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Opti Drive Control is a program for testing optical drives and media from the creator of Nero CD-DVD Speed and Plextools. Support for CD, DVD and BD drives/media, Read / write transfer rate, Create test disc / verify function, Detailed drive information, Detailed disc information, Disc quality tests: BLER, PI/PO, C1/C2, Jitter (*), Erase / format, Overburning, Multi-test, Enhanced save functions.

Trialware $25
OS: Win
File size: 1.7MB
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Latest version

1.80 (January 15, 2020)


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Download Opti Drive Control 1.80  1.7MB  Win  Portable

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $25)

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

New version!
Opti Drive Control 1.80 released!

Added support for Windows 10
Progress during a test is shown on the taskbar
Bug fixes and user interface improvements

9/07/2012: version 1.70
- added seperate start button for partial test (for all read and scan functions)
- test results can be exported to CSV or HTML automatically
- Disc quality test: added jitter measurement for BD discs
- FE/TE: added support for CD and BD discs (for LiteOn Mediatek drives)
- Transfer rate test: added support for multisession CDs
- disc label can be read and shown automatically or manually
- added load/eject button
- small bug fixes and user interface improvements

13/01/2011: version 1.51
- Improved detection of layer break of Blu-ray discs

14/09/2010: version 1.50
- Application is resizable
- Disc quality test: POFs are shown with supported BenQ and Plextor drives
- Disc quality test: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx series
- Disc quality test: test continues when a read error occurs with Plextor drives
- FE/TE: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx series
- FE/TE: Test can now be run with CDs with Plextor drives
- FE/TE: Added support for double layer DVDs
- Transfer rate test: layer change position is shown
- Transfer rate test: fixed rotation speed display for PTP DVDs
- Transfer rate test: improved access times measurement
- Create test disc: improved support for BD and DVD-RAM
- Disc info: track path is shown
- Increased command time out value

04/04/2010: version 1.48
- Disc Quality test: added option to set fixed scale for BD media

17/02/2010: version 1.47
- Create test disc: CD-RW and DVD-RW data discs will be erased when direct overwrite option is enabled
- Disc Quality/CD Bler: added support for PX-755 and PX-760 with unlocked firmware versions

3/11/2009: version 1.44
- Bug fixes:
Create test disc: unable to write unformatted DVD+RW discs
Create test disc: unable to write discs with streaming enabled

30/10/2009: version 1.43
- Load test: message is shown if disc cannot be loaded automatically
- Bug fix: graph could only show 4.5 GB when empty DVD-R DL was loaded

29/10/2009: version 1.42
- Bug fix: Windows cannot recognize disc when it's loaded while Opti Drive Control is active

13/09/2009: version 1.41
- Bug fix: Disc Quality: jitter was not reported with certain LiteOn drives

9/09/2009: version 1.40
- Added Extra Tests:
Funnel seek, random seek, random transfer / seek, transfer inner, middle and outer, layer change time
Spinup, spindown, eject, load and recognition time

28/07/2009: version 1.30
- Added Focus Error (FE), Tracking Error (TE) test for BenQ, Plextor and LiteOn drives
- Added function to load and display Opti Drive Control and ImgBurn performance information files
- Added function to show temperature and laser current with Pioneer drives
- Disc Quality: added support for Pioneer drives
- Transfer Rate: speed is set before running the test
- Create Disc: added option to change buffer level update frequency
- Bug fixes:
Read speed could not be changed with OptiArc 724x series
Create test disc: unable to burn unformatted DVD-RW discs
Create test disc: test results file was burned incorrectly
Create test disc: incorrect ISO file size
Disc Quality: PIE/PIF/Jitter could not be scanned with older LiteOn drives and double layer DVDs
CD Bler: erratic graph was shown when certain display options were set

12/06/2009: version 1.22
- Disc quality: added option to set the jitter scan speed for LiteOn drives
- Bug fixes;
Disc information was not always detected correctly for DVD+R disc types
Create test disc: buffer level was not correctly shown
Transfer rate: testing CDs may not be possible with external drives

9/06/2009: version 1.21
- Disc quality: added jitter reporting for Plextor drives
- Bug fixes:
Capacity of blank DVD-R DL discs not recognized correctly
MID was not shown with HLDS drives for +R media
Fixed buffer overflow when checing write speeds
Current read speed was not the active selection

6/06/2009: version 1.20
- Disc quality: added support for BD scanning with LiteOn BD-ROM drives
- Disc quality: added option to skip jitter scanning with LiteOn drives
- Drive info: improved detection of BD features
- Drive info: improved detection of DVD region control
- Improved read speed detection
- Bug fixes:
Transfer rate: RPM display for BDs was incorrect
Disc quality: Average C1 and C2 errors calculated incorrectly
Disc quality: scanning audio CDs could start at the wrong position

29/05/2009: version 1.10

- Added themes and customizable graph colors
- Disc Quality, CD Bler: added option to set Y-scale to a fixed value
- Bug fixes:
Screenshot was not correctly saved when the autosave option was enabled
Transfer Rate: RPM was incorrectly displayed for double layer DVDs
Create test disc: write speed selection was ignored with some drives
Create test disc: an error in the ISO96600 structure caused errors with the verification (CD only)
Disc quality: fixed problem with excessive CPU usage when scanning DVDs
Disc quality: under certain conditions scanning with Mediatek based drives could not start
Disc quality: BenQ drives could not scan past the first layer
Disc quality: Error occured at the end of the test when scanning DVDs with Plextor drives

19/05/2009: version 1.00

First release!
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DVD Identifier


Nero DiscSpeed

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OptiDriveControl, ODC

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3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

This is an excellent tool for testing blank CD/BD/DVD media. Without tools like this you never really know how good the quality is of your burns. It also tests CD Bler and gives quite in depth information about your drives and media.

I was using the freeware DiscSpeed, but because I have many Verbatim Pastel DVD-R discs and some burn better at 4X and some better at 8X (quality varies never know what burn speed to use), I purchased Opti Drive Control because of the FE / TE test it can perform. Using the FE / TE (Focus errors / Tracking errors) test, you can determine the optimum burn speed before you write to DVDR.

I give this tool an 8 for "Value for money" just because you can still use the 'not so old' freeware version if you want. The price could be a bit lower and then more people would pay out for it. It is worth it though!

Review by laspis59 on Nov 29, 2010 Version: 1.50 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 9/10

I've been using Nero CD-DVD Speed for many years but I did not really like its replacement Nero DiscSpeed which was quickly turning into bloatware. I was happy to see that Opti Drive Control continued on the same path as Nero CD-DVD Speed: many features with low memory/disk usage. However the first versions did not really add much value over the free (but discontinued) Nero CD-DVD Speed although ODC did include some nice function such as the option to run multiple tests automatically and the option to autosave a screenshot after each test.
But version 1.30 includes several new functions which cannot be found in Nero CD-DVD Speed: the FE/TE test is a very nice way to check the best burn speed *before* actually burning data to it and with this version I can finally measure jitter on the second layer with my LiteOn.
As for the value for money: I use it to check the integrity of my backup DVDs (mainly photos) which are worth much more than $25.

Review by Twitter911 on Aug 1, 2009 Version: 1.30 OS: Vista Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 9/10

It costs too much! I seem to recall the price was $15 initially, now raised to $25. I went back to possibly buy it for $15 but it had been jacked up in the meantime. No way, Jose! He must be dreaming... :)

Review by JohnnyBob on Jul 29, 2009 Version: ? OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

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