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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FindVUK

20180122 .. 1.05 Download from TinyUpload
feature: added support for new logfile of MediaPlayer
feature: added Passkey as tested application
feature: added Mediaplayer as tested application
feature: added Passkey, as tested application
feature: added DVDfab 10.0.3.x, as tested application
feature: read MainPlaylist from dvdfab logfile and write it into BlurayDb-File
bugfix: also check for finish-line in logfiles, mainplaylist is not always included in logoutput! don't wait forever for mainplaylist
bugfix: included replacement of 'pid' by 'pi_d' in destination-dumpfile to work around the 'feature' of procdump to replace 'pid' in filename with the process id
bugfix: corrected final line for 'vidon' logfile mode
bugfix: skip MainPlaylist detection for 'MediaPlayer' because it's not correct
bugfix: correctly read logfiledirectories from ini file (didn't parse placeholders until now)
change: change default logfile for dvdfab to path for dvdfab10
feature: added Passkey, as tested application
feature: added DVDfab as tested application
feature: added error messsage for newer unsupported DVDfab and Passkey versions (DVDfab now stores the VUK encrypted in memory)
feature: write UnitKeys to Main and/or Backup KEYDB file (disabled by default)
feature: added Mediaplayer as tested application
feature: added upload to OnlineDB
fix: reading meta files / return messages about 'preferred' and 'other' language files
feature: sync with OnlineDB
fix: don't exit in case OnlineDB is not reachable
fix: numbering of unit keys in meta-xml for onlinedb
change: version check at beginning, does not try to start unsupported applications any longer
change: parameter - mode check with help text!
feature: added mode GetMetaInfoFromDisc to read MetaInformation from a disc
change: converted include for drive-information into a module
change: added md5-hash of MKB_RO.inf to MetaXML

20180128 .. 1.06 Download from TinyUpload
feature: new mode 'KeyDB_ListDuplicates' to show duplicates in specified keydb.cfg
change: HashValues are not uppercase in MetaXML
fix: get disc size with GetDiskFreeSpaceEx instead of 'READ CAPACITY' (produces different results for original disc or iso in virtual drive)
change: enabled to write all possible kinds of values to keydb.cfg
fix: do not generally write _DebugDifference entries to log (only in case DEBUG loglevel is set)
change: delete existing entries from main/backup keydb.cfg file (and add them to a 'deletedlines' file for safety)
fix: endless loop when parsing a keydb.cfg file with multi-line entries
fix: take UnitKeys into account when deciding if a new/changed entry should be written to keydb.cfg

20180129 .. 1.07 Download from TinyUpload
FIX: correctly check return value of sodium_init
FIX: better message in case VUK from local keydb.cfg is empty

20180206 .. Download FindVUK 1.08
FIX: better MediaPlayer detection from registry
FIX: correctly reset structure for MetaXML when analyzing multiple discs in a row
FIX: CloseAtTheEnd did not work any longer
FIX: moved reading of UnitKeys to an earlier stage of validation so that they're available even in case the drive does not allow a validation because of BusEncryption

20180216 .. Download FindVUK 1.09
FIX: analysis of DVDfab logfile - error when analyzing a 2nd disc in a row
FIX: multiple error messages in logfile that aren't errors (wrong loglevel - changed to DEBUG)
FIX: too much logoutput during meta-file analysis
FIX: no check if version of the apps could be retrieved correctly

20180306 .. Download FindVUK 1.10
FIX: in case no supported application is available correctly exit now
FIX: correctly reset list of metatitles in case multiple discs are processed in a row
CHANGE: in case no preferred language is set ask user to insert one
CHANGE: after entering a manual meta title ask the user about the correct language
CHANGE: always create bluray-meta-xml (but it's still only backuped in case it's specified in settings)
CHANGE: add 'BLURAY' as meaningless volumename
CHANGE: date in metaxml for discid is now also instead of yyyy-mm-dd

20180810 .. Download FindVUK 1.14
FIX: synchronization broken (DeleteLines)
FEATURE: support for new passkey, extracts UnitKeys from memory dump (VUK is no longer available)
CHANGE: keydb.cfg handling: duplicates are now automatically removed from the file, the last entry for a specific discid is kept, the others are moved to a file 'KEYDB_Backup.cfg' (nothing is really deleted)
CHANGE: also include encrypted unit-keys in MetaXML uploaded to OnlineDB to check if an already existing VUK is correct
CHANGE: Decrypted UnitKeys in MetaXML got a new attribute 'status' that can be either 'valid', 'unused' or 'invalid' - sometimes there are e.g. 8 unitkeys available but only 2 of them are necessary to decrypt the disc
CHANGE: removed DVDfab_Offset and AacsCentralDB groups from ini-file (both not required any longer)
CHANGE: corrections to the synchronize-feature
FEATURE: sync local entries with VolumeId, MediaKey and/or VUK to OnlineDb in case it's missing there
CHANGE: update to synchronisation
FIX: store preferred lang in correct file
FIX: get disc size with GetDiskFreeSpaceEx in all locations
FIX: get discid-date now in UTC, prevents different dates depending on timezone settings

20180815 .. Download FindVUK 1.15
FEATURE: support for newer DVDfab versions (>
FEATURE: support for newer MediaPlayer 3.x versions (>
FEATURE: support for newer DVDFab Player 5 (tested with
FEATURE: use/download procdump-x64 on 64 bit operation systems - allows to create memory dumps of e.g. DVDfab x64

20180911 .. Download FindVUK 1.16
FEATURE: limited support for "UHD BDMV" -> dump is analyzed, but unitkeys cannot be verified because of bus encryption
FEATURE: added 2 new values to MetaXML: disctype=BD/UHD and validated=0/1
FEATURE: always upload MetaXML - even in case the UnitKeys could not be validated
FIX: upload to OnlineDB shouldn't fail without any reason

20180913 .. Download FindVUK 1.17
FIX: upload to OnlineDB shouldn't fail without any reason - 2nd try
FIX: create empty keydb.cfg in case it does not exist

20181011 .. Download FindVUK 1.18
FIX: only use mediakey/volumeid from dump in case it's valid (calculated VUK matches the VUK found in dump)
FIX: enrich new data with existing data from KEYDB file (in case mediakey, volumeid, vuk are present in keydb file but cannot be retrieved from dump)

20181011 .. Download FindVUK 1.19
FIX: get discid-date now in UTC, prevents different dates depending on timezone settings (fixed again - fix disappeared in 1.16.. )
FIX: dvdfab player 5 logfile parsing

20181114 .. Download FindVUK 1.20
FEATURE: support for DVDfab 11
FIX: synchronisation of keydb-files uploaded too much unit keys - missed to clear list of unit keys after each item
FEATURE: synchronisation - prevent output to console after 500 synced entries to speed up processing (of course all details are available in logfile)
FIX: procdump pid-fix also for DVDFab Player 5 / Mediaplayer 3

20181123 .. Download FindVUK 1.21
FIX: correctly read AACS2 Unitkeys from UHD discs
FIX: enriching metadata with existing data from keydb added wrong vuks in some cases
FIX: Synchronize - do not replace entries 'with VUK' with ones 'without VUK' in keydb
CHANGE: change fallback logfile path for dvdfab to dvdfab11

20181125 .. Download FindVUK 1.22
FIX: set unitkey-status to 'untested' in case no validation has been possible

20190208 .. Download FindVUK 1.23
CHANGE: more logoutput in case of errors during keydb processing
FIX: break after 'close passkey' to prevent endless loop with 'user cancelled' detection
FIX: procdump download on win7x86 fixed
FIX: close passkey properly on exit
FIX: properly get window handle (retry up to 5 times before writing an error)
CHANGE: support QEMU optical drive as bluray drive
CHANGE: Synchronize - output a status-line every 500 processed entries (to at least get some progress feedback)

20190217 .. Download FindVUK 1.24
FIX: correctly close passkey again

20200203 .. Download FindVUK 1.30
CHANGE: do not wait for mainplaylist when following the 'dvdfab' logfile in case the vuk/unitkeys are already known and 'BLURAYDB_WriteMainPlaylist' is set to 0
CHANGE: format of filesize displayed during transfer when synchronizing with online db
CHANGE: added compatibility for compilation in x64 mode
FEATURE: add support for Player 6
CHANGE: massive change in synchronization-feature - only takes a few seconds now
FIX: synchronization uploaded too much discs to online db
FEATURE: support for DVDfab 12
FEATURE: new ini option 'DriveCheckEnabled' that can be used to disable the drive check that makes problems on some linux environments
FIX: fixed typo in 'PleasePostInDoom9Forum.txt' filename

20200204 .. Download FindVUK 1.31
CHANGE: only write headlines in keydb.cfg in case there's content for the section
CHANGE: disable creation of debug csv files during synchronization
FIX: in case local keydb.cfg file is missing, just copy the downloaded file when synchronizing

20200609 .. Download FindVUK 1.34
CHANGE: both GET and POST to online database switched to new internal purebasic procedure
CHANGE: show progress and speed information during download of keydb-file when synchronizing
FEATURE: delta mode synchronization integrated
CHANGE: ini-value WriteMainPlaylist changed to value 0 (in case you use it please reenable manually)

20200629 .. Download FindVUK 1.35
FIX: do not report an error in case the hash-file is not present at all
FEATURE: auto-update integrated - can be disabled in ini-file

20201013 .. Download FindVUK 1.37
FIX: support for DVDfab 12

20201016 .. Download FindVUK 1.38
FIX: make sync debug log configurable with ini parameter and disable by default
CHANGE: more details in sync-debug-log
CHANGE: more output during update

1.40 - release - 20210718
CHANGE: also sync DateDiscId to online database
CHANGE: new logpath for dvdfab passkey
FIX: properly strip forbidden characters from filenames used for backup
CHANGE: adjust loglevel for various output

20210721 .. Download FindVUK 1.42
CHANGE: also sync DateDiscId to online database
CHANGE: new logpath for dvdfab passkey
FIX: properly strip forbidden characters from filenames used for backup
CHANGE: adjust loglevel for various output
FIX: properly strip forbidden characters from filenames used for backup (of meta files)
FEATURE: new ini parameter ExitAfterProcessing to exit FindVUK instead of starting over to scan the next disc

20211111 .. Download FindVUK 1.53
CHANGE: replaced Drive_GetVolumeName call with DRVMS_GetVolumeName
FEATURE: now possible to use only a driveletter as parameter to get metainfo from disc
CHANGE: only ask for keypress at the end in case it's not started from command line
CHANGE: lot's of refactoring
CHANGE: GetMetaInfoFromDisc mode now also uploads UnitKeysENC and DiscType to enrich existing legacy disc entries
FEATURE: new mode AACSkeys to get mediakey, volumeid and vuk by using AACSkeys tool
FEATURE: synchronisation of DeviceKey, ProcessingKey and HostCertificates with OnlineDB
FEATURE: entries uploaded to OnlineDB are now always directly processed and written to OnlineDB
FIX: a few bugfixes
FIX: update process now correctly works in case parameters are set
FIX: update process now is able to handle subdirectories in the update file

20211113 .. Download FindVUK 1.54
CHANGE: upload of devicekeys, processingkeys and hostcertificates disabled by default and can be enabled with ini parameter

20220501 .. Download FindVUK 1.55
FIX: and / in Volumenames do not cause a problem any longer

20220515 .. Download FindVUK 1.57
FIX: 2nd try - and / in Volumenames do not cause a problem any longer
FIX: BD+ not detected in aacskeys mode
FIX: copy protection check broken in 1.56

20230122 .. Download FindVUK 1.58
FIX: add support for Passkey
CHANGE: add support for MS Windows 10 virtual drive
FIX: repair support for virtual drives
CHANGE: report success if all unit-keys are validated (should fix handling of disc >WINX-IL MISTERO DEGLI ABISSI<)

20230203 .. Download FindVUK 1.59
FEATURE: add support for Passkey

20230425 .. Download FindVUK 1.63
CHANGE: better logoutput in case online-upload is disabled
FEATURE: support to get ReadDataKey (RDK) from Passkey Dump (in case BusEncryption is active)
FEATURE: validation of Unitkeys is using RDK (in case of BusEncryption)
CHANGE: speedup during validation - first collect all M2TS files and check if it's encrypted only if required (usually not all files are necessary to validate all unit keys)
BAD NEWS: Passkey does not provide the UnitKeys any longer in the memory dump - so it's flagged as "not working"
FEATURE: introduce support for FabPlayer 7 (tested with and it's working)
FIX: problem with Unitkey Validation

20230626 .. Download FindVUK 1.64
FIX: do not write an error if a local processing_key, device_key or host_certificate is not available
FIX: support DVDfab up to

20230919 .. Download FindVUK 1.66
FIX/IMPROVE: support DVDfab up to

20230920 .. Download FindVUK 1.67
FIX: correctly update hash file after keydb sync

20231208 .. Download FindVUK 1.72
CHANGE: treat unitkeys with lots of 0es with lower priority as local entries so those get uploaded to fvonlinedb during sync
FEATURE: added basic AACS2 support
FEATURE: added MakeMKV Libredrive support to disable BusEncryption for validation of UHD discs (see )
FEATURE: support for DVDfab 13 (tested with
FIX: assume logfile for DVDfab 13 is always enabled
FEATURE: new INI switch "MakeMKV_Libredrive_Enabled" to enable Libredrive support if desired/required - but it's disabled by default

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