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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Got All Media

Version Release Notes

Got All Media is free for download without any limitations.

Schedules Direct currently not working as GALM used to be a commercial product.
I hope to have an update for its support soon.

Version Release Notes

Changes and Fixes

* Simplified TV Configuration.
* Improved TV and EPG control.
* Better defaults for Movie playback.
* Better error management for 'misbehaved' codecs.
* Fixed TV timeshifting not releasing disk space when done.
* Improved and smarter Movie Info search.
* Improved UI in all areas.

New featues

* Free TV Guide for USA/Canada.
* Navigation bar with buttons for Movies,TV and Music.
* Movie tool for downloading missing info for all movies in catalog.

Version Release Notes

* Fixed generating lineup from tuned channels. Now, the lineup is auto created after tuning channels if no lineup already exists.
* Removed the need for connecting to device to create lineup from tuned channels.
* Fixed digital channels tuning issues.
* Fixed EPG control running multiple copies of xmltv.exe.
* Added EPG log viewer window that can be actived from EPG control tray icon.
* EPG log now includes XMLTV messages as well to see the progress of the download and potential problems.
* Fixed TV video problems with renderless mode.
* Fixed DVD/Movies info not displayed correctly under window mode and renderless video.
* Fixed Web/RSS browser issues.
* Fixed guide and TV info designs.
* Improved DVD/Movies info design.
* Plugin API was redesigned to use COM interfaces instead of library calls.

Version Release Notes

* Fixed TV Timeshifting problems under Vista OS.
* Fixed Configuration Wizard not able to tune channels.
* Changed Configuration Wizard defaults to auto-TV start and Timeshifting mode to non auto-TV and non Timeshifting mode.
* Includes version of weather plugin.

Mon Jan 7, 2008Version 7 Release Notes
This version went through major redesigns, starting with better window mode/mouse support to many features requested by users over the years.

All the online services besides the TV Guide will be provided from gAllMedia site. This includes: Movie/DVD info and cover art, Music cover art, Net Radio, Net Video and Net TV.

GAM was redesigned according to Vista Logo guidelines, so directory structure is not compatible with previous versions.
Configurations from previous versions can be restored by copying the XML files and directories from GAM installation directory to new version directory.
GAM 7 configuration and data directory is located at "C:Documents and Settings[User]Application DatagAllMediaGotAllMedia" on XP and "C:Users[User]AppDataRoaminggAllMediaGotAllMedia" on Vista.

Here is the list of some of the major changes and updates:

* General Much improved behavior in window mode.
* More simplified menu definition in Configuration Application.

* TV/Guide GAM will no longer be able to support SchedulesDirect. Currently, XMLTV TV Guide is the only one that going to be supported.
SchedulesDirect, CTtv and others still can be used but only as XMLTV providers.
We hope to provide better EPG solution in the future.
* Extended WMV profile selection for TV recordings (for non MPEG2 hardware cards).

* DVDs/Movies Total control on codec selection: per video/audio type, per video container, per file extension or even per specific file.
* Embedded SSA,ASS and ASS2 subtitles selection with Haali Media splitter and ffdshow.
* SRT and other subtitle files selection with ffdshow.

* Net Video/TV Support for hundreds free Internet TV channels from around the world.

* Plugins Architecture for plugins. Currently includes Weather plugin as part of installation.
Please use the Configuration application to select the plugin from [GAM]UserPluginsWeather directory and to add it to main menu.
Additional plugins and development documentation will be provided soon.

* Designs Design files were changed to support easier modification. Currently, the whole UI can be changed just by editing styles.
Guidelines for style editing will be provided soon

GAM 6.7 is available for download.

Major additions include:
- Shedules Direct EPG support (for USA/Canada) to replace Zap2It.
- WMV HD DD 5.1 support, needs AC3Filter for post-processing.
- Improved Media Browser.
- Better Net Video support.
- Log viewer in Configuration application.
- Improved video playback.

GAM 6.6 Beta posted.
- GAM Server now fully supports Vista for TV and Music control (including Zone/Device selection).
- Video playback is much more customizable with ability to select codecs per 4CC or file extension.
- Includes latest DVD Info and Net Video components to support better Movie covers support and reflect changes for YouTube, Google Videos and MySpace Videos.
- Lot of other improvements like selecting Media Catalogs paths for Network Shared Drives and more. Beta
Beta version of GAM 6.5 is available from the Download page.
This version supports Microsoft Vista OS including the Vista EVR.
It also includes much improved Windowed mode.
Main addition is the Internet Video from YouTube, Google and MySpace.
Make sure to have flash player components installed - just go to YouTube (with IE) and play a video, this should install the component if you don't have it yet.
Currently, the flash movie streaming playback doesn't support fast forward or backward.
Here is the Screenshot.

You can also download the flash movie to your computer - can be selected from Tools menu.
To play downloaded FLV files, download and install the FLV splitter and latest version of ffdshow for FLV1 video decoding.
To play downloaded files in GAM, make sure to add .flv extension to one of the Movie catalogs.

Other new feature is an option to save Movies/DVD bookmarks and zoom info settings locally instead of globally - this can be done by selecting 'Store bookmarks and settings locally' under DVD and Movies Media Settings in the Configuration application.

This version also includes GAM application/component auto update feature - can be run from Settings menu of GAM main screen.

Of course, this version also includes lot of small fixes and updates that came up from the last release.
New features in this version:
- Support for resizable window mode video playback while in window mode.
- Supports file name program parameters for direct playback of video, audio, etc..
- Support for 'Pan & Scan' video aspect ratio modes.
- New 'star ratings' for video/DVD.
- New sorting by Data, Title or star rating for videos.
- Support for real video files playback using RealVideo/Audio filters from 'Real Alternative' (Needs to be selected under Media Settings).
1. Even faster screen rendering than before.
2. Fixed TV Control 'Pure virtual call...' error.
3. Includes new graphical 'X-Blue' design with main menu showing captures of real screens from movies,music etc...
4. Adds Settings main menu for design selection and screen adjustment.
5. Better VMR exclusive mode support for video playback.
Major changes:
1. Music library now using sql lite 3. This will cause music to be rescanned. Using the sql will allow better quering in the future versions.
2. Movies: UI improvements, audio renderer selection per type and more.
3. TV files playback now always using the GAM video player even when the TV is open. This allows using all the video settings under Media settings/Video for TV as well.
4. Audio channel selection while watching HDTV/DVB streams (if has more than 1).
5. Audio channel selection while playing HDTV/DVB trasport files.
6. Improved UI for TV module allowing fast selection of TV card, lineup and Timeshifting Yes/No.
7. Fixed post processing filters not being used when selected.
GAM is free software again!
HDTV STB support
This version includes HDTV STB support for Motorola DCT-6412 and similar boxes.
Live-TV, Recording and Timeshifting are all supported.
GAM should support any of the Firewire and USB based boxes listed in Follow the link instructions to install the drivers.
In order to use the channelw.exe for channel changing in GAM:
1. Open the GAM configuration application.
2. Under 'TV Cards', select the appropriate device, something like ''Motorola AV/C Tuner Device".
3. Click on Channels tab.
4. Under 'External IR' select Programs and click on Settings.
5. Under 'Channel change command...' enter the path to channelw.exe with device and channel parameters, something like:
"C:Program FilesMoto STBchannelw.exe" 2 [c]
Zap2It direct support
As a free software, GAM now supports direct downloads from Zap2It Direct, GAM certificate code is JMYM-ZKXN-YBUT.
Other fixes include better support for FFDShow for Video/DVD playback.
- Support for Theater 550 Pro based cards (in hardware MPEG2 encoding mode, software mode was always supported).
- Support for any HID (Human Interface Devices) based remotes.
- Much improved Client/Server support for multicast or unicast Live TV streaming. Read the Client/Server documentation for details.
- Adds support for Hauppauge IR Blaster.
- Includes new UI Design 'Revo' - use F6 in GAM or select it in Configuration app.
- Fixes screen redraw issues in non-fullscreen mode.
- Fixes lineup problems when defined from Configuration app, Channels tab.
- Fixes EPG lineup and music control problems in GAM Web Server.
- Fixes HDTV/DVB recording not muting sound when in unattended scheduled mode.
- Adds 'Screen Off' system command that can be added to the menu.
- Better support for exclusive VMR fullscreen mode in TV.
- Better 'Adjust Screen' feature for fixing UI overscan issues, also includes the 'Font Zoom' feature
(this menu can be activated by going up in the main menu of GAM).
- Many of the reported to support problems fixed.
- More stable TV component with auto recovery without need to restart the GTVRec.exe (most of the time).
- Several fixes of reported problems.
- Direct support for VCD and SCVD disks.
- Chapter naming for DVDs - use Alt+C to show the editor, or select it from the popup menu (right-click).
- Play-list definition for Movies, even accross multiple files - use Alt+C to show the editor, or select it from the popup menu (right-click).
- Improved default GUI design.
- Fixes CPU utilization issues
New features in this version:
- Movie and DVD playback not just in full-screen mode anymore. Can be selected under Media Settings.
- Includes internal screensaver that auto-activated when needed: after stopping a movie, after pausing a movie or TV, etc. The timeout can be set under the General screen.
New features and changes:
- Support for playback of ISO and other DVD images, using Daemond tools - use Media Settings->DVD tab.
- Detailed selection of codecs, demux and post processing for playback of many popular file types like mpeg2,divx,xvid and more - use Media Settings->Videos tab.
- Zoom, Aspect ratio and Video settings saved and restored per DVD and other video files.
- Zoom and Aspect ration settings saved and restored per digital channel.
- Transport file playback now starts with recorded sub-channel.
- Custom color scheme selection in GAM - use Alt-F11 to show the color wheel.
- Reported problems fixed.
- Includes source filter for playing TS/TP files.
- Also includes Program selection from the menu when playing multi-program digital recordings.
- Custom channels can now be added from Tune Channels window with all the relevant subchannel/transport info.
- Digital channels are no longer mapped to channel numbers, so channel number can now be changed under Channels Lineup.
- Better performance with Overlay.
- Fixes loosing manual recording when exiting GAM.
- Fixes scheduled recording resetting when exiting GAM.
- Many minor problems fix.
This version update should fix HDTV/DVB issues when using MCE2005 OS vs. XP Pro.
GAM not just fullscreen HTPC software anymore!

Now, GAM can be run in window mode as well, allowing using it as advanced media player.
Use Alt-Q to toggle between fullscreen and window mode.

Redesigned Configuration application includes more options for fullscreen and window modes.

Also includes many fixes and small improvements.

Note that the new software key/activation requires internet connection.
Music module includes new fast album selection bar as seen here.
Silver design updated to include the bar as well.

Configuration application now includes smart Configuration Wizard for fast configuration of TV, Guide and Media catalogs.
Remote Control and Transimitter Support
Adds support for USB-UIRT and X10 related remotes.

Remote support can be selected under General screen of the Configuration application.

Use IR Devices subsystem to teach GAM your remote signals.

USB-UIRT support includes receive (for remote controls) AND transmit modes.
In order to use USB-UIRT as transmitter, use IR Devices subsystem to learn 0-9, channel up, channel down and last channel commands.
USB-UIRT can be selected under Channels tab of the TV card.

X10 remotes includes ATI, Firefly and similar remotes using the x10net.dll driver.

Events System Improvements
Adds 'Replace Default Behavior' for Girder events.
Adds missing event 'selFile' parameters for calling event with selected files.
Events parameters now include 'general tag' parameter for selecting any tag value from the metadata xml file.
Includes faster graphics display.
Fixes EPG images download problem and catalog add/update issue.
Includes fix for the configuration problem with silver design.
Silver design is also updated.
New recording options for direct program recording or adding 30 minutes to current recording.
Recording start behavior customizable in the configuration application to start recording, record current program or just to show the recording menu.
Recording menu can be shown using Alt+N, also included external control message for it.
Current design includes alternative views for movies and music. These views can be selected under 'Media Settings'.
New external control and key shortcuts for 'Open TV' and 'Close TV'.
Added acceleration to cursor in browser module.
New option to open TV in fullscreen mode.
Other suggested changes and bug fixes.
Trial period extended to 15 days.
Web module keys as suggested by starfire:
Back exists the browser, Fast backward and forward can be used for back/forward during the navigation. Channel up/down jumps page up and down.
More stable with reported bugs fixed.
Better switching between designs using F6.
Included default design makes easier to add new menu items.
Includes fixes for reported bugs, mainly related to designs.
This version fixes the XP SP2 crash issue.
Also fixes some minor issues with designs.
New features in this version:
- Authorization option for all catalogs.
- Recorded TV catalogs.
- New 'Cancel default behavior' option for Events, allowing to call external players only, by canceling GAM internal player.
- USB-UIRT support (without Girder) for IR transmitting.
- IR devices learning system in Configuration Application, currently for USB-UIRT, will be used for other remotes plugin support in the future.
- Other UI changes in GAM and Configuration Application.

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