Download old versions

Download MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet analyser old versions

Supported operating systems



Shareware ($4)

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Added ability to export Audio Description data in CSV file
Added ability to toggle packet display between hex and ascii

Fix for PMT elementary PID issue

16/12/14 2.4.6

Fix for 192 byte packet demux issue

28/09/13 2.4.5

Added dec/hex display options
Display Options and Table PID list are now saved settings in user.config
Improved handling of corrupt sync bytes and broken streams


Added option to convert to 188-byte packets in demux
Reworked denux dialogue to be more consistent


Fixed an issue with de-muxing packets which are not 188-bytes long
Added DSM-CC table-ids
Rebuilt with Visual Studio 2010, now uses .Net 4 or later

23/12/12 2.4.2

PMT decoder (experimental)
Now possible to drag/drop TS files to open
Now possible to open a single TS packet


Faster demux


Multiple selections now possible in PID lists in demux dialogue
Video decode bug fix


Added ability to change hex viewer byte numbering to start at 1 or 0. Click on index panel to toggle.
Added keyboard shortcuts for navigation:
PageDown: Next packet
PageUp: Prev packet
Home: First packet
End: Goto packet
Escape: Stop search
Fixes for 120dpi display modes
Improved table pid list gui: press enter to add new pid
New options in CSV report
New table report


Added ability to select PIDs for table decoding


* Added PID spacing analysis
* Added adaptation filter to report generation
* Added source and output trim functions to demux


* Added temporal reference and vbv delay
* Added pes scrambling control bits
* Added more EIT header decoding
* Improved continuity count checking report


* Added table section CRC decoding
* Added 'from end of file' option to goto dialogue
* Increased goto packet variable to int32
* Improved continuity check algorithm


* Fixed problem with adaptation stuffing bytes


* Improved sync byte checking on file open
* Improved demux of 196, 204, 208 byte streams beta

* Added support for 192, 204 and 208 byte packets
* Added additional adaptation decoding
* Added *.m2t and *.m2ts to file open dialogue
* Added File | Close menu item


* Fixed adaptation length calculation bug


* Improved continuity count check so missing sync bytes are reported
* Extra checking for adaptation length


* Added 'Stop' button to continuiuty count dialogue
* Added 'Visit website' button to toolbar
* Bug fix : incorrect conversion applied when checking packet range in 'generate CSV report' dialogue


* Faster sync byte check
* Faster pid list generation
* Bug fix, overflow when using very large files


* New improved combined CSV report generation tool
* Added 'stop' button to allow user to abort long searches
* Added adaptation header and PCR decoding
* Added additional PES header decoding
* Added PTS and DTS decoding
* Added audio description fade/pan decoding
* Improved goto function
* Improved continuity check algorithm
* Improved sync byte check algorithm
* Internal modifications (navigate and decode modules)
* User interface now more responsive during long tasks
* Moved data decoder to main form, viewer can be resized as required

* Bug fix - GOP export

* Added picture_type decoding and export
* Added GOP length analysis
* Added sync byte check feature
* UI changes to data decoder toolbox, can be docked to the main window and re-sized
* Internal re-working

* Added AFD codes 0-7 as defined in TS 101 154
* Added AFD export feature to track changes in stream

* Faster decoding (TS packet headers)
* Added table header decoding for PMT and EIT
* Added ability to specify multiple PIDs in TableHeader export dialogue
* Added packet_deta to TSHeader and TableHeader export
* Added 'current' and 'first' options to Goto dialogue
* PID search now more robust - checks for sync bytes in every packet

* Fixed issue with UTC decoder missing leading '0'
* Added UTC decoding to TOT
* Added TDT/TOT export and analysis function, inlcuding packet and time delta information
* Added Table Header export function
* Minor UI changes


Fixed a problem with TS files bigger than 2Gb. The maximum file size that can be opened is 403,726,925,636 bytes.
Minor changes to toolbar.

* Added new transport stream continuity counter checking feature.
* Made provision for files that do not start with a sync byte, offsets will be detected.
* Improved checking routine when opening a file.
* Added dialogue box for TS header export, user can choose start packet, end packet and enable pid or payload start filters.
* Enhanced payload start filter on main window, it is now possible to filter on 0 and 1.
* Minro improvements to PES and AFD viewer
* Added table_id decoding to main dialogue


First public release.
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MPEG2 Transport Stream packet analyser

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It's working perfectly if filesize is under 2 Gbytes
It's craching if greather.

OS: WinXp sp2 NTFS

Jul 18, 2008 Version: OS: WinXP Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value: 7/10 Overall: 8/10

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