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Zenith XBV243

12 user region code comments

April 28, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Jeffrey S. Worley, November 17 2002:

The hack for the Zenith 2350 works with this machine. I didn't try the region hack, but the vcd hack has been tested on the XBV243 and works perfectly forever.

PostOther hack posted by John Crayon, November 19 2002:

The Zenith XBV243 DVD / VCR Combo is almost identical to the LG DC-493W DVD/VCR Combo.

Hacks on one should work on the other. This is already true for the Region Free hack.

Would love to know the Macrovision hack.

PostOther hack posted by mike, December 16 2002:

This hack enables VCD playback
Power on the player with no disk in the drive
Press "PAUSE" on the remote
Enter "1472" on the remote
Press the UP arrow three times
Press "PROGRAM", "5", "PROGRAM", "5" (the characters 04 EE should now be displayed)
Press "ENTER" (the display should flash briefly)
Press "RETURN"
Power the player off and then back on
Play a VCD!

PostRegion code hack posted by Juan Ignacio Eroles, March 19 2003:

I am about to buy this device, I just want to know if I can hack it into multizone and in case it is possible, where can I do it? what is the chip code? what is the cost?

I have a further question, I am form Argetina and we use the PAL-N broadcast system, is it possible to adapt the device?

PostRegion code hack posted by nobody, April 15 2003:

This is not a messsage board... it says right at the top not to post inquiries.

However maybe i can help u anyway.

The hack posted above is not a region code hack... from my experience it seems to be a macrovision hack. (u want it trust me)

the region code hack should be as follows:

1. power the player
2. press "PAUSE"
3. enter "314159"
4. press "0" (0=all regions, 1=region 1, 2=region 2, etc)
5. press "pause"
6. turn reciever off and then on again.

this should work as long as u don't use the view firmware hack... if u view the firmware the region code
will reset and u will need to enter this hack again.

i could not test this personally because i do not have any other region dvd. Hope it works for you.

PostRegion code hack posted by Leighton Colegrave, April 15 2003:

Although this is not a message board, when I tried the 'report hack' facility, I got no response, hence me putting it here. I am sure others would like to know if these hacks work or not, otherwise we are wasting our time trying them out!!

Many thanks for your help above in placing the Region hack referred to here, but this is the Region hack I followed, as directed to above.

I have since discovered (on this site) that my British Region 2 DVD's will be PAL, whereas this Canadian sourced player probably only plays NTSC DVD's irrespective of region code.

If this is the problem, then a multi region hack is not much use for people who want to play PAL DVD's!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by MICHAEL DIEBOLT, May 30 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by Marco Aurélio, July 19 2003:

I want a region free for this Model

PostRegion code hack posted by Ruben Wind, January 05 2004:

Region free hack

PostOther hack posted by Anthony, January 06 2004:

VCD - To play VCD's you don't need to use a complicated key sequence on the remote itself, simply enter the setup/menu and in the "others" option category, select PBC on. Done.

PostRegion code hack posted by D, January 15 2004:

Hey, I just got my XBS245 from FedEx (kick ass home theater system with DVD/VCR) and that VCD hack worked! I was reading the hacks for all other Zenith and LG DVD's and I guess they all have the same programs or hardware cuz they all use the same hacks. I think Zenith is part of LG or the other way around. I'm taking this to Mexico with me, cuz I study over there, so when I get over there I'll try out the region hack, if that doesn't work I don't know about trying the firmware(burning the CD) cuz I heard that it might mess up your DVD player PERMANENTLY if it's not the right one.

PostOther hack posted by Nick, April 28 2004:

Trying to copy a DVD to tape. I get a 'lock' message. Any ideas?

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