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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for iPodME

- 21/11/10 – Version 2.4:
+ added resolutions for iPad, iPod/iPhone 4 Retina and 720p (Apple TV)

- 03/06/09 – Version 2.3:
= quickly fixed the problem with accents in subtitles

- 13/03/09 - Version 2.2:
+ subtitles files are now automatically converted to UTF8 format (no more mp4box UTF8 errors)
+ added a “Fix aspect ratio” option which try to correct distorted videos aspect (use it only when needed)
+ added the possibility to specify the aspect ratio in the custom profile
= updated help
= minor source license modification
= fixed bug when input has .mp4 extension causing input and output file names to be identical
= temporary files are now cleaned correctly before shutting down the computer

- 23/02/09 - Version 2.1:
+ last settings are now saved and automatically restored at start
= fixed the incorrect FPS detection bug with systems using a point as the decimal separator
= temporary files are now cleaned correctly before shutting down the computer

- 12/02/09 - Version 2.0:
+ added support for soft-subtitles and multiple subtitles per video
- removed subtitles burning and DirectShow input support (AviSynth/VobSub no longer needed)
+ new input codecs supported
+ added a new encoder mode for custom profile: “output size” allow you to specify a target file size, the corresponding average bitrate will be automatically calculated (experimental).
+ output folder is now changeable
+ better remaining time estimation
= tweaked profiles to reflect last ffmpeg changes, provides faster encoding in most cases, better quality and smaller file sizes
= fixed a bug when iPodME was minimized and could be locked
= fixed some UI bugs

- 19/02/08 - Version 1.2:
+ added automatic FPS detection/correction, correcting the “video can’t be added to iTunes problem”
+ added a rough ETA estimation for the current conversion
+ added a “shutdown when finished” option
+ added the possibility to use DirectShow codecs instead of internal ffmpeg’s codecs (should support video formats than can’t be decoded by ffmpeg, if you have the right codecs for it)
+ added help file
= corrected a bug with custom profiles (libx264 ones were missing an option causing the video to not be iPod-compatible)
= corrected a bug with the ouptut path: now it will always be the same path as where iPodME is
= fixed window size problem which occured on some computers

- 10/01/08 - Version 1.1:
+ added support for .srt subtitles
+ added a custom profile to allow modification of the encoding profile
= adjusted profiles a bit for more quality & encoding speed
= fixed various bugs

- 07/01/08 - Version 1.0:
* original release

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