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HandBrake is a multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder. Supported sources: Any DVD-like source: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD, and some .VOB and .TS files, Blu-ray source, Most any multimedia file it can get libavformat to read and libavcodec to decode. Outputs: File format: MP4, MKV, Video: MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC or Theora, Audio: AAC, MP3, Vorbis or AC-3 pass-through (several audio tracks), Switchable or burned in subtitles and much more! Requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0.

Free software
OS:Windows MacOS Linux
File size:14.8MB
Old versions available
Version history available

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  Latest version:
0.10.5 (February 11, 2016)

Download sites

Visit developer's site

Download HandBrake 0.10.5 (direct link)

Download HandBrake 0.10.5 64-bit (direct link)

Download Mac, Linux and other versions:
Download HandBrake Mac 64-bit version (direct link)

Download HandBrake Linux version

Download old versions:
Download HandBrake old versions

Supported operating systems:
Windows Mac OS Linux

More information and other downloads:

NOTE! Handbrake can NOT rip DVDs! Use a DVD ripper or try the libdvdcss from VLC Media Player, see Handbrake with libdvdcss DVD ripping.

Download nightly beta builds here

Download several iso/video_ts handbrake batch convert scripts here.

Download Alert and Convert here, it watches a folder and automatically converts the file using HandBrake.

Download Handbrake 0.9.3 here, the last version with AVI output support.

HandBrake screenshot
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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:
HandBrake 0.10.5 Released
Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we can no longer include binary distributions of HandBrake which include the FDK-AAC encoder.
Please also be aware that if you are distributing any previous 0.10.x you must cease doing so now due to licensing issues.

Release Highlights

- Removal of FDK AAC from our binary releases. --enable-fdk is required for "non-free" builds if compiling from source.
- Updated x265 to 1.9 which brings bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Few minor bug fixes since the 0.10.3 release. This includes improvements in large AVI file handling.

HandBrake 0.10.3 Released
Friday, Jan 22, 2016

"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering." - Bill Gates

0.10.3 marks our 4th release of our 0.10.x branch. This provides another set if fixes for common bugs that have been raised over the last few months. All going well this will be the last bug fix release for this branch as we look to finish up the major 1.0 release. More details on this will follow in the coming months.

Release Highlights

- Various bug fixes for all platforms and the core engine.
- Updated x265 to 1.8 which brings numerous bug fixes and some performance improvements.

HandBrake 0.10.2 Released
Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it." - Donald E. Knuth.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that 0.10.2 has been shipped. This is second release for the 0.10 branch which brings a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Please note that the built-in updater will be enabled at a later date to allow us to stagger the downloads.

HandBrake 0.10.1 Released
Sunday, Mar 8, 2015

"If you're willing to restrict the flexibility of your approach, you can almost always do something better." - John Carmack

In an attempt to move away from our yearly release cycle, we have decided to start publishing interim fix releases. 0.10.1 marks the first of these releases. It's focus is to fix some common bugs rather than introduce the new features we are working on in the background for 1.0.
Release Highlights

- Various bug fixes for all platforms and the core engine.
- Updated x265 to 1.5 which brings numerous bug fixes and some performance improvements.

HandBrake 0.10.1 is a minor bugfix release only. There are no new features.

Milestone HandBrake 0.10



Intel QuickSync Video Encode / Decode support.
Windows only currently. We hope to bring this to Linux in the future but not for 0.10.
Hardware Decode support via DXVA (Experimental - Windows Only)
Decoding of some H.264, VC1 and WMV content via the GPU.
Can provide a small improvement on slower hardware. Not suitable for fast CPU's
Choice of Scalers
This is currently Handbrake's default scaler and will remain so.
Bicubic (OpenCL) (Experimental)
Available on the Command Line (All Platforms) and Windows GUI. (Mac / Linux GUI's will come in a later release)
Currently only available in OpenCL form so requires a AMD or Intel GPU supporting OpenCL 1.1 or later. Nvidia GPU's are not currently supported.
When downscaling, up to 5% performance improvement can be achieved. No benefit when not downscaling.
Small loss in quality over the Lanczos scaler.
hqdn3d filter now accepts individual settings for both chroma channels (Cr, Cb)
New NlMeans? denoiser. This is very slow, but results are significantly better than hqdn3d.
Added Windows Phone 8 Preset
Updated Libraries
x264 r2479-dd79a61
Libav v10.1
libbluray 0.5.0
Libavformat is now used for muxing instead of mp4v2 and libmkv
"Large File Size" checkbox has now bee removed for mp4, as the new muxer will transition to 64bit files automatically.
mpeg2dec has also been replaced in favour of using libav
The LibAV AAC encoder is now the default as FAAC has been removed.
This encoder is adequate for most, but until it improves a bit further, we have enabled support for the FDK-AAC encoder also.
This FDK option is a temporary measure until the LibAV encoder improves.
Note that FDK-AAC is much slower and will likely bottleneck the encode process, but will produce better quality audio.
H.265 encoder
Using x265 v1.4
This encoder is still early in it's development, so is missing many H.265 features and optimisations.
Added VP8 Encoder (using libvpx)
Available in MKV files only.
Removed mcdeint deinterlace and decomb modes. This relied on the snow encoder in libav which has been was removed by upstream.
Bug fixes and Misc Improvements

Accessibility / Usability Improvements
Added option to 'Use System Colors'. The app should now be more usable in a High Contrast mode.
Fixed Tab ordering to make the app more keyboard friendly.
LibHB is now used for scanning instead of the CLI.
Experiential Preview window is now available as a result. (Can be enabled via preferences)
Improved the layout and design of the Audio and Subtitle tabs.
Split buttons similar to the old 0.9.8 WinForms? GUI
Improved layout on the track listbox to make better use of the space.
Improvements to Auto-Naming feature.
When Done
Added an option that will reset this to 'Do nothing' when the app is closed and restarted.
New 'Presets' Menu
Presets bar can now be hidden if it's not wanted.
Numerous bug fixes
Fixed the Issue in the source dropdown where the drive menu items did not work when clicked.
Numerous fixes in the Picture settings panel around resolution calculation.
Numerous fixes around the way Presets are loaded and saved, particularly around Picture settings.
Removed Growl for Windows support due to bugs and issues with this library that remain unfixed. Project appears abandoned.
Many misc other fixes.
Windows XP is no longer supported. Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or later is now a requirement.
The 32bit build of the application is now considered deprecated. This is due to 32bit process memory limitations.

Build system updates to compiled under OS X 10.9
Automatic audio and subtitle track selection behaviours which can be stored per preset.
Improvements to Auto-Naming feature.
Misc UI enhancements.
Bug fixes

Automatic audio and subtitle track selection behaviours which can be stored per preset.
Improvements to Auto-Naming feature.
Batch Add to queue by list selection.
Russian and Czech Translations
Bug fixes and Misc Improvements
Requires GTK3
Command Line Interface

Basic support for return codes from the CLI. (0 = No Error, 1 = Cancelled, 2 = Invalid Input, 3 = Initialization error, 4 = Unknown Error")
Bug fixes and Misc Improvements

Update: A patch release for the WinGui has been uploaded that fixes a few of the more annoying issues caused by the GUI re-write. If your not having problems, there isn't any need to upgrade, but if you've seen issues, try the new build. The core engine is still 0.9.9

HandBrake 0.9.9


Improved HandBrake pineapple icon by Matt Johnson
Improved Retina-resolution icons within the application, by Nik Pawlak


Blu-ray (PGS) subtitle support
works with Foreign Audio Search
can be Burned-In
can be passed through to MKV (but not MP4)
Additional video framerates
30, 50, 59.94, 60 fps
Double framerate ("bob") mode for the deinterlace and decomb filters
Better audio remix support
additional mixdowns: 6.1, 7.1, 7.1 (5F/2R/LFE)
CLI users should note 6ch becomes 5point1
better-than-Stereo sources can be upmixed to 5.1
discard one channel from Stereo sources
Mono (Left Only), Mono (Right Only)
Allow the selection of higher audio bitrates where appropriate
Allow the selection of lower audio samplerates where appropriate
8, 11.025, 12, 16 kHz
Audio dithering (TPDF) when converting to 16-bit FLAC
Use libavcodec for DTS audio decoding (instead of libdca)
DTS-ES 6.1 Discrete support
All graphical interfaces: support for x264's preset, tune and profile options
alternative to the Advanced panel (which is still available)
HandBrake-specific option to ensure compliance with a specific H.264 level
Updated built-in presets
take advantage of x264 preset/tune/profile support
removed increasingly suboptimal and irrelevant Legacy presets
Assorted bug fixes and improvements to the core library (libhb)
Updated libraries
x264 r2273-b3065e6
Libav v9.6
libbluray 0.2.3


User Interface has been re-written in WPF
Includes many small UI enhancements
Switched to .NET 4 Client Profile
smaller download for those who don't have .NET 4 Full installed


Assorted bug fixes
including better support for Retina displays
Prevent sleep during encoding and scanning for Mountain Lion
Drag & Drop files onto the Main window or application icon to scan
Nicer progress indication on the dock icon
Preview window improvements and bugfixes
Updated Growl to 2.0.1
Notification Center support (when Growl is not installed)


Assorted bug fixes and improvements
Use some system libraries rather than bundling
fontconfig, freetype, libxml2, libass, libogg, libvorbis, libtheora and libsamplerate
Command Line Interface

Audio option (-a) will ignore invalid input tracks and encode with only the valid ones
Allow use of hh:mm:ss format when specifying p-to-p start/stop time
Advanced audio options
enable level normalization when downmixing (disabled by default)
disable audio dithering or select a specific algorithm

HandBrake 0.9.8 Released!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"In programming, as in everything else, to be in error is to be reborn."
- Alan J. Perlis

We've decided to push out another release to fix some bugs that cropped up with 0.9.7. This includes all the previous fixes for 0.9.6 including the new AppleTV3 preset and updated iPad preset. Check out the detailed release notes for more details.

UPDATE: We have re-released the 0.9.7 downloads due to a crash bug in the initial release. Anyone who has downloaded 0.9.7 prior to 17th July, should re-download it. <<<<<

HandBrake 0.9.7 Released!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it's too late."
- Seymour Cray

We've decided to release an update for 0.9.6 that fixes a couple of common issues and adds a new preset for the AppleTV 3 and tweaks the existing iPad preset to support up to 720P.

HandBrake 0.9.6 Released!

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012

"Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code."
- Christopher Thompson

It's been a while since our last update, so we decided to release another cocktail for your encoding pleasure.

Along with the usual library updates, there are numerous improvements and bug fixes.


-> Video:

updated libx264 (revision 2146)
MPEG-2 encoder (from libavcodec)
advanced options support for libavcodec encoders format: option1=value1:option2=value2
-bf 2 -trellis 2 becomes bf=2:trellis=2

-> Audio:

audio gain control (increase/decrease audio volume)
updated libogg (1.3.0) and libvorbis (aoTuV b6.03)
new AAC encoder (from libavcodec) (considered experimental) (supported mixdowns: Mono/Stereo/Dolby?, 5.1 will come later) (should be on par with faac in terms of quality, sometimes better)
FLAC encoder (16-bit, MKV container only)
Mac OS X: HE-AAC encoding support, via Core Audio
quality-based variable bitrate encoding support works with: Lame MP3, Vorbis, Core Audio AAC only implemented in CLI and Linux GUI
AC3 encoder: set Dolby Surround flag in stream parameters when mixdown is Dolby Surround or Pro Logic II
-> Audio Passthru:

DTS Passthru to MP4 container (in addition to MKV) (supported by e.g. VLC, MPlayer)
DTS-HD Passthru (MP4, MKV containers)
MP3 Passthru (MP4, MKV containers)
AAC Passthru (MP4, MKV containers) (known issue: Magic Cookie not passed through from MPEG Program/Transport? streams,
which will break playback in e.g. QuickTime Player)

Auto Passthru: one encoder, multiple codecs lets you define allowed codecs (from supported passthru codecs) lets you pick a fallback encoder if passthru is not possible

start MKV clusters with a video keyframe whenever possible should improve seeking and DLNA streaming
bug fix: use ISO 639-2 bibliographic form for MKV language codes
bug fix: fix crash due to division by zero in MP4 muxer
bug fix: fix muxing of Closed Captions. Improper interleaving broke playback on some players

-> Video:

updated libav* libraries from Libav ( (v0.7-1696-gcae4f4b, late October 2011) frame-based multithreading for H.264, VP8 10-bit decoding support for H.264, DNxHD Apple ProRes? decoding support
improved average framerate detection
duplicate frame detection for improved frame drop decision (CFR/PFR)
new Same as source, Constant Framerate option for devices that don't support variable framerate automatically picks a constant framerate closest to the detected average framerate
bug fix: fix problem when resolution changes in the middle of a video stream
-> Audio:

Blu-ray: make TrueHD, DTS-HD and E-AC3 Secondary Audio streams available for decoding and/or passthrough
bug fix: libavcodec-decoded streams can now be decoded multiple times
previously, multiple decodes of the same source tracks weren't possible and audio output tracks had to be dropped

bug fix: fix audio screech at beginning of some audio tracks when decoding AC3
bug fix: fix DTS decoder audio volume (was too low)
bug fix: garbled audio when decoding DTS-HD audio from MKV containers
bug fix: fix support for DTS-HD High Resolution Audio in MPEG Transport streams
-> Subtitles:

updated libass (0.10.0)
improved handling of subtitles with overlapping timestamps
improved handling of DVD subtitles without Stop Display commands
SSA subtitles are now passed through to MKV without conversion to SRT/UTF-8
bug fix: fix rendering problem with SSA subtitles when no font is embedded in the source video

improved MPEG Program/Transport? stream support support for MPEG-1 Program streams support for HD-DVD EVOB streams improved handling of Transport streams that have no PCR
WTV container support (via libavformat)
bug fix: files with more than 20 tracks (video, audio, subtitles etc.) are now supported
bug fix: some QuickTime MOV files were misdirected as MPEG Transport streams
bug fix: fix detection of TrueType? font attachments that don't have the correct MIME type

new, much improved decomb filter (but slower) new settings are default old settings become decomb "Fast"

improved "Normal" preset (much faster, similar file size and quality)
removed obsolete legacy presets
added new device presets for Android phones/tablets recent and/or powerful devices recommended
Mac OS X:

-> DVD decryption:

VLC 2.x or later will not work for DVD decryption and is therefore unsupported as of HandBrake 0.9.6
libdvdcss is now the preferred method for DVD decryption already works with HandBrake 0.9.5 a .pkg installer is available from Videolan:
-> Build system:

support for Xcode 4 and Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion"
Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" no longer supported

-> OS X 10.7 Lion support:

bug fix: Live Preview window widgets updated to work under Lion
bug fix: fixed positioning of widgets in the Audio panel under Lion
-> Other:

wider main window providing more room for various widgets
Windows GUI:

-> Preview window:

complete redesign
support for VLC or the system default video player
dropped built-in QuickTime playback support
-> Other:

much improved control over the default audio and subtitle tracks selected (see Options)
ability to set the minimal title length that will show up during a scan (see Options)
several other usability improvements
installer now has a silent option for easier network installs (launch the installer with /S)
Linux GUI:

-> Audio panel:

new advanced audio options section for gain and audio track names
dynamic range compression and samplerate moved to advanced audio options
-> Other:

minor UI tweaks and usability enhancements

Target Size is gone, and isn't coming back Don't bother complaining on the forums
CLI: support for x264 presets, tunes and profiles new --x264-preset, --x264-tune and --x264-profile options
DVD: fix issues with some discs
DVD: improved main feature detection
updated libbluray (0.0.1-pre-213-ga869da8, late May 2011)

HandBrake 0.9.5 has now been released.

Release Highlights:

Core Library

* BluRay disc structure support. (No decryption support)
* Updated Libraries (x264, ffmpeg)
* SSA Subtitle support. (Including burn-in)
* MP3 audio now supported in MP4 files (Note: Limited Player compatibility)
* VOBSUB subtitle now supported in MP4 files (Note: Limited Player compatibility)
* Updated Presets for newer devices and better quality
* AC3 encoding support.
* Many Bug Fixes and other small improvements
* Improved DVD Main Feature detection (when using dvdnav)
* Universal audio downmix support (all audio types can be downmixed)
* Point*to*Point encoding (second or frame start and end times)
* Peak framerate option (Capped VFR)

All GUIs

* Updated x264 Advanced Panel
* Video Quality Slider drops % value and only shows RF for x264
* Batch Scan (Scan Multiple files at once. N.B: Does not include multiple VIDEO_TS folders / Image files)
* Many Bug fixes
* Many Tweaks to improve usability.
* Ability to edit queue jobs


* New Audio Panel supporting >4 Audio Tracks
* VLC detection in /Applications and ~/Applications
* Multiple instance support

Windows GUI

* Encode Status in GUI. (CLI window is now always hidden)
* Improved Auto-Naming for Destination file name.
* Drag / Drop Video onto Main Window to scan.

Linux GUI

* Multiple instance support (run multiple copies of ghb at once)
* Many Bug fixes and UI improvements.


* Power PC (PPC) is no longer officially supported. Given limited resources and time, it simply isnt feasible for this project to support minority platforms. For those of you still using older hardware, we recommend you stick with 0.9.4.

Changes between 0.9.3 and 0.9.4:


* New build system, allowing 64-bit binaries (around 10% faster)
* Soft subtitles and Closed Captions:
- DVD Closed Captions
- ATSC Closed Captions
- SRT subtitle import
- Text soft subtitles in MP4 and MKV output
- Bitmap soft subtitles in MKV output
* Better support for DVD inputs:
- Uses libdvdnav
- DVD angles support
- Workaround for libdvdread malloc bomb on invalid PGC entry
- DVD drive region detection support in Linux
- Handles DVD programs with more than 16 streams
- No longer tries to detect and discard duplicate titles when scanning
- Libdvdnav patched to perform read error recovery
- Libdvdread patched to allow raw device access in Windows
- Handles poorly mastered DVDs that had the menus ripped out of them
* Better support for non-DVD inputs:
- Preserves MP4 metadata
- TrueHD
- DTS-HD demuxing
- 8 bit audio
- Better handling of transport streams where audio starts first
- Better handling of transport streams that have been spliced together, leading to duplicate timestamps
- Better VC-1 frame detection
- Fixes bug that was causing one sec. of audio to be dropped on many ffmpeg files
- Looks harder for aspect ratio info from DV sources
- No longer truncates the last (dummy) chapter
- Allows specifying field parity for detelecine and decomb
* Better AV sync
* Support for sources with no audio
* DTS passthrough for MKV
* x264 bumped from r1169 to r1347, which means speed optimizations, new default settings (see r2742 commit comment), the magic of macroblock tree rate control (mbtree), a new CRF curve (meaning you will get different, generally lower bitrates at the same RF, with similar quality metrics), and weighted P-Frames (disabled by default for Baseline encodes and the AppleTV preset).
* Better sample interleaving
* Better, optional deinterlacer for decomb (EEDI2)
* New mode structure for the decomb filter
* Variable verbose logging levels
* Fixed timing for first two frames coming out of filters
* Libtheora bumped to 1.1.0
* Improvements to our theora implementation (2 pass encoding + soft target rate control)
* Caters to Theora's insistence on content having mod16 framing dimensions specified
* Flushes LAME encoder's final packets
* Fixed interjob framerate calculation
* Fixed pthreads regression in cygwin
* Tweaks for packaging tools
* Solaris 10 build support

All interfaces:

* Live video preview
* New subtitle tab
* New filters and picture settings inspector
* Custom anamorphic mode
* Updated Sparkle
* Custom number of preview images
* Quality slider now works off actual rate factor/quantizer values instead of percentages
* Partially updated advanced x264 tab
* New built-in presets
* Use libdvdnav by default on DVD sources
* Removed Constant QP encoding option for x264 (use CRF)
* Various bug fixes and UI tweaks
* x264 turbo 1st pass mode now uses subme=2 not subme=1


* Core Audio AAC encoding
* H.264 video source decoding crash fixed
* Queue displays varying row heights based on encode settings
* Fixed EyeTV package scanning
* 64bit / 32 bit VLC detection
* Preset import/export


* New audio tab
* AAC audio source decoding bug fixed
* Tray minimization is now optional
* Queue can now be started from main window
* Growl for Windows notification support
* General UI improvements
* Preset import
* Preferred language control for audio dubs and subtitles
* Fixed file extensions resetting to m4v when enabling chapter markers in mkv
* Faster updating of GUI elements from CLI data
* Cleanup / Improved some of the programs options. (Growl, use m4v, drive detection)
* Numerous fixes in the Picture Settings Panel and CLI Query Handling code.
* Bug Fixes and Usability improvements.


* General UI improvements
* Inhibits sleep mode while encoding
* Single title scan
* Chapter duration display
* Notifications when encodes complete
* Tray minimization
* Full screen preview
* Preset import/export
* Preferred language control for audio dubs and subtitles
* Preferences rearrangement
* Preference to auto-apply .m4v extension
* New system tray icon behavior
* Preference for what to do when encode completes
* Preference for how often to delete activity logs
* Preference to disable automatic scanning
* New Gnome session manager support
* Improved "auto" audio selection
* Use .m4v as the default extension for the MPEG-4 container
* Use .m4v when soft subs are enabled
* Alternate angle encoding fix
* Only strips drive letters for Windows builds
* Show correct audio format info when it's been sanitized for incompatibilities
* Preserve chapter list modifications made to queued jobs
* Fixed error when navigating chapter titles with the keyboard
* Bug Fixes.


* Options to handle new subtitle, anamorphic, and preview features
* --srt-file, --srt-codeset, --srt-offset, --srt-lang, --srt-default
* --native-dub option lets users request dubbing instead of subs when the audio isn't in their native language
* Allow encoding sources with no audio without explicitly stating -a none
* Update checker on MinGW built exe should now work correctly.
* Matches GUIs' default verbosity level of 1

Changes between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3:

0.9.3 Snapshot 5 -> 0.9.3 Final
- Better PMT processing
- Basic underlying support for live previews (encode from a seek point for a set number of frames)
- Better searching for IDR frames in H.264 streams
- Preset changes (iPhone goes CRF, some old Apple presets resurrected as Legacy)
- Assorted bug fixes

0.9.3 Snapshot 4 -> 0.9.3 Snapshot 5 (r1913)
Core Library
- VC-1 stream input
- Newer libmp4v2, which fixes the issue with output > 2 gigs in Linux
- Proper allocation for preview frames
- Avoids corruption of previews of sources that use widths that aren't cleanly divisible by 8
- Decodes DTS internally instead of using ffmpeg, to allow mixdowns
- Better support for DTS in MKV files with implicit timestamps or large timestamp errors
- Ensures proper chroma size by rounding up when dealing with odd dimensions
- Ensures "auto" samplerate sends a valid value to faac (22050, 24000, 32000, 44100, or 48000)
- Bumped Theora to 1.0 final
- Bumped x264 to r1024, which includes Nehalem optimizations as well as speed boosts for things such as b-adapt=2

- Allows multibyte characters in chapter titles

Windows GUI
- Fixes issue parsing presets that use maxWidth and maxHeight (-X and -Y)
- DRC defaults to 1 now
- Chapter markers disabled for non-DVD sources
- Makes sure Normal preset gets loaded
- Fixes arithmetic overflow crash when scanning

Linux GUI
- Update checker
- Limits range of chapters to encode to the number of chapters on the DVD
- Disabled entry of dimensions larger than the source

- Allows overriding of audio (tracks, bitrates, samplerates, codecs, mixdowns) and x264 options in built-in presets

- Documentation updates have begun on the wiki, although they are not yet complete

0.9.3 Snapshot 3 -> 0.9.3 Snapshot 4 (r1896)
Core Library
- Converts video in other color spaces to YUV420 (this means DV support)
- Official, standards-based AC3-in-MP4
- Tries to base the AV timing for streams off audio when possible
- Keeps some audio fixes for lost packets in over the air streams from interfering with other sources
- Handles rendering of sources where the picture resolution changes mid-stream (this fixes the long-standing bug reading a particular episode of Doctor Who)
- Wider window for clock references (AV sync)
- Fixed a crash when closing out data for AAC encoding on aborted encodes
- Rejiggered verbose activity log display to be more laconic by default
- Updated x264 to r1016, which means b-rdo and bime are gone and replaced with new subme modes
- DTS and HDMV DTS audio support in streams
- Doesn't show the audio track button on iPhones/iPod Touches unless there's more than 1 track
- Tries to avoid garbage data from AC3 sync by searching for two agreeing packets
- As the MPEG4IP project is defunct, switched to an independently maintained libmp4v2 which has folded in all our cumbersome patches
- Fixed SunOS compilation
- Fixed conflict between maxHeight and maxWidth and loose anamorphic
- Warn in the log when titles are being ignored during scan for lack of audio
- Fixed bug with Slow/Slowest deinterlacing and decomb which could leave a flickering line at the top or bottom of the screen
- Extracts audio and subtitle types from DVD sources, to do things like label commentary tracks
- Better handling of the beginning of AVI and WMV sources that start after time 0
- Optimize MP4 for web download works with AC3 tracks now

- Nested presets
- Individual activity logs for each encode (stored by default in ~/Application Support/HandBrake, can be co-located with encoded file destination by preference)
- Allows reading from ZFS volumes
- Fixed target size mode. It keeps breaking itself. Maybe it should just be put out of its misery...
- Assorted other improvements

Windows GUI
- Nested presets
- Individual activity logs for each encode
- Slow and slower deinterlacing and decomb work now in Windows
- Added resizeable update window
- Fixed parsing of non-DVD source audio formats
- Restored Copy to Clipboard to the Activity Log Window, among other enhancements to it
- Fixed bug with MKV presets showing up as .m4v
- Assorted other improvements

Linux GUI (GTK)
- Nested presets
- Individual activity logs for each encode
- Allows pending queue items to be removed, and reloaded in the main window for editing
- Better handling of HD previews
- Assorted other improvements

- Updated presets to the equivalent of the nested ones in the GUIs
- Allows setting custom audio track names in MP4 files
- Allows selection of the COLR atom in MP4 files, between Bt.601 and Bt.709
- Fixed reading of device paths in OS X

A special note on the new presets (they're collapsible-triangle-folder-thing-errific!)
- Deux Six Quatre, Blind, Broke, and Bedlam are gone. They were dead weight.
- iPod Low-Rez is now iPod Classic & iPod Nano
- iPod High-Rez is now iPod Legacy
- iPhone / iPod Touch is now iPhone & iPod Touch, so take care CLI users
- Animation and Television now use the decomb and detelecine (VFR) filters
- High Profile presets now use psy-trellis and the new subme 9 mode with B-frame RD refinement
- AppleTV is now CRF, so sizes will vary with content
- PS3 preset should be fixed
- Constant Quality Rate still needs its quality % lowered, probably

The keen reader is already asking "iPod Legacy? WTF is iPod High-Rez called iPod Legacy now?"

The answer is Universal.

The Universal preset is designed to play on all modern iPods (anything newer than the iPod 5.5G). It also plays on iPhones. It also plays on AppleTVs. It should also play just about anywhere else, hence the name. It is full anamorphic DVD resolution--no tricks with downscaling like stuff from the iTunes Store. It includes chapters, and has the first audio track in both AAC (DPL2 downmixed) and AC3 pass-thru, just like the AppleTV preset. In fact, it should give the same quality as the AppleTV preset, but faster...and at a larger file size. Like the AppleTV preset, it used CRF, so sizes will vary.

0.9.3 Snapshot2 -> 0.9.3 Snapshot 3 (r1797)
Core Library:
- Universal input support, utilizing libavcodec from the FFmpeg project for decoding non-MPEG-2 video
- Newer, faster, better version of the x264 codec, including psychovisual optimizations
- Better AV sync through full compliance with the MPEG Standard Target Decoder timing model
- More accurate auto-cropping
- Support for New Zealand and Norwegian HDTV broadcasts (H.264 and AAC-LATM in MPEG-TS)
- Detelecine is now "VFR detelecine" by default, dropping some frames and extending others to make up lost time, old behavior of keeping duplicate frames is enabled by selecting a framerate besides "Same as source"
- Threaded deinterlacing in Slow and Slower modes
- Threaded and entirely rewritten decomb filter
- Better audio resampling interpolator
- Better gamma in QuickTime through the use of the COLR MP4 atom
- Better constant quality encoding when using FFmpeg
- Hopefully better cache and virtual memory performance by recycling buffers that were most recently used instead of least
- Fix for MP4s with "negative duration" errors.
- Set the detelecine filter to work better with PAL by using "loose" breaks
- Fix for missing initial H.264 NAL units, improves reliability of 8x8dct
- Fix for subtitle-scan with XviD encoding
- Fix for crash at the end of 2nd pass using x264
- Deblock filter works now
- Rewritten update system, so the core library can read a portion of Sparkle appcasts.
- Updates for libsamplerate, libogg, xvidcore, libtheora, libmpeg2, lame, faac, and of course ffmpeg and x264.

- Entirely rewritten and far more flexible queue that can be saved between sessions, capable of preserving queued items after a crash
- Now requires vlc 0.9.xx to read protected dvd's in the users /Applications folder
- Fix for 4x3 loose anamorphic to keep it from downscaling
- Countless other improvements

Windows GUI
- Resolution calculation
- Better preset bar
- Better queue (including queue recovery feature)
- Better activity log window
- Improved UI (layout changes, animated x264 options, DVD drive detection, duration displayed)
- More options - includes support for custom auto name format & starting the CLI minimized
- Countless other improvements

Linux GUI (GTK)
- It's alive!

Known Issues in Snapshot 3
- Possibility of a flickering line at the top or bottom of the frame after Slow or Slower deinterlacing or decombing
- Input bitrate display may be off by a factor of 100 for H.264-in-TS sources
- Constant Quality Rate preset probably needs a lower quality level (60% - 55%)
- With non-DVD sources that don't have AC3 audio, you can't encode 1 input audio track to multiple output audio tracks
- Slow and Slower deinterlacing and decombing are BROKEN in Windows
- QuickTime won't read Xvid-in-MP4 output, although VLC will
- Windows GUI does not detect all audio tracks from non-DVD sources

0.9.3 Snapshot 1 -> 0.9.3 Snapshot 2 (r1477)
Core Library:
- Anamorphic PAR for the AVI container
- Allow constant frame rates when they different from the source's frame rate (otherwise pass through the variable MPEG-2 frame durations )
- Decomb filter (selectively deinterlaces when it sees interlacing in the frame)
- Filter bug fixed, that would skip any filters after detelecine, if VFR wasn't enabled
- Loose anamorphic + FFmpeg video bug fixed

Windows GUI:
- Title dropdown list bug fixed
- Missing log file bug fixed

- Default audio samplerate changed to 48kHz, audio bitrate changed to 160kbps.
- Samplerate entry bug fixed

0.9.2 -> 0.9.3 Snapshot 1 (r1457)
Core Library:
- New audio subsystem (no more AAC+AC3, control each track's codec and settings individually)
- Removed libdvdcss (HandBrake no longer decrypts DVDs on its own, will use VLC to do so if it's available)
- Added Theora encoder
- Fixed x264-in-avi and ffmpeg-in-avi
- Fixed xvid
- More accurate scaling
- Major sync improvements
- Major stream improvements
- AAC+AC3 support in MKV
- MKV seeking fixes
- Make sure subtitles get displayed long enough to read them
- Updated VBV 2-pass and VBV 1-pass patch for x264
- Adaptive Quantization for x264
- Recover from bad preview scans
- Recover from invalid PGNs
- Fixed vorbis bitrate control
- Snapshot builds

- New audio interface
- Loads libdvdcss from VLC at runtime if it's present on the user's system
- No more general-purpose "Codecs" menu -- set video and audio codecs individually
- More robust preset system, in preparation for nested presets
- Made 64-bit MP4 file widget more prominent
- Only allow useful x264 options in the advanced tab
- Various fixes and improvements

- New x264 tab
- New audio interface
- Various fixes and improvements

- New audio interface

Changes between 0.9.1 and 0.9.2:


- AC3 in MP4 support
- Multi-track audio support for Apple devices
- Better handling of audio discontinuities
- More flexible, "loose" anamorphic
- Variable frame rate encoding
- MP4 optimization for progressive downloads
- Dynamic range compression for encoding from AC3 audio
- Ability to encode an audio stream and pass it through at the same time
- iPhone-compatible anamorphic (pasp atom)
- Robust program and transport stream support
- Better handling of DVD read errors from invalid VOB units
- Detects and works around missing end of cell markers
- Recovers from loss of signal in a stream
- Drops subtitles less often
- Keeps chapter markers in better sync and prevents duplicates
- Better handling of B-Frames
- Tunes FIFO sizes by CPU count
- Finally squashes the bug that cut off the end of movies
- Preset changes
- Standardizes on standard out for progress and standard error for everything else.
- Correct channel counts when passing AC3 audio to Matroska
- Tag MP4 files as encoded with HandBrake
- No more merging short chapters
- Newer copies of x264,
- VBV 2-pass patch for x264
- Sets keyframes for x264 by frame rate.
- Support for >2GB MKV files in Linux
- Code audio languages in a way QuickTime understands
- Better subtitle positioning
- Fewer crashes in 2-pass encoding


- Leopard Only
- Sparkle
- Reads .eyetv files as well as .dvdmedia files
- Much better queue
- More white space
- Code restructuring
- Activity window logging, complete with a "black box recorder" for crashes
- Ability to open a single title for a DVD instead of scanning the whole thing
- Warns people when they try to queue up two files with the same name
- Maintains picture filter states between jobs
- .xib Interface Builder files SVN can track
- Switches to NSImageView for previews, so no more useless OpenGL effects
- Temporary loss of localizations for foreign languages (the old system was broken anyway)
- Separate filter settings for every queued job


- Revamped preset system
- Sparkle-compatible update checker
- Activity log window
- CLI built-in preset parsing
- No more admin rights required in Vista
- Handles more display resolutions


- Built-in presets
- Short names for denoising (weak, medium, strong) and deinterlacing (fast, slow, slower)
- Solaris port
- No more x264b30 (use -e x264 -I -x level=30:cabac=0 instead or better yet an iPod preset)
- Chapter marker .csv input fixed
- CRF as default quality mode for x264, now -q is CRF and if you want CQP add -Q to it

Changes between 0.9.0 and 0.9.1:

Core HandBrake Changes:
+ Added: Forced subtitle support
+ Added: 6-channel Vorbis audio
+ Changed: Much better buffer management, leading to impressive speed-ups all over the place
+ Changed: Color subtitles now display in color, instead of being transparent.
+ Changed: All errors to stderr with hb_log() instead of to stdout with fprintf()
+ Changed: Accept stream input where the file type is in caps (.VOB instead of just .vob, etc)
+ Changed: Better quality Vorbis codec (AoTuV)
+ Changed: Faster (threaded) ffmpeg
+ Changed: Force x264 to use a key frame at chapter markers
+ Changed: Try to recover from bad preview scans instead of crashing
+ Fixed: No more hanging when using MKV with chapter markers
+ Fixed: "Same as source" FPS now works correctly when the end-credits of a progressive film are interlaced.
+ Fixed: "Slow" deinterlacing no longer doubles up the chapter markers
+ Fixed: Proper display of fading subtitles
+ Fixed: Nasty artifacts from inaccurate rounding in the video scaler
+ Fixed: Improved compatibility with streams that have missing/misplaced PMTs
Assorted other changes

Mac Changes:
+ Changed: Bigger buffer for the Activity Log
+ Changed: Redesigned Queueing window
+ Changed: Redesigned Preferences window
+ Changed: Structural reorganization of the code into more segmented files
+ Fixed: Closing the main window no longer causes HandBrake to quit
+ Fixed: Changing dimensions in Picture Settings no longer causes a crash
+ Fixed: Target size bitrate calculation
+ Fixed: Picture Settings previews now scale to display resolution and screen size
Assorted other changes

Windows Changes:
+ Added: More robust exception handling
+ Added: On-completion options to shutdown, suspend, etc
+ Added: Turn tooltips on or off
+ Changed: Open source, NullSoft installer
+ Fixed: Add-to-queue issues
+ Fixed: Foreign language issues
Assorted other changes

Changes between 0.8.5b1 and 0.9.0:

Core HandBrake Changes
+ Added: Matroska (MKV) container output
+ Added: Limited MPEG-2 transport stream (.VOB and .TS) input support
+ Added: Option to write MP4 files larger than 4GB
+ Added: Video filters (pullup, yadif, mcdeint, hqdn3d, pp7)
+ Added: DTS audio input
+ Changed: Switched to Lanczos scaling from libswscale
+ Changed: Precise chapter marker location
+ Changed: Newer libraries
+ Changed: Much faster (threaded) iPod encoding
+ Changed: "Same as source" works differently (better?) now
+ Fixed: Audio drops should be thoroughly banished now
+ Fixed: MP2 audio support
Assorted other changes

CLI Changes:
+ Added: Chapter naming
+ Added: Many new command line options for subtitles and filters.
+ Added: Turbo for 2-pass x264 encodes
Assorted other changes

Mac Changes:
+ Added: Chapter naming
+ Added: Growl support
+ Added: Advanced x264 settings tab
+ Added: Logging window
+ Added: Turbo for 2-pass x264 encodes
+ Added: Many new presets
+ Added: Unified toolbar
+ Changed: Default settings
+ Changed: Further integration of the queue and active queuing
+ Changed: Browse DVDs like any other volumes
+ Fixed: No more floating window syndrome (Mac)
+ Fixed: Presets retain "magic sauce" when you change settings
Assorted other changes

Windows Changes:
+ Changed: New C#-based Windows GUI front-end
+ Changed: Improved queuing
+ Changed: DVD information parser
Assorted other changes

Changes between 0.8.0b1 and 0.8.5b1

Core HandBrake Changes
+ Added: iTunes-style chapter markers.
+ Added: 5.1 AAC surround sound.
+ Added: Dolby Pro Logic I and II downmixing of discrete surround sound.
+ Added: 1-channel AAC sound from monophonic sources.
+ Added: Advanced x264 options. (including High Profile support)
+ Added: B-frames in x264 + .mp4
+ Added: PPC Linux Support.
+ Added: Preserve language IDs from the DVD in .mp4
+ Added: Snapshot build method.
+ Added: Anamorphic video display in QuickTime.
+ Changed: Renamed back to HandBrake.
+ Changed: Libraries updated.
+ Changed: Enabled Update Checker.
+ Fixed: Multiple Audio tracks.
+ Fixed: Sped up DVD scanning time by being nicer to libdvdread.
+ Fixed: .dmg is now mountable in Mac OS X versions older than 10.4
+ Fixed: Proper output size from x264 in target size mode.
+ Fixed: Allows output sizes larger than 2 gigs in Linux.
+ Fixed: Several small memory leaks have been plugged.
+ Fixed: Fixes for 64-bit systems.
+ Fixed: Keep Aspect Ratio is no longer forced, so user-set height values are respected.

CLI Interface Changes
+ Added: Customize maximum width and height while keeping aspect ratio
+ Changed: Much prettier help screen
+ Changed: HBTest/MediaForkCLI renamed to HandBrakeCLI
+ Fixed: Better display of audio and subtitle ids

Mac GUI Changes
+ Added: Presets! Includes initial ones for AppleTV, iPod, and PS3.
+ Added: Preference option to auto-name output files with the DVD name and title number.
+ Added: Preset support for x264 options.
+ Changed: Remembers last destination path.
+ Changed: Remembers last source path.
+ Changed: Copy and paste in text fields.
+ Changed: Updates target size more quickly.
+ Changed: Mac GUI no longer retains target size values between enqueued jobs. (
+ Fixed: Preview frames are no longer distorted in anamorphic mode.
+ Fixed: Mac GUI no longer floats above other windows.
+ Fixed: Browse by file no longer dims the browse button preventing you from changing browse locations without switching back and forth between it and drive selection. (
+ Fixed: Makes sure destination directory is valid.
+ Fixed: Fills in the file save field with the current output name instead of leaving it blank.
+ Fixed: Update destination field with the current path instead of using the last one, which could have been a DVD.

Windows GUI Changes Version 2.2 beta 1
+ Added: A few presets for the iPod in the menu.
+ Added: Ability to set default settings for all program encode options.
+ Added: Ability to turn off Automatic Update check on start-up. See Tools > Options
+ Added: Mod 16 check on the Height and Width boxes.
+ Added: Check the amount of hard disk space left is not running low when saving file.
+ Added: Option to have a Read DVD window showup on start-up.
+ Added: View DVD data Menu item in the tools menu.
+ Added: Links to the Homepage, forum, wiki and documentation page in the Help menu.
+ Added: Chapter markers check box (New feature in 0.8.5b1 CLI)
+ Changed: View DVD Information no longer appears after clicking the Browse button.
+ Changed: A few changes to the GUI - replaced textboxes with Dropdowns which auto-populate.
+ Changed: Auto Crop and Aspect text now automatically update when a new title is selected.
+ Changed: Several tweaks to the GUI design, remove a few text items that are no longer needed.
+ Changed: Ability to Queue videos enabled with completely re-written code.
+ Changed: Ability to queue stuff up while the encoding process is running.
+ Changed: Ability to remove items from the encode queue while is running.
+ Changed: Anamorphic option blanks out resolution boxes.
+ Changed: Re-written update checker.
+ Changed: Ability to turn off update check on start-up in Tools > Options
+ Changed: Auto Crop option now fills in figures into text boxes when selected.
+ Changed: Mp4 now default output file extension.
+ Changed: Enabled 5.1 AAC option.
+ Changed: Enabled h264 advanced options.
+ Changed: Updated the FAQ.
+ Changed: Included new version of HandBrake. Version 0.8.5b1.
+ Fixed: Pixel Ratio Not being saved with the profile.
+ Removed: Both View Data buttons on the Title Selection Window.
+ Removed: The Read DVD button. -Automatically reads the DVD after selecting a source now.
+ Removed: The Help and Support window. Been replaced with a few Web Links.

Changes between 0.7.1 and 0.8.0
+ MediaFork project forked from HandBrake source <>
+ Updated libraries (meaning better quality, hopefully fewer bugs, and increased speeds)
+ iPod 5.5G support
+ Revamped graphical interface (Mac OS X)
+ Anamorphic encoding with pixel aspect ratio
+ Brighter color reproduction in QuickTime
+ Lists disks by DVD name instead of by drive name (Mac OS X)
+ Titles output movies based on the DVD name (Mac OS X)
+ 32Khz audio output
+ Constant rate factor encoding with x264
+ New preference item to turn deinterlacing on by default (Mac OS X)
+ New preference item to select the default audio language (Mac OS X)
+ Bugfix for reading straight from a DVD

Changes between 0.7.0 and 0.7.1
+ Universal Binary for PPC and Intel
+ Bugfixes for missing subtitles, audio glitches with LPCM tracks and more

Changes between 0.7.0-beta3 and 0.7.0
+ Multithreaded H.264 encoding with x264
+ Added option for H.264 Baseline (suitable for iPods)
+ (Very) experimental queue support
+ Fixes for some DVD titles HandBrake would not recognize
+ Fixes audio gliches when encoding from LPCM tracks

Changes between 0.6.2 and 0.7.0-beta3
+ Chapters selection
+ Custom framerate
+ Subtitle support
+ Check for updates
+ Custom aspect ratio
+ Audio samplerate selection
+ mp4/H.264 output
+ Proper NTSC support
+ AC3 pass-through
+ Progress bar in the dock icon (OS X)
+ 2-pass H.264 encoding
+ Constant quality encoding
+ Grayscale encoding
+ Up-to-date BeOS UI

Changes between 0.6.1 and 0.6.2
+ Support for DVDs with MPEG audio tracks
+ Rewrote the DVD navigation code
+ High quality resampler included
+ Better AVI compliance
+ Updated encoders
+ Internal improvements
+ Bugfixes

Changes between 0.6.0 and 0.6.1
+ Fixed LPCM endianness issue

Changes between 0.5.2 and 0.6.0
+ MP4 and OGM output
+ AAC and Vorbis encoding
+ Experimental H264 encoding
+ LPCM DVDs support
+ Autocrop
+ GTK2 linux interface
+ OS X interface localization

Changes between 0.5.1 and 0.5.2
+ Bugfixes

Changes between 0.5 and 0.5.1
+ 2-pass XviD encoding
+ Bugfixes

Changes between 0.4 and 0.5
+ Bugfixes, rewrite of large parts of the core
+ XviD encoding (1-pass only)

Changes between 0.3 and 0.4
+ Better multithreading
+ Allow the user to specify a target size instead of bitrate
+ Misc GUI enhancements
+ Use low-priority threads on OS X

Changes between 0.2 and 0.3
+ OSX & Linux ports
+ Allow 2-pass encoding
+ Many internal changes & fixes

Changes between 0.1.1 and 0.2
+ Fixed a major bug that made HandBrake probably crash after ~ 15
minutes encoded
+ Fixed a few minor memory leaks

Changes between 0.1 and 0.1.1
+ Fixed a stupid bug that prevented to scan volumes correctly if
FAT/NTFS/etc volumes were mounted

Changes between 0.1-alpha2 and 0.1 :
+ Automatically detect ripped DVDs on BFS volumes
+ Allow picture cropping and resizing
+ Allow dual-audio encoding
+ Created files are quite compliant now (tested with OSX/Quicktime
and BSPlayer)
+ Better A/V sync with some DVDs

Changes between 0.1-alpha and 0.1-alpha2 :
+ Show length for each title
+ Fixed the screwed-audio bug
+ Many bugfixes...

First version is 0.1-alpha.

Hide changelog

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Tool features, Convert:

Acronyms / Also Known As:
Mediafork, HandBreak, HandbrakeCli


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Very useful software for bluray movies etc. I don't understand how it's useful for DVD rips, as these are typically less than 6GB total size - and compressing these with HBrake doesn't work well. For example looses the memes etc, special features etc, introduces jaggies and makes image worse. May as well just leave DVD rips alone as far as I can see. Whole movie bluray data files are a different matter entirely, superb results for a H.264 compression.
Can someone tell me different?

Posted April 10, 2016 by . Tool version 10.5 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

"Don't fall for other companies tricks saying you need to spend XX.99 for good video, Handbrake will outdo them with ease and for free!"

2nd this. The free x264 encoder employed in handbrake has meanwhile increasingly be used for several retail Blu-ray encodes.

E.G., the nordic Blu release "Nightcrawler", and it looks terrific, more fine detail than else releses.
(at the generous bitrate of 37.42 MBps)

Posted February 12, 2016 by . Tool version 0.10.5 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

I have been using Handbrake quite literally since it first became available. I have watched it grow almost like a child from the basic but superb encoder many of us in the AV community needed to a truly advanced piece of software, I am proud to have used Handbrake from everything from converting DVD's to MPEG-4 visual at 240p for my PSP to converting high resolution HD+ video straight from a ProRes file for YouTube and archival. There is a lot of nostalgia and emotion with Handbrake so pardon that intro. This software should be in everyones AV toolbelt, it will allow you to great H.264 streams of superior quality than most other encoders because it gives you options instead of presumptions, adjusting analysis options, 2-pass encoding, custom reference and B-frames, etc. can make your video at any given bitrate look a billion times better than the next guy who simply used a basic encoder. Audio options are supurb! The ability to downmix surround sound sources to 2ch stereo encoded with Dolby Surround and new Pro Logic II optimized Dolby Surround encoding gives you rich stereo that works on an AV receiver in a pinch if needed while options for surround sound formats native to DVD and Blu-ray are offered through passthrough and for Dolby Digital (AC-3) through encoding. I've encoded probably thousands of DVD's and Blu-rays for my personal movie collection and Handbrake has been the most useful, it has also useful for creating quality but smaller archival versions of videos I make, edit, and master. If I COULD pay for Handbrake I would but it is free and I am grateful for that, I only wish I could donate bitcoins for the further development of such an amazing and longspanned project. While I hope for some further features, currently as of v.0.10.2 it offers so much more than I could ever expect from free-ware, in fact compared to Apple Compressor it is definitely on par if not better, only down side is with handbrake you need to understand x264 and how H.264 works to really get that advantage. Give it a shot if you need a quality encoder for whatever, don't fall for other companies tricks saying you need to spend XX.99 for good video, Handbrake will outdo them with ease and for free!

Posted January 13, 2016 by . Tool version 0.10.2 x86_64 using OS MacOSX
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

This is a great tool for video resolution reduction. I wish it could handle 3d sbs videos as well.

Posted November 07, 2015 by . Tool version using OS Windows 10
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Best free encoder for Windows.
That said, it only supports mp4 and mkv. What about avi? Prores?

Posted February 27, 2015 by . Tool version 1.10.0 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 6 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

Tried the x265 encoder at qrf=28. Excellent result equal to x264 at qrf=19 to my eye. The video stream is now under 900MB for a 2h 15mn movie @1080p. My only wish is for an option for 480 kbps bit rate for ac3 audio.

Posted January 05, 2015 by . Tool version 64-bit using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

Hope to see ADVANCED config for x265. Also, oftener updating of x264 and x265 would be great. x264 r2525 includes AQ MODE 3, which is focused to dark scenes details. x265 1.4.209 offers improvement in speed from 1.4, and also supports DEBLOCK command line paramater, using AQ MODE 1 as default (not 2 as in 1.4, which is way too bad). Also I would like to see 10-bit version of encoders, as I am waiting for HEVC 10-bit HW decoder, and 10-bit HEVC encoding has no issues with banding and color gradients.

Posted December 31, 2014 by . Tool version svn6678 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

neat app...

Only, 2 thingies i realy like to see improved..

when using DXVA acceleration in Vidcoder i get an FPS boost of 2, 3 frames ^^.

When using dxva in handbrake , the app wont progress with the encode and stalls for some reason !!

Also, in vidcoder when an X amount of jobs are added to the queue list.
One can still change bitrate 1 time and apply it to all the jobs in the list whitout to have import all DVD/bluray structures and episode one by one again to aply the new bitrate !!

I hope i wos of any help to the coder of this very neat apps, and will read me ..

Posted December 08, 2014 by . Tool version svn6509 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 8 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

Finally AVI Mirillis Action files are supported.

Very nice release.

Posted November 23, 2014 by . Tool version 0.10 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Please if possible ad the feature "Frame Interpolating" for soft motion by converting from
AVC to MPEG2 Pal (From 23.976 to 25 FPS).

Posted November 22, 2014 by . Tool version 0.9.9 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10


I like the application allot, especially the new added denoiser (NLMeans).

Now, iam using handbrake mainly for converting old TV SERIES ripped from DVD to MKV and with succes..

now , bear with me for what i have to say about the audio !!

as i have mentioned before, i use handbrake to convert dvd to mkv and only to convert the video track not the audio ..

All audio has passthrough selected, so nothing is converted there or anything or is altered by handbrake.

Afterwards, i use the MKV file in multiavchd to make an bluray structured folder to burn on an BD25
All with great succes..


I noticed that the volume from the audio is lowered somehow when i play it in my stand alone !!!

NOW, the weird part is that when i create an mkv file through VIDCODER again using audio passthrough preset the volume from the audio is NORMAL and LOUD enough !!!!

Iam sure multiavchd isnt recoding the video stream nor the audio stream.. i have checked the logs and settings to come to this conclusion !!

So something must be happening to the audio stream during the video encode and/or remux process in handbrake and/or multiavchd !!!


Posted October 27, 2014 by . Tool version 0.10 RC1 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 9 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

It doesn't remove your audio. You probably don't have the necessary codecs to play the video. Get Klite codec pack, it's the most frustration free solution for n00bs, despite what you may hear from people.
In future, direct your comments to the forum, you're more likely to get help there.

Posted October 27, 2014 by . Tool version 0.9.9 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

I have windows 7. I just downloaded handbrake 64bit, as instructed in this video.
I followed the instructions precisely but it ALWAYS removes the video and turns it to audio only.
It IS an .mp4 file but the video is just gone. WHAT DO I DO?

Posted October 26, 2014 by . Tool version 64bit version using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 5 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 5 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

Excellent software. Easy to use...

Posted November 30, 2013 by . Tool version 0.9.9 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 8 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

The new version 0.9.9 "gives us the option" to encode with x264 Presets + x264 tune + extra options that we add manualy (for instance ref=5:bframes=6:rc-lookahead=200...)
or by clicking on advanced and add your setting there.
All sounds fine but none of them work. Handbrake goes nuts and does the encode how he likes it ignoring all the extra settings I added.
The previous version was just fine, although encoding BD-s to 1080p with Handbrake will end up with more light no matter what settings you use. So not reccomended for those who want perfect encodes. Also if you select in Tools/ add all audio tracks Handbrake will NEVER ADD THEM ALL! Annoying really.
I'm planning to use megui instead even if it's user-unfriendly (AVS script creator crap).

Posted August 02, 2013 by . Tool version 0.9.9 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 1 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

+ Fast, excellent quality, easy to use

- The audio is out of sync for most of my RIPs.

Posted June 19, 2013 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 1 of 10

@ MindController

Try the latest nightly build:

If that doesn't help, then provide encoding logs to HandBrake support:

One from the old build, one from the new build. There could be a discrepancy somewhere in the settings.

I've not seen anyone else report this on the HandBrake forums since 0.9.9 was released.

Posted June 10, 2013 by . Tool version svn5573 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 6 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

This program worked so well for me, then I updated to the latest version (May 31st). I appreciated the new icons and slightly different interface. It was definitely a great way to modernize the program. The issue comes to me in the form of encoding. I attempted to convert a 4 gig mp4 file down to a smaller one as I always have. I click start, and the progress bar is going by soooo slowly. It gives me an estimated time of nearly 5 hours.

So I uninstall the program, re-install a previous version. I apply the same settings, go to convert the video and the estimated time is now at 45 minutes. Much better.

The new version is crap. Don't get it.

Posted June 09, 2013 by . Tool version 0.9.9 patch using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 5 of 10 Functionality 2 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 3 of 10

@ mkvonly

If you think you've found a bug, try the latest nightly build from here:

If that doesn't help, then report it on the HandBrake forum here:

Posted May 30, 2013 by . Tool version svn5525 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 6 of 10 Functionality 8 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

It's my favorite video encoder but in last version there is a bug:
When I encode a 1080p video with AR 2.35 or 2.40 , automatic cropping will always crop 20+20px as if movie had AR 1920/1040 instead of 1920/816 or 1920/800. Using user preset under "Picture settings" I selected None "Picture Size". Can someone confirm it's a bug? Thanks.

Posted May 30, 2013 by . Tool version 64bit using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

Hybrid thats what im talking about!

Posted December 24, 2012 by . Tool version 0.9.8 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

Fair enough friend :-)
Lanczos is probably the best resizer (considering how fast it is).
But I don't see your rating of 1/10 as fair?

PS if you want an encoder with all the bells and whistles, you can't beat Hybrid. The GUI is confusing at first though precisely because it has everything. Selur updates all the components including ffmpeg and x264 regularly as well so you don't have to. And I mean regularly.

Posted December 24, 2012 by . Tool version 0.9.8 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

blud2,,Handbrake may be open source but it was developed and used extensively by Apple users in its early days..You are right about ffmpeg and mkvmerge using header stripping in the TX264 encoder but you can also put the header back after the encode is finished in about 1 minutes time using the standalone version of mkvmerge..I said I Like using external calculators For ANY program I choose to encode with..Lanczos resizing produces a sharper end result and looks better all around to me then bicubic,thus Lanczos is my resizer of choice..A few years ago I might have cared about subtitles in dvds or even dvd encoding..These days I dont deal with resolutions smaller then 1024x576..And when you speed up the encoding process in Handbrake the end product just pales in comparrasin to the TX264 encoder and I have never had a problem with subtitles,audio or video in any of the mkv files that I use it for..Look,,It just seems that whenever a file wont play for me and I look at the media info of that broken video file,,that file 9 times out of 10 was encoded somewhere by Handbrake..And this is why I dont like Handbrake..

Posted December 24, 2012 by . Tool version 0.9.8 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 1 of 10 Functionality 1 of 10 Value for money 1 of 10 Overall score 1 of 10

I hate Apple as much as the next guy but the last commenter is just plain wrong on a few things:
1. Handbrake is not proprietary at all, it is free and open source (GNU GPL)
2. It does not use header stripping afaik
3. It does not use ffmpeg or mkvmerge (which btw enables header stripping by default)
4. TX264 is terrible at encoding subtitles and a nightmare with DVDs. You have to dump and merge files for it to work properly. Even then it sometimes fails.
5. TX264 is NOT faster than Handbrake at all if you use the same settings. Both use implementations of x264 which would make near identical encode times. Not to mention, unless you use different filters, the quality should be the same as well
6. If you want an up to date binary, Handbrake has nightly builds which work perfectly well

The actual drawbacks of Handbrake are these:
1. There are no fancy filters, just the built in ones but these work fine in most cases. e.g. the resize filter seems to be bicubic by default and not changeable
2. The file size calculation is a bit off (but not much at all) as the last commenter noted
3. You don't have access to all of x264 settings but most of the important ones are available under the advanced tab. Most notably are the presets and the tune settings, which are not needed since they are just made up of tweaks you can mostly make in the advanced setting anyhow.

Posted December 23, 2012 by . Tool version 0.9.8 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

People who use this Apple based garbage encoder need to trash it,,there are much better encoders out there like TX264 and AvantiGUI..Both of these encoders are easier to set up and use then Handbrake.I have been encoding files since 1996 and I have tried many programs in all my xp and win7 computers..And honestly Hanbrake is extremely slow and produces files that are NOT playable in most hardware multimedia players..I cannot tolerate proprietary programs that want to give you a finished file to their liking and not yours..What takes Hanbrake 4 hours to encode takes TX264 encoder 1 hour to do and the file looks better and plays in everything!!!Handbrake is notorious for stripping headers..And I never use the built in calculators that are in these programs,there are better free standalone video/audio calculators right here in video help..Also I would NEVER use an encoder that dosent update regularly or one that I couldnt insert the newest ffmpeg or mkvmerge builds etc,etc,manually...

Posted December 23, 2012 by . Tool version 0.9.8 using OS WinXP
Ease of use - of 10 Functionality - of 10 Value for money - of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

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