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Yamaha DVD S540

9 user region code comments

March 05, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by serdar ormandji, August 05 2003:

The remote hack for multi-region is as follows.........

Open Disc Drawer
Press 99990
Close Disc Drawer

and that's it. Enjoy!

PostRegion code hack posted by PG, September 25 2003:

The hack for multi-region from the player's standard remote control is:

Open disc drawer
Press 9 9 9 9 and then the region code you desire (0 means multi-region)
Close disc drawer

Note that you can press the 'OnScreen Display' button when the drawer is Open to see firmware diagnostic codes, including the currently-selected region code.

PostRegion code hack posted by Peteros, December 02 2003:

Yamaha seems to have upgraded the firmware and one extra step needs to be made. Open the drawer, press "on screen" and - while the machine's details are being displayed - press 99990 for R0, and close the drawer. I discovered it by coincidence - I have a European player (made in Hungary).

PostRegion code hack posted by Bjarna, December 09 2003:

Start the player, eject the cd-tray. Use the original remote-control and hit 9999. Thereafter hit 0 and itīs done... This will make your Yamaha S540 region free...

PostRegion code hack posted by Chris, January 15 2004:

Above methods work like a charm, RCE-proof too... ;-)

EU, Hungary build type

PostRegion code hack posted by home theater, January 23 2004:

Does any body know how to region hack in Yamaha DV-C6660 5disc dvd player ????

PostRegion code hack posted by NiteOwl, January 30 2004:

I can confirm the above hacks working perfectly (Open drawer, On Screen button, 9 9 9 9, 0, close drawer) done ;)

PostRegion code hack posted by C.X., February 02 2004:

YAMAHA DVD-S540 Japanese version(default:NTSC region 2)

Open Disc Drawer
on screen
Close Disc Drawer


Open Disc Drawer
Close Disc Drawer

PostRegion code hack posted by Andy, March 05 2004:

It can be interesting for some users!

My Yamaha S540 has been hacked a little differently.
Before hacking:
on screen

If I did so:

Open Disc Drawer
Press 99990
Close Disc Drawer

occured nothing. The region remained 2.

The region has changed only after I have made so:

Open Disc Drawer
Press 99990 and then press enter/ok button (!)
Tray was closed independently by itself

After hacking:
on screen

I can enjoy now! Regards

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