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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for PlayClaw

PlayClaw Release build #3700
This new version gives updated plugins for the new Teamspeak 3 client and additional changes.

New plugins for Teamspeak 3 client with API 21
VFW speed of encoding is increased
Corrected pure encoder performance test
Added ability to write separate webcam file if webcam overlay is not visible (but it must not be disabled)
Fixed wrong separate webcam file writing when webcam overlay is turned off
Fixed error capturing audio on some systems with Realtek audio hardware when driver reports bad configuration
Here is an additional information about how to setup teamspeak plugins. We know three possible plugins locations where TS3 client can find its plugins. Unfortunately, we don't know which are more important.

Old style - plugins subfolder in main TS3 client folder
New style - %APPDATA%TS3Clientplugins folder (by default it is C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingTS3Clientplugins, where username is your windows login name)
Additional way - configplugins subfolder in main TS3 client folder
Copy both plugins into one of these folders (or better into all these folders), then run Teamspeak 3 and check add-ons settings. You can find plugins in tools subfolder of main PlayClaw folder.

PlayClaw hotfix build #3687
We just released a new build which fixes problem with PlayClaw start on some Windows 7 systems.

PlayClaw Release build #3680
Here is an intermediate PlayClaw build with several changes.

Fixed Window capture overlay crash while changing its size
Fixed frame drops on some systems even with fast hardware
Fixed bug opening some web sites in Web Browser overlay
Added "mute audio" option in Web Browser overlay
Added ability for manual selection of a process which will be added in the black list

PlayClaw Release build #3670
We've just released a version with a new feature - Window capture overlay.

You can now set a window which will be captured by PlayClaw and then rendered over a game screen or/and in a video or a stream. The chroma key effect is also applicable to this overlay.

Fixed DeadSpace 2 compatibility
Fixed confusing error messages for some desktop recording conditions
If PlayClaw terminates abnormally, then it will try to release locked DLLs to avoid problems during the next start or software update
Fixed rare crash after AMD H.264 encoder is stopped
Fixed wrong hardware AMD H.264 detection for some video devices

PlayClaw Release build #3650
We've happy to release a stable PlayClaw version with DirectX 12 support with following changes:

Added DirectX 12 support
Fixed NVidiaShare crash with running PlayClaw
Added software auto-update feature (only for standalone version)
Improved compatibility with DirectX 11/10 games

PlayClaw beta build #3639
We've fixed a bug with DirectX 12 renderer - crash when a game changes frame size (for example, Battlefield 1 on start).

PlayClaw beta build #3638
We've just released a new beta with the DirectX 12 support!

Known problem - if PlayClaw doesn't recognize a game with DX12 renderer, try to alt-tab in the Desktop and alt-tab back to the game.

PlayClaw build #3636 hotfix
We've released a new version with following changes:

Fixed error in streaming services pre-configuration file (possible crash while configuring streaming)

PlayClaw build #3635 release
We've released a new version with following changes:

Added ability to get PlayClaw news & updates
Fixed Web Browser overlay render problems
Fixed possible problem with saving in the AVI file format
Added a set of Beam.Pro servers to the streaming settings

Build 3610 (June 26, 2016)

Fixed steam version starting bug
Fixed compatibility with some Windows7-based systems

Build 3600 (June 24, 2016)

Fixed Fast codec wrong decoding with 1366x768 frames
Added Webcam overlay toggle hotkey
Fixed DayZ Experimental (and new stable release) compatibility
Fixed slow settings panes switch
Steam version: Added option to keep "Running App" steam status
Fixed invalid key binding which caused unwanted recording and streaming starts
Steam achievements are back!
Fixed BF3/4 crash on exit on some systems

Build 3583 (May 16, 2016)

Added Chroma Key feature for Webcam overlay (free for standalone version users, paid for steam version users)
Fixed error writing files when no audio sources is selected
Fixed very low fps during capture on some systems in DX9 and OpenGL games.
Increased speed of OpenGL capture (about 10%)

Build 3573 (Apr 25, 2016)

Additional fixes for correct capture shutdown on game/playclaw exit
Fixed wrong h264 frames time stamps when using QuickSync on old hardware (for example, intel 2500)

Build 3561 (Apr 14, 2016)

Fixed crash on capture stop on some systems
Fixed Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War render bug
Capture overlay: added warning "low hdd space" when free space on target disk is lower than 1gb
Twitch overlay: connection was moved to separate thread to avoid too long PlayClaw start.
Added "auto restart pre-recording after stop" option in Encoder options.
SysInfo overlay: added renderer type & frame size indicators
Fixed wrong system tray icon notification text
Fixed correct capture shutdown on game/playclaw exit

Build 3550 (Mar 2, 2016)
Added advanced settings for H264
Added new states in FPS overlay: Paused, PreRecording, Streaming
Fixed wrong color in Intel QSV
Fixed Large fonts interface render bug
Fixed bad audio capture on some audio devices (empty tracks or lost several seconds)
Fixed wrong audio track duration in MP4 and problems loading MP4s in Vegas/Premiere

Build 3530 (Feb 12, 2016)

Fixed PlayClaw crash when you open Encoder settings and previously selected encoder doesn't exist (deleted plugin or removed hardware)
Fixed hidden failure on encoding start when previos encoding wasn't started because of error
Fixed not stopping recording in GAME mode after closing game process
Fixed too low MJPEG quality
Added ticker feature in Text overlay
Added text source in Text overlay with auto update if text file was changed (currently no unicode support)
Fixed crash after switch from desktop to game on some systems (frequently in 1366x768 frame size)

Build 3518 (Jan 24, 2015)

Changed software-to-encoder programming interface to get better performance and stability (especially from h264 hardware encoders)
Added two NVEncoder presets: Lossless & High performance Lossless. Unfortunately, currently encoder doesn't give correct result with these presets.
Enhanced audio/video tracks synchronization
More correct audio/video tracks duration after stopping recording. Old versions gave about 500ms of difference
Added Webcam overlay left-right mirroring
Added Image overlay transparency option & fade-in/out by hotkey options
Fixed wrong Image overlay scaling
Fixed x64 Fast decoder crash

Build 3500 (Dec 21, 2015)

Webcam overlay: added ability to record webcam feed in separate video file
Added new capture modes. Now - game, desktop, everything.
Fixed too high overlays update rate in game process (FPS was lowered even without recording)
Fixed possible audio/video desync (especially with mjpeg encoder)
AVI: Enhanced video/audio synchronization
White list is now hidden. If you really need it, you can enable it via config variable misc.enable_whitelist
Added "force microphone mono" feature to fix problem with one silent channel in stereo config
Webcam overlay: added ability to set webcam source frame size.
MJPEG encoder: added option to edit threads number used for encoding
Twitch overlay: fixed plugin crash when cannot resolve twitch server
Capture mode: fixed bug when PlayClaw in game mode recorded/streamed desktop and game was crashed or alt-tabbed

Build 3450 (Nov 11, 2015)

Fixed updating settings when switching profiles
Fixed twitch channel name bug. Must be only in lower case.
Fixed webcam overlay crash when user switches too fast its render state
HitboxTV added in stream services
Added KeyFrame interval and GOP size in h264 NVEncoder settings.
Added auto-screenshots feature
Added preview area resize option (preview screen)
plugins api: added PC_GetState method to get PlayClaw state, statistics, etc.
plugins api: added optional PluginEventCallback plugin export to get ability to receive PlayClaw events by plugins (check it here PluginEventCallback)
plugins api: added Image overlay source code (check plugins/sdk folder)
Fixed Sniper GhostWarrior 2 compatibility
Added crash log generator
Fixed black/white list bug allowed playclaw dll to inject to black listed processes
Fixed interface bug when more than 3 audio sources are added

5 Build 3430

+ Twitch chat overlay
+ Fixed Evoland 2 support (and some other DX9 games)
+ Added Streaming and Streaming (2 pass) presets in NVEncoder
+ Added auto image update in Image overlay (try to copy new image over existing one and PlayClaw will update overlay automatically)
+ Added "draw cursor" option in screenshot settings

5 Build 3409

+ Fixed Windows 8/10 software crash when switch to/from fullscreen games.
+ Fixed hotkey bug when you press Ctrl/Alt/Shift + KEY and PlayClaw launched events for Ctrl/Alt/Shift+KEY and KEY hotkeys
+ Fixed TS3 overlay bug when username is rendered in overlay after user's global message in server channel
+ Fixed possible game crash while recording after alt-tab to desktop or another application
+ Fixed Dead Space overlay render bug

5 Build 3400

+ Fixed low Windows 8/10 desktop capture speed
+ language files: added ENC_CUSTOM_H264_CBR
+ Changed GOP size and KeyFrame Interval from frames to seconds, check your settings!

5 Build 3385

+ Now overlays can be snapped to other overlays and screen borders
+ Added ability to hold right mouse button in overlays preview to slide preview screen (instead of middle mouse button).

5 Build 3379

+ Fixed VCM codec install location
+ Fixed setting Intel QuickSync h264 codec by default (even if it is not available)
+ Added profile duplication feature
+ Rust cannot be recorded. Looks like their anti-cheat is very great tool. Solution - desktop recording with game windowed mode :(
+ Added Text overlay
+ Added support for AMD Cooler fan sensor in Sysinfo overlay (percents & RPM if available)
+ Added CPU core indicator switch in sysinfo overlay: for each core, max value, average value
+ Added Capture mode switch (currently in common options)
+ Added AMD H264 codec options: Preset, CABAC, GOP size, IDR period
+ Added helper button in Preview window to fit "game screen" in preview window. There is space for additional helpers ;)

Build 3105 from Sep 10, 2014

Added RTMP streaming feature. There are currently preconfigured Twitch and YouTube services
Fixed some webcam detection (like Bison)
Fixed pre-recording buffer size indication bug

Build 3097 from Jun 9, 2014

Fixed timing calculation to improve audio/video synchronization
Fixed steam achievement (zero free space on hdd)
Fixed crash with zero free space on hdd
Fixed MP4 compatibility with some video editos

Build 3090 from May 25, 2014

Added MP4 container format
Fixed audio volume changing bug when audio mixer is on
Fixed AMD APP pre-recording bug
Added Low Latency option for NV encoder
Added 3rd party codecs support (Video for Windows)

Build 3082 from Apr 19, 2014

Added H264 AMD APP hardware acceleration support
Changed RGB -> YUV transformation code for better color rendition in H264
Added screenshots format: BMP
Fixed image overlay render bug in OpenGL
Fixed DX8 steam games compatibility bug
Fixed NFS: Shift compatibility bug
Added ventrilo support in voice overlay

Build 3075 from Mar 16, 2014

Added H264 NVidia Encoder hardware acceleration support (for Geforces 6xx / 7xx)
Changed H264 Intel QuickSync encoder settings, please check if you use it
Fixed OpenGL 4 games compatibility with GeForce video hardware
Fixed bug with little desync in MKV
Teamspeak 3 overlay plugins are updated to API 20
Fixed GPU overlay render bug after replacing Radeon with Geforce
Now current profile name is in main PlayClaw window caption
Fixed Elder Scrolls online crash
Now "draw cursor" option affects screenshots too

PlayClaw 5 Build 3058

Fixed compatibility of new capture server with Windows Vista
Fixed compatibility with The typing of Death: Overkill
Fixed ingame MKV/H264 settings
Fixed crash on game exit while pre-recording
Fixed compatibility with Split Second
Fixed crash in audio mixer in the case of different audio sources sampling frequency

PlayClaw 5 Build 3054

Added new file output format (container) - MKV (Matroska)
Now all encoding and writing operations are performed in separate (32-bits) process. This will protect game process from possible encoder errors/crash and give more memory to pre-recording buffer (almost 4gb)
Increased maximum possible pre-recording buffer size in settings
Added H.264 compression option with help of Intel QuickSync. Now it is possible to use software compression (slow) on any PC and hardware acceleration (fast) on Intel CPUs starting from Intel Sandy Brigde. Available without watermarks only for Hardcore license
Fixed fast compression crash bug
Fixed Call of Duty: Ghosts crash

PlayClaw 5 Build 3045

Added Windows 8 / 8.1 desktop capture
NFS Shift 2 compatibility fix

PlayClaw 5 Build 3043

Added "start with Windows" option
Fixed (rare) bug with constructing video file name

PlayClaw 5 Build 3040

Fixed compatibility with latest Windows 8.1 updates
Profiles and config data are now in %ProgramData% folder, this will allow to start PlayClaw from non-admin account

PlayClaw 5 Hotfix Build 3034

Fixed problems starting PlayClaw after incorrect shutdown
Fixed PlayClaw startup crash on some PCs with AMD GPUs
Fixed crash on start of League of Legends

PlayClaw 5 Hotfix Build 3033

Fixed compatibility with DirectX 10/11 games in new released Windows 8.1

PlayClaw 5 Build 3032

Added "memory usage" indicator in GPU overlay
Fixed fast compression codec bug. Now it writes in TMB2 format which is incompatible with previous TMB1
Fixed AVI crash on 126gb file size
Video pause feature is back!
System tray menu is back!
Fixed crash on some systems when user opened audio settings
Fixed prerecording bug in x64 games on some systems
"No compression" mode is now hidden (available via special debug mode)

Hotfix build 3026

Added Smooth frame flow option (greatly reduces stuttering with vsync enabled)
Fixed desktop capture in Windows 7 without service pack
Fixed Dota2 detection in Windows 8.1

PlayClaw 5 Build 3023

Improved desktop capture in Windows 7
Added horizontal flip in webcam overlay
Fixed invisible black pixels in webcam overlay
Fixed Windows Vista compatibility
Windows 8.1 preview build 9431 support is back
Fixed AVI writing bug
Fixed possible game crash on recording stop
Fixed repeating items in black list
Added color range option in MJPEG settings
Fixed teamspeak3 overlay bug when user is moved by admin

PlayClaw 5 Build 3015

Fixed color swap in Image overlay
Fixed rare crash in RenderSample
Fixed text alignment in Teamspeak 3 overlay
Added Help button to get support page opened in browser
PlayClaw EXEs and DLLs are now signed to get more trust from Microsoft and antiviruses :)

PlayClaw 5 build 3010

First public release, all changes from last beta version
Fixed Image overlay render bug
Fixed refresh rate bug
Added Windows 8.1 (release) compatibility
Fixed text aligment inside of overlay
Fixed color selection in teamspeak overlay
Overlay render changed to reduce FPS down
Fixed white overlays after Alt-Tab

PlayClaw 4 build 2600 (Mar 26, 2013)

Added webcam overlay. As for usual overlay, set up position, size and base color of new overlay in visual appearance overlay tab. Click to "webcam overlay" tab to select source web cam (global source for all profiles) for this overlay. Webcam overlay get image from webcam 10 times per second - this is frequency of PlayClaw overlays update.
Added simple system tray menu
Fixed overlay render bug in Final Fantasy XIV online (and some other DirectX 9 games).
Overlays now have transparency parameter (for default color). Very useful for webcam overlay
Screen center is blocked for overlays (overlay will not be rendered if close to center of screen) to prevent crosshair cheat
Fixed Minecraft render bug in Windows 8
Overlay plugins API expanded a bit (plugins version changed)
Fixed DX9 overlay render bug in Arcania - Gothic 4
Fixed DWM crash on PlayClaw start
Fixed X-Plane 10 detection in Windows 7
Fixed Pre-Recording crash

PlayClaw 4 build 2536 (Feb 13, 2013)

Added simple system tray menu
Added affinity mask logging on recording start
"Text" screenshot indication is back + color selection for text & frame indications
Added hotkey for mass toggle overlay render
AVI audio multitrack is back. Now up to 16 audio tracks can be written in avi file (as audio sources - up to 16).
WinXP audio capture is back
New advanced options: process name and/or timestamp as subfolder for destination path
New advanced option: alternative DirectX code path. In most cases original code is working fine. But if you get game crash on changing resolution/alt-tabbing, try this option. Also this alternative code is MORE faster than original (not capture but alt-tabbing).
Fixed bad recorded files if game crash/exit while recording
Teamspeak 3 whisper overlay fix
Fixed activation problems that have some users
Fixed Guild War 2 loading & map render bug (also some other DX9 games can be affected)
Added option to keep activation code in config (security)
Added button to retrieve forgotten activation code
Default overlays positions changed (aligned to left side). To see them delete default profile from %APPDATA%/PlayClaw4/profiles folder
Added custom d3d9.dll support
Tuned DirectX 9 code (more compatibility with apps)
Fixed Natural Selection 2 overlays/capture
Fixed OpenGL games crash
Fixed voice overlay render bug with long text lines
Added desktop recording (Windows 7).
Added reactivation button (you only need to click to this button if something was changed in your account on our activation server)
Fixed reactivation bug when PlayClaw rendered unregistered overlay even if software was registered.

Version 4.0

What's new, interesting, etc?
1. Profiles (linked to game processes names). By default new process (unknown to PlayClaw) will be linked to default profile!
2. Extended audio conversion settings. Especially multi-channel to stereo rip
3. An infinine number of audio sources... Of course, it is a joke. Max - 16 sources
4. Virtual webcam (for broadcasters). You have an option to record target: webcam, file or webcam & file. Only hardcore license will allow to produce virtual webcam video without watermark. Hint: start "record" before your webcam software will start to use our virtual webcam or there will be frame size artefacts.
5. You can define almost any final frame size.
6. 3rd party overlay plugins. If you or your friend (or someone else) have knowledge of windows programming, then you're able to create simple text overlay plugin for PlayClaw. We will provide SDK and sample plugin ("Timer" in this build) sources a bit later. Who want mumble overlays? Take a note
7. Voip avatars. This feature is like voice overlay but it shows images instead of nicknames (texts). You can define png image (avatar) to any nickname and PlayClaw will render it over game screen when he will speak.
8. And of course, a lots of plans to increase capture speed and extend overlays features. Even in playclaw 4
9. PlayClaw 3/4 plugins for teamspeak 3 are not compatible. I mean, they're different. The latest API 19 is supported.

Version 3.0 build 2099 - Nov 20, 2012

Added support for DirectX 11.1 in Windows 7;

Version 3.0 build 2070 - Sep 2, 2012

New plugins for Teamspeak 3 (API 18);
Increased compatibility with native x64 games (WoW x64 as example) and tools;
Fixed disabled "conversion to stereo" option and possible DirectX 9 render bug;
PlayClaw is compatible with Windows 8 build 8400;

Version 3.0 build 2048 - Jun 22, 2012

New plugins for Teamspeak 3 (API 17);
Fixed video recording bug with inserting random old frames (stuttering video);
Fixed serious internal bug which can produce game crash on record start, lags, overlay hiding, etc.;
A lots of minor changes & fixes;

Version 3.0 build 1929 - Jan 16, 2012

Fully rewritten capture engine;
Basic options on start and ability to change all PlayClaw options right in game;
WYSIWYG for overlays appearance;
PlayClaw now supports native x64 applications;
New video capture option: resizeable frame size;
New audio capture option: PlayClaw now can write audio in separate WAV files;
A lots of minor changes and optimizations;

Version 2.1.0 build 1502 - Nov 30, 2011

Plugins for TS3 is up to date (API 14);
Fixed black screen in Modern Warfare 3 on some systems;
A number of minor bug fixes;

Version 2.1.0 build 1485 - May 25, 2011

Fixed DiRT 3 detection error;

Version 2.1.0 build 1480 - May 11, 2011

Fixed Windows XP sound mixer configuration error;
Plugins for Teamspeak 3 were updated for compatibility with RC1 TS3 client;

Version 2.1.0 build 1475 - Apr 7, 2011

Fixed games crash when cancel started pre-recording;
Fixed wrong audio channels mixer interface;
AVI files are now "interleaved" - possible audio de-sync fix while playing back recorded videos;
Fixed invalid overlays render in OpenGL 2.0 games;

Version 2.1.0 build 1471 - Mar 24, 2011

Now PlayClaw is able to mix two audio sources in one AVI audio track;

Version 2.1.0 build 1470 - Mar 20, 2011

Fixed FPS drop on DirectX 9 games even without recording;

Version 2.1.0 build 1469 - Mar 18, 2011

Fixed random crash with two audio sources recording;
High compression codec is now faster up to 2-4 times;
Minor changes and low compression codec optimizations;

Version 2.1.0 build 1446 - Mar 2, 2011

* Fixed video recording crash with No compression mode;
* Fixed error getting thermal sensors data on AMD Athlon � Phenom;
* Fixed error getting thermal sensor data for NVidia GPUs with old drivers;
* Fixed games crash while recording when cursor capture is enabled;
* Fixed audio desync in Windows Vista/7 in some cases (new level loading for example);
* Restored ability to record original multichannel audio in Windows Vista/7;
* Added new frame format: 1/4;
* Added ability to select folder for benchmarks results;
* Low compression codec is now faster up to 25%;
* Fixed some minor bugs;

Version 2.0.0 build 1205 - Oct 18, 2010

* Fixed Medal of Honor and Bad Company 2 crash in Windows 7;
* Fixed RGB<->BGR color swapping in OpenGL;
* Added logging of game crashes;

Version 2.0.0 build 1193 - Oct 4, 2010

* Added pre-record feature;
* Added multisource audio recording;
* Added auto-screenshots feature;
* Added x64 codec version;
* Added CPU overlay with workload and temperatures;
* Added ingame benchmark;
* Fixed games crash in DirectX10 mode with XFire;
* Fixed voice overlay display bugs;
* fixed a number of other minor bugs;

Version 1.9.9 build 1000a - Aug 7,2010

* Plugins for Teamspeak 3 was updated for compatibility with new beta-25 TS3 client version;

Version 1.9.9 build 1000 - Aug 3,2010

* Plugins for Teamspeak 3 was updated for compatibility with new beta-23 TS3 client version;

Version 1.9.9 build 1000 - Jun 2,2010

* Plugins for Teamspeak 3 was updated for compatibility with new beta-21 TS3 client version;

Version 1.9.9 build 1000 - May 25,2010

* Increased overall performance and removed potential lags;
* Greatly increased Low compression codec performance (up to 1.5-2 times);

Version 1.9 build 948 - May 5,2010

* Fixed several minor bugs with voice overlays display;
* Added ability to select font styles;
* Fixed OpenGL cursor render bug;
* Important! Teamspeak3 plugins were updated;

Version 1.9 build 921 - Apr 1,2010

* Fixed uncolored overlay render in some DirectX9 games (as example, Eve Online);
* Fixed bug with DirectX 10 games in unofficial 920 build;
* Updated plugins for Teamspeak 3 (client version beta 18);

Version 1.9 build 919 - Mar 17,2010

* Video encoding was optimized to get overall performance boost with CPU-highloaded games and/or large video frame sizes (HD, FullHD);
* Fixed AVI overlay drawing bug;
* Fixed bug with disabled functionality in registered versions;

Version 1.8 build 759 - Jan 19,2010

* Now Teamspeak 3 overlay plugins are in two versions - for TS3 client beta 9 (or less) and for TS3 client beta 11. Read more here: Teamspeak 3 overlays;

Version 1.8 build 754 - Jan 18,2010

* Added overlay font and size selection;
* Added ability to show umlauts, cyrillic characters in overlays;
* High compression mode videos are now compatible with standard Windows 32/64 codecs and may be uploaded to YouTube without conversion;
* Fixed OpenGL voice overlay render bug;
* Teamspeak 3 plugins (both 32/64-bits) were updated to 1.1 version. You MUST update old plugins to get TS3 overlays in this new version;

Version 1.8 build 744 - Dec 23,2009

* Added support for Teamspeak 3 64bit client;
* Fixed bug with chat messages in Teamspeak 3 client;

Version 1.8 build 742 - Dec 22,2009

* Added support for Teamspeak 3 overlays (now only 32bit client);
* Fixed codec installation bug in some systems;

Version 1.7 build 699 - Nov 12,2009

* Added DirectX 11 support;
* Added NVidia GPU overlay support;
* Fixed mouse cursor "black square" rendering in Windows 7;
* Fixed problems with VoIP overlays;
* Fixed codec bug with 3+ cores CPUs;
* Slightly increased codec performance;

Version 1.6 build 608 - Oct 21,2009

* Individual control on all overlays;
* Full control on overlays position;
* Expanded info for AVI and VoIP overlays;
* Fixed bug with fast taking screenshots;
* Added useful overlay for overclockers - GPU temperature (in test mode);
* Fixed video codec bug - black video in Sony Vegas;

Version 1.6 build 600 - Oct 12,2009

* Added DirectX 10 support;

Version 1.5 build 568 - Sep 17,2009

* Fixed some OpenGL applications crash;
* Now AVI size is not limited in 4Gb;
* Fixed interface problems with non-standard and big fonts
* Increased time for indicating Login/Logoff in Ventrilo and Teamspeak overlays

Version 1.5 build 559 - Aug 12,2009

* Fixed corrupted files in low compression;
* Fixed "no audio devices" alert in Vista/Win7;
* Low compression codec speed increased up to 50%

Version 1.5 build 551 - Jul 21,2009

* Fixed crash with Arma2 in Vista / W7

Version 1.5 build 531 - May 20,2009

* Now PlayClaw can capture direct audio in Windows Vista!
* Fixed crash on various applications exit (GameSpy, MediaPlayer, etc.)
* "Screenshot taken" indicator changed

Version 1.4 build 520 - Apr 24,2009

* Video codecs performance is greatly increased
* Voice overlays have new features (show log in / log off)
* Added ability to write overlays in screenshots and videos

Version 1.3 build 499 - Apr 8,2009

* Fixed problems with Steam under Windows Vista 32/64
* Fixed partial incompatibility with Battlefield Heroes
* Fixed distorted images in OpenGL and IMVU 3D chat
* PlayClaw now can run with Combat Arms, details in our forum

Version 1.3 build 489 - Mar 5,2009

* Added support for DirectX8. So such games like Warcraft 3, Perfect World, etc. are supported now.
* Fixed minor bugs with few games (Poxnora online, P.U.R.E., ...)
* Fixed crash bug with Quake Live
* Fixed bug with multirender games
* Fixed overlay render in OpenGL games
* Added italian, dutch and finnish languages

Version 1.2 build 468 - Feb 6,2009

* Fixed crash with recording video without audio
* Now only one copy of PlayClaw may run
* Added online help
* Ability to stop'n'delete unwanted video

Version 1.2 build 464

* Correct sound mixers support
* Variable multicore processor load
* Added new video format - "no compression"
* Added new screenshot format - BMP
* Added ability to pause/unpause video recording

Version 1.2 build 441

* Speed-up while video recording in multicore systems
* Show AVI codec performance statistics

Version 1.2 build 391

* Fixed keys binding
* Added Teamspeak overlay support
* Added indication of taken screenshot
* Fixed video and audio synchronization

Version 1.2 build 382

* Interface changed
* Added PNG screenshot format
* Fixed bug with Media Player classic crash

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