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Philips LX8000SA

5 user region code comments

March 23, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by John, January 10 2003:

Changing the region code for LX8000
Go into the NO DISC mode without a disc in the tray
Tray is closed
Press ‘PLAY’ on the remote control unit
Enter 1 5 9 2 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 5 2 5 5
Press ‘PLAY’ on the remote control unit

PostRegion code hack posted by Big A and his Monkey, March 04 2003:

This hack has been well tested on a UK sourced LX8000SA. From what I've read the North American units will have a different P-code for S-Video output instead of RGB so this hack is explicitly for SCART RGB units.

Start with the tray empty.
On the remote press:
Play 15922100808 Play (for region 2)
Play 15944100808 Play (for region 4)

These are the only two I've tested but I think its safe to assume that replacing the 4th and 5th digits with the desired region code will do the trick. Unfortunately 00 doesn't work.

A tip for anyone BEFORE you hack this model.
Enter the "System" menu navigate down to the Features menu (Suitcase icon). Press right arrow to highlight "Access Control" and then press the down arrow 6 times. A hidden line now appears with with a bunch of numbers. Copy it all down but the important numbers are the 8 digits appearing after the "P". This is the native P-Code of your unit so if all else fails plug this back in after the 159 and you're back in business.

PostRegion code hack posted by David, December 09 2003:

The Philips LX8000SA (and probably LX7000) can be hacked using the ONEFORALL method.

Using a OneForAll 4 digital or 6 remote controller:

Set up for DVD using the 0539 code

Press [MAGIC] 085

Unlike the other players which use this hack, the display does not show "-----------"

Enter 222 222 005 255 and press [PLAY]

Power off for 10 seconds.

The LX8000SA is now MULTI-region.
No more messing about with p codes and screen aspect ratio every time you want to change region!


PostRegion code hack posted by Redeye UK, February 28 2004:

The one-for-all remote hack posted by David does work, i used a Kameleon 6. Follow the instuctions carefully.

PostRegion code hack posted by Serenia, March 23 2005:

1. Turn on without disk
2. On Remote press Play, 15972100808, Play
3. TV screen became blue for few seconds after this procedure and player looks like reboot of PC. It means that you have multiregion player (cinema theater).
I try this hack on 2 region DVD player and it works!

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