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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Monkey's Audio

Version 6.37 (July 19, 2021)
Changed: Updated the make APL button image.
Changed: Removed a couple linker warnings from the DirectShow filter (internal change, but please report any problems).

Version 6.36 (July 19, 2021)
Changed: The rest of the artwork has been updated (thanks Johanne!).
Changed: Files are capped at 4GB (before they might start encoding but not work).
Changed: Visual Studio 2022 update.

Version 6.35 (July 12, 2021)
NEW: Added support for W64 files.
NEW: Added support for SND files.
NEW: More artwork updated (thanks Johanne!).
Changed: The about box for formats displays better if there is no author or version.
Changed: When clicking an options page, the first page is selected if an area with no items is clicked (instead of showing nothing).
Changed: On the format information dialog, the link uses a hand cursor.

Version 6.34 (July 3, 2021)
NEW: Added ALAC to the external compressors (requires iTunes install or it won't appear).

Version 6.33 (July 3, 2021)
Changed: The makefile for non-Windows builds now allows out-of-tree builds.
Changed: Updated to the latest FLAC release.

Version 6.32 (July 1, 2021)
Fixed: Not all the external encoders were the correct bitdepth. Now 32-bit is in the 32-bit build and 64-bit in the 64-bit build.

Version 6.31 (July 1, 2021)
NEW: WavPack and FLAC are included with the program (and accessible as external encoders).
Changed: Worked on the external encoder system so that converting to and from other formats works nicely.

Version 6.30 (June 29, 2021)
NEW: More artwork updated (thanks Johanne!).
Changed: Worked away the rest of the compiler warnings (mostly in Direct Show code).
Changed: Updated the email address in the help file because it was outdated.
Changed: When sorting by the status, if all the files are OK, it will show a message box saying as much (so if you verify a big list you won't have to look as hard).
Changed: Upgraded to Visual Studio 2022 (preview).
Changed: Switched the Winamp plugin installer to NSIS (instead of the old MakePIMP system).

Version 6.29 (May 25, 2021)
Changed: Some high DPI improvements.
Changed: Open files in read-only mode in c_APEDecompress_Create(W).
Changed: Check whether __stdcall is already defined which is the case on Haiku.
Changed: Makefile: Fix compilation on macOS which needs -dylib_install_name instead of -soname.
NEW: A little more updated art work (thanks Johanne!).

Version 6.28 (May 21, 2021)
Changed: Switched the installer icon to the program icon.
NEW: Rework of some art by the fantastic artist Johanne Courtright (thanks Johanne!).

Version 6.27 (May 13, 2021)
Changed: Corrected an artwork artifact.

Version 6.26 (May 12, 2021)
Changed: The program artwork is loaded from a PNG next to the program.
Changed: Visual Studio update.

Version 6.25 (May 10, 2021)
Changed: Improved resource loading so the image is only loaded once and shared by all the components.

Version 6.24 (May 10, 2021)
Changed: Updated the makefile to set the library soname in the library file.
Changed: Cleaned up the artwork so it's all in a single file and there are no unused pieces.

Version 6.23 (May 2, 2021)
Changed: The list text switches to "Decompressed (MB)" during decompression and "Processed (MB)" during conversion (instead of staying "Compressed (MB)").

Version 6.22 (April 30, 2021)
Changed: Made the install not ask for a directory during an upgrade install.

Version 6.21 (April 24, 2021)
Fixed: Unicode characters will rename properly when decoding to AIFF now (wasn't using the wide rename before).
Changed: Tighter usage of renaming a file to AIFF so there won't be potentially unsafe string copies.
Changed: AIFF files are reported in the file info page of the program.

Version 6.20 (April 23, 2021)
NEW: Added support for AIFF files to the compressor and decompressor (feedback appreciated).

Version 6.15 (April 18, 2021)
Changed: Visual Studio update.
Fixed: An uninitialized variable could get accessed when constructing the CAPEDecompress object.

Version 6.14 (March 18, 2021)
Changed: Visual Studio update.
Changed: Return a specific error when failing to open the file because it's in use.

Version 6.13 (February 24, 2021)
Changed: Made the code more clear about the 4-byte alignment of the APE_DESCRIPTOR object (now define a padding instead of just letting it be squish).
Changed: Made more of the function returns use the defines instead of just a number.
Changed: Added all the version and copyright information to the uninstaller application.
Changed: Visual Studio update.

Version 6.12 (February 15, 2021)
Changed: Visual Studio update.
Changed: The error ERROR_APE_COMPRESS_TOO_MUCH_DATA is returned from every compress call once too much data has been added (previosly the first call would return that, then -1 on the next calls).

Version 6.11 (February 3, 2021)
Fixed: When compressing and verifying after, the progress bar would temporarily jump to all the way done as it transitioned to verify.
NEW: Added WAV information to the File Info dialog.
Changed: Switched the total blocks reported by the WAV code to int64 (hopefully internal change, but be aware if you use the SDK).

Version 6.10 (February 1, 2021)
Fixed: Corrected a memory access problem reproted by Address Sanitizer.

Version 6.09 (January 30, 2021)
Fixed: The copyright symbol in the install would not show properly.

Version 6.08 (January 29, 2021)
NEW: The program reports if it is elevated in the about box.

Version 6.07 (January 29, 2021)
Changed: A confirmation before running the installer is no longer shown.

Version 6.06 (January 29, 2021)
Changed: The program is run optionally after installation and it won't run with UAC elevation.

Version 6.05 (January 29, 2021)
Fixed: Unicode characters were not working properly for the install path.

Version 6.04 (January 29, 2021)
Changed: The installer remembers the folder it was installed to for upgrading.
Fixed: One of the memory sets hadn't updated for the int64 size possibly causing 3.93 to 3.95 decoding problems.

Version 6.03 (January 28, 2021)
Fixed: The uninstallers would not always work properly because of the signature. Trying a new approach.

Version 6.02 (January 27, 2021)
Changed: Removed the XP compatible signatures from everything.

Version 6.01 (January 27, 2021)
Changed: The uninstaller is now signed.

Version 6.00 (January 27, 2021)
Changed: Removed XP support (Microsoft ended support in 2014).
Changed: Switched to NSIS because the size of Inno Setup bloated (feedback appreciated).

Version 5.71 (January 21, 2021)
Changed: Visual Studio update.
Changed: The size of all the files switches to GB if it's over 1000 MB.
Changed: Switched some internal variables from float to double (hopefully transparent, but please report any issues).
Changed: Drive free space reporting will switch to TB if it's over 1000 GB.
Changed: Updated the license to remove the clause about contributing changes back (and updated the help file to match the website license).

Version 5.70 (December 26, 2020)
Changed: Made the size of the Cool Edit options a little smaller.
Changed: Working on the signature of the program so it's buildable other places (should be transparent change, but please report any issues).
Fixed: Removing a tag with RemoveTag(...) would not work due to the read-only change.
Fixed: The return value from RemoveTag(...) will be better formed (previously it could return success even on failure).
Fixed: The file list would not be saved when running under UAC (now it's stored in the user data folder).

Version 5.69 (December 9, 2020)
Fixed: The Cool Edit plugin did not show the options dialog properly.
Changed: Visual Studio update.

Version 5.68 (December 3, 2020)
Fixed: Tagging would not work from the command line due to the recent addition of read-only file opening.

Version 5.67 (December 3, 2020)
Changed: Patches applied by Arno Hornberger.

Version 5.66 (December 3, 2020)
Changed: When no file is selected and "File Info..." is selected a message will be shown instead of an empty status dialog.
Fixed: The shortcut Ctrl+I was not working.
Changed: Made F1 launch the program's help file.
Fixed: Clicking a column header on an empty list would throw an error dialog.

Version 5.65 (November 24, 2020)
Changed: Patches submitted by Robert Kausch to improve building and usage.
Changed: Added the SSE and MMX states to the about box.

Version 5.64 (November 24, 2020)
Fixed: A corrupt APE file could cause problems in extrnal decoders.

Version 5.63 (November 24, 2020)
Changed: The image stays at the top of the list instead of scrolling with the items.

Version 5.62 (November 24, 2020)
Fixed: The list background image could have black on some systems.

Version 5.61 (November 23, 2020)
Changed: A better monkey picture for the list background.

Version 5.60 (November 23, 2020)
Changed: Visual Studio update.
Changed: A couple patches for building cross platform.
Changed: Updated a few more copyrights.
Fixed: Predictor memory would not be freed properly from the decompress stage.

Version 5.59 (November 5, 2020)
Changed: Another Visual Studio update.
Changed: Removed a couple warnings from the console project.
Fixed: When converting a file over and over, the file size reported could be for a previous conversion.
Changed: Removed the secure flag from compliation and fixed the remaining warnings.
Fixed: The uninstall icon would not be correct.

Version 5.58 (October 27, 2020)
Fixed: High channel counts would not work properly with 8-bit encoding.

Version 5.57 (October 23, 2020)
Fixed: 24-bit high channel counts wouldn't work properly.

Version 5.56 (October 23, 2020)
Changed: Moved the timer stuff out of All.h and into the console since that's the only place that needs it.
Changed: Added a few virtual destructors to avoid problems when deleting from a smart pointer.
Changed: Another Visual Studio update.
Changed: Added checking for PCM to the buffer start interfaces (CAPECompressCreate::Start).

Version 5.55 (September 24, 2020)
Changed: Updated the copyright to 2021.
Changed: Tuned the Winamp file info dialog a little (removed the obsolete peak level, made the filename longer, etc.).
Changed: The GUI and console are signed.
Changed: A Visual Studio update.

Version 5.54 (August 24, 2020)
Fixed: The program could loop forever on a corrupt file in some cases.

Version 5.53 (August 23, 2020)
Fixed: Made the compressor work with three channel files and other odd numbers better.

Version 5.52 (August 23, 2020)
Fixed: Made the compressor work with seven channel files.

Version 5.51 (August 23, 2020)
Changed: Files over 8 channels use the same channel layout (mid/side) for the first eight channels, helping compression a little.
Changed: A Visual Studio update.

Version 5.50 (August 22, 2020)
NEW: Added support for up to 32 channels.
Changed: Another Visual Studio update.

Version 5.49 (August 5, 2020)
Changed: When compressing a zero byte file, the error is now "input file too small".
Changed: Added the field APE_TAG_FIELD_RATING for rating (before it could use a field in MC that caused problems).

Version 5.48 (July 22, 2020)
Changed: Worked through the compile problems on Linux caused by the new additions to the console program.
Changed: Another Visual Studio update.

Version 5.47 (June 30, 2020)
Changed: A message is shown when processing no files instead of just silently doing nothing.
Changed: Replaced some more tabs with spaces in the code (for cross-platform readability).
Changed: Cleaned up some MFC references in MACDll (could make the SDK messy).
Changed: A Visual Studio update.

Version 5.46 (June 26, 2020)
Changed: The program returns "Error (I/O write error)" when UAC prevents creation of the new file instead of undefined.
NEW: Added support for tagging after compression (like: MAC.exe "C:New.wav" "C:New.ape" -c2000 -t "Artist=Metallica|Album=Black").

Version 5.45 (June 24, 2020)
Changed: Updated the example for the new tag command to put the fields in quotes (so pipes don't cause a problem).
Changed: The output during the new tag mode to the command line is a little more verbose.
Fixed: The tag function would not work properly with really long tag values.

Version 5.44 (June 18, 2020)
Changed: Cleaned up the new -t command line processor.
Changed: Added a couple defines for non-windows for the new -t option.

Version 5.43 (June 18, 2020)
NEW: Added support for the -t command line switch to tag files with the console program.
Changed: Updated to a new certificate for signing that's good for three more years.

Version 5.42 (June 11, 2020)
Changed: The signature is time stamped on XP as well.

Version 5.41 (June 11, 2020)
Changed: Using dual signatures so the file looks signed on XP as well.

Version 5.40 (June 11, 2020)
Changed: Made quick verify a little quicker.
Changed: Visual Studio update.

Version 5.39 (June 9, 2020)
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
Fixed: Quick verify was not working in all cases.

Version 5.38 (April 26, 2020)
Changed: Changed the size of the Seek function to int64 from int since big seeks are possible.

Version 5.37 (April 24, 2020)
Fixed: Some files from

Version 3.93 to 3.95 could still fail to verify because the change to int64 wasn't everywhere it needed to be.

Version 5.36 (April 24, 2020)
Changed: Brought backwards compatibility back (based on feedback at work).

Version 5.35 (April 22, 2020)
Changed: The status text shows "unsupported file version" when trying to decode an APE file that's too old (instead of just undefined).
Changed: Cleaned up some of the throws internally to use the same type as the catch.

Version 5.34 (April 21, 2020)
Changed: No longer always show at least 1% done on the statusbar (since starting a huge job that could be wrong).
Changed: The statusbar no longer shows the output file size if there haven't been any output files (like when doing a verify).
Changed: Made the program return ERROR_UPSUPPORTED_FILE_

Version when trying to create a decoder for a file that's too old.

Version 5.33 (April 15, 2020)
Changed: Renamed the compression level defines to start with MAC to avoid conflicts with other encoders.

Version 5.32 (April 15, 2020)
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
Changed: Switched a couple more varialbles to int64 to remove warnings building.

Version 5.31 (April 14, 2020)
Changed: Some fixes by Robert Kausch due to recent changes.

Version 5.30 (April 13, 2020)
Changed: Switched the parameters for the GetInfo(...) calls to int64 from intn.
Changed: Removed backwards compatibility for APE files

Version 3.92 and older (it's been over a decade since creation -- just install a previous build and convert if you have them).

Version 5.29 (April 12, 2020)
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
Fixed: Sizes of APE files would display incorrectly if they were over 2GB in the Winamp dialog.
Changed: Switched the type returns by the GetInfo(...) calls to int64 for the file size problem.

Version 5.28 (April 2, 2020)
Fixed: The statusbar could show an incorrect value as the con

Version was just starting.

Version 5.27 (April 2, 2020)
Changed: Added progress to the taskbar icon.
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.

Version 5.26 (March 29, 2020)
Changed: Added the

Version of Monkey's Audio to the installer.
Changed: Made creation of the installation packages part of the

Version / install system so everything is automated now.

Version 5.25 (March 28, 2020)
Changed: Switched the keyboard shortcut to exit from Ctrl+T to Ctrl+W to match other programs.
Changed: Another Visual Studio 2019 update.

Version 5.24 (March 21, 2020)
Fixed: Decoding of older files could still fail because of the added support for 32-bit. Now when the program enters legacy mode it also converts another variable so decoding should work again.
Changed: Another Visual Studio 2019 update.

Version 5.23 (March 12, 2020)
Fixed: A function was accidentally removed for tagging in the last build.

Version 5.22 (March 11, 2020)
Changed: Tag reading is no longer capped at 256 fields. Now it allocates as many fields as exist.
Changed: When saving tags, the fields will be sorted by size first and then the name if the sizes are the same (name is the change).
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.

Version 5.21 (March 10, 2020)
Fixed: Corrupt APE tags are handled better.

Version 5.20 (February 24, 2020)
Changed: Another Visual Studio 2019 update.
Changed: Switched some of the links to HTTPS (since many sites are now secure).
NEW: Added the keyboard shorcut Ctrl+T to exit.
NEW: Added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S to stop (and Ctrl+Shift+S to stop after the current file).
Changed: Stopping after the current file no longer waits to stop but just returns right away and stops eventually.
Changed: The list status updates a little better when stopping.

Version 5.19 (February 9, 2020)
Fixed: The Cool Edit plugin in the 64-bit compile was incorrect.

Version 5.18 (February 7, 2020)
Fixed: The typing of c_APECompress_Start was incorrect.
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.

Version 5.17 (January 23, 2020)
Changed: When converting APL to APE, it no longer checks for no compression changes but instead just always does the conversion.

Version 5.16 (January 22, 2020)
Fixed: The build signatures weren't time stamped.

Version 5.15 (January 21, 2020)
Changed: Removed the last couple compile warnings (just switched to safer string functions).
Changed: Consolidated the new wide functions so the code is only there once.
Changed: Corrected some compile issues.

Version 5.14 (January 15, 2020)
Changed: Added a wide

Version of GetID3Tag and RemoveTag.
Fixed: GetID3Tag would still behave poorly if the year (or other fields) was too long.

Version 5.13 (January 14, 2020)
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
Fixed: Calling GetID3Tag on the year field could crash.
Fixed: Corrected the typing of the APEDecompress_Create functions.

Version 5.12 (January 2, 2020)
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
Changed: Some improvements for building outside Windows by Robert Kausch.

Version 5.11 (December 17, 2019)
Changed: Using a command line build process to avoid the possibility of any pieces going unbuilt.

Version 5.10 (December 16, 2019)
Fixed: The

Version information of all the components was not right in 5.09.

Version 5.09 (December 15, 2019)
Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
Changed: Added an example using "auto" as the filename to the command line program.
Changed: Updated the copyright year in the help.

Version 5.08 (December 3, 2019)
Changed: Another Visual Studio 2019 update.
Changed: Work to make the console program build better on Linux for third parties.

Version 5.07 (November 18, 2019)
Fixed: Wasn't building nicely on Linux.

Version 5.06 (November 15, 2019)
Fixed: When decoding 24-bit files from before the overflow fix, the mode will fallback to the legacy decode mode on the first frame failure and try the old approach.
Changed: A Visual Studio 2019 update.

Version 5.05 (November 7, 2019)
Changed: Brought the faster SSE back for all encoding and decoding except 32-bit.

Version 5.04 (November 6, 2019)
Changed: Remvoed SSE again from the neural networks because of possible overflows.

Version 5.03 (November 6, 2019)
Changed: Brought SSE back to the neural networks.

Version 5.02 (November 5, 2019)
Changed: Switched stereo 32-bit files to mid / side for slightly better compression.

Version 5.01 (November 5, 2019)
NEW: Added support for compression and decompression of 32- bit integer files.

Version 4.99 (October 29, 2019)
Changed: Making some steps towards 32-bit support, but still disabled.
Changed: Replaced tabs in the code with spaces.

Version 4.98 (October 27, 2019)
Changed: You can specify the filename auto on decompress from the command line and it will just rename the APE file to WAV and use that.

Version 4.97 (October 25, 2019)
Fixed: Invalid input bit depths were not handled gracefully.

Version 4.96 (October 22, 2019)
Changed: Made the SDK examples work again (updated to Visual Studio 2019, and got them all building).

Version 4.95 (October 20, 2019)
Changed: Made list auto-size fill the screen width if the auto-size resolves to less width that the list.

Version 4.94 (October 20, 2019)
Changed: Made the size of the default run a little larger.
NEW: Added the right-click command to auto-size all the columns.

Version 4.93 (October 15, 2019)
Changed: A Visual Studio 2019 update for possibly better performance and reliability.
Changed: Updated the copyrights to 2020.

Version 4.92 (August 26, 2019)
Fixed: Pressing stop immediately would not always work.
Changed: Improved the shutdown while processing some more.

Version 4.91 (August 23, 2019)
Changed: Switched to mid/side encoding for four channel files for better compression (backwards compatibility broken, but only a few builds).

Version 4.90 (August 23, 2019)
Fixed: Shutting down while processing could crash.
Changed: Improved some of the channel code used for 6 and 8 channel files to be a little faster.

Version 4.89 (August 22, 2019)
Changed: Switched the 24-bit code to mid/side for 5.1 and 7.1 files. Increases compression. Backwards compatibility broken, but again, only a few builds.

Version 4.88 (August 21, 2019)
Changed: Switched to mid/side encoding for 5.1 and 7.1 16-bit files for better compression (backwards compatibility broken, but it's only a few builds).

Version 4.87 (August 21, 2019)
Fixed: Added a missing 16-bit chunk of code to multi-channel decompression (files would fail to decompress).
Fixed: Decompressing or verifying certain files could crash.

Version 4.86 (August 20, 2019)
NEW: Support for more than two channel files (any number of channels less than or equal to eight should be supported).

Version 4.85 (August 20, 2019)
Changed: Added experimental support for WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE files.
Changed: Worked a little on not making the number of channels capped at two (still a long ways to go).
Changed: A Visual Studio update.

Version 4.84 (August 10, 2019)
Fixed: The size of MACDll.dll was bigger than needed.

Version 4.83 (August 9, 2019)
Changed: A Visual Studio update.
Changed: Reworked how the

Version is defined in the code and resources so it's only in one place.
Changed: Revised the Winamp plugin install so it wouldn't have a double backslash (might not have mattered).

Version 4.82 (August 6, 2019)
Changed: Replaced the watermark image with one a little better colored for some monitors.

Version 4.81 (July 28, 2019)
Fixed: Install on XP was broken unintentinonally. I updated Inno Setup and they dropped XP, so I rolled back (feedback appreciated).
Changed: Moved all the versions in the resource files into the source include so they'll never lag by a build again.

Version 4.80 (July 25, 2019)
Changed: Updated copy of Visual Studio 2019.
Changed: Added 32-bit or 64-bit to the top of the about dialog.
Fixed: The program will properly shutdown during install of a new copy of the program.

Version 4.79 (July 23, 2019)
Changed: A couple cross-platform define corrections.
Changed: An updated Visual Studio 2019.
Fixed: Got a working resource file in the command line programs.

Version 4.78 (June 18, 2019)
Fixed: APL parsing was crashing outside Windows.

Version 4.77 (June 10, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected the versions in the resource files (they were lagging by a build).

Version 4.76 (June 7, 2019)
Changed: Updated to a newer

Version of the XML code.
Changed: Removed a couple more warnings.

Version 4.75 (June 6, 2019)
Changed: An updated Visual Studio 2019.
Fixed: Corrected a few more remaining warnings.

Version 4.74 (June 1, 2019)
Fixed: Verify and decompress could fail on the last file in a set of APL's.

Version 4.73 (May 15, 2019)
Changed: Made the Direct Show filter support APL files so that APL playback works from MPC-HC and the like.

Version 4.72 (May 13, 2019)
Changed: Relative paths are supported for the filenames when making APL files.

Version 4.71 (May 6, 2019)
Fixed: When decompressing a file, the mode would be set to the last (possibly external) codec used instead of the mode that fits for the file types.

Version 4.70 (April 28, 2019)
Changed: Consolidated some of the includes so they're only in one place.

Version 4.69 (April 25, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected a few Linux compile warnings (thanks Chocobo1).

Version 4.68 (April 24, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected a couple Linux / Android compile problems (thanks Chocobo1).
Changed: Turned the warning level up to 4 and worked through most of them.

Version 4.67 (April 23, 2019)
Changed: Worked through the rest of the compile warnings.

Version 4.66 (April 18, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected the

Version information in the DLLs.

Version 4.65 (April 18, 2019)
Changed: A Visual Studio update.
NEW: Added a 64-bit

Version of the Direct Show filter.

Version 4.64 (April 15, 2019)
Fixed: Tagging could crash.

Version 4.63 (April 11, 2019)
Changed: Switched to link time code generation (hopefully faster).

Version 4.62 (April 10, 2019)
Changed: Updated Visual Studio (a patch that might matter).
Changed: Removed the remaining warnings.

Version 4.61 (April 3, 2019)
Changed: Updated to Visual Studio 2019 for hopefully better performance.

Version 4.60 (March 18, 2019)
Fixed: Still more work on corrupt files (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Version 4.59 (March 15, 2019)
Fixed: Made some more fixes for corrupt file handling (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Version 4.58 (March 14, 2019)
Fixed: Even more handling of corrupt files (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Version 4.57 (March 14, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected a couple more corrupt file crash issues (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Version 4.56 (March 10, 2019)
Fixed: The Cool Edit plugin was not working.

Version 4.55 (March 9, 2019)
Changed: The system will no longer go to sleep while it's processing files.

Version 4.54 (March 4, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected a couple little string issues.

Version 4.53 (March 1, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected a problem that snuck into build 52.

Version 4.52 (March 1, 2019)
Fixed: A bunch more work on files over 2 GB (thanks Janne Hyvärinen).

Version 4.51 (February 28, 2019)
Fixed: Made some of the core file functions better equipped to handle over 2 GB.

Version 4.50 (February 28, 2019)
Fixed: Made a few more over 2 GB fixes (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Version 4.49 (February 27, 2019)
Changed: Improved support for files over 2 GB (not tested, so please give feedback).

Version 4.48 (February 25, 2019)
Fixed: Improved the bad file handling again (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Version 4.47 (February 24, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected another crash bug in handling corrupt files.
Fixed: Better handling of memory allocation errors.

Version 4.46 (February 23, 2019)
Fixed: Made handling of corrupt files a little better again.

Version 4.45 (February 23, 2019)
Fixed: Improved handling of corrupt APE files to avoid crashes (files with invalid blocks per frame, invalid block align, etc.).

Version 4.44 (January 13, 2019)
Fixed: Corrected a mistake in the APE link string code.

Version 4.43 (January 13, 2019)
NEW: Faster CRC algorithm thanks to Robert Kausch.

Version 4.42 (December 9, 2018)
NEW: Some console improvements thanks to Dominik Herzog.
Changed: Reworked the seek code to hopefully get around a problem on Android.

Version 4.41 (December 5, 2018)
Changed: Got all the rest of the compile warnings out of the program.
Changed: Renamed the file seek macro names to avoid conflicts on Android.

Version 4.40 (November 17, 2018)
Changed: Improved some of the code for portablility (thanks Robert Kausch).

Version 4.39 (November 11, 2018)
Fixed: A corrupt APE file with a negative number for the WAV header length could crash instead of being handled gracefully.
Fixed: Corrected a couple compiler warnings.

Version 4.38 (October 29, 2018)
Fixed: Corrected a typo in the Winamp plugin.

Version 4.37 (October 24, 2018)
Changed: The executables are now signed.

Version 4.36 (October 16, 2018)
Changed: Registering the Direct Show filter now associates APE files with WMP (before you just had to open all types).

Version 4.35 (October 5, 2018)
Changed: Fixed a few Android compile issues.

Version 4.34 (May 2, 2018)
Optimized: Added a faster CRC (thanks Robert Kausch).

Version 4.33 (December 1, 2017)
Fixed: Disabled sorting while processing (it would make a mess).

Version 4.32 (November 30, 2017)
Changed: Made it possible to sort by the processing time of files.
Changed: Increased the maximum number of simultaneous processes.

Version 4.31 (November 29, 2017)
Fixed: Adding more than five folders would make it stop working.
Changed: Adding a folder no longer removes the existing files.

Version 4.30 (November 20, 2017)
NEW: Added Ctrl+A to the program to select all the entries.
Fixed: The x64 compile wasn't decoding old APE files properly.

Version 4.29 (November 18, 2017)
Changed: Lots of improvements to the SDK for Linux and Mac (big thanks to Robert Kausch).
Changed: Made the detection for URLs in the APE tag code check for https:// and m01ps://.

Version 4.28 (November 10, 2017)
Fixed: Fixed compilation on Linux and Mac and also added a few SDK code changes recommended by a nice user.

Version 4.27 (November 8, 2017)
NEW: Added sorting the list of the main program.

Version 4.26 (September 19, 2017)
NEW: Added a 64-bit version.
Fixed: Corrupt APE files could stall instead of bail out.
Fixed: Corrected the slash direction in filenames on platforms other than Windows.

Version 4.25 (March 12, 2017)
Changed: Corrected the spelling of 'Psychedelic' in the ID3v1 code.

Version 4.24 (March 9, 2017)
Fixed: The top text on the options dialog would get cut off on high DPI.
Fixed: Improved the toolbar height on high DPI monitors.

Version 4.23 (March 8, 2017)
Changed: Switched to VS 2017 for hopefully faster builds.

Version 4.22 (February 3, 2017)
Fixed: A Winamp plugin issue.

Version 4.21 (February 2, 2017)
Changed: Switches to the latest Visual Studio for hopefully faster builds.

Version 4.20 (February 1, 2017)
Changed: Switched to compiling on my laptop because it's lots smaller. Not sure why!

Version 4.19 (January 27, 2017)
Changed: Switched to Visual Studio 2015 -- hopefully faster builds.
Fixed: Columns could get saved with no width and then they'd load with no width which was confusing.
Changed: Changed a silly type used to uint32 from unsigned int because I guess it wasn't building on Linux and Mac.
Changed: Made the copyrights say 2017.

Version 4.18 (August 6, 2016)
Fixed: WAV files that reported a longer length in the header than they actually were would fail with an I/O error (now they encode).

Version 4.17 (June 8, 2016)
Fixed: Much better high DPI support.
Fixed: Some rare WAV files would fail to finish.

Version 4.16 (March 24, 2015)
Fixed: A file progress issue in build 4.15.

Version 4.15 (March 23, 2015)
Fixed: Build issues on Linux and Mac.

Version 4.14 (February 18, 2015)
Fixed: File progress wasn't working in 4.13.

Version 4.13 (February 3, 2015)
Fixed: Improved support for files greater than 2GB.

Version 4.12 (June 26, 2013)
Changed: Numerous fixes for OSX and 64-bit compatibility.

Version 4.11 (January 20, 2013)
NEW: Switched from MMX to SSE assembly, making compression and decompression faster.
NEW: Switched to latest Microsoft compiler, making everything around 5% faster.
Changed: Removed support for old Monkey's Audio 3.92 and earlier files (it hasn't been possible to make these files for over ten years -- use an old copy of Monkey's Audio to convert these files to the latest format if you have any).
Changed: Fixed a few compiler warnings.
Changed: Removed dependence on third-party NASM assembly compiler in favor of intrinsics (which compile nicely with all major compilers).
Changed: Put all Monkey's Audio source code into a namespace APE so that linking into third-party projects should never have name collisions.
Changed: Switched from #ifndef/endif to #pragma once (now supported by any reasonable compiler).

Version 4.10 (April 16, 2011)
Changed: When compressing a file, the input WAV file is always opened in read-only mode (writes were never done, but previously the input WAV would only be opened in read-only mode if write permissions were not available).
Changed: Updated to newer nasm compiler for MMX assembly.
Changed: Updated the console application (MAC.exe) to support Unicode filenames (GUI has always had Unicode support).
Changed: Removed obsolete Unicode compatibility DLL (unicows.dll) from the installer (only used by Win 9x).

Version 4.09 (March 28, 2011)
Changed: Updated to an icon that looks nicer on Windows 7 (sorry, still a monkey).
Changed: Updated copyright dates.

Version 4.07 / 4.08
Internal testing builds not released to the public.

Version 4.06 (March 17, 2009)
Fixed: In rare cases, a corrupt frame could output as noise instead of silence when the decoder was ignoring errors.

Version 4.05 (February 3, 2009)
Fixed: Directshow filter would fail to register on some systems.
Changed: Added CompressFileW2, DecompressFileW2, etc. functions that take a C++ interface as a callback for easier usage in multi-threaded environments. (as opposed to the old static function callback)

Version 4.04 (February 2, 2009)
Fixed: Directshow filter had an unnecessary dependence on a MSVC system dll.

Version 4.03 (January 21, 2009)
Changed: Added a help link to the help menu to show the included help file.

Version 4.02 (January 19, 2009)
New: Includes Directshow filter for decoding APE files in any DirectShow compatible player like Windows Media Player, Zoom, etc.
Fixed: Corrupt APE files could cause decoder crashes in rare cases.
Changed: Updated builder that gets better compression, making for a smaller download.

Version 4.01b2 (February 17, 2006)
Fixed: File > Exit would not close the program.
Fixed: Typo on the options dialog "Leave source file intact" option.
Fixed: APX files that weren't NULL terminated could cause a crash.
Fixed: Files that were skipped would show "Error" instead of "Skipped" in the status column.
Changed: Improved the error reporting in the status column after a failure.
Fixed: Possible small memory leak (100 bytes) on missing file decompression / con

Version errors.
Changed: Increased the statusbar size to better hold batches of 100+ GBs of files.
Changed: The file list will scroll to show newly started files during processing.
Fixed: Adding or removing files from the file list is no longer allowed during processing.
Changed: Pausing processing no longer distorts the time estimation.
Fixed: Some operations would not pause properly. (external encoders, etc.)
Fixed: The list control would flicker more than necessary when working with long lists of files.

Version 4.01b1 (January 8, 2006)
New: Features new user interface. (written in C++ and threaded for dual-core computers -- making it nearly twice as fast to compress, decompress, and convert with a dual-core setup)
New: New interface supports external codecs using simple XML configuration scripts.
Changed: MACDll.dll is unified to include SDK, Winamp, and CoolEdit support in one component.
Fixed: Corrupt / invalid APEv2 tags could cause problems in some cases.
Fixed: APL creation could use track boundaries that were off by 1/44100th of a second in some cases.
Fixed: APL creation would not properly report errors when the CUE file didn't point to an existing APE file.
Fixed: In very rare cases, decoding an old APE file could cause an invalid decompression error.
Fixed: When converting from APE -> APE, the APEv2 tag could get appended as WAV data to the new file. (instead of as a file tag)

Version 3.99 (April 29, 2004)
Changed: Decoding engine better at handling corrupt streams / loss of internet connection while playing.
Changed: Simplified assembly code building for 3rd party developers.
New: Improved entropy coder for increased compression.
Changed: Removed RKAU support. (since it is no longer commonly used)

Version 3.97 (August 2, 2002)
Changed: "Save File List Between Sessions" now on by default in front end.
Changed: Replaced usage of "#pragma once" with more non-MS compiler friendly alterternative.
New: MakeAPL now supports command line APL generation. (pass a .CUE file (no wildcards yet) -- operates in silent mode using existing settings)
Changed: Assembly support no longer required for backwards compatibility. (thanks Torgeir Strand Henriksen)
Changed: Several non-Windows buildability issues.
Changed: Using NASM to compile all assembly code. (aids cross-platform buildability)
Changed: Encapsulated the APELink code.
Changed: Tags aren't analyzed immediately when opening an http:// or m01p:// stream.
Changed: Added more functionality to the APL parser.
Changed: Added CreateIAPEDecompressEx2(...) to allow the creation of a ranged decoder.

Version 3.96 (April 7, 2002)
Fixed: WAV analysis could hang on invalid wav files.
Changed: Monkey's Audio would try to analyze files with file extensions not related to Monkey's Audio.
New: Added APE_DECOMPRESS_AVERAGE_BITRATE field so APL's can report the bitrate for the region they represent.
Changed: Improved overall non-Windows build-ability. (MACLib.lib doesn't require <windows.h> to build)
Changed: APL parser no longer requires Windows.
Fixed: APE tagging code would fail to save tags for files with existing ID3v1 tags.
Fixed: MakeAPL would not run on Win95 / 98.
Changed: More non-Windows build-ability issues.
Changed: Minor assembly optimizations. (like a 2% performance improvement)
Changed: MACLib now builds with gcc under Linux. (no backwards compatibility or assembly support yet)
Fixed: Bitstream fix / change that may have accounted for decompression failures in extremely rare cases.
Changed: Slight NNFilter optimization. (thanks to Chun-Yu Shei)
Changed: Turned off "Explorer" by default for the Monkey's Audio GUI. (doesn't work well under XP... will still leave it in for a while)
Changed: Included the WavPack 3.93.
Changed: Changed the history reporting method.

Version 3.95 beta
New: Improved compression engine for better overall compression
Changed: Modularized compression input logic, so MAC could easily support formats other than WAV
Changed: Some SDK tweaks and optimizations
Fixed: Fixed a crashy bug introduced in 3.94 (caused when using MACDll.dll from VB)

Version 3.94 beta
New: Rewritten compression engine for increased efficiencies and cleaner, more consistent code base
New: Decompression (of new files) is done natively block-by-block so there won't be uneven CPU usage anymore during playback
New: Significantly improved SDK
Changed: Bit stream optimizations that help compression speed (at least on Win2K and WinXP)
Changed: APL system now natively supported by MAC (GUI and everywhere else)... no longer a hack
Fixed: Fixed an auto-renaming bug where ape files got the .wav extension
Fixed: Several other little things

Version 3.92 beta
New: Monkey's Audio now comes with the latest APE Cool Edit filter (in the tools directory)
Changed: Added .mpc support to the Monkey's Audio front-end and changed the default mp+ extension to mpc
Changed: Made a bunch of fixes and improvements to the APL creation tool included with MAC
Fixed: Playback plugin now

Version checks the file format against the plugin format for Media Jukebox playback
Fixed: Fast forwarding "past" the end of songs could crash Winamp
Fixed: Removing / saving a tag of a read-only file could hang the APE file info dialog.
Fixed: Tag + Rename in Monkey's Audio always renamed files to .ape regardless of their type.

Version 3.91 beta
Fixed: Fixed a bug where the file properties couldn't be viewed when a file was playing
Fixed: Fixed a bitstream bug (from the new 3.90 bitstream) where 24-bit files could fail to compress

Version 3.90 beta
New: New advanced bitstream format that gets better compression with very little speed difference
New: New compression interface available via the SDK that's nice, clean, and fully supports on-the-fly encoding
Changed: Other compression improvements to fast, normal, and high modes
New: The overall progress now displays in the window caption and task-bar during processing.
Changed: Improved progress updating for external encoders.
Fixed: Peak level analysis works again... may need to convert files to the new

Version to fix them. (only affects 3.89 and 3.90 files)
Fixed: Other speed and stability fixes.
Fixed: Fixed a bug causing compression to fail if the WAV file had certain format fields wrong in its header (block align, bytes/sec)

Version 3.89 beta
New: Added preliminary playback support for APL files (APE link files, for playback from Image & CUE Sheet combos)
New: Added 24-bit playback support for Media Jukebox and Winamp
Changed: Bitstream is now a lot more robust and unbreakable (and faster :)
New: Added sample-perfect seeking (can seek precisely to any sample)
New: Created a buffering system for both playback and encoding, which should be super handy for anyone using the SDK (to be documented later)
Fixed: Fixed a problem where tracks with tons of pure silence or with a frame that took an amazing number of bits could fail to be decoded (or possibly encoded)
Fixed: Fixed a tagging bug related to the new tagging system where the genre could show up as a number
Changed: Made the output location selection in Monkey's Audio a little clearer
Fixed: Changed what dll's get installed for VB/NT compatibility... hopefully everything keeps working for everyone

Version 3.88 beta
New: New tagging format... flexible and unlimited... all saving of new tags is done in this format
New: MAC will now create the output directory if you specify a directory that doesn't exist (supports multiple levels)
New: APE Info dialog now displays compressed and uncompressed file sizes
New: Added an option to automatically verify the creation of all APE files to Monkey's Audio
New: Added the option to stop processing after an error was encountered in Monkey's Audio
Changed: All I/O is now encapsulated, which should make porting much easier
Changed: Removed native http:// support from the MAC library. Now supported only through Media Jukebox or Winamp 3 readers. (sorry, may break Media Jukebox 6 Server streaming, but it will work with Media Jukebox 7)
Changed: Optimized the bit stream decoder
Fixed: Monkey's Audio would crash if you named a crazy file .ape and tried to use it.
Changed: The decoder now reads data in much smaller blocks... will hopefully help people with slow hard drives
Fixed: Fixed several internal library bugs... too lazy to explain them all.

Version 3.87 beta 2
Fixed: Fixed the erroneous warning message about MACDll.dll not being found when starting MAC
Fixed: Fixed a possible

Version conflict with "Explorer Control.ocx"

Version 3.87 beta
New: Great new help file. (thanks a million Anthony Oetzmann)
Changed: The Winamp plugin and console front-end (MAC.exe) now have no external dependencies.
Changed: Monkey's Audio now only uses one non-system dll: MACDll.dll.
Changed: Changed to the 'standard' genre list of 148 genres everywhere.
Changed: MAC will now ask you if you're sure when you attempt to erase the tag from an APE file.
Changed: MAC.exe now displays what compression mode it is compressing with
Changed: Updates the Media Jukebox 7 / Monkey's Audio integration functions.
Fixed: Fixed the tab order in the options dialog
Changed: The 'Remove Tag' button in the file info dialog is disabled for untagged files.
Fixed: Fixed a few possible file locking and/or memory leaking bugs
Changed: Monkey's Audio will now be much more "low resolution" friendly by default

Version 3.86 beta 2
New: Added a handy MRU list to the "Add File" button.
New: MAC now dynamically loads the built-in explorer, and automatically steps in and disables it if it causes any problems.
New: Added .mp2 support.
Changed: MAC now remembers its last window position instead of just starting in the middle of the screen.
Fixed: Stopped the built-in explorer from grabbing the 'Enter' key and firing up your player.
Fixed: Fixed the spelling of 'Bottom' in the options dialog. (doh)
Fixed: Fixed a problem with adding files where the extension was in all caps.

Version 3.86 beta 1
Changed: Rewrote the bitstream functions. It's the first time the bitstream has changed formats since the 1.xx's. Bitstream encoding is now quite a bit faster, and it achieves slightly better compression.
Changed: Added file-type masking to the drag-n-drop, add files, add folder, context menus, and mode switching. Very convenient, but my head hurts.
Changed: MAC will now give an error if you attempt to do something with an external encoder that you don't have. (instead of piecing out)
New: Added a tooltip to show the status of a file in the file list. Handy for errors that get truncated.
Fixed: Fixed a bug where MAC.dll wouldn't always 'gracefully' deal with encoding errors.
Fixed: Fixed a bug with the explorer context-menu's
Changed: Updated the compression menu LAME link to the new site

Version 3.85 beta
Changed: Added double-buffering in a separate thread while playing remote files (MJ server, http:// stream, etc.)
New: Added an optional file explorer to the Monkey's Audio program
New: Created a 'lite'

Version of the toolbar
Fixed: Improved ID3v2 tag handling
Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused playback time to get off by a few seconds on super long songs
New: Added Media Jukebox 7 information functions to the playback plugin (seamless integration with MJ)

Version 3.84 beta
Fixed: Fixed a decompression bug that would cause a false "invalid checksum" if the WAV header size wasn't a multiple of 4
Changed: 8-bit files should now compress about 1% or so better

Version 3.83 beta
New: New 'extra high' mode... beefed up from the previous version... even better compression, but a bit slower
New: Added detection of 'pure' silence, so now pure silence takes basically no space.
New: Added fake-stereo detection (mono split to stereo) for improved compression on these tracks (common on CD's made from old mono recordings)
New: Added CPU load-balancing mechanism for the playback of 'extra high' files to keep CPU usage more even.
Changed: Removed "Bit Array Size" setting from the Winamp plugin... even I didn't know what changing the setting really did.
Changed: Added "CPU Load Balancing" settting to the Winamp plugin.
Fixed: Fixed a bug in the non-MMX 'extra high' decoding routine.
Fixed: Fixed a bug with 24-bit encoding introduced with the last beta.
Fixed: Fixed the alignment of the "time" column inside of the interface.
Fixed: Hopefully fixed a bug causing the MAC to crash when it was switched to "minimize to tray"

Version 3.82 beta
Fixed: Fixed a bug in the new assembly decoding routine that could cause a false "invalid checksum" error
Fixed: Fixed a bug with the Winamp plugin installation from within Monkey's Audio... now MAC will close so the system files won't be locked
Changed: Added some

Version checking to the Winamp plugin

Version 3.81 beta
Fixed: Fixed a memory leak in MAC.dll
Fixed: Fixed a bug causing temporary files to not get properly deleted after compression
New: Support for on-the-fly encoding... will make ripping much nicer once rippers add support for APE
New: On-the-fly con

Version of your APE files... now it's a lot faster to upgrade your collection to the newest version
New: Convert now skips the file if you're going from APE->APE and the

Version and compression levels match (add your whole music folder, do a 'Convert', and it'll only convert the stuff it has to)
New: Added several keyboard shortcuts to make using Monkey's Audio a little easier
New: Improved error reporting (no more numbers :)
New: Can now order the file list by dragging items around
New: Can now display the free space for any drive in the status bar (click to pick which drive)
New: "Output to Specified Directory" now has an MRU list...
Changed: Added mp+ ID3v1.1 tag support
New: Can now copy the file list to the clipboard (useful for saving reports, etc.) (File menu or Ctrl+C)
Changed: Toolbar buttons with no current function are now disabled (i.e. "Clear Files" when the list is empty)
Changed: Bitstream decoder completely re-written in assembly... now quite a bit snappier :)
Fixed: Fixed a bug causing the console front end to crash if you gave it bad parameters
Fixed: Fixed a bug where tags were created with trailing spaces instead of trailing nulls
Fixed: Tag and rename now does just that: tag, then rename (was renaming then tagging...)
Fixed: Fixed a bug with the "Suppress Silence" feature causing divide by zero errors at the end of some songs
Changed: Almost a complete re-write of UnMAC.dll... it's finally class-based, thread safe, and all that good stuff... look for the new SDK to follow fairly soon
New: APE files now work fine when tagged with ID3v2 tags
Fixed: Fixed a bug causing 24-bit files to not play properly from Winamp when "Scaling" was turned on
New: Added Media Jukebox information loading/saving functions to the Winamp plugin... makes Media Jukebox work with APE files quite a bit nicer
Changed: A few little speed tweaks... (it's getting harder and harder to find places that I can speed up...)
Changed: Seek information stored more efficiently now... files will be a few kb smaller, and error recovery/patching will be much easier
Fixed: Learned how to spell "success" :)

Version 3.80
Changed: Complete remake of the 'extra high' mode... tons better compression and a lot of MMX assembly for speed :)
Changed: Some fairly substantial speed/compression improvements to 'normal' and 'high' as well
New: Winamp plugin can now optionally suppress long passages of silence
Fixed: Fixed a file sharing bug that could cause sporadic "error decompressing frame" messages while playing
Fixed: Reworked the compress/decompress/convert/etc... logic (and fixed the bug causing APE to mp+ con

Version to fail)
Fixed: Monkey's Audio now works fine with wav's that have extra chunks before the 'fmt ' chunk
Changed: A lot of internal changes that don't make that much difference on the outside, but they're good none the less...
Changed: No more local copies of documentation... now Monkey's Audio just links to this site

Version 3.71
Fixed: Fixed a bug with decompressing 'extra high' files from 3.70
Fixed: Fixed a bug causing the file

Version to be displayed goofy in the file info dialog

Version 3.70
New: Can now "ignore" bitstream errors during playback... you'll just get a little silence
New: http:// streaming support... would be better, but it's hard to tune with a 56k modem ;)
New: support for Media Jukebox server format... (I would say more, but it's still top secret...just trust me, it's pretty cool)
Changed: Monkey's Audio now remains totally responsive while acting as a front-end for other coders; also, new pop-up windows will be minimized if Monkey's Audio is minimized
Changed: The beginning of some architecture changes that you'll hopefully never notice (but they make programming Monkey's Audio much nicer)
Changed: An even better 'High' mode
Changed: Shell extensions should now work with basically any program (Winamp, Media Jukebox, etc.)
Fixed: No longer prompts to install Winamp plugin on first run (since setup should take care of this)
Fixed: VBR display is no longer crazy for last one or two frames
New: Now supports Ogg Vorbis as an external coder (oggenc.exe)
Changed: No more ERROR 1002's for a lot of people....I just removed a bunch of security checking, because there are a lot of popular programs that don't make fully valid WAV files

Version 3.60
Changed: New and greatly improved "high" mode
Changed: Improved "extra high" mode
Changed: Added support for RKAU 1.05 (with multiple modes)
Changed: Added support for MP+ compression
New: Can now preserve the time stamp of the source file(s) on any new files created
New: Can now play an annoying sound when processing finishes (or you can replace the annoying sound with your own)
New: Updated the included VB run-times to the newest available (Visual Studio 6 - SP4)
Fixed: Monkey's Audio should now fail if it runs out of disk space (instead of creating garbage files and saying that it was successful)
Fixed: Should do a better job of cleaning up after errors (freeing memory, removing files, etc...)
Fixed: A few other little fixes that I can't remember now...

Version 3.51
Changed: Loading file lists on startup and adding folders is now around 20x faster
Fixed: Fixed a bug where external coder's configurations were being cleared when "Cancel" was pressed when configuring
Changed: Fixed a bug that caused problems when Monkey's Audio was minimized during closing
New: Fixed a bug causing files to be added more than once when adding a folder with "Add All Supported Types" selected

Version 3.50 beta
New: Full support for external coders (LAME, MP3Enc, WavPack, RKAU, and Shorten)
Changed: Completely new install / uninstall method (tons better)
Changed: "Anti-prediction" code for 'Fast' mode is around 35% faster
New: Can now optionally "scale" all output to 16-bit in Winamp....allows 24-bit playback and equalization and dsp for 8-bit and 24-bit files.
Changed: "Recompress" has been changed to "Convert", and the output logic is now more consistent with all of the other modes
Changed: Can now set the peak level at which to begin using on-the-fly normalization. (no point in normalizing a file that's already at 96%)
New: Added an MRU list to the "Add Folder" menu
New: Can now display an "expanded" toolbar with a button for each page of the options...nice if you run 1024x768 or above
Changed: Clicking anywhere on the "Process" button when the file list is empty will show the mode selection menu
Changed: Removed the separate tagging button and menu item

Version 3.41
Changed: Some pretty big speed-ups of decompress and verify resulting in performance that's up to 20% better overall
New: Added the ability to pause during processing
Changed: Added an "Apply" button to the options window
Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused the "Output to Specified Directory" not to work
Fixed: Fixed a bug that could cause part of the toolbar to disappear when changing modes

Version 3.40 beta
Changed: Some pretty substantial improvements to the core compression algorithms...quite a bit more bang per CPU dollar (or cycle if you prefer) in every mode
Changed: Reworked the front-end a bit...hopefully it's better looking now
New: Added a common options / settings dialog for the main program
New: Made more options for customizing how Monkey's Audio looks (can choose your own watermarks, etc.)
New: Added a "View Mode Comparison" feature to the mode selection area
New: Now displays "Total Time" for the last process (instead of just "Progress: 00.00%")
New: Added a (hopefully) nice instruction screen for the tagging setup
New: Can now optionally save the list of files between sessions
New: Added a progress bar to the status bar for a convenient graphical display of the overall progress
Changed: Made the Winamp plugin also support the old .MAC extension
Changed: Changed the layout of the APE File Info dialog...tighter and hopefully better
Changed: Changed the layout of the WAV File Info dialog
Changed: Changed the nasty "mb" to "MB"...crazy millibytes... they'll get 'ya every time
Changed: Changed "Done" to "OK" for the message after successful completion of a file
Changed: Added a "Ctrl+A" shortcut to select all the files
Fixed: Fixed a bug causing the length of large WAV files to not display properly in the file info dialog

Version 3.31
Fixed: Fixed a bug with MAC 3.30's 'extra high' mode (sorry about that)
Changed: Some decompression speedups
Changed: Changed it so the temp files are created in the same directory as the output file instead of the input file (makes way more sense)

Version 3.30
New: Monkey's Audio now supports 24-bit WAV files (still in beta, so possibly a little buggy)
Changed: Main listview in Monkey's Audio is now multiselect...handy for removing files or playing a whole album or whatever
Changed: Expanded right-click menu inside of Monkey's Audio (in the main listview dealie)
Changed: Added "File Info" to the explorer shell extensions...can now right click on .ape or .wav files in explorer to quickly view file info and edit tags
Changed: Changed the layout of the Winamp settings dialog....much tighter and better looking now (me thinks)
Changed: Added escape key shortcuts to the Winamp and File Info dialogs to allow for quick exits
New: File info dialog expanded to support .wav files
New: New option to "leave existing tag fields alone" when tagging... makes it easy to just change certain parts of a tag, or add the track after EAC rips (since EAC isn't ID3 v1.1)
Fixed: Fixed a minor bug in the output location setting inside of MAC

Version 3.20
New: Monkey's Audio now checks the MAC dll versions when loading (should help prevent a lot of problems)
New: added this document (thanks a bunch Kim Erik Hang for typing up all of the old info)
New: Attempting to run a second instance of Monkey's Audio now activates and displays the currently running

Version (can use the shortcut to restore the window)
New: Can view dll versions from the about box
New: Monkey's Audio now saves the load/save file dialog path between sessions
New: APE Player can now load and save .m3u playlists
Changed: Some algorithm optimization....saves around 15 seconds an album when compressing
Changed: expanded file info dialog
Changed: can now fill genre tag field from file and directory info when tagging
Changed: the documentation for Monkey's Audio was put in sub-directory below the main directory
Fixed: fixed a bug that caused the peak level not to be reset between encoding songs
Fixed: fixed a bug that caused problems with read-only APE files

Version 3.12
Fixed: fixed a bug that caused UnMAC.dll to crash
Fixed: fixed a volume setting bug in the APE Player
New: added

Version tables to everything

Version 3.11
Changed: much less embarrassing APE Player (with better source code too)
Fixed: several bug fixes to the front-end and Winamp plugin (auto-renaming bugs, errors when files are missing from playlists, etc...)

Version 3.10
New: fancy (actually crappy) dedicated and open-source APE player
New: cool EAC patch to make it output the new .ape extension
Changed: couple of other random tweaks and bug fixes

Version 3.02
Fixed: several bug fixes
New: selectable thread priority
New: minimizable to the system tray
Fixed: fixed auto-tagging / auto-renaming bug(s)
New: added "Verify" mode to the console front-end
Changed: some install tweaks

Version 3.01
Fixed: bunch of bug fixes
New: now uses intermediate temporary files during all processing options
Changed: some front-end tweaks and improvements (right click menu…)

Version 3.00
Changed: now uses the extension .APE instead of .MAC
New: includes a handy file extension renamer to ease the pain of renaming to APE, also handy if rippers won’t output the .ape extension
New: can now optionally normalize during playback
Changed: greatly expanded and improved help file
New: make MAC rename files as it tags 'em
Changed: new and improved about box
New: it can now "Stop immediately" during processing
Changed: some other stuff that I can’t remember

Version 2.90
Changed: now has finalized "Extra High" mode, about twice as fast as the beta, but with a slight compression degradation
New: release of the Winamp plugin source code
Changed: improved & fixed auto-tagging system (now can generate tags based on directory info)
Changed: improved install routine, quite a few other little tweaks
Fixed: bug fixes

Version 2.80
New: new "Recompress" mode to easily convert files to different compression levels (and maintain tags)
Changed: tagging converted from ID3 to ID3 v1.1 (now has track field)
New: a completely new install method that should be smaller and more convenient
Fixed: some bug fixes (including 8-bit Winamp problems)

Version 2.70
Changed: greatly improved error detection (now uses CRC32’s)
New: new "extra high" mode for when compression is crucial
Changed: customizable Winamp file display mode
Fixed: several bug fixes

Version 2.60
New: 8-bit support
New: optional auto-tagging
New: some theory documentation
Fixed: quite a few bug fixes

Version 2.50
New: a convenient installer
Fixed: a few tagging support bug-fixes
Changed: some back-end code restructuring

Version 2.41
Fixed: fixed possible divide by zero error in Winamp plugin

Version 2.40 beta
New: tag info is now editable from Winamp and MAC
New: added a verify mode to verify .mac files
Changed: several front-end tweaks and improvements
Changed: a great deal of back-end code was rewritten

Version 2.31
Fixed: fixed a minor bug in the 'bit array size' setting in Winamp

Version 2.30
New: settings dialog added to the Winamp plugin
Fixed: a few minor bugs fixed
Changed: several 'back-end' improvements

Version 2.22
Fixed: several bug fixes
Changed: improved console front end (unified regular and EAC front ends)

Version 2.21
New: now Monkey’s Audio can interface directly with EAC so that you can pop in a CD, click a button, and end up with compressed and tagged MAC files

Version 2.20
New: now features a console front-end

Version 2.10
Changed: dramatic decompression speedups (25% - 35%)
Fixed: several bug fixes

Version 2.00
New: now has installable explorer shell extensions
Changed: greatly improved Winamp tagging support
Fixed: several bug fixes

Version 1.91
Changed: now fully supports ID3 tags

Version 1.90
New: redesigned interface (much sweeter)
Fixed: several bug fixes

Version 1.83
Changed: improved the SDK and changed function calling conventions

Version 1.82
Fixed: fixed a few front-end bugs, NT compatibility problems gone
New: added a cool icon

Version 1.81
New: now includes an SDK for developers that want to add Monkey’s technology to their own programs

Version 1.80
Changed: greatly increased the compression of "fast" mode
Changed: sorry, broke backwards compatibility for fast mode files
New: added some documentation

Version 1.72
Fixed: fixed a bug in the add folder option
New: added an about dialog and a few other things to the front end

Version 1.71
Changed: front-end now fully supports drag-and-drop
New: added the ability to add folders (with recursion)
Changed: settings inside of MAC are now saved

Version 1.70
New: added ability to select compression level
Changed: a few speed increases and front-end tweaks
Changed: compression with new "maximum" mode is close to the best available
Changed: backwards compatibility broken (sorry)

Version 1.63
Fixed: fixed Winamp plugin bug that caused a pause when starting a song
New: included a special Pentium build of the Winamp plugin

Version 1.62
Fixed: minor bug fix in handling of WAV headers

Version 1.61
Changed: improved file format, slightly better compression and more error resistant
Changed: sorry, backwards compatibility broken

Version 1.60
Fixed: fixes several bugs

Version 1.53
Fixed: hopefully fixed skipping problems during playback

Version 1.52
Fixed: added a couple more fixes to the Winamp plugin

Version 1.51
New: released MAC to the public for the first time
Fixed: minor fix to Winamp playlist functioning

Version 1.5
Changed: significant speed increases
Changed: less memory usage
Changed: more powerful front-end

Version 1.4
Changed: compression and performance increases
Changed: improved error checking and bitstream management

Version 1.3
Changed: everything is about 15% faster
New: added several front-end features

Version 1.2
Changed: better front-end
Changed: improved memory models
Fixed: several bugfixes

Version 1.1
New: it now supports almost all WAV files (mono, low sample rates, etc.)
New: also added support for "advanced" WAV files with regions, markers, playlists, etc. embedded in them.

Version 1.0
New: first public release version

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