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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Pazera Free MP4 Video Converter

Version 1.5 (29.07.2018)
Fixed bug: resetting some conversion parameters when switching visual styles.
Fixed bug: incorrect aspect ratio adjustment.
Fixed bug: incorrect icons displayed in the context menu in the window with editing output directories.
Displaying the selected audio and video encoder in the header part of the panels with the audio/video conversion settings. As a result, the selected audio/video encoder is also visible when the panels are collapsed.
A few additional minor improvements.

Version 1.4 (15.06.2018)
New conversion engine (FFmpeg) and multimedia information library (MediaInfo).
New module: Check for updates.
The default settings of the H.264 encoder have been changed, which resulted in an acceleration of conversion by up to 30% at the expense of a very small decrease in quality (virtually imperceptible).
Added option to save the creation, last access and last write time of the source files in the output files.
Improved automatic selection of coding parameters when converting files containing many soundtracks and video tracks simultaneously.
The control displaying the list of profiles has been changed. Now additional separators are displayed between the profiles, which increases the readability.
The tab and panel with video filters are highlighted in blue.
Small changes to other interface elements: file list, navigation buttons, panels...
Added the ability to select visible columns from the context menu of the file list and from the main menu.
The error causing displaying of negative values of processed data after exceeding the 2GB threshold has been fixed.
Automatic scrolling of text in the window with the conversion progress.
Updated language files: English, Greek and Polish (fully); partially: German, Hungary, Japanese, Russian.
Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.3 (08.12.2017)
New conversion engine (FFmpeg) and multimedia information library (MediaInfo).
Added ability to edit output directory list.
Changes in the program interface: slightly modified toolbar and menus.
New window: Tools Info.
New visual style: Cobalt XEMedia.
Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 1.2 (12.11.2016)
New conversion engine (FFmpeg) and multimedia information library (MediaInfo).
Ability to set a prefix and suffix the names of the generated files.
Additional navigation buttons.
New video filter: negative.
Improved compatibility with Windows XP.
Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 1.1 (Aug 9, 2016)
From now program is also available in a 64-bit version.
New conversion engine (FFmpeg) and multimedia information library (MediaInfo).
Added support for H.265/HEVC video encoder.
Improved matching of encoding parameters with automatic settings.
Improved detection of data streams in the source files.
Added support for additional video encoder parameters: preset, tune, level.
New video filters: color conversion to grayscale or sepia, brightness, saturation, flip horizontal, flip vertical, rotation.
New file list control with many additional features (sorting, row and column moving...).
New columns: icon, full file name, duration, video (summary), video codec, video codec ID, video profile, video bitrate, width, height, resolution, display aspect, frames/sec., bits/pixel, scan type, video stream size, audio (summary), audio codec, audio codec ID, audio profile, audio bitrate, channels, sampling rate, audio stream size, menu, chapters, chapter title, chapter start, chapter end, chapter number.
Displaying a more detailed information about the source files in the File properties window.
Added ability to set only a portion of the file to convert.
Possibility to splitting the output files based on chapters stored in the source files.
New actions: Uncheck all files, Check selected files, Uncheck selected files, Clear file list
The ability to save a HTML file with code of the HTML5 video tag.
Possibility to hide panel with conversion settings.
Closing the window with the conversion progress at the end of the conversion process.
Changed toolbar.
New icons.
Better support for visual styles.
Added support for additional languages: Hungarian, Latvian, Russian, Swedish.
The program name was changed from Pazera MP4 Converter to Pazera Free MP4 Video Converter.

Version 1.0 (3 Oct 2013)
Initial release.

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