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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for ffDiaporama

* FFDIAPORAMA 2.1 - trunk - (English version)

[Commit: 09/02/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 stable 20140209
Bug fixes:
-Remove a compilation warning in cLocation.cpp
-Remove some compilation warnings in cBrushDefinition.cpp
-Fixed an infinite loop that sometimes blocks the rendering


[Commit: 06/02/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20140206
Bug fixes:
-Enlarged right panel of the Edit slide dialog to ensure all statements are displayed even if some words are very long (case on some languages)
-Fixed a problem with breaks in the music when encoding


[Commit: 03/02/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20140203
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a problem with the translation of the title variable %STA%
-Fixed a random bug in the option dialog that could cause crash
-Fixed a display bug in the "Check configuration" dialog on the availability of the preview image function for exiv2
-Fixed a bug of audio/video synchronization when encoding using NTSC standard


[Commit: 21/01/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20140121
Bug fixes:
-Fixed positioning of the preview player when resizing main window
-Fixed a crash when pasting GMap block in Edit slide dialog
-Fixed a bug in computing end of music when rendering


[Commit: 17/01/2014]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed and error of unwanted activation of proxy

New features:
-Big code reorganization in order to cut the application into multiple packages
-Packages ffDiaporama_RSC containing resources
-Packages ffDiaporama containing the application
-Creation of a library (static at this time) integrated into the ffDiaporama package


[Commit: 14/01/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20140114
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a memory leak that occurred when using image from library
-Fixed a problem of application of volume on the music track during transitions
-Force the use of UTF-8 to read changelog in about dialog
-Fixed positioning of the preview player at application start


[Commit: 12/01/2014]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed the Transition dialog: when the box is reduced or enlarged, increases or decreases the number of column
-Fixed a bug in reloading project files which cause recomputation of slides's thumbnails

New features:
-Changes the music track dialog
-Displays the cover of the music if it exists
-Put a check box in the music table to allow non referencing this title in generic (%STM% variable)
-Allows setting options for volume and pause even if the slide defined a new playlist
-Changes the display of the music track on the timeline
-Adds the display of song cover (if exist)
-Reduces the font to display the artist and song title
-Change Drag & Drop in timeline
-Allows move of music playlist definition from a slide to another
-Allows move of background definition from a slide to another


[Commit: 10/01/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20140111
Bug fixes:
-Fixes a critical bug reading projects [regression 20140103]
-Fixes incorrect display of VBR for other codec than h264 in render dialog


[Commit: 10/01/2014]
Bug fixes:
-Fixes not read of volumes and deinterleaving option of videos in project files [regression 20131221]
-No longer generates map 2 times when closing automatic edit slide dialog
-Generate map again if the model is changed when using amap from an automatic slide
-No longer regenerates the map when converting an automatic slide to a standard slide
-Adds a timeout of 30 seconds to not get stuck for 10 minutes when network access is not possible at application start
-Fixes an infinite loop which sometimes happens during video reading

New features:
-Removes the text outline and changes the default zoom level to 14 in the 2 new titles models (those with map GMaps)
-Adds an option to activate variable bitrate mode when encoding using h264 codec in order to reduce video size and avoid saccadements in ken burns effects
-This option is enabled by default when the video length is less than 50% of the project length (beyond this can increase the size of the generated video)
-In projects containing many photo, it can reduce the file up to 80%
-Adds a hundred new models of equipment (smartphones and tablets)


[Commit: 06/01/2014]
New features:
-Compute some LUMA rather than using files to improve their quality
-Treat the 24 LUMA-BAR transitions
-Treat the first 24 LUMA-CLOCK transitions
-Removes unused LUMA files (reduces installation packets size)


[Commit: 03/01/2014] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20140103
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a crash when closing the edit image/video/gmap when locations were added
-Fixed the display of dates of creation and modification of files in the media browser (Under Windows, the modification date may be invalid)

New features:
-Increases slightly opacity of masked markers (they were really too few visible)
-Move the Name field at first position in the edit locations dialog (more logical)
-Accelerates selections/unselection of files in multimedia browser
-No longer displays duration equals to 0 in the multimedia browser
-Changes the behavior of the multimedia browser refresh: Force complete update of files
-Adds a Changelog tab (with the content of Changelog file) and a Translation tab (with the translation status) in the About dialog
-No longer duplicate GMap map during paste as location have not been changed (to reduce size of .ffd file)


[Commit: 27/12/2013] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20131227
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a big bug in reloading projects with resources
-Fixed a crash when copy/cut/ paste GMpas map in the edit slides dialogs
-Improves audio/video sync when encoding NTSC

New features:
-Redesign Project properties dialog to remove the tabs and to add the location of the event
-Adds the ability to override the location of the event in the edit chapters dialog and the in the chapter zone of the edit automatic slides dialog
-Turns the field "Override the date" of the edit automatic slides in multi-lines
-Adds text variables PLN%% and%% PLA corresponding to the name and address of the location of the project's event
-Adds text variables CLN%% and%% CLA corresponding to the name and address of the location of the current chapter's event
-Adds fields "Default project album" and "select distance unit to be used" in the application configuration dialog box
-Changes the button "Add Location" of the tab GMap of the edit image/video/gmap dialog to allow use of the project's or chapter's location or to directly select a favorite
-Adds an option "Add a map" in the sub menu that appears when you click Add a title in the main window
-Adds Title models fixed and animated containing a GMap map based on the project's location
-Adds options in the configuration dialog to declare a proxy for internet access
-Remove empty CD-ROM drives from the list of drives managed by the multimedia browser [Windows]


[Commit: 21/12/2013] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20131221
Bug fixes:
-Fixed the problem of slow display of the markers on the GMaps map during animations
-Fixed the map display in the GMaps tab: Ensure that the map is never truncated and the display is centered
-Fixed the problem of quality of the GMaps map when they are in high resolution
-Fixed the activation/deactivation of paster actions in the edit slides dialog [regression 12.17.2013]
-Fixed applying changes of altered properties in the edit image/video/GMap dialog to the following shots in the edit slides dialog (only applies the changed properties and not all properties)

New features:
-No longer duplicate resources when opening Edit image/video/gmap dialog when it comes gmap object (accelerates the opening of the box)
-Replaces the dual display buffer for GMap markers objects with a simple buffer display for preview (faster)
-Adds "Export Map" button in the Edit image/video/gmap dialog
-Replaces the default export as jpg format with png format for all captures (image from video editor, image from preview and map from GMaps tab)
-Adds very high resolution map image formats: 720px9-16:9 (3840x2160) and 1080px9-16:9 (5760x3240)
-Remove empty removable drives from the list of drives managed by the multimedia browser [Windows]


[Commit: 20/12/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed the bug of not replacing the icon when selecting a favorite in the selection box of GPS positions
-Active F1 key to open help in any dialog boxes
-Corrects UNDO in the edit slides dialog (repositions the active shot and selections)
-Fixed change of properties to the following shots in the edit slides dialog (only applies the current change and not all properties)

New features:
-Change the default framming for the icon of the GPS positions when selecting an image in the selection GPS position dialog
-Replaces locking of properties of a block in the edit slides dialog with a new property: inherit changes made in previous shot
-Adds a checkbox in the edit slides dialog to enable or disable this property
-When you disable this property offers to apply (and apply to the following shot) the properties of this block from the previous shot


[Commit: 17/12/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Corrects forcing the English language with the -lang=en startup parameter (regression 20131215)
-Fixed a bug in the application of UNDO in the edit slide dialog: Some properties are applied to the following shots while the entire slide is restored
-Fixed a bug in the application of some bloc properties to the following shots (20131215 regression)
-Fixed a bug reading accented characters when loading project under Windows (regression 20131215)

New features:
-Change the application of animation block properties "Appear" and "Disappear" : These properties are no longer applied to the following shots


[Commit: 16/12/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug in the management of cached resources (Lulo)
-Fixed a bug in the updates of the location table in the user database (database Version 5 to 6)
-Fixed marker's positions in the maps >720p (scaling) for previewing and for GMap tab of the edit image/video/gmap dialog

New features:
-Cache icons markers to accelerate the generation and the update of GMaps map
-Adds display of GMaps markers in the Image tab of the edit image/video/gmap dialog


[Commit: 15/12/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug on the favorites in the selection GPS localization dialog
-Fixed a bug on the LOCK properties of a block in the edit slide dialog: Some properties were not reflected in following shots (see:
-Fixed the bug of Cancel button not actif int the GMap generation map dialog
-Fixed a crash during the continue GMap generation map
-Fixed a bug when generating GMap maps (if the previous card was not fully generated, it tried to contunue previous generation instead of starting new)

New features:
-Adds a Friendly address name field in the select GPS location dialog and in the favorite locations table
-Redesign GMap tab in the image/video/gmap edit dialog
-Deleting a location no longer regenerates map in the GMap tab of the image/video/gmap edit dialog
-Start GMap markers managment (for the moment all options are not yet supported and there are position errors on map>720p)


[Commit: 13/12/2013] - ffDiaporama 2.1 devel 20131212
Bug fixes:
-Fixed the bug on the images in the generation of WIKI
-Fixed bug regarding titles of untranslated pages in the generation of WIKI (highlight them instead of hide them)

New features:
-Change the format of .ffd file order to integrate resources
-Changes the registration of slides's thumbnails in the .ffd file so they are stored as a resource and not in the slide
-Adding new types of objects: Image from clipboard and Google Maps map
-Added "Add Special" button in the edit slide dialog box to insert new object types
-Added a new tab "Google Maps Map" in the "edit and crop images/video/map" dialog box
-Changed the operation for copy/paste in the edit slides dialog box to allow paste of image as a new object "Image from clipboard"
-Changed the operation for copy/paste in the main window to allow paste of image as a new slide containing an object "Image from clipboard"
-Created a new dialog box for select/change a GPS location using Google Maps and adds a new entry in the Wiki for this dialog box
-Added new entries in the WIKI to describe the types of objects used with ffDiaporama (the pages have to be completed!)

* FFDIAPORAMA 2.0.1 - trunk - (English version)

[Commit: 05/12/2013] - ffDiaporama 2.0.1 stable
Bug fixes:
-Fixed a crash in edit slide dialog
-Fixed UNDO in the slide edit dialog (keep selection)
-Fixed the application of shape styles in slide edit dialog


[Commit: 01/12/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed the proposed filter for file format to select another image when an image file is missing during the loading of a project [regression 20131130]
-Improves the detection of another instance of ffdiaporama and re-authorizes the launch if the last instance has crashed
-Replace QT5 specific codes in devel.20131130 with QT4/QT5 compatible codes [regression 20131130]


[Commit: 30/11/2013] - ffDiaporama 2.0.1_devel.20131130
Bug fixes:
-Added a new patch from Olivier Laurantin for support of yadif filter with libav 9
-Fixed a crash when closing ffDiaporama
-Corrected updates the thumbnail of the first slide when an object of this plan is modified
-Fixed the filter file selection when an image is desired : differentiate image and vector image
-Prohibited the use of vector image for bottom of blocks and slides
-Corrected vertical image centering during generation of video in QVGA and RIM
-Corrected identification of thumbnails images video
-Fixed Enable/Disable ok button of the file selection box
-Fixed the repositioning on the last directory used to start the multimedia browser [on Windows]
-Fixed errors when sorting inserts slide
-Prevented ffDiaporama to be run multiple times at the same time on the same PC (to avoid multiple instance that is currently incompatible with the cache tables of the database)
-Fixed errors with undo in image dialog

New features:
-Cleaning and reorganization of source code directories of source code
-Allows cropping and applying filter also on vector images (svg)
=> Note: Some filter causes the disappearance of the alpha channel (transparency)
-Supports ffmpeg 1.1.5 for Mageia 3
-Offer to open the video that has been generated if the process of generating video has successfully completed
-Modifed the file browser toolbar + Rearrange buttons with the setup menu
-Moved the backup favorites in the browser database

* FFDIAPORAMA 2.0 - Final
* changelog since ffDiaporama 1.7
* (English version)

[Commit: 23/11/2013] + ffDiaporama 2.0 stable
Bug fixes:
-Fix bug of reading latest ffDiaporama version from internet web site
-Fix bug in background transition
-Fix bug when reading video with libav 0.9

New features:
-Translations updates
-Improve the update process of the browser cache to speed it up
-Move the saving of settings of file explorer from the xml file to the database and decomposed it by type of navigation
=> a configuration type instead of an overall configuration


[Commit: 19/11/2013 - again]
Merged libav 0.9.x patch from Olivier Laurentain


[Commit: 19/11/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Remove garbage sound played at the end of some videos
-Fix bug of reversal chapters order when inserting video including chapter and choose to create a slide by chapter [regression 12/11/2013]
-Fix display bug that sometimes prevents the title/author of the music to appear on the slide that defined it on the timeline [regression 16/11/2013]
-Fix the bug of not selecting a slide if its duration is equal to the duration of the incoming and outgoing transition [regression 18/11/2013]
-Fix the read and display of .ffd file properties in multimedia files explorer and in the file information dialog box [regression 12/11/2013]
-Fix the bug of not reading the image data (EXIF) when opening project whose images are not already in the cache [regression 12/11/2013]

New features:


[Commit: 18/11/2013] + ffDiaporama 2.0 BETA 3
Bug fixes:
-Fix bug in creating new project thumbnail model if project is empty [regression 15/11/2013]
-Fix some memory leaks
-Fix positionning of timeline in the mainwindow at program start-up [regression 15/11/2013]
-Fix saving of latest folders for Windows version [regression 16/11/2013]
-Fix a bug of infinite loop when reading some video files which happens sometimes when duration is incorrect in the file
-Fix a bug of display start-end position that was incorrectly displayed in the timeline when adding a slide at the end of the project [regression 15/11/2013]

New features:
-Upgrade ffmpeg version for OpenSuse and Windows packages to version 2.1


[Commit: 16/11/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fix bug in transition dialog which displayed always the same transition [regression 15/11/2013]
-Fix a segmentation fault after adding for the first time ONLY ONE title [regression 15/11/2013]
-Fix a bug when aborting rendering: After the infowindow came and after clicked then nothing happens more [regression 15/11/2013]

New features:
-Move saving of latest folders used from configuration .xml file to user database


[Commit: 15/11/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed selecting multiple files in the browser (no longer select by column)
-Fixed a bug for determining static images when encoding that did not take into account the transitions [1.7 regression]
-Adds missing dependency to sqlite to Ubuntu packages

New features:
-Improve interface speed and stability
-Adds the selection of the sort order in the configuration menu of the browser with three choices:
-By number (if the file name contains a No. before the extension and adds supports for hexadecimal number (because some camera uses this mode)
-By file name
-By date of last modification
-Removes the option of selecting the sort order when you insert multiple files in the option dialog. (Now the order of sorts is that specified in the browser.)
-Adds an option to enable or disable the display of the first directories in the configuration menu of the browser
-Move the backup options for sorting and display the directories first from the configuration .xml file to the database
-Force reloading of title models during the loading of a project if this project was created with a ffDiaporama between 20131016 and 20131112
=>Partially recover projects affected by the bug on saving texts fixed in commit 20131112
-Recognizes signatures of ffmpeg 2.1
-Update WIKI


[Commit: 12/11/2013]
Bug fixes:
-No longer leaves the application if error initializing SDL (for SOLARIS see:
-Fixed an error converting music file names from relative to absolute
-Fixed an error recording some texts blocs during saving
-No longer disable wheelEvent when using partition mode
-No longer offer to save the current project when loading project if it is canceled
-Update preview after adding a slide and after loading a project
-Fixed mouse cursor and status bar message when saving project

New features:
-Add a Slide thumbnails cache table in the database and remove thumbnails objects from the memory
-Improve speed of project loading
-Improve speed of partition mode browsing


[Commit: 09/11/2013] + ffDiaporama 2.0 BETA 2
Bug fixes:
-Fixes a crash occurring during simultaneous logging from multiple threads

New features:
-Code cleaning (remove of ffDText and debugtrace ToLog of functions)

[Commit: 08/11/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Do not ask the question once more, at the opening of a project if it no longer exists and that the user answers no to the proposal to select another file
-Fixed a memory leak that occurred in preview and render with static images

New features:
-Accelerates reopening projects with videos (no longer tested videos when reopening project)
-Removes thumbnails and extended properties of MediaFiles objects from memory
-Removes the reduction of quality of thumbnails for 32-bit systems when the number of objects in a directory is important (no longer needed)

[Commit: 04/11/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fixed the error when rendering to webm, ogv and ogg with libav 0.8: replaces AV_SAMPLE_FMT_FLT by AV_SAMPLE_FMT_S16 for OGG codec

New features:
-Arranges the data inside objects in order soon to remove them from memory and only have them in the database


[Commit: 03/11/2013] + ffDiaporama 2.0 BETA 1
Bug fixes:
-Correct crash when canceling the insertion of an object in the edition box of slides [Bug chrisbra 01/11/2013]
-Change all the source code to better take into account the differences between libav and ffmpeg

New features:
-Add a files table and remove filepath information from all objects derivated from cBaseMediaFile
-Changes the multimedia browser to it use the files table as a cache for faster browsing


[Commit: 30/10/2013]
Bug fixes:
-Fix SVG reading error [regression 1.7 beta 2]

New features:
-Create a SQLite3 database "home user" in home user directory to stock different informations
-Move Window State and position from memory to the home user database (remove memory used by that)
-Add a folders table and remove folder path information from all objects derivated from cBaseMediaFile

What's new since ffDiaporama 1.5

For this new version, major improvments are :
Improved performance for preview and rendering
Creation of Addon ffDiaporama-texturemate
Adds 24 new shapes for block
Adds a new block type: clip-art texts and adds a collection of 67 clip arts including comics bubbles, panels and papers to work with text clip-art
Adds support of vector images as SVG format
Adds the ability to export the audio track
Adds the ability to change the frequency Sample Rate of soundtracks
Complete overhaul of encoding and decoding audio/video engines
Move help about dialog boxes from WIKI Web pages directly into each dialogs as tooltips
Details of changes of behavior and new features
Main window
No longer displays a message indicating that a new version of ffDiaporama is available in the status bar but replaces it with a button yellow, green or red, depending on the case
Adds display of the current chapter in the status bar
Adds a progress box when adding project with the Add projects button of the main window
Change the function of the buttons (Now they open the Multimedia Explorer rather than system file dialog)
Open project, Add Files and Add Projects of the main window
Add Files of the edition slides dialog
Add Music of the music track edition dialog
Select a file of the Background dialog (file mode)
Change file in Framming dialog
Adds a button to export the audio track
Adds display of music title on the slide in the timeline
Slide edit dialog
Now, when you click on the button "Add title" sub-menu appears allowing you to select "Simple Text" or "Text clipart"
Supports clip-art text by adding a combo box to select a clip-art and mask multiple controls when the selected block is a block of type text clip-art
Adds a popup when click on add clip-art text to select clip-art in edit slide dialog
Render dialog
Adds a way to export the audio track
Adds selection of audio frequency in Advance render and Export soundtrack dialog
Adds audio export using adts,.m4a,.ogg and AC3 format/codec
Changes in render dialog : box no longer closes when selecting inconsistent parameters
Improves responsiveness of "Cancel" button in the render dialog box stop current render
Option dialog
Adds an option to enable or disable the use of threads for pipe operations during video rendering
Adds option to select audio rate for preview in option dialog
Adds options in option dialog to define default values for format,codec,frequency and compression for rendering of soundtrack
Change the combo box for selecting an image from the library in text and background dialog
Do not keep anymore images of the library in memory => switch to LULO mode like photos
Creation of Addon ffDiaporama-texturemate
Changes the About box to display the readme.txt of ffDiaporama-texturemate addon (if present)
Adds 24 new shapes for block
Adds a new block type: clip-art texts
Adds a collection of 67 clip arts including comics bubbles, panels and papers to work with text clip-art
Speed up thumbnail creation of videos for multimedia file explorer
Adds support of vector images as SVG format
Allow drag & drop from the multimedia explorer dialog only when adding files or projects from the main window
Redirect LIBAV log message to ffDiaporama log system
Adds .mp2 and .ac3 extensions to the list of supported extensions for audio files
Adds support for Taiwanese (-lang = zh_tw) and languages ​​with a sub code
Accelerates display in dialogs and preview by reducing the quality of displayed images
Replaces Taglib with new libav 9 functions for reading thumbnails of audio files (a lib of less)
Modify starter to force the use of SSE1 version on computer using Windows/XP
Optimizes image playback when previewing
Optimizes the creation of thumbnails for images without exif-preview
Modify background properties dialog to display used background when "same as precedent" option is selected

Details of bug fix
Fixes problems in resampling sound causing a quaver of <48 KHz music
Fixes a crash when double clicked in the timeline so that there is no slide
Fixed a bug of display: The selection frame is always displayed on the previous selection when the preview is running and you click on another slide
Fixed a bug of interface: In the slide edit dialog, keyboard shortcuts of copy/paste of blocks takes over even when cursor is in an edit zone
Several small bug fixes for undo in the slide edit dialog
Fix duration error of rendered sound
Fix a critical memory leak when reading video with libavfilter>=3.1
Deletes the line "Capture an image of 00" of the image export button of the main window media player
Crash when browsing large directory in multimedia explorer
Reduces the quality of thumbnails when browse directories containing more than 100 files (temporary solution)
Fixs bug of audio export using MP3 codec with libavcodec>=54.31 (Windows+some linux)
Fixs conversion error of audio track using U8, U-LAW and FLT format (included WMV and WMA) with libavcodec>=54.31 (Windows+some linux)
Modify render dialog to propose export to music folder when exporting sound track
Fixed a bug with multiple selection in file explorer detailed view
Fixed a bug in the render dialog: When the sound is unchecked, if you change the format, the controls are reactivated
Fixed bug related to anamorphism 16/9 videos stored 640480 (SESTAY: 852480 instead of 853480)
Fixes problems in moving video files (seek)
Disable language area when the sound inclusion is deselected in the render dialog
Corrects the display of information when uncheck the inclusion of sound in the render dialog
Fixes several random crashes on Windows related to multi-thread when browsing directories with the browser
Because of too many problems with libav 9.x on Windows, switch dll used on Windows packages to ffmpeg/libav 9(Zeranoe) version
Fixed bug of positioning blocks to default position when you select a style in the slide dialog
Fixed bug of inactif del shortcut in slide dialog when the selection is a shot
Fixed bug of display first shot edit slide dialog
Fixed the bug of random shot change depdending on selection [SESTAY]
Fixed a bug in the browser that buckled Multmedia sometimes in infinite
Fixed a bug in the edit slide dialog for horizontal and vertical distribution functions:
=> The blocks are repositioned according to their order of appearance instead of their position
Fixed bug of positioning the current video when capturing an image
Fixed a bug in the edit slide dialog: The framming style change does not move the block
Fixes bug of free forms: Changing the width no longer generates systematic change of the height [SESTAY]
Force a WM_CLASS(String) to the main window to solve a probleme with "Cairo dock"
Fixes sound noise during playback and bad music chaining
Fixes a bug in the file selection dialog: Click on OK when a directory is selected opens the folder instead of closing the dialog
Adjusts the size of the font used to display thumbnails on KDE systems

What's new since in ffDiaporama 1.5

For this new version, major improvements are :
Merge of the 2 dialogs Edit Image and Edit Video
Transform all transformation filters as progressive filters (Delete, for filters, the notion of " for this shot / for all shots")
Adds the library qimageblitz providing ten additional graphics filters
Adds support for text margins in blocks
Split Speed &#8203;&#8203;Wave property into 4 properties for music (forced to SPEEDWAVE_SINQUARTER), for transitions, for blocks animations and image animations (frame and filters)
Details of changes of behavior and new features
Main window
Modifies the operation of the "New project" button: Now open the project property dialog
Edit slide dialog
Add intermediate rulers for shape of type Chevron and Puzzle (Work only for unrotated blocks)
Display text margins in interactive zone when text dialog is open
Add selection of speed wave
Adds options "Distribute Horizontally" and "Distribute Vertically" in the alignment menu of the editing slide dialog
Edit image and video dialog
Add shape form combo box in Edit Image dialog
Adds Filters Edge Antialiasing, Oil, Charcoat, Desaturation, Swirl, Implode and Wave
Adds the filter Negatif, Emboss, Normalize (Auto Contrast) and makes toggling contrast adjustment
Adds versions fast (Fast) filters Blur / Sharpen and makes toggling versions of Gaussian
Restricts the application of filters to the selected area in the interactive area of the edit box images
Add selection of speed wave
Edit text dialog
Adds a tab to adjust Text margins
Transition dialog
Add selection of speed wave
Project properties dialog
Adds the selection of format (4:3, 16:9 or cinema) in the project property dialog (selection is only possible when creating new project)
Allow the setting of Speed &#8203;&#8203;wave properties for transitions, block animations and image animations
Option dialog
Remove the "Image transformation / Apply to video during preview" option in Application options dialog
Remove the "Transformed image / Create cache file (with _ffd suffix) for transformed images" option in Application options dialog
Allow the setting of default Speed &#8203;&#8203;wave properties for transitions, block animations and image animations
Removes the "Quick resampler" option
Transform all transformation filters as progressive filters (Delete, for filters, the notion of " for this shot / for all shots")
Enable the use of blur/sharpen filter also for video
Disables chapters for mkv generated videos (with the exception of the lossless that maintain chapters)
Add library qimageblitz and switch some filters on this new library
Define default text margins for each block shape
Split Speed &#8203;&#8203;Wave property into 4 properties for music (forced to SPEEDWAVE_SINQUARTER), for transitions, for blocks animations and image animations (frame and filters)
Defines and/or renamme speed wave to 5 curves: Constant speed, Fast then slow, Slow then fast, Faster and faster et Slower and slower
Removes unnecessary-scrollers in the brush and GradientOrientation combobox and enlarged icons of brush combobox
Removes the System information tab of the about dialog and transfer all the information systems in the configuration check dialog
Adds .m2ts file extension to the list of allowed file formats
Change how to draw shadows under blocks: blocks are now fixed
Adds an option in the render dialog to position the video up when the image format included vertical padding
Changes the audio resampling method => back to libav resampling function forced in linear mode
Adds 6 new transitions in Slide family + 1 in Basic family

Details of bug fix
Fix bug of reading some video (this bug was introduce by the .mts video support)
Fix reading of settings of blur/sharpen filter of .ffd project created with previous 1.5 versions
Fix bug of UNDO of text modifications in edit slide dialog
Fixed an application crash when adding an image by drag & drop directly into the blocks table of the edit slides dialog if block list is empty
Correct the positioning of the lock icone for blocks locked in the slide box
Modify the contextual menu of blocks, in the edit slides dialog to be able to lock or unlock all the blocks of the selection
Correct the functioning of locks in slide edit dialog: now the modifications brought to a multiple selection of blocks are echoed to all the locked blocks in the following plans (the modifications applied only to the 1st block of the selection)
Fixed a bug with the encoding when using long FLAC file
Corrects error encoding with AC3 codec for systems using ffmpeg (Windows + some linux)
Corrects error of image that is sometimes cut during block rotation
Corrects error of parasite line that appears sometimes during block rotation
Fix bug when select destination file for lossless rendering in Render dialog: Proposed file format is 3GP instead of MKV
Fix the problem on improper movement of the rotation center during rotation of some blocks (Pepe)
Corrects problem with cut form during rotation of some blocks (Pepe)
Fix icons text effect (outline and shading) in the text dialog
Force the alpha mask of shadows for blocks with transparent parts (sometimes unexpected colors appear)
Corrects the display of the padding in render dialog when using device mode
Force ffmpeg to use 3 refFrame when encoding x264
Fixes bug when computing audio bitrate for encoding with amrw audio codec (bitrate expressed as int instead of double)
Removes 1 GB from the list of possible choices for the cache [Windows only]
Corrects an error of version number used for conditional compilation that prevented compiling with libav 0.9
Fixed the bug of options save regarding defaults coordinate for new blocks
Replaces the last luma mask of checker family with the one proposed by SESTAY (suppression of interfering lines)

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