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winLAME 2021 release 1
Today I released winLAME 2021 release 1, which corresponds to the build number The release contains the following updates since the version "2020 release 1":

library updates: LAME 3.101 beta 2 (SVN r6505), mpg123 1.29.3, libsndfile 1.0.31, taglib 1.12, BASS, BASSwma, libogg 1.3.5
The following bug fixes are included:

fixed crash when converting wma to mp3 (#3)
fixed creating subfolders when the track title contains a / character (#4)
fixed using correct number of worker thread at first start of winLAME after a fresh install
fixed crash when trying to download cover art

2020-12-27 - winLAME 2020 release 1
Today I released winLAME 2020 release 1, which corresponds to the build number The release contains the following updates since the version "2019 release 1":

library updates: vorbis 1.3.7, opusfile 0.12, mpg123 1.26.4, libsndfile 1.0.30, libfaad2 2.10.0, Monkey's Audio 5.70 and BASS 2.4.15
replaced obsolete freedb server with
removed toolbar and menu; only ribbon menu band is used now
The following bug fixes are included:
fixed crash when decoding mp3 files
fixed reading FLAC picture tag

2019-12-21 - winLAME 2019 release 1
Today I released winLAME 2019 release 1, which corresponds to the build number The release contains the following updates since the version "2018 release":

library updates: ogg 1.3.4, opus 1.3.1, FLAC 1.3.3, libfaac 1.30, libfaad2 2.9.1, libsndfile 1.0.29pre2, mpg123 1.25.13, Monkey's Audio 5.11, BASS 2.4.14 and BASSCD 2.4.7
bulgarian translation, contributed by Karlov Nider
format texts for reading CDs can now contain backslashes in order to create subfolders
implemented reading and writing disc number from Ogg Vorbis, Opus, WMA, ID3v2 and Xiph Comment tags
The following bug fixes are included:
fixed outputting 32-bit or 64-bit float wave files with libsndfile
fixed crash when reading Monkey's Audio .ape file ID3v1 tags
SourceForge bug 81: fixed leaving temp files in the temp folder when reading CD to non-16-bit-wave-format
fixed bug when reading CD track when BASS buffer is empty; result was that no samples were read at all, but encoding was successful
SourceForge bug 77: fixed reading tags and cover picture from FLAC files

2018-12-24 - winLAME 2018 release
Today I released the version winLAME 2018 release. This is the final winLAME 2018 version. The following changes were made since the 2018 beta 1 version:

Prevented selecting a data track when reading CDs
Updated libfaac and libfaad2 libraries to their latest versions

2018-11-19 - winLAME 2018 beta 1

Today I released the version winLAME 2018 beta 1. The following changes were made since the 2017 release version:

Replaced MAD MPEG decoder library with mpg123 MPEG decoder library
Replaced id3tag library with TagLib for reading and writing metadata
Classic UI now uses the same wizard dialogs as the Modern UI
Encoding in Classic UI is now done using the same task manager that is used in Modern UI
Updated Opus encoder to version 1.3
Various bug fixes

2017-12-21 - winLAME 2017 release

Today I released the version winLAME 2017 release. This is the final winLAME 2017 version. The following changes were made since the beta 3 version:

removed feedback buttons for release
fixed formatting errors from encoder following the encoding description

2017-10-22 - winLAME 2017 beta 3 released

Today I released winLAME beta 3. The following crashes were fixed:

Reverted back to libsndfile 1.0.27 from 1.0.28, as the newer version crashes when encoding to FLAC format
Fixed crashes in ID3 tag library; reported in CVE-2008-2109, CVE-2017-11550 and CVE-2017-11551, details at
Fixed a crash when opening Ogg based input files, e.g. Ogg Vorbis, Speex and Opus
Fixed a crash in Classic UI mode starting a new encoding batch after returning from a first encoding batch
The following improvements were made:
Updated LAME to the latest version 3.100, compiled by John33 from RareWares
The "Encoding finish action" now actually does something (closing winLAME or standby the PC)
Number of CPU cores used in Modern UI can now be configured in "General Settings"
Added a more detailed "Task Details" lower pane to show all encoding infos for a task
Added CD Auto-Play handler to start winLAME when a new CD is inserted into the disc drive
When formatting CD track number using %track%, add leading zeros when there are more than 9 tracks
When writing a playlist file and the option "use input folder as output location" is used, use the folder common to all files to store the playlist
AAC quality range can now be set from 10 to 500, same as faac.exe Version 1.28
Settings are now stored immediately when leaving a wizard page, not when the application exits
In Classic mode, the user is also warned about overwriting input files, as in Modern UI mode
Speex input file length is now shown properly
Fixed bug where page title disappeared when minimizing and restoring winLAME window
Setup: Added checkbox to start winLAME after setup completes
Setup: Registry keys are now properly cleaned up when uninstalling, but are kept when upgrading to a newer version
Setup: winLAME shortcut is now placed in the program menu directly, so it shows in the Windows 10 start menu list directly
Portable: Added vcredist.exe in order to install the Visual C++ Runtime components when missing

2017-09-06 - winLAME 2017 beta 2 released

Today I released another beta version of winLAME. This version only contains bug fixes and new encoder and decoder libraries. Note that from this version on, Windows XP is not a supported operating system anymore.

The following changes were made to winLAME:

Fix for bug when encoding many files on a multi-core CPU, where files couldn't be written properly and winLAME eventually crash. See bug #67.
Possible fix for writing output files with Cyrillic or other non-ASCII characters. See bug #66.
New Opus coded version 1.2.1 (see Opus Codec homepage)
New libsndfile library 1.0.28, a bugfix release (see libsndfile homepage)
Support for 32-bit sample path when using LAME 3.100 (not released yet) and an input module that also supports 32-bit samples (FLAC, MAD mp3, Monkey's Audio, libsndfile).
Fixed bug when encoding reported an error and the output file is overwritten, even if it doesn't need to be.
Tags: Reading and writing of AlbumArtist and Composer tag info is now supported for MP3, Opus, Ogg Vorbis and WMA.

2017-03-24 - winLAME 2017 beta 1 released

Today I released a new version of winLAME. The new version has an all new user interface that makes it possible to use your multicore CPU to encode several files in parallel, called "Modern UI". The previously used wizard UI that is used in winLAME 2010 is still available and is called "Classic UI" now.

The new release also contains the newest encoder and decoder libraries, as well as many bug fixes over the old versions. Please check the "About" dialog in winLAME for the actual encoder versions contained in winLAME.

2010-06-28 - winLAME 2010 beta 2 released

A new version of winLAME was released, mainly a bugfix released. The following bugs were fixed:

* Fixed renaming output files from temporary file to final file.
* Fixed lockup when writing an output file is skipped, and the next file is about to be written.
* Fixed version check for libFLAC.dll; only version up to 1.1.2 are supported currently (porting winLAME to the API changes would be welcomed!)

2010-01-12 - winLAME 2010 beta 1 released

Since we're in 2010 now, I released winLAME with the new year name. The following changes were made:

* Fixed bug where encoding a file contained in a path containing non-ASCII characters would give an error.
* Upgraded LAME to 3.89.2, compiled with Intels ICL compiler
* Other small bug fixes

2009-11-17 - Installer fixes for winLAME 2009 beta 2

After getting reports from some users about not being able to properly install winLAME 2009 beta 2, I re-released the installer today. The following bugs were fixed:

* After installing winLAME, the following error appeared: "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect."
* When trying to encode .wav files the error appeared: "Couldn't open input file (System error.)"
* When trying to encode to .wav format, the file could not be written, or the file ended up being created in the same folder as winLAME.exe, with the filename containing square symbol characters.

2009-11-02 - winLAME 2009 beta 2 released

This release fixes some bugs that appeared in beta 1:

* The about page showed a blank page.
* When a playlist was written, the playlist file only contained the last encoded file.
* When converting to Wave format, the comboboxes showed no drop-down list.
* Fixed a crash when reading an mp3 file that contained invalid ID3v2 tags
* Fixed crash when a freedb query for a CD returned multiple entries
* Fixed transferring genre field to encoded files
* Fixed reading and writing tags for WMA.
* Fixed installer that didn't install correct msvcr80.dll and msvcp80.dll
* Fixed bug where track numbers was always set to the same value and genre field was always set to "Blues"
* Fixed bug where the ID3v2 tag always contained a large length value
* Added a patch from Adam Kropelin that provides reading FLAC metadata when converting from FLAC files.
* Updated BASS and libsndfile libraries to latest versions

Release Name: winLAME-2009-beta1

In the last years I made some additions and changes to winLAME and fixed quite a few bugs.
I decided to occasionally release a new version with updated libraries and bug fixes when
I have time. Therefore winLAME got a new naming scheme. The year of release will be appended to
the version name, and there will be a beta, a release candidate and a full release version
for each version released.

Note that this beta 1 release is not intended for production use! It may contain bugs
that may reduce audio quality and prevent some features to be used. Testing is encouraged, though.
If you find a bug, describe and add it to the winLAME bugtracker on SourceForge.

Note: If you previously used custom presets using the presets.xml file, consult the help file
for changes according to presets.

If you're interested in translating the user interface of winLAME, please send me an E-Mail.
There's no money to be made, though, only eternal fame and glory :)

Here's an (incomplete) list of changes:
* Updated encoding/decoding libraries: LAME 3.98.2, libsndfile-1.0.19 (fixes security
vulnerability, see Secunia advisory SA33980), libvorbis 1.2.0
* Support for reading/writing ID3v2 tags from/to .mp3 files
* Translatable user interface (english and german, at the moment)
* Full Unicode support for filenames
* Numerous bug fixes (see the winLAME bugtracker)

Release Name: prerelease4

This is a bugfix release. The following bugs are fixed:
- crash when transcoding from mp3 to mp3
- encoding was auto-started when going back and forth after all files are ripped from cd
- fixed transferring track infos from CD audio to mp3 ID3v1 tags
- on encode page, when there are no more files to encode, go directly to "input" page on back button

winLAME feature list

winLAME has the following features:

* Encoding and decoding of many audio formats, including:
o .mp3 via LAME mp3 encoder (encoding) and MAD (decoding)
o .ogg Ogg Vorbis
o .aac via libsndfile
o .wma via Windows Media Audio codec
o .flac via FLAC library
* Uses LAME features, including:
o high quality and optimized mp3 encoding
o nogap encoding of continuous-mix-cd's
o optimized 3DNow! and SSE routines
o ID3 v1 and v2 tagging
* Easy-to-use wizard-like user interface style for easy encoding setup
* CD Audio extraction (aka. CD ripping), including freedb support
* Presets for fast settings setup
* User interface translations to english and german language
* Batch Processing
* Detailed HTML Help File
* Easy install- and uninstall process
* Small size

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