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Samsung DVD-D530 23 user region code/hacks October 26, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
Region code hack posted by morci, May 03 2011:

Samsung DVD-D530
Region: 4 player
Purchased: Harvey Norman store in Australia
Country: Australia

Major Steps:
1 get the system grid to change region.
2 change to region 2 first.
3 then change to all regions.

Part 1 -> Getting to the grid
make sure the disc tray is closed
press buttons below one after each other
1) Repeat button (not the A-B)
2) Rewind
3) Next Chapter
4) Fast Forward
5) Previous Chapter
6) Play
Take a note of the highlighted numbers (just in case!) in
case you need to do it all again.

Part 2 -> Change player to region 2.
Using the grid make your player into region 2 by
highlighting the numbers 2,8,19,21,22,24 then PLAY button to
save settings(this will turn your player off - you need to
turn it back on by pressing power button

Select the language again then proceed to part 3.

Part 3 -> Change player to region 0 (all regions)
Press the following buttons:

FF FR FF Up Down
(Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Fast Forward, Up, Down)

You should see a 0 on the top left corner!!!

Player is now REGION FREE.

Hope this on original Region 4 player.

Wendy & Javi (from Australia!!!!!)

Region code hack posted by totallymad, June 11 2011:

Everything worked as is, but for step 3. First press the REPEAT key Before doing
the FF-FR-FF-Up-Down sequence. Then, 0 appears on the top left and the player
plays all region DVDs.

Region code hack posted by sumostorm, June 29 2011:

FYI - The region code hack above does work to make the player
region free, however, after applying the hack I was no longer
able to view movies, mp3, etc via USB. I had to repeat step 1
& 2 of the hack and put my original selections back in to
restore functionality of watching movies via USB (the main
reason I bought this player in the first place.)

So, if region free is of primary importance and USB
functionality is not, then use the hack. If you want to
maintain USB functionality, then I would advise against the

Does someone know a better combination of the number selection
in Step 2 that retains functionality of the USB?

Region code hack posted by gonzolla, July 05 2011:

thanks to previous posters, yes it works but to make it a
little more clear the button sequence is:

Fast Reverse (<<)
Next Ch (>>|)
Fast Fwd (>>)
Prev Ch (|<<)
Play (>)

follow onscreen prompts to highlight 2, 8, 19, 21, 22, 24


Play (>) which powers down the unit; when you power the unit
back on, the language selection options should be displayed,
choose your language

Fast Fwd
Fast Rev
Fast Fwd

and "0" should flash briefly on the top left corner of the
screen, indicating that the unit is now region free.

Region code posted by morci, August 22 2011:

Does anyone have the ORIGINAL CODE before updating? I wrote
mine down but lost the paper and want to go back to be able to
play from USB

Many thanks guys

Region code hack posted by mgharbawy, September 11 2011:

Dear friends.
I lost the original code, and need to know if some one have
the original code for the Samsung D530, because I also have
problem with the USB it doesn't want to play any Movie.
Can you please post to us the original code.
Many thanks

Region code hack posted by morci, November 28 2011:

Hi all,

If anyone has lost their ORIGINAL REGION 4 Code, this is the
correct one:


I had to reverse to this code because i could not use the
USB hard disk to play my movies (avi, divx,mkv)

It works a treat now but still looking for a complete region
free with working USB connection.


Region code hack posted by TreeHouse, December 04 2011:

Got a region 2 player DVD-D530 in the Netherlands, and tried the hack listed here. Got the "0" in the top left corner, but it refused to play any discs at all (no region 1 or 2, in any event).

I got frustrated, and tried to set it back to the original codes, and typed in 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 21, 22.

Followed the rest of the programming, and still got a "0" in the top left corner...but this time, all of my DVDs play. I did not try with the USB yet.

So......if you lose all hope, and are about to put the player back in the box to bring it back to the shop, try this code.


Region code hack posted by Astrobruce, January 28 2012:

I followed these steps and received the 0 in the corner, but the player then
refused to play any discs at all. I set it back to my original grid numbers
(1,8,9,10,19,21,22) and tried again. Again I got the 0 message, but it wouldn't
play any disc, and I reset back to my old grid numbers. No luck for me with this

Region code hack posted by Dobbo DownUnder, April 20 2012:

1. Make sure there is no disc in the player.
2. Turn on the player
3. wait for no disc to appear on TV
4. Press the repeat button (plain not A-B)
5. Press the sequence corresponding to the original region code of your player, FF= fast forward, FR= fast rewind
Region 2 - FF, FR, FF, UP, DOWN
Region 3 - FF, PLAY, FR, UP, LEFT
Region 5 - FF, UP, DOWN, STOP, RIGHT
6. If you did it right a small white zero will appear on the screen
7. Turn the player off and on again.
8. Your player is now region free

Region code hack posted by andyren, May 29 2012:

successfully used the hack described by Dobbo downunder - but had to reset back to original region 4 code first ( I had tried earlier hacks )

Region code hack posted by alcaride, August 03 2012:

Dobbo downunder's hack works fine por region 2 player

Region code hack posted by traceymcg, August 11 2012:

I followed the instructions given by gonzolla and now the DVD
player is stuck on "open" or "load" and there is a message on
the screen which says "Tray Error". Have searched for
solution. Tried unplugging it and various suggested key
combinations to reset the player but nothing works.

I can't be the only person this has ever happened to! What are
the chances that I get a hardware malfunction (it sounds like
the tray is trying to open or close) immediately after I try
to set my player to all regions?

Region code posted by Selenium, August 13 2012:

Dobbo DownUnder's instructions worked first time for me. From
region 4 to region free in 60 seconds.

The screen flickers a lot on my TV, stuttering as it seems to
be deciding for awhile what res to use and such though. After
that, it works absolutely fine.

That may be a fault with the cheap HDMI cable that came with
it, might switch it.

In any case, this hack works. Nice and simple, thought I'd put
in my two cents so that people go straight for his hack.

Region code hack posted by Artyparty, August 15 2012:

region code hack - currently 2 / need 1

Region code hack posted by francehamish, August 30 2012:

Success at unlocking original region2 player! I bought this DVD player at Darty in
France and had tried every hack without success. At one point I got it to play
one Region 1 DVD, but it wouldn't recognize anything else. After other further
unlocking attempts it would spin the disc over and over, but never play. And
more often than not, it would tell me the disc wasn't valid or it was the wrong

Finally I tried changing it to region 4, resetting, and pushing the button sequence
to unlock the machine from a region 4 voilà! I can play all my
collection from the States and from France. The region two directions that
seemed to work for everyone else didn't work on my machine that was originally
region 2. Here are the steps I followed.

Get to the grid and enter 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 21, 22. Push play to reset.

Chose your language

Unlock from Region 4 - REPEAT, FR, PLAY, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT

You will see a 0 in the top left corner. Reset and try DVDs. Bon courage!

Region code posted by susanlu, January 22 2013:

I have tried all the options listed in the above statements, and region 1 dvds will
*play* in the machine, but they are in B&W and there is no sound.

I am in region 2, and my original code was from
all the other codes in this thread. Any suggestions? It would be much

Region code hack posted by sky92880, February 21 2013:

Hallo everybody,
I have done the hack as discribed, but after part 1 i get the " tray error", - load - close error.
Getting into the grid is not possibel , i can only enter the menu to set the language wenn i force the tray error.
How can i go to the grid again?
I have done a reset by pressing the play button on the front en at the same time pressing the power off button on the remote. It does the reset as sofar that the language changed from duth to english.
Is there a other way to set back the firmware?
thanks, sky92880

Region code hack posted by blueyes56, March 03 2013:

Am trying to change player to all regions or at least Region 1
Have followed instructions yet am unable to get any respnse.

Please help.

Region code hack posted by medfair, September 01 2013:

Dobbo's method worked perfect the first time around, while the others did not (why?). Appreciation

Region code hack posted by maurylan, May 10 2014:

I used Dobbo's hack succesfully on my region 2 player. done
in 30 seconds! Plays R1 and R2 DVDs. ( no opinion on USB

Region code posted by Junkie10, June 30 2014:

Does anyone know the grid numbers for a region 3 Samsung DVD-
D530 player? Kinda lost mine when i tried to apply the hack.

Region code posted by maosracing, October 26 2014:

Just bought a new Samsung DVD-D530 region 2.

Tried the following hack for region 2 with success:

After No Disc appears: Repeat (not Repeat A-B), FF, FR, FF, UP, DOWN

I checked my original grid numbers and they are:

2, 8, 9, 10, 17, 19, 21, 24

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