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bomi is a multimedia player formerly known as CMPlayer, which is aimed for easy usage but also provides various powerful features and convenience functions. Just install and enjoy it! There will be already what you expect. If you don't like, you can configure almost everything.

Free software
OS: Win Linux
File size: 16MB
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bomi screenshot
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Latest version

0.9.11 (May 20, 2015)


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Download bomi 0.9.11 Windows  16MB  Win

Download bomi 0.9.11 Linux  Linux

Download Portable and other versions

Download bomi 0.9.11 Portable Windows  26MB  Win  Portable

Download bomi 0.9.11 Portable Windows 64-bit  28MB  Win64  Portable

Download old versions

Download bomi old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows LinuxLinux

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

bomi 0.9.11 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on May 20, 2015 25 commits to master since this release

New: save button for log viewer
New: dynamic range option for volume and use exponential scale by default(#364)
Fix: backport fix for wasting CPU (#363)
Fix: workaround for weird behavior of mouse event (#317)
Fix: add 'Ignore' for FPS in youtube-dl options (#360)
Fix: parse N and h properly for .srt (#365)
Fix: compile error if vdpau or vaapi are disabled (#366)
Fix: make URL edit get focus when URL dialog open (#370)
Fix: ignore SIGPIPE to prevent termination on reconnection for streaming
Fix: wrong icon of play/pause button for metro skin
Fix: enforce to update video renderer when window gets visible
Fix: ignore invalid URL for mime data
(Linux)Fix: albumart image for mpris wasn't exported properly
(Windows)Fix: workaround for wrong screen geometry
(Windows)Fix: some channel layouts didn't work (#373)

bomi 0.9.10 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on May 2, 2015 53 commits to master since this release

New: 'Open > From Clipboard' to open URL from clipboard data
New: 'Play > Streaming' Format to select YouTube format
New: options to select default format for youtube-dl script
New: option to save persitent data in application folder
New: crop functionality for video clip maker
New: options to configure preview size in Theme tab in preferences (#341)
New: add playlist name filter for open/append file menus (#336, #337)
New: handle cue sheet as playlist (#336)
Fix: prefer webm & small resolution format for preview (#355)
Fix: YouTube Live streaming didn't work (#356)
Fix: turn on OpenGL debugger when --debug option given
Fix: don't blend subtitle FBO when no subtitle exist
Fix: render video frame in scene graph thread
Fix: apply color matrix only if required
Fix: fps spin box wasn't enabled for Constant framerate
Fix: use original size FBO for bilinear scaler
Fix: codec options in video clip maker were not saved properly
Fix: wrong termination of yle-dl before end of playback
Fix: disable resuming playbak/preview for yle-dl streaming
Fix: 'Video > Crop' was broken
Fix: some color picker buttons had wrong size in preferences dialog (#347)
Fix: video preview was broken for disc playback (#338)
Fix: wrong name filter for playlist file
Fix: support fine-resolution wheels or touchpad (#333)
Fix: add extensions .ape, .it, .xm for audio files (#332)
Fix: add missing '.mod' extension for audio files (#332)
Fix: 'pause when hidden' was always applied all files (#332)
Fix: set maximum duration for animtion to show current playing item in playlist (#331)

bomi 0.9.9 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Apr 25, 2015 103 commits to master since this release

New: Play > Seek > Previous Playback (#134)
Fix: duplicated internal subtitle handling causes high CPU usage (#324,#326,#327)
Fix: crop paddings added by VDPAU for non-standard res. videos (#324)
Fix: Start/End time filters in subtitle viewer didn't follow system palette (#328)
Fix: seeking in subtitle viewer was broken when captions are filtered (#328)
Fix: 'Scroll to current time' in subtitle viewer was broken (#328)
Fix: wrong intial state for 'Show start/end time' in Subtitle Viewer
Fix: adjust column widths for Start and End automatically in Subtitle Viewer (#328)
Fix: wrong time text width for native skin (#323)

bomi 0.9.8 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Apr 23, 2015 116 commits to master since this release


New: Video > Quality Preset
New: Video > Rotate
New: Video > Interpolator (Downscale)
New: Video > Make Vide Clip (#313)
Fix: wrong bitrate values for decoder
Fix: wrong window size hint when aspect ratio adjusted
Fix: display proper duration for DASH formats from YouTube
Fix: deadlock on execution when 'Unmute when volume adjusted' enabled
Fix: keep session connected with (#314)
(Linux)Fix: send mpris:artUrl metadata for MPRIS (#304)

bomi 0.9.7 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Apr 19, 2015 154 commits to master since this release

Note for upgrade users

The action for middle button click may be messed up after upgraded.
Please set middle button click action manually to 'Play > Play/Pause' or whatever you want.

New: cache file related options in cache tab of preferences
New: implement display of cached state in demuxer in seek bar (#300)
New: internal title bar for frameless mode
New: visualization for audio
New: --set-subtitle option for command line to set subtitle file
New: show history/playlist by clicking left/right edge
New: new option to unmute when volume adjusted (#266)
New: compact mode for Tethys skin
New: hide history/playlist by clicking empty space (#307)
New: skin 'metro' - Windows metro style
New: Enter Fullscreen/Exit Fullscreen menu (#307)
Mod: use soft clipping by default
Fix: enable frameless mode on Windows
Fix: fit window size to rendering size when using window size menu
Fix: wrong calculation of texture coordinate for video frame (#312)
Fix: prevent too high amplification by normalizer on start of playback
Fix: don't reset normalizer history on seeking
Fix: set page step of radius slider to 1 in advanced interpolation dialog
Fix: wrong path for open file from command line when launched bomi not in PATH
Fix: don't hide history/playlist while scrollbar pressed
Fix: reduce delay for initial display of Preferences dialog drastically (#308)
Fix: checking GL_RGBA16 for FBO texture format didn't work (#308)
Fix: reduce width of playlist to fit to item name not location
Fix: don't disturb playback on loading skin
Fix: hide controls when cursor is located in history/playlist (#303)
Fix: adjust y-position of preview automatically
Fix: raise z-order of TimeSlider to prevent preview being obstructed
Fix: metadata wasn't exposured to MPRIS (#304)
Fix: don't display preview when video is not available (#302)
(Windows)New: progress indication in task bar
(Windows)Fix: couldn't close window while playing
(Windows)Fix: window jumped when drag window after drag title bar
(Windows)Fix: reszing window by top/left grib was disabled
(Windows)Fix: 'snap to edge' didn't work when moving by title bar

bomi 0.9.6 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Apr 12, 2015 225 commits to master since this release

New: file name template for quick snapshot (#279)
New: 'Append Folder' for playlist
New: 'Open Folder' can open subfolders recursively (#271)
New: new default skin 'Tethys' designed by Kotus Works
New: 'Find by Name' and 'Find by Info' for find subtitles (#298)
New: starmark to indicate favorite/persistent item for history (#294)
New: 'Tool > Associate Files' menu for Windows
New: snap window to screen edge on Windows (#290)
New: 'Tool > Playlist > Regenerate' menu to regerate playlist (#293)
New: make TimeDuration interactive to display msec/remaining time (#292(
New: 'Freya' skin by varlesh (#288)
New: 'Prefer external files to interanl tracks' option for subtitle autoselction (#280)
New: options to show media title in name column of history (#285)
New: 'Show preview when mouse over seek bar' option in preferences (#287)
New: 'Ask video quality' option for youtube-dl streaming in preferences
New: 'Show hidden controls whenever mouse moved' option in preferences (#264)
New: 'Video > Texture Format'
Mod: don't display zero hours(0:) in time texts
Mod: refine history/playlist design by Kotus Works
Fix: prompt message box when clearing history
Fix: failed to resolve skin path when launched in remote path (#299)
Fix: workaround for dialogs behind main window on Windows
Fix: keep snapped state on edge on window size set by menu
Fix: don't resync on playback speed changed
Fix: channel manipulation options weren't restored (#291)
Fix: wrong volume value for MPRIS v2 interface (#286)
Fix: embedded albumart wasn't displayed on initail playback (#283)
Fix: display album art as 'Album Art' instead of 'Video Track'
Fix: audio file with albumart was recognized as video (#283)
Fix: workaround for choppy window move on Windows (#266)
Fix: use GL_RGBA16 for fbo if supported by default (#282)
Fix: enable 'High Quality Upscaling' only if GL_RGBA16 fbo supported (#282)
Fix: unsigned 8bit integer format for audio was disabled (#281)
Fix: alert if snapshot file is not wriable instead of silent fail
Fix: window wasn't hidden on closed on Windows (#266)
Fix: wrong window frame style when restored from fullscreen to maximized state on Windows
Fix: sort playlist by full path not file name
Fix: wrong restoration for poistion of floating panel in skin (#278)

bomi 0.9.5 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Mar 26, 2015 314 commits to master since this release

Fix: restoring window size didn't work (#276)
Fix: potential infinite loop for empty input data of audio (#277)

bomi 0.9.4 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Mar 26, 2015 317 commits to master since this release

New: support millisecond precision for timeout to hide cursor (#275)
New: make windows size menus configurable
New: configure options --disable-vaapi, --disable-vdpau (#273)
New: improve audio volume normalizer
New: support some non-standard m3u playlist
New: restore previous window size for initial fullscreen state (#261)
New: selections for methods to disable screensaver
New: split overriding choices for ASS style into text style/position/scale (#256)
Mod: drop mpg123 decoder
Mod: drop ICU dependency
Fix: Ok/Apply button wasn't enabled when channel manipulation changed into default
Fix: some controls in 'Mouse cursor' group was always disabled (#275)
Fix: reduce file size of pref.json (#275)
Fix: no video with intel GPU on windows (#266)
Fix: don't hide floating controls while mouse hovering
Fix: tempo scaler was always turned on (#269)
Fix: media name in extended m3u wasn't displayed
Fix: wrong track name display in on-screen message (#263)
Fix: display track number when track title and language are unavailable
Fix: subtitle downloader always indicated 50% after downloading is done (#262)
Fix: remove duplicated encodings
Fix: use SetThreadExecutionState() to disable screensaver on windows (#253)
Fix: determine playlist from URL by mime type (#258)
Fix: volume slider of GaN skin didn't show the volume level (#260)
Fix: 'Select Next' for sub track didn't work properly (#254)
Fix: wrong video coordinate on toggling 'Window > Remove Frame'
Fix: remove margin around internal subtitle
Fix: ensure internal widget fit to window on initialization
Fix: save snapshot in separated thread to prevent interface frozen
Fix: snapshot without subtitle didn't work (#251)
Fix: set LC_MESSAGES=C instead of LANG to test qmake/lrelease version

bomi 0.9.3 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Mar 7, 2015 380 commits to master since this release

New: display used encoding for subtitle file track in playinfo
New: '--dump-api-tree' and '--dump-action-list' command line options
New: JSON-RPC interface (#247)
New: current deinterlacing method in playinfo
New: options to set general font and fixed-width font
New: 'Window > Remove Frame' for frameless(borderless) window
New: 'Subtitle > Subtitle Sync > Bring Previous/Next Subtitle' menu (#245)
New: allow to map actions for left/right button click
New: ask username and password on permission denied for smb://
New: 'Subtitle > Subtitle Scale' menu to adjust font scale during playback (#240)
New: 'Subtitle > Override ASS Style' menu (#240)
New: options to specify authentication info for samba
New: configurable step for 'move screen position'
New: 'Video > Zoom' menu
New: color adjustment for RGB channel
New: video color editor dialog
New: new skin 'air'
New: 'Est. Frame Number' item in playback information
New: aspect ratio is adjustable now
New: enable smbclient support(smb:// protocol)
New: caption filter in subtitle viewer
New: checkbox to display time in milliseconds
New: language filter list for subtitle find dialog (#236)
New: reconstruct encoding list
New: reload file with specific encoding
New: seek by double clicking caption in subtitle viewer (#231)
New: accept non-media type URL by drag-and-drop (#225)
Mod: don't capitalize items in playinfo
Mod: drop LinearBlend and Median deinterlacer
Mod: drop libpostproc dependency
Mod: drop external command support to disable screensaver
Fix: prefer cp1250 to iso-8859-2 for autodetection
Fix: deselecting internal subtitle didn't work (#248)
Fix: wrong H/W Acc. state in playinfo
Fix: request _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE to window manager for move-by-drag
Fix: unset pressed button on button released
Fix: display all selected subtitles in playinfo
Fix: Bob/LinearBob/CubicBob supports all pixel format now
Fix: top and bottom pixels was blinking with Bob/LinearBob/CubicBob
Fix: subtitle position menu worked in opposite way
Fix: subtitle alignment wasn't kept after position changed
Fix: rename Input/Output/Renderer -> Decoder/Filter/Output
Fix: display package-bitrate for decoder input in playinfo
Fix: synchronize display order of menu in preference with context menu
Fix: don't display logo during changing current media
Fix: don't display property OSD on intialization of new playback
Fix: potential crash on changing subtitles
Fix: potential crash when parsing SAMI subtitles
Fix: crash on exiting while dialogs are open
Fix: subtitle viewer didn't work if it was open before start playback
Fix: crash on reloading subtitle during subtitle viewer is open
Fix: don't draw subtitles in snapshot when hidden
Fix: popup an error message for error on loading skin
Fix: disable IME on main window
Fix: pixel format mismatch which causes crash or deinterlacing disabled
Fix: disc title wasn't restored
Fix: prevent interference from other applications using PulseAudio (#230)
Fix: keep horizontal scroll bar position on auto scroll in subtitle viewer
Fix: currupted font for current caption in subtitle viewer
Fix: prevent bad interfere from MPRIS and QML TimeSlider
Fix: save and restore states of subtitle find dialog and subtitle viewer
Fix: show history/playlist after 200ms timeout when mouse hovers on edge
Fix: keep 'default' shortcuts for unchanged shortcuts of actions
Fix: display full URL for non-media type URL
Fix: display media name provided by youtube-dl (#226)
Fix: Ok/Apply wasn't activated for hwacc codec change

bomi 0.9.2 released
@xylosper xylosper released this on Feb 12, 2015 567 commits to master since this release

New: new skin 'native' which supports native look & feel
New: display time on mouse position changed over time slider (#221)
Fix: chapter marker was not visible in GaN
Fix: some menu checked state was not restored on start up
Fix: set current window style when preferences opended
Fix: restore maximized state from fullscreen
Fix: bring back compatibility for C++14 compiler with non C++14 libstdc++
Fix: memory leak in reply for async request
Fix: crash on deselecting subtitle
Fix: couldn't select tracks in paused state
Fix: restore maximized/fullscreen state on start up
Fix: show Close button instead of Cancel in preferences dialog
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All features

bomi is a graphical user interface(GUI) player based on mpv for Linux. By taking the advantage of mpv and GUI, bomi provides various features.

User-friendly interface
bomi provides a easy-to-use graphical user interface(GUI). You can find all features in the context menu. All configurations can be done in a preferences dialog.
Unlimited playback history
bomi records all playback history by default and provdes the way to resume playback later. bomi also tracks playback states such as selected audio/loaded subtitle etc.
Automatic playlist generation and restoration
bomi can generate playlist based on file name. Also, last played playlist is saved and restored automatically.
Enhanced subtitle handling
bomi supports various subtitle formats. bomi can render multiple subtitle files at the same time. bomi also can render styled subtitles such as SAMI and ASS format.
Hardware acceleration
bomi supports hardware-accelerated decoding by GPU with help of mpv. bomi will utilize available native API for the system between VA-API and VDPAU.
Various convenient features
bomi provides a number of convenient features which are not listed here as well as basical player features.

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Review by abolkh on Jan 15, 2019 Version: 0.9.11 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

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