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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for 3D Youtube Downloader Batch

2.13 (26-Aug-2023)

support for multiple audio tracks on Youtube
fix for Youtube

2.12.17 (07-Nov-2022)

few fixes

2.12.16 (10-Sep-2022)

fix for Youtube

2.12.15 (20-Aug-2022)

fix for Youtube

2.12.14 (23-Feb-2022)

Ukrainian translation

2.12.13 (07-Feb-2022)

fix for Youtube

2.12.12 (03-Jan-2022)

few fixes for Youtube

2.12.11 (30-Jun-2021)

Hebrew translation

2.12.10 (03-Jun-2021)

Albanian translation

2.12.9 (22-May-2021)

fix for Youtube

2.12.8 (25-Apr-2021)

Bulgarian translation

2.12.7 (10-Apr-2021)

fix for Windows XP

2.12.6 (06-Apr-2021)

fix for Youtube

2.12.5 (18-Nov-2020)

Japanese translation
fixes for Youtube

2.12.4 (01-Jul-2020)

Indonesian translation
fix for Youtube

2.12.3 (16-May-2020)

fix for Youtube

2.12.2 (07-Apr-2020)

fix for Youtube

2.12.1 (13-Mar-2020)

Dutch translation

2.12 (18-Feb-2020)

alternative way to load playlists and search on Youtube
more search filters

2.11.1 (26-Jan-2020)

fix for Youtube

2.11 (19-Jan-2020)

possibility to rename file before downloading
few fixes

2.10.16 (23-Dec-2019)

few fixes and improvements

2.10.15 (28-Nov-2019)

DoH support
few improvements

2.10.14 (30-Oct-2019)

improvement for proxy support
few fixes for Youtube

2.10.13 (04-Oct-2019)

fixed Pause function

2.10.12 (24-Sep-2019)

fix for Youtube

2.10.11 (13-Sep-2019)

fixes for Youtube

2.10.10 (23-Jul-2019)

fix for Youtube

2.10.9 (11-Jul-2019)

option to limit CPU usage
few enhancements

2.10.8 (24-May-2019)

several fixes

2.10.7 (29-Jan-2019)

fixes for Youtube

2.10.6 (25-Dec-2018)

Serbian translation
several fixes

2.10.5 (11-Sep-2018)

fix for Youtube

2.10.4 (14-Apr-2018)

Turkish translation

2.10.3 (22-Feb-2017)

fix for Youtube

2.10.2 (30-Jan-2018)

drag & drop support
several fixes

2.10.1 (03-Dec-2017)

Polish translation
several fixes

2.10 (21-Oct-2017)

Arabic translation
additional actions in the clips list
several fixes

2.9 (20-Aug-2017)

live streams support for Youtube
one-stage processing
possibility to copy clips properties

2.8.3 (19-May-2017)

fix for Youtube

2.8.2 (05-May-2017)

French translation
several fixes and improvements

2.8.1 (05-Apr-2017)

Slovenian translation
several fixes and improvements

2.8 (10-Mar-2017)

improved chunked DASH download
improved logging
several fixes

2.7 (31-Jan-2017)

Greek translation
initial support of chunked DASH streams
several fixes and improvements

2.6 (27-Dec-2016)

options to prefer high FPS and HDR videos
'Copy URL' action for multiple clips
improvements for media files processing
several fixes

2.5.2 (07-Nov-2016)

fix for Youtube, Dailymotion and

2.5.1 (26-Jun-2016)

several fixes

2.5 (12-Jun-2016)

manual streams selection
support for auto-translated subtitles on Youtube
precise selection for subtitles
configurable number of active downloads
several fixes and improvements

2.4.1 (01-May-2016)

several fixes and enhancements

2.4 (14-Mar-2016)

quality settings as part of preset
new Quality properties panel
option to select preferred audio quality in video
option to give precedence to format over quality
adaptation for screen readers
improvements for portable mode
improvements for check for updates
more precise fps calculation

2.3.3 (19-Dec-2015) basic support
fix for Youtube

2.3.2 (09-Dec-2015)

fps displaying in format description
more precise bitrate calculation
fix for Youtube

2.3.1 (06-Dec-2015)

Hungarian translation
improvements for Vimeo
improvements and fixes for UI

2.3 (16-Nov-2015)

Chinese (Traditional) translation
properties panel with description and log
thumbnails downloading
retrieve more than one feed portion
extended feeds processing
main toolbar improvements
columns improvements
several fixes

2.2 (24-Sep-2015)

Chinese (Simplified) translation
Team Four Star support
fix for Youtube

2.1.2 (18-Sep-2015)

improvements for Wine
AMR support for Youtube
Twitter link service ( support
several fixes

2.1.1 (31-Aug-2015)

several fixes

2.1 (15-Aug-2015)

output presets
additional columns for clips list in main window, search and feeds
several fixes

2.0.1 (23-Jun-2015)

reworked options tree
additional options

2.0 (09-Jun-2015)

first release

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