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Philips MX3660D

3 user region code comments

February 22, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Bravoexo, December 30 2003:

All straight from the remote (Disc mode)

Press (ignore the hand signs)
a. Play
b. 159
c. 1111 (Region 1)
d. 001
e. 08
f. Play

Play+1111+001+08+Play (Natural speed of your hand, no need for long pauses, or wait for the hand sign to disappear)

Screen resets, Region number appears to confirm. No need to turn off, straight to play the new region.

To Rest (25 times)

a. Play
b. 159
c. Play


Screen resets, 25 appears to confirm.

I don't know if 0000 will make it region free. (See MX3600/3800 on code explaination)

PostRegion code hack posted by Aniruddha Chatterjee, January 28 2004:

I tested this hack myself and it works fine.For all region
Switch off the System.
Make sure the tray is empty
Switch on the power by pressing the DISC button in remote
'NO DISC' will be displayed
keep on pressing the following without any pause.
and ignore the hand sign in the screen
(For Region 1)
(for region 5)

159 is must for all regions
The next three digits signifies Region,System,Language Code respectively
First number is the region code eg 1 = Region 1 ,2 = Region 2 etc
Second number is the TV system where 1= NTSC ,2=PAL ,and 3 =AUTO
Third is the Menu/Audio Subtitle Language.
111 means Region 1,NTSC,English
531 means Region 5,AUTO,English
521 means Region 5,PAL,English

The next three digits will be constant for this particular model.i.e.001 for MX3660.

The next three are the 'AFS' number that tells the MPEG board what model it's fitted in

001 = LX3000D/LX3500 /MX3660
and the last two is the OEM derivative where Philips = 08

Use the 'Play 159 Play' command the resets the change at any point of time and if the region has been changed by mistake...this command bring it back to the last setting

PostRegion code hack posted by roberts, February 22 2004:

Player should be in no disc mode. Keep the player in DISC source. Press PLAY 159 023 79390 PLAY, then switch OFF the set and ON.

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