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ViddyUp! is the easy way to load up your iPod or Apple TV with home movies or content from around the web. Just drag your clips to the ViddyUp! window, tweak a setting or two (if you want), then let ViddyUp! get to work. iPod or Apple TV-friendly versions of each clip show up in a special playlist in iTunes, ready to sync.

Trialware $10
OS: Mac
File size: 4.1MB
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Latest version

1.8.4 (August 15, 2008)


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Download ViddyUp! 1.8.4  4.1MB  Mac

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $10)

Supported operating systems

MacMac OS

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 1.8.4 Update
Whats New:

New Features:

* iPhone/iPod touch encoding presets
* 3:2 cropping modes


* MKV and FLV files will now process properly

1.8.3 - 6/17/2008


* QuickTime 7.5 compatibility - no longer crashes when processing with QuickTime 7.5 installed
* Better handling of alternate iTunes Libraries
* Minor user interface adjustments

1.8.2 - 10/26/2007

New Features:

* Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility


* Properly byte-swaps pixel aspect ratio on Intel-based Macs
* Sorts incoming files alphabetically

1.8.1 - 4/6/2007

New Features:

* 16:9 cropping modes
* Preference for selecting temporary file storage location


* Properly deinterlaces PAL DV sources
* Custom H.264 settings, below 600Kbps, are now much more likely to be iPod-compatibly

1.8 - 3/23/2007

New Features:

* MPEG-4 and H.264 Export to Apple TV


* Better support for frame rates that approach zero
* Prevents a possible crash when loading MPEG-4 video created with digital cameras
* Prevents a rare crash caused by an incorrectly-formatted error string

Note: ViddyUp! 1.8 requires QuickTime 7.1.5

1.7.1 - 12/14/2006

New Features:

* Preference to disable upscaling to match encoding preset dimensions
* Subtitle text encoding support
* Alternate iTunes Library support


* Better subtitle height calculation
* Correctly restores the Default Subtitle Font bold preference
* Trims the audio stream in MPEG sources when it’s longer than the video stream
* Sets Original Encoding output aperture mode to ‘Production’
* Correctly applies the iPod, 640x480, H.264 encoding preset when multiple sources are
queued in the Italian and Traditional Chinese localized versions of ViddyUp!

Note: ViddyUp! 1.7.1 requires QuickTime 7.1.3

1.7 - 9/15/2006

New Features:

* 640x480 H.264 support
* 640x480 MPEG-4 support


* ViddyUp! window may now be minimized during processing
* More robust temporary file handling
* Minor ViddyUp! Help corrections

Note: ViddyUp! 1.7 requires QuickTime 7.1.3

1.6.1 - 6/30/2006

New Features:

* Supports MPEG-4 pixel aspect ratio (PAR)
* Supports H.264 sample aspect ratio (SAR)


* Releases references to source files during the current batch, allowing them to be removed from disk before the batch is completed. This fix also corrects an issue preventing the last selected file in a batch from being removed from disk before the user quits ViddyUp!.
* Corrects a potential crash when applying a subtitle file
* Corrects a potential issue that could prevent ViddyUp! from completely processing damaged MPEG sources

1.6 - 6/9/2006

New Features:

* Name change from Podner to ViddyUp!. You like?
* SubRip (SRT) subtitle support with customizable font, style, size and color
* More informative error display
* Minor appearance tweaks


* Poster frame thumbnail generation is now reliable for sources in less than ideal third-party codecs.
* Pixel aspect ratio is now ignored when ViddyUp! finds movie dimensions differ from actual image sample dimensions
* Corrected a potential issue where a track's transformation matrix could be applied twice
* Improved movie file handling performance

1.5.1 - 3/24/2006


* ViddyUp! will now open files correctly on Mac OS X 10.3.9
* ViddyUp! will now display a "Protected" message for iTunes Music Store video clips

1.5 - 3/17/2006

New Features:

* Cropping - Automatic 4:3, Constrained 4:3 and Manual
* Significantly improved DV performance
* Preference to enable/disable DV deinterlacing
* Preference to prompt for output location before each process
* iMovie HD project support - drag .iMovieProject files directly to ViddyUp!


* Custom Encoding that meets all iPod specifications and specifies H.264 Multipass will now be iPod-compatible when the data rate is set at or below 600Kbps
* ViddyUp! will now release references to all source files at the end of each process, allowing source files to be removed
* iPod, 320x240, H.264 at Better and Best Quality have been restored to ViddyUp! 1.3 performance levels

1.3.1 - 2/6/2006

New Features:

* Podcast Encoding Presets
* Enhanced DV Image Quality
* Enhanced audio processing technique. This allows DivX files that worked with QuickTime 7.0.3 to work correctly with QuickTime 7.0.4. Includes a fallback method that correctly handles EyeTV's MPEG-4 AVI output.
* Support for iTunes libraries stored in aliased Music folders
* Support for aliased video files


* Prevents possible crash that could occur at launch when ViddyUp! checks for updates
* Custom Encoding H.264 output, within spec, is now more likely to be iPod-compatible
* Revised scaling code to minimize discoloration on the extreme right edge of ViddyUp!'s output

1.3 - 1/9/2006

New Features:

* Universal Binary
* Batch progress indicator in the Dock
* Up to 10% faster processing than ViddyUp! 1.2.1
* Minor interface appearance enhancements


* Custom Encoding audio settings should now be respected
* H.264 and H.264 MultiPass are more likely to output iPod-compatible movie files
* MPEG audio extraction will now work correctly with file paths that contain double-byte characters
* Corrects a potential issue where ViddyUp! would appear to stall at around 90%
* Minor Help corrections

1.2.1 - 12/23/2005


* Aspect ratio for HDV video clip output should now be correct
* Improved picture quality for HDV video clip output
* Adjusted output pipeline so that clips of 1 minute or less will be processed as in 1.1.3. Processing time for these video clips should be similar to 1.1.3.
* Resolved audio distortion in output from video clips that begin with a partial frame
* Increased iTunes integration AppleScript timeout to prevent AppleScript failure messages when processing longer video clips

1.2 - 12/19/2005

New Features:

* Significantly improved H.264 processing performance (10% to 50% faster)
* Significantly improved MPEG-4 quality
* Reduced MPEG-4 file size
* Traditional Chinese localization


* Improved H.264 compatibility with iPod
* Improved Time Remaining accuracy and consistency

1.1.3 - 12/09/2005

New Features:

* Revised poster frame method resulting in significant increase in processing speed
* Now uses the .mp4 file extension for all output except when user selects Original Encoding


* Encoding in MPEG-4 from sources with a very low frame rate will now produce iPod-compatible video files
* Total processing time display has been restored to the single file process complete message
* Minimized movie view flash when batch processing mode begins each movie file

1.1.2 - 11/29/2005

New Features:

* Mac OS X 10.3.9 compatibility
* Italian localization
* Set Poster Frame sound


* MPEG audio extraction is now more compatible with non-standard MPEG files
* Time Elapsed indicator now takes MPEG audio extraction into account
* QuickTime requirements error message now correctly states "7.0.3"

1.1.1 - 11/20/2005

New Features:

* Support for two-byte character file names and genres, such as Kanji and Greek


* Corrects potential batch processing duplicate file contents issue
* Preflight now includes late check for alternate output folder

1.1 - 11/18/2005

New Features:

* Batch processing
* Support for non-square pixel aspect ratios, as in DV source material
* Support for MPEG muxed audio in QuickTime reference movies
* Automatic and manual software update checking


* Corrects a potential non-responsive Cancel button situation during the first few seconds of MPEG muxed audio extraction

1.0.1 - 11/04/2005

New Features:

* Visual feedback during drag and drop to ViddyUp! window
* Drag and drop to the ViddyUp! Dock and Finder icons
* MPEG muxed audio support. Please visit for details


* Frame rate is correctly calculated for MPEG movie files
* Frame rate is correctly capped at 30 frames per second in all situations
* ViddyUp! will no longer accept movie files that have been protected by their creator
* Aspect ratios below 4:3 will now be correctly preserved

1.0 - 10/24/2005

* Initial Release
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