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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for ffmpeg2theora

2016-01-10 new version released - 0.30

- bugfixes
- update to current FFmpeg api

2012-07-01 new version released - 0.29

- bugfixes
- update to current FFmpeg api

2011-07-30 new version released - 0.28

- select resize method via commandline
- fix 5.1 channel ordering
- update to FFmpeg 0.7 branch

2010-06-18 new version released - 0.27

* Use Skeleton 4.0 by default (including index),
can be disabled with --skeleton-3 or --no-skeleton
* update to FFmpeg 0.6 branch
* use ogv/oga/ogx depending on input if no output name is specified
* aspect ratio fix in twopass mode
* update documentation

2010-02-05 new version released - 0.26

* use a/v sync from input container this should fix many issues that came up with variable framerate inputs
* include metadata from source in --info json output
* update GPL to version 3
* update fmpeg
* update libkate
* OggIndex support, can be enabled with --seek-index

2009-09-28 new version released - 0.25

* fix input from codecs where width/height is not encoded width/height
* fix a/v sync issues with some mov/mp4 files with strange framerates
* add new option --info outputs json info about source
* frontend mode outputs one json dict per line now
* select video stream if input has more than one video(--videostream N)
* update to ffmpeg trunk and new ffmepg api
* use new libtheora 1.1
* use new libtheora encoding api add new encoding options --soft-target, --buf-delay
* two pass encoding, --two-pass or in two calls with --first-pass and --second-pass

2009-03-12 new version released - 0.24

* fix to make --max_size --no_upscaling work
* pad image with black instead of green
* long option for -p is --preset now
* update to ffmpeg 0.5

2008-11-30 new version released - 0.23

* output frontend status to file, for frontends that can not read stdout
* --no-upscaling new option to only use widht/height, fps, samplerate if input is bigger
* new option: --max_size resize image, setting the larger value of width or height to given size
* fix bugs in crop and deinterlace
* link os x binary to mmx version of libtheora again

2008-10-10 new version released - 0.22

* enable v4l input again (-f video4linux or -f video4linux2)
* ability to set framerate for image sequences (--inputfps)
* fix several memory leaks
* if only width or height are given, the other is set to preserve aspect ratio
* -start / -end options now work with audio only input
* new option --novideo to disable input video
* remove autotools build system, only scons build is supported now.

2008-05-19 new version released - 0.21

* switch default extension to .ogv
* enable Ogg Skeleton by default
* add kate streams for subtitles (--subtitles, --subtitles-language,
subtitles-category, and --subtitles-encoding options)
* start- and endtime now also works if an output framerate is set
* several bugfixes

2007-11-31 new version released - 0.20

* add postprocessing filters, denoise, deblock, dering
* new preset
* several bugfixes

2007-06-29 new version released - 0.19

* use libswscale api
* add frontend mode and a simple PythonCard Frontend
* support for output larger than 2GB on 32bit systems
* fix short option -k to output Ogg Skeleton

2007-03-08 new version released - 0.18

* new option -Z/--saturation
* document contrast / gamma / brightness / saturation options
* Mac OS X(Intel) now supports MMX accelerated libtheora

2006-11-13 new version released - 0.17

* new option -F/--framerate to set output framerate
* skeleton support(-k)
* vhook support(only available if libav* is linked as shared lib)

2006-02-11 new version released - 0.16

* support encoding from .ogg input file.
* don't change samplerate and audio channels unless we use command
line options -H or -c, or when the input channels are > 2 (limiting it to a maximum of 2).
* don't change the image resolution, unless we use the presets or the
-x or -y options (old default was to encode to preset preview).
* change the audio quality levels that were multiplied by 0.99, now
match the quality settings of oggenc, e.g. -a2 == -q2.
* add --optimize option: use a full search for motion vectors and
reduce Theora bitrate by about 5%, but it is slower.
* compile video4linux only under linux.
* update to help and man page.

2005-08-31 new version released - 0.15

* ti.dropframes_p = 0 so we do not loos half of the frames.
* also increase keyframe interval for better search support.
* this time the windows build als supports ac3 decoding again.

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