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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Wirecast

Version 15.2.1 – February 23, 2023
WIRE-21340: Fixed an indefinite hang when opening certain documents
WIRE-21336: Fixed a rare crash when closing a document
WIRE-21308: Fixed a rare crash with the Scoreboard source
WIRE-21305: Fixed another rare crash that could occur with other sources
WIRE-21301: Fixed a bug where users could not drag shots if there were more than three rows of shots in a main layer
WIRE-21294: Fixed a bug where pressing enter in the YouTube Event dialog Description field would complete the dialog instead of adding a return
WIRE-21291: Fixed a bug where animated Titles would briefly flash in the Live canvas before the built-in animation
WIRE-21289: Fixed a crash when using the color picker during a transition
WIRE-21288: Fixed a rare crash at startup
WIRE-20376: Fixed an issue that caused stinger transitions to not display properly on macOS and on Windows with D3D11 rendering engine

Version 15.2 – February 7, 2023
New & Improved
NEW! Support for output of multiple audio tracks!
Now you can output up to 4 audio sub mixes to separate audio devices. (WIRE-14179)
NEW! Now you can add borders around shots.
Add a border/stroke around any video layer or source, change its width, color and even round corners or create a feathered edge. (WIRE-18003)
NEW! Added a new "Snapshot" option which lets you take and save a PNG snapshot of your live window at any time. (WIRE-10450)
NEW! Stinger transitions can now have audio!
Implemented audio playback (with volume control and mute options) in Stinger transitions if stinger movie contains audio (WIRE-20782 /20829)
NEW! Added support for YouTube Channel Membership comments and SuperChats.
These special comments are now distinguished and sorted at the top of the Social Media Comment Moderation window for better visibility (WIRE-20663/20662)
NEW! Added a StreamID parameter for SRT Output (WIRE-18259)
NEW! Added an option in Advanced Preferences to override the system language when opening Wirecast and choose which language to use. (WIRE-13214)
And more!
Improved: Improved overall keyboard navigation and focus on Windows (WIRE-10185 /14266)
Improved: Added ability to set Application Shortcut keys to change instant replay speed (WIRE-9659)
Improved: Added ability to define Application Shortcuts for more increments/decrements for Live Scoreboards (WIRE-8277)
Improved: Added Application Shortcuts to control clock/timer/stopwatch functions (WIRE-13519 /19799/14506)
Improved: performance of PNG files from Stock Media Library (WIRE-20957)
Improved: Provided button to the Multi-Track Audio Mapper in the Audio Mixer UI for easier access (WIRE-21042)
Improved: Lowered resources of idle media decoders to improve efficiency (WIRE-20955)
Improved: We no longer automatically end a Vimeo event when a live stream ends (WIRE-20859 /14147)
Improved: Updated Facebook API with the new Facebook Event path for Profiles (WIRE-20858)
Improved: Minor text update in a dialog box about Video Display Rate (WIRE-20787)
Improved: We now detect if your camara is delivering wildly wrong timestamps and let you know (WIRE-20777)
Improved: Modal color panels now update continuously so you can see changes in real time (WIRE-20729)
Improved: Added ability to search Application Shortcut by their keystrokes (WIRE-20701)
Improved: Application Shortcut categories will now automatically expand to show contents when searched (WIRE-20700)
Improved: Added the ability to filter Social Comments by Destination (WIRE-20617)
Improved: Added even better visibility for whether shots are in Live or Preview, with thicker borders and colored title bar (WIRE-20575)
Improved: We now return you to the Welcome Screen when a document is incompatible with the current version of Wirecast instead of annoyingly closing out the application(WIRE-16106)
Improved: We now leave the area under Clear Layer shots empty when the number of shots overflow to a second line, for easier visibility (WIRE- 14831)
Improved: In Stinger Transition Manager, "i" now sets in-point of the selected stinger and "esc" will exit from the menu (WIRE-14802)
Improved: Added a refresh button for Facebook encoder output settings (WIRE-14154)
Improved: We added a notification to add Wirecast to the trusted apps list to enable global hotkeys on macOS. (WIRE-10176)
Improved: We now automatically select the next shot layer when a layer has been removed (WIRE-11004)
Improved: When adding an application shortcut, hitting TAB while in the Name field will now advance to the Record Shortcut field (WIRE-10234)

Version 15.1.2 – October 12, 2022
WIRE-20871: Fixed a crash when adding Audio Plugins to the Final Mix when closing a document or changing the focus to another document.
WIRE-20867: Fixed a hang when opening a document with an NVENC encoder if the machine has no NVIDIA adapter.
WIRE-20866/20865: Fixed an issue that can cause image files to not render if the filename was in a language other than English.
WIRE-20835: Fixed a race condition that can cause a crash or incorrect/stale data to appear.
WIRE-20832: Removed the Facebook Live Scheduling feature as Facebook has deprecated and disabled this feature.
WIRE-20826: Fixed a rare crash when saving certain documents.
WIRE-20824: Fixed a crash when a Wirecast Go source disconnects while in the Live canvas.
WIRE-20821: Fixed a rare crash when switching between media files.
WIRE-20817: Fixed blank frames being added to certain media files.
WIRE-20800: Fixed a rare crash when playing media files.
WIRE-20308: Fixed an issue where the NDI source process would remain running after quitting Wirecast.

Version 15.1.1 – September 21, 2022
WIRE-20810: Fixed a crash when disconnecting a Rendezvous Guest if the Guest refreshed the browser at the same time.
WIRE-20808: Fixed a crash when opening the DubDelay Audio FX configuration window.
WIRE-20806: Fixed a crash when adjusting the Ration slider in the Dynamics FX configuration window.
WIRE-20805: Fixed a crash when launching Wirecast in Rosetta mode.
WIRE-20794: Fixed a crash when launching Wirecast on older Mac systems (pre-2014).

Version 15.1 – September 14, 2022
New & Improved
New! Added support for VST3 Plugins¹: Added support for 3rd Party VST Audio plugins. (WIRE-1236/9910/16131/17940/20002/20355/20432/20439/20449/20342)
New! Audio effects on Final Mix output: Now you can add audio effects, including your VST effects, to your master live output or final mix. (WIRE-18584)
New! Keyboard Shortcuts/Document Hotkeys: Complete update of keyboard shortcuts to improve productivity. Now you can make your own keyboard shortcuts for nearly any action in the app. You can save, export and import Keyboard Shortcuts Sets. This adds capabilities for all the following: (WIRE-20162/20417/ 19824/19823/16735/17265/ 15269/12576/10178/8893)
To trigger transition speed with hotkeys (WIRE-19175/7535)
To start/stop ISO recordings (WIRE-19071)
To open the Rendezvous Dashboard (WIRE-18646)
To disable or override default shortcuts (WIRE-18430/10235)
For international keyboards (WIRE-18411/13084)
To advance playlists (WIRE-17561)
For muting/monitoring audio (WIRE-14064)
For Replay options, "Replay Mark All", "Create All Replay Shots", and "Update All Replay Shots" (WIRE-11058)
New! Increased Rendezvous quality: Increased the video resolution of Rendezvous guests to 720p. (WIRE-20263)
New! Expanded access to Social Media comments: Allows you to add YouTube or Facebook comments from streams that use a generic RTMP Server output or for instances where the main Wirecast production computer is not the one streaming. (WIRE-19904/19921/20399)
New! Increased Twitter Refresh Rate: We now refresh Twitter User/Home Timeline comments every 10 seconds, and Search/Favorite Timeline comments every 30 seconds. (These are Twitter limitations) (WIRE-20399)
New! YouTube API update: Updated the YouTube destination API, adding support for RTMPS and using the auto-generated event from YouTube. (WIRE-11683/13149/19478/19493/20093)
New! Vimeo API update: Updated Vimeo API, and added support for scheduled and recurring events. (WIRE-17324)
New! H.265/HEVC Playback Support: Added support for playback of H.265/HEVC videos on Windows (WIRE-16391/19870)
Improved! File watching improvements: We now enable Wirecast to watch network shares for media files and update them automatically if their originating source file gets updated. (WIRE-20428/20427)
Improved: Playlist settings: Moved Playlist settings to the Source Property tab for easier access. (WIRE-19874/ 19118)
Improved: Easy copy of Audio FX: In the Audio Mixer, you can now drag and drop Audio FX settings from one source to another source without having to manually apply FX settings for each audio source. (WIRE-19733 /17946)
Improved: Firewall check: On Windows, we now run a check at document startup and will present a user log warning if we detect that Wirecast is being blocked by a Firewall. (WIRE-17681)
Improved: Hotkey display preference: Now you can display your Hotkeys on your shot as either the Hotkey name or the Hotkey key combination (WIRE-16089)
Improved: Pin as top window: Added the option to pin the Wirecast window as the topmost window. It hated getting covered by other windows. (WIRE-15881)
Improved: Reordering Hotkeys: Document hotkeys can now be reordered by clicking and dragging them in the preferences panel. (WIRE-14255)
Improved: Multiple hotkeys per shot: Added ability to assign multiple hotkeys to a single shot in the same main layer. (WIRE-10236)
New! Rendezvous Camera + Screen Share: Now a Rendezvous guest can share both their desktop and video camera at the same time. (WIRE-14438)
WIRE-20764: Fixed an issue where the Audio Mixer was showing bad levels for one channel on M1 Macs.
WIRE-20760: Fixed an issue where the WavesCentral VST3 plugin failed to load.
WIRE-20752: Fixed a crash when editing the default YouTube Event.
WIRE-20727: The default shortcut for enabling the Multiviewer was not shown in the Shortcuts UI.
WIRE-20725/WIRE-20348: Fixed an issue where the YouTube Social Media Comments stop updating after one hour.
WIRE-20723/WIRE-20712: Fixed several issues that caused the VST Plugin explorer to fail to load plugins.
WIRE-20710: Fixed an issue that caused Stinger Transitions to play at double of normal playback speed.
WIRE-20705: Fixed an issue where Rendezvous Guests would not be reconnected in the Wirecast document after a disconnection.
WIRE-20692: Fixed an issue where importing the Keyboard Shortcuts set would overwrite the current set.
WIRE-20690: Added an error message when the NVIDIA driver version is too old to support the current version of the NVENC encoder in Wirecast 15.1. This will affect Wirecast Gear 420 users.
WIRE-20684: Fixed existing Vimeo Events that do not load the first time a Vimeo destination is added.
WIRE-20673: We no longer allow Vimeo Events to be deleted while editing the event.
WIRE-20667: Fixed issues with changing the Vimeo event name not updating in all parts of the app.
WIRE-20661: Fixed an issue previewing Vimeo streams.
WIRE-20646: Updated the system audio capture driver on macOS.
WIRE-20644: Fixed a rare crash with System Devices on macOS.
WIRE-20643: Fixed a rare crash at quit.
WIRE-20642: Fixed a rare crash when using a Stinger transition.
WIRE-20641: Fixed a rare crash on startup.
WIRE-20640: Fixed a rare D3D12 crash.
WIRE-20639: Fixed a rare crash on Windows when using the D3D12 render engine.
WIRE-20638: Fixed a rare crash when using any RTMP output.
WIRE-20624: Fixed a rare crash at quit with certain SourceSDK sources (Titler Live/Remote Desktop Presenter/AJA)
WIRE-20602: Fixed a bug where the user could not create recurring Vimeo events on a Sunday.
WIRE-20601: Fixed an issue with deleting a Vimeo Live Event.
WIRE-20629: Fixed a long-standing issue with Wirecast’s custom URL scheme on Windows when multiple commands are sent from the same application.
WIRE-20596: Fixed a rare crash when deleting a playlist shot.
WIRE-20593: Fixed a crash upon launch when an iPhone is connected on macOS.
WIRE-20589: A click-and-drag selection area now disappears from Preview as expected.
WIRE-20585: We now provide an error message when a system device is used by another application on Windows.
WIRE-20563: We now prevent the flash log from flooding when an unexpected disconnection occurs.
WIRE-20559: Updated the search functionality in the comment Moderation window to allow users to search the same term more than once
WIRE-20551: Fixed a Crash on Windows after closing a Wirecast document when another document has a modal dialog
WIRE-20524: Fixed a rare crash when clicking to reposition a source in Preview.
WIRE-20519/WIRE-7059: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing an IP address in Remote Desktop Presenter
WIRE-20516/WIRE-19528: Media file resizing after upgrading a document is now working correctly.
WIRE-20502/20454/20137: Fixed an issue causing color differences between different encodings.
WIRE-20500: Fixed rare crash with certain USB capture devices on macOS.
WIRE-20495/20493: Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Rendezvous dashboard.
WIRE-20464: Deleting a playlist will no longer cause the Main Shot Display to go haywire.
WIRE-20440: Upgrade CEF to version 5060.
WIRE-20431: Fixed an issue that was causing Rendezvous sessions to expire in less than 24 hours.
WIRE-20394/WIRE-20229: Crash no longer occurs when opening the rendezvous dashboard after switching cameras.
WIRE-20393: Fixed an issue that caused a problem authenticating the YouTube output destination.
WIRE-20388: Fixed an issue where Video would appear green on AverMedia Live Gamer Duo
WIRE-20386: Fixed a crash that could occur when applying a shadow to an emoji
WIRE-20373: Upgrade WebRTC to version 4951 (m101).
WIRE-20370/WIRE-11042: Fixed the behavior of Wirecast’s media playback finish states. This was causing Replays to play at the beginning of the file when another replay was live.
WIRE-20369: Fixed several issues when sending a playlist Live.
WIRE-20363: Updated colors on Audio Mixer background to be more pleasing.
WIRE-20360: Fixed an issue that caused an indefinite hang when playing media files.
WIRE-20359: Improved efficiency of chroma key on D3D12 on Windows.
WIRE-20330: Fixed the display of the time overlay of Media files on shot icons being cut off with longer media files.
WIRE-20329/WIRE-19825: Fixed crash when opening a document with a Screen Capture source on certain macOS machines.
WIRE-20317: Alpha channel now works with Image Carousel sources when using the Direct3D12 Rendering Engine.
WIRE-20251: Updated the Audio Mixer’s Delay FX Label to properly reflect functionality.
WIRE-20234: Fixed “Hide Unlicensed Features” preference.
WIRE-20226: Reordered YUV 422 formats below YUV 420 for all Blackmagic UVC devices to fix an issue where some devices were choosing a 422 format by default that was failing to deliver any video frames.
WIRE-20216: We added a “Delete” option right in the Add Source dialog box, for User-created placeholders.
WIRE-20210/WIRE-15342: Added more support for opening and playing certain H.264 files on Windows, using MainConcept decoder as a backup to MediaFoundation.
WIRE-20206: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when selecting or editing a layer in the Preview Window.
WIRE-20199: We now recall RTSP credentials when opening a saved document.
WIRE-20163: Fixed a very rare problem with the Windows scheduler that could cause an increase in CPU usage with no recovery until Wirecast quits.
WIRE-20141: Fixed a crash with the Dynamic Destination when the XML has an invalid parameter.
WIRE-20124: Fixed an issue with titles that would cause them to stop working if you cancelled a title.
WIRE-20084: Fixed 9:16 video appearing stretched in Rendezvous
WIRE-20068: Fixed a couple of missing translations in the Media Source Properties.
WIRE-20050: Mouse wheel no longer gets stuck on text entry fields.
WIRE-20047: Removed B-frames from YouTube x264 encoder presets.
WIRE-20024: We swapped the position of the options in the Gear menu in Rendezvous to make it less likely to accidentally disconnect a guest.
WIRE-20023: Fixed an issue where Rendezvous guests heard an echo after a guest left the session.
WIRE-20021: When changing canvas size, the preview outline no longer redraws improperly.
WIRE-20016: Fixed crash on close with AJA devices.
WIRE-20003: We increased the RTMP connect timeout to 30 seconds, while keeping the send and receive timeouts at 15 seconds to fix some connection issues when using slower DNS servers.
WIRE-20001: Fixed a rare crash when the RTMP connection fails due to slow DNS servers.
WIRE-19923: Fixed a rare crash when adding a Title.
WIRE-19922: Certain .WAV files are now supported in Wirecast.
WIRE-19907: Fixed media playback issues when they are duplicated in multiple shot layers.
WIRE-19905: Fixed an issue that could cause CPU spikes when using the same media source in multiple shots.
WIRE-19888: Fixed a crash that could occur when deactivating a license and then buying a new one.
WIRE-19853: Fixed a quality degradation issue that could occur when recording while using D3D12 Rendering Engine on Windows.
WIRE-19852: Removed an unnecessary setting in some titles Source Properties.
WIRE-19851/WIRE-19657: Fixed an issue where titles were not transitioning in/out properly if clicked before transition finished.
WIRE-19840: Fixed some unsightly text in the Output Settings dialog box.
WIRE-19786: Fixed a rare crash when adding many media files to a playlist.
WIRE-19782: Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a document with a missing asset and dialog automation is set to delete all missing assets.
WIRE-19724: Dropdown menus now appear and work as expected when using a Web Page source.
WIRE-19622: Updated the live window default text to say: Live Broadcast Area: View your live output.
WIRE-19584: Fixed an issue where scrolling text could overlap itself if there was a fixed height and not a fixed width.
WIRE-19508: Fixed rare crash when starting a stream.
WIRE-19275: Fixed a crash that could occur if starting a Quicksync encoder after an NVENC encoder
WIRE-19226: We now display an error if you try to stream to a YouTube event that is already closed.
WIRE-19172: Fixed an issue where media file duration was not accurately displayed in a Playlist.
WIRE-19116: Fixed transition problems with two of the same video in a single shot.
WIRE-19115/WIRE-16403: Fixed an issue where encoding with Quicksync at 50 or 60fps would cause frame drops.
WIRE-19067: Fixed a rare crash with the Preview Picker.
WIRE-18847: Fixed a crash that could occur when importing super large images into the Image Carousel.
WIRE-18815: Fixed a rare crash when pressing the spacebar to transition.
WIRE-18693: Fixed an issue where mix/minus would not work with Desktop Presenter.
WIRE-18677: Fixed a rare crash in the QuickSync encoder.
WIRE-18630: Fixed a Vimeo authentication failure when changing accounts.
WIRE-18546: Fixed a rare crash with Remote Desktop Presenter source.
WIRE-18538/WIRE-18320: Fixed certain H.264 files failing to open in Windows.
WIRE-18460: We now use YouTube's variable resolution and frame rate options for streams, to allow different streams to have different presets.
WIRE-18454: Fixed an issue where you could not reconnect to Desktop Presenter if the IP address changed
WIRE-18435: Fixed an issue where shot layers could not be dragged and reordered as expected.
WIRE-18403: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing an MP4 output to SRT if the canvas size has changed.
WIRE-18374: Added support for VP8, VP9, Vorbis and WebM on ARM.
WIRE-18353: Fixed Program Replay Hotkeys will not work until the user clicks somewhere.
WIRE-18333: Fixed audio issues when the Rendezvous guest has a single channel input device on Windows.
WIRE-18292: You can now join a Rendezvous session as a guest, even if your default camera is busy or unavailable.
WIRE-18105: Prevented a rare indefinite hang when starting AJA devices.
WIRE-17989: Fixed a bug where the System Audio Capture shot caused poor UI performance when dragging or selecting the layer.
WIRE-17984: Fixed a crash during a transition that includes more than 67 layers.
WIRE-17969: Fixed Apple H.264 quality issue at keyframe interval.
WIRE-17930: Fixed an issue where shot Layer Property sizing boxes were not always accurately changing and going live.
WIRE-17907: Fixed an issue where adding audio-only layer would cause some lag in the UI.
WIRE-17870: Fixed an issue where hovering a file over the Main Shot Display but not adding it would cause the next shot drag to go haywire.
WIRE-17772/ WIRE-17395/ WIRE-16191: Some fixes to perfect our punctuation and consistency.
WIRE-17759: Fixed an issue where an errant black frame would appear during a transition.
WIRE-17707: Fixed an issue where Document Hotkeys would not work in certain situations.
WIRE-17684: Fixed an issue where deleting a playlist could cause weird behavior on the Main Shot Display.
WIRE-17616: We made the bottom-right corner drag area of document window larger for easier grab-ability.
WIRE-17611: Users can no longer make keyboard shortcuts with non-printable characters (tab, arrows, backspace, etc.) without any modifiers (like shift, ctrl).
WIRE-17583: Now using the same video file on disk in multiple shots won’t max out the CPU.
WIRE-17540: When disconnecting a Desktop Presenter shot, the source in Wirecast will now correctly show the user's preference for missing media
WIRE-17518: On saving an older document version in 15.1 (anything below current doc version of 14), a new dialog warning is thrown - saying a backup is being created before upgrade.
WIRE-17311/WIRE-10279: We now support playback of files encoded in MPEG-4 Part 2 on Windows.
WIRE-17270: Fixed crash when disconnecting Legacy Text source.
WIRE-16874: Fixed indefinite hang with HEVC source on Windows.
WIRE-16872: Fixed HEVC sources don’t display on Windows.
WIRE-16848: Fixed green and grey artifacts when switching between HEVC sources on Windows.
WIRE-16521: You can now copy/paste shot layers into and out of shots in playlists.
WIRE-16309: Fixed crash when starting three or more encoders when the first encoder has video disabled.
WIRE-16304: Now when you upgrade to Wirecast Pro, you'll see the ISO recording button upon the upgrade.
WIRE-16190: Fixed some minor UI issues that was causing heartburn for some of us with OCD.
WIRE-15941: Fixed an issue where adding multiple items to a playlist could cause flickering.
WIRE-15926: Removed outdated in-app catalog/store pages to transition to a more modern external browser-based store for in-app purchases.
WIRE-15760: Fixed layout issue in System Device source properties.
WIRE-15622: Now you can play two instances of the same imported video at different speeds and not see a major performance hit.
WIRE-15447: Fixed an issue where you could not close document using command+w on macOS.
WIRE-15439: Fixed an issue where trying to open our tutorial document resulted in the application closing.
WIRE-15436: Fixed UI elements vanishing when narrowing the document during output.
WIRE-15428: Updated UI fixed an issue where video information was being cut off for Webstream sources.
WIRE-15032: Fixed the ability to select multiple audio tracks in trial mode.
WIRE-14292: Fixed crash when certain media files loop on macOS.
WIRE-14035: Multi-track audio selection no longer copies to other outputs.
WIRE-13902: Audio track selections now reset when switching destination types.
WIRE-13807: Fixed an issue where the Noise reduction filter creates a brief sound surge when switching shots.
WIRE-13624: Fixed an issue where trying to authenticate on Twitter when you were not connected to the Internet (which BTW… why would you do that?…) would cause a hang.
WIRE-12890: User is now able to join a Rendezvous session even when they have no valid camera.
WIRE-12592: Fixed crash with certain MOV files.
WIRE-12408: Minor fix to the UI that makes the divide between the Main Shot Display and the Preview/Live windows more apparent.
WIRE-12404: Fixed issue with snapping layers in Preview.
WIRE-12071: Fixed a line that appears in the Scoreboard dialog window.
WIRE-11643: Document hotkeys now work properly even if you have focus on a window that's not the Wirecast main UI.
WIRE-11281: Fixed the scrub bar remains in the Preview window after moving a media file.
WIRE-11171: Somewhere along the line, we fixed a UI issue with scoreboards, that no one probably noticed anyway.
WIRE-11156: Time counters no longer blur when scrubbing in/out points.
WIRE-10461: We no longer let you assign the same keyboard shortcut to a Replay option and another shortcut. Trying to do so will cause the shortcut to be removed from the first assignment and assigned to the new shortcut.
WIRE-10403: Fixed a crash when switching desktops in Remote Desktop Presenter on macOS.
WIRE-7991: Fixed playlist not playing some files from the beginning.
WIRE-7281/WIRE-5047: Fixed no notification when disk is out of space.

Version 15.0.3 – June 27, 2022
WIRE-20411/WIRE-20388: Fixed problems with AVerMedia capture cards unable to capture in Wirecast.
WIRE-20130: Fixed A/V sync problem with Webstream sources where the audio starts much later than the video.

Version 15.0.2 for Wirecast Gear 3 HD HDMI model only (not released to general public)
WIRE-20405: Fixed an issue where sources would not appear correctly in the Add Source window for the latest 510 model of Wirecast Gear.

Version 15.0.1 – May 13, 2022
WIRE-20352: Fixed a crash when pasting a Facebook Live Pairing code.
WIRE-20343: Updated the End User License Agreement.
WIRE-20333: Fixed an error when using the Facebook Crosspost feature when the account did not have Business permissions.
WIRE-20327/WIRE-20311: Fixed Chroma Key with the D3D11 Rendering Engine.
WIRE-20296: Fixed an issue where opening a saved document with a Wirecast Go source that was not active caused a crash when a manual IP address was used.

Version 15.0 – April 14, 2022
New & Improved
New! Social Media Comment Moderation:
Integrate Twitter, Facebook and YouTube comments directly into your broadcast.
See all comments from the supported connected platforms come into one Comment Moderation window. Add one of the new Social Media Titles from the add source menu, select a comment, and your comment will automatically display in your social media title. You can rotate selected comments automatically, or manually select your comments. We now also support YouTube Member Milestone Chat Messages and Twitter Post photos.
New! Major Performance Improvement:s
We've undertaken a massive project to improve the efficiency of Wirecast on your hardware. (Benchmarks coming soon!) A few highlights include more efficient GPU rendering with Direct3D12 on Windows and updated encoding presets for more efficient encoding without sacrificing quality. But there is much more under the hood! We'll be doing benchmarks but would love to hear your anecdotal experience with this (on both Mac and Windows).
Improved! File playback performance:
Alongside the general performance improvements, we have also specifically improved the performance of file playback.
Improved! 4K support:
Improved support for 4K60 input, playback and streaming. With all the work we've done improving performance, one of the benefits is greatly improved handling of 4k content.
Improved! Web Page Source interaction:
When you add a web page source to your document, you can now select a mode where you can interact with that webpage, as if you were in a browser – from directly in the Wirecast UI
New! Refreshed UI:
We've updated and refreshed the User Interface. Besides the more pleasing design, we now offer larger, brighter fonts, better tally indicators and more.
New! More Rendezvous Improvements:
More layout options: We now let users choose either a grid layout for all guests or one-main-guest-others-small layout in their Rendezvous Dashboard
Mirror view: Ability for guests to mirror their self-view by clicking "Flip Video Horizontally"
Muted: Host can see when guest's mic is muted
Network Diagnostics: Rendezvous hosts can now see an icon (either a green, yellow or red signal icon) for each guest, indicating downlink network quality (from guest to Wirecast).
Additionally, the host can see current network stats in the bottom left corner of each guest's video. Presented stats are received bitrate, round trip time, jitter and packet loss. Stats are refreshed every 5 seconds
New! Rendezvous Music Mode: Rendezvous guests can turn on Music Mode, which will greatly improve the audio quality when playing musical instruments over Rendezvous
Rendezvous guests will have the option to turn on Music Mode in their Rendezvous web app. This will:
Enable stereo audio
Increase the audio bitrate to 256k. (By default, it is mono 32k. When enabling music mode, it will be two channels, 128k each.)
Note: this applies only for Rendezvous guests sending audio to Wirecast. Higher quality audio will not be sent to other guests in session (bandwidth utilization would be significantly higher in such case).
Disable audio processing (echo cancellation and noise reduction)
Note: disabling audio processing for normal microphones and just talking can result in poor quality audio - so this should only be used for playing instruments.
New! New and Improved Audio Meters
All audio meters now use a consistent dBFS scale across the app. You'll see consistent readings whether you're looking at Multiviewer audio bars or the Advanced audio Meter. Levels turn yellow when they hit -6dB and red anything greater than -1dB. All meters are consistent in showing when audio is clipping (yellow & red)
New! More Animated Titles
We continue to build our library of animated titles with several new options in addition to the new social media-specific titles
And more!
Improved the low-level clock system in Wirecast. This will improve A/V sync over long periods of time.
Improved quality of Screen Capture source on macOS Retina displays.
Improved the framerate of Multiviewer on Windows.
Improved workflow when deleting a source from the Asset Manager. It will now remove any layers of that source from the document.
Improved audio “smoothing” when a discontinuity occurs.
WIRE-19882: Added ability to show username and photo on Facebook Group stream
WIRE-19875: Improved the placement of the forward/back buttons for interacting with a web page source
WIRE-16862: added support for BGRX raster format
Updated Technology: NDI 5.1, WebRTC to 4664 (m96), libVLC to 3.0.16
WIRE-19736: Created new UHD Presets Encoding Settings in Output Settings
Plus hundreds of additional bug fixes and improvements!

Version 14.3.4 – November 22, 2021
WIRE-19651: Fixed a rare crash when starting a Rendezvous Session.
WIRE-19650: Fixed an indefinite hang that could happen when removing a microphone then adding the same microphone to the Rendezvous Mix.
WIRE-19600: Resolved an audio glitch in Rendezvous that could happen when enabling document audio when the audio in Live is also selected as a microphone in the Rendezvous Mix.
WIRE-19545: You can now once again schedule events on LinkedIn.
WIRE-19540: Fixed an issue where you could lose audio from a USB audio source when connecting Wirecast GO sources.
WIRE-19526: Added Screen Capture Properties information to User Guide.
WIRE-19229: Fixed an issue where audio stopped coming through certain USB audio devices when adding a guest to a Rendezvous session.

Version 14.3.3 – October 4, 2021
WIRE-19501: Fixed invalid error messages from appearing in Output Settings when the user is authenticated to YouTube.

Version 14.3.2 – October 4, 2021
WIRE-19243: Fixed a crash that could occur when loading saved documents with legacy Image Carousel sources.
WIRE-19241: Fixed a rare crash with certain Blackmagic and Wirecast Gear sources.
WIRE-19194: Updated the Twitter/Periscope output destination to use Twitter’s new endpoints.
Note: Twitter has deprecated the Periscope platform. Periscope Outputs in existing documents will need to be manually converted to Twitter Outputs.
WIRE-19130: Fixed several issues which caused PTZ presets to stop working in a document.
WIRE-18829: YouTube Destination no longer randomly changes the stream key when a different encoder is selected.
WIRE-18495: Fixed an issue where you could not stream to some events scheduled through YouTube Studio.
WIRE-18457: YouTube events are no longer being duplicated when configuring a new event.

Version 14.3.1 – August 16, 2021
Added some missing translations for Titles feature.
WIRE-19206: Fixed issue where encoder presets were not appearing for some destinations in the Output Settings.
WIRE-19205: Changed the Duplicate Shot Option for Title to be checked by default (meaning it will create a new instance of the Title). This will only affect users who did not previously set Duplicate Shot Option preferences in 14.3.
WIRE-19179: Audio mixers that support more than 16 channels of audio will no longer downmix all audio to channels 1-2 on macOS.

Version 14.3 – August 2, 2021
New & Improved
New! Title Engine: New library of animated titles! Choose from over 25 (with more on the way!) high quality, customizable animated titles. Add your logo, change colors and fonts, and adjust timing of animations.
New! Secondary Display Live Output Audio mapping: We now allow you to map Audio Tracks to Secondary Display Live Output.
New! Media Playback in Live window: Control playback of media clips while they are Live.
New! In/Out point selection: Editable text fields showing the current in & out point times of media.
Improved! Trace Logs for better information when diagnosing issues.
Improved! Integration with AverMedia Live Gamer BOLT GC555 capture cards.
Improved! AVFoundation Source capture: Made some fundamental changes to the way we bring in AVFoundation sources to improve sync drift between USB devices.
Improved! Countdown Clock: Added 60+minute display in Countdown Clock.
Improved! Media File finder: Access the original file location of a media file from the context menu on the Shot Layers tab.
Improved! Virtual microphone monitoring on Windows: We now really do allow monitoring of Wirecast Virtual Microphone audio on Windows 10.
Improved! Updated technology, including: Facebook API to v10.0, WebRTC to 4430 (m90), and NDI SDK to v5
WIRE-19090: A replay shot now scales properly with the replay template
WIRE-19044: Added ‘+’ and ‘–’ zoom buttons to work with PTZ NDI cameras that don’t have absolute positioning implemented.
WIRE-19039: Beta users may have noticed that titles were not retaining text/image changes when loading saved document or shot template. Now they do.
WIRE-19020: Twitch Ingest Server can now be changed, and selections are retained.
WIRE-19016: Fixed a crash that could occur when authenticating to Twitter/Periscope.
WIRE-18976: Renamed old Title sources to Title (Legacy).
WIRE-18970: Multiviewer Configuration will now scale properly regardless of your monitor DPI, so that all layouts can be seen
WIRE-18960: Improved Performance of YUV converter needed for x264 encoder. Performance is improved by roughly 5x.
WIRE-18945: Audio Mixer Audio Track selection is now saved.
WIRE-18940: Wirecast no longer moves to a different monitor when Maximized->Minimized->Maximized on Windows OS.
WIRE-18934: Shortcuts assigned to number now work on numpad again.
WIRE-18900: Fixed a crash when using Twitter widget with certain UTF-16 characters.
WIRE-18890: Blackmagic SDI Input configuration will no longer get locked after switching from Automatic to Manual.
WIRE-18878: Made iOS video capture on Apple Silicon and Mac work better.
WIRE-18850: PTZ Preset Recall will now work more reliably when using a Playlist.
WIRE-18845: Now you can change the Audio Sample Rate of the Telestream System Audio Capture driver while Wirecast is capturing without dire consequences.
WIRE-18813: Audio capture on Mac can now support various sample rates from the audio driver.
WIRE-18811: The ticker collecting bandwidth statistics now stops after a Rendezvous session is disconnected.
WIRE-18793: Fixed an issue that caused the playlist tab to not display correctly in certain circumstances.
WIRE-18789: Now you can use PTZ controls with more than one Sony PTZ camera in your document.
WIRE-18766: Fixed an issue that could cause an error message when outputting to YouTube, and in general improved error alert messages and logging for YouTube.
WIRE-18758: We added a proxy image to let you know that you have overly HUGE files, and we are automatically downsizing them to a more appropriate size. This will only happen the first time you open an existing document.
WIRE-18751: Fixed Window Screen Capture on Mac where in some instances it was unable to follow window changes.
WIRE-18721: Fixed an issue where you couldn't activate a license if you had no internet connection.
WIRE-18717: Transitioning between a shot with an audio source and a playlist with media no longer removes any of the Audio FX settings.
WIRE-18692: MOV and MP4 recordings no longer have incorrect file creation date.
WIRE-18679: Encoder preset dimensions now continue to update even after invalid dimensions are provided.
WIRE-18659/WIRE-18575: Updated to work better in situations where we detect an audio sample rate that is different than what the source is telling us they are delivering. (This was particularly true for AVIPAS PTZ cameras)
WIRE-18657: When you drag a shot onto another shot, now a warning message will appear giving you the option to 'cancel' or 'create' a playlist.
WIRE-18634: Now, when you add media, you will be shown the location of your last imported media file.
WIRE-18625: Wirecast no longer crashes when opening text files encoded with specific formats.
WIRE-18613: Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting an output destination.
WIRE-18596: Fixed an issue where a Rendezvous session webpage would not display all the guests depending on browser.
WIRE-18555: added more information that could be helpful to us and the user, in the case of a websocket error when using Rendezvous
WIRE-18547: Fixed a crash when opening certain MPEG-4 Version 3 files.
WIRE-18407: Improved ability to capture video from Sony Imaging Edge Webcam software.
WIRE-18369: We reimplemented the ability to stream to Facebook using the Device Pairing workflow (which lets you stream to Facebook using a one-time stream key, rather than having to sign into a Facebook account)
WIRE-18359: Updated the Quicksync SDK to fix an issue where the Quicksync encoder was not working with new drivers.
WIRE-17978: We now let you save your document when you have so many unused sources that need to be deleted, it takes up all the available window real estate.
WIRE-17843: When switching back and forth to a playlist tab all your layers will retain their sizes.
WIRE-17779: Fixed an issue where Virtual Mic output on Windows would not include sources that were removed from the Monitor’s mix.
WIRE-17172: Preferences for Camera no longer reset after rebooting computer.
WIRE-16880: Fixed an issue in Rendezvous where if browser didn't send any video, we would not send audio.
WIRE-16256: Now you can happily mute Replay Template shots.
WIRE-10914: We now do a better job of collecting crash dump files on Windows.
Known Issues
WIRE-19145: AVFoundation audio sources do not appear in the list of Rendezvous Microphone sources until they are added to the document.
PTZOptics Cameras will not work with the PTZ Controller using NDI Protocol until the firmware is updated on the camera. VISCA Protocol will still work with older versions of the firmware.

Version 14.2.1 – May 18, 2021
WIRE-18841/WIRE-18685: Put some bits in to help us diagnose installer issues in the future.
WIRE-18833: Squashed a memory leak when using Image Carousel.
WIRE-18798: We now make two attempts to uninstall previous versions of Wirecast during an update or reinstall on Windows. First we’ll try silently. If that fails, we will nag you to once and for all quit all other apps using Virtual Mic/Camera, for Pete's sake.
WIRE-18794/WIRE-18784: Fixed a crash when starting an RTMP output when the CPU doesn’t support AVX instructions.
WIRE-18780: Fixed an issue where locked Thumbnail images would occasionally not load from a document.
WIRE-18765: Placeholders are now available to all license levels of Wirecast, not just the privileged Pro users.
WIRE-18715: Fixed an issue where Wirecast was not installing correctly (or at all) on certain Windows machines.
WIRE-18760: Fixed a crash when importing QuickTime Animation files on machines that don’t support AVX instructions.
WIRE-18517: Fixed crash when starting an x264 encoder when running Wirecast in the Rosetta emulator.

Version 14.2 – April 28, 2021
New & Improved
New! Apple Universal Support: Now Wirecast can be run natively on M1 Macs
New! Placeholders and Shot Templates: New and improved Shot Templates let you easily add a pre-configured shot layout to your document or save any shot as a Template. And assign cameras or sources to Placeholders to quickly add a source across a number of shots in your document. Especially useful for pre-configuring shots for Rendezvous guests!
New! Secondary Display Output (Pro-only): Adds a new type of output that sends the live program feed to a secondary display without the need for specific hardware. Great alternative for hardware-based program out but can also be used as an alternative to Virtual Camera/Microphone when paired with a capture device.
New! Lock Shot Icon: Now you can take a snapshot of your live shot and save it as the icon thumbnail image.
New! Shot ISO indicator: You’ll see a tally indicator on shots that are currently being ISO recorded.
New! PTZ Control of X-Series Sony cameras: Added Sony X-Series VISCA/UDP protocol profile in the PTZ controller.
New! LinkedIn Live Auto-Captions support: Make your LinkedIn Live broadcasts more accessible by adding auto-generated captions to any LinkedIn Live video.
New! Updated the app icon to Big Sur style on macOS: It’s minor, but thought we’d mention it.
New! Input connection selector for Blackmagic devices: This new option lets you select the type of video/audio input connection (HDMI/SDI) used for incoming Blackmagic Designs sources. This helps ensure you have the right connection chosen, to reduce errors in your incoming sources.
New! Audio in Web Page source: Added the ability to adjust audio from a Web Page source as well as stream it out as part of your broadcast.
Improved! Several Clock enhancements including:
Auto-start countdown: An option to automatically start the countdown clock when it gets pushed live, saving time and clicks.
60+ min: Added the ability to set times in minutes greater than 60 minutes, useful in sports and other applications.
Countdown to specific date: Countdown to a specific date and time, for longer broadcasts and countdowns.
New display options: Including US-centric date formats, and a day-of-the-week-only option.
Improved! Text Scrolling improvement: There is now a checkbox option in the scrolling section of the text source properties (defaults to enabled) titled "Restart when pushed live". If enabled, scrolling will restart from the beginning when the shot containing the text source is sent live.
Improved! Virtual Microphone monitoring on Windows: Now in Windows you can monitor of the audio output of Wirecast while outputting the Wirecast virtual microphone.
Improved! Windows Installer Improvements: Just making it a better experience for all.
Improved! Rendezvous guests in Favorites tab: Rendezvous guests will now appear in the Favorites tab if Rendezvous Shot is favorited.
Improved! M4V files can now be selected.
Improved! Image Carousel: Improved rendering for Image Carousels
Improved! Automatic image downscaling: Images larger than the current document's canvas will now be automatically downsized before being loaded into Wirecast for better performance.
Updated technologies:
VLC library: Updated libVLC to version 3.0.12
CEF: Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to version 88.0.4324.182.
NDI: We’ve updated to versions 4.6.2 (Windows) and the (M1 supported beta) 4.6.1 on Mac.
WebView2: Now using WebView2 for embedded browsers on Windows.
WIRE-18688: Windows installer now installs correctly on Windows 10 N editions.
WIRE-18672: Fixed a rare crash on macOS.
WIRE-18607: Fixed an issue with Virtual Microphone on M1 systems.
WIRE-18686: Now you can happily hear sound when using Secondary Display Live Output with audio devices that have more than 2 channels.
WIRE-18637: Made the Wirecast Support Assistant app on Windows legit by code signing it.
WIRE-18616: Fixed a memory leak that would slowly grow over time when capturing Remote Desktop Presenter sources on macOS.
WIRE-18608: Disabled LinkedIn Live Draft Mode until it’s officially supported by LinkedIn.
WIRE-18593: Fixed some issues with NDI sources.
WIRE-18588: Removed Telestream Cloud Settings from Wirecast Output Settings as we are sunsetting this service. See more info here.
WIRE-18581/WIRE-18531/WIRE-18366: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when running Wirecast with other programs on Windows.
WIRE-18548: Made some improvements to media playback on macOS.
WIRE-18544: Added Title and Description requirement for Facebook streams.
WIRE-18533: MIDI and XKeys controllers are now working on macOS.
WIRE-18526: Custom Mattes now again display in the Shot Layer Properties menu.
WIRE-18472: Fixed a crash that could happen if “Keep Reading File” was checked in a Text File Mode shot.
WIRE-18467: Localized dates correctly in Clock Widget.
WIRE-18463: Fixed a crash when opening certain older documents with a countdown Clock source on Windows.
WIRE-18461: Fixed a crash that could happen when playing certain MP4 files on Windows.
WIRE-18442: If you switch Timestamps mode while outputting, this should no longer introduce an A/V sync issue.
WIRE-18416: Fixed an issue prohibiting some MP4 files to be imported.
WIRE-18414: Fixed a rare crash when a program is making OLE scripting calls at shutdown.
WIRE-18400: Fixed an issue with the Wirecast installer on Windows silently failing if Wirecast is running in the background.
WIRE-18395: Fixed Clock Widget crashing if reset button is clicked in countdown mode when an invalid time format is specified.
WIRE-18389: Now the Clock Widget won’t annoyingly show you an alert message twice when an invalid time format is specified. You’ll be alerted once. So pay attention.
WIRE-18349: We no longer will allow installation of Wirecast on Windows 10 versions less than 1809. Please update Windows.
WIRE-18324: We made it easier to save a Shot ISO Filename value by clicking OK.
WIRE-18303: Fixed a Rendezvous conundrum where guests wouldn’t actually leave a session if they disconnected while the host was ending the session. (There’s probably a joke here about guests overstaying their welcome...)
WIRE-18295: We now disable ONVIF devices by default. This can be enabled in the Preferences > Advanced section.
WIRE-18289: Fixed an issue where some saved documents (specifically with long audio asset names) couldn’t be reopened.
WIRE-18287/WIRE-18286: Removed CEF and activated WebView2 for embedded OAuth browsers in Output Settings.
WIRE-18260: Now your Output Settings will not be overwritten when you delete another Output destination.
WIRE-18211: Fixed a minor issue where long shot/source names would cause the Add Source dialog box to expand.
WIRE-18203: Fixed a Typo in the install Telestream Audio Capture alert dialog. Nothing to see here.
WIRE-18197: Fixed privileges for LinkedIn Live – Now it only retrieves company pages for which you are an admin.
WIRE-18126: Fixed some strange behavior with Image Carousels when you set a long transition time.
WIRE-17917: Automatically downscale images larger than the maximum canvas size to avoid crashing when the image is larger than the maximum Metal Texture dimensions on macOS.
WIRE-17607: Fixed an issue where certain images wouldn’t display in the Image Carousel.
WIRE-16688: Fixed an issue where Live Audio would not play after loading documents set to show Preview only.
WIRE-13900/WIRE-13613: Fixed an issue where Multiviewer would not discretely output to certain HDTV displays when they were the exact same model.
Known Issues
WIRE-18573: Mainconcept H.264 encoder is not supported on M1 systems.   
WIRE-18572: Unicast and Multicast Outputs are not supported on M1 systems.   
WIRE-18517: Starting an x264 encoder crashes Wirecast when running in Rosetta. We’ve decided not to support Rosetta mode.   
WIRE-18496: Legacy Text source has been removed. This means that certain Legacy Text properties that are not compatible with the new Text Widget won’t be available. 

Version 14.1.2 (Mac only) – March 3, 2021
WIRE-18339: Fixed a rare crash on macOS that could appear more frequently when there were many Screen Captures and/or System Devices in the document.
WIRE-17996: XKeys Controller now works with macOS Big Sur.

Version 14.1.1 – February 12, 2020
WIRE-18445 / WIRE-18444 /18397: Fixed several issues with YouTube encoder presets not behaving. (Please Note: if you encounter any issues with the YouTube output destination, please report that to our support team, and if needed, a workaround is to use the RTMP destination to your YouTube account.)
WIRE-18420: Fixed an issue where some people couldn’t create Facebook Events on their accounts.
WIRE-18404: Chroma Key now works again on macOS Mojave.

Version 14.1 – January 25, 2020
Wirecast 14.1 incorporates new features that will enable new workflows and improve your existing ones. Here's a quick rundown of some of the new features and important improvements and fixes in version 14.1.

New! Rendezvous back-channel chat: Enables behind-the-scenes messaging between hosts/guests.
New! Shot ISO (Pro-only): You can now independently record any shot in your document, including Rendezvous shots, audio-only shots or any user-generated shots. Great for NLE workflows.
New! SRT output: Support for Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) output via Caller method. Supports x264 and Apple H.264 encoding methods. SRT is an open-source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet.
Improved! Mac Audio capture plugin: Restored the ability to bring into Wirecast any audio any running apps are producing on your Mac.
New! ProRes encoding on Windows: Great for NLE workflows, now available for Windows, for both ISO recording and record to disk.
New! Canvas preference page: Time-saving default for document canvas size, video frame rate, and snapping settings.
Improved! Media playback improvements: Performance and efficiency improvements for playback of PNG animations.
Improved! Rendezvous connection improvements: Better reconnection if your Rendezvous guests somehow get disconnected.
Updated! Blackmagic SDK: Adds new resolution options and also fixes some issues when capturing certain resolutions.
Fixed! Audio distortion with Blackmagic output: Fixed an issue where some audio could become distorted on output with Blackmagic devices.
Plus, lots of other bug fixes and improvements!
Full Release Notes
New & Improved
WIRE-18344: Added US-centric date formats to Clock Widget.
WIRE-18168: Remove Facebook Live with User Code Destination. Facebook have deprecated this functionality.
WIRE-18064: Added a new dynamic destination for Castr.
WIRE-18021: New and improved System Audio Capture on Mac - works on T2 chip Macs and on macOS Big Sur. Better performance, more reliable, delicious on toast.
WIRE-18004: Treat yourself, once again, to cropping by percentage. (And for those of you who liked cropping by pixels, we got you covered).
WIRE-18000: You can now happily hide your cursor when screen capturing on Windows.
WIRE-17998: ISO recording doesn’t have to be hard, but we tried to make it easier by adding better error messaging for common ISO recording problems.
WIRE-17966: Major improvement to ISO recording. Now you can ISO Record SHOTS! (Think Rendezvous shots, Wirecast Go shots, audio only shots…). To nerd out on this, read our little companion novel here.
WIRE-17952/WIRE-17898: In some cases, devices don’t provide accurate time stamps. This can cause A/V sync issues. We now expose an option in System Device Properties to use timestamps “Provided by source” or “Generated by Wirecast”. More info here.
WIRE-17901: Updated the look of the Rendezvous Session window to make it match the Rendezvous Dashboard.
WIRE-17875/ WIRE-17220: Made improvements to auto-reconnect Rendezvous. Previously, if the connection to Rendezvous was cut-off for any reason (e.g. unplugging ethernet cable, switching WiFi connections, network failure, etc.), the video displays for your Rendezvous guests would freeze and not restore themselves even after whatever caused the network failure was fixed. Now we will try to reconnect 8 times. When the reconnection process begins, a progress wheel widget is displayed in the bottom right next to the 'Disconnect' button. If reconnection fails, you are automatically disconnected from the session and given an error message.
WIRE-17810/WIRE-17404/WIRE-13505: New! Added the ability to output via Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). Read more about SRT:
WIRE-17636: We jazzed up and improved our Clock Widget, because 2020 seems like a really good time for some self-improvement and decluttering.
WIRE-17745/ WIRE-14963: If you check out Preferences, you may just notice a new option called “Canvas”. Yep, now you can set a whole bunch of default settings for your broadcast canvas.
WIRE-17660: Ooh, shiny new update for our Blackmagic SDK to version 11.6.0, adding support for capture and output of more video formats. Note, this will require an update to the Blackmagic drivers- but don’t worry, we’ll display a warning in the user log if you need to update your drivers.
WIRE-17573: Now, you can schedule your LinkedIn Live video on your Page or profile in advance.
WIRE-17442: We now show ISO recording errors in the app Notifications window instead of rudely interrupting your workflow with a modal dialog box.
WIRE-17082: Improved the performance of 4K webcams.
WIRE-16861/WIRE-16704: We now enable ProRes recording on Windows (for regular recording and ISO recording).
WIRE-14425: Added a field to specify how frequently you want to update your RSS feed in the Text Widget. Minimum value is 5 seconds.
WIRE-14052: A default Replay speed can now be set at 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x, or 2x.
WIRE-13977: With our updated Shot ISO recording feature, you can now map a single audio source to multiple video tracks (shots).
WIRE-13636: Increased the maximum video delay value to 10 seconds.
WIRE-13575: New Rendezvous Chat feature. Now you can message instantly with your Rendezvous guests, right within the app. Confirm they’re ready, tell all the guests you’re going off script, or let someone know they have spinach in their teeth.
WIRE-18364: In a continued effort to banish 2020 from our memories, we updated our About box to display 2005-2021.
WIRE-18343: Fixed an issue where the Clock Widget’s time display could go out of sync with real time when the computer went to sleep.
WIRE-18342: Our Live Icon thumbnails were not updating when showing a Clock. They do now.
WIRE-18330: Fixed an issue where StreamDeck Multi Shot by Name wasn’t working on Windows. This update will be distributed via the Stream Deck Plugin.
WIRE-18311: Added a note to in-app Cloud Settings page that the service will end March 15th, 2021. On that note, please be aware: Wirecast Restream and Wirecast Live Captioning features are being phased out. The last date to renew a subscription will be March 15, 2021. Learn more
WIRE-18302: Now it’s no longer possible to input 0 for size in the Shot Layer Properties size box when Locked Aspect Ratio is enabled.
WIRE-18296: We wrangled the Cross Dissolve transition to once again fade audio instead of cutting it.
WIRE-18291: Squashed a crash that could occur when attempting to stream to SRT after deleting another configured output.
WIRE-18283: Fixed Shot Layer Drop Shadows on the Clock Widget.
WIRE-18272: Multiviewer was only displaying on the primary monitor when running Wirecast through the Rosetta emulator on macOS M1 machines. It now happily will display on other monitors.
WIRE-18262: Fixed a doozy where Blackmagic Output could stop sending audio if seeking or switching shots on certain media files (especially if they are long GOP format. Note: don’t use those when you can avoid it!).
WIRE-18208: Removed “Record Additional Audio channels” checkbox from Shot ISO recording UI.
WIRE-18207/WIRE-17960: Wirecast now will not obstinately ignore your mouse clicks on Windows, which you could have experienced if you removed a layer via the Shot Layers right-click context menu.
WIRE-18153: Fixed an issue where the Main Shot Display on Windows briefly stretched or squished when you zoomed layer height.
WIRE-18149/WIRE-18048: Increased size of the Vimeo authentication window on Windows, which is helpful when you actually want to see it.
WIRE-18146: Users will now see a warning message if they open Wirecast when GPU Tweak II is active in the On-Screen Display (OSD). Best to not use that with Wirecast. Trust us.
WIRE-18133: Audio increases in volume momentarily when using certain transitions.
WIRE-18115: Removed an erroneous warning message when you opened a Wirecast document from Windows Explorer if you already had another document open.
WIRE-18104: Crash on exit with certain Thunderbolt 3 PCI-e adapters with certain Blackmagic capture cards on macOS.
WIRE-18093: Order of operations change for streaming to LinkedIn Live: we’ll check if live video is available, then create a post (instead of creating a post and then checking for the live video).
WIRE-18077: Reverted a previous performance improvement with H.264 files on Windows due to the change causing playback problems with other certain media files.
WIRE-18075: Did you know there was something wrong with opacity setting for Solid color on macOS? No? Oh. Then there wasn’t. See, everything is fine.
WIRE-18070: Fixed a crash that could occur on macOS when changing shot templates.
WIRE-18065: Fixed an issue where opening context menus would cause the Multiviewer to drop frames on Windows.
WIRE-18052/ WIRE-18051/ WIRE-18050: Simplified the Output Settings for Facebook, Twitch and Vimeo by removing a Sign-Up link that was so small you could barely see it anyway.
WIRE-18044: When a YouTube Event is selected, we now try to select a preset matching the event’s stream frame rate and resolution.
WIRE-18022: If you change your canvas size and try to quit, we will now stop you and ask if you want to save that change. Just trying to make things easier for you.
WIRE-18015/ WIRE-17776: You may have heard, we updated our Clock widget – and happily, all the typeface settings now work. Unless it’s Chalkboard. No one should be using Chalkboard font.
WIRE-18013: Now when you transition a shot with the De-Ess filter enabled, you won’t hear a popping noise – causing you to run to the microwave to check your popcorn before it burns.
WIRE-18010: If you try to record an ISO recording to a folder that doesn’t exist, we will now warn you politely, instead of giving you the finger and silently refusing to record.
WIRE-17997/WIRE-16967: Fixed an assertion failure when playing specific media files.
WIRE-17981: Fixed a bug that caused a deleted document to hang around defiantly in your Welcome Window.
WIRE-17968: Creating a new Rendezvous session after trying to reconnect to an expired one now works.
WIRE-17962: We now add a helpful, nicely worded error message to the Notification window if you try to do a Screen Capture on macOS if Wirecast hasn’t been given Screen Recording permissions.
WIRE-17959: We removed ‘Show Facebook Post’ link from our Facebook Destination Scheduled Events since Facebook has removed this functionality.
WIRE-17948/WIRE-17760/WIRE-17620/WIRE-17481: Fixed a crash that could happen when adding a Blackmagic source that is capturing certain resolutions.
WIRE-17928: Fixed an issue with certain RSS feeds not displaying correctly.
WIRE-17912: If you uncheck Twitter in Output Settings, we will no longer illogically require you to log into your Twitter account before you can stream.
WIRE-17906: The zoom on your Main Shot Display layers will now be saved when you close and reopen your document.
WIRE-17897: We updated to the latest version of NDI HX2 which fixed a bug in HX2 decoding causing some HX2 video to not appear on older Macs.
WIRE-17896: Removed the end date fields from YouTube Event dialog.
WIRE-17847/WIRE-18109: Now your settings are maintained when you copy and paste a source from one shot to another
WIRE-17813: We thank you for your patience. Wirecast sometimes took a long time to open if you had recent documents with Titler Live sources. Once you open and save your document, you’ll see that’s fixed. (You’ll need to open any recent Wirecast Documents that appear in your Welcome Window, and save them to stop experiencing slow loading.)
WIRE-17737: Fixed an annoying issue where audio would become distorted when outputting via in Blackmagic output.
WIRE-17682: If your RTMP output fails, we now perform a little check to see if perhaps your firewall or antivirus is blocking your ability to stream, and we’ll quietly let you know.
WIRE-17589: Fixed a link in an ISO-related error message that led you into a dark alley and left you there to figure out what happened and to fend for yourself.
WIRE-17575: Fixed a rare crash on macOS that could occur at quit, when the Teradek Streamreader plugin was installed.
WIRE-17470: We squashed a bug where playing certain media files could cause an indefinite hang on older Macs.
WIRE-17259: Improved error messaging when attempting to connect to a source with dimensions greater than 8000 pixels. 8k is our limit.
WIRE-17052: Fixed some of our output statistics, which weren’t reflecting accurate statistics. Awkward!
WIRE-17008: Improved performance of animated PNG media files, which could cause high CPU usage on playback.
WIRE-16226: Fixed issues where YouTube outputs would get confused if you had several users or outputs.
WIRE-15370: Fixed playback issues with specific media files with AAC audio. Basically, the software equivalent of when your mechanic puts in a new air filter and you have to take their word for it
WIRE-15161: Updated our Dynamic Destination Documentation to include hardware encoders.
Known Issue
NOTE: XKeys Controller does not currently work on macOS Big Sur. If you plan to use XKeys with Wirecast, we advise you to stay on macOS Catalina or Mojave.

Version 14.0.4 – October 14, 2020
WIRE-18071: One more YouTube fix: We had to enable Wirecast to use a previous YouTube stream key when creating events.

Version 14.0.3 – October 12, 2020
WIRE-18045: Updated the Lumens PTZ Profile, which may have the happy consequence that some Sony cameras will now work with this profile.
WIRE-18030: We now limit the Multiviewer render frame rate to the canvas frame rate, which should reduce the amount of background processing going on. Previously this would always render at 60Hz.
WIRE-18028: We removed the Stream Now event for YouTube Destination, since YouTube has removed this option.
WIRE-18027: Fixed a Backenderror when creating a YouTube Event. No one wants a backenderror.
WIRE-17990: Fixed a crash that could occur if you edited a YouTube Scheduled Event and that Event mysteriously returned a start date of 1/1/1970.
WIRE-17955/WIRE-17941: Text Scrolling now works when OS is set to any language other than English.
WIRE-17934: We re-enable Global Keyboard Shortcuts on macOS Big Sur. If you were following closely, we disabled them on Catalina because they caused a crash. Big Sur doesn’t have that issue.
WIRE-17913: RTMP output stream field can now be empty, and you can write your own stream name into the field.
Known Issues
NOTE: XKeys Controller does not currently work on macOS Big Sur. If you plan to use XKeys with Wirecast, we advise you to stay on macOS Catalina or Mojave.
NOTE: As part of the fix for WIRE-17286, on BlackMagic devices, we now identify them via hardware ID instead of enumeration order. The fallout is that if you have a document that once referred to one piece of hardware it may fail to initially reference a different piece of hardware. The workaround is to use the asset manager to replace the references to the new hardware. Once done, that document should save your new sources as expected.

Version 14.0 – September 1, 2020
New & Improved
WIRE-17882: Added an option on Wirecast Gear licenses to disable audio capture from the capture cards.
WIRE-17852/ WIRE-17835: Added a lock button to link the new width and height size fields in the Video Properties tab.
WIRE-17730: Updated Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series capture cards drivers and SDK to version 190.1.
WIRE-17825: Brightened the display of Stream/Record/ISO Times.
WIRE-17705: Removed a superfluous error message.
WIRE-17704: Implemented a new way to scale your sources using a handy Jog Wheel widget.
WIRE-17674: Add a visual example to the documentation of the Countdown Clock Display Gear icon menu.
WIRE-17666: Removed Auto-Canvas option as it was confusing and no longer serving a useful purpose. New documents will default to 720p. Older documents will be set at their actual canvas size, and you’ll get a warning if your output resolutions don’t match your canvas size.
WIRE-17628: We updated some code to make our capture card inputs more efficient for Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series.
WIRE-17617: Updated the highlight color for Windows buttons to be less obnoxious than the bright green.
WIRE-17610: Clarified a bit of wording on Chromakey Properties.
WIRE-17594: Added support for Snap Camera.
WIRE-17586: Improved the design of the NDI GPU encoding toggle button to make it clearer which was off, and which was on.
WIRE-17585: Added a checkbox option in Advanced Preferences to allow you to reconnect live shots automatically if they get disconnected. Defaults to checked.
WIRE-17577: Implemented a system of fixed latency for selecting the video & audio frames to render for each source. As part of this, we added a new text field to the Advanced section of the Preferences that will let you specify the Global Input Latency Wirecast should use. Lower latency means more possibility of audio blips; longer latency means more delay before video & audio are shown.
WIRE-17556: We added an option to disconnect all peers when ending a Rendezvous session
WIRE-17533: Added the ability to set a LinkedIn Live event to "Public" or "Private".
WIRE-17467: Added a font face pop up to more accurately select font variations.
WIRE-17451: Updated the term "Audio Interface" to the more descriptive "Audio Playback" for clarity.
WIRE-17432: Now we allow you to create a custom encoder when outputting to Facebook Live.
WIRE-17325: Added a tooltip to help explain the Facebook Optimize Connection button.
WIRE-17318: We no longer notify you when a new update comes out if your OS is not supported.
WIRE-17317/WIRE-17238: Updated the button placement in the Rendezvous dashboard to prevent you from unintentionally starting a new session when you meant to connect to a previous session.
WIRE-17313: Made a minor update to the Vimeo Output API.
WIRE-17277: Enabled GPU decoding for NDI sources.
WIRE-17260/WIRE-16693: Updated our Solid Color overlay functionality with a fancy new GPU-accelerated one.
WIRE-17229: Gave a minor makeover to our "Add Source" Window layout.
WIRE-17197: Implemented a number of changes to improve the reconnection behavior of Wirecast Go when used as a source.
WIRE-17190: Smoothed out audio from sources when connecting and disconnecting.
WIRE-17077: Updated to NDI SDK 4.5.
WIRE-17019: Wirecast now opens at the size of the screen instead of at a certain size in the top left corner of the screen
WIRE-16972: Made some under-the-hood improvements to the Audio Mixer, which should result in an improved efficiency and reduced CPU load.
WIRE-16933: Upgraded our Webstream plugin (libVLC) to version 3.0.8.
WIRE-16930/ WIRE-16734/ WIRE-6613 /WIRE-14: Introducing Chroma Key v2: Added new features to our Chroma Key to enable more accurate keying, including spill suppression, edge coloring, clipping ranges and more.
WIRE-16929: Introducing Color Key: Added a new Color Key feature which keys using colors in the RGB space. Useful for images (logos) that have non-black and non-white backgrounds.
WIRE-16928: Introducing Luma Key: Added a new Luma Key feature which sets the image alpha based on the intensity (y) value, ignoring the color (U and V) values. This is useful if you have a logo with a white or black background you wish to remove.
WIRE-16925/WIRE-12741/WIRE-16650: Rebuilt our Mulitviewer, and in the process, added some cool new audio meters.
WIRE-16847: Implemented a menu & menu items under the 'Switch' menu that restores the toggle functionality of Layers in the Main Shot Display area.
WIRE-16783: Rebuilt the Shot Layers User Interface- you’ll notice some snappier animations and a subtle new look.
WIRE-16749: Added support for new "made for Kids" guidelines in YouTube destination.
WIRE-16739: Improve the Output Statistics for RTMP Destinations.
WIRE-16732: Changed the way we store/show your document thumbnail, to reduce file size.
WIRE-16699: Rewrote our text widget to, among other things, improve performance and smoothness of scrolling text.
WIRE-16663: There is now a 'Delete all' button in the Asset Manager window to remove all missing assets at once.
WIRE-16648: Switched from the Apple-deprecated OpenGL render engine to Metal on macOS.
WIRE-16129: Major improvements in the way Wirecast sizes incoming video sources. This, along with the new ways you can resize your videos and bounding boxes, should make it much easier to get your media precisely the size you want it to be.
WIRE-15995/WIRE-17442: We moved the status bar to the bottom of the main document UI to free up space at the top. It will show System CPU, bitrate, dropped frames, viewer count, Facebook reactions and Telestream Cloud status.
WIRE-15915: Added the ability to bring in an NDI audio only source.
WIRE-15584: Added an "Add All" button in Rendezvous to more efficiently add all guests at once.
WIRE-14979: We now allow you to set In and Out points on your Custom (Stinger) transitions.
WIRE-14072: We added an improvement so that all sources appear and disappear from the source list while the Add Source dialog is showing, so you no longer need to close and reopen the dialog to see updates.
WIRE-12911: Improved experience when a shot gets disconnected. You now have the option for disconnected shots to be replaced with the red question mark, a transparency, or an image of your choice.
WIRE-17879: Fixed an issue with drop shadows on Windows.
WIRE-17869: Fixed a word wrapping issue that could occur when specifying Width/Height on macOS.
WIRE-17864: Fixed a transition issue on macOS when transitioning media with a drop shadow.
WIRE-17863: Fixed a very rare crash that could occur when dragging the Edge Color slider in the Chroma Key properties tab.
WIRE-17862: Dragging shots on the Main Shot display should no longer cause Wirecast to become unresponsive on Windows.
WIRE-17861: Fixed an issue where clicking “Apply Default” could cause the Chroma Key to stop updating.
WIRE-17855: Squashed a crash that could occur when adding a Text shot then adding a Title shot.
WIRE-17854: Fixed a crash on that could happen when you quit Wirecast.
WIRE-17853: The lock icon on the Shot Layer Properties was inconsistent between macOS and Windows. Not they match.
WIRE-17881/WIRE-17849: Fixed some missing translations.
WIRE-17845: We updated our trace log to be more useful to us in diagnosing errors.
WIRE-17838: The Chroma Key dropper samples were not always aligned with the mouse cursor – now they are.
WIRE-17833: Fixed a crash on macOS when saving a document if there were unused assets that were created from the Rendezvous Dashboard.
WIRE-17826: Removed some embarrassing text use for testing only.
WIRE-17808/ WIRE-17807: Fixed a crash that could happen when dragging JPEG directly onto Shot Layers Tab.
WIRE-17806: Fixed another crash that could happen when switching between Playlist tab and Main Shot tab with certain legacy documents.
WIRE-17805: Playlists were missing their thumbnail images – we found them and put them back.
WIRE-17802: Scale-to-Fit button was not doing what it was supposed to do when assets had a crop applied. Now it’s behaving.
WIRE-17796: Removed references in our User Guide to an old feature involving the ability to move between Keynote slides in Wirecast.
WIRE-17793: We brightened display of timecode for media playback in Live – you're welcome Barrie.
WIRE-17791: Fixed an error where YouTube accounts with no upcoming events would show “Error retrieving streams from server”.
WIRE-17790: Fixed an issue with our new Chroma/Luma/Color Key where in one Beta version it was making the subject partially transparent.
WIRE-17783: Loading Wheel no longer appears when transitioning from Clear Layer to any shot on macOS.
WIRE-17782: Stinger Transitions are now scaled properly in the “Manage Stinger Transitions” menu.
WIRE-17771: Improved the error message that you’d get if you previewed an event on YouTube, and then went back to Wirecast and tried to enable Auto-Start for that event.
WIRE-17767: Cut transitions no longer have a one-frame overlap
WIRE-17749: Fixed an issue that could cause Titler Live sources to disappear if set to auto-live
WIRE-17746: Fixed a crash on Windows that could happen when importing images
WIRE-17744: Now you can decorate text with a shadow AND a background
WIRE-17742: Fixed an issue with text that could potentially corrupt memory.
WIRE-17739: Fixed a damn memory leak on exit after selecting a layer in Preview
WIRE-17738: Fixed a crash when switching from Playlists back to the Main Shot Layers
WIRE-17735: Fixed a flicker in the lower left side of the UI
WIRE-17734: Another leak fixed - also related to clicking on empty preview
WIRE-17732: Cleaned up our Duplicate Shot Options menu
WIRE-17721: It was reported that Scale to Fit and Stretch to Fit were not working properly- we revamped that whole area anyway. Be sure to check that out.
WIRE-17719: The Facetime camera is no longer defaulting to the lowest option
WIRE-17717: Fixed an indefinite hang that happened when devices were missing
WIRE-17716: Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to stop responding on Windows after several hours of operation
WIRE-17715: Translated some text
WIRE-17713: Text Justify is no longer broken
WIRE-17111: Scaling-related fix: Rendezvous shots should no longer resize after saving and reopening
WIRE-17710: We dropped support for macOS 10.13 and added a warning notification that you can't install if you're not on 10.14 or later.
WIRE-17709: "Smooth" and "Cut" transitions are no longer choppy
WIRE-17699: We increased the time we attempt to synchronize incoming audio and video sources for ISO recording - in order to handle sync better.
WIRE-17696: Fixed an issue on Mac where certain transitions would cause all layers to transition instead of just the changed layer
WIRE-17688: When you add a new output destination, we now don't retain the old data in the new output configuration
WIRE-17687: Fixed an issue during long streams that cause latency to accumulate for certain Sources
WIRE-17677: Fixed several small memory leaks on macOS.
WIRE-17663: Fixed crash that could occur when opening the LinkedIn Login page on certain machines
WIRE-17663: Fixed an issue that caused a crash with the LinkedIn OAuth Login page
WIRE-17662: Output Settings sidebar was not updating when the destination was changed. Now it does.
WIRE-17658/WIRE-17641: Fixed an issue where deleting a Playlist could cause Wirecast to enter a state where Shots could not be selected.
WIRE-17646: If you set a delay on your Video Shot it will no longer reset itself intermittently.
WIRE-17643: Fixed a bug where if you selected Configure Monitor and then System Audio Capture your Config Monitor selection would get reverted to your previous selection.
WIRE-17642: Fixed a crash on Mac that could occur when you had a screen capture source
WIRE-17640: Removed Syphon Inject from User Guide.
WIRE-17639: Fixed a bunch of cropping issues - including the Control key not working
WIRE-17633: We've removed Syphon Frame as a Source Option. Syphon depends on the OpenGL framework, (which Apple is in the process of deprecating), and as of version 14.0, we've moved Wirecast to the Metal framework, which is not compatible with Syphon.
WIRE-17630: Added a warning when you disconnect Rendezvous sources - so you don't accidentally disconnect people.
WIRE-17629: Removed use of the word "Master" in Wirecast and documentation in favor of Main Shot Bin and Main Audio Mixer.
WIRE-17627: Fixed drop shadows being upside down on macOS.
WIRE-17623: Fixed a YouTube authentication issue.
WIRE-17622: The "Remove when finished" option for media playback works again.
WIRE-17619: Minor change of text color on the clock to make it visible
WIRE-17614: If you open your document on a screen that was smaller than the one it was created on it was opening too large to fit in window. That's been fixed.
WIRE-17609: Fixed a minor issue that would result in Chromakey being selected when you meant to select Lumakey.
WIRE-17608: Stinger Transitions now maintain their alpha channels
WIRE-17605: Fixed a rare crash that could happen when a Rendezvous Guest joined a session.
WIRE-17603/WIRE-17286/WIRE-16571: Fixed an issue that would cause capture cards to switch sources each time you rebooted your computer. See NOTE below.
WIRE-17599: Fixed a crash that would occur when starting a Rendezvous Session when a disconnected audio source was in the Live Program Out Mix.
WIRE-17598: Fixed a crash when changing the Solid Color sources’ width or height to zero.
WIRE-17593: Removed forced bold, italic and bold italic from fonts that don’t support them.
WIRE-17592: Fixed another rare crash on Windows.
WIRE-17590: Teradek Sources no longer autofill Host, Port and Stream Name.
WIRE-17588: Fixed an issue on Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series where the capture cards could drop bits of incoming audio.
WIRE-17587: Typefaces and typeface shadows were being cut off by bounding box - we've made some fixes to that.
WIRE-17584: Fixed an issue on Windows where text was disappearing seemingly by evil magic
WIRE-17580/WIRE-17578: Mattes now work again.
WIRE-17282: Manual focus on NDI PTZ control now works.
WIRE-17576: Fixed a crash when switching shots with certain transitions if the Rendezvous Live Output camera was set to the Document’s output.
WIRE-17574: Fixed rare crash on Windows.
WIRE-17564: Fix rare crash when switching shots to a Rendezvous Guest that has disconnected.
WIRE-17562: The app UI is no longer obscured on Windows when you've scaled to >100%
WIRE-17553: Fixed rare crash that could occur when a Dynamic Destination sends Wirecast an invalid XML file.
WIRE-17546: Fixed an issue causing a shot to flicker and video to freeze
WIRE-17537 and WIRE-16355: Fixed some audio issues when using Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro
WIRE-17536: More translations of text
WIRE-17527/ WIRE-16883: Fixed rare crash at quit on macOS.
WIRE-17525: Fixed a bug where you could inexplicably no longer manipulate shots using your mouse
WIRE-17522: Fixed another rare lockup
WIRE-17512: In the Audio Properties panel, it turns out changes made to the gain channel sliders were not being sent live.
WIRE-17490: The Select Screen Region feature of Screen Capture now works again on macOS.
WIRE-17489: Fixed a few issues with text scrolling that were known issues in Beta 1.
WIRE-17465: Fixed an issue where output destination names would rebel, if left unnamed, and take over a name from an existing destination.
WIRE-17463/ WIRE-17420/ WIRE-16591/ WIRE-15317: Satisfyingly, fixed a number of rare crashes that could occur when switching shots.
WIRE-17460: Now we impose a limit (75) on the number of layers within a shot (for your own good).
WIRE-17448: Removed Studio badges from Wirecast UI.
WIRE-17441: Fixed a possible audio sync issue stemming from the capture cards in Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series.
WIRE-17440: Updated the Facebook Live API to make it possible to schedule a live event on Facebook from Wirecast again.
WIRE-17427/WIRE-13538: Resolved a crash that could occur if you added more than 49 layers to a shot.
WIRE-17412: Fixed a very rare hang when deleting a replay layer.
WIRE-17408/ WIRE-17334: Fixed an issue that would let you close a document without saving some source properties settings - thus causing you to lose those settings.
WIRE-17378/WIRE-17213: Fixed issue where your text and clock shots would suddenly go missing.
WIRE-17373: Auto-Canvas was sometimes reporting the wrong resolution.
WIRE-17343: Added a font face pop up to more accurately select font variations.
WIRE-17323: Fixed a confusing error that would show a Wirecast crash error upon opening.
WIRE-17315: The websocket connection to the server was closing unexpectedly when using a VPN service with Rendezvous. So now we add a periodic ping to keep the websocket connection alive.
WIRE-17304: Restricted Virtual Camera to only output from one document at a time.
WIRE-17303: Fixed a scaling issue where icons could be erroneously horizontally stretched
WIRE-17302: Input fields in Output Settings are no longer unresponsive following a single factor authentication failure.
WIRE-17291: Fixed a Fatal Application error that could occur when streaming
WIRE-17279: Fixed a crash that could occur if your document freaked out and got into a state where it wasn't ready for the next action. This could occur when attempting a screen capture when an audio driver is not installed, or you have shots programmed to an Elgato StreamDeck.
WIRE-17261/ WIRE-17174: NDI audio can now be sent joyously and distortion-free to Rendezvous participants
WIRE-17259: Wirecast no longer fails silently when attempting to connect to a scan converter source that’s larger than 8K.
WIRE-17256: Now we don’t prompt you twice to overwrite saved documents on macOS Catalina.
WIRE-17243: Cleaned up our YouTube output settings adding better error messaging and streamlining the way you start/stop events
WIRE-17236: Icons were incorrectly displaying mute in a browser connection when entering a Rendezvous session.
WIRE-17226: Updated the Media File icons are the same in the Add Source dialog.
WIRE-17216: Documentation now correctly notes that Monitor screen capture will provide a higher frame rate source than a Window screen capture.
WIRE-17210: Fixed a minor memory leak in the YouTube Destination.
WIRE-17201: YouTube is deprecating the StreamNow functionality. All YouTube live streams must now be done through events. So we changed some stuff related to that.
WIRE-17196: Worked around an issue where the NDI HX app provides invalid audio timestamps when sending to Windows.
WIRE-17192: We disabled the Facebook Speed test when streaming via Wirecast Restream since the location wasn't local and optimizations were invalid
WIRE-17189: Emojis, and other characters are showing correctly again in Rendezvous.
WIRE-17169: Added a notification when attempting to install on Windows 8.x. (Psst: It requires Windows 10 or higher).
WIRE-17164: Canvas Size limitations are now enforced when using custom presets.
WIRE-17150: If your document was saved with a layer off in a previous version of Wirecast, and opened in Wirecast 13, the layer would not appear. We found your missing layer and brought it home.
WIRE-17148/WIRE-17075: Fixed a rare crash when running the app in the background on macOS.
WIRE-17142: When sending live captions through our WebServices platform, certain platforms are not handling b-frames correctly resulting in garbled captions. To account for that, we added new "Cloud Captioning" encoding presets that turn b-frames off and increase bit rate (to account for inherent quality loss of turning off b-frames).
WIRE-17278: Now your encoding preset won’t spontaneously change after you create an event.
WIRE-17133: Add documentation for sources that can be used with ISO Recording.
WIRE-17126: Selected transition was not used when using Keyboard Shortcuts when AutoLive was enabled.
WIRE-17124: Add ability to Screen Capture hardware accelerated applications on Windows 10 1903 and higher. Examples are Chrome, Firefox and Zoom.
WIRE-17095: Improve the peak bitrate behavior of the Apple H.264 encoder. This fix only applies to macOS 10.15+.
WIRE-17087: Fixed an error in the YouTube API caused by the reported user's region being unsupported
WIRE-17084: Facebook recently made changes to Groups that restricts any app from accessing certain features, such as the Live API, until an admin grants access to the app. We updated our error message for this so you might actually know what it means and what to do about it.
WIRE-17080: Increased the efficiency of data calls for Facebook scheduled events
WIRE-17065: Fixed an issue using audio interfaces with Rendezvous on macOS.
WIRE-17063: Improved resiliency when dealing with apps that feed us video timestamps that are off from the audio timestamps (e.g. JustWifiCam on iOS).
WIRE-17055: Fixed a crash that could occur while setting up a YouTube event
WIRE-16994: There were some unnecessary horizontal scroll bars on Windows that we removed. Now you won’t be tempted to scroll when you can’t.
WIRE-16973: Made some under-the-hood fixes to reduce CPU on Mac
WIRE-16963/WIRE-16904: Fixed an issue where sources on your Live and Preview would scale to 1/4 when dragging your document from one monitor to another on macOS.
WIRE-16924: Added trace logs to improve our ability to track errors to YouTube streaming.
WIRE-16917: Fixed issue where icons in the Main Shot Display were not handled consistently across audio sources and in some cases were not respecting the addition/removal of layers containing audio
WIRE-16912: Fixed a horizontal misalignment of Bitrate in the Output Statistics
WIRE-16911: Fixed horizontal alignment of Channel in the Rendezvous Audio Mixer in certain languages.
WIRE-16910/WIRE-16905/WIRE-16903 /WIRE-16707/WIRE-16784: Fixed a variety of missing translations.
WIRE-16908: Made our error message more understandable if you were to select Live Captions without having Telestream Cloud Settings selected.
WIRE-16907/WIRE-16826: Fixed a couple of error messages that were displaying incorrectly, especially when in dark mode.
WIRE-16906: Fixed text overflow in the Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences Pane in certain languages.
WIRE-16869: Made some changes to the YouTube destination to more elegantly handle accounts that don't have pre-existing events
WIRE-16835: Fixed the layout of our Support Assistant in several languages.
WIRE-16825: Fixed a rare hang when exiting to Multiviewer while ingesting a BlackMagic source.
WIRE-16820: Added CPU data to the trace log on exit.
WIRE-16811: Added a manual configuration option for audio sample rate that will let you pick the value that matches your incoming source. (Note: you can only configure the audio sample rate when automatic format detection is disabled. We do this to prevent people (we won't name names) who don't know what they're doing, to set it to 196kHz - because they may think bigger is better - and then call support or get stuck because they don't understand what's happening. So, yeah. We're restricting this for your own good. When format detection is enabled, we assume the audio is 48 kHz.)
WIRE-16799: Crash when declining a macOS prompt to install Osaka font.
WIRE-16779: Fixed a crash that would occur when stopping two live streams to Twitter/Periscope.
WIRE-16778: Fixed an issue playing audio from WASAPI devices.
WIRE-16776: We've taken some extraordinary measures to ensure that web stream sources stay connected and don't freeze in Wirecast - even if they restart, end, enter an error state or we stop receiving data for any number of reasons. We now try our darnedest to reconnect.
WIRE-16768: Output Settings UI has some minor alignment issues on macOS.
WIRE-16763: Fixed a crash that could occur if you had a hotkey with no name, and you right-clicked a shot.
WIRE-16762: Fixed an issue that could occur when using a source that produces JPEG frames, on a computer that is not fast enough to decode them in real-time. The result was a backlog of frames that would cause the source's video to be delayed and out of sync with any live audio. (This could've also happened when deinterlacing video from a task source (though less likely since deinterlacing is relatively quick).
WIRE-16760: Wirecast was trying to use deselected/unused output destinations when Live Captions was selected. It won't do that anymore.
WIRE-16747: Fixed our copyright date in the About window.
WIRE-16745: Flash is dead. We're not going to warn you that it's not installed anymore.
WIRE-16713: Reconfigured NDI Output to avoid "clocking" the output which was intended to help file-based outputs but effectively slowed down real-time sources, resulting in for example, dropped frames at 1080p60.
WIRE-16694: Reconfigured NDI Output, which effectively improved several issues- one of which was an observed A/V sync issue on NDI Out.
WIRE-16684: Fixed an issue that cause no video from the Logitech B910 when using Motion JPEG.
WIRE-16643: The option to move a shot from a Playlist back to the Main Shot list… is back.
WIRE-16627: Fixed an issue where Scheduled Events in YouTube were going live immediately.
WIRE-16613: Restored the ability for keyboard navigation in dialog boxes on macOS.
WIRE-16611: The Source Properties Panel is now labeled with the type of source
WIRE-16588: Fixed some artifacts that could appear when interacting with your document.
WIRE-16457/ WIRE-15874: Implemented auto-reconnect for webstream sources if they unexpectedly disconnect
WIRE-16424: Wirecast no longer crashes when Windows Defender's Controlled Folder Access is enabled
WIRE-16306: Fixed an issue where you could drop frames after enabling Chroma Key.
WIRE-16237: Fixed an issue that would cause NVENC encoding to fail on certain laptops with dual GPUs.
WIRE-16124: Another scaling-related fix: Certain templates are no longer skewed
WIRE-16020: Fixed it so that frames are no longer being dropped on certain transitions.
WIRE-15781: Now, modifying the canvas size does not cause the Multiviewer to stop updating.
WIRE-15729: Now, when an ISO/replay recording's source becomes unavailable, the recording stops and must be manually restarted. User is informed of the stoppage via the status bar.
WIRE-15632: Beta: Enabled multi-bitrate adjustments in webstream sources for better quality.
WIRE-15586: Fixed an issue that could cause latency to accumulate for certain Sources if they were in a playlist in the live canvas.
WIRE-15483: Fixed an audio popping issue when using Blackmagic source.
WIRE-15296: Fixed a doozie that caused Skype NDI sources to randomly resize.
WIRE-15217: Fixed an issue on Mac where Chroma key was not being applied correctly to media files.
WIRE-15213: Fixed an issue on Windows where you'd see flickering the first time you added Chroma Key to media file.
WIRE-15091: Adding a video clip to a Playlist causes the Scrubber Bar to remain indefinitely.
WIRE-14983: Fix very rare crash that could occur when activating a license on Windows.
WIRE-14633: Users are now prompted to install the Telestream Audio driver when adding a System Audio Capture shot on macOS.
WIRE-14511: We now require a subject to be entered in order to submit zip support file. Our Support department thanks you for that.
WIRE-14453: A longstanding issue fixed with all our scaling fixes - Sources should no longer need to be rescaled when added to a document.
WIRE-14277: Duplicate sources no longer show when adding an iOS camera source.
WIRE-13376: Now we update the Rendezvous Dashboard device list when a device is removed or reconnected
WIRE-12047: Updated the names of some of the properties for text shadow for more clarity.
WIRE-11406: Completely rewrote our text widget, which has greatly improved the quality of text scrolling.
WIRE-6042: Now we provide a warning in output settings if folder you're trying to save to doesn't exist.

Version 13.1.3
New & Improved
WIRE-17128: Added support for LinkedIn Live Events
WIRE-16913: Added support for LinkedIn Live Audience Targeting

Version 13.1.2
New & Improved
WIRE-17078: Added logging and improvements for Rendezvous connection states. We also now indicate which guests in the Session are using the TURN server in the Rendezvous Dashboard.
WIRE-16901: Added PTZ Controller Profile for the 1Beyond PTZ cameras
WIRE-17195: Facebook Live has deprecated continuous live (ambient) streaming, so we removed that option from our Facebook output settings.
WIRE-17170: Fixed an issue where if you hit the space bar to transition a shot to Live, you could inadvertently stop your recording.
WIRE-17134: Gave you back the ability to set the default action when your Countdown Clock reaches 0.
WIRE-17083: We now will display up to 8K video dimensions from Task Sources.
WIRE-17074: Fixed a bug where the code for Facebook Live with User Code would disappear before it could be copied.
WIRE-17013: Fixed an issue where audio muted within shot layers was not muted in the Rendezvous Live output audio.
WIRE-17001: We were unable to connect to RTMP endpoints when the DNS server would take longer than 3 seconds to respond. We increased the timeout to 15 seconds.
WIRE-16960: Connecting to Rendezvous and screen sharing no longer greys out all microphone options.
WIRE-16910: Fixed the localization on a message for the Stock Media Library
WIRE-16877: Fixed a bug where Rendezvous Guests would confusingly hear their own audio in the document mix if they have reconnected to the Session.
WIRE-16794: Fixed a crash that could occur when a Rendezvous guest joined a Session with certain Unicode characters (such as emojis) in their username.
WIRE-16791: Fixed an issue where your Output Settings window wouldn’t display correctly if chose Cloud Settings first.
WIRE-16733: Made fonts available again for the Clock widget.
WIRE-16462: For Catalina users, we have disabled Global Hotkeys due to a conflict with MacOS which was causing crashing.

Version 13.1.1
New & Improved
WIRE-16991: Back by popular demand: our watermarked free trial (and removal of the 30-day time constraint), allowing you to leisurely evaluate the product on your own time schedule.
WIRE-16997: Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to download media from the integrated Stock Media Library.
WIRE-16992: Fixed Stinger Transitions on Windows – for some, it was not working.
WIRE-16941: Fixed an issue with Crossposting on Facebook pages.
WIRE-16923: The Text Background Color picker on the Text Properties Panel was momentarily missing its transparency option - it’s back.
WIRE-16914: Added a band-aid for a hang that could occur when clicking a shot in a project document.

Version 13.1
New & Improved
WIRE-16617: Continuing our quest to improve performance, efficiency and to reduce code bloat, we’ve done some under-the-hood updates that will make way for MORE updates, but in the short term should improve specific display functionality and reduce CPU usage.
WIRE-16615: We now prevent icons from being rendered in the background unnecessarily, again with the aim of providing some performance improvement
WIRE-16612: Now you can do a “draft” or preview of your broadcast when streaming to LinkedIn Live.
WIRE-16557: Updated to NDI SDK 4.1- just keeping things current.
WIRE-16545: We now allow you to configure the Closed Captions settings for YouTube Events
WIRE-16516: Thanks to all who let us know how much they love to collapse the layers on the Main Shot Bin. We brought back that ability.
WIRE-16496: Updated Facebook API version to the latest release.
WIRE-16490/16489: Updated various UI buttons and images so that they scale better on Windows.
WIRE-16485: We widened the properties panel and did some general cleanup to make the whole properties panel area look more appealing.
WIRE-16483: We received a very good suggestion to update our audio icons to make them more obviously show when audio is muted. Now, instead of just changing color, the icon has a line through it to indicate when it’s muted.
WIRE-16469: More under-the-hood improvements - we updated the Wirecast audio code to use AudioQueue and WASAPI APIs. The only user-facing change in this phase is that audio from multiple open documents will now be mixed together rather than only playing the audio from the topmost document.
WIRE-16467: We updated some wording for our Failed to Activate License warning, and included a link to our license reset tool.
WIRE-16464: When running Wirecast on a Windows machine where a monitor has > 100% scale, the text and graphics are now crisp and clean.
WIRE-16184: Improved decompression of MJPEG video, which will improve performance for many webcams, 4K webcams, and USB3 capture devices that capture 4K video.
WIRE-15999/15994/15951: More clean up and updating - we’ve removed CEF from the inspector panel which improves drawing performance and reduces flicker in the UI.
WIRE-15714: We also updated our technology to improve the performance and quickness of adding NDI sources to a document.
WIRE-15651: We have greatly improved the ability to navigate within the UI using the tab key. There’s more to come, but you can now joyfully tab through the text entry fields.
WIRE-15078: We’ve re-enabled NVENC high-profile encoding.
WIRE-16906/WIRE-16903: Fixed a couple translation bugs in the Wirecast Preferences.
WIRE-16899: Twitter Message feed is now readable on macOS in Dark Mode.
WIRE-16829: Fixed an issue that was causing a transparent video signal from certain DeckLink capture cards when receiving an RGB signal from the HDMI input
WIRE-16804: Fixed some obscured notifications which could lead to confusion and crashes.
WIRE-16786: Now you can again set/reset time on Countdown Clock.
WIRE-16781: Fixed a crash when exiting Windows Notifications (WinToast)
WIRE-16676: Made Download Manager window more intuitive to understand when nothing has been downloaded.
WIRE-16656: When you select a deinterlacing option from the drop down in Source Properties, it now respects and saves your choice.
WIRE-16640: In our ongoing crusade to prove that English is indeed our first language, we’ve simplified the message that prompts you to install our audio capture driver.
WIRE-16639/16107: We fixed a crash that occurred on Windows when starting a Rendezvous Session with a video device set to "Logi Capture".
WIRE-16636: Fixed a memory leak while the DirectShow configuration window is open.
WIRE-16635: Fixed an issue where sources from the Blackmagic ATEM Mini weren’t showing up, unless you selected the option to Show Duplicate Devices.
WIRE-16625: When typing a description for LinkedIn Live, the return key will now not cause the 'OK' button to be clicked, and all carriages returns will appear in the description field, as they should.
WIRE-16621: Fixed a long-standing annoyance where an extremely long RTMP stream key or name would get truncated and not saved correctly in a document.
WIRE-16614: We found a crash that could occur when closing a document after starting some recordings. We don’t know why you would ever do that, but we fixed it.
WIRE-16605: Put in a fix to alleviate some reported A/V sync issues that could occur when using multiple input sources.
WIRE-16595: On macOS we fixed an error that would occur if you started an ISO recording with an AVCapture video and audio source.
WIRE-16593: We updated YouTube’s branding.
WIRE-16551: Stock Media Warning message was unreadable when in dark mode
WIRE-16549: Rendezvous audio mixer now displays the correct meter values for sources that emit floating point audio (such as NDI) as opposed to 16-bit.
WIRE-16540: Fixed a missed translation in an Output Settings window.
WIRE-16539: Wirecast is no longer supported on Windows 7 after January 2020, so we now do not allow it to be installed on versions lower than Windows 10.
WIRE-16538: Wirecast no longer hangs/beachballs when you send an MP4 file live while showing a solid color in preview and starting an ISO/record.
WIRE-16530: For those of us who don’t fully understand the purpose of the Monitor Mix Minus button – we have added a tooltip to help.
WIRE-16522: Bet you didn’t even catch the misspelling. Consoliated is not a word. And now you won’t see that non-word in our app. #embarrassing
WIRE-16519: Fixed an issue where cryptic placeholder strings were displayed in place of text in a navigation menu in several instances.
WIRE-16504 / 16212 /16507: Fixed numerous reported issues with the countdown clock – specifically where it would default to local computer time when stopped – making it impossible to pause the countdown.
WIRE-16499: Stinger transitions on Mac now work and maintain transparency for all framerates, including 25fps, which briefly forgot how to function.
WIRE-16497: Fixed a broken link in the Welcome to Wirecast window that pointed to a video, which you may have wanted to watch but couldn’t.
WIRE-16494: Fixed an issue that in some instances wouldn’t let you reconfigure Output Settings once they had been set to one destination.
WIRE-16482: Layer 1 in the Main Shot Bin no longer disappears when switching shots using your shortcut keys.
WIRE-16480: If you were trying to bring in a shot from a remote computer that didn’t have much motion, via NDI– you might have noticed the shot would remain black. This was an NDI bug, which can be fixed by updating to NDI Tools v.4.
WIRE-16474: Fixed an issue where the audio Multi-Track Input Mapper would not show your source until you resized the window.
WIRE-16473/WIRE-16370: We updated all RTMP outputs to use our transport library, which fixed some issues caused by using a different library.
WIRE-16465: The inline audio meters used to incorrectly cause the Main Shot Bin to redraw if the meter reading was 0dB. That was a waste of resources, which we’ve corrected.
WIRE-16463: Drop shadows on text were disappearing or didn’t update properly. Fixed.
WIRE-16461: If you declined usage of a device (like a microphone), then later wanted to use that device, Wirecast would silently fail. Now we will nicely ask you if you still want to decline the device.
WIRE-16451: Updated Twitch and YouTube default bitrate presets to be 4Mbps to be more consistent with other destination defaults.
WIRE-16450: We also updated our destinations, so they default to x264 encoders.
WIRE-16428: When Wirecast is running on Wirecast Gear 110, 210, 220 or 230, live icons in the Main Shot Bin will be now be defaulted to off to conserve system resources.
WIRE-16419/16415: Removed a bunch of old, unused code. That’s all we’re going to say about that.
WIRE-16413: Now you can hot plug your X-keys device, and Wirecast will resume the connection seamlessly, rather than giving you the silent treatment.
WIRE-16406: On Mac, if you close your document while still streaming, the streaming indicator would remain in your Dock, confusingly indicating that a broadcast was still in progress. You now won’t see that. But really, not recommended to close your document while streaming.
WIRE-16390: Fixed an issue where the Twitter account selector box would be obscured or disappear in Output Settings after you had logged into Twitter, making it difficult to switch accounts.
WIRE-16383: Wirecast now properly detects if there is a network disconnection
WIRE-16377: You can now add a Cineform file into Wirecast without it crashing.
WIRE-16369: We added support for RTMPS streams to Wowza Streaming Engine.
WIRE-16366: Re-enabled the ability to click links in our embedded browser window on macOS 10.15
WIRE-16363: We removed the channel selector from the Audio Mixer.
WIRE-16357: Fixed a rare crash on Mac when closing the Output Settings while you’re in the mouseDown state.
WIRE-16342: Fixed a little glitch in our API calls to Twitch.
WIRE-16341: The “Allow Embedding” option in Output Settings for YouTube broadcasts was not working. We’ve fixed that.
WIRE-16340: We worked with Facebook to restore places, cross-posting and sponsor settings which stopped working after Facebook made some deprecations on their side.
WIRE-16337: Updated the help link next to YouTube Event Allow Embedding, to go to a more appropriate and helpful page.
WIRE-16312: Removed the audio icon from a QR Code Generator source in Shot Layers, since QR codes don’t have audio, silly.
WIRE-16310: Relatedly, we also removed some other unnecessary options in Source Properties for QR Code Generator.
WIRE-16262: Fixed a crash that occurs while simultaneously unplugging an Audio Source while trying to change its settings in the Source Properties.
WIRE-16243: Fixed a UI issue on Windows where a black bar appears above Main Shot Bin if you drag enough shots in there and really try to break it.
WIRE-16240: Fixed some more instances where text wasn’t translated when viewing the app in languages other than English.
WIRE-16233: We updated the Create and Open document icons on Welcome to Wirecast window. They’re much more attractive now.
WIRE-16224: We removed the poorly aligned border background image from the Audio Mixer’s FX settings menus and replaced it with a solid color.
WIRE-16208: Fixed a UI annoyance on the Image Carousel where toggling the shuffle checkbox would cause the default image to flash briefly.
WIRE-16112: Fixed some more UI weirdness when switching background color from ‘None’ to ‘Solid’ on Text, Title, and Clocks.
WIRE-16094: We changed the behavior of the Windows Installer to force users to uninstall before downgrading.
WIRE-15975: Fixed a memory leak that occurred while outputting with Virtual Camera.
WIRE-15969: Now you can switch between LinkedIn Live accounts on Windows, without having to change the Post type.
WIRE-15947: On certain Windows machines, Quicksync encoders would be missing from the encoder drop-down. We found them and put them back where they belong.
WIRE-15919: Wirecast no longer hangs when losing Internet connection, and it will automatically reconnect after the Internet connection is restored.
WIRE-15767: Unplugging or disabling the network adapter(s) now does not cause a spike in CPU usage.
WIRE-15740: When clicking on the "Save as Default" button in the Chroma Key, now actually saves your selection as a default.
WIRE-15680: Fixed an issue where shots that were moved or renamed, then reassigned in a document, could not be taken live until a different shot on the same layer had done so.
WIRE-15633: Multi-viewer on Mac can now identify each monitor, even when Wirecast is assigned to a specific Display in Mission Control.
WIRE-15521: Fixed a bug that caused NDI audio output to stutter – sometimes, and only after more than 2 hours.
WIRE-15466: Now, when creating a Vimeo stream with a custom stream name, the stream name no longer shows as "Untitled, and the actual name created is displayed.
WIRE-15388: Fixed a crash – which may or may not have been related to WebRTC and Rendezvous.
WIRE-14511: When you open a ticket via the support assistant, we now require you to add a subject, which helps us help you.
WIRE-13457: Fixed an intermittent crash when closing a document with an ASIO/WASAPI device.
WIRE-13389: On Windows, we fixed a long-standing issue where colors from Blackmagic Web Presenter looked incorrect.
WIRE-13387: Fixed a somewhat random crash related to our source manager.
WIRE-13187: Added a warning message to prevent you from inadvertently copying over an existing file when you Record to Disk.
WIRE-10394: Now, if you try to record to disk to a subfolder that doesn't exist, the path/subfolder will be created, or the user will be alerted if the location needs to be edited.

Version 13.0.2
New & Improved
WIRE-16316 – Now you can set your LinkedIn Live broadcasts to be visible only to your first-degree connections. Like if you don’t want your boss’s boss to see your live stream. Now you can do that.
WIRE-14718 – We now correctly enable Wirecast Live captions in a YouTube event when setting that event to auto start.
WIRE-16512 – If you tried to use Osprey 825e capture cards with Wirecast 13, you may have noticed they weren’t working very well, or at all. Try again – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised...
WIRE-16505 – Sometimes good intentions backfire. A fix we made in 13.0.1 caused a crash when trying to load a saved Wirecast document with chroma key. It’s better now.
WIRE-16500 – Fixed an issue where changes made to Color Space or Dynamic Range for a video source were not, in the strictest of terms, accurate. (At all.)
WIRE-14923 – Fixed an error that caused audio to sometimes not play through the monitor unless the Mix Minus button was toggled, which one would not naturally think to do.
WIRE-14637 – Fixed a miscellaneous issue with a miscellaneous solution for streaming with Wirecast Restreaming to certain destinations.

Version 13.0.1
WIRE-16454 – On Windows, smooth transitions between two shots that contain the same source is working again, after briefly trying to break free and take over the world.
WIRE-16445 – Main Shot Layers now remember their sizes when a saved document is reopened. A little Ginkgo Biloba did the trick.
WIRE-16442 – Also fixed was Wirecast’s ability to remember the Controller selected in Preferences.
WIRE-16440 – Recorded audio from Rendezvous guests was sometimes having dropouts or was garbled. ..ear..t.agn now.
WIRE-16479 – When an input format changes to a Magewell capture card, the audio will no longer stop working from that device.
WIRE-16432 – The YouTube’s Create Event Menu now correctly shows the dark mode color scheme. Handy for when you actually want to see the text.
WIRE-16425 – Sources from BlackMagic capture cards that don’t support automatic format detection were not being found when upgrading to version 13. We found them and helped them get back to where they belong. They’re fine. A little shaken, but basically fine.
WIRE-16240 – Sometimes certain areas of the app would appear in English when they shouldn’t. We’ve fixed that bit of linguistic imperialism.
WIRE-15656 – Fixed a crash when clicking the Output Menu when a BlackMagic Decklink 8K Pro capture card was installed.
WIRE-15461 – Now, when you use Desktop Presenter and check the capture audio box the playback should be clear without being choppy or skipping.

Version 13.0
New & Improved
WIRE-15060 – Main Shot Bin overhaul – We’ve done a complete refurbishment of our Main Shot Bin (that’s the layered area where you add all your shots.) We’re excited about a lot of under-the-hood improvements that reduced our code bloat, which you’ll have to trust us on. But what you will see is:
Greatly improved responsiveness when selecting and reordering shots, resizing windows and scrolling. It’s now smooth like buttah.
GPU accelerated live icons so you can see live previews of all your live shots, without hosing your system CPU.
Refreshed and decluttered user interface – like Feng Shui, but for software.
A bunch of other small but daring improvements like being able to reorder your master layers and more layer resizing options … oh, the power!
WIRE-16006 – Speaking of resizing layers: We’ve added a “Zoom Layers To' menu under 'Layout' so you can set all your master layers in one fell swoop. AND now you can resize all your layers at the same time by holding down the Shift or Alt (Win) or Shift, Option or Command (Mac) keys. PLUS! Extra added bonus: If you double click a layer divider, your layer will resize to its default height. Boom.
WIRE-12584 – You can now also drag & drop a shot by clicking anywhere in the shot, not just on the title.
WIRE-15939/WIRE-159940 – BlackMagic Designs and Direct Show source process separation – We have been working hard to improve the resiliency of Wirecast when dealing with sources. We have updated our code for sources, which for us makes it easier to maintain and support future source updates. You won’t see a lot of obvious changes yet in usability – but this helps us set the stage for future improvements.
WIRE-15590 – More efficiency – We're now allowing Blackmagic, DirectShow and Magewell sources to be more efficient – giving them access to GPU-accessible buffers for better performance.
WIRE-15588 – Added support for MJPEG video in DirectShow sources
WIRE-16368 – Stream to Facebook and other places simultaneously: Facebook recently changed their policy that allows you to stream to multiple destinations when also streaming to Facebook. We have enabled that in our application. So, stream away, anywhere!
WIRE-16394/WIRE-16261 – Facebook 1080p streaming: Now you can stream 1080p and up to 60fps to Facebook.
WIRE-15870 – Integrated Facebook Speed Test – New option in Facebook output settings "Optimize Connection" initiates a Facebook Speed Test to Facebook’s various regional ingestion servers to determine the best choice.
WIRE-16200 – And we now warn busy users that the Facebook Speed Test can take several minutes.
WIRE-14429 – PTZ control over NDI – This should allow all NDI PTZ cameras supporting movement controls over NDI to be fully usable in Wirecast. We have not tested every possible NDI PTZ device, but due to the standardization of NDI, all should work.
WIRE-15624 / WIRE-16114 – We also added support for PTZOptics PT12X-ZCam, for which we added a message in the PTZ Control Window that this device does not support pan/tilt controls. (It only zooms).
WIRE-16001 – MacOS Dark Mode – We’re going dark. Or at least you can choose to now.
WIRE-15989 – Larger user camera in Rendezvous – When entering the Rendezvous landing page (to enter the username), now the camera appears in the middle of the page so the user can see themselves more clearly than the small view in the top-right corner. Once the Rendezvous session starts, the camera jumps back to the top-right hand corner.
WIRE-15976 – LinkedIn Live Error Tracking – We improved the error tracking when streaming to LinkedIn Live.
WIRE-15968 – Preference Pane additions – We’ve added more options to the preference pane to give you even more decisions to make, including the look of your shot display, turning GPU Accelerated Live Icons to “Highest Framerate”, “Reduced Framerate” or “Disabled”, and other settings that give you ultimate omnipotence (at least within your own Wirecast document).
WIRE-15876 – Streamlined Buy link – Clicking on the 'Buy/Upgrade' item under 'Help' now opens the web store directly instead of taking you on a leisurely walk-about through another page or two. We’re saving you time.
WIRE-15933 – Warm and fuzzy analytics invite – We made our analytics opt-in pop-up warmer and fuzzier. We really hope you'll help us by opting in to analytics!
WIRE-16123 – You probably don’t care, but we've enlarged the Welcome Window to make room for in-app videos to play in that window.
WIRE-15922 – During the trial period, it is now easier for you to find and press a purchase button.
WIRE-16380 – We fixed an error when attempting to authenticate to Twitch, caused by a change in the Twitch API.
WIRE-16364 – Fixed an issue that caused audio underflow/popping sounds when using certain Elgato capture cards.
WIRE-16361 – We made an adjustment to the way Wirecast responds to changes in properties – one result being that now when you stop and restart the clock widget, it will resume where you left off, instead of restarting at the beginning.
WIRE-16347 – Jetstream aka Streamzilla now shows up in Mac Output Settings without error.
WIRE-16328 – When you replace a shot with another source, it will not automatically display at a ridiculously large size.
WIRE-16305 – Now when you click on the "Enter full screen" button on the video in the Welcome Screen, it will actually display full screen.
WIRE-16283/WIRE-16175/WIRE-16029/WIRE-15892 – Fixed an issue where files were flickering when added as a Web Stream source.
WIRE-16279 – A minor display issue – our cute little Cloud icon was being cut off when enabling Restream and Captions. Now it’s not.
WIRE-16271 – Fixed an issue where most SD video (720x480) from Blackmagic and other devices were coming in with improper scaling.
WIRE-16270 – We have more carefully isolated our media handling from other processes to help prevent crashes.
WIRE-16250 – Fixing some long-standing ‘jank’ where audio mute buttons would display on video-only sources and video mute buttons on audio-only sources. Just more housecleaning.
WIRE-16241 – Continuing with some housecleaning – We've done some additional clean up in the source settings tab of the Shot Inspector so it will only display the appropriate controls for audio-only and video-only sources.
WIRE-16235 – The ISO filename no longer reverts to default after choosing a destination.
WIRE-16227 – We had some over-zealous capitalization on some messages we displayed. They are now proper English. The grammar police can rest easy.
WIRE-16217 – We added back the menu bar, which would mysteriously disappear when you opened the Advanced Rendezvous Audio Mixer on Mac.
WIRE-16214 – We spent way too much time debating whether it’s OK to display the copyright symbol as (C). No. And then we fixed it.
WIRE-16213 – Eradicated an egregious bug that would cause Wirecast to slow down or eventually hang when the audio properties panel was open. That was a doozy.
WIRE-16209 – Fixed a memory leak that occurred while looping Chroma Keyed video.
WIRE-16201 – Fixed a hang that happened if you took the very specific action to add a playlist shot, move it and then click at the top of Wirecast.
WIRE-16196 – Now when you modify the Source Properties of Blackmagic devices while ISO recording, your Preferences for the device will not become corrupt.
WIRE-16172 – We removed some unnecessary permissions for areas of Facebook that we weren’t actually using, and that have now been deprecated by Facebook anyway.
WIRE-16157 – Fixed an error that occurred on Windows when starting a Program Replay with a canvas size of 854x480.
WIRE-16156 – Related to the bug above – we fixed an indefinite hang that would occur on Windows when initiating Replay in conjunction with another Output while using an 854 x 480 Canvas.
WIRE-16142 – Now, on Mac, reducing your window size will not cause the Preview/Program windows to disappear.
WIRE-16125 – Fixed the Image Carousel – which is also fixed in 12.2.1, by the way.
WIRE-16119 – Grammarians rejoice! We’ve made more minor language changes to standardize the naming of items under the 'Window' menu.
WIRE-16111 – Fixed an odd bug that would cause an indefinite hang in certain documents when you hover the mouse over the Preview Window.
WIRE-16088 – Fixed a bug that didn’t let you assign a hotkey to a shot that's been duplicated.
WIRE-16082 – Instead of immediately starting camera / audio devices on startup, which wastes resources, we now wait until we actually need to use them to start them up.
WIRE-16079 – Fixed an annoying issue where dragging in unsupported media created a temporary shot which overlapped the clear layer icons.
WIRE-16074 – Squashed a crash that happens when opening a document from Explorer/Finder, completing the analytics dialog, then opening and closing the preferences.
WIRE-16058 – Fixed a licensing issue that, when deactivating a license and then immediately clicking Purchase, would open the Web Store instead of the more appropriate Product Catalog page.
WIRE-16057 – Almost not worth mentioning, because most people will never see this, but we re-aligned a logo on a page that comes up when a Wirecast Pro user clicks purchase. (All in the name of making every aspect of Wirecast supremely excellent.)
WIRE-16050 – When you upgrade from Wirecast One, your master layers will also upgrade accordingly. This wasn't happening, which could cause you to think you hadn't upgraded.
WIRE-16049 – Fixed a bug where setting audio channel to both L and R made you think you had to upgrade to Wirecast Pro. Sorry.
WIRE-16041 – Fixed numerous minor layout issues in media source properties panel.
WIRE-16027 – When you upgrade from Wirecast One, you'll now be able to access Wirecast Studio or Pro help and User Guides.
WIRE-16026 – Now, you can’t reorder a shot on a layer to be before the special Clear Layer shot.
WIRE-16014 – When you create a Twitter shot, it will no longer automatically be added to Layer 3. You now can choose.
WIRE-16004 – Fixed a rare crash that could occur when quitting and not saving a document.
WIRE-15993 – We re-enabled UI keyboard navigation on Mac, so you can again tab between controls.
WIRE-15992 – NDI and Webstream sources will now display at full refresh rate in the multi-viewer.
WIRE-15985 – Updated the XKeys 128 Controller SDK, so that it works correctly on macOS Catalina.
WIRE-15978 – We prevented multiple calls to Facebook when it is the most recently selected destination, to reduce load time of the Output Settings dialog box.
WIRE-15920 – Changing the opacity and subsequently hiding and showing the layer in the Shot Layers tab no longer reverts the opacity back to 100%. Opacity now stays the same as whatever it was set to previously…as it should.
WIRE-15908 – Fixed an issue on Windows where mattes were not being ap
plied to NDI or Webstream sources.
WIRE-15879 – MacOS 10.15 is requiring applications to be “notarized”. Part of this update is to enable “hardened runtime” which adds additional protections to the application. We have done this.
WIRE-15867 – Added an error message to indicate when an Elgato device is in use by another app or fails to start.
WIRE-15855 – Increased wait time and publish attempts for LinkedIn Live broadcasts, which could fail due to the latency introduced when using it with Wirecast Live Captions or Wirecast Restream.
WIRE-15853 – Now when you click on the info button to learn about our usage data policies, it takes you to an actual page – not a 404 error.
WIRE-15782 – The preview video no longer freezes when you open source properties, so you can see changes being made live, which is of course the purpose of the preview window.
WIRE-15780 – Fixed an issue that caused signal degradation for NDI Sources with Live Icons enabled.
WIRE-15758 – Fixed an embarrassing oversight that caused a coder-level label to display when setting Exposure Levels settings in PTZ Controls.
WIRE-15755 – Fixed issue that would cause "Use backup server" and "Automatically Start Event" to become unavailable in certain cases, when streaming to YouTube.
WIRE-15735 – Fixed a bug that would cause audio to not be restored when reconnecting to NDI Sources on Windows.
WIRE-15715 – Fixed an issue streaming RTMP to specific URLs on macOS Mojave.
WIRE-15644 – Fixed some more odd license behavior when you select "Buy Wirecast" then close the purchase window on macOS.
WIRE-15643 – Fixed an indefinite hang that occurred on Windows, when using a machine with a dual GPU setup and changing the graphics adapter then clicking restart.
WIRE-15603 – An issue was fixed by Facebook that was causing an inability to switch to live from preview when using the Facebook Live – with User Code destination.
WIRE-15567 – We changed the default encoder to x264 for
WIRE-15512 – Fixed a variety of scaling issues that occurred primarily when NDI or BlackMagic sources were added.
WIRE-15395 – When Mac users tried to use Rendezvous with a Studio or Trial license, we did not serve up the proper pop-up window to explain next steps. We do that now.
WIRE-15386 – Fixed a rare crash on Windows. Yah – that.
WIRE-15358 – Improved the handling of alpha PNG files to more efficiently decode these files when played in Wirecast.
WIRE-15340 – For users on Windows 10 Creator Studio with DirectX12 installed, our installer doesn’t fail for you now.
WIRE-15265 – We now don’t put dark text on a dark background in the name of selected shot in the Shot Layers panel on macOS. #easiertoread.
WIRE-15007 – Fixed an issue where .wcst documents could not be opened if they contained Cyrillic characters.
WIRE-14905 – You can no longer change the default encoder presets by creating a new encoder preset with the same name.
WIRE-14781 – Selecting a shot with the touch bar caused shot properties sliders/buttons/etc. to be greyed-out and unusable unless you tapped on that shot again in the touch bar. This was not intended. So, we fixed that.
WIRE-14404 – We’re happy to report, we have significantly improved the way in which Wirecast plays ProRes 4444 clips on Windows. We're seeing 2-3x less CPU usage, depending on the file.
WIRE-14228 – Removed some old DX9c code – just cleaning up.
WIRE-13872 – Ricoh Theta V video was coming in upside down. Now it’s not.
WIRE-13828 – YouTube viewer statistics now will continue to update after streaming for more than an hour.
WIRE-13792 – Fixed a long-standing issue that would result in missing media errors when trying to copy a shot from one document to another, if both documents are open at the same time.
Additional Notes
WIRE-15638 – The time has come to drop support for older DV cameras, since we don’t test them anymore and they are difficult to even find nowadays. Consider official support for these dropped.
WIRE-15214 – Windows 7 users: Note that Wirecast 13 will be the last release that supports Win7. You’ll see a message about this in app but consider yourself warned.
WIRE-16014 – We removed the ability to create a Twitter shot directly from the top nav bar. Don’t worry, you can still do it from the Add Source (+) button in the Shot Bin area.
Known Issues
WIRE-16400 – On Windows 7, system devices that deliver planar YUV display green video. The workaround for these devices is to set the color space to RGB.

Version 12.2.1
Fixed – Image Carousel does not work on Windows
Fixed – Unable to use the audio channel mixer with a Studio license

Version 12.2
NEW Features
NEW – NDI ISO Recording and Replay
Wirecast can now record independent NDI source feeds (ISO recording of NDI feeds). This also enables the use of NDI sources for instant replay.
Improvement – Double click volume slider to set volume level to 0db
Improvement – Improve name reporting of Facebook Location Pages
Improvement – Reset button for Crop Controls in Shot Layer Properties
Improvement – Update notification dialog to inform users if the update can be ran given their support status
Improvement – Update the error message for Stock Media when support is expired
Improvement – Update the NDI SDK to the latest 3.8 version
Improvement – When adding a shot from 'Edit' Menu allow the user an easier way to add a source
Fixed – Add additional logging to diagnose timestamp issues in RTMP outputs
Fixed – Adding an NDI source from VLC the video output is missing with certain sources
Fixed – Ampersand incorrectly displayed on the Controllers Tab in Preferences
Fixed – Audio looping when NDI Sources become unavailable
Fixed – Blackmagic Devices through NDI not available in Wirecast
Fixed – Changing the graphics adapter then clicking restart causes indefinite hang
Fixed – Changing the system language and locale to certain languages will cause the preferences to reset at startup
Fixed – Colorspace dropdown is hidden when a source switches from RGB to YUV
Fixed – Crash changing Canvas Size
Fixed – Crash choosing Replay destination folder after adding duplicate Shortcut
Fixed – Crash when opening a Wirecast document with specific Text Sources
Fixed – Crash when reaching the Twitter/Periscope authorization timeout
Fixed – Custom Presets are not available when using platform presets
Fixed – Dynamic Destination Protocol: x264_preset not respected
Fixed – Improper capitalization in lead sentence in Stock Media Library warning message
Fixed – Improper layout when expanding the Add Shot dialog box
Fixed – Improper layout when resizing the Stock Media dialog box
Fixed – Improve LinkedIn Live failure logging
Fixed – Incorrect frame rate streaming to Wowza
Fixed – Korean Language - Web Stream configuration fields missing
Fixed – Labels swapped for shadow interface settings
Fixed – LinkedIn Live - Streaming to an organization then creating a broadcast as member results in server error
Fixed – LinkedIn Live - Switching between accounts does not refresh organizations popup
Fixed – LinkedIn Live - Unable to create a broadcast after finishing a broadcast
Fixed – Japanese: Incorrect formatting of a hyperlink on the Welcome to Wirecast screen
Fixed – Japanese: Incorrect translation for "Tip of the Day"
Fixed – Memory leaks while looping video
Fixed – Multi-Viewer Config Window shows incorrect resolution when a monitor is scaled at 200%
Fixed – NDI - Tampered Network Traffic with NDI Source causes Wirecast to crash
Fixed – Selecting the low bandwidth option results in bad video
Fixed – Out of process Task Sources will not display at full refresh rate in the multi-viewer until the source enters Preview/Live
Fixed – Odd license behavior when you select "Buy Wirecast" then close the purchase window
Fixed – QR Code inverted
Fixed – Remote rendezvous guest still hears audio from the microphone at full volume level
Fixed – Show the correct error message when entering a blacklisted serial
Fixed – Show the correct error message when entering an invalid serial
Fixed – Show the correct error message when exceeding the activation limit
Fixed – Stock Media Library: License tab of Preferences should indicate support date is also for SML
Fixed – Stock Media Library no character limit or restriction in search box.
Fixed – Support Restream.IO Chat in Web Page shot
Fixed – Text: Shadow Checkbox does not retain state
Fixed – Trial License does not allow certain PRO audio features
Fixed – Web Page source not animating, just static images
Fixed – Windows Media Server port number does not change
Fixed – Wirecast crashed when changing output audio device on macOS
Fixed – Wirecast One MBP Touch Bar displays five layers
Fixed – Wowza Stream Engine Logs report incorrect frame rate metadata
Fixed – XKEYS - Transition indicator lights are backwards unless the default transitions are used
Known Issues
MacOS – Adding more than one PTZOptics NDI connection to a single machine (regardless of the connecting application) can cause a crash in the application that is the second to connect.
Workaround 1 – Disable Multicast
Go to the PTZOptics camera admin webpage.
Go to the Network Section.
Disable Multicast
Reboot the camera using the System page.
Workaround 2 – Use RTSP instead of NDI
Use the newly rewritten WebStream plugin in Wirecast to connect to the RTSP stream.
The URL for this stream can be found in your PTZOptics camera’s documentation or admin webpage.
Windows 7 – Certain 4K/UHD H.264 video files in the Stock Media Library are not supported.
Animated PNG movies from the Stock Media Library can experience poor playback or dropped frames

Version 12.1.1
Fixed – Microsoft Stream destination filter rejects valid custom domains
Fixed – QR Code does not work
Fixed – Rare crash with certain Blackmagic devices on macOS
Fixed – Removed CEF from YouTube destination authentication workflow
Fixed – Rendezvous Guest stops receiving video after changing the camera or microphone
Fixed – Rendezvous Guest tally lights do not work
Fixed – RSS Feeds do not work
Fixed – Unable to change active shot with AppleScript
Known Issues
MacOS – Adding more than one PTZOptics NDI connection to a single machine (regardless of the connecting application) can cause a crash in the application that is the second to connect.
Workaround 1 – Disable Multicast
Go to the PTZOptics camera admin webpage.
Go to the Network Section.
Disable Multicast
Reboot the camera using the System page.
Workaround 2 – Use RTSP instead of NDI
Use the newly rewritten WebStream plugin in Wirecast to connect to the RTSP stream.
The URL for this stream can be found in your PTZOptics camera’s documentation or admin webpage.
Windows 7 – Certain 4K/UHD H.264 video files in the Stock Media Library are not supported.
Animated PNG movies from the Stock Media Library can experience poor playback or dropped frames

Version 12.1
NEW Features
NEW – Wirecast One
New tier of Wirecast now available!
Wirecast One is the most affordable way to get your first streams up and running while harnessing the power and ease of use Wirecast is known for. With a single camera input and easy streaming to your preferred destination, Wirecast One covers all the basics for your first stream and is powerful enough for your 1000th!
Wirecast One can be used by beginner streamers all the way up to the veterans of live video, but it is perfect for streaming to social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, and all your live streams from casual events to the most professional productions.
For a comprehensive comparison of One, Studio, and Pro, please visit our Buy page.
NEW – LinkedIn Live
Attention: LinkedIn Live is currently invite only, via LinkedIn.
Link to LinkedIn application process can be found within Wirecast Output Settings with LinkedIn Live chosen as the destination.
Alternatively, you can apply directly by clicking here.
With LinkedIn’s new Live offering, you can now stream directly to your LinkedIn network.
Your LinkedIn network will receive an alert when you go live.
NEW – Facebook Donation Button for Verified Pages
Now, Wirecast users with a verified page can enable the donation button for viewers of the stream.
In Wirecast, simply go to the advanced section of the Facebook Live output settings, log in with credentials to a verified Facebook page, check “Show Donation Button”, and enter the Facebook Charity ID.
For more details regarding Facebook Donation eligibility, read here.
Improvement – Add “Remind me later” option to the Wirecast Support Renewal nag page
Improvement – Implement preference for disabling unlicensed functionality
Fixed – 404 returned when requesting help from the Encoder Presets window
Fixed – Add Patios for LinkedIn Live Broadcast has ended alert message
Fixed – Adding a VLC NDI source to the document causes a crash on Windows
Fixed – Alpha issues with TL4 via NDI in WC12
Fixed – Always allow change user option in Facebook log-in
Fixed – Audio artifacts in Blackmagic and Magewell sources
Fixed – Build In / Build Out elements don't move proportionally
Fixed – Cannot select Cut or Smooth from transitions dropdown menu after update
Fixed – Check mark icon does not show for options within the Matte drop down menu
Fixed – Clicking "Crosspost Settings" crashes Wirecast
Fixed – Entering a place prevents FB destination from recognizing verified pages
Fixed – Frozen video and synchronization problems when connecting to NDI sources in secondary documents
Fixed – Localization Mac OS: Stock Media Library download button cut off in localized versions
Fixed – Localization Windows OS: Stock Media Library cancel button cut off in localized versions
Fixed – Localization: "Primary Sound Driver" does not display properly.
Fixed – Memory leak/crash over time, ingesting 10 IP web streams
Fixed – Missing space on the Software Update Tab in Preferences
Fixed – NDI Sources remain in the add Source Dialog after being disconnected
Fixed – NDI buffer delay
Fixed – RTMPS output via Microsoft Azure destination does not work
Fixed – Removing an AVCapture source from the Rendezvous mix causes the audio to be removed from the Live Output mix if it is also in the Live Canvas
Fixed – Stock Media Library: Placeholder text shows when trying to select a folder to download Stock Media files to
Fixed – Titler Live NDI Shot events do not work
Fixed – Trademark not present beside "Wirecast" when licensed
Fixed – Two browser tabs are spawned when selecting "MIDI forum" from Preferences
Fixed – Unable to use 3D Plane transition in Wirecast 12.
Fixed – Web stream URI and Username input boxes appear as if they are the same input box
Fixed – Webstream HLS source video freezes after several hours
Fixed – Windows: Rendezvous Audio Mixer shows a blank drop down menu until an option is selected
Fixed – Wirecast Crashed when selecting a youtube event
Fixed – Wirecast EULA showing odd characters in section 2.6
Fixed – Wirecast Preferences do not save when computer language is set to Russian
Fixed – Wirecast crashed when editing changes in audio mixer
Known Issues
MacOS – Adding more than one PTZOptics NDI connection to a single machine (regardless of the connecting application) can cause a crash in the application that is the second to connect.
Workaround 1 – Disable Multicast
Go to the PTZOptics camera admin webpage.
Go to the Network Section.
Disable Multicast
Reboot the camera using the System page.
Workaround 2 – Use RTSP instead of NDI
Use the newly rewritten WebStream plugin in Wirecast to connect to the RTSP stream.
The URL for this stream can be found in your PTZOptics camera’s documentation or admin webpage.
Windows 7 – Certain 4K/UHD H.264 video files in the Stock Media Library are not supported.
Animated PNG movies from the Stock Media Library can experience poor playback or dropped frames

Version 12.0.1 (Windows)
Fixed – Dib.dll missing error when upgrading from Wirecast 11.1.2 to Wirecast 12.0 in specificcircumstances

Version 12.0
NEW Features
NEW – Stock Media Library
Now included with every active support subscription, the new Stock Media Library adds a growing database of over 500,000 unique, high quality media assets to your projects.
A new custom-built portal gives you direct access to transitions, motion backgrounds, royaltyfree backing tracks, and videos from right within Wirecast.
Select the new Media Files category in the Add Source dialog and choose Stock Media Library.
NEW – Stinger (Custom Transitions) Playback Speed Controls
Spice up your stinger transitions using the new Stock Media Library, which contains transition files.
New speed controls allow you to adjust the timing of your stinger transitions, and an additional transition bank gives you more options for live production.
NEW – Rendezvous Audio Mixing
In the Rendezvous dashboard, you can now create a custom audio mix to be sent to your Rendezvous guests.
Studio license level will allow you to select the devices to mix.
Pro license levels will grant you the ability to select individual channels from audio devices to be mixed.
NEW – QR Code Generator Source
Want to give your audience quick access to a custom link within your stream? Just create a QR code that your audience can scan! Copy your link into the new QR Code Generator and Wirecast will create a scannable image to broadcast to your fans.
Select the Overlays category in the Add Source dialog and choose QR Code Generator.
Improvement – Add ability to configure the number of transition banks in the Preferences
Improvement – Add ability to continuously read a text file in the Text Source Properties
Improvement – Allow users to configure the playback speed of Stinger Transitions
Improvement – Display the Facebook Page of Scheduled events in the Facebook Destination Output Settings
Improvement – Enable NVENC High Profile in Encoder settings
Improvement – Expose all options in Facebook Live Polls
Improvement – Update CEF to version 3578
Improvement – Update to NDI SDK v.3.8
Fixed – Add better error messaging when the GPU does not support Direct X 11
Fixed – Adding a Direct Show audio device to the document causes duplicate sources to appear in the Rendezvous Dashboard
Fixed – After attempting to activate an old license, any subsequent invalid license activation attempts show an incorrect error message
Fixed – Audio from Multi-Channel Sources is not heard in the Rendezvous call when sending the Live Output audio track
Fixed – Build-In/Build-Out elements don't move proportionally
Fixed – Certain stinger transitions can appear doubled and stretched
Fixed – Change Audio right-click menu text is hard to read text
Fixed – Change the wording for missing Stinger Transitions
Fixed – Changing the playback speed of a stinger transition pauses it without updating the pause/play button
Fixed – Clicking X in the Add Source Dialog adds any selected sources to the document on Windows
Fixed – Clock System Fonts missing font picker dialog
Fixed – Crash when adding a Stinger Transition on Windows 7 with an AMD GPU
Fixed – Facebook Scheduled events list fails to be read properly in some cases
Fixed – Fixed bad alignment in Teradek StreamReader Properties page
Fixed – Hang when selecting a Stinger Transition then immediately using the transition
Fixed – IP camera frame glitch
Fixed – Midi controller volume slider control skips from 99% to 101%
Fixed – NDI detection is disabled when disabling IP Camera discovery
Fixed – Opening a new document during a stream caused Wirecast to Crash after disconnecting from a Rendezvous Session
Fixed – Periscope Destination Schedules Event and Tweets even if Destination is Disabled
Fixed – PTZ IP Port field does not update after switching to a PTZ profile that uses a required IP port
Fixed – Random crash during a Rendezvous Session
Fixed – Random crash when a document has disconnected sources
Fixed – Random hang when switching sources
Fixed – Rare hang that can occur on Windows
Fixed – Remove Facebook donation button from Profiles (not supported by Facebook)
Fixed – Remove Shutdown when not live from Clock and Solid Color sources
Fixed – Security Warning Preventing Facebook Live Authentication on certain 4G networks
Fixed – Streaming to Ustream causes a hang on macOS Mojave
Fixed – Switching Destinations from Facebook User Code While Authenticating Disables OK Button
Fixed – Telestream Cloud Restream output out of sync when started after another output
Fixed – Unable to capture video from Osprey 900 series capture cards
Fixed – Unable to create a Scheduled YouTube Event
Fixed – Unable to delete Scheduled Events on Profiles
Fixed – Unable to stream to certain RTMP servers on macOS Mojave
Fixed – Unable to use ScreenFlow screen record with record PC audio selected while running Rendezvous Session
Fixed – Virtual Mic audio distortion in Zoom
Fixed –Unable to remove Live Output from the Rendezvous mix

Version 11.1.2
Updated Facebook API to version 3.2
Unable to retrieve Pages in Facebook Destination
Unable to Schedule Facebook Events to Pages

Version 11.1
New Features
NEW – Facebook Live Polling
Enables the creation and embedding in Facebook live streams of audience polls
Text of questions and up to four answers can be written within the Wirecast user interface
Results of the poll are dynamically displayed for viewers
Wirecast selects the Microsoft Basic Render Driver as the Video Adapter on Windows
ISO recordings fail after certain periods of time
Titler Live playlists do not work correctly
Streaming to Sunday Streams does not work on macOS Mojave
RTMP metadata has incorrect frame rate on macOS Mojave
RTMP output does not work with fractional frame rates on macOS Mojave

Version 11.0
NEW Features
NEW – Rewritten WebStream Plugin
Re-engineered WebStream plug-in with much broader format, codec and network transport support. This is hosted in a new out of process architecture that protects Wirecast from any failure in the plug-in. This enables HLS and MPEG-DASH ingest.
Configurable latency of all WebStream network devices
Improved discovery of ONVIF devices from the same vendor
NEW – Stinger Transitions
Stinger Transition support. Through the new stinger transition configuration panel, you can setup movies to use as custom transitions. Support for Apple Animation, ProRes and CineForm alpha channeled QuickTime content.
NEW – ‘Smooth Transition’ build in & out properties
Added panel for configuring the build in & out animations used when the ‘Smooth’ transition is selected.
NEW – Virtual Camera Improvements
The virtual camera driver for macOS has been rewritten for faster performance and better compatibility with host applications, including sandboxed apps.
Added option to horizontally flip the video going to the virtual camera.
NEW – – MacBook Pro Touchbar Switcher
Wondered what the Touchbar was for? Wonder no longer: Wirecast adds a quick shot switcher to the Touchbar.
On-going performance work: Wirecast 11 is speedier than ever, with quicker startup times, significantly faster drop shadow on macOS, and lower CPU on rendering. We’ll continue to build on this work with every release.
PTZ support for VISCA over UDP for PTZ Optics & Lumens cameras*.
*Other brands utilizing VISCA UDP may work but are not officially supported.
New ‘Add Reference’ workflow when adding a new shot or layer to control how sources are created
Support for Facebook Live Donations
Unlimited pagination for Facebook Live Groups and Pages
Enabled users with Publish permissions to post to Facebook Groups
Switched to the v5 API when publishing to Twitch
Added ‘Clear Menu’ in the Recent Documents menu
Improved UI layout of Welcome window
Enabled copying the license number from Preferences to the clipboard
Changed the scale of the data-rate statistics to Mb/s if the data-rate goes over 10,000 Kb/s
Added support for TLS v1.2 for RTMPS on Windows
Indicate an expired support subscription in the Preferences
Lowered Telestream Cloud supported bitrates to 1.25 Mbps
Restrict custom canvas size to 1/20 ratio in either dimension
Change polling rate of Widget sources with text files to 1/10 of a second
Change the name of Web Display source to Web Page
Enable HTTPS login for Facebook (this affects any released version of Wirecast with the Facebook Destination)
Facebook Live – Portrait (9:16 Aspect Ratio) Encoding Setting
macOS only: Virtual Camera does not work in sandbox apps
macOS only: Virtual Camera does not work in Skype for Business
Go button red dot is off-center
Adding a Screen Capture from the Add Source UI duplicates the source and uses excessive resources
Remove Ustream destination from Telestream Cloud supported destinations
Unable to use PTZ presets with Matrox capture cards
macOS only: Adding a matte causes the Live output to turn black
Newtek NDI Spark Tally lights always indicate a preview state
Crash when opening certain Wirecast documents with hotkeys
Windows only: Unable to stream using Windows Media Streaming
macOS only: Crash when editing an Audio Output device
macOS only: Small memory leak when opening windows
macOS only: Recording a Prores MOV file always drops frames at the start
macOS only: Multi-Track Input Mapper Track Labels are not aligned
Facebook Live: previously created Groups are no longer retrieved
Periscope stream resets after 2 hours
macOS Mojave: Search Text in Add Shot UI is white on white
XKeys 128 Preview and Live lights do not remain lit for Clear Layers
Unable to change Shot Source Properties without deselecting the shot
18 channel audio input devices were having their audio channels jump around
Change wording of “Charity’s Facebook ID” to “Facebook Charity ID”
Audio Properties Layout does not display all elements in certain languages
Recording an ISO source with mono audio can create invalid recordings
Virtual Camera does not work with Polycom RealPresence Desktop on macOS
ISO Recordings fail to import into Adobe Premiere
Audio Mixer – Moving the audio levels will cause Wirecast to periodically become unresponsive with a Webstream source in the document on Windows
Closing a document with Multi-Viewer open can hang Wirecast on macOS
FX Names do not have translations
Webstream connection failure alert is not translated
YouTube destination should auto-select new created events
Crash when toggling NDI output quickly
Mapping a Keyboard Shortcut to “0” does not work
PTZ Controller Map Dot is not positioned correctly using HiDPI monitors on Windows
Audio Mixer remains open after closing a Wirecast document on macOS
NDI output does not work if started after an NDI source is added to the document on macOS
Only allow mono-spaced fonts for Clock Widget
Increase size of plus button on HiDPI displays on Windows
Long transition names break the playlist transition selector’s alignment on Windows
Unsaved changes to shot names should be saved when changing the focus from the shot name field
Multi-Viewer tally state is broken
Setting the canvas size to 9:16 aspect ratio hides the add shot button on Windows
Add a dot to document close window when there are pending changes on macOS
Wirecast crashes when adding a Web Display shot with a specific URL on macOS
User is not prompted to save document when closing a document after editing Source Properties
Highlighting the Welcome Screen document selection text obscures the selected the selected text
URI field is blank when adding an ONVIF Webstream source
Double clicking a source in the Add Source dialog copies the source name to the clipboard on Windows
Known Issues
MacOS – Adding more than one PTZOptics NDI connection to a single machine (regardless of the connecting application) can cause a crash in the application that is the second to connect.
Workaround 1 – Disable Multicast
Go to the PTZOptics camera admin webpage.
Go to the Network Section.
Disable Multicast
Reboot the camera using the System page.
Workaround 2 – Use RTSP instead of NDI
Use the newly rewritten WebStream plugin in Wirecast to connect to the RTSP stream.
The URL for this stream can be found in your PTZOptics camera’s documentation or admin webpage.

Version 10.1
NEW Features
NEW – Wirecast Restream & Wirecast Live Captions (paid services)
Restream: cloud-based redistribution service. Send a single Wirecast stream to multiple destinations and save bandwidth and processing power on your local computer
Live Captions: automatically embed CEA-608 closed captions in over 5 difference languages using speech-to-text recognition
Fixed – Streaming with Telestream Cloud to destinations that require Adobe FMLE/publisher authentication (Akamai)
Fixed – Facebook Places broke with the new Facebook Live v3.0 API update
Fixed – Crash when opening Output Settings if all Telestream Cloud presets are hidden
Fixed – Disabling Twitter/Periscope output destination causes a crash
Fixed – Telestream Cloud sign up page is too small on HiDPI monitors on Windows
Fixed – Accented characters become “?” in the output caption data

Version 10.0
NEW Features
NEW – Facebook Crossposting
Ability to Crosspost to Pages with an approved relationship established through the Settings on your Facebook Page
Crosspost options for Wirecast are found in the Output Settings
NEW – Facebook Live Streaming with New Facebook API
Create and maintain functionality with Facebook Live API 3.0 for deprecated live streaming functionality for Pages, Profiles, Groups and Events (Wirecast 9 will work only to Pages; Groups and Profiles will no longer be able to live stream to Facebook Live, this includes setting Place); custom RTMP output settings will continue to work.
KNOWN ISSUE: Places tagging currently does not work in Wirecast 10 with the new 3.0 API. This is scheduled to be fixed in the next release.
Events live stream posting has been permanently deprecated by Facebook
NEW – Wirecast Restream & Wirecast Live Captions **TECHNICAL PREVIEW**
New cloud-based features for restreaming a single live stream to Telestream Cloud and on to several destinations
Ability to add live transcription closed captions to any live stream
Restream and Live Captions will be in a Technical Preview in Wirecast 10.0; use of the features in trial mode (5,000 minutes trial usage) and feedback to the Wirecast team are highly encouraged
NEW – Microsoft Stream Live Destination
Adding new Microsoft Stream Live destination in Output Settings
Fixes & Improvements
Improvement – Always restore previously selected folder when adding media files
Improvement – Add Pro Badge to PTZ Preset Recall in Shot Layer Properties
Improvement – PTZ: add mechanism to prevent preset recall when selecting shots
Improvement – Indicate Streaming Status in the Taskbar Icon
Improvement – Add Recent, Frequent, Open Empty Document and Open Support Assistant to the Windows Taskbar right-click icon on Windows
Improvement – XKeys Controller: Color the Title bar of shots to match the color of XKeys Controller
Improvement – Add option to color the title bar of every shot on each master layer in the preferences
Improvement – Add System Output to audio output devices on macOS
Improvement – Update NDI SDK to v3.5
Improvement – Add menu access for OLE scripting API
Improvement – 48 KHZ audio option for RTP encoder
Improvement – Render audio internally at 48 khz
Improvement – Add support for playback of CineFormHD files, including Alpha support
Improvement – Move 'Favorites' and 'All' to the top of the add source UI
Improvement – Remove ISO button from UI when License level is not Pro
Fixed – Crash when clicking on the context menu of a shot that contains a '[no media]' layer
Fixed – No audio input after closing and reopening document
Fixed – Wirecast shows up as "Wirecast Application" in the Windows system Volume Mixer control panel
Fixed – New text in languages localized as non-ascii does not appear correctly when creating new text shots
Fixed – Unable to send shots live after adding video files on macOS
Fixed – Open recent file structure is not maintained
Fixed – Distorted video with certain Direct Show devices (Logitech and Magewell) on Windows 7
Fixed – After upgrading Wirecast, Blackmagic capture cards no longer detect video
Fixed – Fatal error with clock or scoreboard shots
Fixed – Clock date not localized
Fixed – Starting an iOS device can hang Wirecast for up to a minute on macOS High Sierra
Fixed – Clicking on the context menu of a disconnected RDP source will hang the app for 4-8 seconds
Fixed – Replay+ISO menu names are cutoff in Czech and Dutch
Fixed – Unplugging an iOS device will disable video and audio rendering of existing A/V capture sources on macOS
Fixed – Cannot change selection from one layer to another in Preview Editing if it overlaps another layer
Fixed – Disable system beep when hitting 'Enter' in text entry fields
Fixed – PTZ preset recall does not work when there are multiple PTZ presets within the same shot
Fixed – Adding an existing Source SDK instance as a new shot/layer will create a new empty instance instead
Fixed – WASAPI capture does not work for mono sources (Logitech G930)
Fixed – Windows do not maximize with multiple monitors
Fixed – Text flickers when switching shots
Fixed – Enabling VoiceOver causes a crash when starting an NDI Output
Fixed – Solid color shot palette hides hex code
Fixed – Animated GIFs are causing performance issues on Windows
Fixed – Animated GIFs with transparency are stacking frames until looped
Fixed – Teradek StreamReader Plugin Properties Tab has broken UI
Fixed – Incorrect font and spacing for buttons on macOS
Fixed – Wirecast will use network bandwidth when there are ONVIF IP Cameras on the network even if not added to document
Fixed – Unable to publish to Facebook Groups
Fixed – Master layer visibility not applied correctly when loading documents
Fixed – Rendezvous dashboard window chrome looks out of place with document and other adjunct windows
Fixed – Remove "The Cube" destination
Fixed – New Text in languages localized as non-ascii does not appear correctly when creating new text shots
Fixed – Facebook: Not allowed to select a sponsor
Fixed – AJA capture devices are not being filtered from the System Device list on Mac
Fixed – Newly Added Sources Don't Always Scale to Fit Properly
Fixed – After 10 min an NDI thread starts using a lot of CPU when connected to a source
Fixed – Labels in the title selection window are unreadable unless highlighted
Fixed – Facebook: Maintain line breaks after restart
Fixed – Facebook: Remove support for events
Fixed – Convert encoding templates from 44.1 to 48 kHz audio (Default, Facebook Live and YouTube)
Fixed – Changing layer order for duplicated shots causes smooth transition to crossfade instead of interpolate
Fixed – Windows System Audio Capture should not be running all the time
Fixed – Several labels are truncated in PTZ controller menu in localized languages
Fixed – No sound when Blackmagic audio delay set to thousandths of a second
Fixed – Facebook: fix scheduled events by only showing the user's own events not those owned by accounts they can see (other groups or pages)
Fixed – PTZ preset controls should update in shot editor whenever PTZ prefs change
Fixed – Prevent the OS from turning off the display/sleeping if an ISO/Replay, Multi-Viewer or WebRTC Session is active
Fixed – Rendezvous: Clicking "Start Session" does nothing

Version 9.0.1
Fixed – Certain Wirecast 8.3 documents crashing when loaded in Wirecast 9.0

Version 9.0
NEW Features
NEW – XKeys 128 Support
Full control of layers, sources and transitions
Audio Mixer and Audio Preview controls
Start and Stop Wirecast outputs
Replay Controls
NEW – PTZOptics PTZ Control using Visca over IP
Control the Pan, Tilt and Zoom of PTZOptics cameras over a local area network
PTZ Controller window allows users to create and recall presets for fast repositioning of known positions
Assign PTZ Presets to shots for seamless switching between PTZ Presets
NEW – Add Source Menu Redesign
New dark theme
New Search Field to easily find sources
New Categories for sources
Favorite Category allows easy access to frequently used sources
NEW – Facebook Live – with User Cod
Authorize Wirecast to stream to a Facebook account without giving out Facebook login credentials
“Set and forget” workflow allows for minimal Wirecast configuration before each new broadcast
Fixes & Improvements
Improvement – XKeys: pressing the Audio Mixer or Rendezvous button should close the window when it's open
Improvement – Add preview/live status indicators to clear layers
Improvement – Add ability to drag shot layers in the shot layers table
Improvement – Disable preview throttling for front most document when app is front most
Improvement – Add drag image to shot bin on Windows
Improvement - Added option to run in "Safe Mode" – Hold down the CTRL+SHIFT keys during launch - allows user to determine if clearing preferences fixes a launch problem without clearing preferences yet.
Improvement - Allow 'Enter' key to add shot in add source UI
Improvement - Drag and Drop of File assets for Edit Panels Shot Layer Table
Improvement - If “Open last document on startup” is used and a document fails to load, a dialog appears on next launch to contact Wirecast support. This eliminates the need to clear preferences to exit the endless loop.
Improvement – Lower default keyframe interval to 2 seconds
Improvement - Remove 540p settings from Facebook encoder presets
Improvement - Rendering performance increased by improving lock usage. This change improves responsiveness in the UI when modifying complex shots in preview.
Improvement - Wirecast to warn user if classic mode (theme) is enabled
Fixed – Remove catmull-rom spline interpolator
Fixed – Web Stream crash when canceling IP camera authentication dialogs when other dialogs are open
Fixed – macOS Control Click is ignored with the New Add Source menu
Fixed – Indefinite Hang when sending two shots live then opening a playlist
Fixed – External Display Output Menu visible when no document is open
Fixed – Opening a document with many titles can hang the application for minutes
Fixed – Paste Text and Title Sources take a very long time to render
Fixed – Keyboard Shortcuts: Name field does not highlight automatically with focus
Fixed – Odd colors when re-importing Wirecast made 480p MJPEG
Fixed – Rapid selection of shots can result in improper tally state
Fixed - Fixed Rendezvous sources not pulling video correctly in Windows 7
Fixed - Web Stream and Screen Capture sources enumerating twice in the source selection window
Fixed - Immediate A/V sync issue streaming to Facebook if started after another output
Fixed - Indefinite hang when sending two shots live then opening a playlist
Fixed - After 20 encodes all outputs would fail to encode on macOS
Fixed - Adding sources should create copies of existing sources rather than references
Fixed - Blackmagic output colors are off
Fixed - Cannot add Twitter shot inside of playlist
Fixed - Changing playback speed for media does not change 'already live' state
Fixed - Chroma Key changes as different overlay shots are taken in and out of live
Fixed - Colors in macOS encoded outputs look washed out
Fixed - Deleting a shot always selects the "Clear Layer"
Fixed - Frame drop occurring upon adding titles in preview
Fixed - Hang when manipulating source while master layer visibility is off
Fixed - Hang when right-clicking and left-clicking assets in the Preview Canvas
Fixed - Immediate A/V sync issue in RTMPS Facebook output if started after other output
Fixed - Inconsistent deletion behavior when removing Playlists from the Shot Bin
Fixed - macOS encoded outputs look significantly worse than Windows
Fixed - Minimizing and then restoring a maximized document will disable the canvas rendering until Wirecast is resized
Fixed - Multi-Viewer can drop frames with capture card sources at 29.97 FPS
Fixed - No Web Stream configuration options if shot was previously cancelled
Fixed - Provide Feedback does not go to Form
Fixed - Sleeping computer and waking it while having media files loaded will make all loaded media files show black
Fixed - Solid color widget is transparent
Fixed - Stream will not automatically start YouTube event when checking “Automatically Go Live”
Fixed - Syphon server does not reconnect when opening a saved document
Fixed - The mouse scroll wheel in the "Twitter" "Message Feed" window does not work
Fixed - Triggering a Live preview swap mid transition will not queue shot to preview
Fixed - Unable to change the video adapter
Fixed - Windows Cuing live/preview swap while transforming source in preview causes crash
Fixed - Wirecast should not allow the computer to sleep while streaming or recording to disc

Version 8.3
NEW Features
NEW - RTMPS support for Facebook Live
NEW - Improved the layout for Rendezvous guests
NEW - Implemented the ability to send video output from a document to Rendezvous users
Fixes & Improvements
Fixed numerous issues with Blackmagic audio dropping or a/v sync problems, especially during extended broadcasts
Added a custom image import option to Shot Layer Mattes drop-down menu
Added a link to the forum in the Controllers section of the Preferences
Disabled the ability to set strict CBR for apple h264 as it has no effect
Enable RTMPS support for Facebook destination
Enabled using the circle center-point to move assets in Preview
Improved Master/Go button for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers
Improved transition representation for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers
Round input values in Video Properties to 1 decimal place instead of whole integers
Show active audio channel lights for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers
Disabled 'Open Output Settings' menu item when no documents are open
Disabled right clicking when picking chroma key color
Disabled the ability to delete a shot while it is being dragged on Windows(caused a crash)
Disabled the Facebook ‘Refresh’ button while a refresh network operation is in progress
Fixed a 1 pixel bar that was present on Top/Left sides of outputs
Fixed a CPU spike that occurred when changing the audio track in the Facebook output settings
Fixed a crash on macOS that would occur intermittently when adding a screen capture and changing the source type to ‘Game’
Fixed a crash that would occur with certain transitions when transitioning to a blank shot twice in rapid succession
Fixed a hang that occurred when adding a Bonjour IP Camera source
Fixed a Mac issue where certain transitions would cause a rendering bug when used before other transitions
Fixed a macOS High Sierra issue where the main document UI would transition poorly when restored from a minimized state
Fixed a Windows issue where the CEF widget settings viewport would increase width/height by 1px on change
Fixed a Windows issue where the Live/Preview canvas would flicker when opening the Shot Inspector with an active output
Fixed an exception that was thrown when closing a Wirecast document after changing CoreAudio device input settings in Audio MIDI Setup
Fixed an incoherent message occasionally thrown at launch when localized in Chinese
Fixed an intermittent hang that occurred when stopping an output
Fixed an issue on Windows where Direct Show were missing the Pretty Name and Video Delay setting
Fixed an issue reported by Matthew Potter where multi-viewer output transitions would flash on all layers
Fixed an issue where a source would “disappear” from the add source list if the Pretty Name is set to an empty string
Fixed an issue where playlists would become indefinite after an image was added
Fixed an issue where replay shots caused preview to flicker when multiple ISO replays were recording
Fixed an issue where the live shot was not set to 'changed state' when drop shadow is toggled
Fixed audio cutting out after a guest joins Rendezvous session on Mac
Fixed audio cutting out when switching shots
Fixed countdown timer couldn’t be set to less than 5 minutes
Fixed cropped screen capture dimensions become 1x1 when minimized
Fixed Facebook Scheduled events not showing up for some users
Fixed incorrect duration for MP4 AAC audio only recordings
Fixed Live audio shots reset when switching shots in another Master Layer
Fixed the vertical alignment of the Source Name field in the Image Carousel configuration window
Localized multiple strings in the Multi-Track Input Mapper
Optimized copying/pasting manually created sources
Removed ability to change live icon FPS as it did not work

Version 8.2
NEW Features
NEW - Added the ability to switch Shots with three supported MIDI Controllers (Akai APCmini, Akai APC40 MKII, Novation Launchpad)
NEW - Added the ability to use an iOS device as a camera source on your Local Area Network (LAN) via Wirecast Go 2.1.109
Fixes & Improvements
Added the ability to create 60 FPS encoder presets for RTP Unicast/Multicast streams
Added a drop-down option to YouTube destination to list Live, Upcoming, Completed or All events
Fixed a crash when creating a new document on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
Fixed a crash that could occur when adding CEF-based widget sources
Fixed a problem where some sources were providing black video on Windows 7
Fixed issues with video quality when scaling the Canvas Size relative to the encoder resolution
Made improvements to the Preferences to prevent data corruption and crashes
Fixed stuttering audio when toggling the audio monitor button in the Audio Mixer
Fixed an issue where certain NDI sources using NDI SDK 3.0 were not working properly
Fixed Live/Preview Swap not functioning properly for some Title Source layers
Fixed issues with Rendezvous Shots scaling spontaneously in Live canvas
Fixed an issue where Chroma Key would cause marquee select to size improperly
Fixed a crash when closing the Rendezvous Create Session window
Fixed a crash when saving a document while Output Statistics window is open
Fixed a crash when quitting Wirecast from the Welcome window
Fixed an issue where Web Cam scaling was not preserved when loading a saved document
Fixed a crash when using Emoji in Rendezvous session names
Fixed audio distortion when attempting to play 5.1 or 7.1 WMV files. Note that this does not add support for 5.1 and 7.1 audio for WMV, it simply fixes the distortion.
Fixed PSD files causing the Live canvas to flickers
Fixed a crash when selecting a pixel format for Blackmagic capture devices
Fixed a hang when stopping RTMP streams
Fixed abnormally poor quality issues with Apple H.264 Hardware encoder when using CBR
Fixed inability to save report using Support Assistant
Fixed a hang when switching between YouTube events too quickly in the Output Settings
No longer open Rendezvous Dashboard when Wirecast is re-launched
Fixed issue with Rendezvous Dashboard window not minimizing properly on Windows
Fixed inactive audio efects becoming active again when sending Shot live again
Consolidate Wirecast’s preferences, destination and miscellaneous system files into a single Wirecast folder

Version 8.1
NEW Features
NEW - Vimeo LIVE destination
NEW - Added the ability to duplicate Shot Layers via Copy and Paste within an existing Shot or as a new Shot
NEW - Added the ability to snap Shot Layers to the edges and center lines of other Shot Layers
NEW - Support for 1080p streaming to Facebook Live
NEW - Facebook Live accounts who have been given “Can Post” permissions on another account can now stream to the primary account’s Events and Groups
NEW - Support for Adobe Photoshop PSD image files
NEW - Added the ability to manually refresh Shot icons by right-click → Refresh Shot Icon
NEW - Now able to map Clear Layer shots to a Keyboard Shortcut for Transitioning
Improvements & Fixes
Fixed an issue that could cause video to stop encoding properly while live streaming
Fixed an issue where Rendezvous host could lose audio input afer a peer joined their session
Fixed an issue where creating Replay Shots could cause the video in Preview/Live to stutter briefly
Fixed a bug that could cause Record to Disk outputs to go out of sync while streaming at the same time
Fixed an issue where the color picker could stop working properly in the Widget sources
Fixed random crashes when using WebStream IP camera sources
Fixed a random crash that could occur when outputting via NDI
Fixed Replay recordings not scaling to fit canvas automatically when creating a new Replay Shot
Fixed channel selection not working properly in the Audio Mixer
Fixed inability to use Monitor Capture across two separate video adapters
Fixed an issue where setting Canvas Size to 720x480 would result in bad video encoding
Fixed a bug where Playlists would always transition their sources using Smooth when the Playlist was on the first Master Layer
Fixed bad audio when playing back HE-AAC audio files
Fixed a bug causing live media file playback to restart when stopping stream outputs
Fixed a bug that caused bad QuickSync outputs when used in conjunction with other encoders
Fixed long startup times when launching Wirecast without an internet connection
Fixed Virtual Microphone not being uninstalled when upgrading Wirecast from an older version to a newer version

Version 8.0
NEW Features
NEW - Wirecast Rendezvous | Multi-site production with remote guests

Easily bring in remote guests without additional hardware or software for the guest
Send them a link and they can join on a smart device or Chrome/Firefox browser
Add up to 2 guests in Studio, 7 guests in PRO (Note: Subject to available bandwidth)
Screen share and Tally lights
Companion iOS app (Wirecast Go) for mobile guests
NEW - Completely NEW rendering engine

Huge performance increases
(WIN) Upgrade to Direct 3D 11
Added Z-rotation
Resize, rotate, and crop handles directly in the Preview Window.
Asset Snap-to-grid, Guidelines, and Centering.
Add Reflection and/or Drop Shadow to any source.
NEW - Multi-Viewer Output System

Support for up to 17 slot multi-viewer output (up to 4 in Studio) to any attached display.
Send different configurations (1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 17x) to different monitors.
NEW - Multi-Channel Audio Ingest

Support for up to 16 channels of input via each connected professional audio interface, each NDI source, and/or each capture card input with embedded audio.
NEW - Multi-Track Audio Support (Pro only) – up to 8 tracks

Multi-language streaming.
Multi-language recordings.
Isolate audio sources for post-production.
Behind-the-scenes or other commentary track support.
NEW - Major encoding engine upgrade

Substantially less system resource usage for most content when encoding with x264.
Higher quality x264 encoding.
Tighter bit rate variations when utilizing CBR (constant bit rate).
NEW - Automatic color space matrix with options for override

No more washed out looking sources, Wirecast will auto detect the color space and apply any appropriate conversions to maintain color quality throughout the entire workflow.
NEW - NewBlueFX Titler Live 3 - Complete titling suite with social media titling templates, sports templates, and much more.


Free live Facebook comments with Titler Live 3:
Express – Free with Wirecast 8 Studio purchase
Present – Free with Wirecast 8 Pro purchase
Curate and push live comments from any web browser on your network.
Animate comments as they fly in or out.
Upgrade to Social or Complete to add Youtube and Twitter.
Updated, expanded, and improved Titler Live modules.

Express – Free with Wirecast 8 Studio – Includes templates for many common titling needs. Does not include Title Designer.
Sport – Sports titles and graphics, scoreboards, integration with Sportzcast live scoreboard data sources.
Social – Display social messages through high-end, animated designs from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Even poll your audience in real-time, displaying results graphically.
Present – Free with Wirecast 8 Pro – Everything you need to title and produce live shows, events, conferences, church streams, etc.
Complete – All the above for a complete titling solution for any event.
NEW - NEW Transitions

23 included live transitions.
NEW ‘Smooth’ transition features allow curve types and animation effects like ‘spring’.
NEW - (WIN) Implement WASAPI Audio Capture

Reduced audio latency and increased channel support compared to Direct Sound.
Support for NEWer WASAPI only multi-channel audio devices.
NEW - (WIN) Implement ASIO Audio Ingestion

Support for the industry standard Windows pro audio API.
NEW - (MAC) Added Syphon client support for Mac

Improved quality and performance over macOS native functionality when capturing Syphon enabled apps on macOS (Adobe After effects and Character Animator, Many VJ tools, Unity engine, and many more).
NEW - NEW Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch Source

World clock, time and date functionality - all completely customizable.
Start, stop, and reset with the click of a mouse.
NEW - Add option to override automatic format detection in capture cards

Now you can override the automatic detection system and specify the exact setting you need for your workflow.
NEW - De-interlacing hot toggle

De-interlacing can now be toggled per source in the moment. No need to restart the app.
NEW - Add support for .WebM files

Support for the popular .WebM format when bringing in media files.
NEW - Add support for Sony XAVC-S video format

Support for the popular XAVC-S format used in Sony cameras.
NEW - Replay - Option to mute audio during playback

Now, you can set your replay files to include audio, without having to manually mute each replay clip when used in a live setting with narration. Great for enhancing your post-production workflow.
NEW - Wirecast Go iOS App

iOS only, updated and improved
Integrates with Rendezvous natively
Replaces Wirecast Cam for Lan/Wifi camera use
Improvements & Fixes

IMPROVED - [Facebook] Logout option to clear security information
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve filtering of the With (Sponsor) field to display better results
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Update hyperlinks in Advanced Options to a graphical icon
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Highlight first entry in search fields by default
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve readability of highlighted text for search fields on Mac
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve responsiveness when switching events on Mac in 8.0 builds.
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Add warning dialog to the "Delete Event" button
IMPROVED - [Facebook] Test for stale URLs (i.e. one that cannot be streamed to) when validating Facebook settings
IMPROVED - (WIN) Put cursor at the end of the field when using Enter to accepting a search value
IMPROVED - (WIN) Refactor Virtual Microphone / Camera Installation & Registration
IMPROVED - Add a "Select All" menu item to allow users to select all sources in Preview
IMPROVED - Add a link to download Remote Desktop Presenter from the add sources menu if it isn't installed yet
IMPROVED - Add boxed icon for virtual microphone toggle
IMPROVED - Add Select All and Unselect All buttons to the "Edit Visible Destinations" window.
IMPROVED - Add Twitter Source to Plus button in shot inspector
IMPROVED - Allow simultaneous CPU and GPU buffers during output
IMPROVED - Asynchronous media file indexing
IMPROVED - Audio Mixer: Click 'R' to pan to 50R / Click 'L' to pan to 50L
IMPROVED - Change arrow cursor to hand cursor when hovering over the "Click for help..." links in "Facebook Advanced Options"
IMPROVED - Delay the "missing sources" prompt a second or two after opening a document
IMPROVED - Do not include dynamic outputs in the logic that determines the canvas size.
IMPROVED - Double clicking the vertical split bar between the preview and live panels should toggle between a 75% split and a 50% split
IMPROVED - Eliminate 3 second wait when adding new video sources
IMPROVED - Include ”http://" by default in Web Display
IMPROVED - Increase Default Font Size & Change default color to White
IMPROVED - Make newly added video sources scale to fit by default.
IMPROVED - Optimize video format conversions used in ISO recording
IMPROVED - Organize Add Source Menu
IMPROVED - Periscope - Change the "Start Broadcast" menu item to "Go Live"
IMPROVED - Playlists always transitions all layers rather than just the playlist layer.
IMPROVED - Remove Blank Shot that appears with New Document
IMPROVED - Remove Camera Preview window
IMPROVED - Removed Apply button in Capture Card settings as it applies with changes automatically
IMPROVED - Request: Relabel the document recovery message
IMPROVED - Request: Replace the "Clear Layer" (Blank Shot) icon
IMPROVED - Smaller resize range for audio mixer
IMPROVED - Support for Viewership when streaming to multiple destinations
IMPROVED - System Audio Capture Should say "Select Audio device: instead of "Audio Settings"
IMPROVED - Take out the padding around the Preview and Master audio meters
IMPROVED - Update Twitch Encoding Settings
IMPROVED - Use the boxed icons from the Mixer in the main UI for Monitor and Mute.
IMPROVED - Users do not need to restart the app for deinterlacing to work

FIXED - (HiDPI) Wirecast icon is low resolution
FIXED - (MAC) (High Sierra) Installer text is hard to read
FIXED - (MAC) Application becomes inaccessible if a user attempts to "Authorize" to "YouTube" while offline
FIXED - (MAC) Audio timestamps passed to external display output plugins are broken
FIXED - (MAC) CEF process separation caused some pages to no longer load correctly
FIXED - (MAC) Crash with specific URL's in the "Web Display" widget
FIXED - (MAC) Dragging the main document UI to the minimum size causes Preview and Live to disappear when the shot editor is open
FIXED - (MAC) OpenGL crash when opening a specific document
FIXED - (MAC) Record to disk - ProRes Proxy codec records H.264 video
FIXED - (MAC) Wirecast can crash when selecting a font for title text on Mac
FIXED - (MAC)Apple H.264 hardware encoder disappears when in use
FIXED - (Widgets) Black hex color boxes are unreadable in the "New Source Dialog" window for multiple widget sources
FIXED - (WIN) "Drop Shadow" font style does not match other menu options in the "Preview Inspector"
FIXED - (WIN) "Record to Disk -Window Media" is cropped off in the "Output Statistics" window
FIXED - (WIN) (NDI) Clicking "Reconnect" button quickly 5 or more times causes Wirecast to hang
FIXED - (WIN) (NDI) Source doesn't always show up in the capture devices
FIXED - (WIN) 32-bit Virtual camera DirectShow filter fails to register
FIXED - (WIN) Authentication error message shows up twice for several destinations
FIXED - (WIN) Colors do not look right and scaling is off when capturing from YCbCr 4:2:0 video sources
FIXED - (WIN) Crash after exiting Wirecast while tearing down DirectShow device
FIXED - (WIN) Cursor does not change to the "pointer" hand when hovering over hyperlinks in Windows
FIXED - (WIN) Damaged resource notification refers to Mac file type in Windows
FIXED - (WIN) DINPro font does not work in Text Widget
FIXED - (WIN) Encoder audio settings should be limited to 192kbps on Windows only
FIXED - (WIN) External Display Output on Windows will sometimes be very pixelated
FIXED - (WIN) Incorrect error message is displayed when attempting to record Program Replay to a read-only folder
FIXED - (WIN) ISO recordings of DirectShow sources do not start until the source is in the canvas (preview or live)
FIXED - (WIN) Mouse Scroll wheel does not work in Asset Manager
FIXED - (WIN) Output settings window not populating Taskbar or Windows Peak
FIXED - (WIN) Preview/Live flickers with GeForce GTX 980M
FIXED - (WIN) Recordings created in VLC are crashing Wirecast
FIXED - (WIN) 'Replay+ISO', 'Replay' and 'Twitter' menu items don't have hotkey shortcut letters underlined
FIXED - (WIN) Scrubbing the scrollbar for the 'Titles' window too fast will cause the application to hang
FIXED - (WIN) Setting YouTube event to a pre-POSIX start date will crash the application
FIXED - (WIN) Starting NDI or Blackmagic output with specific settings will cause crash
FIXED - (WIN) Titles browsing will not depict thumbnails on initial launch of window
FIXED - (WIN) Verify that AVerMedia Live Gamer HD2 GC570 works with Wirecast
FIXED - (WIN) Windows video playback and encoded output on GTX960 is stuttering
FIXED - (WIN) Wirecast installer shows when opening document from explorer
FIXED - (WIN) YUV sources have washed out colors with NVIDIA GPUs
FIXED - [Facebook] (WIN) Reduce jerkiness when switching between scheduling states
FIXED - [Facebook] authentication page has scroll bars on the bottom and side
FIXED - [Facebook] Progress indicator will not stop if user cancels authentication prematurely
FIXED - [Facebook] refactor destination
FIXED - [Facebook] sponsor setting does not recognize verified page properly
FIXED - [Facebook] Text in the Description Field is a little too far right on Mac
FIXED - [Facebook] Time box is slightly misaligned compared to the Start Date menu
FIXED - [Facebook] Title and Description fields inherit strings from deleted events
FIXED - [Facebook] Unable to Tab from Title field to Description field in Output Settings
FIXED - [Facebook] Users can bypass the Facebook configuration validation by having another destination
FIXED - 1080p Anamorphic setting is not 1440x1080
FIXED - Adding audio filter de-highlights the headphones icon in the audio mixer
FIXED - Audio bitrate settings that are not valid for the encoder are populating the list
FIXED - Audio Effects disappear with playlist shot switching
FIXED - Blackmagic encoder presets causing a crash
FIXED - Changing encoder resolution with Auto Canvas breaks color controls
FIXED - Changing the UI to show program results in black bars
FIXED - Clear Layer can be deleted via Edit menu
FIXED - Corrupted encoding presets could cause documents to fail to open
FIXED - Crash in project with many duplicating titles and playlists
FIXED - Crash when importing an MOV in QuickTime Animation format
FIXED - Crash when switching between Audio FX and/or slider settings within the same slot
FIXED - Cropped DP Shot does not hold settings after closing Wirecast
FIXED - Cropping then moving the image causes resizing
FIXED - Cursor rapidly switches icons during hover after adding a WebStream device to the Shot Bin
FIXED - Default window height does not show the auto-populated shot on the 3rd layer
FIXED - Disable keyboard shortcut for deleting a shot while the shot editor is open
FIXED - Disconnecting secondary monitor while External Display Output is active does not terminate external viewport
FIXED - Display persists through the External Display Output after closing document
FIXED - External Display Obscuring Wirecast on some systems when external display is unplugged
FIXED - External Display Output only available to the first Wirecast document
FIXED - Hang when ending stream while still recording
FIXED - Image shifts slightly whenever the user uses the crop attribute
FIXED - Image Slideshow source does not convert from OBS converter
FIXED - Indefinite hang in the GlobalHotkeyMonitor
FIXED - ISO - Segmented and Replay recordings will drop one frame in between segments
FIXED - ISO not creating files - Bluefish 444 Epoch 4K Neutron
FIXED - Localization: Japanese: "Channel" is not localized when certain Broadcast Destinations are selected
FIXED - Localization: Japanese: "Refresh" does not fit within the associated button in the USB Devices window
FIXED - Localization: Locate missing Asset prompt displays placeholder text
FIXED - Localization: Matte selections in the Configure Visual Effects tab are not localized
FIXED - Localization: Multiple strings are not localized in the Desktop Presenter configuration pane
FIXED - Localization: Select Screen Region text is cut off due to line-wrapping beyond the text box
FIXED - Localization: Text does not display properly in the USB Devices window
FIXED - Localization: Text is cut off on the Configure Cropping tab
FIXED - Localization: The Wirecast Menu is not localized
FIXED - Long audio interface names in audio mixer are being cut off
FIXED - Minimize and maximize buttons react on mouse down rather than mouse up
FIXED - Missing Twitch ingest servers in output settings
FIXED - Multiple error messages generated for incorrect authentication to custom partner destinations
FIXED - Pixelated text in lower third
FIXED - Problems invalidating or updating Playlist Shot UI Tabs after the Playlist Shot is moved to another Master Layer
FIXED - Record to Disk - MP4 x264 files have an edit list that excludes almost every frame in the first GOP
FIXED - Remove Hitbox CDN as it no longer exists
FIXED - Replay mark in displays incorrectly within the UI for ISO Recordings
FIXED - Replay/ISO menu has two listings for "Configure" and "Configure ISO Outputs"
FIXED - Same shortcut won't work if assigned to multiple actions
FIXED - Scoreboard text size is too big
FIXED - Selecting between options on the Source Properties tab causes Video/Audio to stutter with Blackmagic devices
FIXED - Selecting Solid Background under Text Properties Defaults to a Background with 0% Opacity
FIXED - Selecting the currently selected External Display Output causes the output image to disappear
FIXED - Shot-level audio settings affect other shots using the same sources
FIXED - Strict CBR sometimes fluctuates more than it should
FIXED - Support for Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
FIXED - Text Properties Background Color - Auto Switching to None
FIXED - Text Properties window contents can be highlight selected
FIXED - Text Tool - Clicking on Shadow Attribute Sliders does not apply correctly
FIXED - TextField - Undo/Redo doesn't always function
FIXED - The aspect ratio of a text source can become corrupted in certain situations
FIXED - The mix minus and mute state is not being updated between the Audio Mixer and Source Properties
FIXED - There are too many encoding templates to display them all in the Output Settings dialog's Encoding popup menu
FIXED - Tooltip for create replay shot button is "Update Replay Shot"
FIXED - Twitch output configuration is sluggish in the "Output Settings"
FIXED - Unable to access the "Output Settings" while outputting to "Virtual Camera Out"
FIXED - Update Monitor Checkbox to button in mixer
FIXED - Update Twitch API to V5
FIXED - Video can stutter on some occasions with Replay Templates
FIXED - Virtual Camera not working in Skype
FIXED - When attempting to connect to Facebook, re-clicking the stream button causes hang
FIXED - When modifying the Output Settings you need to press Create in the Facebook config
FIXED - Wirecast 6.0.5 Update Can't Stream Audio with Sample Rates <44.1KHz
FIXED - Wirecast/Ustream will crash if audio mixer is present when first opening
FIXED - With certain equipment workflows, audio dropouts can occur during shot switching
FIXED - x264 Encoding Produces Increasing/Excessive Keyframes
FIXED - x264 Outputs with a resolution of 480x270 can cause the encoder to fail

Version 7.7
New! Output your live program feed with the NewTek NDI™ protocol!
New! Support for the BlackMagic 4K Cinema Camera via Thunderbolt
Fixed an issue preventing Virtual Camera Output from being used as a source in Skype
Fixed an issue in the Scoreboard UI when using the Chinese language
Fixed an issue where some 60 FPS encoder presets were actually set to 30 FPS

Version 7.6
New! Capture NewTek NDI™ sources!
Fixed RSS feeds not working properly in the Text widget
Fixed a crash occurring as a result of using a large number of CEF sources (i.e. Titles)
Fixed an issue where Toggle Broadcast for Periscope was grayed out
Changed Periscope API for “Should Tweet” to “Should Not Tweet”
Fixed a crash that could occur when a YouTube Event ended by closing an unsaved document
Fixed an issue where a Facebook stream would restart after Stream Delay time has elapsed
Fixed an issue where the cursor exits the Places field after each key stroke in the Facebook destination
Added a better error message if Facebook prevents creating a stream due to broadcasting copyrighted material
Added more encoder presets for Facebook destination
Display settings for previously scheduled Facebook events
Fixed an issue where deleting an encoder from Periscope’s dashboard would break authentication until restarting Wirecast
Fixed issues when performing Smooth transition via Keyboard Shortcuts set to Shots

Version 7.5
New! Periscope/Twitter streaming destination!
Fixed UI for Use Backup Server and Automatically Start Event in YouTube destination not working properly
Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Scoreboard increment/decrement not working properly
Fixed Stream, Record and viewership statistics icons not displaying properly when Preview Inspector is open
Fixed issues with Daylight Savings time in Facebook Live and YouTube events
Fixed a hang that could occur when Facebook Live viewer statistics incremented too high (~200 or higher)
Fixed missing translation strings in Facebook Live destination
Fixed inability to add dynamic destination URLs manually through the Edit Visible Destination window

Version 7.4
New! Schedule events with the Facebook Live destination
Improved Wirecast startup time
Fixed a crash that occurred when changing canvas size while DirectShow sources were in use
Fixed an issue where a clip would remain on a Facebook page after stopping a continuous live stream
Fixed an issue where dragging Playlist Shots between Master Layers resulted in the Playlist being left in Preview on the originating Master Layer
Fixed lack of scroll bars in Facebook Authentication dialog
Fixed YouTube destination not properly accounting for locale when scheduling events
Fixed a hang when switching too quickly between listed YouTube events in Output Settings
Fixed ISO Recording not working properly with BlueFish 4:4:4:4 capture cards on Windows
Fixed Magewell AIO capture card not working with Wirecast on Windows
Fixed an issue where Magewell capture cards were always being deinterlaced even when the option was disabled
Fixed Desktop Presenter shot settings not being saved
Fixed a memory leak when using Capture Cursor in Screen Capture on macOS
Fixed hang and crash caused by upgrading documents containing Title shots
Fixed a crash when using Logitech web cams on Windows
Fixed an issue where position and scaling were not being saved when using Remote Desktop Presenter
Fixed an issue when selecting File &#8594; Open twice in a row
Fixed an issue where Keyboard Shotcut icons on Shot Thumbnails were not updating properly
Fixed a hang that could occur when closing a File browse panel
Fixed an issue where Wirecast could sometimes not be closed
Fixed a random crash on exit

Version 7.3
New! Viewership statistics for Facebook Live, including emoticons, comments and shares, and total viewers
New! Image Carousel source
New! Open Broadcaster Studio scene impor
Fixed installer issues for certain users who were missing DirectX dependencies
Updated .NET Framework dependencies from 3.5 to 4.0
Fixed an issue where External Display Output was not scaling properly on High DPI displays on Windows
Fixed an issue where screen region selection was not working on High DPI displays on Windows
Fixed an issue where screen capture was only capturing part of a High DPI display on Windows
Fixed a crash when toggling Capture Video in Screen Capture plug-in on macOS
Auto-Reload web pages when they are sent live when “Shutdown” is enabled for Web Display
Fixed an issue where closing Output Settings would resize the canvas if no changes were made
Fixed a hang when deleting sources in Preview editing
Fixed an issue where Hotkey Manager was using too much CPU
Fixed a crash when stopping streams
Fixed branded search for Facebook destination
Fixed an issue where Playlists had to be re-selected to be sent live repeatedly
Fixed an issue where WMV clips with more than 2 channels of audio would cause a crash
Fixed a crash on macOS when opening new documents
Fixed an issue where Twitter authentication was not working in certain instances
Fixed a crash when adding sources from the Master Layer external windows
When no game capture source is found the source will now become transparent
Fixed issues with Text Widget line wrapping

Version 7.2
New! High-DPI display support for Windows
New! Document recovery after a crash or improper shutdown
New! Specify a sponsor for branded Facebook streams (“With” entry field)
New! Progress bar indicator Playlist and media clip Shots
New! Options for selecting which sources to copy when Duplicating a Shot
New! Aspect Ratio lock and “Stretch to Fit” button for video sources
New! Bind single keys to Hotkeys in the Hotkey Manager
New! Text Widget background gradient and Text Shadow options
New! Timestamp filename option for Record to Disk outputs
Over 100 additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 7.1
New! Audio filters in the Audio Mixer. Dynamics, EQ, Delay and more! (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added ability to stream to Facebook Live groups and events (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added “Places” (AKA geo-tagging) to the Facebook Live (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added ability to stream 24/7 to Facebook Live (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Magewell capture card SDK integration (Windows)
New! Added stream destination (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Duplicate Shot now performs a “deep copy” of sources and settings in the Shot. Mirror Duplicate will only copy the Shot Layer configuration. Please use Mirror Duplicate if you desire the legacy Shot Duplication functionality (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added shortcut to open the folder where recordings were saved (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added Keyboard Shortcuts to switch to Clear Layer shots (Alt+1 through 5, one for each Master Layer) (Mac OS X & Windows)
Improve logic around scaling new sources to fit the canvas when added (Mac OS X & Windows)
Addressed performance and reliability issues for USB DirectShow web cams (Windows)
Fixed an issue where Remote Desktop Presenter scaling and position was not saving properly (Mac OS X & Windows)
Improved performance for BlackMagic Capture Cards (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where ISO Recording would fail if the source format changed (Mac OS X & Windows)
Usability enhancements around ElGato Game Capture cards (Windows)
Enabled the usage of Matrox VS4 capture card with Wirecast native ISO Recording (Windows)
Fixed an issue where Smooth transition was not applying volume ramps (Mac OS X & Windows)
Addressed reliability issues with CEF-based widget sources (i.e. Text, Solid Color) (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where Unicast/Multicast streaming were resulting in bad video (Mac OS X & Windows)

Version 7.0.1
Fixed an issue with streaming to Facebook Live Pages when a Wirecast user has multiple Facebook pages that are sorted differently by Wirecast and Facebook causing the stream to go to the incorrect page. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed (Mac OS X & Windows)

Version 7.0
New! General stability improvements and decreased CPU usage! (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! GPU accelerated H.264 encoder via Intel® Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA® NVENC and Apple® Video Toolbox H.264 (see tech specs above for specifics) (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! ISO recording from live capture sources – Wirecast 7 Pro only (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added ability to update a single Replay Shot OR create new Replay Shots.
New! UI enhancements including Edit-In-Preview with integrated Shot Inspector (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Playlist changed to a new tabbed interface (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Shots inside of a Playlist now display a progress bar (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added Shuffle Playlist functionality (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added the ability to apply duration changes to all Shots within a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added “.” and “,” hotkeys for moving between Shots within a Playlist (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added default duration setting for Shots added to a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Output Statistics histogram view (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Global Hotkey Manager (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Video delay for individual live video sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Audio delay for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Re-designed Audio Mixer user interface (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added Panning to Audio Mixer (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Selective audio monitor toggle for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Source channel selection for live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Audio output interface selection (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! New Text tool featuring live text, RSS feeds and reading from text files, scrolling text (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! GPU accelerated color correction (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Re-designed title system (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Customizable Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Broadcast and recording statistics overlay in Direct3D 9 games (Windows)
New! Added link to Twitch account Dashboard and Active Broadcast in Output menu (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Solid Color source (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added 1440p and 60 FPS encoder presets YouTube streaming (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Toggle to display System CPU usage or Wirecast process CPU usage (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added support for RGB video input from BlackMagic capture cards (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added 24 FPS Canvas Frame Rate option (Mac OS X & Windows)
Added support for Animated GIF playback (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where a stream may not start if the initial source was a still video frame (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where transitions may not be triggered properly (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where sending a DirectShow source to Preview and Live simultaneously could result in popping audio (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a crash that could occur when using Mac Screen Capture (Mac OS X)
Fixed an issue where audio output device sample rate changes were not handled properly (Mac OS X)
Fixed an issue where Facebook Live destination was not displaying all pages (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a crash that could occur when using Local Desktop Presenter on systems with multiple monitors or GPUs (Windows)
Fixed an issue where Facebook Live recordings were not being closed properly (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where Facebook Live destination could display duplicate page listings (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed wide character display issues with Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a possible crash when selecting a BlackMagic capture card source (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where searching Twitter with hashtag could fail (Mac OS X & Windows)
Added true cross dissolve transition on Windows

Version 6.0.8
Restricted streaming to Facebook and a generic RTMP destination only to comply with Facebook livestreaming policies (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where the stream was not being closed properly (Mac OS X & Windows)
Only populate Pages for the Page Admin and Page Editor roles (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where pressing Create stream could interfere with Stream Delay changes (Mac OS X & Windows)
Improve the error message if the stream is restarted without creating a new RTMP endpoint (Mac OS X & Windows)

Version 6.0.7
New! Added Facebook Live as a destination. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added Scoreboard hotkeys for Scandinavian languages. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed Wirecast treating valid and invalid command line arguments as document paths. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Lengthened authentication time-out for Stretch Internet destination. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed encoder setting for reverting to default 360p. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed Unhandled exception error when adding Blackmagic Intensity Pro shot. (Windows)
Fixed Fatal Application Error when Spanish is selected as default OS. (Windows)
Fixed bug preventing the year from being set in YouTube Events (Mac OS X and Windows)
Fixed an issue where Wirecast would sometimes start up in Demo mode even when licensed (Windows)
Fixed a crash that could occur when using BlackMagic capture cards (Windows)
Fixed an issue where transitions were being applied across all Master Layers (Mac OS X & Windows)

Version 6.0.6
Added Verizon Media Services destination. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Added Onstream Media destination. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problems with Stream Delay when broadcasting to (Mac OS X & Windows)
Improved quality when using the YUV color space on the GPU. (Windows)
Fixed crash that occurred after repeatedly plugging in and unplugging USB cameras. (Windows)
Fixed occasional crash in text rendering code. (Windows)
Fixed occasional crash resulting from memory address truncation. (Windows)
Fixed issue that prevented Wirecast 4 documents from being opened in Wirecast 6. (Windows)

Version 6.0.5
Added support for YouTube default channels/streams. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Eliminated crash when YouTube event times were not in 30-minute increments. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue preventing MOV/MJPEG recording in 480p resolution. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed playback crashes due to unsupported AMD instructions. (Windows)
Users can now start a YouTube broadcast without having to go to the YouTube website. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Added M4A to the list of files supported for playback. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem authenticating to Limelight on Yosemite. (Mac OS X)
Improved emoticon support (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a crash when decoding the CineForm Intermediate codec. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Improved support for emoticons when using Twitter integration and titles. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Can now use the number pad to trigger keyboard shortcuts. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now shot thumbnails are updated to correspond to the in point set on prerecorded media. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where the Output Settings window would jump behind the main window after YouTube authentication. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed run-time exception during offline activation. (Mac OS X)
Auto section of Canvas size now takes the virtual camera output resolution into account. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed YUV GPU conversion crash that occurred with some video cards. (Windows)
Now Twitter message will wrap using all titles. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now a user can hold down the Option key on Mac or the Alt key on Windows to prevent creating a playlist while performing a drag and drop on a shot. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a problem where text descenders were being cut off in certain titles. (Windows)
Removed a small square that appeared inadvertently on the Twitter feed dialog on Windows 7 with Aero enabled. (Windows)
Fixed problem playing some H.264 encoded mp4 files. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now can go back on forth between Wirecast windows without having to click on a window first to activate it. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where sometimes the channel drop-down default was not set automatically after authentication in the Output Setting window. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now search in the Twitter feed is done on multiple words rather than an exact phrase only. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Removed non working filters CICode128BarcodeGenerator and CIAztecCodeGenerator (Mac OS X & Windows)
Eliminated possible duplicate ONVIF camera entries. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now disallow odd Canvas dimensions. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Numerous localization fixes. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now disallow positioning shots to the left of the Black shot. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem with Swedish keyboard controlling the scoreboard. (Mac OS X)
Now the YouTube event description field scrolls horizontally on Windows. (Windows)
Support for Axis M1031-W IP camera verified. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue with using an image as a custom mask that appeared in Wirecast 6. (Mac OS X)
H.264 360p is the new default preset for (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem with repeated disconnects when streaming with no audio. (Mac OS X)

Version 6.0.4
Due to a change in Twitter’s API, Twitter authentication is now done in an external browser window. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a problem recording mp4 files with the MainConcept H.264 encoder that caused corrupted recordings. (Mac OS X & Windows)

Version 6.0.3
New! Added screen capture from iOS devices via Lighting cable. (Mac OS X 10.10)
New! Added dialog to schedule events on YouTube Live directly from within Wirecast. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added support for playback of QuickTime Animation files. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Images are now updated automatically if they are stored on local disk. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added keyboard shortcuts to toggle Live Preview Swap on and off. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! The Audio Delay specified in the Audio Inspector can now be up to 10 seconds, up from 1 second, and is now specified in numeric terms rather than by moving a slider. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Optimized H.264 playback to use approximately 25% less CPU. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Optimized CPU usage by Web Stream, Wirecast Cam, and Blackmagic sources to use up to 50% less CPU. (Mac OS X)
New! Added a button in the Output Settings that refreshes the list of scheduled YouTube events. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Implemented drag-able region in the title area of the shot so that users must mouse drag from the shot's title bar in order to perform drag operations. This helps prevent inadvertent movement of shots. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Local Desktop Presenter Window Capture now tracks the location of a Window being captured rather than capturing a static screen region. (Mac OS X)
New! Added an option to capture a screen region with the Local Desktop Presenter. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Now larger fields on the Thin Pipe scoreboard. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Now display a microphone icon under the Live window when audio is being outputted via the Virtual Microphone feature. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Users can now drag-and-drop media onto the ‘+’ button in the shot bin to add media to a layer. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added hotkeys for activating and deactivating Master Layers. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added a Just Text title to allow cleaner display of text-only titles. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added all system audio devices to the Change Audio right click menu regardless of if they already exist in the document. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where Wirecast was not prompting to save the document right after new camera/audio/Desktop Presenter shots were added to the shot bin. (Mac OS X & Windows)
The Audio Inspector will now be reopened automatically on launch if it was open at shutdown. (Windows)
Fixed a problem in the Shot Editor where pressing “Reset Position” on a shot constructed with templates would make the source invisible. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a problem in the Shot Editor where cropping and then resizing an image caused it to resize. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where Wirecast would retrieve the incorrect times for YouTube Live events. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where adding an audio input in the Audio Inspector caused a video transition to trigger in the Live window. (Mac OS X)
Now limit the default resolution of web cams to be 1080p. (Mac OS X)
Fixed and issue that cause hidden Master Layers to become visible when changing the canvas size. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where the stream attributes were not initially displayed when Web Stream connected to a stream. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where scoreboards were displayed as squished, stretched, or offset. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where Web Stream repeated last audio sample received if the connection was lost. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where Local Desktop Presenter window didn’t not keep focus when windows is moved (Mac OS X & Windows)
Camera Preview frame rate is now saved when document is saved. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where Preview playback controls and countdown clock were not enabled when displaying a video whose filename contained an image file extension. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where transitioning from one source to another produced choppy audio. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where the selected transition was only applied to the last queued shot when sending shots on multiple Layers live. (Mac OS X)
Fixed an issue that caused static popping when adjusting the delay slider for live inputs in the Audio Inspector. (Mac OS X)
Fixed an issue where trying to open Web Stream configured with a malformed URL caused a crash. (Windows)
Fixed issue where Wirecast didn’t retain the contents of Preview asset upon saving and reopening a document. (Mac OS X & Windows)
VS4 and MXO2 DirectShow inputs are now not displayed as possible sources in Wirecast. Please use Matrox’s Wirecast source plugin to connect to these devices. (Windows)
CTRL-click on touchpad once again functions as right-click. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where Blackmagic Outputs did not display the proper check box when outputting various formats in "Demo Mode" (Windows)
Fixed an issue where the Shot Editor and other secondary windows did not open on a second monitor when Wirecast’s main window was on a secondary monitor. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where the initial selection for USB Webcam Audio Settings did not take. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem where application locked up when the Configure button in the Source Settings dialog was clicked more than once. (Windows)
Fixed issue where Wirecast was forced into the background if users clicked on a shot while the Audio Inspector was open (Mac OS X & Windows)
Added “New Playlist” item to the Edit menu. (Mac OS X& Windows)
Fixed issue where the cursor would become stuck as a resize icon when moving above the Shot Bin. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where Zoom Slider didn’t function if the trim points were set too close together in the Preview Window. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where the document did not load if its name contained an apostrophe. (Windows)
Fixed problem where thumbnail sizing in Playlist windows and Layer windows were was not persisted when the windows were reopened. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed an issue where iOS devices were sometimes not being detected on congested networks due to a timeout. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where License and Serial Number were displayed as white text on white background when focus was shifted away. (Mac OS X)
Fixed occasional hang on exit when shutting down connections to Bonjour devices. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem with text vanishing from the Message Feed when double-clicking the column width resize area. (Windows)
Fixed problem where the Preview Zoom Slider widget remained open and rendered on top of new windows or panes opened over it. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem where the Replay Shot Template setting in the Replay Settings dialog was not being set correctly when saving and loading a document. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where a playlist entered an inactive state after a shot was deleted from it. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem with distorted Virtual Camera output when using match canvas with certain resolutions. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where Preview audio endlessly repeated one frame of sound when selecting a new shot that was not playing. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem where the playback controls would not display when pre-recorded content was sent to Preview using Live/Preview Swap. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where audio sources would crackle intermittently due to buffering problems. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed aspect ratio errors for Remote Desktop Presenter shots loaded from a document opened via Windows Explorer. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed occasional hang on exit if the user was prompted to save their document when exiting. (Mac OS X)
Increased bounding rectangles for controls that resize thumbnails in the Playlist window. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where a click-drag on a shot in a Mater Layer would bring the shot into Live or Preview. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Delete All in the Social Media dialog now also removes all text currently rendered into Social Shots. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now multiple documents can be accessed by right-clicking the Wirecast icon in the Dock. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where SDP files got overwritten without promoting the user. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where social message feed delete icon would get stuck in the mouse-down state under certain conditions. (Mac OS X)
Fixed an issue that caused the audio preview not to work if a source was made live immediately after launching Wirecast. (Windows)
Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting different sources in the Source Setting dialog rapidly. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Eliminated flickering of the volume slider decibel tooltip by making it a fixed width. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Now Wirecast will only throw one error dialog when the same problem occurs with multiple files. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where users could not modify the IP address field after initially configuring Remote Desktop Presenter. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where the Local Desktop Presenter monitor selection was not saved. (Mac OS X)
Fixed memory leak that occurred when the network adaptor was disabled and the ONVIF IP camera discovery was on. (Windows)
Fixed sync issues when recording to .mov files under high system load. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where .mp4 files were appearing green and stretched after import into Wirecast. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed error that occurred when Social Media feed type was set to Search and the feed is accessed without data present in the Search String field. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed crash due to corrupted presets. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed possible crash after cancelling authentication of an ONVIF device. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Added more visual feedback during drag and drop of shots within shot bin. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed possible hang when opening Wirecast 5 documents. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where disconnecting a web cam could stop the preview icon for the iSight camera from updating in the shot bin. (Mac OS X)
Corrected inaccurate bitrate estimation for .mov outputs in the Output Settings dialog. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where switching the AVFoundation audio settings corrupted USB audio. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue where some mp3 files were not being played in the live output. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where UI could lockup for up to 25 seconds when deleting a Wirecast Cam or Web Stream source. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where activating Replay with an invalid output destination and then clicking "Edit" in the error dialog opened the Output Settings window instead of Replay Settings. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a crash when opening a Wirecast document containing Replay assets that was created on another OS. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a possible crash when the Web Stream was connecting to a MMS source. (Windows)
Fixed an occasional crash that occurred when closing a document after removing Replay assets from the Asset Manager. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Modified behavior in the shot bin so that double clicking on a shot opens the shot editor, but no longer puts the shot into Preview or Live. (Mac OS X)
Added all system audio devices to the Change Audio right click menu regardless of if they already exist in the document. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed occasional crashed when clicking Apply for Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 device in Source Settings. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed occasional crash that occurred when connected to an HDV device with 12-bit audio. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a problem where the shots in preview were sent live when assigning a Template to a Shot when AutoLive was enabled. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a problem with the Local Desktop Presenter where the "Show Cursor" option did not function until it was toggled off then back on. (Mac OS X)
Fixed a problem where Wirecast was forcing web cameras to the highest available resolution rather than using the saved resolution settings from a document. (Mac OS X)
Fixed a problem where Wirecast was converting RTMP destinations from Wirecast 4 and 5 documents to Azure Media Services destinations. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a misalignment of the Connection meter in the main Wirecast window. (Mac OS X)
Fixed a crash when removing unused Replay segments during document close. (Windows)
Sporadic crash when connected to Wirecast Cam when switching Wi-Fi networks or during other network interruption. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed excessive launch time that could occur after having connected to a Wirecast Cam app that was not longer present on the network. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem with audio delay not working unless set to 1 second. (Mac OS X)
Included missing documentation for Playlist API calls. (Windows)
Fixed intermittent problem where a Playlist shot would move when clicking on another Playlist in the shot bin. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where shots in a Playlists rearrange themselves intermittently when a new shot in the Playlist is selected. (Windows)
Fixed crash when a negative frame dimension was assigned to a .mov encoder preset. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a crash that occurred if a user removes a Web Stream source form the Source Setting dialog before finishing the authentication process. (Mac OS X)
“Match Canvas” is now the default resolution setting for Virtual Camera Out. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed crash that occurred when adjusting the volume in the Audio Inspector while a Playlist was transitioning to a new shot. (Mac OS X)
Removed Accordion Fold transition. (Mac OS X)

Version 6.0.2
Fixes issue that caused unnecessary CPU usage on the Mac platform. (Mac OS X)

Version 6.0.1
New! Use of the Wirecast Cam iOS App, a free app for iPad and iPhone, as a source. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added support for .WAV and .M4A file playback that was present in 5.0.3 but absent in 6.0. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed a crash that occurred if the destination RTMP server was slow to accept a stream after a connection has been established. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed crash due to corrupted audio settings being read from the preferences. (Windows)
Fixed crash when copying a search string from the Social Feed search field. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Renamed "Microsoft Azure Media Services" "Azure Media Services" in the Output Settings dialog. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed crash when deleting Tweets from the Social Media message feed. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Prevented Unhandled Exception error when using social media feed without entering credentials. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue that prevented the File Open button from operating in the NewBlueFX section of the Source Settings Dialog under some conditions. (Mac OS X & Windows)
AJA cards no longer function in Wirecast directly through via AVFoundation. Install the AJA Wirecast source plugin to access them from Wirecast.

Version 6.0
New! Instant Replay support. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Playlist Support. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Twitter integration. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Support for the new iOS App, Wirecast Cam, as a camera source. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Recordings are now written in a recoverable file format. Recording files are now usable even the recording is interrupted due to system failure. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Full Retina support. (Mac OS X)
New! Improved Multicast and Unicast support. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Keyboard mapping functionality for shots. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Shortcut keys for setting in and out points and creating Replay shots. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Destination for Microsoft Azure Media Services. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Destination for Wowza Streaming Engine (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added AppleScript samples to application bundle. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added the ability to play back recorded media in Preview. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added the ability to set in and out points in Preview. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added the ability to set playback speed in Preview. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added the ability to suppress automatic detection of IP devices in network. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added the ability to automatically set the Canvas size. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Support for using custom backgrounds for Scoreboards. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Hotkeys to change scores from the Wirecast main window. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Added support for 2K and 4K canvas sizes via Custom Canvas size. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! AppleScript examples are now part of the application bundle at (Mac OS X)
New! 64-bit versions of Wirecast are now available. Moving to 64-bit fixes many problems caused by running out of memory due to 32-bit memory limits. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Updated installer technology for Windows; new versions of Wirecast will automatically replace previous versions of Wirecast without the need to manually uninstall beforehand. (Windows)
New! Dedicated destination for Wowza server that can utilize configuration files created by Wowza. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! MOV record to disk destination replaces QuickTime Record To Disk for recording near lossless video at low CPU. ProRes codec is available on Mac, and MJPEG is available on Windows with selectable quality. (Mac OS X & Windows).
New! Wirecast no longer uses QuickTime components for video file playback and writing. QuickTime, deprecated by Apple, has been replaced with technology optimized to take advantage of 64-bit addressing, providing superior performance with higher resolutions and frame rates. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! QuickTime is no longer required to run Wirecast on Windows. (Windows)
New! User presets are now listed on top of system, and destination default presets for easy access. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! Ability to set the maximum number of reconnects to a streaming server/CDN. This avoids the situation where a user would have to force quite Wirecast once a server becomes unresponsive. (Mac OS X & Windows)
New! New Blue Pro Titler Plug-in and support (Mac OS X & Windows)
Eliminated memory spike when playing back some mp4 files. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where some mp4 files would play back with no audio. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where incorrect Video FPS selections were displayed for USB cameras in the Source Settings dialog. (Mac OS X)
Fixed jitter/stutter when recording at 1080p in ProRes and MJPEG. (Mac OS X, Windows)
Fixed issue that prevented tabbing between controls. (Mac OS X)
Fixed issue that sometimes caused frame drops during a transition when switching to shots containing prerecorded video. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed problem where streaming audio-only resulted in sped up audio. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem where audio because out of sync after playing video file in the Configure Media Settings tab of the Shot Editor. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue where disconnecting a device could cause a crash if there were no built-in AV devices or other AV devices connected to the system. (Mac OS X, Windows)
Fixed crash when last connected camera was disconnected. (Mac OS X)
Fixed crash on exit after using Blackmagic Output and Input on separate cards. (Mac OS X)
Fixed problem where Bonjour WebStream sources did not connect and the Asset Manager listed them as missing at document load. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue that caused floating colors in scoreboards. (Mac OS X)
Fixed memory leak and eventual crash (after a few hours) when using the Matrox VS4. (Windows)
Fixed issue that caused black frames to be inserted during transitions. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Fixed issue that prevented a correct event list to be retrieved from YouTube. (Mac OS X & Windows)

Introducing Wirecast 6

Add more powerful production capabilities
Queue a list of multiple videos, images, audio or live shots to play successively. This is great for adding commercial breaks, for streaming archived content during off hours, or it can even be used to rotate live camera views. Automate your broadcast workflow between media and live shots. A separate playlist window lets you easily create playlists and see what’s scheduled. Drag-and-drop new content, trim and edit recorded video, and set what happens upon completion of the playlist - return to your last live shot, loop content, hold last shot, or display current preview window.
Easy media editing
Easily trim and edit your recorded media (including replays) from the new preview window. With any piece of media you can custom configure its length, and set in and out points. Zoom in on timeline for more precise editing.
Replay (PRO)
Wirecast now lets you capture and replay clips of your live production. Great for sporting events or any live show where you want to go back and reshow a portion of the broadcast. During a live show, simply click the “replay” button to capture a clip and add it to a master layer. When replaying, you can slow it down, speed it up, or scrub across the entire clip to find the exact point you want to show. You can also suppress audio or add another audio track and set up a template for your Replay shots. Easily create highlight reels by combining Replay with Playlists.
Expand your content sources
Wirecast 6 integrates with a new, free iOS app—WirecastCam. Download the app and use any iPhone (4S or newer) or iPad on your Wifi network as an ingest source into Wirecast. Great for adding more camera sources or user-generated content to your live broadcasts.
NewBlueFX titler integration from Source Settings
Create infinite title styles for lower thirds quickly and simply with the GPU-accelerated NewBlue Titler Pro for Wirecast. Stylize your titles with custom bevels, textures, layer blending, lighting control and even animation. An array of templates is included to get you started. (Plug-in is sold separately.)
Twitter feed
Add Twitter messages directly to your broadcast. The new social media editor allows you to search tweets by text string, user name, hashtag, or user timeline and select only the ones you’d like to display. Using Wirecast’s layers overlay Social media messages on your live or recorded shots.
Custom Graphics in Scoreboards/Keyboard Shortcuts for Scorekeeping (PRO)
Skin the Wirecast scoreboards with you own school graphics and logos. Keyboard shortcuts ensure you keep up with the action.
Streamline your workflow
Audio Preview
Check your audio before it goes live. Preview the audio of any shot when it’s in the preview window.
More Keyboard Shortcuts for Shots
Use new keyboards shortcuts for faster switching, shot set-up, and production.
Recoverable File Format
Expect the best, prepare for the worst. With Wirecast 6, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that in case of an interruption or crash to your system, you can recover your recording up to the point of the crash.
Stay up to date with the latest technology
Wirecast now operates in 64-bit mode, which improves memory usage and overall performance. This means better quality for your high-resolution broadcasts.
Retina Display Support
For Mac, Wirecast 6 now displays onscreen in full 2880 x 1800-resolution with brilliant detail.

Introducing Wirecast 5

Including enhanced encoding and playback, a redesigned user interface,
improved local screen capture & more integrations
Download the free trial

Enhanced encoding and playback
x264 encoding for stunning quality at low bit rates
You now have the choice to use x264 to live encode your stream. x264 offers high quality encoding with lower bitrates, making it one of the best low-latency video streaming formats in the world.

Stream Delay
With support for stream delay in Flash, now you can delay your streamed broadcasts to add a buffer between your live stream and broadcast. Gamers: perfect for delaying your stream to hide your strategy from online competitors.

Improved H.264 playback
Now you get even smoother playback of your pre-recorded H.264 videos in Wirecast.

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Efficiently, redesigned user interface
Redesigned Shot List
Now you can see all your Master Layers at once in the easy-to-manage Shot List area. Easily resize the height of your layers to save space, and even drag-and-drop shots between layers.

Intuitive Broadcast Settings workflow
Same settings, now even simpler to use. Just choose where you want to stream live, then configure your settings in the newly redesigned broadcast settings dialog box.

Live Preview Swap
Easily switch back and forth between two shots with a click of the Live Preview Swap button.

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More powerful screen capture
Capture multiple windows on the same computer
Wirecast 5 lets you broadcast multiple application windows from the same computer efficiently and smoothly.

Full HD 60 frames per second capture
Let the games begin! Stream your computer desktop screen in HD at 60 FPS with amazing quality. Great for live game streaming

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New input and output integrations
Program feed output to Blackmagic Design
Take your Wirecast feed out directly to Blackmagic Design Intensity or DeckLink hardware. Ideal for sending live feeds directly into editing, effects and broadcast design systems.

Our Blackmagic Design partnership is the first of many integrations for Wirecast’s new Output SDK, which enables SDI/HDMI progressive program feed out.

Input web streams as sources
Now bring IP or web-based live feeds directly into Wirecast as sources. Wirecast supports RTMP, RTSP, MMS or HTTP sources. This is great for news, sports, and other live shows where you have remote sources.

Bring TriCaster output into Wirecast to take advantage of Wirecast's powerful streaming options
Telestream Wirecast 5 now allows you to live stream to multiple platforms or your own streaming servers directly from your TriCaster. With Wirecast's pre-configured destinations, it's easy to stream directly to YouTube Live, Ustream, and many others in just a few clicks. Learn more

Wirecast 4.3 Now Available

Telestream is pleased to announce the release of Wirecast 4.3 software. This free update
adds even more sophisticated capabilities for streaming mutlicamera live events.
Highlights include:
Live Thumbnails
The new live thumbnail feature in Wirecast 4.3 enables real-time monitoring of all live source
shots in the shot window. This allows users to see exactly what's happening on each live
input at any point in time, making the process of switching between multiple live cameras
faster and more manageable.
Countdown clock
Wirecast 4.3 adds a countdown clock under the Live Broadcast window whenever an
imported video clip is playing. When users switch to a recorded video, the countdown clock
will display the remaining time of that video, making it easier to prepare for the next switch.
Teradek integration
Live event broadcasting just got easier. Teradek's new Stream Reader* plugin for Wirecast
allows Cube, Brik, and Bond users to import live HD video directly into Telestream's software
Stream Reader is a powerful tool for live productions that use local or remote IP video feeds.
This means that Teradek users can pull low latency video into Wirecast straight from their
encoder or a Sputnik Server.
Stream Reader also offers a number of features to help you get the most out of a Wirecast
workflow, including adjustable options for jitter buffer and lip synchronization across several
Teradek video sources. To ensure your production is always in sync, the special
Synchronization Mode automatically determines and applies the optimal buffer delay to your
video feeds.
*Windows only

What's New in Wirecast 4.2

Virtual camera output (PC)
Mountain Lion support
Custom canvas sizes
Enhanced capture support

What's New in Wirecast 4.1

Broadcast live interviews via chat with new audio support in Wirecast Desktop Presenter
LiveU video-over-cellular transmission backpack integration enables remote broadcasting
Teradek Cube integration makes any camera wireless
New capture card integration:
&#9674; Matrox Multi-Ingest capture card integration enables 4 simultaneous HD-SDI inputs
&#9674; Integrated support for Viewcast Osprey capture cards
Support for more IP cameras
Mac OS X Lion compatability

Wirecast 4

Turn your computer into a TV studio for live webcasting. Features include:

* New intuitive user interface with shot editor
* Improved integration for Blackmagic capture cards
* New titles (lower thirds)
* Improved Flash Encoding: Main Concept H.264 and On2 (VP6)

New in Wirecast 3.5.4

* Support for Flash streaming through Akamai CDN
* Support for iPhone H.264 streaming
* Support for Adobe (default) user authentication
* Influxis FME WebViewer now supported

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