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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for StaxRip

StaxRip v2.37.6 (2024-04-12)

UI: Add Progress for dovi_tool and hdr10plus_tool
UI: Adjust Progress Reformatting for SvtAv1EncApp
UI: Improve saving of Jobs List to avoid data loss on full disk
VapourSynth: Fix missing loading of SubText for hardcoded subtitles (#1307)

StaxRip v2.37.5

UI: Fix asking for Project saving on Templates
UI: Optimize ignorable Output Mod warning (#1285)
SvtAv1EncApp: Update settings and parameters to v2.0.0 (#1273)
vvencFFapp: Fix display for Compression Check Run (#1284)

StaxRip v2.37.4

UI: Trigger event "While Processing" more often, but also time limited
UI: Make timeout for error messages on job processing optional
UI: Convert tabs to spaces on Processing window for better looking output (#1243)
UI: Fix not asking for Project saving when dropping file under some circumstances
UI: Make Output Mod warning ignorable (#1285)

StaxRip v2.37.3

UI: Fix tonemapping for HDR videos for Crop window not working under some circumstances
UI: Set Process Priority from "Idle" to "Below Normal"
NVEncC: Fix wrong parameter settings for "--vpp-nvvfx-denoise" and "--vpp-nvvfx-artifact-reduction" (#1283)

StaxRip v2.37.2

UI: Extend Crop window with Time information (#1274)
UI: Update and extend Show Changelog
UI: Update and adjust Updater

StaxRip v2.37.1

Fix crash on AutoCrop selection in Options on Templates (#1276)

StaxRip v2.37.0

UI: Enhance Auto Crop for Dolby Vision sources
UI: Improve handling with Dolby Vision videos and manual cropping
UI: Re-read modified Dolby Vision metadata automatically on window focus
UI: Improve Dolby Vision metadata handling
UI: Enhance "Frame Mismatch" error message
UI: Let "Frame Mismatch" ignore cutted "Copy/Mux" runs (#1234)
UI: Write "Media Info Source File" only if it has changed (#1221)
UI: Take given HDR10+/DolbyVision metadata into account when calculate target size/bitrate (#1254)
UI: Fix rounding issue with number edits when using mouse wheel (#1253)
UI: Fix rare crash on Audio and Muxer window opening
FFmpeg: Add "-hwaccel cuda" to command line when NVIDIA decoder is selected (#1260)
NVEncC: Rearrange some parameters (#1240)
NVEncC: Enable Dolby Vision only when H265 is selected (#1261)
NVEncC: Add "--vpp-nvvfx-artifact-reduction" parameter (#1240)
NVEncC: Add "--vpp-nvvfx-denoise" parameter (#1240)
NVEncC: Fix "--vpp-resize" parameter setting for "nvvfx-superres"
QSVEncC: Enable Dolby Vision only when H265 is selected
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix Passes could also affect Quality mode (#1267)
VCEEncC: Add "--vpp-denoise-dct" parameter
VCEEncC: Fix problem with missing space before parameter call
VCEEncC: Remove Dolby Vision support
x265: Add "--auto-aq" parameter (#1241)
Update tools
DeeZy v0.1.8
eac3to v3.50
MKVToolNix v83.0
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev975-ge50da0656-x64-msvc1937
NVEncC v7.46
Python v3.12.2
QSVEncC v7.62
rav1e v0.7.0-(p20240312)-x64-gcc13.2.0
Subtitle Edit v4.0.4
SvtAv1EncApp v2.0.0-1+3-58b1b010-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-msvc1937
VapourSynth R66
VCEEncC v8.22
vvencFFapp v1.11.1
x264 v0.164.3186+8-53164ba-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc13.2.0
x265 v3.5+156+14-df2e4c31e-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-avx2-msvc1937
Update AviSynth+ plugins
eedi3_resize16 v3.3.16
JPSDR v3.3.5 (W7 AVX2)
TIVTC v1.0.29
Update Dual plugins
ffms2 v5.0 RC3
L-SMASH-Works v1183 [20240317]
Update VapourSynth plugins
HQDN3D v1.00 mod

StaxRip v2.36.0

💡 The last two releases had to be rushed to prevent users creating broken Dolby Vision encodes. Because of that many related issues are fixed and improved with this release. When it comes to Dolby Vision and Cropping I highly recommend reading this updated guide, especially when you think the crop is not correct:
Encoding Dolby Vision with StaxRip using x265, NVEncC, QSVEncC, VCEEncC
Please check out the Changelog as always to know what has changed and start with fresh settings to avoid side effects.

UI: "Import VUI metadata" doesn't override Dolby Vision profile depending on selected mode (#1212)
UI: Extend Assistant check for VBV settings when using Dolby Vision to custom parameters (#1213)
UI: Fix Crop bug that caused unnecessary and sometimes wrong cropping
UI: Set "Output Mod" default value to 2 (inspired by the poll on Discord)
UI: Improve handling/finding with metadata files
UI: Fix issue with dovi_tool not being able to handle paths with comma (#1238)
UI: Add threshold for cropping Dolby Vision videos based on metadata
UI: Split command "ShowHardcodedSubtitleDialog" into "[..]DialogFromLastSourceDir" and "[..]DialogFromTempDir" (#1199)
UI: Add new event "While Processing" which is called once every percent of progress on video encoders (#1197)
UI: Add new macros that are currently only supported by the new "While Processing" event
%commandline%, %progress%, %progressline%
UI: Add new macros
%jobs%, %jobs_active%
UI: Improve filename parsing for subtitles (#1200), (#1220)
UI: Improve track name parsing from filenames (#1220)
UI: Improve Resize filter Assistant check for Dolby Vision
UI: Add ".mks" to valid subtitle file types (#1227)
UI: Adjust resize slider on main window
UI: Make Settings window a bit higher (#1211)
NVEncC: Add support for Dolby Vision metadata handling
NVEncC: Fix wrong "--vpp-resize" parameter options visibility
QSVEncC: Add support for Dolby Vision metadata handling
QSVEncC: Add "Show advanced QP settings"
QSVEncC: Add "--vpp-denoise-dct" parameter
VCEEncC: Add support for Dolby Vision metadata handling
VCEEncC: Add Dolby Vision parameters to encoder options
VCEEncC: Fix "--cqp" parameter value for HEVC codec (#1222)
Update tools v7.1.1.0
Python v3.11.7
QSVEncC v7.61
vvencFFapp v1.11.0 RC1 7dae9ea
Update Dual plugins
ffms2 v3.0.1.0 1357+34 r1391 4fbfa13ea1 StvG
Update VapourSynth plugins
libhistogram v2.0 2021-11-13

StaxRip v2.35.0

⚠️ Important:
This one is an important update for everyone, who also uses sources with Dolby Vision metadata and wants to transfer them to the encode/target properly while cropping the image. As it turned out, a lot of guides and information are wrong, misleading or at least incomplete from a general point of view. It took me hours to get and verify all the information about that topic and develop a way to ensure all different types of sources are treated the right way, so the encode will be as accurate as possible.

Basically almost everything should be straight forward and handled by StaxRip, definitely a lot easier, faster and less error prone than before. Please make sure to run a new instance with new settings and jobs to avoid side effects like lost or changed settings and handling.

So what has changed regarding the Dolby Vision handling:
Currently only x265 is supported!
Currently using the Custom section to add Dolby Vision parameters by hand will interfere with the procedures, so please avoid that.
For the actual metadata to be included, you have to use Import VUI metadata - nothing new, but I wanted to mention it.
The VBV settings have to be manually set as required by the encoder. In a future version the values might get set by StaxRip, but currently you have to do it by hand. If not, the Assistant will help you.
The Auto Crop on opening feature, that was activated by enabling the Crop filter on a template, moved to the Options. Now you can decide between No auto cropping, Dolby Vision sources only, which uses the metadata to set the right crop, and On all sources which uses the normal Auto Crop feature in case no Dolby Vision metadata was found.
eac3to will be forced to extract also the Enhancement Layer and use it to extract the metadata depending your choice on Extract HDR metadata.
When dealing with Dolby Vision metadata, Resize and Cutting filters are currently not allowed. In case of a problem, the Assistant will guide you. You can avoid that by putting the code into a different filter as the Assistant only checks for the filter names. Be aware that you will probably mess up with the result!
When dealing with Dolby Vision metadata, the Crop feature is limited. In case of a problem, the Assistant will guide you. You can avoid that by putting the code into a different filter as the Assistant only checks for the Crop filter. Be aware that you will probably mess up with the result!
Special thanks to @Morku for testing some scenarios and finding some bugs. 🙏

🤔 There is no way I have mentioned everything I wanted to. 😅

GitHub release (by tag)

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Special thanks to the few Donators and Contributors who keep StaxRip alive. ❤️
eac3to: Let eac3to extract the Enhancement Layer for metadata extraction
eac3to: Let eac3to don't overwrite existing video files
UI: Set "Output Mod" default value to 4
UI: Fix eac3to window title
UI: Fix setting Crop from/to Dolby Vision RPU files
UI: Move "Auto Crop on opening" to Options
UI: Extend "Auto Crop on opening" to run only when Dolby Vision metadata exists
UI: Let "Auto Crop" use Dolby Vision metadata to set the crop values
UI: Some small but cool stuff I have forgotten to write down
Update tools
DeeZy v0.1.7
eac3to v3.48
MediaInfo v24.01

StaxRip v2.34.0

CommandLine: Add new parameter "-SetCrop" to set the crop values, best used with a source file as first parameter
UI: Fix delay when opening and closing Muxer/Container options window
UI: Fix Assistant displaying issues
UI: Fix crash on sources with multiple video tracks on newer versions of eac3to
UI: Fix Dolby Vision wrong RPU file handling (#1190)
UI: When a Dolby Vision metadata file is used for "Import VUI metadata", the Crop filter will be applied
UI: Let "HDR metadata extraction" also set the json file when an rpu file was found/set
UI: Add option to save Preview window size (#986)
UI: Improve "Output Highlighting"
NVEncC: Add --vpp-denoise-dct parameter
x265: Add Assistant check for VBV settings when using DolbyVision
Update tools
chapterEditor v1.42
DeeZy v0.1.6
eac3to v3.47
libFLAC v1.4.3
NVEncC v7.41
qaac v2.81
vvencFFapp v1.10.0 r209-8fe23c7
Update AviSynth+ plugins
SMDegrain v4.5.0d
xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter v3.2.0.810
Update Dual plugins
ffms2 v3.0.1.0 1357+36 r1393 1c0dcfa391 StvG
L-SMASH-Works v1167 [20240112]

StaxRip v2.33.0

UI: Audio import via container options reads the track name from the file name (#1184)
UI: Enhance "HDR metadata extraction"
UI: Extend two-letter language codes
UI: Fix crash on "HDR metadata extraction" on some systems
UI: Fix language recognition of subtitles from paths (#1174)
UI: Fix ffmpeg not being able to extract "Timed Text" subtitles properly (#1185)
UI: Improve "Output Highlighting"
UI: Let ffmpeg Demuxer also extract all subtitles
UI: Run "Frame Mismatch" only on video files
UI: Better handling for "Frame Mismatch" errors

StaxRip v2.32.0

CommandLine: Add new parameter "-ExitWithoutSaving" to exit StaxRip without saving an unsaved project
Thumbnailer: Fix crash on some video files with higher Bit Depth
UI: Add HDR metadata extraction to project options
UI: Add HDR metadata file to encoder settings when using "Import VUI metadata"
UI: Search for HDR metadata file next to source file and in temp folder to let it import via "Import VUI metadata"
UI: Add option to show an error message on "Frame Mismatch" after encoding
UI: Add "DefaultOrFirst" to "Default Subtitles" option
UI: Add "Close Project" to Main Menu
UI: Change default option for "Default Subtitles" to "Default"
UI: Enhance "Output Highlighting"
UI: Enhance language recognition of subtitles from paths (#1174)
UI: Fix subtitles not being enabled after import even if set so (#1174)
UI: Fix UI response delay when opening "Audio Settings" window (#1175)
UI: Fix demuxing VOBs ignores settings (#577)
UI: Multiple minor fixes and improvements
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.8.0-188-g1cc70eeadf-x64-msvc1937
DoVi_Tool v2.1.0
HDR10Plus_Tool v1.6.0
MKVToolNix v82.0
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev724-g8684dfbcc-x64-msvc1937
QSVEncC v7.58
rav1e v0.7.0-(p20240102-2-g7d773ea)-x64-gcc13.2.0
Subtitle Edit v4.0.3
SvtAv1EncApp v1.8.0-3+6-0bd9640d-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1937
vvencFFapp v1.10.0 r208-c2ace2a
x265 v3.5+153+15-813ccbff0-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-avx2-msvc1937
Update AviSynth+ plugins
QTGMC v3.385s (2023-12-28)
xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter v3.2.0.809
Update Dual plugins
L-SMASH-Works v1164 [20240106]

StaxRip v2.31.0

🌟 🎆 Happy New Year to all of you! 🚀 ⭐
A rollercoaster year is over, but we managed to publish 17 releases in 2023. A lot of bugs were fixed and new features implemented. And more is going to come in 2024 - starting with this one. 🍾

✨ I wish you only the best for 2024! ✨

Special thanks to the few donators who support StaxRip ❤️ and everybody who helped keeping the tools up to date with suggestions, links and more.
Join our community on Discord for help, talks, information about oncoming releases, polls, etc.

If you want to support StaxRip and keep it alive, please consider donating, which is very appreciated:

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GitHub release (by tag)

⚠️ Please note, that since v2.29.0 for x265 an AVX2 build is included. If you want a generic build or one, that is even more challenging for your CPU, visit @Patman86 's Releases and simply replace x265.exe or edit the path in StaxRip's App Manager.

UI: Fix crash on startup on non Vulkan systems (#1158)
UI: Fix error message on source files with a long file path (#1168)
UI: Fix recognizing and interpreting source (subtitle) languages (#1120, #1152)
UI: Fix issues with disappearing Cutting filter and the misleading Assistant message (#1124)
UI: Fix command line long path issues for qaac (#1166)
UI: Fix flickering on Video Comparison when window too small to fit all tabs (#1127)
UI: Shorten long file names in Video Comparison to enhance usability
UI: Switch languages internally from 2-/3-letter codes to country-language except preferred languages options, not completely yet
NVEncC: Fix missing Multipass parameter for QBVR mode (#1162)
NVEncC: Fix minor issues with invisible parameters due to selection order
NVEncC: Fix incomplete definition of --device parameter
NVEncC: Fix incomplete definition of --split-enc parameter
NVEncC: Rename QBVR mode quality setting name (#1162)
vvencFFapp: Extend "Frames to be encoded" for templates (#1161)
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.8.0-178-ge065e0fead-x64-msvc1938
FFmpeg N-113112-gf5f414d9c4-x64-gcc13.2.0
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev724-g8684dfbcc-x64-msvc1938
rav1e v0.6.1 (p20231226)-x64-gcc13.2.0
SvtAv1EncApp v1.8.0-1+3-43997134-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1938
VapourSynth R65
x264 v0.164.3172+8-d0a13eb-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc13.2.0
x265 v3.5+153+14-caf1c2580-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-avx2-msvc1938
Update AviSynth+ plugins
TDeint v1.9
TIVTC v1.0.28
Update Dual plugins
ffms2 v3.0.1.0 1357+34 r1391 4fbfa13 StvG
L-SMASH-Works v1160 [20231214]

StaxRip v2.30.0

Special thanks to the few supporters ❤️ and everybody who helped keeping the tools up to date with suggestions, links and more.
⚠️ Please note, that since v2.29.0 for x265 an AVX2 build is included. If you want a generic build or one, that is even more challenging for your CPU, visit @Patman86 's Releases and simply replace x265.exe.

Log: Fix not showing Media Info of source files in logs (#1114)
UI: Add Frame Rate Mode information on main window for source files
UI: Optimize addition of Tonemapping in Crop window
UI: Fix Video Comparison not being able to open more files when source file is loaded
UI: Fix progress detections for ffmpeg depending on used codec
UI: Fix progress detections for opusenc (#1147)
UI: Fix progress detections for given percentual values (#1143)
UI: Add Auto-Tonemapping support for Thumbnailer
UI: Fix ShowMessageBox Icon parameter
UI: Fix ShowMessageBox call through Command Line leads to an exception message (#1141)
UI: Add Flip filter profiles
DeeZy: Fix audio delay handled by encoder and muxer
FFmpeg: Add hardware AV1 support for AMD/Intel/NVidia (#1145)
NVEncC: Add --qvbr parameter (#1139)
NVEncC: Add --output-csp parameter
NVEncC: Add --disable-nvml parameter
NVEncC: Add Quiet Log Level
NVEncC: Fix AV1 CQ parameter values (#1153)
QSVEncC: Add Quiet Log Level
QSVEncC: Add --vpp-rff parameter
QSVEncC: Make --icq mode default encode mode
rav1e: Fix wrong parameter spelling that crash the encode (#1138)
SvtAv1EncApp: Add new SSIM tune option (#1118)
SvtAv1EncApp: Extend --keyint parameter options
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix --enable-qm parameter definition (#1122)
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix chunk encoding (#1136)
VCEEncC: Add AV1 support (#1117)
VCEEncC: Add --vpp-rff parameter
VCEEncC: Add --vpp-scaler-sharpness parameter
VCEEncC: Fix some issues and codec related params
VCEEncC: Remove --vpp-resize amf_point parameter option
vvencFFapp: Add new presets
x265: Fix --log-level param options
Update tools
DeeZy v0.1.4
eac3to v3.36
FFmpeg N-112998-g1f56bfc986-20231216
MediaInfo v23.11
MKVToolNix v81.0
NVEncC v7.40
QSVEncC v7.57
Subtitle Edit v4.0.2
VCEEncC v8.21
vvencFFapp v1.10.0
Update AviSynth+ plugins
avs_libplacebo v1.5.2
RemoveDirt v0.9.3
Update Dual plugins
L-SMASH-Works v1156 [20231117]
Update VapourSynth plugins

StaxRip v2.29.0

Special thanks to the few supporters ❤️ as well as @Patman86 for providing the latest modified tools and everybody who helped keeping the tools up to date with suggestions, links and more.
⚠️ Please note, that for x265 now an AVX2 build is included. If you want a generic build or one, that is even more challenging for your CPU, visit @Patman86 's Releases and simply replace x265.exe.

Add header for target file Media Info
Add new (event) command to open blocking Preview window (#1102)
Extend title name length for demuxed file names
Log mismatch between frame count from FrameServer and target file after encode
UI: Show Changelog at first start
UI: Add possiblity to dismiss the PNGs saved message in VideoComparison (#1067)
UI: Add proper identification for HDR tonemapping in Crop window (#1096)
UI: Add Shortcut for "Save Project As"
UI: Allow multiple file selection in muxer for audio files
UI: Apply Crop filter when changing Frameserver
UI: Change Crop filter addition/setting behaviour
UI: Enhance Command Line Highlighting
UI: Enhance Output Highlighting
UI: Fix broken progress detection for ffmpeg (#1109)
UI: Fix crash when trying to open the menu in Processing window
Filters: Fix Vapoursynth filter resamplehq linkage (#1101)
Filters: Adjust SMDegrain presets
DeeZy: Fix issue with negative delay
QSVEncC: Fix bitrate issue in QBVR mode (#1106)
x265: Minor UI improvements
x265: Remove deprecated params --hist-threshold and --traditional-scenecut (#1110)
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.7.0-363-g02b419c62e-x64-msvc1937
chapterEditor v1.40
DeeZy v0.1.1
FFmpeg N-111918-g0adaa90d89-x64-gcc13.2.0
libFLAC v1.3.3
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev512-g0cdcdbaaa-x64-msvc1937
NVEncC v7.31
Subtitle Edit v4.0
SvtAv1EncApp v1.7.0-0+13-b922871f-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1937
vvencFFapp v1.9.0 r189-19efe30
x265 v3.5+147+17-e8947f740-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-avx2-msvc1937
Update AviSynth+ plugins
Descale v2023-04-02 8c53f5d
JincResize v2.1.2
vsMSharpen v2.0.1
Update VapourSynth plugins
DeCross v1
Descale v2023-04-02 8c53f5d
DFTTest2 v6
insaneAA v0.91
MotionMask v2
TemporalSoften2 v1

StaxRip v2.28.0

Add BackgroundColor from VideoComparison to Themes
Make line numbers added to code lines optional via Settings
Fix Code Preview not shown in selected windows/app
Reloading of Preview does not change the window size any more
DeeZy: Fix output progress detectation (#1092)
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix --enable-hdr parameter printout
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix wrong frames value
VapourSynth: Fix extreme rare bug when opening a source which causes a crash
vspipe: Fix deprecated parameter call
Update tools
MKVToolNix v79.0
Update VapourSynth plugins
SubText r4
VSFilterMod v5.2.7

StaxRip v2.27.0

Fix grammar (thanks to @LittleVulpix (#1083))
Fix pathing issue on VapourSynth
Adjust SMDegrain presets

StaxRip v2.26.0

I highly recommend reading the Changelog and using fresh/new settings! Especially when you use a shared settings folder, because they will be overwritten!
This time there are no UPX-packed executables included, so there are no false positive AntiVirus warnings any more.

Special thanks to @DJATOM and @jlw4049 for contributing and @pate and @.patman86 for helping and testing with the new VapourSynth version. 🤝 🏅

Remove no-pipe call for x264 using VapourSynth due to incompatibility reasons
Add .mpeg as supported input file type for DGIndex/D2VWitch
Add DeeZy and OpusEnc as new audio encoders
Add new Tonemap presets
Add option to tonemap videos in Crop window
Add option to enhance contrast in Crop window for easier cropping
Add Reload command in Preview
Add line numbers to Code Preview
Let Enabling/Disabling a filter in Code Editor make refresh the script for the preview
Fix shortcut for Preview in Code Editor
Fix command line parameter issue with quotes
Improve Output Highlighting a tiny bit
Check also for negative error codes
Show warning for Windows 7 users regarding possible incompatibility issues at first start
Add new macros %audio_bitrate1%, %audio_bitrate2%, %audio_channels1%, %audio_channels2%, %audio_codec1%, %audio_codec2% (#1075)
Rename macro %delay1% to %audio_delay1% and %delay2% to %audio_delay2%
Fix "Auto Chroma Subsampling to 4:2:0" for VapourSynth not working on some sources (#1033)
Fix internally called AutoCrop not adding/enabling Crop-filter (#1075)
Fix internally called SmartAutoCrop not adding/enabling Crop-filter
Add more resize defaults (#1079)
Add possibility to reset window position when holding CTRL+SHIFT while window opens
Adjust Resize slider minimum/maximum values
Fix logs from processes being saved into templates (#905)
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix infinite app calling loop when SvtAv1EncApp encoder profile selected while opening a file (#1068)
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix wrong multi-pass paremeter combination (#1076)
SvtAv1EncApp: Add proper 3-pass support
SvtAv1EncApp: Move Passes option to rate control to keep related settings together
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.6.1-1047-gea674a22d0-x64-msvc1937
DeeZy v0.1.0
ffmpeg 6.0 N-111762-ga1928dff2c-x64-gcc13.2.0
libFLAC v1.4.3 (used by eac3to)
libsndfile v1.2.2 (used by qaac)
Mp4Box v2.3-DEV-rev478-g892852666-x64-msvc1937 v6.0.4.0
OpusEnc v1.4.6
qaac v2.80
QSVEncC v7.48
rav1e v0.6.1-(p20230808)-x64-gcc13.2.0
SvtAv1EncApp v1.6.0-12+12-02ddf03c-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1937
VapourSynth R63
vvencFFapp v1.9.0
x264 v0.164.3107+12-d987552-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-gcc13.2.0
x265 v3.5+104+20-5f9a54004-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1937
Update AviSynth+ plugins
AnimeIVTC v2.389 2023-07-20 mod
BBorders v2023-04-28
LSFplus v6.0 mix
NNEDI3CL v1.0.8
ScenesPack v4.5
Update Dual plugins
L-SMASH-Works v1129.0.1.0 20230806
Update VapourSynth plugins
AddGrain r10
Bwdif r4.1
edi_rpow2 v2021
EEDI3m r4
fmtconv r30
fvsfunc v2022-10-14
havsfunc r33 [modified by @jlw4049 and @Dendraspis]
LibDedot v1.0
LibP2P R2
libvs_placebo v1.4.4
mcdegrainsharp v2020-11-03
MiscFilters R2
muvsfunc v0.4.0
mvmulti v2020-14-10
mvsfunc r10
nnedi_rpow2 v1.1.0
Oyster v2021-05-16 [modified by @jlw4049 and @Dendraspis]
Plum v2021-03-27 [modified by @jlw4049 and @Dendraspis]
resamplehq v2.1.2
RemoveGrain r1
SangNom r42
TCanny v14
TimeCube v3.1
TTempSmooth v4.1
vcmod 2022-02-10.AC3
Vine v2020-07-12 [modified by @jlw4049 and @Dendraspis]
vsTAAmbk v0.8.2
znedi3 r2.1
...and some more existing scripts updated to be compliant with VapourSynth R63

StaxRip v2.25.0

Special thanks to @Patman86 for extending SvtAv1EncApp's progress data and withstanding my frequent requests. As well as @darkcity87 and especially @backryun for keeping the tools requests up with suggestions, links and also own builds.

Please consider visiting Contribution / Support to keep StaxRip alive.

Alter some main menu shortcuts
Reorganize main menu slightly
Save settings when selecting new startup template (#1057)
Add Reload function to Video Comparison
Add Video Comparison support for AviSynth and VapourSynth scripts (#1055)
Minor changes to progress detection
Fix broken progress detection for ffmpeg (#1054)
Add Commentary flag setting for audio tracks (#959)
Add Commentary flag setting for subtitle tracks (#959)
Add Hearing Impaired flag setting for subtitle tracks (#960)
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix wrong parameter for encoding frames
SvtAv1EncApp: Add support for modified progress in @Patman86's mod
Update tools
SvtAv1EncApp v1.6.0-4+7-0abb2b72-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1936
Update AviSynth+ plugins
avs_libplacebo v1.3.0
DPID v1.1.0
MasksPack v6.7
Resizers Functions Pack v12.0
TransformsPack v2.2.0
Update Dual plugins
FFTW v3.3.10 (thanks to Nuihc88)

StaxRip v2.24.0

Special thanks to @Patman86 for supplying us with fresh built tools as well as @darkcity87 and especially @backryun for keeping the Tools Request page up with suggestions, links and also own builds.

AVS: Fix InterFrame not working with SVPFlow (#1046)
AOMEnc: Fix not saved target bitrate for CQ rate mode (#1052)
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix deprecated URLs
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix output path with spaces causing error (#1045)
SvtAv1EncApp: Move Passes to Basic category
SvtAv1EncApp: Add --progress parameter
SvtAv1EncApp: Fix encoding output and crash for "--progress 2" (#1045)
Update tools
chapterEditor v1.39
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev472-g2a2327c3b
vvencFFapp v1.9.0
Update AviSynth+ plugins
edi_rpow2 v1.0 mod 87
Update Dual plugins
FFTW v3.3.10

StaxRip v2.23.0

Add shortcut "Ctrl + E" to Event Commands
Add vertical scrollbar to Event Commands to make it less glitchy when adding multiple criteria - still glitchy (#1048)
Add new macro %encoder_profile% (#1047)
Rename macros %video_encoder_profile% to %encoder_profile% and %video_encoder_settings% to %encoder_settings%
Move "Add filter to convert chroma subsampling to 4:2:0" to Project
Create separate category for "Add filter to convert chroma subsampling to 4:2:0" added filter, after "Source" for progressive and at the end for interlaced sources (thanks to youer-mam) (#1021)
Fix crashing bug in Event Commands
Fix typo (#1042)
AOMEnc: Multiple changes to default values (#1012)
AOMEnc: Fix missing target bitrate for constrained quality (#1044)
QSVEncC: Add --vpp-pmd and --vpp-denoise parameters (#1016)
QSVEncC: Add --vpp-perc-pre-enc parameter
SvtAv1EncApp: Remake whole implementation and add parameters (#893, #1045)
vvencFFapp: Add basic implementation
Update tools
AviSynth+ v3.7.3 (official release)
MediaInfo v23.07
MKVToolNix v78.0
QSVEncC v7.47
vvencFFapp v1.9.0-rc2 r182-3fcfd93
Update AviSynth+ plugins
yadifmod2 v0.2.8
Update Dual plugins
FFTW v3.3.5

StaxRip v2.22.0

Add conversion speed information relative to video framerate for x264 and x265 reformatted progress output (#781)
Fix stealing focus on job completion again (#333)
QSVEncC: Add missing parameters (#1016)
Update tools
FFmpeg v6.0 N-111327-g695789eacc-x64-gcc13.1.0
Mp4Box v2.3-DEV-rev395-g98979a443-x64-msvc1936
qaac v2.80
x264 v0.164.3107+9-30c58f9-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc13.1.0
x265 v3.5+104+15-ba4e7a2cb-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-msvc1936

StaxRip v2.21.0

AOMEnc: Fix "--matrix-coefficients" options (#1023)
NVEncC: Fix "--lossless" being visible for H264 only
QSVEncC: Add "--tile-col" and "--tile-row" parameters
QSVEncC: Add "--max-framesize" parameter
QSVEncC: Add "--hevc-gpb" parameter
QSVEncC: Set "--tile-row 2" as default parameter/value
QSVEncC: Fix some UI bugs
Fix wrong channel recognition and extraction for temp audio files (#1027)
Fix stealing focus on job completion (#333)
Fix opening multiple VOB files in multiple instances instead of running just one
Replace app icon
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.6.1-807-g7e0293d9c-x64-msvc1936
chapterEditor v1.38
MediaInfo v23.06
MKVToolNix v77.0
NVEncC v7.30
QSVEncC v7.46
rav1e v0.6.1-(p20230627-3-ge379128)-x64-gcc13.1.0
SvtAv1EncApp v1.6.0-x64-msvc1936
VCEEncC v8.16
Update AviSynth+ plugins
CropResize 2023-06-02
ExTools v10.2
FFTW v3.3.10
Update Dual plugins
SVPFlow1 v4.5.0.200 (Thanks to Nuihc88)
SVPFlow2 v4.3.0.161 (Thanks to Nuihc88)

StaxRip v2.20.0

Fix Updater due to changed GitHub pages (#1019)
AVS: Fix wrong importation of dependencies
x265: Selecting a Tune won't apply the preset settings anymore (#894)
Update tools
NVEncC v7.28
QSVEncC v7.44
VCEEncC v8.14
Update AviSynth+ plugins
BWDIF v1.2.1 (due to QTGMC issues using EdiMode="BWDIF+NNEDI3")
Update Dual plugins
SVPflow v4.2.0.133 (due to usage changes (red rectangle around the video frame))

StaxRip v2.19.0

Add possibility to open multiple source files. StaxRip opens each file in a new instance sequentially (#926)
FFmpeg: Remove "-strict experimental" from parameter call when av1 codec is used
NVEncC: Add new "--split-enc" parameter
QSVEncC: (better) AV1 support (#919)
QSVEncC: Add parameters
Update tools
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev267-ga6ae93532
NVEncC v7.26
rav1e v0.6.6
VCEEncC v8.12
Update AviSynth+ plugins
AvsResize vR21
AVSTP v1.0.4.1
BWDIF v1.2.5
D2VSource v1.3.0
Deblock v2020-08-30
LSFmod v2.193 (fixed on 2022-10-21 with same version number)
NicAudio v2.0.6
nnedi3_resize16 v3.3 2023-03-27

StaxRip v2.18.0

Set timestamp extraction for VFR MKV files only as default project option (#817, #1006)
Fix minor issue with TransformsPack package definition
Fix UI issues especially with hidden checkbox texts on some machines by adding UI Fallback setting [Settings User Interface UI Fallback] (#978)
NVEncC: Adjust some codec dependent parameters
NVEncC: AV1 support (#949)
SVTAV1: Set "--key-init" to default value of -2 (thanks to samkatakouzinos (#1011))
Update tools
FFmpeg v6.0 N-110467-gefc2587260-g0e580806d8+2
rav1e v0.6.4
SVTAV1EncApp v1.5.0
Update AviSynth+ plugins
CropResize 2022-11-19
JPSDR v3.3.4 (W7 AVX2)
SmoothD2 + SmoothD2C vA3
TemporalDegrain2 v2.6.6
TimecodeFPS v1.1.4
vsCnr2 v1.0.1
vsTTempSmooth v1.2.3
xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter v3.2.0.808
Update Dual plugins
f3kdb Neo vR9
DFTTest Neo vR8
MiniDeen vR11
SVPflow v4.3.0.168
VSFilterMod v5.2.6

StaxRip v2.17.0

AVS: Add more frame rates to frame rate filter selections (#995)
AVS: Fix missing function and package definitions for TransformsPack (#1009)
AVS: Prevent importing duplicates on dependencies
FFmpeg: Fix audio (and subtitle) cutting issues caused by ffmpeg upstream (#997) (thanks to sheik124 (#1005))
NVEnc: Fix "--bref-mode" parameter options (#1007)
Rename encoder and category/group names
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.6.0-564-gea9a06fd1
AviSynth+ v3.7.3 r3982 Clang
chapterEditor v1.37
DGIndex v2.0.0.8
eac3to v3.36
FFmpeg v6.0 N-110665-g47430a3cb1-20230519
MKVToolNix v76.0
MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev221-g200100727 v6.0.3.2 beta
NVEnc v7.25
QSVEnc v7.41
Subtitle Edit v3.6.13
Update AviSynth+ plugins
SMDegrain v4.4.0d
Zs_RF_Shared v1.161
Update Dual plugins
DGMPGDec v2.0.0.8

StaxRip v2.16.0

NVEnc: Add "bicubic" option for "--vpp-resize algo" parameter
QSVEnc: Add "--tune" parameter
MP4Box: Can import EC3 files (#999)
Update tools
NVEnc v7.22
QSVEnc v7.37
Update AviSynth+ plugins
GradePack v9.0
MasksPack v6.6
TransformsPack v1.6

StaxRip v2.15.0

Fix misleading language name fetch from path for subtitles (#924)
Add .av1 to valid input file extensions for mkvmerge (#982)
Add SharpenersPack funtions for dependencies
NVEncC: Add "--vpp-nnedi" fields (#962)
QSVEnc: Add "--output-depth" parameter (#984)
VCEEnc: Add missing/new options for "--vpp-resize" (#921)
VCEEnc: Add new "--no-deblock" parameter
x265: Add missing/new options for "--scenecut-aware-qp" (#891) (thanks to sheik124 (#917))
x265: Fix not working console help (thanks to sheik124 (#917))
Update tools
ffmpeg n6.0-8-g18dde8d4cf-20230319
MediaInfo v23.03
NVEnc v7.21
qaac v2.79
libsndfile v1.2.0
libFLAC v1.4.2
QSVEnc v7.36
VCEEnc v8.11
Update AviSynth+ plugins
QTGMC v3.384s (2022-10-17)
Sharpeners Pack v5.1

StaxRip v2.14.0

NVEnc: Add multiple new params
NVEnc: Add missing/new options for "--vpp-resize" (#964)
VCEEnc: Add multiple new params
x265: Fixed missing option for "--display-window"
Fix AVS mClean not working properly due to Masktools update
Fix AVS QTGMC not working properly
Fix AVS SMDegrain not working properly due to missing dependencies (#931)
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.2.0-393-g402e264b9-x64-gcc11.3.0 Patman
MediaInfo v22.12
MKVToolNix v74.0
MP4Box v2.1-DEV-rev79-gdf29bc8a0-x64-gcc11.3.0 Patman
NVEnc v7.20
QSVEnc v7.35
Rav1e v0.5.0-(p20220426-4-gb5c76736)-x64-gcc11.3.0 Patman
SvtAv1EncApp v1.0.0-4-g879ba80a-x64-msvc1931 Patman
VCEEnc v8.10
Update AviSynth+ plugins
ExTools v10.0
ModPlus v2020-06-26
Resizers Functions Pack v11.4
Sharpeners Pack v5.0
SMDegrain v4.0.0.d
Update Dual plugins
DGMPGDec v2.0.0.7 (replace wrong version in v2.13.0)
ffms2 v3.0.1.0 1329+20 ad42af1 StvG

StaxRip v2.13.0

x265: Add "--aq-bias-strength" param for AQ Modes 3 and 5
svt-av1: Add and update multiple params (#863)
Show current frame number on Crop window on status bar
Update tools
NVEnc v6.01
VCEEnc v7.00
Update AviSynth+ plugins
AddGrainC v1.8.4
AnimeIVTC v2.386 2022-03-20 mod
Average v0.95
AvsResize r14
CropResize 2022-01-28
D2VSource v1.2.4
Deblock_QED 2020.04.06 HBD
DeHalo_alpha 2021.04.05
DeHaloHmod v2.472
DTFTest v1.9.7 (MSVC)
EEDI2 v1.0.0
FFT3DFilter v2.10
hqdn3d v1.1.1
JPSDR v3.2.8 (W7 AVX2)
Masktools2 v2.2.30
pSharpen 2020.10.31 HBD
QTGMC v3.384s
ResizeX v1.0.1 mod 9.40
SMDegrain v3.5.0d
TComb v2.3
TNLMeans v1.1
VapourSource v0.2
Vinverse v0.9.4
Vscube v1.3
Zs_RF_Shared v1.158
Update Dual plugins
DGIndex v2.0.0.7
DGMPGDec v2.0.0.7
ffms2 v3.0.1.0 1325+16 6ad7738 StvG
L-SMASH-Works v20220505

StaxRip v2.12.0

x265: Add new supported option "--aq-mode 5", which was ported from modded x264 (DJATOM, Patman)
NVEnc: Add new param "--vpp-convolution3d"
QSVEnc: Add experimental AV1 codec
Fix not muxing attachments due to opposed working checkbox (#847)
Fix missing VS plugin due to G41Fun update (#848)
Remove unneccessary quotation marks from Command Line Audio Profile (#853)
Use pipe when modifying channels for qaac (#854)
Use existing/cached video information after muxing instead of reloading the script to prevent broken generated files (#777)
Update tools
AviSynth+ v3.7.2
MKVToolNix v67.0
NVEnc v6.00
QSVEnc v7.01
Update VapourSynth plugins
vcm v2020-09

StaxRip v2.11.0

Fix typo in Settings Directory dialog (bdr99, #798)
Update parameters for AOMEnc (badcf00d, Dendraspis, #821)
Rearrange SMDegrain's list position and definition for VS (#797)
Add "Processing" to remembered window positions
Add new macros %random:digits%, %current_date%, %current_time%, %current_time24% (#802)
Fix UI issues regarding mkvextract
Fix remove confirmation on Lists showing first item name only even if multiple items are selected
Reorganize encoder profiles
Add NVEnc parameters --lut3d, --lut3d_interp, --dolby-vision-rpu, --dolby-vision-profile
Add VCEEnc parameter --thread-affinity, --qvbr, --qvbr-quality (#792)
Add QSVEnc parameters --thread-affinity, --dhdr10-info, --dolby-vision-rpu, --dolby-vision-profile, --qvbr, --qvbr-quality
Add x265 Dolby Vision Profile 8.4
Fix minor mkvextract demux issue (#833)
Add demux support for DVBSUB subtitles (#833)
Add new audio command line macros %streamid0% and %streamid1% (#842)
Raise x265 atc-sei parameter upper limit (#815)
Optimize Check for Updates
Show also the path of the project when it's not found
Don't close Jobs window if project fails to load
Add "Demux Attachments" and "Add Attachments to Muxer" to project options
Add "Bitrate" to VCEEnc and QSVEnc options
Update tools
AOMEnc v3.2.0-393-g402e264b9-x64-gcc11.2.0 Patman
ffmpeg-N v106445-g723065a346-x64-gcc11.2.0 Patman
MediaInfo v22.03
MediaInfo.NET v7.3.0.0
MP4Box v2.1-DEV-rev79-gdf29bc8a0-x64-gcc11.2.0 Patman
mpvnet v5.7.0.0
MKVToolNix v66.0
NVEnc v5.46
qaac v2.73
QSVEnc v6.10
Rav1e v0.5.0 (p20220322-2-gcbdf0703)-x64-gcc11.2.0 Patman
Subtitle Edit v3.6.5
SvtAv1EncApp v0.9.1-81-gdf313c62-x64-gcc11.2.0 Patman
VCEEnc v6.17
x264 v0.164.3094+13-7816202-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-gcc11.2.0
x265 v3.5+37+12-4e46995bc-[Mod-by-Patman]-x64-msvc1931
Update filters
TemporalDegrain2 v2.4.3
G41Fun v2021-09-23

StaxRip v2.10.0

This is basically a hotfix for v2.9.0 because of issues with the new VapourSynth R56. So we went back to R54 and everything should work again.
New Discord Server Link:, if you haven't joined in yet
Remove Extension folder from (Dendraspis, #770)
Replace obsolete vs.get_core() with vs.core (Dendraspis, #787)
Updated tools
MediaInfo v21.09
VapourSynth R54 [back due to compatibility issues]

StaxRip v2.9.0

New Discord Server Link:, if you haven't joined in yet
Fix Check for Updates (Dendraspis)
Add --thread-affinity to NVEnc (Dendraspis)
Add "Warn for invalid Output Mod only if video is cropped" option (Dendraspis)
Fix --quant-b-adapt for AOMEnc (Dendraspis, #785)
Fix non-synced bitrate between options and main window for AOMEnc (Dendraspis, #785)
Updated tools
MKVToolNix v61.0
NVEnc v5.40
Python v3.9.7
QSVEnc v6.03
Subtitle Edit v3.6.2
VapourSynth R56
VCEEnc v6.16
Updated filters
JincResize v2.1.0
ffms2 v2.40.1285+13 1c6169a StvG
FFT3D Neo r11
L-SMASH-Works v20210811

StaxRip v2.8.0

Once again special thanks to @JJKylee for his amazing job on the filters and @Patman86 for the tools!

New Discord Server Link: , if you haven't joined in yet
Separate checking all and required only apps on AppsForm (Dendraspis)
Add more parameters for VCEEnc (Dendraspis, #757)
Add --chroma-qp-offset param for NVEnc (Dendraspis)
Add --traditional-scenecut param for x265 (Dendraspis)
Updated tools
AOMEnc v3.1.2-588-gd1b830121-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
ffmpeg-N-103081-gf7958d0883-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
MP4Box v1.1.0-DEV-rev1161-g2dfbf0c7a-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
NVEnc v5.36
QSVEnc v5.06
Rav1e v0.5.0-alpha-(p20210727)-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
SVT-AV1 v0.8.7-31-g6c8c2e18-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
VCEEnc v6.13
x264 v0.164.3065+9-7a0e6e8-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc10.3.0
x265 v3.5+12+14-106329cbd-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc10.3.0
Updated filters
SMDegrain v3.1.2.115s by JKyle

StaxRip v2.7.0

Special thanks to @JJKylee for his amazing job on the filters!

New Discord Server Link:
[!!!] Changed names cause all encoder profiles to be reset. This means you have to re-set them by hand or backup and restore them after update.
[!!!] Changed (context-)menus from earlier versions must be restored, manually adjusted or need a global settings reset in order to see and use them.
Add Assistant option to warn if no audio in output (Dendraspis, #709)
Fix --vpp-pad param output for NVEnc and VCEEnc (Dendraspis, #723)
Fix crash using "Create job for each selection" (Dendraspis, #727)
Fix crash when copy error message of some exceptions (Dendraspis)
Add and update SVT-AV1 parameters (Dendraspis, #731)
Add option to extract timestamps from all mkv files (Dendraspis)
Add Assistant condition for MKV file with timestamps and changed frame rate or count (Dendraspis, #729)
Fix Default and Forced track settings for MP4Box (Dendraspis, #737)
Add setting to prefer Windows Terminal over Powershell when present (Dendraspis, #738)
Command Line Preview now uses the Code Preview window primarily, but is optional (Dendraspis, #738)
Make Main window focus after processing adjustable (Dendraspis, #333)
Remove 'SEI writing options'(--opts) from x264 options (deprecated) (Dendraspis, #748)
Add "Code Preview" to Remembered Window Positions (Dendraspis)
Extend Crop side limits to 80% (Dendraspis)
Use MkvExtract to extract timestamps for Command Line Demuxers (Dendraspis)
Fix wrong TargetFile after renaming via "After Video Encoded" event (Dendraspis, #755)
Fix f3kdb AVS issues (Dendraspis, JKyle, 44vince44)
Add AVS SeparateFields filter (44vince44)
Add two missing filters to JPSDR (JKyle, #747)
Update RgTools URLs, description, and filter list (JKyle, #720)
Big filter profile update (JKyle, #725 and more)
Added filters:
AddGrain(VS), AnimeIVTC(AVS), Bifrost(AVS/VS), Bwdif(AVS), Checkmate(AVS), ChubbyRain2(AVS), DeFlicker(AVS), DeJump(AVS), DeRainbow(AVS), DotKill(AVS/VS), ExactDeDup(AVS), FillBorders(AVS/VS), FillDrops(AVS/VS), Fix Horizontal Rainbow(AVS profile), GRunT(AVS plugin), HDRTools(AVS), Letterbox(AVS/VS), NNEDI3_rpow2(AVS/VS), ReduceFlicker(AVS), RT_Stats(AVS plugin), Santiag(AVS), Srestore(AVS plugin), TimecodeFPS(AVS), TIVTC(AVS), VFRToCFR(AVS/VS), vsCnr2(AVS)
Updated filter profiles:
AddBorders(VS), AddGrainC(AVS), Bwdif(VS), ChubbyRain2(AVS), DeRainbow(VS), DirectShowSource(AVS), DSS2(AVS), FFMS2(AVS/VS), FFVideoSource(AVS), KNLMeansCL(AVS/VS), SelectEvery(AVS/VS), SelectRangeEvery(AVS), SeparateFields(VS), TemporalDegrain2(VS), Weave(AVS/VS)
Updated tools
AOMEnc v3.1.2-553-g997549cf4-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
chapterEditor v1.29
MKVToolNix v59.0
MP4Box v1.1.0-DEV-rev1143-g91d397ddc-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman v5.4.9.0
NVEnc v5.35
QSVEnc v5.05
Python v3.9.6
Rav1e v0.5.0-alpha-(p20210720-4-g0f25619a)-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
SVT-AV1 v0.8.7-30-g3af80294-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
VapourSynth R54
Updated Filters
AddGrain r8
AvsResize r9 StvG
Bifrost v2.1.0 (AVS) / v2.2 (VS)
Bwdif v1.2.1 (AVS) / r3 (VS)
CASm 2021-05-19
ChubbyRain2 2021-07-20 mod by Asd-g
DeFlicker v0.6
DeJump mod 2021-07-14 by JKyle
DeRainbow 2014-02-23
DotKill v1.0.0 (AVS) / R2 (VS)
ExactDedup v0.0.7Beta
FFT3DFilter v2.9
FillBorders v1.3.0 (AVS) / v2 (VS)
FillDrops mod 2021-07-10 by Selur (AVS) / mod 2021-07-11 by JKyle (VS)
flash3kyuu_deband v2.0.0-1 (Avisynth+ plugins pack r14)
GRunT v1.0.2
JPSDR v3.2.7 W7 AVX2
MvTools2 v2.7.45
Neo F3KDB r7
QTGMC v3.382s
ReduceFlicker v0.1.1
RgTools v1.2
RT_Stats v2.00Beta13
Srestore v2.797
TEMmod v0.2.2
TemporalDegrain2 v2.3.1
TimecodeFPS v1.1.1
VfrToCfr v1.1.1
vsCnr2 v1.0.0
VSFilterMod v5.2.5
Zs_RF_Shared v1.154

StaxRip v2.6.0

Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
Might break templates and jobs from previous version, so checking or renewing them is recommended
Changed (context-)menus from earlier versions must be restored, manually adjusted or need a global settings reset in order to see and use them
Enable Timestamp Extraction for VFR MKV files by default (Dendraspis, 44vince44)
Fix timestamp extraction setting being ignored (Dendraspis, 44vince44)
Autoload (extracted) timestamps file (Dendraspis)
Fix x264 --progress-header param not being shown correctly (Dendraspis, #696)
Add Drag'n'Drop to Video Comparison (Dendraspis, #697)
Video Comparison loads source file directly and also the target file, if it exists (Dendraspis)
Add Jobs window to remembered window positions (Dendraspis)
Add x264 --synth-lib param for non-vanilla builds only (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #711)
Close all Preview windows when adding a job (Dendraspis, 44vince44)
Edit Cutting filter instead of re-creating it (Dendraspis, #710)
Add multiple params for VCEEnc (Dendraspis, #551)
Add --input-analyze param for NVEnc/VCEEnc (Dendraspis)
Refurbish Next button (Dendraspis)
Add settings to change modifier key behavior on Next/AddJob button (Dendraspis)
Disable 'Err' error messages by default (Dendraspis)
Fix MCTemporalDenoise high settings cause error (JKyle, #690)
Update various filter profiles for both AVS and VS (JKyle)
Add Grayscale filter profiles for AviSynth/VapourSynth (JKyle)
AOMEnc v3.1.0-243-g87682566c-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
AVSMeter v3.0.9.0
AVSTP v1.0.4
CASm 2021-04-22 by JKyle
DAA3Mod v3.63
Dither v1.28.1
ffmpeg N v102464-gc6ae560a18-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
FineSharp mod v2020.04.12 HBD
FrameRateConverter v1.3
HQDering mod v1.8
LimitedSharpenFaster v2.193
Maa2mod v0.435
mClean v3.2 Jmod 4 (2021-05-14)
Mp4Box v1.1.0-DEV-rev904-g00a2e202a-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
NVEnc v5.32
Qaac-2.72-x64-msvc1928 Patman
QSVEnc v5.02
Rav1e v0.5.0-alpha-(p20210518-3-ge1926975)-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
ResizeX v1.0.1 mod 9.39
Subtitle Edit v3.6.1
SVT-AV1 v0.8.7-4-g786c4dac-x64-gcc10.3.0 Patman
TTempSmooth v0.9.4
VCEEnc v6.11
vsTTempSmooth v1.1.3
x264 v0.163.3059+11-1aa8b82-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc10.3.0

StaxRip v2.5.0

Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
Might break templates and jobs from previous version, so checking or renewing them is recommended
Changed (context-)menus from earlier versions must be restored, manually adjusted or need a global settings reset in order to see and use them
Add option to disable extraction of forced subtitles for IDX files (Dendraspis, 44vince44)
Sort video files before they are opened and processed (Dendraspis)
Fix app crash on opening menu between encodes (Dendraspis)
Disable file drop in Code Editor (Dendraspis)
Fix multiple suspensions on running processes (Dendraspis)
Fix and enhance Thumbnailer (Dendraspis)
Fix Autocrop showing unrounded progress percentage (Dendraspis, #659)
Set subtitle forced value if file name contains "forced" (Dendraspis)
Add After Job Failed event (Dendraspis)
Muxer and AOMEnc adjustments to handle all AOMEnc output extensions (Dendraspis, #669)
Fix Create job for each selection returning a wrong project (Dendraspis, #676)
Reload last project after processing jobs (Dendraspis, #645)
Fix not themed Menu Template Window (Dendraspis, #681)
Change shortcuts for Processing and Jobs windows (Dendraspis)
Set initial shutdown timeout of 90s (44vince44)
Add Sharpen filter profile for AviSynth/VapourSynth (JKyle)
Add CAS filter profile for AviSynth/VapourSynth (JKyle)
Add MDegrain3 filter profile for AviSynth (JKyle)
Update InterFrame and YFRC filter profiles (44vince44)
Update MDegrain2 filter profile (JKyle)
Add MVTools 2 missing filters (JKyle)
AOMEnc v3.0.0-375-g4d1ace0ad-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
AutoCrop v2.2
chapterEditor v1.28
MKVToolNix v56.1.0
Mp4Box v1.1.0-DEV-rev802-gc0ea96c7b-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
NVEnc v5.30
Python v3.9.4
qaac v2.72
rav1e v0.5.0-alpha-(p20210427-1-gf54b23b6)-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
SVT-AV1 v0.8.6-93-g7cb05bf7 Patman
VapourSynth R53
VCEEnc v6.10
x265 v3.5+10+13-7c9bc0cb14 [Mod-by-Patman]
AnimeIVTC v2.381 2021-03-30 mod
CAS v1.0.1
D2VSource v1.2.3
edi_rpow2 v1.0 mod 86
FineDehalo v1.1 mod8.79
GradFun2DBmod v1.5 2020.06.27 mod
HQDN3D v1.0.1
JPSDR v3.2.6 (W7 AVX2)
L-SMASH-Works 20210423 HolyWu
MCTemporalDenoise v1.4.21
QTGMC v3.379, by Vit, 2012, 2021 mod by A.SONY
xy-VSFilter v3.2.0.806 pfmod
Zs_RF_Shared v1.151

StaxRip v2.4.0

Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
Might break templates and jobs from previous version, so checking or renewing them is recommended
Changed menus from earlier versions must be restored, manually adjusted or need a global settings reset in order to see and use them
Fix ffmpeg re-mux remuxes only one stream per stream type (Dendraspis, JKyle)
Fix old StaxRip Thumbnailer (Dendraspis, #596)
Refurbish StaxRip Thumbnailer (Dendraspis, #596)
Fix adding hardcoded subtitle not working properly (Dendraspis, #643)
Make 'Err' error messages optional via settings (Dendraspis)
Remove '/vfw.h' from 'Err' (stax76)
Bring Command Line options from Settings sub-menu back to top level (Dendraspis)
Improve keyboard support in apps dialog (stax76)
Remove NVEnc encode modes cbrhq and vbrhq (Dendraspis, #652)
Add Auto Film Threshold for D2V files to project options (Dendraspis, #641)
Optimize, extend and add new AviSynth filters (44vince44)
Typo and consistency fixes (JKyle)
Fix AssumeBFF filter selection (JKyle)
Removal of MTN Thumbnailer (~60MB unzipped, ~10MB zipped) (Dendraspis)
edi_rpow2 v1.0 mod 84
finesharp 2020-11-03
fmtconv r22
fvsfunc 2020-10-11
muvsfunc v0.3.0
mvtools v23
MediaInfo.NET v7.1.0.0
MKVToolNix v56.0.0
nnedi3_resize16 v3.3

StaxRip v2.3.0

Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
Might break templates and jobs from previous version, so checking or renewing them is recommended
Changed menus from earlier versions must be restored, manually adjusted or need a global settings reset in order to see and use them
Demux dialog attachments checkbox render bug fixed (stax76)
Demux dialog has buttons to enable/disable all attachment demuxing (stax76)
Fix possible crash when converting subtitles (stax76)
Disable eac3to preprocessing by default and extend re-muxing with ffmpeg to m2ts files (Dendraspis, stax76, JKyle, 44vince44, #632)
Fix crash when extracting forced subtitles (Dendraspis, #634)
Rearrange settings sections (Dendraspis)
Fix ffmpeg not being able to re-mux files with menus (Dendraspis)
Fix ffmpeg demux issues (Dendraspis)
Add missing parameters to ffmpeg calls (Dendraspis, JKyle, #636)
aomenc 3.0.0-205-g0a5da45c7-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
ffmpeg N 101743-gcad3a5d715-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
Mp4Box 1.1.0 DEV rev635 g9c51f2274-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
rav1e 0.5.0 alpha (p20210323-5-ge9efcf35)-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
SvtAv1EncApp v0.8.6-76-g44486d233-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
JincResize v2.0.2
JPSDR 3.2.4 (Clang W7 AVX version)
yadifmod2 v0.2.7
VSFilterMod r5.2.4

StaxRip v2.2.0

Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
Might break templates and jobs from previous version
Changed menus from previous versions that need a menu reset, manual setting or global settings reset in order to see them
Start of new versioning (no beta versions anymore, but stripped DEV versions)
Check for updates updated to support new versioning (Dendraspis)
Fix re-calculation of video bitrate on multi-pass encode and audio encodes (Dendraspis, #580
New projects use Copy/Mux as audio profile (Dendraspis)
Fix misleading audio stream delay detection (Dendraspis)
Demuxing of video and chapters is set via Options window instead of Preprocessing (Dendraspis)
Add option to demux subtitles without including them (Dendraspis, #622
Make Checkboxes grow and shrink with UIScaleFactor (Dendraspis)
Fix menu button graphics issue (Dendraspis, #623)
New Check for updates dialog (Dendraspis)
Extended Settings Directory Location Selection at first run from new folder (Dendraspis)
Fix crash on app version editing (Dendraspis, #628)
MTN Thumbnailer description adjusted (JJKylee)
Fixed 'Reset Setting' feature in the Advanced menu (stax76)
New task dialog with color theme support (stax76)
Clicking an option in the video encoder command line preview navigates directly to the UI control (stax76, #617)
New font picking task dialog to choose the console font (stax76)
DetailSharpen VapourSynth filter profile added (JJKylee, #624)
JPSDR 3.2.5 (Clang W7 AVX version)
SangNom2 v0.6.0
x265 3.5+9+14-6c69ed37d [Mod by Patman] Beta (2021-03-21)

Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
Might break templates and jobs from previous version
Changed menus that need a menu reset, manual setting or global settings reset in order to see them
Since v2.1.8.5 StaxRip uses the SI prefix for sizes (Base 10: 1 MB = 1000 KB)
Now it is possible to switch (back) to IEC prefix (Base 2: 1 MiB = 1024 KiB) in the settings
Please note, that the target size menu must be resetted or adjusted by hand after a change! (@Dendraspis, @44vince44)
Set "Dark | Blue" as default theme (@Dendraspis)
CheckBox appearance optimized (@Dendraspis)
CodeEditor does not join "Cutting" filter (@Dendraspis)
Block size for Compressibility Check can be set in seconds (@Dendraspis, #547)
The x264 command line preview shows all passes (@Dendraspis, #496)
The aomenc command line preview shows all passes (@Dendraspis, #496)
Extended option descrption for 'Temp Files Folder' if Auto-Deletion is enabled (@Dendraspis, #542)
Progress Reformatting is a global option like Output Highlighting (@Dendraspis)
Improved usability for subtitle options (@stax76, #577)
Show target size label including size unit (@Dendraspis, @VEGAX265, #580)
Theme "Default" is renamed to "System Colors" (@Dendraspis)
Priority for current selected process can be set via menu on Processing window (@Dendraspis)
Multiple theme related adjustments (@Dendraspis, @stax76)
New shortcuts for Output Highlighting and Progress Reformatting on Processing window (@Dendraspis)
New shortcuts for existing actions on Jobs window (@stax76)
Fix x265 --tskip default value for Placebo preset (@tkozybski, @Dendraspis, #600)
Fix x265 Slower preset default values (@tkozybski)
Fix x265 params --atc-sei and --pic-struct wrong parameter type (@Dendraspis, #593)
x264 default CRF value set while setting initial value to 20 (@Dendraspis, #594)
x264 fix UltraFast preset value sync (@Dendraspis, #594)
Fix NVEnc VBR Quality value localization (@Dendraspis, #604)
Fix NVEnc VBR Quality applies even it's disabled (@Dendraspis, #605)
Removal of Menu Styles (@Dendraspis, #589)
In quality mode main dialog shows count and type of active subtitles (@stax76)
Main dialog and code editor show script info with F2 key and advanced script info with Ctrl+F2, requires menus to be reset manually (@stax76)
New setting to customize the code and console font (@stax76)
Video encoder context console help was fixed and improved (@stax76, #595)
Fix audio bitrate calculation for calculation of video bitrate (@Dendraspis, @44vince44, #608)
When toggling size prefix target size/bitrate are refreshed (@Dendraspis)
AddGrainC v1.8.3.0
AnimeIVTC v2.34 2020-12-19 mod
AVSMeter v3.0.8.0
chapterEditor v1.27
CropResize 2021-02-01
MediaInfo.NET v7.0.0.0
MP4Box v1.1.0 DEV rev589 gcc10.2.0 Patman
MTN Thumbnailer v3.4
SangNom2 v0.6.0
xy-VSFilter v3.2.0.804 Beta (2021-03-09)

When a video encoder default value was changed, a compatibility issue with old settings was happening, this is finally fixed, but could only be achieved by resetting all video encoder options (stax76, #546)
Fix issue with ffmpeg AAC encoding (stax76, #548)
Encoder dialogs allow using 1:1 for --sar (stax76, #546)
Introduce Output Highlighting in processing dialog (Dendraspis)
Introduce Command Line Highlighting in command line preview (Dendraspis)
Add more theme colors (Dendraspis)
Fix Menu Item Path not being stored (Dendraspis)
Package Name/Version is not displayed when unknown versions are accepted (Dendraspis)
Customized progress text adjusted for new x264 Patman builds (Dendraspis)
x265 --selective-sao default set to 0 (Dendraspis, #546)
x265 --qpmin, --qpmax and --qpstep boundaries set (Dendraspis)
x265 ---psy-rd moved from Other to Analysis (Dendraspis)
x264 --progress-header disabled for Patman build (Dendraspis)
Customized progress text fix for new Patman build (Dendraspis)
Fix resize values are not refreshed after changing them (Dendraspis, #558)
Adjustments to match the SI prefix according to IEC (Base 10) (Dendraspis)
Set minimum bitrate of 32kbps for (E)AC3 (Dendraspis, 44vince44)
Fix ffmpeg DD+ encoding issue with high bitrates by adding 0.1 to bitrate (Dendraspis, #566)
Add vertical scrollbars to Code Editor code-boxes (Dendraspis, #567)
Code Editor does not join Source, Crop, Resize and Rotation filters automatically (Dendraspis)
Code Editor can join (in-)active filters only [Don't forget to reset "Edit Menu" in Code Editor!] (Dendraspis)
Code Editor joined filters have the filter name "Misc" (Dendraspis)
Custom checkboxes for better theme experience (Dendraspis) refreshed (Dendraspis, stax76)
Error exit codes are interpreted using Err.exe (stax76)
arib-srd-b67 changed to arib-std-b67 in NVEnc, QSVEnc, and VCEEnc (JKyle)
Detect forced subtitles by filename _forced and .forced. (case-insensitive) (stax76)
The crop dialog allows to define the color used for cropping via menu (stax76)
StaxRip passes theme colors to MediaInfo.NET via CLI (stax76)
mkvtoolnix 55 (mkvextract Unicode fix)
MP4Box 1.1.0 DEV rev542 gcc10.2.0 Patman (AAC 7.1 fix)
rav1e 0.5.0-alpha gcc10.2.0 Patman
DGMPGDec (large file handling fix)
aomenc 2.0.2-1350-msvc1928 Patman
x265 3.5_RC1+2+29-gcc10.2.0 Patman Mod
x264 0.161.3048+25-gcc10.2.0 Patman Mod
ffmpeg N-101392-gcc10.2.0 Patman
MediaInfo.NET (gets theme colors from StaxRip via CLI)
Err 10.0.17763.1 Beta (2021-02-25)

Customized progress text support newest x265 3.5 RC1 build by Patman (Dendraspis)
QTGMC 3.377
Zs_RF_Shared 1.143
TIVTC 1.0.26
MedianBlur2 1.1 Beta (2021-02-24)

Introduction of Themes (Dendraspis, testing and appreciated feedback by 44vince44 and JJKylee, #510 & #518)
NVEnc UI options move into new Input/Output section (stax76)
AVS SMDegrain filter profiles refurbished (44vince44)
x265 supports --reader-options library for Patman builds (Dendraspis)
If the startup folder contained Turkish i character, QTGMC and any other avsi file failed to load (stax76)
x264 10bit, --synth-lib, VapourSynth reader for DJATOM and Patman Mod
Docs moved to GitHub Wiki, contributions are welcome! (stax76)
x264 0.161.3048+17 gcc10.2 Patman Mod (improved progress display)
x265 3.5 RC1+2+23 gcc10.2 Patman Mod (improved progress display)
xy-VSFilter (10bit support) Beta (2021-02-21)

New Preview dialog feature 'Create job for each selection' (stax76, #512)
Fix crash in Preview dialog using 2 instances and shortcut keys (stax76, #515)
NVEnc options have a bitrate option (Dendraspis, #520)
Blocking assistant warnings are shown in red with Next button disabled (stax76)
On systems prior Windows 10 1903 using ANSI characters, avs2pipemod is now used automatically because DJATOM/Asuna/Patman x265 builds have no working ANSI fallback (stax76)
All important tools support AviSynth Unicode and Long Path on Windows 10 1903
vspipe patched with Windows 10 Long Path manifest
NVEnc 5.29, QSVEnc 4.13, VCEEnc 6.09 (Windows 10 AviSynth Unicode and Long Path)
ffmpeg N-101189 gcc10.2.0 Patman (Windows 10 AviSynth Unicode and Long Path)
MP4Box 1.1.0 rev506 gcc10.2 Patman
Subtitle Edit 3.6.0 Beta (2021-02-13)

aomenc options rearranged (Dendraspis)
aomenc supports chunk encoding (Dendraspis, #368)
aomenc gets decoder and pipe settings (Dendraspis, #497)
aomenc default value for --kf-max-dist changed to 120 (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #506)
aomenc default value for --kf-min-dist changed to 12 (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #506)
aomenc sets --verbose by default (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #506)
Fix frame rates for AviSynth functions (44vince44)
Replace Rapair16 with Dither_Repair16 for AVS (44vince44)
Fix AvsResize website address and VS ConvertFormat command (JJKylee)
aomenc 2-pass stats file extension change to '.fpf' (Dendraspis)
Fix aomenc --webm parameter (Dendraspis)
Force mkvmerge to write fps in case of aomenc not using IVF container (Dendraspis)
Fix shortcut editor key default causing an issue when m is typed (stax76, #505)
x265 UI option for '--progress-readframes' on DJATOM builds (Dendraspis)
nvenc 5.28 (Windows 10 long path and AviSynth Unicode support) Stable (2021-02-09)

Audio source file bitrate detection fix (stax76)
New VideoFilter "ChangeFPS" for AviSynth (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #499)
New VideoFilter "Rotation" (Dendraspis)
Auto-Rotation feature for supported source files/container (Dendraspis, #390)
BAT and PS1 scripts to install and uninstall AviSynth and VapourSynth portable system wide are located at AppsFrameServerInstall (stax76)
New feature to automatically save projects (stax76)
New feature to automatically fix bad frame rates (stax76) Beta (2021-02-08)

x265 --version output is used in order to detect if it's aMod, Asuna or Vanilla (stax76)
Menu in the code editor can be customized and is much faster (stax76, #494) Beta (2021-02-06)

Support 10-bit avs input for x264 in case the x264 version name contains the keyword aMod (stax76)
AviSynth portable mode no longer uses soft links but moves files if necessary (stax76, #473)
For x264 and x265 different code paths are used depending if the version name contains the keywords aMod or Asuna, Vanilla builds are supported as well (stax76) Beta (2021-02-05)

VPY files failed to import (stax76, #486)
Warning for non spec compliant AC3 bitrate moved to main dialog so it's possible to ignore the warning (stax76, JKyle)
avs2pipemod mod with Unicode and Long Path support (stax76)
.aac files demuxed with mkvextract are no longer converted to .m4a (stax76, #489)
x264 --fade-compensate --log-file --log-file-level --opts --progress-header (stax76)
mkvtoolnix 53 Beta (2021-02-03)

Apps dialog allows custom paths to AviSynth and VapourSynth portable (stax76)
Installed AviSynth don't has to be located in System32, it can be installed anywhere using the included install.ps1 powershell script (stax76)
NVEnc parameter fixes and option re-organisation (Dendraspis, #468)
NVEnc gets '--vpp-warpsharp' options and a Sharpness subsection (Dendraspis)
x265 two parameters not set when checkbox unchecked (Dendraspis)
Optional customized/shorter progress text while encoding for x264/x265 (Dendraspis)
Fix Re-mux TS to MKV via ffmpeg doesn't demux AAC tracks with ADTS (Dendraspis, #483)
x264 portable mode uses DJATOM Mod --synth-lib (stax76)
x265 portable mode uses DJATOM Mod --reader-options library (stax76)
Command line preview uses scrollbar in case > 9 lines (stax76, #481)
x265 3.4+70-aMod-gcc10.2.1 DJATOM Mod, avs portable support, vs async frame requests logic overhaul (#470)
FFT3dGPU 0.8.6
x264 aMod-core161-r3039+17 DJATOM (--synth-lib)
nvenc 5.26 Beta (2021-01-23)

x265 with AviSynth input incorrect command line (stax76, #475) Beta (2021-01-23)

Make forced closing optional via settings (Dendraspis)
NVEnc gets '--vpp-colorspace' options (Dendraspis, #461)
Messagebox when processed file or its project file is not found instead of crash (Dendraspis, #460)
x265 vpy input sets --reader-options library=path-to-vsscript.dll (stax76, #471)
x265 UI issue fix (stax76, #472)
vceenc uses --avsdll in portable mode (stax76, #473)
D2VSource 1.2.2
x265 3.4+62-aMod-gcc10.2.1-hdr10-info msg7086/DJATOM
avsresize r5 Beta (2021-01-18)

Full AviSynth unicode and full long path support for users of Windows 10 1903, Windows 7 users need to enable avs2pipemod for x265 in order to use foreign (ANSI) characters
Show also Source HDR Format on main window (Dendraspis)
3.4+62-aMod-gcc10.2.1+opt msg7086/DJATOM (avs unicode/long path/chunk encoding) Beta (2021-01-17)

Using neo functions caused non neo plugins being loaded without reason (stax76, #250)
Fix weird behaviour on Audio Settings for qaac (Dendraspis)
x265 fixed default value for --hist-threshold (Dendraspis, #441)
x265 muxing won't mux chunks from recent encodes (Dendraspis, #438)
x265 don't use a pipline for chunks if no pipeline is set (Dendraspis, #430)
x265 --seek and --frames also work with chunks (Dendraspis, #430)
x265 Pipe option is invisible if decoder is not set to AVS/VPY (Dendraspis)
In the portable AviSynth folder there are two PowerShell scripts to install and uninstall AviSynth (stax76)
Using ffmpeg as pipe tool with VapourSynth and x264/x265 (Patman86)
QT libraries will be found if located at AppsAudioqaac, AppsAudioqaacQTfiles64, Download button points to wiki page with install instructions (stax76)
Add 'ShowCodePreview' to commands list (Dendraspis, #444)
x265 options set chromaloc automatically to 2 if HDR is set to "Yes", to 0 if HDR is disabled or keep it untouched if "Undefined" (Dendraspis, #319)
"Import VUI metadata" also imports Chromaloc (Dendraspis, #319)
"Import VUI metadata" sets "--hdr10" (Dendraspis)
Moved '--high-tier' to 'Basic' page for x265 (Dendraspis)
Introduce custom quality definitions for x264 and x265 via Settings > Video (Dendraspis)
The x265 command line preview shows both passes for two pass (stax76, #454)
MP4Box can import EAC3 (stax76, #455)
Processing form remembers its size (stax76)
Speed control in rav1e dialog has hint text: 0 = Slowest, 10 = Fastest (stax76)
nvenc option --timecode (stax76)
x265 UI bug in preset VerySlow showing unnecessarily default values in command line (Dendraspis, stax76)
AviSynth 3.7
x265 3.4+56 aMod gcc10.2.1 msg7086/DJATOM (VapourSynth reader fixed)
MP4Box 1.1.0-rev447-g8c190b551-gcc10.2.0 Patman (Windows 10 long path support added)
nvenc 5.25
rav1e 0.4.0
DgMpgDec Beta (2021-01-11)

Source information shows the video stream size instead of file size, if not available the file size is shown in brackets (Dendraspis)
Neo DFTTest is now also available for AviSynth. (stax76, #426)
Main dialog shows actual video width and height. (stax76)
Advanced Info feature of Code Editor has new VapourSynth ClipInfo option. (stax76)
Fix items can't be removed from or rearranged in lists (Dendraspis, #433)
Fix randomly appearing IOException when using x265 with chunks (Dendraspis, #431)
Revert current folder of process being set to video temp folder because it locks the folder and also because the .NET Framework allows only 260 characters for the working directory of a process. (stax76, #431)
nero aac encoder binaries removed. (stax76)
On systems with UTF-8 code page invalid d2v and idx files were created. (stax76, #435)
Get-MediaInfo shows Range, Primaries, Transfer, Matrix. (stax76)
Fix wrong aspect ratio calculation in batch mode. (stax76, #428)
Options dialog starts faster. (stax76)
WorkingDirectory property of ExecuteCommandLine command supports macro expansion, Windows Terminal menu item uses the video temp folder as current directory. (stax76, JJKylee #436) Stable (2021-01-07)

Fixed crash using command line based audio profile. (stax76, #423)) Beta (2021-01-07)

Fix CLI usage causing version verification to fail. (stax76)
RgTools 1.1
Neo FFT3D r10 Stable (2021-01-06)

aomenc bugfixes and UI improvements (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #375)
aomenc moved cq-level option to "Rate Control 1" for better usage (Dendraspis, Neltulz, #411)
aomenc internal improvements and updates (Dendraspis)
aomenc 10-bit input fixed. (stax76, #420)
x265 --aq-mode option captions extended (stax76)
x265 by default no longer uses a pipe tool because we use a modified x265 build now that supports both AviSynth and VapourSynth directly, people who want to replace it with an ordinary x265 build need to enable piping in the x265 options: Input/Output > Pipe
New option using the source file folder as temp file folder. (stax76)
Fix issue detecting default subtitle. (stax76, #362)
Fix demuxed mkv subtitles not named starting at ID 1. (stax76)
Fix eac3to demuxed tracks not named starting at ID 1. (stax76)
Preferred subtitles can be defined by ID. (stax76)
Preferred audio tracks to demux can be defined by ID. (stax76)
Preferred audio and subtitle tracks in Options can be defined per menu. (stax76)
mkvtoolnix 52 Beta (2020-12-30)

Multiple AviSynth.dlls were included due to bug in release script. (stax76, 44vince44 #407)
Apple QuickTime library removed.
The apps dialog has a feature to copy the path to the clipboard. (stax76)
The apps dialog has a feature to edit the user PATH environment variable. (stax76 #305)
VapourSynth CAS plugin added (LSFmod dependency).
On Windows 10 Unicode for AviSynth is supported even when the default code page is not UTF-8. This currently works for staxrip, and x264.
aomenc bitrate UI fix (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #375)
x264 M-0.161.3027-4121277-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
x265 M-3.4+28 gcc10.2.0 Yuuki-Asuna/msg7086/DJATOM/Patman, it supports direct AviSynth and VapourSynth input which can be enabled in the encoder settings: Input/Output > Pipe > None Beta (2020-12-27)

Re-include "check also for new beta version" option in settings (Dendraspis)
Remove links from changelog when checking for new versions (Dendraspis)
Fix issues using multiple preview dialogs. (stax76, #395, #401)
New macros %video_encoder_settings% and %app_version:name% (stax76, #367)
New command AddTags for adding mkv tags. (stax76, #367)
aomenc default params updated and some fixes (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #375)
A tool can now have multiple download URLs. (stax76, #400)
Apps dialog links to a new x265 wiki page. (stax76, #400)
aomenc 2.0.1-1118-gbe4ee75fd-x64-msvc1929 Patman
ffmpeg N-100448-gab6a56773f-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
mp4box 1.1.0-DEV-rev384-gf9e004333-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman Beta (2020-12-19)

Stop saving empty log files (Dendraspis)
aomenc options reorganized, restructured and refreshed (Dendraspis, Neltulz, #375)
Removed 'HDRCore-ToneMapping' because of use of DGTonemap (Dendraspis, JJKylee, 44vince44, #369)
aomenc options optimized (Dendraspis, Neltulz, BlueSwordM , #361)
aomenc dropdown controls have a properly expanded width. (stax76)
Fix rightclick on aomenc options doesn't show help (Dendraspis, #365)
Expand 'Restore Profiles' to preserve possible custom profiles (Dendraspis)
Fix bug in ListBoxEx with selection after removing items (Dendraspis)
Command ExecutePowerShellScript expands macros. (stax76, #308)
Fix StaxRip not finding the (installed) VapourSynth (per user) plugin directory, this could lead to an error StaxRip trying to manually load plugins that were already auto loaded. (stax76, #399)
Cut settings when created from the code editor preview were not applied. (stax76, #395)
L-SMASH-Works 2020-12-16 StvG
AviSynth 3.6.2 test6
7zip 19.0
aomenc 2.0.0-1117-g7ddc21b28 Beta (2020-12-15)

StaxRip authors in about page updated. (stax76)
Fix progress bar not working for rav1e encoder. (stax76)
Tool updates (stax76, hevron)
Fix tool auto update crash in case of missing download URL. (stax76)
D2VSource 1.2.0
KNLMeansCL 1.1.1e
masktools2 2.2.26
mvtools2 2.7.44
neo-minideen r10
TDeint 1.8
TIVTC 1.0.25
VSFilterMod 5.2.3
DFTTest r7
L-Smash-Works 2020-07-28 HolyWu
havsfunc r33
x264 M-0.161.3018-db0d417-x64-gcc10.2.0
ffmpeg N-99558-g00772ef4f7-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
JPSDR 3.2.4
rav1e 2020-12-08
Subtitle-Edit 3.5.18
aomenc 2.0.0-918-g75a47cc18-gcc10.2.0 Beta (2020-12-15)

Job processing issue fix (stax76, 44vince44, #381)
Audio filename collision fix (stax76, Dendraspis, 44vince44, #386, #380, #297)
The apps dialog has a new auto update feature, works for many but not for all tools. (stax76)
nvenc new options added (stax76)
qsvenc new options added and reorganized (stax76)
Removed '--analysis-reuse-level' from x265 options, because not valid (anymore?!) (Dendraspis)
Fixed x265 wrong output params in 3-pass mode (Dendraspis, 44vince44, #391)
vceenc 6.07
qsvenc 4.12
ffms2 87bae19 2020-11-23 StvG
L-Smash-Source 2020-12-11 StvG Beta

- Set the current directory of the StaxRip process to the working
directory of the current project. (stax76, 44vince44)
- Video encoders expand macros in custom options. (stax76, 44vince44)
- Fix audio encoding overwriting original file. (stax76, 44vince44)
- x265 --min-vbv-fullness --max-vbv-fullness --vbv-live-multi-pass (stax76)
- ~~x265 multipass order refixed (Dendraspis)~~
Added comments in source code to prevent further confusions (Dendraspis, 44vince44)
- x265 'Custom Nth Pass' added to options (Dendraspis)
- x265 options order slightly changed (Dendraspis)
- x265 'Analysis Save' has also a 'Browse File' button (Dendraspis)
- Fixed x265 multipass order for chunks (Dendraspis)
- Renamed x264/x265 passes for (n>2)-pass-mode (Dendraspis)
- x265 3.4+53-ge4afbd100 2020-11-02 Yuuki/qyot27
- nvenc 5.22
- chapterEditor 1.25
- SVT-AV1 0.8.6
- MediaInfo.NET 6.8
- MediaInfo 20.09
- Get-MediaInfo 3.5
- Beta (2020-10-07)

The Apps dialog supports drag & drop for zip/7z files (stax76)
Auto update supports mkvtoolnix (stax76)
aomenc fixes and improvements (stax76, #357)
GUI options for ffmpeg -probesize -analyzeduration (stax76, #354)
qaac 2.71 (long path support)
chapterEditor 1.24
mkvtoolnix 51 Beta (2020-10-02)

Fix Audio decoding method Pipe causes crash (Dendraspis, #340)
Fix parameters when audio converting to AAC with FFmpeg (Dendraspis, Patman86, #341)
8.3 filepath fix
Improved Opus encoder (Patman86)
Apps dialog has a experimental Auto Update feature (stax76)
NeroAAC removal
Option to disable MKV subtitle compression (stax76, #334)
AddGrainC 1.8.2
VCEEnc 6.05
L-Smash-Works 2020-07-28 Beta (2020-09-13)

Fix eac3to AAC quality mode incorrect bitrate estimation (stax76)
Fix error at: Main Menu > Tools > Settings > Source Filters (stax76, #322)
ffmpeg fdk-aac has a option and is disabled by default (stax76, #337)
Main window focus is supressed after processing in case the last window activation is older than 60 seconds (stax76, #333, #298)
fdkaac removed due to non-free license (stax76, #292) Beta (2020-09-13)

New configuration section in log files, displaying template, profile, muxer, ... - can be extended anytime (Dendraspis, #331)
eac3to AAC encoding gets correct default quality value and limits (Dendraspis, #328)
Fixed x265 Preset default value for LookaheadSlices (Dendraspis, (112e150))
Update checker respects runtime architecture (x64/x86) (Dendraspis)
MKVToolNix 50 long path support (stax76, #226)
The wiki was integrated into the tool help. Anybody can add detailed tool info and access it from StaxRip (stax76, #292, #320)
The automatic source filter detection supports detection by format, the defaults were reset and use now L-Smash-Works for VP9 (stax76, #312)
Demuxing is skipped if output files already exist, the old recreate behaviour can be restored in the preprocessing settings. If demuxing is canceled then unfinished files are deleted (stax76)
Fix L-Smash-Works indexing happening multiple times (stax76)
ffms2 0055b2d StvG Beta (2020-09-06)

eac3to demux dialog showed incorrect language default selection (stax76, #318)
MP4Box fail to demux OGG chapters (44vince44, #310)
MP4Box muxer supports chunks encoded with x265 chunk encoding (stax76, #316)
MP4Box 1.0.0-rev211-g71f1d75ea-x64-gcc10.2.0 (Patman86, #310) Beta

ffmpeg uses libfdk_aac as AAC encoder (stax76, #292)
Long path support (stax76, #226, experimental)
fix Decoder ffmpeg DXVA2 (stax76, #290)
ffms2 2.40-RC1
MediaInfo.NET 6.6
VapourSynth R52 Beta

Fix incorrect output mod warning shown.
Fix incorrect syntax for nvenc/qsvenc --avsdll in avisynth portable mode. Beta

New Presets for NVEnc (P1-P7) added. Reference:
Soft links are only created if needed by the current config, there is now a confirm dialog with shield icon,, NVEnc and QSVEnc no longer need soft links.
New NVEnc options --multipass --repeat-headers.
Fix mux audio profile Extract DTS Core not working for mka files.
x264 r3018-db0d417 x86
mkvtoolnix 49 x64
NVEnc 5.14
QSVEnc 4.07
VCEEnc 6.02
SVT-AV1 0.8.4-26-g0af191de-msvc1926 Patman
MP4Box 1.0.0-rev188-g2aa266dfa-gcc10.2.0 Patman
qaac 2.69-msvc1926 Patman
ffmpeg N-98647-gffa6072fc7-gcc10.2.0 Patman
QTGMC 3.368s Beta

Optional mode added to use AviSynth/VapourSynth via VFW.
All VC++ x64 binaries from abbodi1406/vcredist added.
Danger Zone setting to disable tool verifications.
Setting to disable manual plugin loading.
Experimental 32 bit support.
VapourSynth R51
NVEnc 5.13 Beta

mkvtoolnix 48
ec3 file extension support for eac3 files.
R210/V210 video output using ffmpeg.
Include beta versions for update checker and show changelog (Dendraspis)
The final assistant tip supports SHIFT key to add the job at the top of the job list and CTRL to prevent showing the jobs dialog. Right-click shows a menu. (Dendraspis)
Allow to open video files with relative paths on the command line (Dendraspis)
Create F6 shortcut for Jobs button on Processing dialog (Dendraspis)
Create F7 shortcut for Log dialog
4 commands added to open each source type separately (Dendraspis)
x265 Presets and Tunes fixes (Dendraspis)
The Processing dialog has a feature to skip the currently running job (Dendraspis)
A new issue template for usage questions was created on the issue tracker and the docs were updated to describe that the issue tracker can be used for usage questions.
For ffmpeg h264_nvenc the command line option generated for quality was using -q:v instead of -cq.
Pass --demuxer-lavf-format=vapoursynth to in case the source is vpy. Beta

AviSynth soft link fix. Beta

Incorrect command line using VapourSynth and x265. Beta

x264 encoder by default uses avs input.
x264 encoder has pipe options for raw format.
Flicker in Video Comparison fixed.
New command AddBatchJob.
AviSynth ImageSource support.
x264 M-0.160.3009-4c9b076-gcc11 Patman
QSVEnc 4.04
VCEEnc 6.02
AVSMeter Beta

New setting to use AviSynth portable even when AviSynth is installed, portable mode is enabled by default.
ffmpeg EAC3 encoding support.
Default AAC encoder changed from eac3to to qaac.
In batch mode script error handling was fixed.
ffmpeg muxed audio even for No Muxing profile.
AviSynth 3.6.1
ffmpeg N-98276-g1d5d8a30b4-g842bc312ad-gcc10.1.0 Patman
MP4Box 1.0.0-rev16-g10dd6533a-gcc11.0.0 Patman
SVT-AV1 0.8.3-57-gba72bc85-msvc1926 Patman
qaac 2.69
Bwdif r2 Beta

AviSynth/VapourSynth plugin auto load folder support in portable mode (Main Menu > Folders > Plugins)
ffmpeg muxer uses always -strict -2, it enables TrueHD in MP4
x264 M-0.160.3009-4c9b076-gcc11 Patman
NVEnc 5.06
Subtitle Edit
TMM2 0.1.4
AviSynthShader 1.6.6 Beta

Main dialog target image width and height text box supports mouse wheel.
Subtitle file drag & drop in muxer dialog was broken.
TemporalDegrain2 integration.
AviSynth 3.6.1 Test 8 (fixes issue with VSFilterMod).
The docs explain how to use the filter profile editor to edit filter profiles and how to create new custom filter profiles for plugins not yet included in StaxRip.
Video demuxing defined in Preprocessing settings did not work in auto mode.

Processing dialog fix for new Stop After Current Job feature.
Web URL is included in the search of the Apps dialog.
Numerous bugs fixed.
The Processing dialog has a new feature: Stop After Current Job.
D2V Witch added and enabled by default for VOB/MPG.
Command line for some processes like ffmsindex wasn't shown while processing.
Render, scaling and layout fixes and improvements, especially for 96 DPI.
PowerShell script host supports events, script examples use events, better error handling.
Improved Log File Viewer (Main Menu > Tools > Log File).
Tip: The Log File Viewer has a context menu.
The Preview dialog can be resized with the mouse.
Support for character # in filenames because MP4Box was finally fixed.
Various dialogs made resizable and remember their size.
Maximum number of parallel processes increased from 4 to 16.
The documentation was greatly improved (still far from perfect though).
Muxer dialog supports Drag & Drop for subtitles, audio and attachments.
Video Comparison has hardware render support added.
aomenc.exe GUI re-enabled.
Dark color theme for built-in help.
Improved built-in F1 help.
ffmpeg video encoder codec FFV1.
x264 and x265 dialogs have a new Bitrate option, the default value is 0 which
means the bitrate of the project/template in the main dialog is used.
For file batch jobs only the file name is shown in the jobs dialog and not the full path.
Audio encoder supports extracting DTS core using ffmpeg.
The audio Copy/Mux profile has a Extract DTS Core feature.
The command line audio encoder has a Default and Forced option.
New chunk encoding feature for x265 parallel processing.
Media info dialog replaced with MediaInfo.NET.
The command line video and audio encoder uses cmd.exe directly without creating a bat file,
this avoids creating a temporary bat file and adds full unicode support.
Portable support added, no need to install anything.
Setting to allow to use tools with wrong version,
for this a Danger Zone tab was added in the settings.
The auto crop feature shows progress both in the processing dialog and in the crop dialog.
Improved issue templates on the github issue tracker.
The ExecuteCommandLine command has a new Working Directory parameter.
The launch button in the Apps dialog for a console tool shows its help via Windows Terminal
Windows Terminal available in the main menu with special StaxRip environment (apps and macros).
The video encoder dialog feature Show Command Line is shown using Windows Terminal.
Execute Command Line in video encoder dialogs is shown via Windows Terminal.
In the Apps dialog the tools can be listed using PowerShell Out-GridView.
Shell Execute flag was added to the command ExecuteCommandLine.
The global setting 'Add filter to convert chroma subsampling to 4:2:0'
uses now ConvertToYUV420 instead of ConverttoYV12.
In various command line features the path environment variable of the process has all exe tools
added and all macros are available as environment variables.
Check added that blocks source files with too long path or filename.
A setting that allows to change the limit exists in the Danger Zone section.
SVT-AV1 support with GUI.
Media info folder view was replaced with a new powershell based (Get-MediaInfo)
dialog that supports caching for fast startup perforance.
When a Event Command executes it writes a log entry, this is now disabled by default
but there is a new setting: 'Write Event Commands to log file'.
In the Jobs dialog there is a button that shows a menu, this menu can now also be shown
as context menu via right-click on the jobs list and it has various new features.
The Apps dialog allows to clear custom paths.
The Apps dialog allows to locate files via Everything.
Check for Updates added to main menu in Help section.
Version is shown in main dialog title bar.
'Main Menu > Help > Info' shows list with contributors. Stable
fix: using Event Command After Encoded with SetTargetFile caused exception
fix: if the default code page is UTF8 then staxrip don't warn about avisynth not supporting Unicode
update: mkvtoolnix 44 Beta
new: the apps management and verification has been improved
fix: usage of too old VC++ 2019 runtime is now prevented
update: qsvenc 3.33
update: nvenc 4.68
update: vceenc 5.04
update: MiniDeen r6
fix: format compatibility was improved with an automated test
fix: in the preview dialog the start position for mpc and mpv was incorrect when cut ranges were active
fix: chapter file not being picked up
fix: in the filter setup profiles dialog a exception could happen and loading a filter setup from the menu could fail
fix: the filter parameter menu in the code editor was adding parameters even if they were already existing with different casing
fix: cutting could cause an error where staxrip generates a chapter file without containing a ChapterAtom
new: the logic to create and edit cut sections in the preview dialog is now smarter and more flexible
new: the assistant tells in case of a script error that the full error can be shown by clicking the preview button
new: MiniDeen avs filter added
new: Advanced Info in the code editor was moved to the top level menu and AviSynth Info() can be shown directly from the Advanced Info without adding Info() to the script, staxrip generates the script with perfect font size and shows it with mpv (paused, no osc, no osd) Beta
fix: when the cut feature was used and afterwards the preview was opened from the code editor then the cut settings got damaged
fix: when AviSynthShader was used StaxRip did not show a warning in case DirectX 9 is not installed
fix: HE-AAC as demuxed as mka
new: setting that allows to define how many frames are used for auto cropping
new: some default settings were changed
new: the buttons in the preview dialog look much better now, also flicker was eleminated and the button and trackbar size was increased, standard buttons were used, I don't know how it looks on Win 7...
new: the csv file content in the apps dialog was improved
new: auto crop feature in crop dialog finally shows progress
new: the avisynth and vapoursynth code editor has a new 'Advanced > Advanced Info' feature, it offers the following info: avs2pipemod info, avsmeter info, avsmeter benchmark and vspipe info
fix: bug in crop dialog was fixed
fix: raw format of VP8/VP9 (IVF) was undefined which caused a NotImplementedException
fix: OverflowException of unknown cause
fix: using txt chapters with mkv muxer caused xml exception
fix: if the width was not mod 16 the crop and preview dialog showed a distorted image
update: AviSynth 3.5.0
new: the apps dialog can create a CSV file listing all tools with various properties like Name, Version, Modified date etc.
new: x265 --rskip switch updated
new: improved main menu
new: improved app management dialog
new: mpv and mpc started in the preview dialog start at the current time position of the preview instead of the beginning Beta
fix: x265 issues with --refine-ctu-distortion and --high-tier
fix: certain avs and vpy files failed to load before, hopefully all external scripts can now be opened
fix: opening source files that contain single quotes caused a VapourSynth script error, the fix will however only work when people reset their filter profiles
fix: the local context help of x264 did often not work
update: nvenc 4.66
update: L-Smash-Work 20200207 HolyWu
update: VSFilterMod R5.2.1
update: BDSup2Sub++ 1.0.3
update: qsvenc 3.31
update: JPSDR 3.2.0
update: d2vsource 1.2
update: AVSMeter 2.9.8
update: chapterEditor 1.21
update: Subtitle Edit 3.5.13
update: rav1e 0.3.0
update: x264 2991-1771b55 Patman
new: improved possibility to show AviSynth and VapourSynth script information with a new dialog and new pixel format parameter
new: the right click context help in the x264 and x265 dialog can now alternativly open the online help with ctrl or shift + right click to navigate directly to the online help of the right-clicked switch
new: the F1 help in the video encoder dialogs was greatly improved
new: in the nvenc dialog custom switches do overwrite regular switches
new: Bwdif plugin for VapourSynth (similar to yadif)
new: filters can be removed from the filter list view in the main dialog using the delete key
new: qsvenc --colorrange --dhdr10-info --key-on-chapter --sub-source
new: x264 --avcintra-flavor --index --input-fmt --muxer --quiet --verbose --video-filter
new: the short version command line switches (like -t) are now supported in the x264 dialog Beta
new: showing MediaInfo for the source file works now even if the source file is an d2v/dgi index file
new: improved detection to find out if all video encoder command line switches have a GUI implementation, (there is still a lot work to do)
fix: use FrameServer.dll release build instead of debug build Beta
new: icons added in encoder dialog menus
new: option dialog is shown in case a tool has multiple help resources, x265 for instance has a local help file containing the console help and it has a comprehensive online help. L-Smash-Works for instance has separate help pages for AviSynth and for VapourSynth
new: medium quality for x264 was changed from crf 20 to 22
new: medium quality for x265 was changed from crf 20 to 18
new: %dpi% macro added, returnes the DPI value of the main dialog screen
new: High DPI aware Info() AviSynth filter profile added to misc section
new: the VFW interface used to access AviSynth and VapourSynth was replaced with a new library
new: a dozen new x265 switches
new: nvenc switches --colorrange, --psnr, --ssim
new: search matches in the video encoder config dialog stay now permanently highlighted with bold font
new: the search feature in the video encoder config dialog now also searches in option values, for instance searching for 'medium' will find and highlight the 'preset' switch
new: in the video encoder config dialogs the context menu of the command line preview has a new menu item to search for the switch or string at the caret or cursor
new: Opus format enabled for MP4Box muxer, this was requested but did not work in my test
new: bmp format for cover art can be used in muxer dialog
update: nvenc 4.65
update: qsvenc 3.31
update: vceenc 5.02
update: x265 3.3+2-gbe2d82093 GCC 9.2.0 Patman
update: ffmpeg N-96788 GCC 9.2.0 Patman
update: mkvtoolnix 43
update: MP4Box 0.8.0-rev178-g44c48d630 Patman
fix: x265 three pass encoding (untested)
fix: zoom in/out was flipped in preview dialog
new: crop dialog supports hardware accelerated video rendering
fix: info feature in preview dialog is back
fix: when a second preview was opened the first one had broken rendering
fix: image was vertically flipped using preview dialog with VapourSynth
fix: main window DPI scaling issue on 96 DPI, please post a screenshot if you find something that doesn't look good!
new: the preview dialog uses now a Direct2D hardware accelerated video renderer
fix: the info tool in the code editor was not showing the correct colorspace

### Stable

no changes since Beta

### Beta

- update: mkvtoolnix 39
- update: 5.4.3
- update: NVEnc 4.55

- fix: few UI issues
- fix: avs MCTemporalDenoise/GradFun2DBmod
- fix: VUI luminance issue

### Beta

- update: DGHDRtoSDR 1.13
- update: NVEncC 4.54
- update: VapourSynth R48
- update: x265 3.2+9-971180b100f8 Patman

- new: various UI improvements
- new: the short version of x265 and nvenc switches like -c, -f etc.
were integrated into the search field and command line import
feature, the search feature now first looks for a exact match
- new: x265 switches --dup-threshold, --frame-dup
- new: nvenc switches --multiref-l0, --multiref-l1
- new: StaxRip can use MediaInfo.NET instead of the built-in MediaInfo GUI,
it requires MediaInfo.NET to be installed and started at least once

- fix: FFTW not always asked to be installed when needed

### Beta

- update: mkvtoolnix 38.0.0
- update: x265 3.2+5-gfbe9fef31 Patman

- fix: issue using trim with multiple preview instances

### Beta

- new: code formatting of avs/vs code was improved according to most common standard
- new: tab order changed in nvenc options

- fix: apps with custom path and unknown filename failed to launch
- fix: nvenc --aq-strength is now only visible if --aq is enabled
- fix: the right-click/context help in the encoder options failed in some cases
- fix: a critical issue with the playback feature in the preview was fixed

### Beta

- fix: MPC was shown as missing even for operations that do not require MPC

### Beta

- new: to use nvenc --vbr-quality there is now a checkbox 'Constant Quality Mode'
on the rate control tab (Patman86)
- new: --bref-mode added to nvenc
- new: after a source is loaded StaxRip automatically adds a filter
to convert chroma subsampling to 4:2:0, this can now be
disabled in the settings on a new Video tab
- new: MPC player integration was added to script editor and preview
via menu and F10 key, key was changed to F9

- fix: --aq-strength enabled for nvenc h265
- fix: there was a issue with the resize slider and resize menu using VapourSynth
- fix: in the preview the reload feature was causing an error in case
the player was invoked before, also trim wasn't applied in the player
- fix: shortcut keys in the script editor did not work

### Beta

- fix: main dialog was not set to quality mode using nvenc --vbr-quality

### Beta

Thanks to Patman for providing the download links of the tools !!!

- update: JPSDR 3.1.3
- update: nvenc 4.50
- update: AVSMeter 2.9.6
- update: DGHDRtoSDR 1.12
- update: mvtools2 2.7.41
- update: FFT3dFilter 2.6.7
- update: TIVTC 1.0.14
- update: RgTools 0.98
- update: havsfunc r32
- update: DFTTest r6
- update: TCanny r12
- update: BM3D r8
- update: L-Smash Works 2019-09-17 HolyWu
- update: x265 3.2+3-fdd69a76688 Patman
- update: ffmpeg 2019-09-27 Patman

- new: x265 switch --selective-sao added
- new: L-Smash Works parameters prefer_hw 3 HW auto added to menu
- new: the way --vbr-quality works in nvenc was changed,
if it's value is -1 the bitrate in the main dialog is used,
if it's higher then -1 the bitrate is set to 0
- new: add support of video track title/name using MP4Box
- new: simple QP mode added to nvenc to use one instead of three QP values
- new: the menu renderer has now Win 10 style arrows for sub menu indication
- new: icons added to filter list and script editor, shortcuts added to script editor
- new: the preview can be closed by clicking in the top right corner
- new: in the script editor there are now two players available, and whatever is registered for mkv, mpc-be supports vpy playback
- new: the way filters are added, replaced and inserted in the script editor
was changed in order to improve the menu performance
- new: in the main menu a sub menu was added: Apps > Script Info,
it contains avsmeter, vspipe and avs2pipemod for showing
info about the currently active AviSynth or VapourSynth script,
vspipe and avs2pipemod show parameters like bit depth, colorspace and framecount.
In the script editor there is a new 'Script Info' menu item (Ctrl+I) doing the same.
- new: the mediainfo dialog shows the formats in the tab captions
- new: the mediainfo dialog has a new feature to move
to the next and previous file via menu and shortcut
- fix: docs weren't built automatically
- fix: some bugs were fixed in the nvenc command line import feature

### Beta

- fix: nfo files with non xml content caused an exception
- fix: if subtitle and audio titles contained illegal
file system characters then these characters were replaced
with an underscore and thus being lost, now the characters
are escaped/unescaped and thus preserved
- fix: update x265 switch --refine-mv
- fix: in the nvenc dialog, Intel decoding options were present
even when no Intel GPU is present
- new: a link to the web site has been added to the menu
- new: option to check online for new stable version once per day
- new: avs plugin HDRTools
- new: avs, vs plugin DGHDRtoSDR
- new: ffms2 parameter colorspace has menu support in the avs code editor

### Beta

- new AviSynth script CropResize added
- update: x265 3.1+15-a092e82 Wolfberry
- update: MP4Box 0.8.0-rev69-5fe3ec1 Wolfberry
- update: ffmpeg 4.2.1 Wolfberry
- update: L-Smash Works 2019-09-14 HolyWu
- the filter list in the main dialog shows shorter filter names,
for example 'BicubicResize' instead of 'Resize BicubicResize'
- SubtitleEdit is now included
- chapterEditor has been integrated into the main menu and
into the container/muxer dialog
- a Tag File option has been added to the container/muxer dialog
- container/muxer has a Tags tab added with a grid view for editing tags
- Kodi nfo files are imported into tags

### Beta

- new macros added: %source_dar%, %target_dar%,
%source_par_x%, %source_par_y%, %target_par_x%, %target_par_y%
- fix: menu support of L-Smash Works parameters prefer_hw was incomplete Beta

nvenc switch --avhw updated (Patman86), --sub-source added
qsvenc switches added: --data-copy, --adapt-ltr
progress display support added for DGIndexNV, MP4Box and ffmpeg audio encoding
L-Smash Works parameters prefer_hw and format have menu support in the avs/vs code editor
the container/muxer dialog has a new tab for MKV attachments
fix: a format exception was fixed, it was happening when the cut/trim feature was used
update: nvenc 4.47
update: L-Smash Works 2019-09-10 HolyWu
update: MediaInfo 19.09
update: Stable

update: ffms2 2019-08-30 StvG, successfully tested was the load time, memory usage and avs/vs compatibility
update: L-Smash-Works r935+34 2019-08-29 MeteorRain, successfully tested was the load time, memory usage and avs/vs compatibility
update: MediaInfo 19.07
update: ffmpeg 4.2 Wolfberry
update: nvenc 4.46
update: qsvenc 3.24

2.0.3 Stable

colorspace="YV12" removed from ffms2 defaults because it converts to 8 bit
the x264 encoder uses now avs2pipemod64 because the avs input did not support 10 bit
DTS-X is now demuxed as dtshd instead of mka
update: mkvtoolnix 36.0.0
update: avs FluxSmooth 1.4.7
update: avsmeter 2.9.5 - x64

Tweaked the VUI Code, If video you import video has Metadata for ColorSpace.
It Will AutoSelect the proper values.
Slight Tweak to HDR VUI as well.
Updated x265 & Nvencc Encoder Settings.
x265 will now Targets 3.1.
Tweaked the VS startup filters.
Included Two versions of exe file, One targets 4.7.2 framework and other
targets the newer 4.8 framework.
Updated FFMpeg, NVEnc, QSVEnc, x265, MKVTool, MTN and few other Files.
fix: downloads were using 7z extension even though it was zip instead of 7z

update: LSMASHSource avs

update: mkvtoolnix
new: again new experimental icon, please give feedback if you like it,
if it's not liked then it will be reverted to the classic icon, the problem
with the classic icon is it looks outdated because it's not flat

new: added ConvertFromDoubleWidth to AviSynth profiles, it's useful to fix the
double width output that l-smash outputs for 10 (or more) bit sources.
The profiles were not reset so the changes are only available
after reseting the profiles manually

new: in the x265 dialog it's possible to select the preferred piping tool,
use at your own risk, not all combinations will work. In theory the included
x265 built don't need a piping tool but I could not make it work without
a piping tool. Options are: Automatic, None, vspipe, avs2pipemod, ffmpeg

update: ffmpeg, unlike the built before this one supports mp3 encoding

update: x264, x265

update: d2v vs filter plugin
fix for audio streams demuxed as mka
new: nvencc --vpp-nnedi, --vpp-yadif
new: few new x265 switches added

new: experimental new icon, please give feedback if you like it,
if it's not liked then it will be reverted to the old icon
new: in the main menu under 'Apps > Media Info > vspipe' you can show info
like shown here.
The main menu was not reset so it shows only if you reset it at: Tools > Edit Menu
change: selecting a filter in the filter menu, the names that are shown in the list were improved
update: nvenc
update: ffmpeg, it's now possible to use vpy with ffmpeg
update: rav1e, it's now possible to use rav1e with VapourSynth
internal: Release() method (F11 key) added to automate the release process
internal: Test() method updated to use relative paths

- there are no longer plugins that are shared between VapourSynth and AviSynth,
ffms2 for VapourSynth was updated, the AviSynth version is 3 years old,
ffms2 with C interface was removed because it was leaking memory
- the apps manage dialog displays the built date (using last modified date)
- on startup the main window often wasn't activated
- there was a bug that resulted in subtitles being demuxed without file extension
and because of that staxrip couldn't find and include the subtitles, the reason
was a breaking change in MediaInfo
- audio files were as mka demuxed due to a breaking change in MediaInfo
- webm files without mpeg-4 video format failed to load
- the navigation tree in the app manage dialog had a flicker issue
- MediaInfo was updated, most recent bugs are due to breaking changes in MediaInfo
- vslsmashsource updated
- mkvtoolnix update
- was updated to version 3.5
- a major performance issue using AviSynth was fixed

- Removed Auto insert for RGB for VS and Convert Bits for AVS. Most are no longer useful due to 10Bit+ Videos are more common now.
- This is a pure Refresh Release, Mainily designed to update some of the encoding tools.
- This Release contains all the Changes from the Pipeline along with the Following.
- Updated Temp Folder Creation and Long Path Checker (Long Path Checker is only used on any OS below Window 10)
- Updated Comparison Tool It shouldn't need to index file when ffms2 is used.
- Updated Both Contact Sheet Creator and Video Comparison tool to use LWLibavVideoSource over the Standard L-Smash.
- Updated Visual Studio to 2019 RC, Anything Compiled will be using RC Build of VS 2019.
- VS: The default Resizer Code is slightly Different Compared to Base VS Resizer Code in the Context Menu.
- VS: SVPFlow Altered to Target CurrentFramte & Num / Den to achieve the Final Framerate instead of rounding. Type quality has also been Changed, aswell linear light support has been added (GPU Only).
- x265: AQmode Tweaked for the new Defaults.
- XAA Remove from AVS (Temp), due to certain Functions being alter in AVS+ core.
- VS: Updated DGIndexNV Load Function It now loads using it's native method instead of AVS load function.
- VS: G41Fun replaces hnwvsfunc
- VS: hnwvsfunc Script removed
- VS: fvsfunc functions updated
- VS: Auto-Deblock Added to Context Menu
- VS: nnedi3_rpow2 added to Script folder for Support.
- VS: Added FixTelecinedFades to Context Menu for RCR.
- Rebuilt QVSEnc Encoder Script
- x265 Has been updated to 3.0-AU With any Additional Chnages.
- Added Merge: XviD Encoding code has been Updated (Credit: jkilez)
- Added Merge: Chapter Cutting Feature to MkvMuxer (Credit: wybb) Beta

Tweaked the Groupbox UI Scaling for lower DPI Monitors (Credit: Stax76)
This is a pure Refresh Release, Mainly designed to update some of the encoding tools.
This Release contains all the Changes from the Pipeline along with the Following.
Updated Temp Folder Creation and Long Path Checker (Usually Only used on OS below Windows 10 or Non-NTFS harddrive)
Updated Comparison Tool It shouldn't need to index file when ffms2 is used.
Updated Both Contact Sheet Creator and Video Comparison tool to use LWLibavVideoSource over the Standard L-Smash.
Updated Visual Studio to 2019 RC, Anything Compiled will be using RC Build of VS 2019.
Included additional config files for dotnet 4.8 along with standard 4.7.2.
VS: The default Resizer Code is slightly Different Compared to Base VS Resizer Code in the Context Menu.
VS: SVPFlow Altered to Target CurrentFramte & Num / Den to achieve the Final Framerate instead of rounding. Type quality has also been Changed, aswell linear light support has been added (GPU Only).
x265: AQmode Tweaked for the new Defaults.
XAA Remove from AVS (Temp), due to certain Functions being alter in AVS+ core. Will be Re-Added Once Re-Coded.
VS: Updated DGIndexNV Load Function It now loads using it's native method instead of AVS load function.
VS: G41Fun replaces hnwvsfunc
VS: hnwvsfunc Script removed
VS: fvsfunc functions updated
VS: Auto-Deblock Added to Context Menu
VS: nnedi3_rpow2 added to Script folder for Support.
VS: Added FixTelecinedFades to Context Menu for RCR.
Core: Fixed Some of Search Paths, They didn't include the sub folders in rare cases.
Rebuilt QVSEnc Encoder Script, Added Pre-Check and Will become Enabled as long as your CPU support QSV Encoding(Note Some QSV enabled CPU's only support decoding).
x265 Has been updated to 3.0-AU+ With any Additional Changes.
Tweaked some of the x265 profiles to include the new defaults.
Changed the default CFR to the default (28.0)
Added Merge: XviD Encoding code has been Updated (Credit: jkilez)
Added Merge: Chapter Cutting Feature to MkvMuxer (Credit: wybb)
Rav1e Added The Following Flags(In Progress):
content_light(aka MAX CLL / FALL)


Brand New Update System All done within the App
New Tab Added to x265 for Bitstream due to all the new Flags.
Updated the default state of the x265 flags that were changed.
x265 Flags Added:
Zone File
HRD Concat(The Flag is currently improperly marked in x265 cli)
Dolby Vision RPU
Dolby Vision Profiles
Tuning: Animation
Refine CTU Distortion
refine-mv-type renamed to refine-analysis-type
rav1e Flags Added:
Min Key Int
Added Support additional support for LongPaths
There are two ways the app can name the files & Folders based on your OS & Harddrive Type
If One Method fails it now has a fallback method to use.
Fixed QSVEnc key, Which was locking some users out.
Updated the VapourSynth scripts that have been updated recently.
Updated the filter names for Vapoursynth and removed the ones that don't exist anymore.
Updated the switches for VCEnc
Updated the MTModes Syntax for AVSynth
Updated DFTTest syntax for Vapoursynth, Opt Settings is now set to AVX2(Settings it below 3 will set it to AVX or None).
Added additional source filter when StaxRip internal thumbnail is used, some source files did not get along with ffms.
Updated VapourSynth and Tweaked SVPFlow & Added Additional Option to use BlockFPS.
Updated FFmpeg, MKVToolNix, NVENC, Rav1e, x265 & MediaInfo
Python Support includes miniconda & Python 3.7.2 as well.
Included Both Old and Newer versions of MediaInfo Just incase it breaks something again.
Re-Enabled MediaInfo Folder Function, Since The Bug in MediaInfo has been fixed.
Added & Updated All the Output Path Options for MTN, StaxRip Thumbnailer, Gif & PNG Creators.
The Help System for the Encoders Has been Altered. All the Help System works the Same now.
Updated the dll files for both Avisynth & VapourSynth for filters that have been updated.
Support for PNG has been added for VFW Saving Screenshot(Default Options are PNG & BMP, With JPG being able to be added in the Edit Menu).
Cleaned up and Organized for File Structure inside App Folder.
a small tweak in regards to the VFW.
Updated mpvnet
Plus some other changes as well.

2.0 Beta 2

Released Two Versions, One that Supports Preview Build of Dotnet 4.8 and Standard 4.7.*.
Updated a few of FFMpeg Flags for Audio Demuxing / Encoding.
Moved HDR Ingest in Options Menu to Video Tab.
Support for HLG Metadata has been Added to Ingest.
Added Support for VUI for the Following ColorSpaces: Display P3 and DCI P3 (It still Must pass the other HDR Checks)
Proper Master-Display data has been added for Display P3 and DCI P3.
Support for Webm Subtitles has been Added For srt, sup, idx Files.
Updated the VUI Import for HDR10, Due to MediaInfo Changes to Output Names.
Changed the VUI import name for HLG, Due to MediaInfo not using proper colorspace name.
Added Some Support for HLG to VUI import function, MediaInfo does not contain all HLG Metadata.
Updated all the Help Files for the Encoders.
Rav1e Encoder Has Been Added to Support AV1 codec.
NVEnc Added Flags:
-interlace tff
-interlace bff
QSVEnc Added Flags:
-vpp-scaling -> -vpp-resize
-Filter: mctf
Removed any Switches that no longer exist in the CLI Encoders.
Updated FFMPEG to 4.1
ReBuilt MPVNet to work on Both older and Newer Systems.
Support has been added for MKV, Webm and MP4 to AV1.
32 Float Filters have been Added(Oyster, Plum, Vine)
FFMPEG Shared dll Files has been Updated to 4.1
Added mpvnet back with fully working mpv dll file.
Re-Enabled MediaInfo Folder, It's Been Fixed to with latest MediaInfo Code.
x264 has Been Updated to 2935
x265 has Been Updated to 2.9+9
Cleaned up the Config Files.
Update Script has been moved to Python Code, instead of basic Powershell Script.
Site Packges Required: bs4(BeautifulSoup), Requests, win32api, tqdm, & psutil
Added Update Script for NVEnc & QVSEnc.
mtn has been Updated, Uses less Shared files. - x64

Tweaked the Temp Folder Creator & Path.
Removed some old Code, That wasn't doing anything anymore.
AVSMeter has Been Updated to 2.8.6.
Updated eac3to, fdkaac & qaac.
Both FFMPEG and MPV now use custom Builds instead of the normal default build(Which Fully Supports VapourSynth).
FFMPEG & Shared dll Files has been Updated to 20181026
MPV has been Updated to 20181026
Added Limited Support for VS in MPV(Requires VSPipe).
nnedi3 for AVS has Been Updated to 0.9.4
FFMPEG, x264, x265 & MPV are now compiled Using GCC ToolChain instead of MVS.
x264 has Been Updated to 2935
x265 has Been Updated to 2.9+2
Python Search Path has been Updated to 3.7/3.7.1 & Python 3.6 has been Removed.
Also Included Support for Anaconda3.
The VapourSynth Script has been slightly altered to work better with Python Search Path.
VS has been Updated to R45.
MKVToolNix Updated to
Updated the Update Script to Support additional HTML Protocols, due to the changes on the website.
Added hnwvsfunc for VS & mClean to Context Menu.
Cleaned up the AVS Filter Names.
Added MultiSharpen Function
Modified the Profile List for x265, Only Profiles that work with Current Selected Depth with Display.
Removed any 8Bit x265 that no Longer used with 2.9(Based on:
Moved Some Extra Functions to the System Process.
Custom Directory Output Option has been Added to StaxRip Thumbnail Creator & MTN. It's Default Directory is the last Used Location. If none is known it defaults to C Drive(Fresh Install)
Added support for Long Path Aware(Make Sure to Enable it If your OS Supports it)
Fixed any Issues for very Short filenames being converted to wrong type.
Removed MediaInfo 18.08.1 Due to Bugs it contains and Re-Added MediaInfo 18.05.
Added More Support for HDR to Intel Encoder.
VS Filters Added: W3FDIF, MiniDeen, IT, TDeintMod, vcfreq, vcmove & TemporalMedian.
Updated mvtools-sf to AVX, The latest Builds only use AVX2 which not all CPU's Support.
Added Support for RawSourcePlus for Avisynth and RawSource for VapourSynth. Default Pixel_type is set to YUV420P10 (aka P010).
Dual Package Setup for x264 have been Removed for Single release x264(8+10Bit). The Depth menu will set the Output Bits, exactly like x265.
Following Have Been Added to x264:
ColorMatrix: Added chroma-derived-nc, chroma-derived-c, and ICtCp.
Added Alternative Transfer
vbv-init has been modded to have a locked value and proper float point scaling.
FFTW Files will auto copy to System Directory, if your PC is missing these files in the System32 Folder(Fresh Install).
MP4Box is back to Static Once again.
Included Setup files for Python 3.7.1 & VS R45 to make sure the proper versions are being installed for StaxRip.
Added a new Marco to the list.

Added Total System Memory to System Environment & Logging

mpv has been updated to the latest nightly release

FFmpeg has been updated to 4.0.2

Mediainfo has been updated to 18.08.1

MP4Box has been Updated and includes required dll files that are required now.

Code been changed for AVSMeter to work with avsinfo

NVEnc has been updated to 4.12

QSVEnc has been updated to 3.09

x264 has been updated to 2932

x265 has been updated to 2.8+68

MKVToolNix has been Updated to 26.0.0

AVSMeter has been Updated to 2.8.5

Added Two new Scripts for HDR10+ AVS & VS Version. Along with updated Script for Source load.

Added Support Added for FFMS LoadCPlugins. FFMS2K will use the normal LoadPlugin Function.

Avisynth and Vapousynth have Separate Menu tabs in the App Forms. Vapoursynth is no longer buried inside Avisynth Menu at the bottom.

Removed all the dead links from Package Section and Replaced them with the most up to date URL's, If one existed.

Added Support for PNG & Tiff when saving a screenshot of a single Frame in the Preview Window. To add or Remove a format, Everything can be done through the Edit Menu.

StaxRip now has a Update Function through PowerShell Script(Can be Accessed Via: Tools -> Advanced -> Check For Update. It will first Shutdown the app and check for updates. If a new version is avaible, it download, extract and re-open StaxRip.

Updated the PowerShell 5 Reference Assemblies to version 1.1.0.

Framework has been Updated to 4.7.2.

The main drop-down menus have been cleaned up and better organized

The control boxes For the codecs have also been cleaned up, to create a shorter drop down.

Subtitle Tools have been moved to Advanced -> Tools -> Subtitles.

Added vscube, Second Scripts for Utils and some small tweaks to selected scripts for AVS+.

Updated VapourSynth Plugins & Context menu (See Below for Context Options).

Like with AVS+ There are allot more functions supported, Not all have been added to the context menu.


Template Folder has been Renamed to just Templates & .dat file has been Renamed to Settings.dat. All your previous Templates will still work, Just move them to the new folder.
Internal Thumbnail Creator Has been Updated with the Following Features:

Added support for PNG, BMP & TIFF.
It Fully supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG.
Add support for Gap (The space between each shot, default: 0).
The ability to disable the StaxRip Logo has been added.
The Font styles have been changed to DejaVu Serif which give a much clearer & cleaner look.
The Default Logo Font Style has been changed to mikadan, Which gives the logo a bit more Style.
If for what reason you do not have DejaVu Serif or mikadan font, They have been included. Once installed They can be deleted. FontAwesome & Segoe-MDL2-Assets must remain next to .exe file.
Cleaned up the Header to make look more Professional like and added more video & Audio Details.
File: name
Size: Filesize in bytes / MBS, Length, and average bitrate.
Video: Codec, Format Profile, colorspace,colour_range, Bitrate, FrameRate, ChromaSubsampling, Height & Width
VideoCodec (The old code wasn't working with latest version of Mediainfo.)
Audio: Codecs, Channels, kHz and Bitrate
The Matrix for the Creator has also Been tweaked for correct colorspace.
Added Support for New Thumbnail Creator Which can be used by it self or added into the project process. It Uses FFMPEG engine to create the Thumbnails without the need to index any file(s).
Options Support as of Right Now:
- Number of Columns
- Number of Rows
- Width of Each Shot
- Height of Each Shot
- Depth of Each Shot
- Quality of Jpg

Added Animation Support in the Form of gif & apng(png). by it self or be added into a project process. It Uses FFMPEG engine to create the animation without the need to index any file(s).
Options for Gif:

Scale (Width x auto)
FrameRate (No Float points are Support, it must be a solid number like 60 and not 59.940.)
Statistics Mode
Diff Mode
Dither Options
Starting Time (in Seconds) - Supports Float Points like 25.2.
Length(in Seconds) - Supports Float points.
Options For aPNG:

Starting Time (in Seconds) - Supports Float points.
Length(in Seconds) - Supports Float points.
FrameRate - No Support for Float points.
Scale(Width x auto)
Opt Settings (zlib,7zip & Zopfli) - zlib is the fastest with Zopfli being the slowest. 7zip is the balance between the two.
Updated all Vapoursynth variable names for existing filters that have been changed or removed since 1.7.

Tweaked the Job Loading function, When a previous job is loaded into StaxRip the form will now automatically close.

Added Support for Remaining HDR10 colorspace Metadata, To make it full compatible with HDR10 Standards(MKV Only). The function can be enabled in the option section under Image -> Extras. It can also be done Manually The tool can be accessed by Apps -> MediaInfo -> MKVHDR

Altered VUI import system to match MediaInfo changes. For HDR10 it must match BT.2020 Colorspace. It will now also enable the additional flags in VUI and Bitstream to encode to HDR10. GOP & VBV Settings will have to be set manually.

Removed the Character Limit on the Temp Folders. It will not longer create the '...' after it hits 30 characters Which was designed for Windows 260 limit(Mainly for older Windows). If you need more then 260 characters you can alter the GroupPolicy Settings which will allow your to bypass the limit.

Added MKVinfo App to menu to check colorspace coordinates (Which Mediainfo no longer displays), This is useful for HDR content to make sure metadate has the correct HDR metadata.

MediaFolder Folder Option has been Disabled(It was no longer Working correctly due to latest update to Mediainfo) and has been replaced with the internal MediaInfo GUI that allows you to open any media file, If it's loaded in StaxRip or not.

x265 Changes:

12Bit Profiles Have Been Added
VUI Menu has been Broken Up into two Menus now due to the Growing Number of options in the VUI section.
VBVinit, VBVend, VBV Adjustment with VBVinit being tweaked.
Maximum AU size Factor
refine-intra has been increased to Level 4
multi-pass-opt-analysis & multi-pass-opt-distortion have been moved to Rate Control 1 menu to make room for VBV options in Rate Control 2 Menu.
VapourSynth Updated Context Menu:
The List of all Included Filters:




Convert To
Format (Mainly Designed for HDR to SDR)
To 444
Dither Tools



Support Filters


Anamorphic to Standard

Deblock PP7
Vinverse 2
Updated x265 to 2.8+19
Updated MKVToolNix to 24
Tweaked the code for FFMS2
Max-CLL and MAX-Fall autoloads for both NVENCc and QSVEnCc
This is a Fork Version of StaxRip. This picks up where Stax76 left off.
*Note* Stax76 (Original Developer of the Project) has retired. Due to that He will not be updating the Tool anymore.

All Filter are 64Bit enabled.
Scripts and Code is designed for Avisynth+. Using older versions of Avisynth will unlikely work with everything.
Restored the Old Icon and removed the RIP Icon.
Added Support for Max CLL, MAX FALL and Master-Display for Nvidia H.265 Encoder.
Added Support for Max CLL, MAX FALL and Master-Display for QSVEnc(Intel) H.265 Encoder.
XviD has been Updated to 1.3.5
Updated x265 to version 2.8+12(8+10+12 Bit Support)
Add Support for AVX512 for x265
Updated FFMPEG to 4.0+
Updated NVENCc to 4.07
QSVEnc(Intel) has been Updated to 3.05
MKVToolNix has been Updated to version 23.
Updated MP4Box to 0.7.2
eac3to has been Updated to 3.34
AVSMeter has been Updated to 2.7.8
fdkaac has been compiled for 64Bit
Mediainfo has been Updated to 18.05
FrameServer for VirtualDub2 and VirtualDub 64Bit works with Video. Currently a small issue with Audio not decoding properly (Files are Included)
MPVnet has been Replaced with MPV. It uses the extact same code as MPVnet. MPVnet was replaced due to playback issues it was creating.
Project X has been Removed
Java has been Removed
AV1 has been Removed for the Time Being (Encoder is unstable).
mClean has been Updated to 3.2.
awarpsharp2 has been Updated to 2.0.1
FrameRateConventer Has been Updated to 1.2.1
JPSDR has been Updated to
MaskTools2 Has been Updated to 2.2.14
MVTools2 has been Updated to 2.7.31
QTGMC has been Updated to 3.358s
TIVTC has been Updated to 1.0.11
Added Color, FrameRate, Line, and Restoration context Menu.
The List of all Included Filters:

= Not Freeware.
Hardware Resize
Resize(Z) - Uses ZLib
Hardware Crop
LSFmod (With More Syntax added for better results then Default)
MTMode (Multithreading)
SplitVertical (For MT)
Deblock(Includes Dll for Both old and New versions, New version is enabled by Default).
ColorYUV (AutoGain)
Levels and the Correct color levels for each BitDepth.
Convert(Format(ColorSpace), To(DataFormat), Bits(BitDepth)
Dither Tools
DFTTest (For Stack)
HDRNoise (Function must be Entered Manually to Use)
HDR Tone Mapping
= Not Freeware
SVPFlow (Scales to 59.940 and uses GPU by Default)
QTGMC (With additional Syntax for both Interlaced and Progressive Sources. Plus Repair option for bad interlaced sources (Includes Progressive)
Assume (AssumeTFF & AssumeBFF)
Select (SelectEven & SelectOdd)
KNLMeansCL (Added Device_type to Syntax)
DeNoiseMD + Histogram
DenoiseMF + Histogram
HDRNoise (Syntax must be entered Manually)
SpatialSoften (YUY2 Only)
MCTemporalDenoise (Script has been Updated to work properly with GradFun2DB & GradFun2DBMod).
MCTemporalDenoisePP (Same as Above)
Support Filters & Scripts:
HDRCore Source
MT Expand Multi
nnedi3 rpow2
SVPFlow 1
SVPFlow 2
Tweak: Syntax has been alter for Adjusting saturation and includes both realcalc and dither_strength(Only Avisynth+ use these Functions).
RemoveGrain: added a secondary option for for artifact removal.
KNLMeansCL: Added additional syntax for Device_type which is set to Auto. It will try to use GPU first before trying to use the CPU.
Levels with correct range for each bitdepth. Level function does not autoscale based on the bitdepth.
added more modern Framerates to Assumefps, ConvertFPS and ChangeFPS. 144 & 240 rates have been added.
Removed from Filter context Menu but can still works with the auto loading feature(Syntax must be Entered Manually):
Clense (Part of JPSDR)
Vinverse 2
Filters and Software that Support AVX2: aWarpSharp2, DCTFilter, DFTTest, JPSDR, Masktools2, TMM2, TNLMeans, yadifmod2, x265
- By default AVX or below are activate for compaiblity.

VapourSynth is untouched(No Changes). stable release
new: changed templates to: 'Manual Workflow', 'Automatic Workflow', 'No indexing and demuxing' and 'Re-mux', default startup template is 'Automatic Workflow'

new: option added to disable the assistant reminder about the aspect ratio error

new: AviSynth script FineSharp added

new: x265 option --frames added

fix: x265 option --frames added twice to command line

fix: cosmetic DPI scaling issue in main form on 96 DPI

update: mvsfunc 8

update: mClean 1.8

update: NVEnc 3.22 unstable test build
new: thumbnail generator has a new option to define the timestamp location (left, right, top, bottom) (

new: thumbnail generator has a new option to calculate the row count based on a time interval (

new: the preview dialog can be closed in fullscreen mode with a click in the top right corner, same is true for

new: setting added to increase the start size of the preview and fixed caculation for ultra wide displays

new: the preview shows the time position in the title bar

fix: ensure the preview starts within the screen bounds

update: mClean 1.7c unstable test build
new: nvenc options --vpp-edgelevel and --vpp-unsharp

new: added timestamps, automatic scaling and background color option to the thumbnail generator, the text for the movie specs is now much compacter

update: NVEnc 3.21

update: 0.2.1 unstable test build
new: AV1 support completed

new: MediaInfo properties MasteringDisplay_ColorPrimaries, MasteringDisplay_Luminance, MaxCLL and MaxFALL are read from the source file and the encoder switches --master-display, --range limited and --max-cll are set

update: aomenc 2017-08-30 unstable test build
new: various new resolutions added to the resize menu

new: transfer_characteristics added to mediainfo folder view

new: MediaInfo properties colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics and matrix_coefficients are read from the source file and the encoder switches --colorprim, --transfer and --colormatrix are set

new: NVEnc --vpp-rff and --vpp-afs switches added

fix: preview did not work with > 8 bit depth avs scripts

fix: incorrect VUI flags corected and all flags alphabetically sorted

usability: the preprocessing settings have better names and the dialog width adjusts automatically (

change: improved discovery of required VapourSynth LoadPlugin/SourceFileLoader functions

new: VapourSynth plugin vsfft3dfilter added (

update: MediaInfo 0.7.99

update: mClean 1.7b

update: AVSMeter 2.6.5

update: NVEnc 3.19 unstable test build
fix: issue in new progress bar implementation causes too few refresh cycles or no refreshes at all

new: FrameRateConverter AviSynth script/plugin added (

new: new shutdown mode /hybrid (

change: TS avc/hvc is by default now remuxed to mkv using ffmpeg

change: faster start of preview dialog and fix for the startup location not being remembered

update: AVSMeter 2.6.3 unstable test build
fix: StaxRip didn't ask to install FFTW in case it's required by the active script (

new: the job processing dialog additionally to showing the progress as text it shows progress now also with a progress bar (

new: DeLogo VapourSynth plugin (

new: Log File Viewer added, it features a nav/tab bar to eailiy navigate to the different sections of the log file (

new: DCTFilter v0.5.0 AviSynth plugin added (

usability: preview starts with zoom for small resolutions

cosmetic: DTS-HRA wasn't detected and extracted and displayed as DTS-HD

update: x265 2.5+14 (

update: QSVEnc 2.73 (

update: Plugins_JPSDR 1.2.1 (

update: mClean 1.5d ( unstable test build
new: GradCurve VapourSynth plugin
new: smarter discovery of required AviSynth LoadPlugin calls
new: FFT3DFilter AviSynth plugin
new: mClean AviSynth+ script unstable test build
fix: move down item in job list was broke

update: 0.2

update: Plugins_JPSDR 1.2.0

update: AVSMeter 2.6.2 unstable test build
new: eac3to demuxing supports the temp files folder defined in the options (

new: mpv replaced with (

new: added button to job processing dialog to show the log file (

fix: the OneDrive link had a permission issue (

fix: chapters were extracted even if the option was disabled (

fix: null ref exception due to subtitle play button being enabled even if no subtitle is selected (

fix: issue in x264 command line generation

fix: fdkaac cbr bitrate not being saved (

update mvtools2 2.7.22 unstable test build
new: x265 switch and flags added but the x265 binary is not updated because it isn't yet merged with the stable branch (

new: added setting to enable debug logging to settings dialog, the issue with the main dialog disappearing is probably fixed so at the moment the setting is probably useless (

fix: subtitle cutting did not work for multi stream idx files extracted with vsrip (

change: The dialog to add files for batch processing and for merging is now bigger, resizeable and has automatic scrollbars (

internal: replace mkvmerge --identify-verbose with --identify due to --identify-verbose being deprecated

update: mkvmerge 15.0.0 ( unstable test build
new: support for the fdkaac encoder, it's a high quality encoder, due to non free license it's not included, Opus via ffmpeg is included and because it's a great encoder it's now the default encoder!

fix: audio channel count not always detected correctly

change: better logging info and change that might or might not fix the issue with the missing window, unfortunately I'm not able to reproudce it. unstable test build
fix: issue with numeric up/down controls causing rounding problem (bug report via email)

fix: memory leak causing high memory and crashes while batch processing, I was able to add and process 300 files with 250 MB memory used at the end (bug report via github issue tracker)

new: nnedi3 replaced by JPSDR plugin pack which is a merge of NNEDI3, Resize MT, and AutoYUY2, I'm getting freezes with the resize mt functions though (request via doom9 forum)

change: x265 options --refine-intra and --refine-inter changed from boolean to integer (doom9 forum anouncement)

change: more debug infos added to find the issue that the main window goes missing after eac3to demuxing (bug report via email)

update: AVSMeter 2.6.1 (doom9 forum anouncement)

update: MediaInfo 0.7.98 (request via doom9 forum) unstable test build
change: improved handling of very long paths in order to avoid hitting the max 260 character limitation of Windows
change: due to reports that the main window disappears a debug.log file is created in the startup folder unstable test build
fix: null reference crash when trying to add files for batch processing (

new: VP8 codec added to ffmpeg encoder (

new: added feature to move jobs to the top or bottom in the jobs dialog (request per private message)

new: added new event after video encoding and macro to get the video encoder name (

update: NVEnc 3.17

update: nnedi3 unstable test build
new: AviSynth+ filter EEDI2 added

new: added aliases for powershell to support both app filename and name so some can use avsmeter or avsmeter64

fix: powershell error using: Tools > Advanced > PowerShell

fix: when the path or version was edited in the apps dialog using the toolbar the display wasn't refreshed

fix: scroll/caret issue in avisynth/vapoursynth editor editing long lines (

fix: the play feature to play avisynth/vapoursynth scripts didn't work if no audio file is selected

fix: show warning if vapoursynth is used with ffmpeg and mpv, both don't support vapoursynth input

change: the filters menu in the main window is build only if needed instead of everytime it's shown, this eleminates some issues of the previous implementation, it took two hours but since small things matter it's worth the time

update: ffmpeg 3.3.3 unstable test build
new: the tray icon shows the progress as tooltip, this was removed before because of implementation problems (email request)

fix: for avs and vpy source files the detection of the video source file referenced in the script is more reliable (

fix: if avs and vpy files use relative paths for the video source file the temp dir is set to the path of the avs file (

fix: dead link in main menu to the test build page (

fix: 2 bugs in the x265 GUI fixed (

change: the warning that files with the same beginning then other files can't be used for file batch was removed (

usability: cmd.exe /S /C "command line" is still used for execution but now only the command line is printed to the logfile unstable test build
fix: incorrect command line generated for VCEEnc

fix: opening avs as source staxrip shouldn't ask which source filter to use

fix: executing the command to run a command line showed an error: Failed to interpret output

change: environment values of the log file header are cached unstable test build
new: menus and shortcuts added to the job dialogs for improved management of large jobs lists

fix: improved handling of m4v files

update: NVEnc 3.16

update: mkvtoolnix 14.0.0 stable build
new: x265 option --force-flush added

fix: job dialog DPI scaling issue on small screens

update: mpv 0.26.0

update: x265 2.5+6 unstable test build
fix: the main window stayed in the background instead of being activated to be top most
fix: on Turkish locale staxrip used "SSIM".ToLower() which won't result in ssim and thus --tune ssim did not work, it's required to use ToLowerInvariant instead of ToLower, there might be more bugs like this unstable test build
fix: one of the included powershell scripts was broken due to internal improvements unstable test build
fix: log files are no longer saved in the target folder if the temp folder is deleted, they can be found at: Tools > Folders > Log Files
fix: when a job failed it's no longer removed from the joblist
fix: when job processing starts there is only one Window activation at the start and no subsequent window activations, this prevents to interupt other software like players unstable test build
fix: shutdown/standby controls were not always visible when they should unstable test build
new: at the bottom of the video encoder option dialogs there is a menu item to import a command line from the clipboard unstable test build
new: everytime the settings are saved there is also a backup of the settings saved in the settings folder

fix: in case of high memory usage like a avisynth filter leaking memory, if staxrip detects more then 1500 MB memory are consumed while jobs are processed it restarts

fix: job list got wiped when a job was aborted

fix: if an error happened in a job processing was aborted instead of continuing with other jobs unstable test build
fix: job processing is now done in the current instance like in the past
fix: turned out staxrip never had a memory issue but the experimental ffms2 build was leaking memory unstable test build
new: powershell added to main menu at: Tools > Advanced > PowerShell, it sets the temp dir as work dir and aliases for all tools so you can type something like: ffmpeg -h

change: besided dtsma and thd now also eac3, thd+ac3 and dtshr are preferred when staxrip searches for audio files

change: displayed audio track ID numbers now always start with 1

change: raw audio formats (thd, eac3, aac) that potentionally don't support seeking are now played without video unstable test build
new: qaac has a new option to pipe from ffmpeg instead of converting to FLAC/W64/WAV

update: ffmpeg 3.3.2

update: x265 2.5+2 unstable test build
new: aimed quality feature of the old x264 GUI added to the x264 and x265 GUI

fix: unable to recover processing form from tray

fix: unable to open new files (start new processes) after the process abortion feature was used

update: x265 2.4+99 unstable test build
new: AviSynth+ x64 plugins added: modPlus, SmoothAdjust, AutoAdjust

update: NNEDI3

update: KNLMeansCL 1.1.0 unstable test build
new: various new features and improvements in the apps management dialog

new: The jobs dialog will show it's help the first time jobs are started explaining staxrip's parallel processing features

change: tray icon stays visible even when the job processing window is visible

change: mpc replaced with mpv

fix: when automatic demuxing of the video stream is enabled or if demuxing of the video stream was enabled in the demuxing dialog the demuxed video stream wasn't opened afterwards but still the original video was opened unstable test build
new: context help is now implemented for all video encoders, a right-click on any label, menu or checkbox will show the help for the option, for nvenc, qsvenc and vceenc a new help browser was developed with powershell look and feel

new: UT Video added for ffmpeg video encoder GUI with options for: -pred (None Left Gradient Median) -pix_fmt (YUV420P YUV422P YUV444P RGB24 RGBA)

new: help improved for Tags in mp4box container options dialog, the help is runtime generated using the output from mp4box -tag-list

new: ffmpeg muxing formats menu and profiles added for: asf avi flv ismv mkv mov mp4 mpg mxf nut ogg ts webm wmv

new: audio target format W64 added with 16/24 bit depth option

new: nvenc options --cuda-schedule, --perf-monitor, --perf-monitor-interval

fix: cmd.exe is now used directly without batch files, this improves foreign/special character support in particular on Windows 7

fix: Jobs Processing window popping up while job processing even when staxrip was previously minimized

fix: tray icons not cleaned up

fix: in a few dialogs the help dialog was shown four times instead once

fix: broken scaling on DPI change using a multi-monitor setup, virtual scaling is used in that case now

fix: crash when cutting empty subtitles

change: all classes made public for powershell usage

update: x264 0.150.2851

update: nvenc 3.14 unstable test build
fix: unable to show processing window from tray

update: qsvenc 2.71 unstable test build
new: setting added to define the maximum number of parallel processes (Tools > Settings > General)

fix: parallel process management hopefully much more stable

update: mvtools2

update: x265 2.4+96 unstable test build
fix: process management didn't work properly yet unstable test build
new: parallel audio processing

new: added setting to define how many projects to keep under: 'Main Menu > Project > Recent', the setting is located at: Main Menu > Tools > Settings > General

new: added new thumbnail generation options

new: added new feature to archive log files in the settings directory, by default the last 50 log files are keept, this number can be customized at: 'Main Menu > Tools > Settings > General', the folder can be opened with the windows file explorer at: Main Menu > Tools > Folders > Log Files

new: qsvenc options --fade-detect and --repartition-check

fix: wrong fps display in main form for 50/60 fps

fix: version detection disabled for all VC++ runtimes because of issues with file projection via hardlinks and WINSXS

fix: two issues in x264 command line generation

change: renamed and reseted setting to minimize to tray

change: nvenc vpp deband support improved

change: Option to delete temp files moved to: Tools > Settings > System

change: scaling and layout improved for numeric up down control and custom menu editor

change: code refactoring of dynamically generated dialogs (settings/options/codecs), this has let to changed data types and a reset of video encoder profiles

change: the mkv title tag in the container options isn't overwritten by a title tag of the source file when the source is loaded

update: mkvtoolnix

update: qsvenc 2.70

update: AviSynth+ 2508

update: x265 2.4+89 unstable test build
new: the new x264 GUI is complete, the old is gone
new: nvenc option --vpp-deband added
new: x265 option --[no-]refine-vbv added
new: added new menu to the PAR/DAR option in the container dialog
fix: in some circumstances file paths with parenthesis failed to process (regression in
fix: right-click help didn't navigate to help URL on string options in the x265 and the new x264 dialog
fix: audio settings/profile display was wrong generated if the audio source file has multiple audio streams
fix: audio was converted to FLAC/W64 even if the output already existed and processing should be skipped (refers to a new feature added with
change: medium crf value was changed from 22 to 20 for x264 and x265
update: x265 2.4+87
update: nvenc 3.13 unstable test build
new: many improvements on the new x264 GUI introduced in, video profile settings were reset because at the same time I improve the x265 GUI, the video profile settings will be reset again until the GUI is finished in 1-2 weeks, the old GUI will then be removed
fix: the feature to reuse existing audio output files from previous job runs had a bug that would result in the wrong file muxed
fix: the automatic name generation for the audio settings wasn't always working correctly
tweak: the 'Play audio and video' feature in the menu of the audio source files was changed, it still has limitations but shows a message box to tell the user about
tweak: in case the option to delete the temp files is used the log file is copied to the target folder
update: NVEnc 3.12
update: 2.4+75 unstable test build
new: added option to pre-render slow scripts into a lossless AVI file
new: improvements on the new x264 GUI introduced in
fix: downmix not used with qaac (regression in unstable test build
new: to run PowerShell scripts on certain events the Event Command feature is no longer needed, it's documented here:
new: there are 2 new options what to do in case the video and audio encoder output files alread exists from a previous job run (reuse, overwrite or ask (default)), the 'Just Mux' video encoder profile does alse reuse the output file from previous job runs, in case it don't exist it uses the source video
new: there is a new option to define which intermediate format should be used in case the audio encoder don't support the input format, supported is FLAC (default) and W64 (WAV > 4 GB)
new: there is a new option to define which app should be used to create the intermediate audio file (default is ffmpeg)
new: the MediaInfo window has 'Developer Mode' in the context menu to show the property names for programmers
tweak: help improved for: Main Menu > Help > Command Line: There is a special mode where only the MediaInfo window is shown using -mediainfo "inputfile", this is useful for Windows File Explorer integration with an app like Open++. unstable test build
new: download button added to apps dialog's toolbar, only certain apps have a download URL defined
new: DGIndex added, this was removed before because there wasn't a x64 d2v source filter, now staxrip has x64 d2v filters for both avisynth and vapoursynth included
new: improvements on the new x264 GUI introduced in
fix: opening a project from CLI had asked to save the current project even if no changes were made since it was loaded
fix: wrong channel count used with dolby atmos
fix: the automatically generated audio profile caption in the main dialog of the current profile gets updated when the source changes
tweak: improved scaling on 96 DPI (relates to layout changes from
tweak: improved audio specs parameter display in the main dialog
tweak: the MediaInfo window is startet as separate process, the window can be minimized and maximized, the layout improved
update: RgTools 0.96
update: NVEnc 3.11 unstable test build
new: Deblock VapourSynth plugin added:
new: basic new x264 GUI based on the same framework then all other codec GUIs, this will soon replace the old GUI
new: support for subtitle cutting
new: added setting to minimze processing window to task bar instead of the tray area
new: the options for --sar in the encoder options have now the same dropdown menu then the PAR menus in the main dialog
tweak: the option Fixed Bitrate was removed, if the bitrate or filesize is fixed depends now on what was edited last
update: masktools2 (AviSynth+) 2.2.10
update: mvtools (VapourSynth) 19 unstable test build
new: various new x265 options
new: various new aspect ratio features
update: x265 2.4+61
update: QSVEncC 2.66 unstable test build
new: Subtitle Edit added to Apps in main menu and to container options dialog
new: nvenc --weightp
tweak: in case the source image width/height isn't mod 4 staxrip writes crop to the crop section instead of the source section and adds a comment 'ensure mod 4'
tweak: main form layout and scaling improved and increased precession of several values
update: TIVTC 1.0.9
update: VapourSynth R38
update: x265 2.4+36
update: nvenc 3.10 unstable test build
new: all demuxers have support to demux the video stream
new: chapters from mkv are extracted in both xml and ogg
new: chapter extraction from MP4
new: added x265 switches --ctu-info and --dhdr10-opt
fix: mkv chapters were used for mp4box which don't support them
update: AviSynth r2504 unstable test build
update: AviSynth r2502
fix: Opening a Blu-ray folder while having already a source file opened mixed various things up
fix: DPI scaling broken under rare conditions
fix: incorrect command line generation for AV1 two pass
new: video stream demuxing option added to ffmpeg demuxer unstable test build
new: experimental AV1 codec support
new: the demux app was removed, the built-in demuxing GUIs for mkvextract, mp4box, eac3to and ffmpeg can be used as independent tool found at: Tools > Advanced > Demux
fix: FLAC was extracted to mka instead of flac
tweak: staxrip is a bit smarter to find out if all job processing is completed and shutdown/standby can be performed
update: MP4Box 0.7.2-DEV-rev79 which fixes issues with qsvenc output
update: MediaInfo 0.7.96
update: ffmpeg 3.3.1 (2017-05-28)

.NET 4.7 is required on systems prior Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update)

Removed Features
C# scripting support was removed because it was very heavy requiring 47 nuget packages. You can port existing C# code to PowerShell or load and execute an C# Assembly with PowerShell. Visit the support forum.
New Features
MPEG2DecPlus filter added to open d2v files with AviSynth+
VCEncC added --check-features --codec --enforce-hrd --filler --fullrange --ltr --pre-analysis --ref --tier --vbaq
x265 added --me sea --dynamic-rd --scenecut-bias --lookahead-threads --opt-cu-delta-qp --multi-pass-opt-analysis --multi-pass-opt-distortion --multi-pass-opt-rps --aq-motion --ssim-rd --hdr --hdr-opt --refine-level --limit-sao
added 'Loop Fiter' tab to the x265 options dialog
icons added to menus, buttons and menu editor
QSVEncC added --profile main10
colour_primaries added to MediaInfo Folder View
NVEncC added --lookahead --cbrhq --vbrhq --aq-temporal --no-b-adapt --i-adapt --output-depth --strict-gop --vbr-quality --vpp-gauss --vpp-knn --vpp-pmd --device --preset --direct --adapt-transform --enable-ltr
added the possibility to use different x265 options in first and second pass
added setting 'Snap to desktop edges'
added option to extract timecodes file from MKV (Options > Misc, disabled by default)
added timecodes file option to muxer dialog, can be TXT or MKV
added support for hardcoded subtitles using VapourSynth for srt, ass, idx/vobsub, sup/pgs
added the possiblity to use special GUI macros like $select:val1;val2$ in filter profiles, this is now used in the defaults for AssumeFPS for instance
apps dialog will show dependencies for scripts like QTGMC
flash3kyuu_deband VapourSynth support added
new macro %eval_ps:% added to evaluate PowerShell expressions
various improvements in the batch/cli audio encoder GUI
defaults tab added to video filter profile editor and several menu editors
added option to encode audio with the channels count of the audio source file
added support for VirtualDub frame server files with vdr extension
ffmpeg demuxing GUI added, only audio is supported so far, input types can be configured in the settings (Tools > Settings > Demuxing > ffmpeg > Edit), default is avi, ts, flv
added new powershell script for re-muxing
added option to define a default subtitle name
added option to enable a default subtitle
added possibility to define tags for MKV muxer
support for using AviSynth filters in VapourSynth, LoadPlugin calls are added automatically
added cover support for MP4 and MKV muxer
added forced option for audio streams
every job is always processed in a new staxrip instance and every instance run only one job and starts then a new instance if necessary
Fixed Bugs
format 'E-AC3 EX' was unknown to eac3to demuxer
fixed x265 command line generation for --limit-tu
added missing check if Visual C++ 2012 is installed when masktools2, SangNom2 or VCEEncC are used
nnedi3 plugin wasn't loaded via LoadPlugin using avs function nnedi3_rpow2
in the scripting/code editor it was often needed to right-click a second time until the context menu showed
fixed incompatible format like wmv being passed to mkvmerge and mp4box
KNLMeansCL wasn't loaded for HAvsFunc/SMDegrain
fixed x265 context help using right-click due to changed x265 URL
fixed wrong stream used for audio encoding using eac3to when audio source file is mkv
PCM wasn't demuxed from MP4/MOV files
shutdown was broken on creators update
changed x264 qpmin default value from 10 to 0
fixed more then one hardcoded subtitle is added to the script automatically
snap to desktop edges not working properly
fixed bug using UNC paths
copy to clipboard in MediaInfo dialog did not work
fixed PowerShell scripts not being executed on the GUI thread
fixed rare crash Win 7 failing to load included Segoe font file
fixed issues staxrip using wrong stream IDs for ffmpeg and mkvmerge
the option to demux all subtitles did only demux preferred subtitles
not all forced subtitles were picked up
each code text field in the code editor is not limited to 15 lines to prevent the dialog get's higher then the screen and thus the OK and Cancel button disappearing offscreen
menu item hights were inconstistent with certain DPI settings
menu item height increased
added colorspace = "YV12" default everywhere FFVideoSource is used to open 10Bit sources, profiles have not been reset
higher quality antialiased font rendering added in various places
ensuring form show within the bounds of the working area (screen)
reduce CPU time while encoding
the message for low disk space is shown only once before jobs are created
idx/srt/ass renderer for avs/vs is now HomeOfVapourSynthEvolution/VSFilterMod
in case there are more then ten audio files or streams a sub menu is used
audio file detection prefers now dtsma and thd files
filter context menus open a lot quicker
if the name text box in the code editor is empty the main dialog will show the code
migrated C# HDR script to PowerShell
updated VapourSynth's built in filters
up/down menu items for the avs/vs filter list in main dialog
x265 --limit-tu defaults for slower and veryslow presets updated
in case the AviSynth script contains AudioDub the avs file can be selected as audio source file in the audio context menu
the manual filter selection dialog is now based on filter profiles and don't show avs and vs filters together but rather avs or vs depending on avs or vs is enabled
added DGSource to VapourSynth filter profiles
added mp4box cover art extraction
filter setup now also support Automatic as source filter which is also the default now
if the subtitle source is a container like MP4/MKV StaxRip checks the forced and default option
when staxrip demuxues subtitles it writes _forced to the filename and set the forced flag when it picks up the demuxed subtitles
when the source is a container like MP4/MKV the forced and default audio flags are applied
Cancel in message boxes is now English instead of the system language
improved DPI scaling, in particular for 96 DPI
subtitle and audio mkv demuxing was merged to happen in one run
the execute command line feature in the audio dialog don't close CMD.exe after execution
Updated Tools
QSVEncC 2.62
VCEEncC 3.06
HAvsFunc (vs) 2017-03-06
MediaInfo 0.7.93
ffmpeg 3.2.2
mvtools (vs) 18
KNLMeansCL 1.0.2
NVEncC 3.07
RgTools (avs) 0.95
AviSynth+ 2455
VapourSynth 37
VSFilterMod (avs, vs) 4
flash3kyuu_deband (avs, vs) 2.0.20140721
TIVTC (avs) 1.0.6
masktools2 2.2.7
yadifmod (vs) 10
L-SMASH-Works (avs) 929
vslsmashsource (vs) 929
qaac 2.64
mkvtoolnix 12.0.0
ffms2 2.2000 test6
mvtools2 (avs)
x265 2.4+27
MP4Box 0.7.2-DEV-rev37
x264 0.150.2833

v1.4.0.0-stable (2016-12-12)
New Features

LSFmod added for both AviSynth and VapourSynth, to create the LSFmod default filter profile go to: 'Filters > Profiles > Restore Defaults > OK' or alternatively: 'Tools > Advanced > Reset Setting > AviSynth/VapourSynth Filter Profiles > OK'
added new commands SetTargetFile and LoadSourceFile
added setting to define the minimum required disk space and added Continue and Abort option to the message box
VCEEncC (AMD H.264 encoder) switches added
SMDegrain added, to create the SMDegrain default filter profile go to: 'Filters > Profiles > Restore Defaults > OK' or alternatively: 'Tools > Advanced > Reset Setting > AviSynth Filter Profiles > OK'
some x265 changes
nnedi3 added to VapourSynth, to create the nnedi3 default filter profile go to: 'Filters > Profiles > Restore Defaults > OK' or alternatively: 'Tools > Advanced > Reset Setting > VapourSynth Filter Profiles > OK'
added setting to reverse mouse wheel video seek direction
context menu to copy added to media info dialog
Fixed Bugs

fixed C# scripting not working on Windows 7
fixed bug in audio detection when using a network drive as temp folder
fixed crash in processing dialog
fixed bug with automatic generation of audio profile names
fixed video comparison overwriting the log file
fixed codepage problem of non western europe locales
replaced ffmpeg with avs2pipemod for piping to x265 due to a character encoding bug with file names happening on non western locale systems
fixed various DPI scaling issues

improved audio detection using numeric order instead of alphanumeric order
license changed to MIT
Updated Tools

LSFmod 1.9
havsfunc 23
aWarpSharp2 2016-06-24
VCEEncC 2.0
nnedi3 (avs)
VC++ Runtime 2015
ffms2 2.23
qaac 2.61
avs2pipemod 1.1.1
MediaInfo 0.7.89
L-Smash-Works (avs/vs) 911
yadifmod2 (avs) 0.0.4-1
KNLMeansCL (avs/vs) 0.7.7
nnedi3 (vs) 10
x264 2721
ffmpeg 3.1.5
mvtools2 (avs)
MP4Box 0.6.2 current snapshot
finesharp (vs) 2016-08-21
havsfunc (vs) 24
mvtools (vs) 17
AviSynth+ 2294
VapourSynth 35
x265 2.1+69
MKVToolNix 9.6.0
NVEncC 3.02
QSVEncC 2.59

v1.3.7-stable (2016-06-14)
New Features

added new QSVEncC switches
added support to use network drive as temp folder
added yadifmod for VapourSynth. Due to popular request I didn't reset the filter profiles, to make the default filter profile for yadifmod available the filter profiles must be manually reset in the filter profile editor.
added new command SaveJpgByPath to preview dialog which can be used to customize the menu to save a jpg file to a fixed path without the file browser showing, the path can contain macros.
added taskbar progress support
Fixed Bugs

fixed the check for enough free space on the disk of the target file, instead of three times the source file one time is now enough
fixed crash StaxRip checking for enough free space in file batch mode and if target directory is network share
fixed Umlaute don't work on Windows 7
fixed many avs/vs scripts are created when the target file name is changed by typing
fixed feature to run jobs in new instance and changed the behaviour of this feature in that when the jobs complete the instance exits without overwriting the settings
Updated Tools

QSVEncC 2.51
yadifmod (VapourSynth) r9

New Features

added setting to prevent the StaxRip window to become the active foreground window if certain applications are currently in the foreground
added new option to disable audio and subtitle demuxing
added subtitle formats column to MediaInfo Folder View
added all missing x265 switches
added hardware decoding methods to x265 'Other' tab, this will bypass AviSynth though
added new standalone mkvextract GUI (Apps > Demux)
added new QSVEncC switches for hard coded subtitles
added MP4 support to standalone demux app
added -avsinfo starting AVSMeter without a source opened
added support for unicode filenames using VapourSynth, AviSynth don't support it
added mkv cutting support without encoding
added MSharpen x64 filter for AviSynth+ x64
added x264 10-Bit support, binary is not included, StaxRip will ask for the location
added ffmpeg codecs x264, x265 and ProRes
added codec help menu to ffmpeg options dialog which shows help for the currently selected codec, it displayes the output queried with 'ffmpeg -h encoder=name'
added option to define preferred audio languages
added audio and subtitle demuxing modes 'Show Dialog', 'Preferred', 'All', 'None'
added x265 changes for v1.9 183
added new option to automatically add hard coded subtitle
added option to define JPEG compression quality in 'Preview > Save JPG' and thumbnail generator
Fixed Bugs

custom switches were missing in the Intel Quick Sync encoding GUI for QSVEncC
fixed crash with ass file by replacing VSFilter with VSFilterMod

the batch audio profile uses now always batch execution, the PATH variable knows the location of ffmpeg, eac3to and BeSweet, the temp files directory is set as current directory, if input files is empty all files are excepted
the search feature of the apps dialog searches now also the supported filters of plugins
enabled audio demuxing using MP4Box for mov files
removed mkvinfo.exe which is 18 MB large and not really needed. It's large due to QT toolkit being used
mkv audio demuxing happens now all streams together instead of every stream separate, it's much faster now.
changed filter profiles editor to support both tab and 4 spaces for multiline profiles, tabs are converted to 4 spaces which is the standard in Python and Visual Studio
log file improvements
filters list view did not accept drag and drop with source files
enabled posibility to remux mov to mp4
the apps dialog writes the customized versions now to the settings folder so it don't matter if the startup folder has no write access
demuxed subtitles are now detected by ID with proper numeric order
improved Dolby Atmos handling
added check if enough disk space is available before a job runs
replaced drop down menus in Event Commands editor with menu based drop downs
Updated Tools

ffmpeg 2016-04-25
mkvtoolnix 9.2.0
MP4Box 0.6.2
mvsfunc 7
StaxRip Toolbox Demux 1.1
yadifmod2 0.0.4
AviSynth 1858
NVEncC 2.07
L-SMASH-Works 879
QSVEncC 2.50
qaac 2.59
x265 1.9 200
AVSMeter 2.2.8
MediaInfo 0.7.86
x264 2694


New Features

support for 3 or more audio tracks added to the muxing dialog
code preview added to filters menu and script preview renamed to code preview in script editor
added a command line switch -show-dialogs:bool and project option 'Show all dialogs when invoked from CLI', by default dialogs are not shown when StaxRip receives CLI arguments
yadifmod2 plugin for AviSynth added
TComb AviSynth plugin added
auto crop plugin replaced with new internal routine supporting both AviSynth and VapourSynth
better subtitle support for m2ts container
decoding options added for AMD encoder
larger x265 custom command line TextBox
x265 new switch added --rc-grain
the encoding options dialogs for x265, AMD, Intel and NVIDIA have now an option to display the full command line
new ffmpeg encoder output options 'H.264 NVIDIA', 'H.264 Intel', 'H.265 Intel', the currently used ffmpeg built doesn't yet support NVIDIA
video encoder profiles added for all encoding codecs StaxRip supports for ffmpeg: 'VP9', 'Xvid', 'ASP', 'Theora', 'H.264 Intel', 'H.265 Intel', 'H.264 NVIDIA'
ffmpeg decoding option -threads added, multi-threading is enabled by default but not recommended for dxva2 decoding and maybe for hardware decoding in general
VapourSynth QTGMC parameters TFF and Preset added to menu
more source and target parameters are now shown in the main dialog
in the scripting editor there is a Join feature to join all filters into one
QTGMC 3.33 for AviSynth
profiles can be saved from the x265/AMD/Intel/NVIDIA/ffmpeg encoding options dialogs
added shortcuts and Export to CSV to MediaInfo Folder View (Tools > Advanced)
added C# (Roslyn) and PowerShell scripting support. Scripts can be started at main menu > Tools > Scripts. There are commands in the command line, main menu and event commands to execute script code or script files.
three VapourSynth filter profiles added based on std.SetFieldBased
added user contributed script 'Convert Bluray (BT709) to 10bit 400nits (MaxFALL) HDR (rev2)'
in the options dialog the subtitles to auto load can now be defined with both two and three letter code, this is useful for people more familiar with three letter codes, both can be mixed, for undetermined previously 'iv' had to be used, now 'und' can also be used.
added setting to scale the UI to a custom factor
many new switches added to Intel Quick Sync encoding GUI for QSVEncC
many new switches added to NVIDIA encoding GUI for NVEncC
added option to set audio default stream
Fixed Bugs

fixed window freeze in eac3to dialog happening when eac3to fails on the input.
fixed showing filter selection dialog even if the source is vpy or avs
fixed StaxRip trying to auto correct the script even if the source is avs or vpy
fixed StaxRip recalculating the video bitrate even when the fixed bitrate option is used
avi muxer supports two audio tracks now
in some cases the two audio output file paths were identical
moving subtitles up and down wasn't working correctly
the new mp4box update should fix a bug many people reported
fixed editing dates in apps dialog not working with Persian calendar
fixed crash using ' character in file paths using VapourSynth
fixed inaccurate right and bottom magnifiers in crop dialog
fixed Python installed by miniconda not being detected
cropping values were multiplied by 2 using NVEncC
fixed subtitle size detection
fixed preview not fitting on screen under some conditions
fixed some issues opening avs or vpy as source file
added new source filter avisource.AVISource for VapourSynth, it can open avi and avs files
the filter selection dialog has now automatic options for both AviSynth and VapourSynth. For avs sources it shows also an option for VapourSynth since VapourSynth's AVISource can open avs files
d2vsource added to VapourSynth
fixed wrong font used pasting code in code editor
in the media info folder view (Tools > Advanced) the context menu functionality did not work for sub folders
in same situations it wasn't possible to close the crop dialog due to an script error, now the message box showing the error has an additional exit button
fixed High DPI scaling bug in the navigation bar of the x265 dialog
in case the audio or subtitle source file is mkv the original stream title was muxed even if it was deleted in StaxRip
line indentation wasn't preserved for multiline filter profiles

better error handling when the source is vpy or avs
when loading an audio file without language info the language of the audio profile/stream stays instead of being changed to undetermined
improved changelog
cutting with VapourSynth is now possible without AviSynth being installed (the audio cutting code was using AviSynth)
The info in the preview looks better and is readable regardless of the current background
source filter preferences in the settings dialog under Source Filter to configure which source filter should be used for a given file in case the source filter in the project is called Automatic is now also available for VapourSynth, with this VapourSynth support in StaxRip should be on par with AviSynth support making both scripting engines first class citizens
x265 tune grain defaults updated
improved bitrate calculation
The media info dialog shows the file size now also in mega byte instead of giga byte only
removed ffmpeg writing long build info to the log file
Video Comparison shows now indexing progress
added version or at least change date and x86 or x64 to every app in the apps dialog
set font to Consolas 10 in scripting editor
the checked list controls of the event command and jobs dialog were replaced with themed controls, in the jobs dialog multi select and Ctrl+A and Delete shortcuts are supported
besides detecting the python location of the regular setup and miniconda setup StaxRip now also searches in the PATH and Path environment variables for python
Updated Tools

AviSynth+ 1841
AVSMeter 2.2.0
ffmpeg 2016-03-10
fmtconv (vs) 20
mkvtoolnix 9.0.1
mp4box 0.6.0
mvtools (vs) v13
NVEncC 2.05
QSVEncC 2.45
x264 2692
x265 1.9+140
yadifmod2 (avs) 0.0.3

StaxRip x64 (2016-03-02)

New Features

various NVEncC improvements
--vpp-rotate option added to Intel encoder
--lossless switch added to NVEncC GUI for lossless H.264 encoding using a NVIDIA Maxwell GPU
in the eac3to dialog there is a new profiles feature to customize the default settings for the audio streams
Fixed Bugs

The audio gain option was only applied for ffmpeg and qaac, now it's also applied for eac3to
VapourSynth was crashing because StaxRip tried to manually load plugins that were already auto loaded
Removing a filter in the main dialog was broke
Added Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Packages as absolute requirement
VCEEncC didn't work due to incorrect command line generation
copy and execute command line feature in QS, NV and x265 dialogs should work now
wrong command line for MP3 ABR resulting in CBR
VapourSynth can be used now without AviSynth being installed (script must be set to VapourSynth before opening a source, certain audio features like cutting are AviSynth based)
new implementation for suspend, resume and abort
vslsmashsource should work now again
the PayPal donation link should always be in English now

Error exit codes are now also shown as hexadecimal value and are compared to system error codes, in case of a match the system error is shown and logged
Various x265 changes reflecting removed/added switches, options and defaults
replaced CropAbs with the new CropRel in VapourSynth but the profiles and templates are not reset
Updated Tools

eac3to 3.31
ffmpeg 2015-11-30
fmtconv 17
havsfunc 22
KNLMeansCL 0.7.5
lsmashsource/vlsmashsource 875
MediaInfo 0.7.83
mkvtoolnix 8.9.0
mvtools 11
nnedi3 8
NVEncC 2.004
qaac 2.58
QSVEncC 2.29
x265 1.9+54


New: Added VCEEncC support for AMD H.264 encoding
New: Added VapourSynth support for DGDecNV 2050
New: Added aWarpSharp2 plugin for AviSynth+
New: Added msmoosh (MSharpen and MSmooth) plugin for VapourSynth
New: Added finesharp script for VapourSynth
New: Added FluxSmooth plugin added for AviSynth and VapourSynth
New: Added option to disable the dialog for template selection
Fix: mkvmerge crashing on certain files
Fix: Some dialogs were shown in command line mode
Tweak: Added source filter profile 'Manual' for which the source filter selection dialog is shown
Tweak: Added download links and validation of correct version for AviSynth, VapourSynth, Python and DGDecNV
Tweak: Removed DGIndex and enabled ProjectX for VOB demuxing
Tweak: QSVEncC GUI improvements
Tweak: Improved backup feature for filter profiles
Tweak: Improved management of the settings location
Update: x265 1.7+497
Update: MediaInfo 0.7.77
Update: QSVEncC 2.12
Update: KNLMeansCL 0.6.2
Update: MP4Box 0.5.2-DEV-rev649
Update: mkvtoolnix 8.4.0
Update: qaac 2.55

StaxRip x64 beta (2015-08-30)

New: HEVC and MPEG-2 encoding modes added to Intel encoder
New: KNLMeansCL plugin added
New: Added option for fixed bitrate even though using a fixed bitrate is not recommended. It was added because over the years it was requested dozens of times. StaxRip will show a warning telling to rather use quality mode and constrain the maximum data rate if necessary
New: Added option to process a audio profile using the context menu in the main dialog
Tweak: Play feature adds resize filter to VapourSynth play script if the source PAR is non 1:1
Tweak: Added clear feature to audio file context menu to easily remove a audio file
Tweak: Added screen bounds magnet docking feature
Tweak: When jobs are completed StaxRip activates now the main window again like it did before but now StaxRip checks if a player is in the foreground and prevents activation if true, it works with MPC, VLC and MediaMonkey, other players might be added on request
Tweak: ProjectX and dsmux are always enabled by default but StaxRip checks only if Java and Haali is installed in case of ProjectX and dsmux are actually executed
Tweak: Improved DGDecNV and DGDecIM integration
fix: filenames with characters like not working VapourSynth
fix: fullscreen mode in preview was not working in Windows 10 because the task bar was in front
Update: x264 r2597
Update: x265 1.7+433
Update: AVSMeter 2.1.0
Update: ffmpeg 2015-08-28
Update: qaac 2.52
Update: NVEncC 1.09
Update: QSVEncC 2.11
Update: MKVToolNix 8.3.0

StaxRip x64 beta (2015-06-25)

New: Added full first class VapourSynth support including plugins and profile for QTGMC
New: Added possibility to switch dynamically between any source filter back and forth including DGSource and DGSourceIM. Indexing is triggered automatically in case no index file is present
New: Added vinverse plugin to remove residual combing from NTSC
New: Added GUI for demuxing MKV and MP4
New: Added feature to easily enable certain parameters for certain filters in the AviSynth editor. Currently supported are FFVideoSource and DGSource, more parameters and filters might be supported on request. Use it by right-clicking on FFVideoSource or DGSource in the AviSynth editor, the menu shows then NTSC options and hardware cropping and resizing options.
New: Added Play option for MPC playback in the AviSynth editor
New: Added two new options in the dialog to define files for batch processing to add a entire folder and a entire folder including sub-folders
New: Added new subtitle UI based on data view
New: Added option to generate subtitle names based on the subtitle language
New: x265 switch --limit-refs added
Fix: Disabled audio demuxing for MKV and MP4 by DGIndexNV and DGIndexIM because it's already demuxed by MP4Box and mkvextract
Fix: Tools/Directories/Plugins wasn't pointing to the AviSynth+ plugin directory
Fix: Wrong command line generated for --deblock
Update: QSVEncC 2.0 beta 11
Update: x265 1.7+234
Tweak: DTS bitrate is now unrestricted
Tweak: Moved field processing filters to dedicated category like before in StaxRip x86
Tweak: Replaced LinkLabels with Buttons in eac3to dialog
Tweak: The help for all included AviSynth plugins can now be accessed per menu in the AviSynth editor
Tweak: ProjectX is enabled by default in case Java exists, other dsmux will handle MPEG-2 TS
Tweak: In the dialog to define files for batch processing the 'Create Jobs' option was renamed to 'Demux and index before adding jobs', regardless of if this option is enabled jobs are always created
Tweak: Removed x86 and VS C++ 2013 from AviSynth+ installer bringing it from 18 MB down to 4 MB. Very often VS C++ 2013 is already installed and in case it ain't already installed StaxRip will show the Apps dialog which has a download button for VS C++ 2013.
Tweak: replaced avs4x26x with ffmpeg


Added feature to choose which source filter to use when a single file is opened, this gives more MeGUI manual workflow like control without giving up much of StaxRip's automated character
Fixed failing to show log file from main menu
Updated qaac to 2.49
Updated ffms2 to 2.22 RC2


Added Decomb x64 plugin
Greatly improved AviSynth editor
eac3to dialog is now surpressed in batch mode
Improved framerate correction
Replaced DGAVCDec with dsmux
Re-added backup feature to keep backup of filter, audio and video encoder profiles. It means when filter, audio or video encoder profiles are reset, previous profiles are still available in a Backup sub menu, the menu structure is customizable so profiles of the backup sub menu can be moved to top level using the profiles editor which supports multi selection.
Fixed wrong DGIndexNV demux configuration
Updated ffms2 to 2.21

StaxRip x64 pre-release (2015-05-19)

Added x265 switch --output-depth to choose between 8bit and 10bit output
Improved 'Demux Configuration' dialog
Fixed and changed cropping and resizing with QSVEncC, there is now for both crop and resize a special AviSynth filter profile 'Hardware Encoder' but if AviSynth is bypassed by enabling hardware decoding in QSVEncC then it's not necessary to use this special profiles, any crop or resize profile will do in this case.
Fixed bug audio streams not being detected for M2TS files
Updated x265 to x265_1.7+2
Updated QSVEncC to 2.0 beta 3 beta (2015-05-01)

Added QTGMC, masktools2, mvtools2, RGTools and nnedi3
Added new AviSynth editor
Added new macros: fps, fpsnum, fpsden, temp_file is now everywhere used where previously %working_dir%%target_name% was used
Added DGDecIM integration
Added 'Hardware Encoder' resize filter to AviSynth filter profiles which does nothing with AviSynth but enables the Quick Sync resizer
Added option to audio context menu to play audio together with the AviSynth script
Added possibility to use different settings directories for StaxRip 32-Bit and StaxRip 64-Bit
Added x265 options --qpstep and --qg-size
Updated ffms2 which fixes a critical memory leak
Updated AVSMeter to version 2.0.0
Updated AviSynth+ to version v1825
Updated XviD to v1.3.3
Updated x265 to v1.6+298
Updated hardware encoders supporting 64-Bit avs reading
Enabled dsmux to handle any kind of TS
Improved frame rate detection by using fpsnum and fpsden parameters on FFVideoSource and LWLibavVideoSource instead of AssumeFPS which did not work with some interlaced sources
Forced subtitles from DVDs are now added automatically but only if the forced subtitle is the language of the current locale and maximum one forced subtitle is added and the subtitle is added with a forced flag alpha (2015-04-27)

Fixed Win8/Win10 crash
Added AviSynth+ v0.1.0 r1779 installer alpha (2015-04-26)

Added xvid_encraw
DivXH265 encoder added
AVSMeter stays open when finished
15 plugins are now integrated alpha (2015-04-26)

StaxRip uses now AviSynth+ 64-Bit exclusively
x265 is 10-Bit only, using 8-Bit is as simple as replacing the executable
x264 is 8-Bit only, using 10-Bit is as simple as replacing the executable
Hardware encoders don't work currently due to missing avs reading support in the x64 builds
All AviSynth plugins except ffms2 and l-smash are gone due to missing x64 version, RgTools, SangNom2 and checkmate added
Fixed audio delay not always shown in main dialog
Improved VP9 GUI and default values
Updated ffmpeg with new libvpx 1.4 for improved VP9 encoding beta (2015-04-13)

Added support for very long file names by shortening the name of the temp files directory
Added codec comparison tool for codec comparisons (Tools/Advanced/Codec Comparison)
Added the possibility to show the LAV Filters video decoder configuration (Tools/Advanced/LAV Filters...)
Added AVSMeter for benchmarking AviSynth scripts (Tools/Advanced/AVSMeter)
Added SincResize AviSynth filter
Added vpxenc encoding tool for VP9 encoding and added a command line profile, a GUI will follow soon
Improved GUI for QSVEncC (tool for Intel Quick Sync H.264 GPU encoding)
Improved x265 GUI, new options added, improved layout, improved help
Improved thumbnail generator printing more info
Improved MediaInfo Folder View (at Tools/Advanced/MediaInfo Folder View), list of audio codecs, context menu with various options, automatic layout
Fixed crash opening MP4 files with EIA-608 subtitles used by Apple
Fixed help browser not using word wrap
Fixed shutdown not working
Updated x265 to version x265 1.6+174
Updated QSVEncC to 1.33 (Tool for Intel H.264 GPU encoding)
Updated NVEncC to 1.05 (Tool for NVIDIA H.264 and H.265 GPU encoding)
Updated ffmpeg (2015-03-30)

Added GUI for NVEncC (tool for NVIDIA H.264/H.265 GPU encoding)
Added GUI for QSVEncC (tool for Intel Quick Sync H.264 GPU encoding)
Added x265 option --pools
Added x265 option --frame-threads
Added x265 option --min-cu-size
Added x265 option --log-level frame and updated help for --log-level
Added x264 option --aq-mode 3 (Auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes)
Fixed video stream of audio source being muxed into MP4
Reverted to old shutdown method due to bug report
Updated mkvtoolnix version 7.8.0 (River Man) supporting DTS Express
Updated eac3to to version 3.29 supporting DTS-HD decoding
Updated ffmpeg supporting DTS-HD decoding
Updated eac3to to version 1.5+370
Updated QSVEncC (tool for Intel H.264 GPU encoding) to version 1.32 (2015-03-19)

Enabled raw AAC files input for MP4 container output
Fixed framerate being falsely detected as 25 in certain countries
Added Haali Splitter, StaxRip asks only to install it if dsmux is enabled (Tools/Settings/Demux) or when MKV output is selected in the eac3to dialog, both is selected and enabled by default and I recommend to keep it so (2015-03-16)

Added macros %media_info_video:property% and %media_info_audio:property%
Added options in preview to copy the time of the current position, to save the current frame as JPG and replaced the Info feature with a better looking one
Added timeout of 2 minutes to most common shown error dialog so job processing continues
Fixed AAC output failure
Fixed assistant complaing about subtitle cutting being not supported even when muxing is disabled
Fixed command line based encoders not working with certain paths and characters
Fixed default audio language being German instead of local, this is saved in projects and templates and not in audio profiles
Fixed MP4Box failing to demux in case the output already exists from a previous job run for instance
Fixed MP4Box leaving temp files in system temp directory
Fixed MP4Box failing due to missing libraries
Fixed play feature not working in filters menu and subtitle menu due to missing YV12 decoder, the solution is the same as for preview and cropping window converting to RGB
Fixed play feature of the filters menu audio not working with cutting
Fixed qaac not accepting FLAC due to missing libflac
Fixed temp files directory being deleted even if it contains more jobs to encode
Fixed wrong text encoding in log file and log window
Improved eac3to error handling
Improved Log text and window showing more infos with better formatted text, the windows uses word wrap and remembers it's size
Updated MP4Box to 0.5.2-DEV-rev107
Updated NVEncC to 1.04
Updated L-SMASH-Works to r784
Updated x265 to 1.5+258
Reverted ffms2 back to 2.20 due to memory leak beta (2015-03-11)

Improved cli/batch/script GUI
Improved eac3to GUI and error handling
Fixed invalid script used for non mod 4 sources
Fixed invalid script used for RGB sources
Fixed decimal number framerates being imprecise
Fixed unnecessary WAV to FLAC conversion when DirectShowFilter is used
Fixed gain detection with ffmpeg to normalize audio didn't use the correct stream using mkv as audio source file
Updated AviSynth, eac3to, ffms2, ffmpeg, x264, x265, MP4Box, QSVEncC, NVEncC beta (2015-03-02)

Added QSVEncC Intel Quick Sync H.264 encoding tool support
Improved job processing
Improved load times and responsiveness
Changed the Play feature for audio and subtitles to use NicAudio or DirectShowSource instead of FFAudioSource because FFAudioSource requires additional slow indexing
Fixed x265 project template being not properly initialized
Fixed anamorphic not being signaled to nvidia encoder, added new macro %target_sar%
Fixed crash in x264 dialog
Updated mkvtoolnix to v7.7.0
Updated NVEncC to v1.02 beta (2015-02-16)

Added qaac encoder, Apple library not included
Added nvidia GPU encoder supporting H.265 encoding with GTX 960 card
Added setting to prevent windows entering standby mode while encoding
Fixed shutdown feature not executed by the last instance only
Improved eac3to GUI
Improved AviSynth filter profiles editor
Improved audio encoding GUI
Improved MediaInfo GUI
Improved command line audio and video encoding GUI, processing as batch now supporting piping
Updated x265 builds to version 1.5 and updated x265 GUI
Updated mkvtoolnix to version 7.6.0 beta (2015-01-31)

Added new audio cutting method using mkvmerge and made it default for all audio formats.
Added many small improvements in audio processing
Added more x265 switches, there is a GUI option for more then 80 switches now, a search feature searching label, switch and help and a option for additional custom switches
Added feature to the x265 dialog to easily reset numeric values and option values to their default value by double clicking on the label
Added L-SMASH-Works AviSynth source filter, DGAVCDec removed
Added C++/QT based BDSup2Sub++, removed Java based BDSup2Sub
Added latest versions of ffms2 and MP4Box
Added setting to define which source filter will be used for a given source container in case the source filter is automatic
Added option to jobs dialog to either run job processing in the current or a new StaxRip instance, job processing works completely different now
Added ts to mkv remuxing configuration using Haali's dsmux, it works better then using TS directly or remuxing with mkvmerge
Improved GUI and help in various locations
Improved usability in eac3to demuxing dialog
Fixed compressibility check being broken in various configurations
Fixed bug with idx file containing multiple subtitles and fixed a vsrip related crash
Fixed bug Java not being found, i
f ProjectX is enabled in the settings Java is required. beta (2015-01-16)

Added generic ffmpeg video encoder with Xvid, VP9 and Theora enabled
Added generic ffmpeg muxer with option to use any ffmpeg supported target container
Added 4 different x264 builds and 4 different x265 builds, 32/64-Bit, 8/10-Bit. Which build to use can be defined at Tools/Settings/System. The version string at Tools/Applications shows version, compiler version and source/website of the build.
Fixed crash using Windows 98 classic theme (2015-01-13)

Removed requirement for YV12 decoder
Removed XviD and DivX encoding feature
Removed Windows XP support due to migration to .NET 4.5
Added full x265 support including rich GUI
Added better GUI for settings replacing all treeview based settings
Added better MediaInfo GUI
Added setting to define a external player for avs files
Added support for Opus audio encoding using ffmpeg
Added options to disable audio and subtitle demuxing
Added option to choose the audio source stream index using the audio source context menu
Added feature to use mkv and mp4 as subtitle source file for mkv muxer
Added setting to disable tooltips of menu items, tooltips can still be shown by right-clicking menu items
Fixed various issues with ffmpeg audio encoding
Updated various applications such as x264 and mkvtoolnix (2013-06-30)

Updated mkvtoolnix to v6.3.0
Updated x264 to r2334
Updated eac3to to 3.27
Updated MediaInfo to version 0.7.63
Updated ffmpeg
Various minor changes (2012-10-14)

Updated mkvtoolnix to version 5.8.0
Updated x264 to version r2216
Updated ffms2 to version 2.16
Updated MediaInfo to version
Added Drag & Drop support in text boxes that edit code and command lines
Added option for DGDecodeNV cropping (Ask | Enabled | Disabled)
Added the flat Windows 8 menu style
Added various iPhone and iPad generations to the x264 device option
Fixed various cosmetic problems beta (2011-11-23)

Updated mkvtoolnix to version 5.0.1
Updated x264 to version r2106
Updated ProjectX to version (still no H.264 support)
Updated MediaInfo to version
Updated ffmpeg built at 2011-11-21
Updated ffms2 to version 2.16
Added GUI option for Vorbis 5.1 using ffmpeg
Added setting to define style for menus and toolbars beta (2011-05-22)

Updated MP4Box to version 0.4.6 that hopefully fixes sync problems
Updated ffms2 to version 2.15 mt
Updated x264 to version r1995
Updated mkvtoolnix to version 4.7.0
Fixed bug 'DTS Express' format not detected
Added option to modify existing cut selection, overlapping selections are merged beta (2010-09-19)

* Fixed trying to create forced subtitle files without Java being installed
* Fixed Java x64 not being detected
* Fixed StaxRip trying to use a network directory as temp files directory, opening a source from a network directory StaxRip will now ask for a local temp files directory
* Fixed native crash in the Event Commands editor happening with command having Boolean values
* Fixed bug failing to mux mono audio streams
* Updated Nero to version 1.5.4
* Updated x264 to r1724
* Changed default audio processing back to BeSweet for input formats supported by BeSweet, apparently it's more reliable then eac3to
* Changed start credits default to q=30, end credits q=35, reset preview dialog menu to force new defaults
* Enabled sup to sub conversion by default and silently omit execution in case Java isn't installed beta

* Improved source aspect ratio and frame rate detection
* New Getting Started dialog for beginners
* Various tweaks to improve handling of rare formats
* Updated DGMPGDec to version 1.5.8
* Replaced old folder browser with new vista filder browser
* Fixed bug video delay in MKV not detected
* Added various eac3to and BeSweet options
* Updated x264 to r1703 beta (2010-08-22)

* If StaxRip finds a vobsub subtitle containing forced captions it will create a separate vobsub file containing only forced subtitles using *_Forced.idx as filename
* Fixed bug PSP device setting not using --b-pyramid none. Encoder profiles weren't reset so either must be reset manually or the PSP profiles must be corrected manually
* Fixed UI bugs on small resolutions like Netbooks have
* Subtitles with unknown language use now undetermined instead of the current locale language
* Added warning regarding missing DirectShow filters
* Added support to use wmv as audio source file with 'just Mux' audio profile, it will mux WMA into MKV then
* Added option to downconvert to 16-bit (enabled by default)
* Updated x264 to r1698
* Updated eac3to to version 3.24 beta (2010-08-10)

* Fixed bug trying to run DGIndexNV even though it's not installed
* Fixed bug same source file picked up for both audio tracks
* Fixed bug mkvmerge custom command line parameters with attachments added to MP4Box custom command line parameters
* Fixed bug subtitle preview in cropping dialog not showing subtitles due to MakeMKV created idx files not being compatible with vsfilter, also inserted subtitle filter after cropping both in the subtitle preview and in the add hardcoded subtitle feature in the main dialog
* Added WebM video encoder profile with simple GUI, WebM muxer profile and WebM template
* eac3to demuxer defaults now to mkv output, DGIndexNV, ffms2 and DSS can open it, DGAVCDEC can't
* Removed asking to demux video from MKV now using defaults, AVC and MPEG-2 is not demuxed since DSS, ffms2 and DGIndexNV can open it
* In case the first audio decoding method fails a second method is tried
* Changed shortcut for 'No Crop' in Cropping dialog to N and added new menu item 'Crop Options...' showing the crop options directly from the Cropping dialog
* In case the audio track language is undetermined StaxRip now first tries to find a track with language of the current locale as track 1 and english as track 2
* Improved source PAR detection for some formats (beta 2010-07-31)

* Added option to convert Blu-ray subtitles to VobSub subtitles using BDSup2Sub (Options > Subtitles > Convert Sup to Sub)
* Added support for moving crop values into dgi file for GPU cropping (there is a question after the crop dialog closes)
* Added NV tools to applications dialog and launch menu
* Added source filter profiles DGSource 720p and DGSource 1024x576 but without reseting profiles
* Added option to force ffmpeg as audio encoder, mostly useful to decode
* Added warning appearing when the input format isn't supported by the audio encoder using the Execute feature in the audio dialog
* Added possibility to edit the location and version in the Applications dialog, see F1, F11, F12 shortcuts
* Added preview option in muxing dialog to preview subtitles with a external player including audio
* Added option to open SUP and VobSub subtitles with BDSup2Sub in the muxing dialog useful to take a look at the subtitle content
* Added display of file size for each subtitle file in the muxing dialog
* Fixed bug second audio track not being picked up
* Fixed bug audio delay not detected demuxing mkv
* Fixed bug Execute feature in audio dialog not working when no video source is loaded
* Fixed bug aspect ratio not properly detected for some source formats
* Updated x264 to r1683
* Updated mkvtoolnix to version 4.2.0
* Updated ffmpeg to 2010-07-25
* Updated MediaInfo to version
* Reorganized muxing dialog
* Changed eac3to to be the default AAC encoder
* Disabled header compression for mkv muxing
* Playing the script at Tools > Play file > AviSynth script or in the Preview dialog at Tools > External Preview adds sound to the script using NicAudio if possible and resizes to set the aspect ratio if necessary. It's now also possible to play the script from the filters menu in the main dialog (beta 2010-07-15)

* x264 updated to revision 1675
* Added workaround to make DGMultiSource work
* Added x264 switches open-gop, colorprim, transfer, colormatrix, overscan, videoformat, fullrange, pic-struct, chromaloc


* Fixed crash making a comp. check with sources having a high bitrate
* Fixed crash streams in MKV sources containing titles using Unicode
* Fixed bitrate not set using DivX ASP anamorphic (patch by Nico Hanus)
* Fixed DivX container not acception invariant language (patch by Nico Hanus)
* Fixed DivX ASP new fast first pass mode not working (patch by Nico Hanus)
* Added setting to encode audio in parallel, disabled by default
* Added option to change sample rate in audio dialog
* Updated x264 to r1542, added Superfast preset, added --nal-hrd switch, added Blu-ray device and profile
* Updated mkvtoolnix to v3.3.0
* Updated eac3to to v3.18
* Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.30
* Updated ffmpeg to 2010-04-21 beta

* Fixed crash making a comp. check with sources having a high bitrate
* Fixed crash streams in MKV sources containing titles using Unicode
* Added setting to encode audio in parallel, disabled by default
* Added option to change sample rate in audio dialog
* Updated x264 to r1510, added Superfast preset, added --nal-hrd switch, added Blu-ray device and profile
* Updated mkvtoolnix to v3.3.0
* Updated eac3to to v3.18
* Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.30 beta

* Added eac3to GUI for Blu-ray demuxing
* Added feature to save thumbnails similar like the MPC feature, can be enabled in the options under Advanced > Image and customized in the settings under General > Advanced > Thumbnails. To generate thumbnails without processing a project go to Tools > Advanced > Batch generate thumbnails
* Added feature to cut using mkvmerge when just muxing is used and no encoding is performed, can be enabled in the muxer configuration
* Added feature to append code to Trim functions useful to add FadeIn/FadeOut (Options > Advanced > Filters)
* Added support for file extensions containing non word characters, *.thd+ac3 for instance
* Added support muxing Blu-ray audio formats
* Added better default handling for various formats
* Added option to encode audio to Flac using eac3to
* Updated mkvtoolnix to version 3.2.0 ('Beginnings')
* Updated x264 to r1471. Reset video encoder profiles because the default for --b-pyramid was changed to normal in x264. Projects/jobs/templates are not reset.


* Added new GUI for audio with AC3 support using eac3to. The new GUI will serve as foundation for better Blueray and AVCHD support in future versions
* Added possibility to use shift key to crop 8 pixel instead of 2 pixel while cropping using mousewheel. Added menu item in crop dialog to remove all cropping. Added DAR display in crop dialog status display
* Added display for target DAR, PAR and SAR in main dialog (SAR = Storage Aspect Ratio). Added display for Source DAR in main dialog. Mod values are only displays when differ from 16/16
* Added DGMPGDEC 1.5.7 and changed it to run hidden reporting progress to StaxRip
* Improved user interface to match Vista/Win 7 look and feel.
* Improved handling of various input formats
* Updated mkvtoolnix to version 3.0.0
* Updated x264 to r1376
* Moved preparers from project options to settings
* Fixed application dialog slow loading, high memory usage and crashes on faulty systems
* Fixed not taking notice of script changes resulting in different image size, framerate, length etc.
* Fixed bug force film detection being broke
* Various other minor fixes, improvements and updates beta

* Added option to the profiles dialog to batch move profiles out of and into sub menus
* Added new AviSynth plugins and filter profiles
* Added new handling to deal with settings stored with old versions
* Added better help integration
* Replaced AviSynth plugin auto loading with manual loading
* Fixed crashes reported by various users beta

* Added option to force source display aspect ratio
* Added option to force static crop values
* Added option to show an application's help file in the Applications dialog
* Added support for sub menus in the filter menu
* Added various new AviSynth filters profiles
* Added various new audio and video profiles and changed menu structure
* Added menu to choose image size in main dialog
* Added menu to override the auto detection of the source PAR
* Added task dialog to quickly find and perform the following tasks: batch encode files using audio profiles, copy macros, reset settings, show the help file of application, launch a application, open the directory of a application, show the website of a application
* Added option to play various files (Tools / Play File)
* Added option to show various files (Tools / Show File)
* Added option to show media info on various files (Tools / Media Info)
* Added x264 zones feature to preview
* Added support for OGM sources
* Updated mkvtoolnix to version 2.9.9
* Updated x264 to rev 1354
* Fixed bug AAC decoding not working, now using FAAD2 instead of ffmpeg
* Fixed crash using the auto overcrop feature used in the iPod template
* Fixed bug causing mkv demuxing to fail on unusual ordered streams
* Fixed bug preventing DGMultiSource to be used
* Changed TS AVC handling from DGAVCDEC to DirectShow beta

* Added support for DivX Plus, iPod, iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360 and Zune
* Added support for .NET 3.5 Client Profile which is much smaller than the full framework
* Added new FAQ at wikispaces which is a very good free wiki service
* Added x264 version 1342 with new option --weightp
* Added DGMPGDEC version 1.5.6
* Fixed bug aspect ratio not properly detected for some HD sources
* Fixed bug command line import in x264 dialog not working properly
* Fixed bug MKV demuxing not working properly
* Fixed bug AAC decoding not working properly
* Fixed bug DirectShow decoding not working properly
* Fixed bug showing too big commandlink buttons on XP
* Fixed bug pausing/resuming processes not working properly
* Fixed bug AVCSource() being forced for dga files preventing NV tools usage beta

* Fixed x264 command line generation for --nr and --rc-lookahead switches
* Updated x264 to rev 1310 and added new options for --b-pyramid
* Improved default handling for various source formats beta

* Fixed some labels not updated in the x264 dialog and reorganized some controls beta

* Added iPod/iPhone template
* Changed x264 dialog to update all options choosing presets/profiles/tunings
* Removed aborting in case muxing failed beta

* Added Vista TaskDialog support
* Added Search and Go To feature in x264 dialog
* Added tooltips in x264 dialog
* Added option to import/export profiles to profiles dialog
* Added support for m4a output using custom command lines
* Updated x264 to r1222 and added support for 4 new x264 features
* Updated VirtualDub to version 1.9.4
* Updated MP4Box
* Fixed crash auto crop failing, now showing just error message
* Fixed project files being saved in startup directory using batch mode beta

Vista CommandLink buttons enabled, looks worse on XP now...
Updated x264 to 1184 and added new AQ mode Auto-variance
Added reset button in external applications dialog to reset the location
Added checkboxes to setup dialog to control what to setup
Added context menu in x264 dialog to copy the command line
Fixed bug user privileges wrong detected leading to fail registering YV12 decoder
Fixed setup issues on Win XP

Release Name: StaxRip beta

Fixed bug AviSynth plugins setup failing on 64bit systems
Updated x264 to version 1179
Updated mkvtoolnix to version 2.9.7
Updates x264 features reflecting recent x264 changes

Release Name: StaxRip beta

Updated MKVToolnix to version 2.9.5
Updated DGMPGDec to 1.5.5
Updated DGAVCDec to 1.0.9
Updated AviSynth 2.5.8
Updated x264 to 1173
Updated XviD to 1.2.2
Updated x264 profiles
Updated Sharktooth's x264 profiles to version 80
Updated mkvtoolnix to version 2.3.0
Updated Nero AAC Encoder to version

Various controls updated to use Vista/Win 7 theme
Removed download feature and added setup application
Added option to define directory for temporary files
Profiles dialog supports now multiselect and keyboard shortcuts
Fixed issue wave file decoded from wmv files not being saved in temp dir
Reorganized X264 dialog
Some x264 options updated/added
Always visible command line preview in x264 dialog
In the command line preview for x264 changed switches are highlighted
Speed and quality hints for common x264 options
Full Support for some privat alpha H.264 encoder

beta (2009-04-06)

* Updated x264
* Updated x264 profiles
* Added option to define directory for temporary files and to delete it after the encoding
* Updated DGAVXDec to version 1.0.2
* Profiles dialog supports now multiselect and shortcuts to move and delete profiles
* Updated mkvtoolnix to version 2.3.0
* Updated Nero AAC Encoder to version
* Reorganized X264 dialog
* Some x264 options updated/added
* Always visible command line preview in x264 dialog with highlighting of changed options
* Speed and quality hints for common x264 options
* Updated Sharktooth's x264 profiles to version 80
* Full Support for some privat alpha H.264 encoder

beta (200?-??-??)

* Added option to define directory for temporary files and to delete it after the encoding
* Updated DGAVXDec to version 1.0.2
* Updated x264 to 996
* Profiles dialog supports now multiselect and shortcuts to move and delete profiles
* Updated mkvtoolnix to version 2.3.0
* Updated Nero AAC Encoder to version
* Reorganized X264 dialog
* Some x264 options updated/added
* Always visible command line preview in x264 dialog with highlighting of changed options
* Speed and quality hints for common x264 options
* Updated Sharktooth's x264 profiles to version 80
* Full Support for some privat alpha H.264 encoder (2008-07-10)

* Added support for custom source PAR
* Many fixes and Improvements regarding various source formats
* Many minor fixes and improvements
* x264 updated to 900
* DGAVCDec updated to 1.0.0a26 (info)
* Some new MKV features added (info)
* Tooltip added to tray icon showing console output (info)
* Preparers can define which formats to be used and which not
* Various aspect ratio fixes and improvements
* VirtualDub updated to 1.8.1 (info)
* Pass through encoder improved to handle not only previously encoded project but also source files
* Since the pass through encoder was improved StaxRip can now be used to (batch) remux source files.
* MediaInfo updated to version, it fixes reading aspect ratio from anamorphic avi source files
* Some fixes and improvements picking up audio files
* Added MP4 demuxing, improved MKV demuxing
* Added support for more then one IDX (vobsub) file (info)
* Added support to reorder IDX (vobsub) subtitles (info)
* Various setup fixes and improvements (info, info, info)
* Many useful directories added to the main menu
* A couple of improved tooltips (info)
* Fixed two bugs with adding jobs from a second StaxRip instance (info, info)
* New command to play a sound file (info)


* Many minor fixes and improvements
* x264 updated to 892
* DGAVCDec updated to 1.0.0a26 (info)
* Some new MKV features added (info)
* Tooltip added to tray icon showing console output (info)
* Preparers can define which formats to be used and which not
* Various aspect ratio fixes and improvements
* VirtualDub updated to 1.8.1 (info)
* Many fixes and Improvements regarding various source formats
* Pass through encoder improved to handle not only previously encoded project but also source files
* Since the pass through encoder was improved StaxRip can now be used to (batch) remux source files.
* MediaInfo updated to version, it fixes reading aspect ratio from anamorphic avi source files
* Some fixes and improvements picking up audio files
* Added MP4 demuxing, improved MKV demuxing
* Added support for more then one IDX (vobsub) file (info).
* Added support to reorder IDX (vobsub) subtitles (info).
* DGAVCDec was updated to version 1.00a23 (info)
* Various setup fixes and improvements (info, info, info)
* Many useful directories added to the main menu
* A couple of improved tooltips (info)
* Fixed two bugs with adding jobs from a second StaxRip instance (info, info)
* New command to play a sound file (info) (2008-05-27)

* Fixed bug changes to the audio command line don't get saved (2008-05-27)

* x264 updated to 859
* DGMPEGDEC updated to version 1.5.0
* The filter list control can be double-clicked in the empty area below the filters to add new filters
* Added support for creating jobs with a second StaxRip instance
* Fixed audio settings dialog command line preview not reflecting all changed parameters
* Added command to set the maximum value of the target image resize slider
* Menu item added in preview to set the end credits
* Fixed various aspect ratio related bugs occuring with HD sources
* Added support for image subtitles for MP4
* Fixed shutdown being broke by XP SP3
* Fixed broken Quick Search dialog which didn't set the selected path
* mkvtoolnix updated to version 2.2.0
* Downloading a external application will now delete the install files of the previous version
* Fixed bug StaxRip asking for ProjectX and Java even when ProjectX is disabled
* x264 profiles updated
* Controls for various x264 switches added
* Import of x264 profiles added
* Yadif AviSynth filter added
* Fixed bug in calculations occuring when crop values are set but the filter is disabled or missing

* The aspect ratio display in the main dialog displays now the PAR
* Support for using AviSynth scripts as source file
* Distribution is now only three files (StaxRip.exe, Stax.dll, ReadFirst!.txt), 7-Zip archive is only 310 KB!
* The .NET library to unpack zip files was replaced with 7-Zip to unpack external application
* The Issue modul got dumped because of several issues, a forum is used instead for support now
* The documents directory was removed, all docs are now online or created dynamically
* Online links in the help browser are now opened with the default browser
* Feature to add and remove file associations (main menu under 'Tools')
* Couple of cosmetic changes in the main dialog
* ProjectX updated to 0.90.2
* Vorbis updated to TuVb5.5
* Added possibility to copy seperators in the menu editor
* DivX settings of old DivX versions will be reused with new DivX versions.
* Various new macros and commands added
* Split of output file added for XviD/DivX AVI output
* MKV preparer added demuxing all streams using mkvextract
* DGAVCIndex preparer added
* The muxing profiles were replaced with a universal muxing profile that auto detects the stream type
* New option which output mod to force, this was hardcoded to 16 previously
* The range of the resize slider is adjusted automatically according the source image size
* Improved assistant tips
* TomsMoComp motion compensating deinterlace filter added
* Improved Vista UAC handling
* The mode in the dialog to open source files was changed to use large command buttons instead of a small list box
* The profile 'Misc/No Encoding' was replaced with 'x264 pass through and 'AVI pass through'
* New option to use NicAudio as alternative cutting method for mp2 and ac3
* The x264 fixed size and constant quality profiles are now based on the HQ-Slow profile
* MP4Box was downgraded since the used versions had some issues
* Fixed assistant complaining the image size isn't mod 16 even when it is
* The crop and preview dialog have improved startup dimensions for HD sources
* With auto resize disabled StaxRip will now auto adjust the height according to the aspect ratio
* New option to limit the aspect ratio to a defined value to auto crop the width instead
* Fixed a bug with three pass encoding
* Fixed crash caused by applications like TrueCrypt creating virtual hard drives
* The preview can now show the display aspect ratio for anamorphic sources
* The preview has now a menu to toggle between aspect ratios for anamorphic sources
* The video and the window position of the crop and in the preview dialog is now remembered
* The page in the x264 dialog is remembered
* The external preview menu in the preview use now KMPlayer or MPC passing the current video position
* Added setting to use double-click instead of single-click for the tray icon, the default remains single-click
* When the process window is hidden in the tray, all applications will now be started hidden
* Added button to the processing dialog showing a menu to disable jobs
* The MKV and MP4 container settings have a option to add additional command line switches
* The x264 dialog has a feature to manage custom switches more convenient
* Automatic VobSub is now always performed if the option is enabled
* Changing encoding settings from quality mode to multi pass and back updates the menu now
* Changing the encoder will keep the muxer if compatible
* Improved verifications to prevent users from problems
* Improved diagnostics to help users better with errors
* Most command line applications are executed hidden showing the output on the log dialog

1.?.?.? (200?-??-??) beta

* DGMPEGDEC updated to version 1.5.0
* The filter list control can be double-clicked in the empty area below the filters to add new filters
* Added support for creating jobs with a second StaxRip instance
* Fixed audio settings dialog command line preview not reflecting all changed parameters
* Added command to set the maximum value of the target image resize slider
* Menu item added in preview to set the end credits
* Fixed various aspect ratio related bugs occuring with HD sources
* Added support for image subtitles for MP4
* Fixed shutdown being broke by XP SP3
* Fixed broken Quick Search dialog which didn't set the selected path
* mkvtoolnix updated to version 2.2.0
* Downloading a external application will now delete the install files of the previous version
* Fixed bug StaxRip asking for ProjectX and Java even when ProjectX is disabled
* x264 profiles updated
* Controls for various x264 switches added
* Import of x264 profiles added
* Yadif AviSynth filter added
* Fixed bug in calculations occuring when crop values are set but the filter is disabled or missing
* The aspect ratio display in the main dialog displays now the PAR
* Support for using AviSynth scripts as source file
* Distribution is now only three files (StaxRip.exe, Stax.dll, ReadFirst!.txt), 7-Zip archive is only 310 KB!
* The .NET library to unpack zip files was replaced with 7-Zip to unpack external application
* Website updated from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6
* The Issue modul got dumped because of several issues, a forum is used instead for support now
* The documents directory was removed, all docs are now online or created dynamically
* Online links in the help browser are now opened with the default browser
* Feature to add and remove file associations (main menu under 'Tools')
* Couple of cosmetic changes in the main dialog
* ProjectX updated to 0.90.2
* Vorbis updated to TuVb5.5
* Added possibility to copy seperators in the menu editor
* DivX settings of old DivX versions will be reused with new DivX versions.
* Various new macros and commands added
* Split of output file added for XviD/DivX AVI output
* x264 updated to 820
* MKV preparer added demuxing all streams using mkvextract
* DGAVCIndex preparer added
* The muxing profiles were replaced with a universal muxing profile that auto detects the stream type
* New option which output mod to force, this was hardcoded to 16 previously
* The range of the resize slider is adjusted automatically according the source image size
* Improved assistant tips
* TomsMoComp motion compensating deinterlace filter added
* Improved Vista UAC handling
* The mode in the dialog to open source files was changed to use large command buttons instead of a small list box
* The profile 'Misc/No Encoding' was replaced with 'x264 pass through and 'AVI pass through'
* Fixed PAR detection for HD sources
* New option to use NicAudio as alternative cutting method for mp2 and ac3
* The x264 fixed size and constant quality profiles are now based on the HQ-Slow profile
* DGMPEGDEC was updated and MP4Box was downgraded since the used versions had some issues
* Fixed assistant complaining the image size isn't mod 16 even when it is
* The crop and preview dialog have improved startup dimensions for HD sources
* With auto resize disabled StaxRip will now auto adjust the height according to the aspect ratio
* New option to limit the aspect ratio to a defined value to auto crop the width instead
* Fixed a bug with three pass encoding
* Fixed crash caused by applications like TrueCrypt creating virtual hard drives
* The preview can now show the display aspect ratio for anamorphic sources
* The preview has now a menu to toggle between aspect ratios for anamorphic sources
* The video and the window position of the crop and in the preview dialog is now remembered
* The page in the x264 dialog is remembered
* The external preview menu in the preview use now KMPlayer or MPC passing the current video position
* Added setting to use double-click instead of single-click for the tray icon, the default remains single-click
* When the process window is hidden in the tray, all applications will now be started hidden
* Added button to the processing dialog showing a menu to disable jobs
* The MKV and MP4 container settings have a option to add additional command line switches
* The x264 dialog has a feature to manage custom switches more convenient
* Automatic VobSub is now always performed if the option is enabled
* Changing encoding settings from quality mode to multi pass and back updates the menu now
* Changing the encoder will keep the muxer if compatible
* Improved verifications to prevent users from problems
* Improved diagnostics to help users better with errors
* Most command line applications are executed hidden showing the output on the log dialog (2008-03-05)

* Updated x264 profiles and encoder version
* Automatic aspect ratio signaling added for DivX, that mean it's supported for all codecs now
* DivX is the only application I don't host myself. StaxRip links to the download provided at The reason is it's 15 MB big. Unfortunately there are silent updates very often. While silent updates usually work with StaxRip, the version detection complains. I've added a special handling for DivX now to handle this issue. StaxRip don't require the exact but a minimum version now for DivX
* Automatic subtitle demuxing using VSRip added
* The profiles dialog has a button now to clone profiles
* Muxing audio profiles are now editable from the audio profiles dialog in order to edit the stream type
* MPA and MP2 were added to be valid stream types for the MP4Box muxer
* Warning added to be shown when trying to open files containing character in the filename the command line parser ofDGIndex can't cope with
* The embedded folder browser used to select directories to batch process shows now volume names and hides hidden folders
* The delay macro was only available in the scope of the audio settings, there are now three global macros delay, delay1 and delay2. The help of the audio settings dialog explains now the different scope
* %bitrate% macro added to be used in the audio settings dialog
* The filters dialog, script editor in the filters dialog and the audio settings dialog remember their size
* The filter editor in the main dialog shows a script editor on double-click instead of enable/disable the filter. The filter dialog shows the script editor with a left-click while pressing Ctrl
* Improved support running StaxRip with limited user privilegs which is the normal case under Vista (2008-01-06)

* StaxRip is now distributed with a installer checking if .NET framework 3.5 is installed. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to make the auto updater of the old version beware of setup versions so the first setup version has to be downloaded manually
* The following external applications were updated: NeroAACEnc, DGMPEGDEC, DivX, MP4Box, XviD, x264, VirtualDub, MKVtoolnix. Furthermore more applications are hosted by myself since my webspace now has unlimited traffic
* A bug was fixed causing a crash using the 'Edit' feature in the profiles dialog
* A bug was fixed regarding the setup, settings location, local and roaming application data directory
* A bug was fixed with the turkish and maybe other locales causing a crash while encoding
* A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to auto resize the image size even when this feature was disabled
* A bug was fixed not allowing to define the escape key as shortcut in the menu editor
* The 'Deblock' filter of DGIndex was added to the profile defaults
* On a crash StaxRip now saves the active project silently instead of showing a dialog asking to save which had a recursion issue. On next startup the crashed project gets loaded automatically (2007-05-27)

* The mkv muxer supports now text subtitles which can be reordered and edited in place and are loaded automatically
* There is now a option to define the maximum aspect ratio error
* A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to crash on exit
* A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to crash while trying to shutdown after encoding
* A bug was fixed that occured when only some streams were extracted with VSRip instead of all streams
* The main dialog displays now more friendly profile names
* All x264 profiles use now auto for threads
* VirtualDub was updated to version 1.6.18
* DivX was updated to version 6.6.1
* Some fixes and improvements for minor issues or less common scenarios (2007-04-28) Final :-)

* Fixed bug with AVI source files having more than one audio stream. For such sources only the last stream was demuxed
* Updated to another silent DivX update
* Updated to x264 rev 654
* Since the local and roaming application data directories has better names under Vista the setup has now options for both
* Minor improvements regarding setup and error handling (2007-03-31)

* Command Line was broke due to a command handling bug
* Another command handling bug causing StaxRip to crash if a menu was reused instead of reseted while updated from an old StaxRip version
* The homepage was updated from Drupal 4.7.2 to Drupal 5.1, it uses the garland theme now (2007-03-28)

* Some fixes to make StaxRip working with a restricted user account
* Some fixes to make StaxRip work loading all AviSynth plugins manually
* Added support for custom macros, the value of custom macros may contain default macros
* Added a eval macro that evaluates a VBScript expression
* Added context menu to tray icon to enable/disable jobs that follow the running job
* mkvtoolnix updated to 2.0.2-1
* MediaInfo added
* Fixed Vista crash due to wrong use of MediaInfo (thx to paulotwo for providing the patch)
* New command 'Perform/Delete Files', new event 'Application Exit', new macros %install_dir% and %download_dir%. With all that a event command could be created to delete all zip files from the download directory on application exit as keeping them is usually pointless. The command can also be used to delete temp files after encoding
* Updated to another silent DivX update
* Fixed bug with the pause feature which pauses external processes
* Fixed bug causing non film material to be detected as film
* Fixed bug audio encoding with multiline command line didn't work
* As usual many more minor changing not mention otherwhile (2007-02-25)
* Sharktooth's x264 profiles were updated
* New and much improved AviSynth filter editor
* In case a AviSynth plugin is loaded with 'LoadPlugin' StaxRip now won't insist that the plugin is located in the auto plugin loading directory
* There was a issue with vob files in file browsers and the new directory batch feature
* NeroAacEnc was updated to the latest version
* Instead of blindly setting default values StaxRip askes now several setup questions
* The 'Encode' command does now add a new job and runs the job list. The 'Add Job' command now doesn't show a warning about the assistant not completed when called from the command line (2007-02-16)
* Drog & Drop triggering longer processing won't any longer block the drag source
* Reshowing the hidden windows by clicking on the tray icon does put the windows now in the foreground on top of all other windows
* The crop dialog can be opened even if the crop filter is disabled or missing
* The controls in the main dialog get now updated when filter settings are changed, e.g. if crop is disabled, zoom values get updated or if the resize filter is disabled, the image size get adjusted to size of the cropped image
* Target path is verified to not contain invalid characters
* The editor to edit AviSynth filter profiles was replaced with a simplier ini based editor
* Entering illegal filesystem characters as target file is no longer possible
* The option 'Dangerous/Save Cropping' was reseted and renamed to 'Advanced Automation/Auto correct crop values'
* Event Commands allows to define a command to be executed on a defined event. Furthermore criteria can be defined to execute the command only if certain criteria is matched. Some commands where renamed and some are new. This means command line parameters have changed so please check your command lines
* More tooltips, new option to disable tooltips, if disabled a right-click still shows a tooltip, more controls support now tooltip with right-click
* 'What's this help' (the quotation mark title bar button/quotation mark mouse pointer to show context help/tooltips) got dumped. This button shows now the help document of the dialog. Almost all new Microsoft applications do this now, StaxRip has right-click tooltips (even for main/context menus, toolbars and most other controls) and now also popup tooltips (can be disabled in the settings).
* Gradient colors are now system color bases, that means theme colors.
* All dialogs respond to the 'Escape' key for closing the dialog and F1 for showing the help (all dialogs are derived from the same base dialog now)
* The features in the dialog to open source files should now be more transparent and better documented and most importantly it has a new feature 'Directory Batch' which processes multiple directories where every directory is processed as seperate source
* DivX updated to version 6.5.1
* The 'Show Command Line' feature in the muxer dialogs were showing wrong command lines
* When vobsubs were disabled in VSRip the ones after the disabled ones were broke
* There was a annoying directory browser asking for a DivX directory constantly (2007-01-21)
* mkvtoolnix 2.0.0 added, StaxRip can handle now raw x264 streams
* MP4Box 0.4.3_2006-11-15 added
* Additionally to the 'Default Target Directory' project option there is now a 'Default Target Name' option. The value of both options may contain macros which can be choosen from a new menu containing friendly names
* The button to open a source in the main dialog shows the 'Source Files' dialog directly instead of displaying a context menu. To show the file browser directly the text box can be double clicked, the file browser shown here supports multiselect, multible files will be alphabetically ordered. Hovering the mouse over text boxes in the main dialog shows a hint that the text box can be double clicked
* Check for updates can be performed manually ('Help/Check For Updates')
* Lanczos4Resize added to the filter profiles as 'Very Sharp'
* Saving a template profile from now on flags the active project as saved so StaxRip won't any longer bother asking to save
* The title bar shows now always the name of the template used
* Auto Resze is now restricted to not resize the width higher as the source width (only applied if the source width is higher than 576). Please report a Issue if this is a limitation for you
* Improved initial directory for file browser dialogs
* The download page has now a link pointing always to the latest StaxRip version using a php redirect (2007-01-14)
Fix: CLI (command line interface) was broke due to a feature introduced by version
Fix: DivX certification profile with no restriction combined with 1 pass quality based encoding was broke
x264 --threads auto added as default, because of this StaxRip will offer but not force to reset all video codec related settings.
Update: DivX
Update: AviSynth 2.5.7
Update: VirtualDub 1.6.17 (2007-01-07)
Fix: Autodetection of NTSC film content was broke because of a change in DGIndex's d2v file format.
Fix: The delay wasn't detected for muxing profiles and thus wasn't detected for AC3
Fix: FluxSmooth wasn't detected as requirement
Automatic internet updates are now fully supported. When StaxRip starts it checks the internet if there is a new StaxRip version available. If a new version is available it downloads and installs it automatically after a user confirmation.
New setup wizard with Vista like command buttons so the user don't have to bother with a next button and got the tooltip right on the button.
New DGIndex feature to use relative file paths is now supported in that all AviSynth scripts are written to the source directory
External Applications get the message that informs about wrong versions back enabled after downloading
Anamorphic encoding: In case no auto resize is performed the resize value get adjusted to the image size actually used
Crop dialog: Opening the crop dialog now disables the crop reminder assistant tip so the tip is skipped automatically and doesn't have to be clicked away with 'next' manually
AAC uses now the new encoder by Nero
x264 and AAC are now the default codecs
x264: The 'Quality' value (--crf) of the profile 'Constant Quality' was changed from 20 to 22
Jobs: Starting encoding has now to be started with the job dialog. Pressing 'Next' creates a job and opens the job dialog so the only thing left to do is pressing 'Start' in the job dialog
Preview Dialog: New menu item and command added to the preview dialog to delete all selections at once
Third party applications: Automatic detection of required applications located within MeGUI's tools directory
Update: DGIndex/DGDecode was updated to version 1.4.8
Update: x264 616
Update: DivX 6.4
Update: XviD 1.1.2
Commands: The 'Add Job' command couln't be used from the men (2006-05-01)
The x264 dialog has been reorganized.
The x264 switch '--bime' was added as 'B-Frames/Bidirectional ME'.
The x264 switch '--no-fast-pskip' was added as 'Analysis/No Fast P Skip'.
The x264 switch '--direct' was added as 'B-Frames/Direct Mode'.
Updated x264 to revision 516 using sharktooth's build.
DivX was updated to version 6.2.2.
Opening a audio source file that has a filename containing the language will cause StaxRip to pick up the language from the filename so it's no longer necessary to set the language manually.
Opening a source file while another source file is already open will show a dialog to select a template from. Previously just a warn message appeared asking to load a template first.
The options dialog has several new options allowing to disable certain assistant instructions. For now the following reminders can be disabled: crop, filters, cut and comp. check.
When StaxRip shows a dialog for the very first time it will automatically show the help of the dialog. It's now possible to disable this behavior in the settings.
For HDTV the image size is ofter larger then the monitor screen size, in that case StaxRip shows the crop dialog maximized fitting exactly the monintor size.
The command 'Perform/Clear Jobs' was added allowing to clear the job list.
The command 'Correct/ImageSize' was added. It changes the image size to the cropped image size in case no resize filter is used. This command is always performed after the crop dialog closes.
The command 'Correct/Crop Mod' was added. It crops until crop width and height is a multiple of 4 or in case no resize filter is used 16. This command is always performed after the crop dialog closes.
The command 'Perform/Add Job' was added allowing to add a job to the job list.
The command 'Perform/Run Jobs' was added allowing to start encoding the jobs.
The quality percent value that is used in conjunction with the compressibility check defaults now to 60% for XviD and DivX and 50% for x264. StaxRip will offer to reset all video encoder settings.
StaxRip no longer uses a default project but allows to specify which template to load at startup.
The main window supports now tooltips showed with a right-click or by using the 'What's this?' menu item (command: 'Help/What's This?'). StaxRip will offer to reset the main menu to make this menu item show up.
The automatic correction of crop values uses now two sides.
The crop dialog shows now mod values and labels in the status bar.
The menu editor uses now a menu instead of a drop down to select a command. The advantage of a menu is a hierarchical presentation and tooltip context help.
Added project option 'Advanced/Dangerous/Save Cropping' to disable forcing save mod values for cropping.
Updated the guides regarding multipass vs quality mode.
The size menu in the main window has new default values allowing to set the size/bitrate based on a quality of 40/50/60/70/80% which can be useful for codecs with multipass better tuned then quality mode. StaxRip will offer to reset this setting.
The audio settings for the PlayStation Portable were improved. StaxRip will offer to reset audio related settings.
The profile menus support now a tree structure based on slash signs ('/') in the profile name. StaxRip forces to reset audio and video encoder profiles to have new profile names.
The open files dialog supports now Drag & Drop to add files.
Open the target directory after the encoding was removed because windows explorer might crash for unknown reasons.
The dialog for opening source files has various new options for batch processing.
The PayPal donation link was broke due to changes from PayPal.
The 'More Guides' help document was updated with a italian guide. (2006-04-14)

new: Crop dialog has a customizable menu like the main dialog and the preview.
new: Crop dialog remembers the last video position.
new: Crop dialog allows to crop opposite sides simultaneously.
new: Main and context menus show tooltips.
new: Default target directory option.
new: The file types used for the 'Open' and 'Save As' dialogs can be customized in the settings.
update: x264 490
update: x264 profiles 2006-03-23
update: DivX 6.2.1
update: DivXMux 6.1 build 36
update: VirtualDub 1.6.14
change: No more Save dialogs for the job filename, it'll be based on the target filename.
change: A couple of small AR related improvements.
change: Little change in audio profiles that is only relevant for PMP, PMP muxer updated to 2.0 to support 2 audio tracks and MP3 VBR. (2006-03-11)

* new: Go To dialog in preview splitted in two different diaogs, one frame based and one time based.
* new: The script used to show infos in the preview can be customized in the advanced options.
* new: The actions available in the customizable menus are now called commands and are avaiable at the command line.
* new: Preview has a new menu item to copy the frame number of the current position to the clipboard. It is useful to create zones in the codec configuration e.g. to encode the credits at a high quantizer. The new commands and macros used for this menu item are indroduced below.
* new: Option for the threshold at which force film is used.
* new: Forced shutdown modes.
* new: MP3 enabled for MP4 container.
* new command : 'Show Message Box' with title, message and icon parameter, available globally.
* new command: 'Copy To Clipboard', available globally.
* new command: 'Perform Auto Crop', available in the main window and from the command line.
* new command: 'Perform Smart Crop', available in the main window and from the command line.
* new macro: '%pos_frame%' returns the current position of the preview in frames, available globally.
* fix: Applying IVTC filters and cutting caused audio being not synced.
* fix: BeSweet AAC problem using Nero 7 because of missing MFC71.dll which is now always copied to the BeSweet dir.
* fix: Changed all AAC audio profiles to use the dimzon plugin to workaround problems with Nero 7.
* fix: 100% film sources wasn't detected as such.
* change: Renamed 'Post Processing Mode' to back to 'Batch Mode' and tested, improved and fixed this mode.
* change: x264 version updated.
* change: Preparer to demux AVI supports now multiple input files. (2006-02-21)

* new: Added preparer that decodes using DirectShow and defaults for WMV and RMVB.
* new: 'Auto crop until proper aspect ratio is found'. This option is useful for devices like PlayStation Portable. It's know as smart crop and the used algorithm was improved.
* new: PMP Muxer and PlayStation Portable template.
* new: Option to define percentage to use for compressibility check. (2006-02-16)

* fix: x264 comp check was broke.
* fix: sbr or sbrx MP4Box switches were not use for AAC-HE, now sbr is used.
* fix: Enabled compiler switch to run StaxRip as 32 bit application on 64 bit systems.
* fix: Cutting two audio tracks resulted in two identical tracks.
* new: Option to automatically resize the image size after the compressibility check.
* update: new DivX, x264 and MP4Box versions integrated. (2006-02-06)

* new: All unfinished help documents completed, new DVB Guide, guide section to list guides by other authors and some other help improvement.
* new: Improved GUI for editing command lines and script.
* new: Improved command line encoder incl. support for compressibility check.
* new: MP4 and MKV stream name tags. (2006-01-30)

* new: Added possibility to pause and resume processing applications.
* new: Added support for managing template projects.
* new: Some command line switches added, start StaxRip using StaxRip -?
* fix: Bug in MP3 command line fixed. (2006-01-27)

* new: Cascading profiles menu.
* new: Sharktooth's profiles (thanks to Sharktooth). (2006-01-26)

* new: Added possibility to change the AviSynth plugin directory in the settings dialog.
* new: Command line preview and info dialog added to container (muxer) dialogs.
* fix: A couple of bugs were fixed.
* change: A couple of applications were updated. (2006-01-24)

* new: Added cutting support working with any encoder and muxer. Removed VirtualDubMod cutting. (2006-01-18)

* new: Forced Film is automatically applied if NTSC sources are > 95% film.
* new: Added setting to launch all applications with minimized window like AutoGK does.
* change: Some changes required to reset all settings and projects. It's the first time this was required for StaxRip and hopefully the last time.
* change: Improved error handling. (2006-01-15)

* fix: fixed two x264 bugs.
* new: Added automatic aspect ratio signaling, it is automatically used for XviD and x264 (not supported by DivX) whenever no resize filter is used. Muxer aspect ratio signaling was removed. (2006-01-13)

* new: Workaround for DivXMux upper case file extension bug.
* new: If a setting has new default values StaxRip asks if the setting should be updated to new defaults or if the customizations (if any) should be kept. As example if better audio profiles are added StaxRip will ask if audio profiles should be updated.
* new: Video profile defaults.
* new: Audio profile defaults.
* change: More robust XviD and DivX support.
* change: More meaningful assistant warnings regarding incompatibilities between encoder, muxer and audio profile. (2006-01-11)

* new: AVI demuxing using VirtualDubMod supporting, mp3, ac3 and wav. Removed AVI2WAV.
* new: Preparers can be enabled/disabled and other minor changes regarding preparers.
* new: Addition language info for audio tracks like directors comments is written to the filename.
* change: TreeView dialog used to replace, insert and add filters is now resizable and saves the window size.
* change: x264 comp check uses now --crf 18 instead of --qp 18.
* change: Audio files containing the name of the source file like the ones demuxed by DGIndex are now more reliable being automatically picked up.
* fix: x264 Singl (2006-01-09)

* update: XviD 1.1.0
* fix: Fixed bug happening while StaxRip starts. (2006-01-07)

* new: Full controls over x264 turbo switches.
* new: Additional x264 CLI switches that don't have GUI controls yet can be added. (2006-01-05)

* fix: Fixed crash using second audio track only.
* fix: Warning and refusing opening files with unicode name as it's not supported by some applications e.g. DGIndex.
* fix: It's no longer possible to ignore crucial assistant instructions and warnings.
* new: Enabled MP4 and MKV input for the MKV muxer.
* new: x264 quality mode (--qrf).
* change: Updated to x264 395 wich fixes also incompatibility bugs.
* change: Added delay handling to audio profiles since it's better to use the encoder instead of the muxer to handle delay.
* change: Only audio files are picked up when opening a source file that are supported by the audio profile.
* change: Legacy x264 encoder removed.
* change: x264 encoder command line preview includes now all file paths. (2006-01-01)

* fix: fixed bug in settings dialog and maybe other TreeView based dialogs causing a crash on some systems.
* new: experimental/beta new x264 encoder. (2005-12-25)

* change: streamlined profile and quality mode features.
* new: Easy way to add forced subtitles. (2005-12-21)

* new: Null Encoder to remux a already encoded project.
* new: Auto Compressibility Check option.
* new: Auto Mode: Normally StaxRip performs various tasks directly after a source file is opened like demuxing, auto crop, auto resize etc. In Auto Mode all this tasks are performed when the encoding is started (either manually or by the joblist).
* new: Profiles can be edited from within the profiles dialog, even encoder and AviSynth profiles!
* change: Simplified AviSynth menu. (2005-12-16)

* new: Editor for command lines and scripts with support for preview and execute.
* new: More than just one command line can be executed.
* fix: A couple of bugs fixes were fixed. (2005-12-13)

* new: Configuration dialog for muxing audio profiles (language and delay).
* new: Delay handling for MKV, DIVX and MP4 muxing.
* new: Chapters for MKV and MP4 muxing.
* new: Aspect Ratio parameter for mkvmerge.
* fix: language parameter wasn't applied properly using AAC with mkvmerge. (2005-12-09)

* new: DMF (DivX Media Format) support incl. vobsubs. (2005-12-08)

* new: mkvmerge including vobsubs.
* new: Auto renaming of audio files (VTS_01_1 T01 becomes VTS_01_1 de-German).
* fix: Detection of application versions. (2005-12-05)

* new: MP4Box subtitles.
* new: Help and web design and content.
* change: Main menu in the main form had to be reseted because of various changes. (2005-11-30)

* fix: fixed bug in zip extraction code that was writing a false time to the extracted files. (2005-11-29)

* new: x264 --thread switch.
* new: MP4Box par switch.
* new:Added new macro %pos_ms% which returns the current preview position in milliseconds. Useful to start e.g. MPC (Media Player Classic) at the current frame position using the Execute action of the customizable menu of the main dialog or the menu in the preview. For MPC use the following arguments: "%source_dir%%target_name%.avs" /start %pos_ms%
* minor: fixed auto resize not working in some circumstances. (2005-11-27)

new: MP4Box switches lang, fps (2005-11-24)

* new: The minimal and maximal value of the resolution resize slider in the main dialog can be customized in the settings. The default value is 720, for HDTV a value up to 1920 is possible.
* new: Setup wizard like dialog allowing to config basic default project options. The dialog pops up on the very first startup and when the default project is reseted.
* new: AVI2WAV which extracts any audio format to a pseudo wav file (original format but with riff wav header and wav file extension. BeSweet supports such files. AVI2WAV is also available with the download feature.
* new: DirectShowSource AviSynth filter.
* new: trellis and me for x264.
* new: Added to x264 options if and how the target file size should be adjusted after the compressibility check.
* new: MP4Box from 2005-11-08.
* fix: Source code didn't compile out of the box because the Stax library wasn't included.
* change: Auto detection of audio files is now restricted in that audio files must begin with the file name of the video source file.
* change: AviSynth 2.5.6a is now required and available with the download feature.
* change: Theming code had to be changed which I could not test if it works under Windows 2000.
* change: Many critical internal changes to the complex x264 dialog were done and only few test were made. (2005-11-15)

* new: Mixed references for the x264 encoder
* fix: Added audio delay macro to command line audio encoder and reseted all audio related settings (2005-11-14)

* fix: Command Line Encoder was always using x264 as command (2005-11-12)

* fix: fixed screwed dialog drawing on systems with no theme

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