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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for AHD Subtitles Maker

Version 5.24.7901.42251
Built at 19 August, 2021 23:28

Fixed: reseting view port settings when resizing and/or editing subtitles.
Fixed: bug when scrolling timeline control to a value less than 0.
Removed: ability to download/upload subtitles from/into

Version 5.23.7818.13246
Built at 28 May, 2021 07:21

Updated: copyright information and links.
Removed: Rip from MKV and VOB subtitle features.
Removed: ability to auto detect encoding.

This package include these language interfaces:
English (US), Arabic (Syria), Chinese (Simplified, PRC), Portuguese (Portugal) and Portuguese (Brazil).

This released is based on source code commit [018a10], please see the Code page to browse the source in this commit.

Please make sure the program is not blocked via Firewall and allowed to access the internet so that some program features function correctly.

When using Directshow media player, IF A MEDIA FILE CANNOT BE LOADED, please install the directshow filters required then try again.
Windows® comes with these formats listed here:, if the media format attempt to load is not listed, then you need to install the direct show filters that required to run such file formats.
For example, for mp4 files, these files usually are not supported in Windows. Thus, you'll need to install media codec pack in order ASM able to run this format.

When using VLC media player, In order to use VLC media player, VLC version 3 or later must be installed in you pc (older versions won't work),
32 bit specifically (64 bit version won't work).

ASM is programmed to locate VLC in the default installation folder of VLC.

VLC player path in 64 bit system should be:
C:Program Files (x86)VideoLANVLC

VLC player path in 32 bit system should be:
C:Program FilesVideoLANVLC

Also, VLC media player with ASM may play not smoothly. This is normal, since ASM uses milliseconds while VLC uses frames for playback.
This won't effect accuracy (in adding subtitles, editing ...etc) though.

If the program fails to save a project (access denied problem), please run it under administrator.
To do so, simply right-click on ASM icon then choose "run as administrator".

Subtitles search, download and upload to/from service is powered by Please register an account in before using
AHD Subtitles Maker if you don't have one. To register a new account, please follow this link

Version 5.23.7668.39767
Built at 29 December, 2020 22:05

Updated: copyright information and links.
Improved: internal program improvements.

Version 5.23.10
Built at 24 Apr, 2020 21:07

- Updated: Download subtitles from requires now user log in, now it is implemented in AHD Subtitles Maker and AHD Subtitles Downloader.
- Improved: Upload subtitles into in AHD Subtitles Maker and AHD Subtitles Downloader, now IMBID can be set manually when the program fails to set it automatically.

Version 5.22.555
Built at 26 Dec, 2019 15:19 Uhr

- Fixed: minor issues.

Version 5.22.432
Built at 30 Nov, 2019 00:18 AM

- Improved: timeline control now can scroll viewpoint while moving/editing (start time and end time) subtitle(s).
- Fixed: issue when the subtitles track duration is larger than the media duration, the timeline was only limited to media duration, thus,´in this some subtitles may get inaccessible.
- Fixed: error loading splitter distances values at program start.

Note: ffmpeg has been updated to the latest version (as the time of this version of asm), ffmpeg-4.2.1-win32-static.
For more details, please see:
. ffmpeg readme.txt file in the program dir.
. ffmpeg builds page <> (you can update the version anytime by downloading the latest build then replace ffmpeg.exe file in ASM dir).

Version 5.22.133
Built at 03 Nov, 2019 23:58

- Added: Windows Media Player as a media player option.
- Fixed: issue in meida player, sometimes it fails to detect the opened media video size it become invisible.

Version 5.21.23
Built at 05.10.2018 23:00

- Added: Ability to change media player in settings.
- Added: Play media using VLC media player.
- Fixed: changing media while generating wavform crashes ASM.
- Removed: check for update feature temporary in this version.

Version 5.20.512
Built at 03.05.2018 21:10

- Added: Chinese language interface for the program (thanks to Johnson.Ren)
- Added: line-break feature in the subtitle text editors.
- Added: ability to line-break subtitle(s) at one go (Ctrl+B)
- Improved: subtitles track translate feature (now it can apply the translation of a subtitle into onther ones with the same text)
- Fixed: bug when subtitle timings become less than 0 the program crashes.
- Fixed: bug when attempting to show a waveform of a media file and the media file path is not set.
- Fixed: styles shortcuts was not applied into the prapered text control.
- Fixed: bug when selecting vertical timeline in the subtitles data control, the program sometimes ignore subtitle selection.
- Fixed: bug in the vertical timeline control.
- Fixed: missed interface translations.
- Fixed: translate feature was not work in some cases.

Version 5.19.239
Built at 24.03.2018 01:14 AM

- Added: vertical timeline control in the subtitles data editor tab.
- Added: ability to play selected subtitle(s) in the Timeline control.
- Added: Subtitles Track captions extraction ability.
- Added: options for subtitle-line visual control.
- Improved: waveform generating in timeline.
- Improved: timeline now can save status.

- To use the vertical timeline control, click on "Timeline" in the Subtitles Data tab. The vertical timeline works as same as the Timeline control,
but not all features that can be found in the Timeline control are implemented in this Vertical Timeline control.
But still you can select subtitles, edit start/end time and text.
- To play selected subtitle(s) in the Timeline control, simply select the desired subtitles then click on the blue-play button. To make the control
play the subtitles forever, simply click on the blue button next to the blue-play button. To cancel play any time, simply click the blue-play button.
- Now you can extract captions from subtitles track into a new subtitles track. Simply select the subtitles track that you need to extract captions from
then chose Subtitle Tracks>Extract Captions. After that, select the options that you need in the dialog that appears.

Version 5.18.632
Built at 08.03.2018 21:59

- Added: options for media player subtitle previewing
- Added: added "auto generate/show wave form when media changes" option.
- Added: 10 slots for styles that can be accessed through keyboard shortcut (Atl+*) while * can be from 1 to 9. (See below for explaintaion)
- Fixed: resizing timeline control reset zooming.
- Improved: media player was stopping after editing subtitle. Now it only pause instead.
- Improved: split subtitle now sets split time as the media time when possible.

Note about styles shortcut:
When editing subtitle's text, you can select and set style directly using keyboard shortcut or using the buttons on the styles toolbar.
First, use Edit Styles to setup the styles needed for your project.
After that, when editing a text, simply press Alt+1 to set the first style then start typing the text.
Or, select the text on the subtitle text editor (in properties, media player or subtitle properties dialog) then press the shortcut Alt+1.
Let's say we have 10 styles, then we can access them using Alt+* while * is the style slot number. For example, to set the first style, we press Alt+1.
To set the second style, we press Alt+2, Alt+3 for the 3rd style...etc. Note that the styles slots are limited to 9 slots (thus, we can use Alt+9 as maximum slot).
Also, note that at the styles bar, only 7 buttons are available, to set styles from 1 to 7.
The limitation is due to control space ... anyway, all styles from 1 to 9 can be accessed through shortcut Alt+* while * is style slot number, can be 1 to 9.

Version 5.17.113
* Added: AHD Subtitles Downloader, a new tool allows to download/upload subtitles into the Internet without the need to open ASM.
* Added: Stretch to previous/next functions as hot keys.
* Improved: stretch to previous function.
* Improved: stretch to next function.
* Fixed: bug in Translate window when switching subtitles using Next/Previous buttons.

Version 5.16.55
* Fixed: some bugs in the timeline control when editing subtitles.

Version 5.16.36
* Added: ability to show waveform in the timeline control.
* Added: new subtitles format "AHD Customized Subtitles", allows to export and import a user customized subtitle formats.
* Improved: timeline control, now it show grid lines when editing subitles to perfectly line the edited subtitles with waveform.

Version 5.15.239
* Added: subtitle styling.
* Added: ability to edit viewed subtitle directly from the media player (button-click to open subtitle editor window).
* Added: ability to switch subtitles track in the timeline control.
* Added: ability to change media in the timeline control.
* Added: new buttons in the timeline control to control the viewport scrolling and more.
* Added: ability to activate/deactivate auto scrolling in the subtitles data control.
* Added: ability to scroll, zoom and change time using mouse wheel in the timeline control.
* Added: select all after/before selected subtitle functions.
* Improved: Timeline control's scrolling section.
* Improved: program icons, now ASM looks better.
* Fixed: bug when moving/editing subtitle, the order of subtitles never updates.
* Fixed: some shortcuts was duplicated.
* Removed: google translate feature.

Version 5.14.150:
* Improved: program code generally for more performance.

Version 5.14.50:
* Fixed: some mistakes in the Português (Brazil) language interface.
* Fixed: bug in the timeline control when resizing then scrolling the viewport.
* Fixed: bug when selecting subtitles out of the viewport.

Version 5.14.44:
* Added: language interface for Português (Brazil) language.
* Added: ability to switch makrs in the Timeline control.
* Fixed: issue when editing text in the prepared text tab then editing in the timeline control the shortcuts didn't work.
* Fixed: bug in the timeline control when selecting subtitles with CTRL key holded user could not deselect subtitles once selected.
* Fixed: unable to download the new version using checking for update message that come up in the startup when a newer version found of the program.
* Fixed: bug when editing text using the media tab and use hotkeys, user unable to edit and the program recognised the input as hotkey.
* Fixed: bug when editing text using the media tab sometimes the text doubled.
* Fixed: bug when adding and removing a mark the Timeline control never get refreshed.
* Improved: Timeline control when selecting multiple subtitles.

Version 5.13.56:
* Fixed: bug in SubRip subtitles format handler when attempting to import none English subtitle files.
* Fixed: bug in Timeline control when editing a subtitle and zooming using the Radar control.

Version 5.13.33:
* Added: check for latest program updates ability
* Added: Timeline Radar, a new useful method to change viewport and to preview subtitles in the timeline control.
* Added: AHD Synchronised Lyrics viewer, a simple media player that can view MP3 ID3 Synchronised Lyrics.
* Fixed: subtitle was not display in the media tab when working on audio media
* Fixed: the program fail to save the ID3 Tags when managing ID3 Synchronised Lyrics items.
* Fixed: prepared text editor doesn't allow to use the arraw keys

Version 5.12.12:
* Added: support for subtitle position tags for the SubRip format handler
* Added: support for subtitle position tags for the Advanced Substation Alpha format handler
* Added: support for subtitle font, color and position tags for the Substation Alpha format handler
* Improved: media player control now can show subtitle position in review.

Version 5.11.55:
* Added: Word Wrap option for Prepared Text tab; Allows to switch word wrap for the prepared text in the editor.
* Fixed: issue in the SubRip format handler, when export it use '.' instead of ',' in the timing format.

Version 5.11.25:
* Added: Portuguese (Portugal) and German (Germany) language interface support.
* Improved: Download/Upload subtitles form/to
* Fixed: The program was holding keyboard inputs that assigned as 'hotkeys' so that the user was not able to use these keys outside the program.
* Fixed: Bug in SubRip subtitles format implementation.
* Fixed: The Spell Check was never save 'Ignore Always' and/or 'Use Always' words user had to enter them every time.
* Fixed: Search and download subtitles from not work when the movie file is bigger than 1 GB.
* Fixed: Upload to was not work for some movies (imbd id invalid issue)
* Fixed: User was unable to enter search word in the quick search word box if that word include chars that mapped as hotkeys.

Version 5.10.10:
* Added: AHD Encoding converter, a tool that convert between text encoding for text files.
* Added: new hotkeys for "Next Frame (FWD)" and "Previous Frame (REW)" with default assignment with arrow keys.
* Improved: SubRip subtitles format now support "Advanced SubStation Alpha" tags for import and export, also new export options added to this subtitles format.
* Improved: event lines fields (font and color tags) for Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitles format.
* Improved: auto detect encoding in export/import subtitles format window now done automatically.
* Improved: auto detect encoding in import subtitles format window will also refresh and detect subtitles format depending on encoding used.
* Fixed: bug after finished exporting a subtitles format file and user disables (close this wizard) option in the export finish message the window closes anyway.
* Fixed: playback can be triggered via 'Space' button (Add Subtitle hotkey) while editing text in the "Prepared Text" and/or "Project Description" tab.
* Fixed: bug when attempting to 'auto fix subtitle errors' when there is no subtitles track selected.
* Fixed: bug when attempting to save the log into file while the project is not saved.

Version 5.9.25:
* Added: Prepared Text new feature, ability to prepare a text to be used directly in the subtitle editor window.
* Added: ability to use Hunspell dictionaries files directly if already downloaded, user can just place the downloaded dictionary file(s) (with extension .oxt) in Dictionaries folder.
* Added: ability to drag files to the converter to import directly.
* Added: ability to import file to the converter via command-line.
* Added: ability to import media file via drag-and-drop files into media tab.
* Fixed: bug after editing one subtitle the subtitles data entries never updated.
* Fixed: bug with Spell Check feature when spell-checking a subtitle track and uses (Use always, Ignore) the changes never applied to the subtitles.
* Improved: media player improved using Directshow instead of Windows Media Player ActiveX control.
* Improved: subtitle display in media player, was making problems when attempting to edit also subtitle hides in wrong times.

* Added: ability to add subtitle using a shortcut on keyboard.
* Added: hot keys support, ability to add shortcuts for some functions such as subtitle selection.
* Added: new options such as an option indicates whether the program should add <New Subtitle> to each added new subtitle.
* Added: ability to export/import settings to/from file.
* Improved: auto saving window now displayed on the right corner to avoid interrupting work.
* Fixed: spell check feature, the dictionaries download links were not work.

Version 5.8.13:
* Added new control "Multiple Subtitle Tracks Viewer" which allows to view subtitle for multiple tracks at a time. Usefull for viewing track and translation tracks at same time.
* Added new method for MKV ripping (in the Sub-Picture sub window).
* Improvments made to make it easier to use some features like translate.
* Fixed bugs in MKV rip feature; it was impossible for user to rip some mkv files.

Version 5.7.500.32:
* Added: auto save feature, allows to auto save project at period specified at settings to avoid losing work.
* Added^: using the auto save feature, the program automatically save a backup for translation subtitles track when the program crashes on translating mode (subtitles track translation)... so opening the project after program crash should give the ability to retrieve translation. (To avoid losing work during translation.)
* Fixed: attempting to delete a text from the properties tab considered as a Subtitle Track/Subtitle delete.
* Fixed: find and replace doesn't replace the word if it comes at the end of a subtitle text.
* Fixed: find and replace doesn't active 'save required' flag.
* Fixed: bug when using google translate feature in the subtitles track translate window.

^ The auto save feature should be enabled via settings to active this feature.

* Improved: upload subtitles to now it does more check for IMDB to ensure uploading subtitles for correct movie.
* Fixed: the timeline control doesn't have context menu strip.

* Added: service intergation. Ability to search,download and upload subtitles directly from/to server.
* Added: "Auto create Subtitles Track after creating new project" option.
* Added: option that allow errors in the subtitle properties window.
* Added: the TimeLine zoom box that allows to enter zoom value.
* Added: Kurdish language translation for ASM interface.
* Removed: "search the internet for subtitles" feature, replaced with "Download subtitles from"
* Improved: added option to the Timeline control allows to auto scroll to time line's position after changing the time using the time line.
* Improved: Timeline zoom bar, now holding zoom in/out button will work instead of (click by click).
* Improved: Timeline control tooltip.
* Improved: subtitle editor control, now the text area is expandable.
* Fixed: translate feature when the user translate a subtitle, the translation editor become unaccessable.
* Fixed: bug in SubRip format handler.
* Fixed: bug in export window causes hang sometimes in export operation.

Added: ability to search the internet and download results then to add the result directly to the projec without leaving asm.
Improved: updated ID3 Tag library to the latest version (AITE 2)
Improved: more options for ID3 Tag.
Fixed: when load a layout present file the program never remember the layout at the next time program starts.
Fixed: when attempt to edit subtitle directly in the media, the player stops and loose the subtitle.
Fixed: some errors in Arabic language interface.
Fixed: updater.

* Added: ability to import subtitles from VobSub (IDX and SUB).
* Added: new option allows user to chose whether to seek the media at the start time of the subtitle that added using the quick mode.
* Added: merge subtitles tool, ability to merge selected subtitles to one subtitle.
* Improved: TimeLine control now allows to direct edit subtitle that not selected and other subtitles selected so no need to cancel the select for other subtitles and select the one to edit.
* Improved: undo/redo operation no longer reload the media if it's not necessary to do so.
* Fixed: the text editor of subtitles sometimes doesn't save color changes and the changed chars color turns to Black.

* Added: ability to merge two subtitle tracks into one.
* Added: ability to import subtitles format file via drag and drop the file over the subtitle tracks list.
* Added: Spell Check feature which uses NHunspell library to spell check subtitles.
* Improved: Timeline control improved so no need to select the subtitle before edit it (move, start time and end time), The sibtitle will be selected automatically once attempt to edit.
* Fixed: Undo and redo issue when the user save profile at state and redo or undo, no save notfication appears.
* Fixed: Bug in google translate feature for a subtitle text when selecting the same language

Version 5.3:
* Added: ability to rip subtitles from Matroska (*.mkv) files.
* Added: Player timer option in the settings window that can be used to increase program's performance for low-hardware pcs.
* Added: new options in the settings allow to warn the user if ID3/MKV detected.
* Added: new options in the settings allow to adjust Timeline control.
* Improved: performance increased using optimized control codes.
* Fixed: sometimes the TimeLine control freez when the user zoom in/out or when adjusting subtitle timings.
* Fixed: when changing media using Change Media menu item, the ID3 not enabled if the media is mp3.

Version 5.2:
* Added: multilingual user interfaces (English and Arabic only).
* Added: "Subtitles" menu item which includes new methods for subtitles batch editing.
* Added: editor options page in the settings window allows to change editors settings such as text editor back color and more..
* Added: text editor tool strip which shows information about chars count.
* Fixed: tabs enable/disable via view menu items, the disabled tab get hidden until the next launch of the program.
* Fixed: the updater never show current update description.
* Fixed: if one commandline sent to the program and that commandline is not a project file path, that commandline ignored.

version Version
* Added: new button to import subtitles format directly in quick start dialog
* Added: right to left option in import dialog
* Fixed: encoding search in import subtitles format window (hangs when search for encoding)
* Fixed: timeline magnetic feature when moving more than one subtitle
* Fixed: updater download button (always disabled)
* Improved: the subtitles data control (flashing on refresh)
* Improved: the timeline control auto scroll feature (now is enabled only on media playing to make it easier to scroll when player is stopped)
* Improved: the errors checker control, hang sometimes in auto check.
* Improved: MicroDVD subtitles format: failed to load file if framerate is not presented at the first line of the file and now if the framerate is not presented, the framerate dialog shows up.
* Improved: SubRip subtitles format: now this format fully support html tags of fonts and colors.

version 5.0.4476.2029:
* The entire engine changed and rewriten with optimized code.
* Added ability to save font and color foreach char instead of all subtitle text.
* Added timeline control toolstrip.
* Added new abilities for the timeline control (synchronise buttons)
* Added ability to save right to left order foreach subtitle.
* Added subtitle text editor control.
* Added subtitle properties editor control.
* Improved the export window.
* Improved the import window.
* Improved AHD Subtitles format (version 5.0).
* Added ability to save and load style scripts for WebVTT format.
* Added auto fix errors features.
* Fixed minor bugs.

version 4.1.2902.0:
* Added ability to disable/enable subtitle format(s) in the settings.
* Added direct subtitle's editor which allows user to edit subtitle's text, color, font or position directly on the player screen without the need to open properties window.
* Added encodings manager control in Export and Import dialogs, a manager that allows user to easily select encoding and manage favorite encodings.
* Added text lines sperator in subtitles data list view.
* Fixed: when open export window sometimes it throws exception about selected index.
* Fixed: selecting subtitles with control key holded in TimeLine control.
* Fixed: glitches in TimeLine control.

version 4.0.987.176:
* Added support for subtitle formats: + Advanced Sub Station Alpha + Sub Station Alpha + Final Cut Pro + Subtitle Editor Project + WebVTT
* Added support for all encondings available in installed Windows version on user pc.
* Added auto detect encoding feature which helps user to choose encoding in export.
* Added auto detect encoding feature in import which detect opened file encoding, also allows user to choose which encoding to use with import.
* Added magnetic feature which helps user to slide start time/end time easily to the current media position (in timeline control).
* Added ability to set the path of the subtitles format in the export window automaticaly and an option to enable/disable this in the settings window.
* Added subtitles Track Template.
* Improvement: code optimized to make the program more stable.
* Improvement: AHD Subtitles Convertor to apply the new encoding features.
* Improvement: Synchronization Tool to apply the new encoding features.
* Fixed: Synchronization Tool fails to synchronize when subtitles format has less than 2 subtitle tracks.
* Fixed: when editing subtitle in TimeLine via mouse double click, the control selects first subtitle and returns to the time of it.

+ Added shortcuts for player to make it easier to control during edit subtiles.
+ Added: you can compress/extend subtitle timings using the timeline control!!
x Compress/Extend improved, Timeline control added to the window of compress/extend.
x Subtitles draw method in the Timeline control improved to make selecting and editing subtitles done fast.
x Fixed: when splite into two subtitles, the second subtitle will not be shown at the player.
x Fixed: Set start time with compress/extend timings.

+ Added Google Translate feature, translate Subtitle Track directly from the internet.
+ Added Language Files Editor which can edit language xml files.
x Fixed: Timeline control draw method improved to increase performance of this control.

+ Added subtitle formats: * Scenarist * Youtube sbv
x Fixed: Timeline control can't view subtitles which start and/or end time is larger than media duration.
x Fixed: Selecting subtitle with a timings larger than media duration makes the Timeline control throw an exception of index.
x Fixed: Timeline control can't view subtitles without the media.
x Fixed: layout present load and save.

+ Time Line control, a control that allows to change subtitle timings using the mouse !!
- Slider Ticklish, no need for it since the timeline control can control the time position easily.
x Fixed: Undo / Redo operations
x Code optimized to make the program runs faster.

version 3.5.766.11:
+ GT-Text "Google Translate-Text" technology which allows to translate Subtitle Track in minutes what ever the count of subtitles. See help document for more.
+ Adobe Encore options.
+ Tabs mode for Adobe Encore subtitles format.
+ subtitle formats: * Autodesk Smoke * ABC iView * Csv * Open DVT * Real Time * SAMI
x AHD Subtitles Convertor improved so it can import and export multi subtitle tracks format.
x Subtitle edit window improved so it can edit duration beside start and end time.
x Fixed Sonic DVD Creator subtitles format (export method).
x Fixed synchronization tool framerate choosing in none-English version of Wondows(R).
x Fixed issue when you enable the option "Warn me when ID3 tags detected" and you open a project includes media which has ID3 tags, the program opens the ID3 tags manager without warning you !.
x Search engine improved so it can search more specifically with more options. Also "Find And Replace" included.

version 3.4.988.0:
+ Fully compatible with x64 pcs, now it 100% works on x86 and x64.
x Toolbars and layout improved to make the program easer to use
x Export wizard improved to be easy to use in one step !
x Bugfixed: Failure to launch on x64 pc's due to WMPLib library.
x Bugfixed: Duplicate Subtitles Track removes font, position and color information of subtitles
x Bugfixed: Translate Subtitles Track removes font, position and color information of subtitles
x Bugfixed: The program unable to run commandlines if the path of a project isn't included.

+ Compress / Extend subtitles track tool inside the program which allows to adjust subtitles track's subtitles times eithout the need to edit each one of them.
x Bugfixed : Synchronization Tool go mad with non-English Windows versions.
x Bugfixed : Drop frame in each subtitles format add the ';' only at the end of the time code like this 00:00:00;00 instaed of 00;00;00;00 and this caused subtitles format to be written wrong.

+ Synchronization Tool which can synchronize subtitle times of any subtitle format, now you can download any subtitle format and correct the times with one simple click.
+ Synchronization option inside the program.
+ Search engine improved, added the "Next Result" button.
x Bug fixed : the program doesn't clear the path of the project when you start a new one so that the new project will be saved over the old one.
x Bug fixed : the displayed subtitle stays on the screen when you make a new project.

+ Import subtitle tracks from projects ability.
x AHD Subtitles Convertor improved.
x Bugfixed : Name of imported subtitle format on the subtitle tracks list.
x Bugfixed : When insert a subtitle, the subtitle's font is null and the color is 0.
x Bugfixed : The wait Cursor stays when the program fails to import subtitle format or the user press cancel.
x Bugfixed : The media stays of a project to the next opened project if that opened project dosn't have a media or the media is missing.
x Bugfixed : Scroll bar of the subtitle tracks list hides the last one.

+ Added subtitle position,font and color for each subtitle
+ Added subtitle format font and color import and export ability
+ Added subtitle menu items and shortcuts for changing position,font and color of the subtitle
x Tabs drag and drop improvet.
x Performance increased by using new optimized code for media playback.
x AHD Subtitles version 3.1 released for the subtitle position,font and color storage ability.
x Bugfixed : the program could not display more than 2 lines of subtitle text at the display screen.
x Bugfixed : when the user add subtitle using the quick mode then he/she press cancel, the program will not allow him/her to select more than one subtitle at the subtitles data until he/she add new subtitle using the quick mode.

Revision for fixes and improvements.
+ Added subtitle select tools
+ Added SubRip Format options, editable for each subtitle
x Bug fixed: Edit the wrong subtitle when double-click a subtitle fast.

Revision for fixes and improvements.
x The program applay the subtitle even when the user click cancel in the quick mode.
x Performance increased for when the user select a large count of subtitles.
x More speed added in deleting.
x Search engine improved, more speed added !!
x Bug fixed: Toolbar locations.

+ Interface editable layout
+ Movable toolbars
+ Compatible with multi-tracks subtitle formats
+ New fast import engine
+ New subtitle edit tools
+ Subtitles track instead language tracks
+ Add subtitle tracks without renaming, auto name generator
+ Create new project and import subtitle format at the same time using the new project new wizard.
+ Strong media checking engine, no error media allowed !!
+ AHD Subtitles format now available as subtitle format that can be listed in the export wizard and the import window.
+ Language files now available with xml-lines xml files, easy to edit with the Windows(R) notepad.
+ New items in the menu to make more shortcut available.
+ New Log tab that stores the events from the date of creation of the project and can be saved into txt file.
+ New properties tab to allow to edit count of subtitle texts at the same time.
+ CommandLines.
X Code improved in the core to rise the performance and speed.
X Bugs fixed:
* The program fails to open the ID3 manager window in some cases; fixed.

version 2.5.873.0:
+ New subtitle format import engine included, using dynamic times and lines import.
+ Let you chose the imported file format if the program faild to detect it.
x Bugs fixd:
* Can't add subtitle in none-Unicode system.
* Convert time format (HH:MM:SS:Milli) into (SS.Milli) error.
* Adobe Encore DVD subtitle format import error.
* Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle format multilines error.
* Captions 32 subtitle format uses FrameRate instead Timespan time format.
* Captions Inc subtitle format uses FrameRate instead Timespan time format.
* CPC-600 subtitle format uses FrameRate instead Timespan time format.
* DVD Junior subtitle format uses FrameRate instead Timespan time format.
* DVD Subtitle System subtitle format multilines import errors.
* Inscriber CG subtitle format uses FrameRate instead Timespan time format.
* Power DivX subtitle format can't support milliseconds.
* AQ Title subtitle format uses wrong extension.
* TM Player subtitle format uses wrong extension and FrameRate instead Timespan time format.
* SubRip subtitle format name error.
* SubSonic subtitle format name error.
* Spurce Subtitle File subtitle format can't ignore spaces.
* Phoenix Japanimation subtitle format formatting error.

+ Interface Languages support
+ New subtitle format : Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0
+ New subtitle format : Wincaps Text Timecoded
x Bugs fixd:
* The program fails to reload the media when the media is mp3 and has ID3 in the Events; fixed.

version 2.3.3260.12 :
+ Export wizard instead one window (improvet to be easier to use).
+ User can now change the Windows(R) Media Player options.
x Shift time (improvet to be easier to use).
x ID3 tag manager can now build ID3 v2.3 if mp3 file has not ID3 v2.3
x Bugs fixd:
* Can't add subtitle in quick mode when the player timer is set to 1; fixed.
* Add subtitle with 0 values; fixed.

version 2.2.3254.5 :
+ Can Import language tracks from project
+ Stop option for the search operation
x Export
x Clear all subtitles when the media is running
x Can't remember "clear subtitles" event in the "events"
x Cut all
x Numbers of subtitles
x Slider ticklish

version 2.2.766.4 :
+ Translate (new option for Language Tracks)
+ Language Tracks menu item
+ Shift All
+ Format options (Advanced SubStation Alpha)
+ Format options (Spurce Subtitle File)

version :
+ New tools added (shift time, fill spaces)
+ Insert subtitle
+ New tool strip !!
+ New option in the settings
x More speed and accuracy
x Events (redo / undo)
x Paste improved (gived you options !!)
x Bugs fixed:
* Timespan errors in the editor.
* Can't save settings in win vista when the UAC (User Access Control) is turned on.
* Paste subtitles one time for copied subtitles.
* Switch into an event reload media each time when it's not necessary.
* Make error when close minimized / maximized.
* New project wizard allows to add same language track more than one time.

version :
x Bugs fixed:
* Jump into mark , worked only in milliseconds mode
* couldn't add subtitle in quick mode where there's no subtitle in selected language track
* Frame rate errors in the convertor

version :
+ AHD Subtitles Convertor
+ Full Support for multi lines
+ Full support for all formats options/headers
+ Standard formats library supports 40 formats (see Formats List.htm)
+ More options in settings
+ More speed in play/view subtitles
+ Multi View for subtitles data times (pal,ntsc...)
+ New time tick modes (pal,ntsc...)
+ Allow user to start directly without creating a new project or loading a media file.
+ A new mini tool (AHD Subtitles Convertor)
- Interface language
x Import / Export
x Bugs fixed:
* Multi line (export/import)
* Cut, Copy & Paste errors
* Edit subtitle duration without media

version :
+ new menu items
+ new shortcuts for player/view
x Bugs fixed:
* Paste errors

version :
+ More edit tools (Copy,Cut & Paste)
+ Right panal (new view marcos)
+ Change media file/project name in properties window.
x Bugs fixed:
* Edit duration for bad subtitle's times.

version :
+ Marks for time line.
+ Slider ticklish
+ Jump into time
+ In Import method (let the user decide)
x AHD subtitles format (updated to ver 1.1, extension changed to .asm)
x project file (updated to ver 1.1, extension changed to .asmp)
x Subtitle formats fixed.
x Multi thread (can add subtitle per 10 millisecond !!)
x duration edit timespan.
x Bugs fixed:
* allow user delete id3 item where there's no one.
* slow slide in long videos/songs.
* subtitle view delay with large count of subtitles.
* delete (can't catch)
* open with, message appear once.
* add subtitle in quick mode , still adding subtitle when user still hold the button and the cursor is out.

version :
+ SAVE ID3 Synchronized Lyrics (Save language track as ID3 Synchronized Lyric item directly into MP3 file).
x Subtitle formats are available as Add-ons.

version :
+ Interface language : language for texts in all dialogs of the program.
+ Interface languages manager in settings dialog(Add, Edit and Remove methods)
x Welcome dialog (pause/exit initializing , errors handling)
x Save settings in xml document
x Scroll view into selected subtitle
x bugs fixed :
* doesn't remember added subtitle in manual mode
* allow user to add subtitles in manual mode when there's no language track
* Duplicate (keyboard shortcut, menu strip item)
* ID3 Synchronized Lyrics extractor (load errors)

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