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BatchEncoder 5.1


Added Simplified Chinese translation.

BatchEncoder 5.0


BatchEncoder 4.1-alpha1


BatchEncoder 4.0


Added download tools automatically.
Added try to download tools option.
Added toggle selected items using space key.
Added items list search using keyboard.
Changed output path variables.
Added more variables for output path.
Added relative output path support.
Added load and save output path patterns.
Automatically rename a file if it already exists.
Append copy suffix for newly added tool, format or preset.
Append copy suffix for duplicated tool, format or preset.
Try to find x86 tool if x64 was not found on x64 platforms.
Improved performance of loading and saving items.
Improved performance of removing items.
Reduced the size of an executable.
Using virtual list for items.
Using virtual list for presets.
Using virtual list for formats.
Using virtual list for tools.
Reduced memory usage.
Added basic logging support.
Added tools utilities class.
Added separate core project.
Using std::wstring instead of CString.
Using std::map container.
Using std::vector container.
Using std::thread for workers.
Using std::mutex for syncing workers.
Refactored worker classes.
Added unit tests.

BatchEncoder 3.1


Added auto select tool in configure tools dialog.
Added validation for loaded configuration files.
Improved configuration files loading and saving.
Fixed $OPTIONS not being set properly.
Fixed delete all items crash in formats dialog.
Fixed delete all items crash in tools dialog.

BatchEncoder 3.0


Added refalac support.
Added twolame support.
Updated rewavi tool.
Updated AvsDec tool.
Added $OUTPATH variable to format template.
Added additional preset options per item.
Added support for split multi-channel WAV files.
Using sol2 to for lua scripting.
Fixed convert loop crushing with more than 64 threads active.
Improved performance of remove item from the list.
Changed script file extension to .lua for progress functions.
Using xml extensions for configuration.
Using auto detection of xml file type for drag and drop.
Using Tools.xml for download url in download.ps1 script.
Added generate-xml.ps1 PowerShell script.
Added validate-tools.ps1 PowerShell script.
Added update-config.ps1 PowerShell script.

BatchEncoder 2.2


Added AvsDec tool to support .avs Avisynth scripts.
Added rewavi tool to support .avs Avisynth scripts.
Added rewavi tool to support .avi files.
Added .mka decoder support using ffmpeg.
Added Japanese translation.

BatchEncoder 2.1


Updated tools download urls.

BatchEncoder 2.0


Added configure tools dialog.
Added dynamic layout support for dialogs.
Added multi-selection support for presets list.
Added multi-selection support for formats list.
Refactored configuration file storage.
Installed version config is stored in %appdata%BatchEncoder path.
Portable version config is stored in .BatchEncoder path.
Installed version tools are stored in %appdata%BatchEncodertools path.
Portable version tools are stored in .BatchEncodertools path.
Refactored worker threads to use lambdas.
Refactored common code as submodules.
Refactored xml configuration code.
Added eac3to support.
Updated tools to latest versions.
Updated QAAC AAC format to use --no-optimize instead of --adts.
Updated TinyXml-2 to version 5.0.1.

BatchEncoder 1.4


Updated Spanish translation.
Updated AAC presets to show birate for VBR.
Updated projects to Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (PlatformToolset v141_xp).
Changed projects WindowsTargetPlatformVersion to version 7.0.

BatchEncoder 1.3


Added advanced output path options.
Added Validate Input Files option.
Added overwrite existing files option.
Updated tools download.ps1 script.
Variable names in format path are case insensitive.
Variable names in output path are case insensitive.
Added ffdcaenc DTS encoder format.

BatchEncoder 1.2


Changed progress function format to use Lua script files.
Added La Lossless Audio compression format.
Added qaac AAC encoder format.
Added qaac AAC decoder format.
Added qaac M4A decoder format.
Added individual format definitions files.
Added pipes only trans-coding support (no temp file created if pipes are supported).
Added hide console window option.
Added drag and drop support for options files (main dialog).
Added drag and drop support for items files (main dialog).
Added drag and drop support for formats files (main and formats dialog).
Added drag and drop support for format files (main and formats dialog).
Added drag and drop support for presets files (main, formats and presets dialog).
Added drag and drop support for exe files (main and formats dialog, set current format exe path).
Added drag and drop support for progress files (main and formats dialog, set current format progress path).
Added drag and drop support for language files (main dialog).
Added option to open and edit presets from Configure Formats dialog.
Added import, export and duplicate format buttons.
Added duplicate preset button.
Added Korean translation by JaeHyung Lee.
Added Spanish translation by Overdrive80.
Optimized compiler and linker settings.
Update status-bar when changing language.
Sorted formats in alphabetical order in the drop-down.
Use unique file name for temporary file when trans-coding.
Bug fixes.

BatchEncoder 1.1


Added multi-language support.
Added Polish language translation.
Added ffmpeg ac3 encoder support.
Added language editor tool.

BatchEncoder 1.0


First public release.

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