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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Videomass

Wed, 03 July 2024 V.5.0.16

* Videomass now uses `hatchling` as the default build backend which replaces
* Improved startup configuration script.
* Created a new convenient `about_app` script to store program description
data which replace `msg_info`.
* New feature created that allows you to import the yt_dlp module externally,
replacing the one installed on your system or the one on your virtual
environment (see #328). Standalone application are excluded from using this
* 'Go' menu bar items are now fully enabled on every panel (see #332).

Thu, 30 May 2024 V.5.0.14

* [AV Conversions] Fixed crop area display (crop filter) issue using Wayland.
* [Timeline] Fixed selected area display using Wayland.
* [AV Conversions] Improved `Save profile` functionality + bug fixes #316.
* [Presets Manager] Improved error handling writing profiles.
* Update user guide to v5.0.14.
* [Still Image Maker] Fixed duration to milliseconds conversion issue that
raised wxAssertionError `invalid value in wxGauge::SetValue()`.
* [AV Conversions] Fixed preview issue using stabilze filter on MS-Windows.
* Improved GUI layout for AV-Conversions, Presets Manager and
YouTube Downloader.
* Fixed issue in Preferences dialog when yt-dlp was enabled but the yt_dlp
Python module was not found. This fixes the incorrect display of the restart
message by setting other preferences.
* Fixed «Next» button incorrectly enabled during transcoding.

Mon, 13 May 2024 V.5.0.13

* [YouTube Downloader] Fix `--playlist-items` using executable.
* [YouTube Downloader] Improved playlists/channels check before start
* Update english user guide documentation (pdf docs) and related references.
* Fixed wrong deinterlace command option using w3fdif filter.
* [YouTube Downloader] Fixed audio/video qualities (see #305 #307)
* Added shutdown system and auto-exit the application. These settings are
found on the "Exit and Shutdown" tab of Preferences dialog (see #306).

Mon, 29 Apr 2024 V.5.0.12

* Improved description strings on menu bar.
* [Presets Manager] Improved profile settings dialog layout.
* Added ability to edit command arguments "on-the-fly" in the queue dialog.
* Text on toolbar buttons will now always be shown below their respective
* Fixed "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2]" traceback at the end of the process,
raised if the "Trash the source files" checkbox had been checked to delete
the same file more than once.
* Show log messages window is been moved to menu bar -> Help.
* Made some cosmetic improvements.
* [A/V Conversions] Added opus output format option to Audio Target Media.
* [File drop List] Added context menu by right mouse clicking.
* Removed "Clear" icon on the toolbars because it was obsolete. Now to remove
items there are keyboard shortcuts, options in the Edit menus plus
mouse right-click context menus.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added proxy setup (see #246).
* [YouTube Downloader] Added authentication + Video password setup.
* [YouTube Downloader] Now it has its own setup dialog, a new convenient
window for YouTube Downloader options.
* Preferences dialog has been moved to the Edit menu.
* Most options in the preferences dialogs no longer require restarting the
application, except for toggling yt_dlp, application language,
and look-and-feel options.
* Removed menu for setting destination folders and restoring default
destination folder.
* Changing the destination folders in the file list and URL list panels will
now make the destination paths the new default paths without the need to
open preferences dialog.
* [Presets Manager] Fixed bug in supported formats check. If the warning about
supported formats was triggered, the program silently prevented the
conversion processes from starting.
* [Presets Manager] Improved dialog layout when warning about supported
* Added destination path display for any confirmation dialog before running
batch processes.
* Fixed errors and inconsistencies on initialize trash directory path name.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added Geo-restriction options. This feature geo
verification proxy, geo bypass, geo bypass country, geo bypass ip block.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added cookies options and some convenient automations
about cookies.
* [YouTube Downloader] Login passwords and video password will not be stored
anywhere. The user will be forced to re-enter his credentials every time he
restarts the application.
* [FFprobe] Added "UnicodeDecodeError" to the exceptions list in the ffprobe
module to ensure that files that cannot be encoded with utf-8 unicode are
handled by the application.
* Added the ability to change the encoding for files that contain metadata
with non-UTF-8 encoded characters. The function is found in the Preferences
dialog (Advanced tab).
* Improved closing of ffmpeg by clicking the stop button to close FFmpeg
gracefully programmatically by writing "q" to the subprocess's stdin pipe
simulating the user pressing the "q" key.
* Improved the pop-up dialog box for temporary messages.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added ability to use the yt-dlp executable only for
download not for get format code and statistics. This feature would allow
you to interrupt the process from any point of the download.
* [YouTube Downloader] Fixed `Best precompiled video` issue to truly get the
best precompiled video.
* [YouTube Downloader] Fixed `Worst precompiled video` issue to truly get the
worst precompiled video.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added `Medium High precompiled video` and `Medium Low
precompiled vieo`.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added the ability to run/rerun downloads directly in
the `Downloader Message Monitoring` panel.
* [YouTube Downloader] Fixed option mapping issue to pass to `YdlExtractInfo`
thread to get data for format code and Statistics.

Sat, 30 Mar 2024 V.5.0.11

* This release fixes `ModuleNotFoundError` issue installing from PyPi and
packaging for distributions.
* Fix missing `` file inside `vdms_panels` directory.

Tue, 25 Mar 2024 V.5.0.10

* [A/V Conversions] [Presets Manager] [NEW] Added ability to manage and
process file queues. This will make Videomass capable of both processing
files in batches (as we know) and processing queues of files. Each item
added to the queue will can have different settings, such as different
times trimming, different filters, etc. To improve productivity, this
feature includes the ability to add items to the queue in both Presets
Manager and A/V Conversions.
* [A/V Conversions] Code refactoring and UI layout improvement.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added new graphics controls for encoder features.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added UI for SVT-AV1 video encoder.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added UI for AOM-AV1 video encoder.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added H.264 10-bit option to video encoders.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added H.265 10-bit option to video encoders.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added UI for XVID MPEG-4 part 2 (xvidcore) video
* [A/V Conversions] Removed Vp8 (libvpx) video encoder.
* [A/V Conversions] Removed Theora (libtheora) video encoder.
* [A/V Conversions] Added new tab for subtitles.
* [A/V Conversions] [NEW] Added One-passes Loudnorm (EBU R128) audio
normalization feature available for all tasks.
* [A/V Conversions] High-quality two-pass Loudnorm normalization (EBU R128)
can now be applied at the same time as the "Stabilize" video filter
(no more limitations). Additionally, this filter no longer requires
enabling Two-pass Encoding as it is optional.
* [A/V Conversions] The "Stabilize" video filter can also now be applied to
both single-pass and double-pass encoding.
* [A/V Conversions] "Make Duo" feature on "Stabilize" video filter is now
only available for preview, not for final video file.
* Removed FFmpeg `-threads` option on preferences dialog.
* [From Movie to Pictures] Fixed `-fps_mode 0` to `-fps_mode vfr` using
`Create tiled mosaics` option.
* [Presets Manager] add optional arguments for hardware acceleration #272 .
* Update presets to v0.23.
* [A/V Conversions] Add new Miscellaneous tab with some useful option.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed mappings order for correct steams indexing
on the video.
* [FFmpeg Message Monitoring] Fixed text lengh, as the output messages from
FFmpeg can be quite verbose, this sets the limit at 1 loops per task.
The full list of the log messages can always be viewed in the respective
log file or by clicking in the new button placed in this panel.
* [yt_dlp Message Monitoring] Fixed text lengh, as the output messages from
yt_dlp can be quite verbose, this sets the limit at 1 loops per task.
The full list of the log messages can always be viewed in the respective
log file or by clicking in the new button placed in this panel.
* Fixed log file size, the text can become huge: for each new processing task
the corresponding log file will be overwritten with the latest data.

Thu, 23 Feb 2024 V.5.0.6

* Fixed `ValueError: could not convert string to float: 'N/A'` given by the
`get_milliseconds()` function.
* The `get_milliseconds` and `get_seconds` functions have been replaced by
the `time_to_integer()` function.
* [Still Image Maker] Improved duration setting, millisecond values will be
rounded to time second values.
* Replace `milliseconds2clock` and `milliseconds2clocksec` to
new `integer_to_time` function.
* [Presets Manager] It has the ability to store the width of profile columns
when you close the app (see #260 and #113 issues).
* [Queued Files] It has the ability to store the width of file columns when
you close the app (see #260 and #113 issues).
* [YouTube Downloader] It has the ability to store the width of the format
code when you close the app (see #260 and #113 issues).
* Fixed small bug in preferences dialog causing FFprobe binaries to be set
incorrectly (self.settings['ffprobe_cmd'] > self.settings['ffplay_cmd']) .
* Fixed FFmpeg warns: `-vsync arg is deprecated, use fps_mode`
* Fixed FFmpeg seeking (-ss) as input parameter and duration (-t) as output
parameter. This fixed various issues and inaccuracies and seems more faster.
* Added a new item to the File menu with its accelerator to delete all
imported files/URLs. This feature was already present on the
toolbar buttons but without the possibility of a convenient accelerator.
* [A/V Conversions] Improved the Stabilizer filter for both the preview and
the video production. Fixed various bugs that prevented correct video
* [Still Image Maker] Fixed progress bar accuracy and progress percentage
issues in final video production.
* [Queued Files] [Queued URLs] improved conditional code with empty lists,
see `delete_all`, `on_delete_selected` methods.
* [Queued URLs] Added new `Clear list` entry to contextual menu.
* Improved menu bars items.
* Translation strings have been updated and simplified.
* New configuation file version v6.6 .
* [Concatenate] Removed `From an image sequence to a video file`
> use `Still Image Maker` instead.
* [A/V Conversions] improved Resize filter preview to ensure an updated
correct size in default image viewer (fix using `time.sleep(0.5)`).
* Updated `AV1-libsvtav1` preset with a compatible container (mkv not mp4).
* Update presets version v0.21 .
* Default format preset (extension) change to `.json`. This format can be
made compatible by changing the file extensions to `.prst` using older
versions of Videomass.
* [A/V Conversions] Improved default EBU loudness values.
* Some code refactoring.

Wed, 24 Jan 2024 V.5.0.4

* [Preset Manager] Fixed a serious issue during the automatic update task to
the new version of local presets. This behavior could have been harmful
if a user logged in with administrator privileges ran the program with the
task described above, especially when the program is installed on the
* [Preset Manager] Fixed accidental overwriting of target presets when
upgrading with new versions.
* [Preset Manager] Added convenient graphical handling to the
`json.decoder.JSONDecodeError` exception in the event of malformed or
incorrectly encoded json code during the preset update task.
* [A/V Conversions) Improved audio dialog settings (Audio Properties).
* Updated Videomass presets to v0.19 .
* [Preset Manager] The automated preset update operation, including "import
by Groups" feature, now always includes a backup of the preset directory
in the program configuration directory.
Mon, 15 Jan 2024 V.5.0.3

* [YouTube Downloader] New feature: subtitles editor, see #240
* [YouTube Downloader] Improved UI layout.
* "Apply" to "Ok" label for affirmative buttons in dialogs, as a button
labeled "Ok" means it will apply the settings and also close the dialog
* Fixed spaces between dialog buttons.
* Fixed minor bugs.
* [YouTube Downloader] Fixed the YouTube Downloader window accidentally
opening by clicking the menu bar when the yt-dlp module is not loaded.
* Update fr_FR translation, thanks to Philaug.
* Update es_ES, es_CU, es_MX translations, thanks to katnatek.
* Update program year on Copyright.
* Update ru_RU translation, thanks to ChourS.

Mon, 15 Jan 2024 V.5.0.3

* [YouTube Downloader] New feature: subtitles editor, see #240
* [YouTube Downloader] Improved UI layout.
* "Apply" to "Ok" label for affirmative buttons in dialogs, as a button
labeled "Ok" means it will apply the settings and also close the dialog
* Fixed spaces between dialog buttons.
* Fixed minor bugs.
* [YouTube Downloader] Fixed the YouTube Downloader window accidentally
opening by clicking the menu bar when the yt-dlp module is not loaded.
* Update fr_FR translation, thanks to Philaug.
* Update es_ES, es_CU, es_MX translations, thanks to katnatek.
* Update program year on Copyright.
* Update ru_RU translation, thanks to ChourS.

Tue, 20 Jun 2023 V.5.0.2

* Code refactoring.
* Improved layout on the Timeline Editor miniframe.
* [A/V Conversions] Improved Crop tool dialog.
* Fixed `ZeroDivisionError: division by zero` on Timeline Editor by selecting
files with duration == 0 .
* Fixed conditional inconsistencies on timeline editor code (see `set_values`
* Fixed problem with incorrect values using `milliseconds2clocksec` function
using parameter `round=True`.
* Removed `round=True` parameter in `milliseconds2clocksec` function.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed bug on Stabilizer tool that didn't prevent video
files with zero duration from being previewed. Now only video files equal
to or greater than 4 seconds will be allowed to preview.
* Fixed flickering issue using Timeline Editor and Crop tool. This issue
affects some device contests (DC) on Videomass especially on MSW.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed ZeroDivisionError on unsupported files with missing
video size using filter tools.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed wx.Slider error on wxPython 4.2.0: min value cannot
equal to max value and viceversa.
* [YouTube Downloader] the `Restrict file name` option has been disabled by
default as it can cause problems in filenames of languages such as Arabic,
Japanese and Russian.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added closing options clicking on close box. A
confirmation dialog will appear describing the options for closing the
window to the user.
* [Concatenate media files] Fixed bug in concatenating files with multiple
indexes in streams.
* [Preset update v0.17] Fixed `Audio_removing_from_video.prst`.
* [A/V Conversions]+[Presets Manager] Fixed file extension preceded by two
dots using video format copy function.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed window layout on Transpose tool: it caused display
problems in the confirmation buttons on monitors with low resolution.
* Updated man page and command line help to v5.0.2.
* Removed single (') quotes errors on filenames (aka illegal characters) #235

Tue, 20 Jun 2023 V.5.0.2

* Code refactoring.
* Improved layout on the Timeline Editor miniframe.
* [A/V Conversions] Improved Crop tool dialog.
* Fixed `ZeroDivisionError: division by zero` on Timeline Editor by selecting
files with duration == 0 .
* Fixed conditional inconsistencies on timeline editor code (see `set_values`
* Fixed problem with incorrect values using `milliseconds2clocksec` function
using parameter `round=True`.
* Removed `round=True` parameter in `milliseconds2clocksec` function.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed bug on Stabilizer tool that didn't prevent video
files with zero duration from being previewed. Now only video files equal
to or greater than 4 seconds will be allowed to preview.
* Fixed flickering issue using Timeline Editor and Crop tool. This issue
affects some device contests (DC) on Videomass especially on MSW.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed ZeroDivisionError on unsupported files with missing
video size using filter tools.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed wx.Slider error on wxPython 4.2.0: min value cannot
equal to max value and viceversa.
* [YouTube Downloader] the `Restrict file name` option has been disabled by
default as it can cause problems in filenames of languages such as Arabic,
Japanese and Russian.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added closing options clicking on close box. A
confirmation dialog will appear describing the options for closing the
window to the user.
* [Concatenate media files] Fixed bug in concatenating files with multiple
indexes in streams.
* [Preset update v0.17] Fixed `Audio_removing_from_video.prst`.
* [A/V Conversions]+[Presets Manager] Fixed file extension preceded by two
dots using video format copy function.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed window layout on Transpose tool: it caused display
problems in the confirmation buttons on monitors with low resolution.
* Updated man page and command line help to v5.0.2.
* Removed single (') quotes errors on filenames (aka illegal characters) #235

Tue, 18 April 2023 V.5.0.1

* Update ru_RU translation
* [YouTube Downloader] Added external downloader support #222,
thanks to @samarthshrivas .
* [A/V Conversions] Improved mouse crop area accuracy.
* Improved display of rejected files and URLs with a dialog that pops up when
files or URLs aren't imported correctly. This allows you to have a clear
overview of rejected files and URLs with their associated error messages,
see #224 .
* New dialog for file overwrite confirmation and missing file notification.
* Improved all confirmation dialogs.

Tue, 11 April 2023 V.5.0.0

* [Confirm Settings] checking "Move files to trash" the "clean up files list"
checkbox must be selected and disabled.
* [A/V Conversions] Fix filter scrolled panel: preview/reset buttons always
visibles on scrolling.
* [Drag files panel] added more informations referring to a specific
* [PopupDialog] didn't have a parent, now it does (prevents raising other
* [YouTube Downloader] Drag URLs panel now uses ListCtrl with the ability to
drag and drop text properties (URLs).
* [YouTube Downloader] simplified use of UI controls + improved layout.
* [YouTube Downloader] Partially fixed Aborting download (work only with
multiple URLs), the GUI shouldn't stay stuck now.
* [YouTube Downloader] Checkboxes options are now stored.
* [YouTube Downloader] Ability to close or exit the window. If you choose to
close the window, it will be hidden and your work will not be lost.
* Clicking on the close button caption it now destroy window even on process
log panels (only if ProcessPanel.threads_type == None).
* New "Edit" menu includes "Remove selected..." and "Paste" items.
* Dialogs now all have a parent, which prevents windows from being to stay on
top or bottom each other forced.
* User can choose another trash folder, this feature has been restored #215
* Removed old trim controls upon main frame.
* A new Timeline Editor has been completely redesigned. This is a floating
window with various tune-ups features for time trimming that can be
activated from the View menu or by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+T .
* [A/V Conversions] Improved crop filter dialog, now you can also set the
crop area by right clicking and moving the mouse on the image.

Mar 22, 2023 V.4.0.10

* Removed support for youtube-dl, only supports yt-dlp API.
* Improved YouTube Downloader GUI, now has a separate self-contained window,
which allows separate tasks for downloads and conversions :-)
* Made errors handler for `on_addaudio_track` function method on
`` module. This will make importing audio files more
consistent using `Still Image Maker`.
* Improved `filedrop` probe data.
* Improved `FFmpeg topics and options` tool (
* Improved move files to Videomass trash dir.
* Fixed bug that occurred when checking for new versions of presets.
The bug did not allow to check correctly the new available versions.
* [A/V Conversions] fixed bug that disables bitrate control by moving crf
* [Presets Manager] presets have been updated to the new v0.16 release.
* [Presets Manager] fixed various bugs in the presets database update
* [Presets Manager] Added check for presets updates locally.
* Fixed premature creation of directories for `from_movie_to_pictures` and
`still_image_maker` features.
* Improved trailing progressive digit for `from_movie_to_pictures` and
`still_image_maker` features.
* [A/V Conversionss] removed flv format.
* [A/V Conversions] added support to matroska for vp9 and theora encoders.
* [A/V Conversions] Added button to save presets for the Presets Manager
with the settings made by the user. This feature replaces the old button
on the toolbar.
* Fixed instances to all modeless windows (MediaStreams, ShowLogs, HelpTopic,
WhilePlaying, FFmpegConf, FFmpegDecoders, FFmpegCodecs, AudioVolNormal,
* On exiting the application, open modeless windows will no longer be
orphaned but will be closed with the application.
* Opening new files will also close modeless windows.
* Added ability to move the source files to Videomass trash folder directly
on `Confirm Settings` dialog.
* [filedrop] refactorized `on_col_click` method.
* [A/V Conversions] Added more Pixel Format options.
* [A/V Conversions] Added more Aspect Ratio options.
* [A/V Conversions] There is a new filter now. A new window has been added
which implements video filter for color correction like contrast,
brightness, saturation and gamma.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed storing time position when user search for a
specific frame using some filter window.
* [A/V Conversions] Scale filter has a frame preview directly on window.
* Fixed incorrect percentage value for time progress using pictures
exporting functionality aka `From Movie to Pictures`.
* Added support to libaom-av1 (AV1) codec.
* [Filedrop] on events, keep focused item selection by default.
* [A/V Conversions] Fixed bug on Crop filter, `Center` automation data.
returned by getvalue() function was not correct.
* Fixed AssertionError `invalid bitmap` working with jpeg format.
* [A/V Conversions] improved panels for optimizations.
* [A/V Conversions] New panel implementation for libaom-av1 encoder.
* [A/V Conversions] Removed (and eval then ^_^).
* Fixed menu accelerators for "Go" item (Shift+letter wasn't a good idea)
* Fixed Layout problems switching between panels.
* Added new color schemes.
* Added ability to clean up the imported file list at the end of
the operations.

Jan 17, 2023 V.4.0.5

* Fixed the status-bar messages and colors for all platforms.
* ffplay failing on Windows with Fontconfig error #172 (thanks to @CComparon).
* Fixed 'Unable to add new profiles to the Presets manager from the
A/V-Conversions panel, see #173.
* Fixed layout on Confirm Settings dialog before start processes.
* Improved AV-Conversions layout.
* Improved window resizing to widht=850px height=560px.
* Fixed bug in window resizing on startup (window increases in size for
no apparent reason)
* Added same window positioning on startup as on last exit.
* Timeline (trim bar) is now always visible by default on some panels.
* A new "trim" bar has been added, which replaces the old timeline
controls. The new controls should make trimming operations more
intuitive even if the graphics are a little less rich.
* Removed the "Show Timeline CTRL+T" item from the menu bar.
* [DOWNLOADER] Fixed `compat_option all` to `compat_option youtube-dl`.
* Fix segmentation error removing items by listctrl (occurs on
wxPython version 4.1.1 not 4.0.7).
* Removed ability to select multiple items from file drop panel
due to previous issue.
* Fixed `TypeError` and various stacktraces using Python3.10
with wxPython4.2.0 #178
* Added ability to make the application fully portable and stealth
using command line argument.
* Improved row colors on `PEAK-based volume statistics` and
`RMS-based volume statistics` dialogs
* Preview playback is no longer possible when the stabilizer filter
is enabled
* Improved audio property settings dialog.

Dec 12, 2022 V.4.0.2

* Added language selection on preferences dialog.
* Fixed check for new Videomass releases according to git API (on previous
versions this function may no longer work).
* changed permission to 0644 to io.github.jeanslack.videomass.desktop .
* improved help layout for panels.
* A/V Conversion: Added vp9/opus for mp4 container #133 .
* Added support for simplified Chinese zh_CN #138 (thanks to @MaiJZ).
* Updated setup dialog for simpified Chinese lang support.
* Added support for French language fr_FR (thanks to Phil Aug).
* Updated setup dialog for French lang support.
* Removed the downloader update function within Videomass.AppImage,
as it was found to be inefficient and unreliable (see #142).
* Added a new button in the timeline panel that shows an alternative dialog
to adjust the time selection (see #150).
* New feature: ability to rename the selected output file name (see #144).
* New file menu item to rename the selected output file name.
* New feature: ability to batch rename two or more output files names
(see #144).
* New file menu item to batch rename the output file names.
* Added New controls for setting/adjusting start and duration points on the
Timeline display. The sliders have been replaced with a dialog for entering
values via the Spin controls.
* Removed context menu on Queued Files panel, due to redundancy.
* Fixed filename encoding on subprocesses (see #148 and #153).

May 02, 2022 V.4.0.1

* [NEW] added "Still Image Maker" feature.
* [NEW] added "From Movie to Pictures" feature.
* [TIMELINE EDITOR] You can choose various levels of accuracy to adjust the
sliders movements of the Timeline using the UP or DOWN arrows and page
UP or DOWN or mouse wheel.
* Update Dutch translation, thanks to @johannesdedoper.
* Improved ETA using ffmpeg speed value. Fix #101
* New 48x icons.
* Update menu bar `GoTo` with new items.
* Ability to open all panels without the need to put files or URLs. Fix #105
* [A/V CONVERSIONS] enable bitrate setting even with a single pass conversion
by move CRF slider to -1. Fix #106
* Improved `Show logs` dialog during Refreshing and Clear actions.
* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] fixed the software freeze after click the Abort button,
during which the user is forced to stop Videomass.
* Update locale and Italian language translation.
* Fixed Wizard dialog error clicking on "Auto Detect" button.
* Fixed some files not being moved to the trash folder after a successful
encoding (if enabled on preferences). This is relative for the new features
only as "Still Image Maker" and "From Movie to Pictures" .
* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Fixed incorrect pathname after setting downloads
destination folder.
* [PRESETS MANAGER] Added new preset to make animated GIFs from videos.
* All presets supplied with Videomass have been updated to v0.8.
* Rearranged menu bar: View -> FFplay.
* Update Russian language thank to ChourS.
* Improved some wx.DirDialog openings on default pathnames.
* Fixed output files pathnames using portable edition on Windows.
* Fixed `PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:` by setting the output
paths no longer available, eg. using an unmounted flash drive.

Mar 24, 2022 V.3.5.8

* Small text on toolbar buttons when enabled.
* Code refactoring
* [Output monitoring] Added Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on FFmpeg
processes #81 .
* [Output monitoring] Removed the progress bar Gauge using YouTube Downloader
due to frequent backend changes leading to progress errors.
* Added the ability to download all available subtitles.
* Ability to add new folders from the dialog for files destination.
* [YouTube Downloader] Added the ability to download subtitles only
(skipping video/audio download).
* Fixed initial window size and scrolling panels on
* [A/V Conversions] Added audio filter preview button (Listening) with the
ability to play the selected indexes.
* Removed Breeze icons.
* Update locale to v3.5.8
* [Presets_Manager] Added `Duplicate` profile feature #87 .
* [Queued Files] Added sorting of input files by LEFT/RIGHT clicking with
mouse on column headers #87 .
* [Queued Files] Added ability to select a bunch of files for deleting
* [Concatenate Demuxer] added the ability to create a simple slideshow
from images #95
* Update Russian and Italian translations
* Added compatible with Windows 7
* Updated informations for icon themes on preferences dialog #88.

Mar 07, 2022 V.3.5.7

* Improved controls and automations for indexing and audio mapping.
* Added feature to move files to the Videomass trash folder after successful
encoding which can be enabled from the preferences dialog #66.
* Added new item to the menu bar -> File -> Trash folder, to open file
browser to Trash folder.
* Added new option to the menu bar -> File -> Empty Trash, to permanently
delete all files in the trash folder, when this feature is enabled in the
* Added new option to disable SSL certificate #73 .
* Added new option to the menu bar -> File -> Open..., to choose the files
to open without using Drag N Drop #68 .
* [AppImage] Fixed AttributeError: `object has no attribute 'ydlupdate'`
when downloader is disabled.
* [AppImage] Fixed FATAL error popup using --appimage-portable-home argument
due missing source directory.
* Update Russian and Italian translations
* Fixed `NameError: name 'labcache' is not defined` when you open preferences
dialog on MacOs.

Feb 21, 2022 V.3.5.6

* Fixed downloader log names.
* Improved log management (the log folder is created at program startup
instead of ondemand).
* Fixed ffmpeg `invalid argument` when converting using double pass.
* Fixed the ffmpeg audio output mapping string error on
`AV-Conversion.on_audioOUTstream` method, which raises
`Invalid stream specifier: a1` type error.
* Fixed the 'xdg-open' command execution which blocks the Videomass GUI
on Linux.

Feb 16, 2022 V.3.5.5

* AV/Conversions: Added 'opus' enc to ogg audio format.
* Fixed `AttributeError: module 'wx' line has no attribute 'NewIdRef'` issue #51.
* Improved handle `progress hooks` data on ``
* Changed videomass.conf to settings.json.
* Improved management and start-up of all settings.
* Improved ffprobe subprocessing.
* Moved subprocess.STARTUPINFO to separate Popen class.
* [Downloader]: fixed ValueError: could not convert string to float: 'Unknown '
* Fixed background/foreground colors using xterm console on Linux
when updating downloaders.
* Added icon to xterm window.

Nov 29, 2021 V.3.5.3

* Update Spanish translation from @katnatek
* Changed some windows from mini-frame to dialog to make more confortable
re-size adjustment.
* fixed Videomass no longer restarts after disabling the downloader #45 .
* Improved button popups in the audio normalization window #47.
* Changed vdms_dialogs/ to vdms_dialogs/
* Improved layout of `widget_utils.PopupDialog` + added
`ActivityIndicator` #47 .
* Improved debug text messages on Process Log panel.
* Added a Notification Area (aka "system tray") to display messages at the
end of processes #47 .

Nov 22, 2021 V.3.5.2

* Fixed `command not found` issue. In some cases using pip to install
Videomass the directory is not added to the $PATH.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Added option to get 'Best', 'Medium' and 'Worst' of
precompiled videos. It may be useful to speed up video download containing
both audio and video, e.g. without download video and audio separately and
then executing the merging process with FFmpeg.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved 'Get Statistics' and 'Download by Format Code'
features. This should improve exception management of unusual web site
data structures (like <>) and playlists, channels, etc.
* #41 Fixed mount point issue on external drives using relative paths on
MS-Windows. If "ValueError" is raised, it returns the absolute path given
instead of showing the error.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved 'Download all videos in playlist' feature
when checked on URLs containing playlists.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] fixed audio quality when 'Download split audio
and video' option is selected.
* [NEW] Added the ability to read and write useful notes with deafault text
editor (Request made by @ChourS).
* During the processes some menu items have been enabled allowing you to
perform some useful actions.
* Improved Setup dialog with a new Miscellanea tab.
* Added the ability to delete the contents of log files when exiting the
application (see Setup dialog Miscellanea tab).
* Update Russian translation from @ChourS
* Update Italian translation from @jeanslack

Oct 20, 2021 V.3.5.1

* Fixed Ctrl+Q keybord shorcut does not work on Windows (see #39).
* #39 Added new check box 'Warn on exit' on setup dialog appearance tab.
* #39 Improved handling of exiting the application after making changes
to user preferences.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Best quality video" selector to the best
quality overall.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Worst quality video" selector to the worst
quality overall.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Added video format selection when downloading videos.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Fixed downloader not updating using Videomass AppImage
(due to incorrect code indentation).
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] improved playlist indexing dialog.

Oct 20, 2021 V.3.5.1

* Fixed Ctrl+Q keybord shorcut does not work on Windows (see #39).
* #39 Added new check box 'Warn on exit' on setup dialog appearance tab.
* #39 Improved handling of exiting the application after making changes
to user preferences.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Best quality video" selector to the best
quality overall.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Worst quality video" selector to the worst
quality overall.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Added video format selection when downloading videos.
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Fixed downloader not updating using Videomass AppImage
(due to incorrect code indentation).
* [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] improved playlist indexing dialog.

Oct 07, 2021 V.3.5.0

* Added support to a new downloader: yt-dlp, an updated fork of youtube-dl.
* Now you can switch between youtube-dl and yt-dlp via setup dialog.
* Fixed test files.
* Added code implementation for Python embed package (only for Windows).
* Some code refactoring.
* Changed package name from `videomass3` to `videomass`.
* Changed main from `` to ``.
* Fixed man page.
* Improved error handling during application startup.
* Made some cosmetic improvements.
* Fixed #37 - Incorrect video and audio qualities values on YouTube
Downloader panel.
* Improved video quality selector on the YouTube Downloader panel.
* New version of the videomass.conf configuration file v3.3
* Improved output debug colours and message texts.
* Videomass bundles for Windows and macOS also include youtube-dl and yt-dlp.
* The code to run youtube-dl as subprocess (in some cases) has finally been

Sep 15, 2021 V.3.4.6

* Fixed Multiple URL's are the same.
* Improved playlist indexing dialog.
* Improved playlist management on YouTube Downloader panel.
* Fixed #34 "[WinError 6] The handle is invalid" (pyinstaller `--onefile`
option cause this issue on Windows).
* Fixed #35 "Using relative paths when the app is portable" (Windows only)
* Some code refactoring
* Improved videomass.conf changing to v3.2
* New "Check for Latest Version" dialog with redirect to download page based
on operating system.

Sep 03, 2021 V.3.4.5

* Fixed "The URLs contain playlists..." even when URLs do not contain
* Fixed error message on Output Console, which not appearing at all when
MSVCR100.dll is missing on Windows.
* for macOS: All application data such as configuration folder
are self-contained inside the app by default.
* Improved script to automate bundle building.
* Updated AppImage to work on the oldest supported Ubuntu LTS release
(currently Ubuntu 18.04).
* Updated travis.yml for travis CI testings.
* fix #32

Aug 29, 2021 V.3.4.4

* Fixed `NameError: name 'm' is not defined` on utils.timehuman()
* Add indexing function for playlists on the Youtube Downloader panel.
* Add new editor for playlists selection, which has useful log functions.
* Improved status bar messages on Youtube downloader panel.
* To resolve issues with the FFmpeg demuxer, single quoted filenames
will be rejected.
* Update translations in Russian, Spanish and Italian language.
* Fixed #30 `KeyError: 'filesufix', which prevented the setup dialog from
* Fixed #29 `ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 3)`, which
prevented checking for new versions of Videomass.
* Update Videomass site and links.

Aug 01, 2021 V.3.4.3

* Update Portuguese (BR) translation (thanks to Samuel)
* Fixed `FileNotFoundError` traceback during youtube-dl update on AppImage. This occured when the log directory has not yet created.
* YouTube Downloader: added a new checkbox to restrict filenames (see #21)
* Fixed #21
* Improved information and text formatting on log files
* Provided more log information about output monitoring, such as source and destination file names
* Fixed #24, bug when resetting video filters: The value of the "VFilter" key caused failure with error status `Unable to find a suitable output format for '(,' (,: Invalid argument` .
* some code refactor (based on flake8/pylint)
* Dutch translation completed.
* Added Spanish language support (Thanks to katnatek from
* Fixed #25
* Fixed error message when MSVCR100.dll is not installed on Windows.

Apr 24, 2021 V.3.4.2

* MS-Windows: Fixed issue with opening the Explorer file browser on default folders.
* youtube-dl: Removed some choice options. Now there is only the option to enable or disable it.
* youtube-dl: only packages built with pyinstaller use a local copy of the youtube-dl executable. Otherwise youtube-dl will always be used as a Python module, if enabled.
* Fixed wizard dialog.
* Fixed setup dialog.
* Concat demuxer: fixed inconsistencies on UI
* Fix `NameError: name EXECYDL is not defined`. This occurred running Videomass on MS-Windows when youtube-dl python module was not installed.
* Improved youtube-dl tab on Setup dialog.

Apr 18, 2021 V.3.4.1

* Update Russian translation
* Fixed gauge progress issues with some ffmpeg encoder.
* Fixed percentage progress issues with some ffmpeg encoder
* Fixed missing string to get exception 'FileNotFoundError' on MessageBox() of `on_Audio_analyzes` function (
* Fixed missing double quotes on ffmpeg URL, giving `[Errno 2] file or directory does not exist`, which occurred when the path has whitespace.
* Fixed exception not showing up when playing ffplay.
* Removed double-click on profile to start processing on Presets Manager, which would cause the command to be reset when the user changes it.
* Fixed URLs for screenshots on appdata.xml
* New icon for previews.
* Fixed final message not visible on Output Monitoring panel. Scrolling on "[Videomass]: Successfully completed !"
* Crop Filter Dialog: Layout on small, low-resolution screens is now improved.
* Resizing filters: added source size information.
* Fixed foreground/background colors on status bar messages.
* Fixed #19
* New multi-language user guide (English, Russian and Italian for now).
* Fixed #17
* Translated into Dutch, thanks to Roelof Berkepeis.
* Reading and writing files now has encoding 'utf-8'.
* AV-Conversions: Added new GUI for video stabilizer filter.
* AV-Conversions: resizing filter, fixed some incorrect values on displays after setting.
* AV-Conversions: improved order of applying video filters.
* Preview and playback: added auto-exit checkbox on Settings menu.
* Fixed #20
* Translated into Portuguese (Brazilian), thanks to Samuel.
* Improved accuracy of the crop filter on the area selection.
* Play button removed on toolbar as confusing.
* Improved enabling and disabling of buttons during some actions.
* The Streams Info button is now also enabled on the queued files panel.
* Removed automations on Presets manager as confusing.
* Added useful panel for media concatenation (concat demuxer)
* Setup dialog: added pip3 command on text control to facilitate copy and paste.

Feb 13, 2021 V.3.3.8

* Fixed some buttons spacings.
* Improved Setup dialog layout.
* update
* update Videomas-Colours icons 16x16.
* Remove youtube-dl from required dependencies on Videomass Debian package (the user can choose alternative installations of youtube-dl).
* Fixed #14, bug showing truncated text in the wizard dialog (Xubuntu 20.04 with XFCE the texts are longer and not completely visible)
* New Linux appdata.xml for GUI applications via AppStream MetaInfo Creator.
* Fixed appdata.xml on AppImage via AppStream MetaInfo Creator.
* Fixed videomass.desktop via AppStream MetaInfo Creator.
* Fixed issue with running Videomass AppImage via Firejail.
* Fixed issue with Setup dialog not showing on Videomass AppImage.
* Improved youtube-dl tab on setup dialog.
* Youtube Downloader: Added checkbox to include the video ID in the file name.
* Fixed playlist folder structure.
* Fixed #14
* Updating videomass man page.
* Added support for the Dutch language (to be translated).

Feb 3, 2021 V.3.3.7

* Added new icon themes, (colorful, dark and light).
* Removed Papirus icon theme.
* Ability to customize toolbar positioning (on Setup dialog box)
* Ability to show or hide text on toolbar buttons (on Setup dialog box)
* Enabled support to svg images for toolbar icons and some buttons (only with wxPython version 4.1 to up)
* Ability to scales the toolbar icons (only with wxPython version 4.1 to up)
* Improved AV-conversions panel layout.
* Fix `invalid values in gauge` on progress bar during transcoding processes when timeline duration exceeds the time of some files.
* Update Russian translation (credits ChourS).
* Update Italian translation (credits me).
* Improved main frame size (tiny layout for smaller screens).
* Improved panels size with scrolling panels.
* improved dialog boxes size.
* Fixed #11 (auto-create subfolders when download playlists and fix some strings definition).
* Added new checkbox on Setup to auto-create subfolders when download playlists.
* Prevent errors when URLs contain playlists and if the user chooses Download by format code .
* If URLs contain playlists, warn you when the Download all playlists checkbox is not selected.
* Added buttons for playback
* New configuration file version number 2.9 .
* Fixed bug on timeline: the time selection string was included in the ffmpeg command even when it was at "-ss 00:00:00.000 -t 00:00:00.00" resulting in all empty files.

Jan 18, 2021 V.3.3.6

* Fixed bug on MS-Windows when playing files or urls with ffplay executable.
* Fixed bug in the FFmpeg tab of the setup dialog, in which the executables ffmpeg and ffplay could not be set correctly.
* Improved some MessageBox for confirmation.
* Improved some messages on MessageBox.

Jan 17, 2021 V.3.3.5

* Transpose Filter Dialog: Fixed `wx.StaticText` wrapping on Windows and MacOs, where it would break the static text string.
* The timeline is now a pop-up panel in the main frame window, enabled from the menu bar > View > Show Timeline.
* Fixed `ZeroDivisionError: division by zero` for file duration equal to 0 .
* If file duration equal to 0, the time key is also added to the ffprobe data.
* Fixed empty strings in timeline display when Courier font was not found on some O.S. like Ubuntu 20.04 .
* The Streaming Media Analyzer now has selectable items that make it easier to view tags and disposition parameters in text format.
* Fixed `wxAssertionError` in the queued files context menu, if no item is selected and user click for playback.
* FFplay now has timestamp display during playback. However, this feature can be disabled from the checkbox: menu bar > FFplay > View timestamp.
* Ability to customize the size and colors of the timestamp.
* The menu bar has been reorganized to contain other features.
* Some toolbar items have been removed and added to the menu bar.
* Improved wizard dialog box.
* A single configuration file for all Operating Systems.
* Improved layout on the Presets manager panel.
* Improved layout on the Youtube downloader panel.
* Improved toolbar buttons.
* Added BORDER_THEME to all mini frames for proper display.
* Added the ability to choose a local downloader or an installed one (installer dependent).
* Adds open "My conversion" folder.
* Adds open "My downloads" folder.
* Ability to set a temporary conversions folder.
* Abilty to set a temporary downloads folder.
* Ability to restore the default destination folders.
* Added some keyboard shortcuts for menu items.
* Ability to check for new versions of presets.
* Ability to download the latest version of presets.
* Ability to import existing presets while keeping your new profiles intact.
* Ability to update all presets while keeping your new profiles intact.
* Added `requests` package as new dependency.
* Improved ffmpeg setup on Setup dialog box.
* Fixed minor bugs.

Dec 14, 2020 V.3.3.0

* Fixed panel base and sizer base on `` mini frame.
* The Crop filter dialog now has the crop selection monitor and the ability to load additional frames.
* The Transpose filter displaying the current position of the video frame.
* Improved video scale dialog.
* New files added cause all video filters to be reset.
* Now the video filters preview will play any selected file in the queued files panel.
* Fixed some string translations.
* Added support for the Russian language (thanks to ChourS for the translation and contribution).
* Fixed bug if an item is selected in the queued files but the user deletes it.
* Added playback feature by right clicking in the queue file panel.
* The timeline setting affects playback in the queue file panel
* Completely redesigned timeline. There are the sliders for seek and duration settings and a display to viewing the time range selection.
* Adding or removing files from Queued Files panel cause reset of the Timeline selection.
* Made Videomass portable for MS-Windows
* Milliseconds have been added in the time calculation (duration). This should improve accuracy for calculating bar progress values, percentage label, and others display.

Nov 09, 2020 V.3.2.6

* Improved the dialog for creating and editing FFmpeg profiles
* Fixed bug when "restore default settings" is used in the Setup dialog box which did not allow to start Videomass.
* Fixed Automatic Refreshing of profile list on Presets Manager when you save a profile from the AV-Conversions panel
* Fixed layout bug on some mini frames which did not fit in the sizer especially on Mac-Os and MS-Windows
* Add new youtube_dl statistic icon toolbar to display download statistics
* Fix importings
* Fixed FFmpeg menu definition
* Made new tool to view and read log files more conveniently
* New names for log files with improved references
* All log files are now cumulative and the user is responsible for their periodic cleaning
* The toggle buttons have been replaced with normal buttons
* The selected icon-set on Setup dialog box adjusts the background and foreground colors on some text controls
* Temporarily fixed `HTTP Error 404: Unavailable for Legal reasons` during installing or updating youtube-dl executable
* A new feature in the Setup dialog allows you to write files to the same directory as the source with optional additional suffix
* New configuration file v2.5

Oct 18, 2020 V.3.2.0
* New redesigned GUI * New icons * Improved toolbar * New buttons on panels * Fixed issue with close button position on wizzard * Fixed title names in dialog boxes * Fixed some name definitions on the interface * fix translations

Oct 11, 2020 V.3.1.3
* Fix `ImportError:` on appimage. this library will be loaded if required. * It is no longer required to pre-install the libsdl2-2.0-0 package to start Videomass AppImage. * The tools for creating the appimages have been redefined. * Improved icons 32x32. * Fix some translation.

Oct 06, 2020 V.3.1.2
* Redesigned the main videomass icon. * Fixed 24x24 resetfilters.png. * Improved icons 48x48 * Review debian/control and changelog format. * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Improved related panel * Improved `IO_tools > def check_videomass_releases` function. * New tool for building videomass appimage. * Update the .travis.yml file with a new test, wheel and AppImage creation. * Improved `` * Fixing `FileNotFoundError:` when starting videomass AppImage from another path and updating youtube-dl. * Fixed application icon location on Linux.

Sep 17, 2020 V.3.1.0

----- * [APPIMAGE] fixed error while playing local files with ffplay. See issue #5
* [APPIMAGE; EXE; APP) Fixed issue with playing online media streams. See issue #6
* [APPIMAGE] Fixed (I hope) missing checkbox on wx.listctrl. This did not allow the selection of Format Codes for download. To solve this problem it was necessary to install 'wxPython-4.1.0-cp38-cp38-linux_x86_64.whl' which I had compiled on Debian 9 stretch. But it also made useless the work I had done to make the AppImage work on Ubuntu14.04 :-(
* [PRESETS] fixed "For_Archive_Collection.prst" preset where I forgot to remove the `-pass 2` parameter on all three profiles. Sorry for the mistake.

------------- * Overall improved string search algorithm on 'FFmpeg search topics' mini frame and backwards compatible with wxPython < 4.1 .
* Added some cosmetic and functional improvements.
* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Adding first item auto selection to prevent empty data view on 'Show More' mini frame.
* Improved FFmpeg menu.
* Improved some contexrual descriptions.

--------------------------- * The mpv player has been removed from optional dependencies, as it has been replaced by FFmpeg's ffplay to playback online streams.

----- * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] New modules to playback online streams via youtube-dl and ffplay.
* A tmp/ directory has been added in the cache/ directory for temporary files downloaded for preview playback.
* Added new checkbox on Settings dialog box to clear or keep cached data.
* Added new checkbox on Settings dialog box to disable permanently warnin message if youtube-dl executable is no longer in use.
* [APPIMAGE] youtube_dl python package is been included on AppImage.
* [APPIMAGE] It is possible to update the youtube_dl Python package if included in AppImage. New tools have been made for this task.
* [APPIMAGE] Videomass has been split into two specific versions, one for GTK2 and the other for GTK3.

Aug 28, 2020 V.3.0.6

----- * Fixed issue during setup wizard not finding ffmpeg executables when included in FFMPEG folder (specially for MacOS and Windows application bundles).

------------- * The directories `MAcOsxSetup/` and `Win32Setup/` are been unified to `FFMPEG/` folder and added to package_data of the videomass3 package.
* On Linux it is now possible to include ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay executables into FFMPEG folder. This could be useful, for instance, to make an application bundle all-in-one of Videomass for Linux distros without ffmpeg installed on (see videomass3/FFMPEG/README).

Aug 14, 2020 V.3.0.5

----- * [APPIMAGE] fixed incorrect pathname of videomass.png icon.
* [PRESETS MANAGER] fixed missing `EBU R128` string on summary dialog when EBU automation is enabled.

------------- * [APPIMAGE] improve the `` .
* [PRESETS MANAGER] Added a warning message box when enabling EBU normalization on one-pass conversions.
* [PRESETS MANAGER] adding more understandable information on the summary dialog.
* The tooltip messages in the audio indexes mapping are now a little more understandable (I suppose)
* "Check for new versions" has been restored from preferences menu to the help menu.
* Improved videomass.icns for MacOs
* [STREAMS ANALYZER] Adding first item auto selection to prevent empty data view.
* Improved some dialog boxes layout and colors.

Aug 04, 2020 V.3.0.2

BUGS: * Fixed `ImportError: No module named site` during youtube-dl updating. This problem occurs on Videomass AppImage only. * Fixed problem with youtube-dl self-update when user click on 'Update youtube-dl' * Fixed 'page not found' on menu > Help > Translation... * Fixed wrong permissions in Videomass AppImage. * Fixed `python3 bdist_rpm` to generate the binary for distro based on rpm, I had to created gzip archive for the man page and rename all the default presets correctly without spaces.

IMPROVEMENTS: * "Check for new versions" has been moved from the help menu to the preferences menu.

July 23, 2020 V.3.0.0

BUGS: * Fixed "IndexError" when the file name has no format extension. * Fixed "NameError: name 'OS' is not defined" on thread

IMPROVEMENTS: * Displays a notify when the cached youtube-dl executable is no longer used to give priority to the one installed on the system. * Improved Videomass appimage using `python3.7.7-cp37-cp37m-manylinux1_x86_64.AppImage' from <>

July 17, 2020 V.2.9.2

BUGS: * [] the local variable `Author` has been splitted inside a tuple to allow for better string handling.
* [] Fixed Author and others stuff
* Fixed gpg sign application during `debuild -S -sa` command.

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved all dialogs buttons layout for achieve a better look.

NEWS: * Maded debian directory with all necessary files to make debian source package (and .deb binary too). See the INSTALL file for details.
* Added videomass PPA for Ubuntu Focal 20.04, see at

July 10, 2020 V.2.9.0

BUGS: * [WINDOWS] Fixed incorrect assignment for the sources directory in `` script.
* For Python 3.8 fixed `too many values to unpack` error on mini frame.

NEWS: * [LINUX] Added AppImage implementation for some Linux flavors (experimental). Videomass's deployment for Linux are tested with success on the following Linux distribuitions with 64 bit Architecture only:
- Debian 10 buster x86_64 - Debian 9 stretch x86_64 - AV-Linux 2019.4.10 x86_64 - AV-Linux 2020.4.10 x86_64 - Sparkylinux 2020.06 xfce x86_64 (rolling edition) - SparkyLinux 5.11 lxqt x86_64 (stable edition) - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x86_64 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x86_64 - Xubuntu 18.04 x86_64 - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x86_64 - Linux Mint 19.3 x86_64 Cinnamon - Fedora 32 (Workstation Edition) x86_64 - Manjaro Linux 20.0.3 (Lysia) x86_64
* Made 'develop/tools/' script to make Videomass executable with pyinstaller on Linux, Windows and MacOs.
* [LINUX] Made 'develop/tools/' to automate AppImage building for Linux.
* Made a bit more readable the configuration file. New version of videomass.conf and videomassWin32.conf will replace the old one installed.

IMPROVEMENTS: * [LINUX] Improved usability on Linux by adding a wizard dialog to set ffmpeg on the system when it's not located with the binary paths in the configuration file.
* [UNIX] Added check to verify execution permissions when ffmpeg executables are linked locally.
* [CODE] Moved as class's members the global CONSTANSTS values to maintenence clear namespace.

June 16, 2020 V.2.8.8

BUGS: * [LOG VIEWING CONSOLE] Removed update scrolling at the last position on. * [STDEB] Fixed error when building .deb binary which report a `RuntimeError: original source dist cannot contain .pyc files` . It's fixed by removing 'recursive-include videomass3 *' on . * Fixed `install_requires` dependencies on * Fixed installation on virtual environment with pip command. * Fixed time range dialog layout on wxpython<4.1.0
NEWS: * Added man page '/docs/man/man1/videomass.1' for the Debian project (but may be used by others). * Added new command line arguments to parse for sys.argv (see man page). * Added more informative displays in the drag and drop panel such as duration, media type and file size.

IMPROVEMENTS: * [DRAG N DROP] Improved buttons layout for drag and drop panel. * [ADDS URLS] Improved buttons layout on textctrl panel for URLs. * Added some cosmetic improving on static texts for a better reading. * The icons themes have been fixed, definitively organized and correctly licensed. * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] changed content for cache directory; for all UNIX users (Linux, macOS, etc.) it use youtube-dl for local execution. For Windows users do not change. * Improved closing windows on setup dialog when ok button is pressed.

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * moved art, locale and share data folders from base directory to videomass3 package. * [OPERATIVE SYSTEM] py2app has definitely been replaced with pyinstaller on On MacOs, so as consequence build app using no longer works now.

May 31, 2020 V.2.7.0

BUGS: * Fixed failure of some downloads which report ` ERROR: '_total_bytes_str' `

IMPROVEMENTS: * Removed global vars

May 28, 2020 V.2.6.0

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improving log messages colors on log view console panel. * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Warning message when checked the checkbox and not selection in 'Download by format code'. * Fixed status bar message at the end of the process. * Updating scrolling at the last position when more text is appending on log console view during processes. * Fixed exception definitions for tarfile on IO_tools.youtubedl_upgrade.

May 20, 2020 V.2.5.0

BUGS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Fixed list order when having multiple URLs on the list control (only when using the youtube-dl executable, not the module). * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Fixed issue with "Format Codes" missing when downloading different URLs (on `Download by Format Code` mode). * Fixed wrong redirection when switch between panels using menu bar items.

NEWS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Added checkbox to select 'Format Codes' * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Added new text control enabled in read only to view format codes selection

IMPROVEMENTS: * improved descriptions and translation on GUI. * improved buttons layout on the home panel depending by OS. * improved float spin control view on new wxPython version 4.1 . * The layout design for the 'Format Codes' selection has been rewritten, automated and significantly improved. * Added some cosmetic improvements to interface.

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] the format code text boxes have been removed and replaced with check boxes on the list control. * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] the contextual menu have been removed and replaced with check boxes on the list control.

May 14, 2020 V.2.2.0

* Changed code compatibility for new wxPython version 4.1.0
* Fixed all wx._core.wxAssertionError

* Fixed DeprecationWarning: DeprecationWarning: Menu.Append() DeprecationWarning: Menu.Append() DeprecationWarning: Menu.Append()

May 12, 2020 V.2.1.8

BUGS: * Fixed issue on Presets Manager when click Convert button.

IMPROVEMENTS: * improving status bar messages and traslation.

May 11, 2020 V.2.1.7

BUGS: * [UNIX] Fixed icon 'wizard' path name when Videomass is installed on user space with `pip install --user videomass` command, and wizard dialog is shown. This issue regard class on *nix OS's
* [MS-WINDOWS] Fixed ntpath name resolution on pythonpath variable when Videomass is installed with `pip install videomass` on MS-Windows OS. See module on vdms_sys.
* Fixed status bar messages when switch between panels.
* [MS-WINDOWS] Fixed issue when using pip to install Videomass on Windows, but the executable is not found in the path of Python scripts.
NEWS: * Updating with new setuptools entries to fixing start videomass executable on Windows.

May 10, 2020 V.2.1.5

BUGS: * Fixed the issue of updating youtube-dl when using an old version of youtube_dl installed with a package manager, e.g. if you use pip to install youtube-dl and you want update youtube-dl with Videomass, now the update is blocked with a warning.

NEWS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] added wrapper for the `mpv` player to play the individual URLs with different qualities on the list control.
* `youtube_dl` has been added as dependency on and the pip tool should automatically install it.
* `mpv` media player has been added as an optional dependency to be installed separately.
* It is possible to indicate, through the setup dialogue, the path of the executable `mpv`. This should satisfy MS-Windows users since there is still no installer for mpv on MS-Windows.
* New version (2.0) for the configuration file that will replace the old versions.

IMPROVEMENTS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] now the `Show More` function is an independent process and no longer linked to get format codes to insert on the list control .
* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Improving the order list when has multiple URLs on list control.
* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Added a minimal validation on the adding URLs through function *urlparse* in module *urllib.parse* .

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] now the list control is always enabled and populated with the selectable urls and related qualities.

May 5, 2020 V.2.1.3

BUGS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Fixed wrong code indentation on `if ret` statement in `on_format_codes(self)` method which was cause block on list control .
* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] fix wrong appending with multiple URLs on list control

IMPROVEMENTS: * Management of executables and updates of youtube-dl via source tarball on * nix operating systems by importing youtube_dl as a python library. * Now on MacOs can also upgrade youtube-dl.

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * removed the control that tested the membership of youtube-dl in order to notify the user and proceed with a separate installation.

May 2, 2020 V.2.1.0

BUGS: * Fixed, line 908, in ydl_latest wx.ICON_INFORMATION, self) TypeError: MessageBox(): argument 3 has unexpected type 'str' . * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] fixed `Download by Format Code` from sites other that YouTube. * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] fixed `Show More` information from sites other that YouTube.

* [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] now write file log. * warning message in the status bar when the list of incoming files has changed. * Improve Home panel buttons `` * Some cosmetic layout. * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Improved method and design on inserting and appending `Format Code` on text boxes. * Added new menu items to quickly jump between panels.

NEWS: * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] New context menu on list control to choice quickly the Format Code to appending on text boxes. * [PRESETS MANAGER] New context menu on list control to choice quickly new profile, edit profile and deleting.

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * Changed default location of the 'videomass' log on the user space, following the typical conventions of the OS. On *nix OS's: use standard $XDG_DATA_HOME ($HOME/.local/share) On MacOs: '~/Library/Logs/videomass' On Windows: 'C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingvideomasslog'
* Changed default location of the cache files On *nix OS's: use standard $XDG_CACHE_HOME ($HOME/.cache/videomass) On MacOs: '~/Library/Caches/videomass' On Windows: 'C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingvideomass'

April 26, 2020 V.2.0.5

BUGS: * Fixed format string error on dialog. * [YOUTUBE DONLOADER] fixed functionality inconsistencies on "add thumbnail to audio file", "add metadata to file" and "write subtitle to video" features. * Fixed broken link to help on profile dialog. * Re-Fixed video preview on Videomass.exe ; now it should work at least on MS-Windows 10.

IMPROVEMENTS: * Code thinning for pupup dialog. * Fixed error when opening log directory and log has not been created. * [YOUTUBE DONLOADER] now Videomass display version, check for updates and Update youtube-dl on bar menu items if. * [YOUTUBE DONLOADER] in some cases it is possible to automatically update youtube-dl with the latest version if not used as a Python library. All of this is on the Tools/youtube-dl menu bar.

NEWS: * [YOUTUBE DONLOADER] New optional box to merge audio to video when using a format code indicating video without audio.

April 11, 2020 V.2.0.3

BUGS: * Fixed file menu items on start up (some items are not disabled). * Fixed issue on Videomass.exe installer: Audio and video previews do not work on MS Windows due to the old version of ffplay.exe which is no longer compatible with MS Windows 10. See NEWS below.

IMPROVEMENTS: * Backward compatibility with python 3.6 code on * Backward compatibility with python 3.6 code on

NEWS: * For MS Windows and MAcOsFFmpeg installers only: FFmpeg has been updated to version 4.2.2 released on 2020-Jan-27 00:51.

April 09, 2020 V.2.0.2

BUGS: * Fixed invalid multiplication value for time in hours (duration) on utils.time_seconds(), long_processing_task, main_frame.cut_range() functions.

ADDED: * test implementation for test cases of some program features. * added useful progress information such as frame, fps, speed, bitrate and time remaining during conversion processes.

March 28, 2020 V.2.0.1

BUGS: * Fixed custom file destination settings when choosing from the file menu * [Fixed Audio/Video Conversions panel] On 'Copy' video codec the output format did not match when set on the chosen container.

IMPROVEMENTS: * Fixed file head descriptions on any

ADDED: * New 'Copy' item on combobox 'Container' when 'Copy' video codec is setted

December 10, 2019 V.2.0.0

BUGS: * Fixed file rewrite issue when you set FFmpeg/FFplay logging levels from the Settings dialog. * Fixed wrong 'tune' name option for h264/h265 > "fastedecode" error fixed with > "fastdecode"

NEWS: * GUI completely redesigned to make it easier for users to use.
* Now Videomass has embedded youtube-dl to download videos from Youtube
* Download multiple URLs with your settings.
* View video information without downloading it.
* Ability to download videos using the 'format code'.
* New and improved management of presets. Now Videomass uses JSON data for its presets while old ones with xml data are now obsolete and incompatible. This allowed some advantages in the presets management and some savings in system resources.
* Now you can create your own presets from scratch or adding others directly to the presets directory.
* Presets can be removed (not deleted)
* Improved management of pass encoding parameters on any profile, making the parameter syntax similar to that of FFmpeg on CLI.
* Complete support for audio normalization (peak, rms, ebu) also on the Presets Manager tool.

ADDED: * Added another text boxe on Presets Manager to view the two pass command line
* Dialog to add new profile has box entry for two pass conversion
* Added "Create new preset" to File menu item
* Added "Remove preset" to File menu item
* Add new entry box on Settings dialog to choose the user default directory to files storing
* Added new controls to manage conversions: Containers, Media, Pixel Format, Min Rate, Max Rate, Buffer Size, Subtitle Stream selections .
* Added controls to select audio indexes from a input video to apply a specified process e.g. change audio codec, normalization, etc without change others audio streams .

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved all GUI layouts windows * Code thinning

REPLACEMENTS and REMOVALS: * Removed the Audio Conversions panel, now to export/extract the audio file you need to select it via the 'Media' combobox on the Audio/Video Conversions panel

October 06, 2019 V.1.7.0

NEWS * Additional implementations:
* Audio normalization with EBU R128 algorithm (loudnorm) . * Audio normalization in RMS .
* Peak level normalization now has also target to below level . * PEAK/RMS normalizations are not applied to unchanged levels, ie when the target does not ensure level changes.
ADDED: * Added "-pix_fmt yuv420p" option for compatibilities. * Added some support for the h.265/HEVC encoder for MKV, MP4, M4V and AVI formats. * Added some support and controls for the libvpx/libvpx-vp9 (VP8, VP9) encoders for WEBM format. * The libopus audio encoder for the opus format has also been added.

REPLACEMENTS and REMOVALS: * For ALL conversions that involve a double pass into Presets Manager panel, the `DOUBLE_PASS` separator between the first and second pass it is replaced by `-pass 1` for first pass and `-pass 2` for second pass. * Removed the "Extract audio source from video" option on Videomass because it will be reprogrammed separately in the future.

IMPROVEMENTS: * The dialog box to show the level statistics for audio normalization has been improved with more useful information. * code thinning in some file section in the old stuff. * Disabled the interaction on standard input on the processes adding `-nostdin` since the interaction could not happen. * Added some cosmetic improvement to interface.

BUG FIXES: * fixed bug when choosing to copy the video codec that always enabled the audio alac format and left the other audio formats disabled. * Fixed bitrate missing on single pass video (serius). This did not allow to choose the bitrate for the conversion.

September 12, 2019 V.1.6.1

BUG FIXES: * The overwrite message 'file already exists' that appeared when exporting images was fixed

IMPROVEMENTS: * enhanced errors management on all processes. * improved messages on the status of any processes. * During the conversion ffmpeg errors will no longer interrupt all other activities in the queue; if an error occurred it will be marked with 'failed' but continue; if it has finished without errors it will be marked with 'completed'. Since not all ffmpeg messages are errors, sometimes it happens to see more output marked with yellow color. * The export of images from a movie now has the progress bar and all the normal functions such as process stop and real-time output display. * Now to export images you need to select which files to convert in the 'Add file' panel (drag and drop). * Now the images saved by the movies are named as filename + a progressive number + .jpg. All saved images are placed in a folder with the same file name + a progressive number that is saved in the selected output path to avoid over writings. * the logging level can now be optional, no longer mandatory the "error" flag, since the management of the output and errors has been improved. * Changed version to the videomass.conf and videomassWin32.conf to 1.4. * When setting the seek point with the duration tool, the cutting time must also be set. Not vice versa.

ADD: * The option to set the ffmpeg and ffplay loglevel flag has been added to the settings dialog. * Added check box to disable or enable the "-cpu-used" flag as sometimes it is not supported and causes more output to read. * Added new preset to save images from movie in jpg/png/bmp formats * Added "Remove selected file" from the context menu of the Add File panel (drag n drop) to remove a selected item with the right mouse button. * Added more info data stream to dialog box list when saving the audio from the movie. * Now on Preset Manager panel a double click on a profile start the process. * Added "-map 0" flag on all video conversion panel commands, to include all streams of imported video on exported video (audio streams, subtitle streams, etc.).

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * removed the setting to save the log file in another directory chosen by the user since the option to open the log directory had been implemented in the previous version of Videomass.

September 02, 2019 V.1.6.0

IMPROVEMENTS: * Translation improvements * Improved fonts depending on the operating system in some dialog * code thinning in some dialog box * When you import a previously saved preset to replace it with another one, you no longer need to select it in the drop-down menu * Automatic reload presets list after restore presets * Added the video name in the "save audio stream from video" dialog when multiple languages are available. This is good when you import more videos with more audio streams. * Improved log view in the Process panel * Improved writing log during on almost all processes * Now the audio normalization is applied only on the sequence in relation to the duration if set before volume dected, otherwise is applied to entire file. * The choice of bit depth for compressed formats/codecs has been disabled on the audio parameters dialog

BUG FIXES: * Fixed append text issue when use dialog box to search FFmpeg options on Windows * Set default choice when the user cancels the "save audio stream from video" dialog to choice a language audio stream, to avoid errors. * The '-af volume = .0dB' parameter is omitted from the command to the audio streams which does not requires the audio normalization process * Fixed message "File does not exist or not a valid file:" when playing exported files with more dot on filename .

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * Changed default location of the 'videomass' configuration directory on the user space, following the typical conventions of the OS. On *nix OS's: '~/.config/videomass' On MacOs: '~/Library/Application Support/videomass' On Windows: 'C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingvideomass' * During processes conversion the new default logs directory is located to videomass directory configuration;log * Removed the control of the text of the maximum audio peak level and the average audio peak level in the normalization sections.

ADD: * new features to open the file manager on the Videomass configuration directory and on the logs directory (platform independent) * Add the "Don't show this dialog again" on dialog before start conversion on the Presets_Manager when profile command has been changed manually (Python3 only) * Added a new dialog to show the list of volumes detected for audio normalization * Added a new dialog to show keyboard shortcuts during playback.

August 24, 2019 V.1.5.5

BUG FIXES: * Fixed wrong main window size when run on FreeBSD O.S. * Fixed the annoying bug when you save the audio from the movie and at the end of the conversion drag other files into the DnD panel to save the audio from the movie again. * Fixed the bug of multiple additions when writing the log file during the processes * Fixed bug when using double pass encoding in Python3: NameError: name 'cmd' is not defined * Fix a short command promp display when use ffmpeg specifications dialog on MS Windows

ADD: * Added a new menu tools item on the menu bar * Add a summary dialog before start conversion on Presets Manager * Added dialog box to displaying the FFmpeg compilation specifications * Added dialog box to displaying file formats available on FFmpeg * Added dialog box to displaying available encoders and ability by FFmpeg * Added dialog box to displaying available decoders and capability by FFmpeg * Added dialog box to search and view all the FFmpeg help options. * Added resize border to ffmpeg_search dialog * Added hscroll to textctrl in the ffmpeg_search

IMPROVEMENTS: * Messages output from command line during start-up * Presets Manager panel: if the FFmpeg command is modified manually a confirmation message will appear before performing the conversion * Improvement of some message in tooltips * Improved name word definitions in some windows, for greater understanding. * Improve color messages on the process panel * Improve log message in the list-control on the process panel * Improve log messagge in the conlole during processes for debug

August 2, 2019 V.1.4.6

BUG FIXES: * fixed parsing problem on dialog, when the values have other signs '='

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved display of the text box on spin control for adjusting the peak audio level threshold on the and

NEW: * now supports the automatic installation of the pubsub module for Python3 when videomass is installed with the 'pip' command

January 24, 2019 V.1.4.5

BUG FIXES: * Fixed the 'ValueError' object is not subscriptable exception on Python3 when drop file with no duration (IO_tools.probeDuration()) * Fixed 'SyntaxError' issue on to create packages with the appropriate modules packages (videomass2 or 3) during compiling with py2exe and py2app. * Corrected a conditional error on the Videomass launch code.

NEW [features/enhancements]: * Added new icons set to default settings. * The command line text of each profile is always editable now. * Added install_requires for Windows and MacOs to automate the installation dependencies


REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * Changed version to videomass.conf file configuration with new default settings * Removed 'Enable write from command text line' from This make editable the profile text into presets manager panel

January 14, 2019 V.1.4.4

BUG FIXES: * Resolved an execution problem after installing Videomass with the pip tool for Python3.

NEW [features/enhancements]: * Added compatibility with python3. Videomass now works on both Python2 and Python3. * Added new useful entries in the help menu * Videomass icon has been recreated with a new logo and design

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved the wizard dialog * Improved the videomass.desktop for desktop menu specification on Linux * Improved progress bar during conversions with time specifications set with the Duration tool.

* Videomass2/Videomass3 has been changed to Videomass. * Update locale * "install_requires" has been removed from the SOURCE_BUILD function in Unfortunately I have not yet found a pythonic way compatible with all systems to automate a dependency like wxPython.

December 29, 2018 V.1.3.4


NEW [features/enhancements]:


REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * Removed the old and obsolete `libfaac` codec, as no longer supported by FFmpeg. It has been replaced with the codec `aac` freely redistributable with FFmpeg.

December 22, 2018 V.1.3.3


NEW: [features/enhancements] * Update the For completeness, the MAcOsxSetup and Win32Setup folders have been added to the source distribution

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved script * Change pathname icon (Icon=/usr/local/share/pixmaps/videomass.png) of the desktop entry to videomass.desktop for wheel and source distributions

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * Remove the wxPython dependency from for PyPi distribution

December 21, 2018 V.1.3.2

BUG FIXES: * Fixed bug on the `Video Conversions` and `Audio Conversions` panels when set audio parameters specially with `wav` format. * Fixed bug in the preview after `Save audio from movie`. The exit with invalid filename is be fixed.

NEW: [features/enhancements] * Added new elements that improve accessibility and readability of audio settings in the `Video Conversions` panel. * Improved buttons colour and appearance * Added new icons free and open source compatible with GPL3. * Add supports for the localization of internationalization (i18n) * Add support to Italian language. * Now Videomass has wheel on PyPi installable via pip and support for Linux/Macintosh/Unix/Windows

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved configuration file error handling: if the version of the configuration file changes, it is automatically updated

October 27, 2018 V.1.2.0

BUG FIXES: * Solved an exception when importing images and proceeding with normalization (add: does not contain any stream). * FFmpeg's unrecognized errors are now better managed on volumedetect Processing * resolved the writing of the 'passlogfile' on the source folder of 'Videomass' during double pass processes. Now, the log file will be written to the same source output path. * Fixed bug that did not reproduce the exported file with preview button * Fixed a bug that did not send the message for ASCII/UTF-8 support on all processes with non-ASCII/UTF-8 file names related to shlex module on Unix. * Fixed bug in the `Save Audio from Movie` when save as profile * Fixed minor bugs

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: * Added new filter section on Video Conversions panel with new dialogs boxes implementation:
- scale - rotation - crop - deinterlace/interlace - denoisers
* Each filter button has the color application to on/off state views. * Added new playback button to result preview of all filters set. * Added new button to clear all filters set. * Improved layout on Video conversions panel * Improved layout on Audio conversion panel * Added a new buttons bar with color application to on/off state views * Accessibility to playback exported file, metadata display, and timeline duration, are now improved. * Added a contextual menu on the drag n drop panel with playback and metadata feature of the selected item. This is activable by right click or double click into one imported items. * Added message support for exceptions and errors in streaming playback (ffplay) * Added support for time sequences also on playback of input streaming * Added contextual help buttons with online user guides

REMOVALS and DISPLACEMENTS: * Removed the 'video size' function instead of the scale filter * Move the 'save image from video' function to the 'format/containers' combobox * Audio Conversion panel: Message box removed on the save profile with audio normalization enabled. Now you can also save parameters with audio normalization after a confirmation message. * Removed all html files for user's guide. Now the user guide is online only.

IMPROVEMENTS: * Improved settings storage on audio options for Audio and Video panels * Overall accessibility has been significantly improved * Improved overall layout

Set 22, 2018 V.1.0.1
* Fixed issue with the `Presets_Manager` panel during double-pass conversion in Windows. * Modified `cpu-used` function in the settings dialog * Adding `-threads` function in the settings dialog * Fixed anomalies in `-cpu-used` function * New version of the configuration file

Set 17, 2018 V.1.0.0
This is first release of Videomass.

Videomass presents itself with an interface completely renewed and enhanced
by many features:
* Drag n Drop interface * Presets manager interface with fully customizable profiles ready to use * Data streams information interface with details section * Preview of exported media * Video conversion interface * Audio conversion interface * Audio peak level analysis implementation and audio normalization * Grabbing audio streams from video with multilingual selection * Batch processors * Log management * Convert any media file to multiple formats * Cut Video and Audio timeline * Batch Processing * Video to Image Sequence ..and more

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