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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.9.0rc4

Notes: The 1.9.0rc4 of the mjpegtools.
Changes: mpeg2enc fixed, works now much better ;)

Release Name: 1.8.0

- changes in YUV4MPEG2 API to offer support for multiple colorspaces (particularly useful for DV video), so that multiple planar YUV formats (also monochrome or alpha) are supported.
- most filtering tools have been adapted to support multiple YUV formats, so that you will not lose quality/precision in conversion steps.
- Many new or dramatically improved filters including (but not limited to): *) yuvdenoise (denoising filter) *) yuvdeinterlace (intelligent deinterlacing program) *) y4munsharp (unsharp mask image sharpening program)
- Improvements in the IDCT/DCT routines in the MPEG-1/-2 encoder (much more exact now and not subject to overflow/truncation on the IA32 arch).
- MANY new utilties for importing/exporting data: *) New and improved PGM/PNM conversion programs for dealing with PPM data. *) Utilities to convert raw (headerless) YUV data to and from YUV4MPEG2 format. Useful when interfacing with other program suites. *) Program (yuyvtoy4m) to convert 4:2:2 data from digital cameras into YUV4MPEG2 format for use with mjpegtools. *) y4mstabilizer for stabilizing images with unsteady camera work
- Improvements and fixes in 'mplex' for handling PCM audio (LPCM audio actually works now ;))
- DPME (Dual Prime Motion Estimation) in the encoder (mpeg2enc) is fully functional (it was present but buggy/artifacted in the earlier releases)
- Rate control in the encoder improved considerably.
- Much better Quicktime file handling (via libquicktime) especially the audio tracks.
- Besides the always-excellent x86 support, we now have full support for AMD64 (including MMX/SSE/etc. optimizations) and for PPC (e.g. Linux or OS/X), and win32 support is also available (via Cygwin/Mingw).

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