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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for youtubeDLFrontEnd

v1.2.2; 2017-04-22

ADDED: Duration column added. Fill it in via the context menu, or have it auto-filled via a setting. Note that duration can't always be retrieved, and creates extra traffic.
ADDED: New ways to set priority: Select the downloads you want to set, then ctrl or alt-click a column header to prioritize by that column. For example: alt-click the duration column to download the shortest videos first, control-click it to prioritize the longest videos.
ADDED: "Additional args" setting now has a default location filled in to give guidance in new installs.
CHANGED: Icon now white-outlined to show on dark backgrounds.
CHANGED: Help links loads youtube-dl help page instead of showing the command line reference.
FIXED: Misc bugs fixed.

v1.2.1; 2017-04-01

FIXED: Clipboard monitor enable regression. Ungh, no more late night releases.

v1.1; 2017-03-31

ADDED: Help to download youtube-dl if it isn't found, including an auto-download function.
ADDED: Links added to the settings->about box.
ADDED: We now never auto-start items with a priority <0 (pause them instead)
FIXED: Window would flicker before hiding itself when started with windows.
FIXED: Better restoring of flaky downloads (now tries to restore even if a download has an invalid url)
FIXED: More code put in a background loader for faster start.
FIXED: Better clipboard watcher code.

v1.1; 2016-06-27

ADDED: 'Remember Downloads' setting. This does two things when enabled: [1] It maintains a list of every url ever added. (The file 'addedURLs.txt' is created for this purpose.) If a duplicate URL is later added it will be paused with a status of 'previously added'; resuming the download will force-start it. This helps prevent downloading duplicate content. AND [2] It remembers the downloads currently in the list. (The folder 'dl_history' is populated for this purpose.) This is done to preserve downloads across program/system restarts.
ADDED: Priorities; Ctrl+r now randomizes selected downloads. Also added a 'decrementing' check-box in the 'set priority' dialog.
ADDED: 'Date added' Column. (column order can be changed by dragging the headers, columns can be effectively hidden by sizing them to 0 - this setting is remembered)
ADDED: Check-box in settings to control start-menu shortcut creation.
Some minor UI tweaks.

v1.0; 2015-12-11

ADDED: in settings, button to create a start menu shortcut.
Minor UI tweaks/bugfixes.

Beta 9; 2015-11-29

Reworked the UI to remove splitContainer panels & save some space. Splitcontianers are hard to use and have poor DPI scaling support (thanks Microsoft). Bottom add-urls textbox is now fixed in size.
ADDED: Context menu for url add textbox.

Beta 8; 2015-10-30

FIXED: Removed Visual basic power pack requirement, cause nobody has it.

Beta 7; 2015-10-27

ADDED: 'Incrementing' checkbox in the Set Priority dialogue. If checked, it will increment (by 1) the priority of each selected item, starting at the base priority you set. Usefull if you set a column sort and want that to be the exact order of download; just select all and set the priorty with incrementing checked.
CHANGED: Right CLick->'Open File Location' now selects the destination file in explorer if it exists.

Beta 6; 2015-10-18

Initial Release.

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