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Sony RDR-GX210

12 user region code comments

June 21, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Ralph, April 11 2005:

Go to and download the file for called: Sony AVD-LS10.ZIP

Extract and burn to CD-R with SCARLET as the main directory on the disk. Turn the DVD-player on, put in disk and select region 0 when asked and press ENTER, now your GX210 is region free.

I don't know about the Macrovision, have'nt tried that out yet!

Have fun...

PostRegion code hack posted by Phil, April 25 2005:

Above hack worked like a dream for anybody having doubts.

PostRegion code hack posted by Baz, April 27 2005:

Just bought the above player from Comet today for £205, you see, they DOOO negotiate :)

The region code hack above has worked GREAT ! A few seconds to burn the disc and even less time to run it on the player. Simply stick the disc (burned as descibed above) in the sony RDR-GX210 and it auto-loads ! Select zero and then instant success !

Thanks, so simple and effective.

PostRegion code hack posted by biker, May 07 2005:


Used this on my LG DR6921W recorder. Worked great.

PostRegion code hack posted by rudor, May 17 2005:

the above modification does work,But Hence as a electronics engineer i have found that by updating my Sony RDR- GX210
1. Will not record +R & -RW Discs
2. My Timer recording did not work
3. when switching the unit off and then switch on from mains stanby the multi region does not work at all.
4. Video Plus gets Disabled!!!!!
5. Teletext Subtitle from DVD is Disabled.
i rang sony for help telling my problems (i did not Mention Multi region buisness) because it voids the warranty,
they told me the above mentions problems will only occur when u modifed the player.
my guess out thier folks Ty This At your Own Risk because i lost my £200.00 because oF this multi region buissnes
DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I even tried to get it modified from Profeesinal people they told me the same problem will ocuur and the laser life will go down because of Bugs in the software, they even told me not to bother with this unit they do not recommend it.

one more thing the software on this page let you put your player back to region 2 but all the problems WILL STAY FOR LIFE.
I Have ENDED UP With RDR GX510 sony because i managed to return my player and told ASK Electronics you have giving mr the wrong player i needed the recorder with HARD Drive.
i paid more at least i have a waarranty with this Recorder

PostRegion code hack posted by darren, May 25 2005:

hi tried the above hack and works fine and all the features still work i can still record use videoplus and timer etc so no probs here.

PostRegion code hack posted by Andrew Meldrum, June 08 2005:

This hack worked perfectly on the Australian version of the RDR-GX210. I have tested DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, G-Code, Timer Recording, VCD, SVCD, MP3, and CD. All work perfectly after the change to region 0. I have been able to play region 1, 2 and 4 DVD's after the hack.

As to the comment that the software is faulty; googling with the term "AVD-LS10 RMTM0000 hack" shows how to create the trigger file, it's only 4 bytes! Those 4 bytes tell the player to go into a factory setup routine. Sorry but 4 bytes to enable a built in feature is not buggy software. FUD

PostRegion code hack posted by Andrew, June 08 2005:

Trivia point... I forgot to mention that 8C 17 17 is the RGB hex representation for the colour Scarlet, and of course Scarlet is the name of the directory containing the trigger file :)

PostRegion code hack posted by Mike, September 22 2005:

This hack does not seem to work on later production probably as a result of Sony starting to use OTP memory instead of flash for cost reasons primarily.
(I haven't physically confirmed this , just used to what manufacturers do when they have a stable version of firmware)

You still get the codefree adjustment screen, but the player says it's changed but doesn't actually remember the change

PostRegion code hack posted by keithnagle, September 30 2005:

I tried the above hack and have not been able to format DVD-RW discs since. Also results vary with +RW discs. Sometimes TV shows that have been taped simply disappear and other times when I try to format a disc that is full it fails after about 6 minutes. I cant be sure if it was as a result of the hack or if I just have a bad machine (I did not test DVD-RWs before applying the hack and had only used fresh out of the box DVD+RWs up to that point) the problems all came when I bought three different sets of -RWs including Sony brand and got an initialisation failure message after 30 seconds of formatting. Now it is behaving very strangely and I am considering sending it back. I would be reluctant to apply the hack to a new model though.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nigel Goodwin, April 08 2006:

Just a point you might not know?, there are two completely different Sony RDR-GX210 models, the early ones have serial numbers starting 600 and the later ones start 650. They are totally different, different mechanisms and every PCB is different, so it may be that the mod only works on one of them?.

PostRegion code posted by Tom, June 21 2006:

Hi, sorry for my english, is not very well!
So, i have a GX210 recorder, it doesnt playing divx cd's, it will working If I put the GX220 firmware to my GX210?,

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