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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for exhale

Version 1.0.6 July 2020, this release
bugfixes, improved quality on some transient signals, better decoder compatibility
exhaleApp: support for Extensible WAVE format, write MP4 «prol» data (issue 10)
exhaleApp: automatic downsampling of 48-kHz input to 32 kHz for CVBR mode 1
exhaleLib: fine-tuning of psychoacoustic model for difficult transient input signals

Version 1.0.5 June 2020
slightly reduced bit-rates with lower modes, better compatibility when using stdin
exhaleApp: support for Unicode text on Windows™, 44100 Hz with CVBR mode 1
exhaleApp: automatic upsampling of low-sample-rate input, fixed reader (issue 9)
exhaleLib: optimized noise filling tool for slightly lower bit-rates at CVBR mode <4
compilation: exhaleApp.exe -> exhale.exe (issue 8), support for Arm™, C header

Version 1.0.4 May 2020, this release
finalized basic joint-stereo and TNS coding functionality, quality and stability fixes
exhaleApp: support for 32000 Hz with CVBR mode 1, added '-v' version command
exhaleLib: completed audio quality fine-tuning for very tonal and transient signals
compilation: support for MinGW (issue 5) and cmake (via CMakeList files, issue 6)

Version 1.0.3 Apr. 2020
extended basic joint-stereo coding functionality for mid/high rates, minor bugfixes
exhaleLib: band adaptive joint-stereo coding for all CVBR modes, fixed rare crash
exhaleLib: audio quality fine-tuning, especially for very tonal and transient signals
makefile: -std=c++11 to allow for compilation with older versions of gcc (issue 4)

Version 1.0.2 Mar. 2020
added basic low/mid-rate joint-stereo coding functionality, bugfixes, and speedups
exhaleApp: support for input sampling rates of up to 48000 Hz with CVBR mode 2
exhaleLib: frame adaptive joint-stereo preprocessing and coding (CVBR mode <5)
exhaleLib: accelerated R/D opt. coding, stability and quality fixes (issues 2 and 3)

Version 1.0.1 Feb. 2020
improved low-bitrate coding efficiency and support for MPEG-D loudness metadata
exhaleApp: increased MP4 file versatility (issue 1) and calculation of loudness info
exhaleLib: backward compatible API extension to support writing of loudness info
exhaleLib: extended R/D optimized coding, improved short-transform quantization

Version 1.0.0 Jan. 2020
compilation fixes and executable printout changes for Linux and MacOS™ platform
exhaleApp: fixed reading of WAVE files including metadata after the «data» chunk
exhaleLib: some tuning of transform and noise level detection for transient signals
exhaleLib: support for export as DLL on Microsoft Windows™ (not tested, though)

Version 1.0RC Dec. 2019
initial release for testing with only basic channel-independent coding functionality
only support for Microsoft Windows™ (32-bit and 64-bit) platform provided so far.

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