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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for SimpleScreenRecorder

Version 0.4.4
Some minor improvements.
Updated translations.

Version 0.4.3
Added V4L2 support (most webcams and capture cards).
Added option to mark recorded area on screen during recording.
Added JACK metadata.
Optionally support XDG config directory (/.config/simplescreenrecorder) instead of home directory (/.ssr).

Version 0.4.2
Improved X11/Wayland detection.
Changed ALSA input to use non-blocking API. This seems to reduce the latency in some cases.
Added support for s24, s32 and f32 sample formats for ALSA input.
Added 'open folder' button after saving the recording.
Several minor improvements.
Version 0.4.1
Added warning for Wayland users.
Internal error messages from FFmpeg and other libraries are now shown in the log window.
Fixed blocked continue button after selecting a window.
Version 0.4.0
Added high-DPI monitor support.
Added option to skip the welcome screen.
Increased maximum video size to 20000x20000.
Added more command-line options.
Added recording schedule.
Add command-line control over stdin.
Many bugfixes.
Version 0.3.11
Fixed FFmpeg 4.0 compatibility.
Fixed AAC codec (missing channel layout).
Improved build system.
Minor bugfixes.
Version 0.3.10
Custom recording frame to replace QRubberBand (important for Qt5).
Improved build system.
Version 0.3.9
Switched to CMake build system.
Added RGB24 support.
Automatically add scroll bars when the screen resolution is too low to display the complete window.
Improved PulseAudio latency handling of monitors.
Added a separate checkbox to enable timestamps.
Provide a default file name, so now all options are set to a sensible default value.
Use base-10 units for bitrate for consistency with FFmpeg (1 kbit/s = 1000 bit/s).
Minor bugfixes.
Version 0.3.8
Revert sample rate to 44.1 kHz for FLV container, since it does not support 48 kHz.
Version 0.3.7
Added support for latest FFmpeg/libav.
Make relaxed GLInject permissions actually work.
The backend now supports fragmented recording, but there is no GUI for this yet.
The default audio sample rate is now 48 kHz. This makes SSR compatible with Opus.
System tray icon now indicates errors during recording.
Version 0.3.6
Fixed another bug in YUV420 converter related to the previous one.
Version 0.3.5
Fixed bug in YUV420 fallback converter introduced by refactoring.
Version 0.3.4
Allowed user to start recording with hotkey or systray even when not on the recording page.
Fixed JACK input bug that could cause deadlocks in rare cases.
Added full support for NV12. If FFmpeg is compiled with NVENC support, this will allow you to use it.
Version 0.3.3
Fixed mistake in that was causing to be linked with unwanted libraries.
Version 0.3.2
Added Qt5 support (optional, Qt4 is still the default)
Added YUV422, YUV444 and RGB support (YUV420 is still the default)
Added pixelformat and sampleformat codec options.
Added benchmark.
Improved RTL support.
Version 0.3.1
Small change to ssr-glinject script for improved compatibility with Steam.
Added qscale option.
Disabled PulseAudio latency estimation (apparently it made things worse).
New muxing code for improved compatibility with the latest ffmpeg/libav.
Switched to the BT.709 color space.
Version 0.3.0
Added profile support.
New, more flexible OpenGL recording system (glinject-next branch merged).
More robust sound notifications.
Show progress dialog while flushing the encoders.
Improved hotkey support using XInput2.
Improved synchronizer.
Native support for mono microphones (plughw no longer needed).
Added source detection for ALSA.
Partially rewritten output backend.
Improved mouse following algorithm.
New icon.
Version 0.2.2
Version 0.2.1
Version 0.2.0
Added JACK support.
Added fast audio resampler with drift correction support.
Added translation support.
Added sound notifications.
Added much faster scaler.
Added keyint custom codec option.
Improved NVIDIA flipping dialog.
Version 0.1.2
Added minrate, maxrate and bufsize custom codec options.
Version 0.1.1
Version 0.1.0
Native PulseAudio input.
Show recording frame while entering x/y/width/height.
Improved some GUI elements.
Added system tray icon.
Added custom video/audio codec options.
Added workaround for PulseAudio-related glitches.
Previewer works even when not recording.
Don't show RTMP urls on the recording page.
Added 'separate file per segment' option.
Hotkey workaround for misbehaving applications in GLInject.
Improved statistics and added external statistics file.
Improved synchronizer.
Added synchronization diagram for debugging.
Version 0.0.7
Improved streaming support.
Version 0.0.6
Added link to Steam recording instructions for GLInject.
Version 0.0.5
Detect and fix NVIDIA flipping issue.
Version 0.0.4
Audio previewer is hidden if there is no audio.
Version 0.0.3
Added desktop entry.
Switch from qmake to autotools.
Version 0.0.2
Added icon and welcome image.
Version 0.0.1
Native ALSA input to replace libavdevice.
Improved synchronizer.
Better audio codec support.
GLInject can record the cursor.
Added video and audio previewer.
Added 'about' dialog.
Many bugfixes.
Version 0.0.0
First public version.

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