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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for RarmaRadio

Minor Update 2.72.5
Added: Option to mute sound when locking screen
Fixed: Problems with device change with bluetooth

Minor Update 2.72.4
Added: Option to specify user agent (http header) to onnect to a station
Fixed: Problems with drag and drop

Minor Update 2.72.3
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.72.2
Added: Support for station proxy

Minor Update 2.72
Fixed: When connecting Bluetooth speakers/headphones
Fixed: Sometimes showing 'Command Line' dialog when reconnecting

Minor Update 2.71.9
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71.8
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71.6
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71.5
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71.4
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71.3
Added: Timeouts for reconnecting

Minor Update 2.71.2
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71.1
Fixed: Minor bugs

Minor Update 2.71
Fixed: Cover art and lyrics
Added: m3u8 support
Minor Update 2.70.3
Fixed: Minor bug fixes
Minor Update 2.70.2
Fixed: Problems with cover art
Minor Update 2.70
Removed: Pro version no longer available - back to trial period of full version
Fixed: Minor bugs
Minor Update 2.69
Added: Pro version now available
Changed: TV Stations now come from vTuner website
Fixed: Minor bugs
Minor Update 2.68.3
Fixed: No longer resets manual settings when changing equalizer preset
Fixed: Minor bugs
Minor Update 2.68.2
Added: Volume to station properties
Minor Update 2.68.1
Fixed: Minor bugs
Minor Update 2.68
Changed: Improvements in the station properties
Minor Update 2.67.3
Changed: Recurring schedules now part of main schedule dialog
Minor Update 2.67.2
Added: Minor fixes
Minor Update 2.67.1
Fixed: Minor bugs
Update 2.67
Removed: 32-bit playback
Minor Update 2.66.3
Fixed: Minor problem with search results
Minor Update 2.66.2
Fixed: Some people reporting 'not registered' in About Box
Minor Update 2.66.1
Changed: Minor problems
Minor Update 2.66
Changed: Now free
Minor Update 2.65
Fixed: Lame encoding timeout problem
Minor Update 2.64.3
Fixed: Minor problems
Minor Update 2.64.2
Fixed: Minor bugs
Minor Update 2.64.1
Fixed: Problem with LastFM when played in the bakground
Fixed: Minor bugs
Update 2.64
Changed: Authentication information now saved
Added: Custom metadata now possible in advanced properties
Minor Update 2.63.3
Changed: Bug fixes
Minor Update 2.63.2
Changed: Minor changes
Minor Update 2.63.1
Changed: Bug fixes
Update 2.63
Added: Dropdown menu to Active Streams (to activate individual streams)
Added: Dropdown menu to Stop All button (to stop individual streams)
Changed: Active stream now shown in bold in the active streams list
Minor Update 2.62.4
Fixed: Problem with sessions
Minor Update 2.62.3
Updated: Some language files
Minor Update 2.62.2
Fixed: Muted sound when changing playlist url whilst station playing
Minor Update 2.62.1
Fixed: Minor bug fixes
Update 2.62
Changed: Improved support for recording from a sound device in W7 and Vista
Fixed: Minor bug fixes
Update 2.61
Added: Ability to customize tree
Removed: Change data folder
Update 2.60
Changed: All old database favorites are now converted to the new database format
Changed: Updating of failed stations has been improved

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