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Philips DVP2880

22 user region code comments

March 26, 2021 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by the dark mind, July 03 2013:

1. Power ON the DVD player with no disc inside
2. Goto SETUP and go to Preferences
3. With preferences highlighted, Press NEXT CHAPTER>|, PREVIOUS CHAPTER |<, NEXT CHAPTER>|,
4. The OSD will show the current Region Code
5. Press the Navigation Up or Navigation Down buttons to
select your desired region, or 0 for region free
6. Press OK to confirm your region selection

PostRegion code hack posted by ddwoff, July 26 2013:

Followed instructions and it worked, however, when I inserted
one of my Region 2 DVDs, it told me that it couldn't recognize
the format. Tried it with two different TVs to see if maybe
that was the problem, and the other TV said the format wasn't
supported. Tried Region 1 DVD, and it worked just fine. Not
sure where to go from here.

PostRegion code hack posted by Techie73, March 04 2014:

Jusy bought one at Walmart. Worked fine. Might mention that the NEXT CHAPTER/PREVIOUS CHAPTER a.k.a. NEXT SCENE/PREVIOUS SCENE buttons look like this (|<)...(>|)

PostRegion code hack posted by wsmacl, April 10 2014:

Hack worked great on DVD player purchased in Italy April 2014. Thanks much!

PostRegion code hack posted by WYNSMOON, April 13 2014:

Bought same player at Walmart for $38. 30 seconds with above hack and all regions play perfect. Nice and easy.

PostRegion code hack posted by toridani, June 20 2014:

Got this DVD player in June 2014 in the USA from Best Buy and
the 1st hack listed here works perfectly!

PostRegion code posted by hydeheath, July 26 2014:

This worked great on a system purchased in the US - thanks ! Only thing I noticed is that I have to use the composite (red, white, yellow) out to view region 2 dvds, HDMI output doesn't seem to work. Perfect for my ancient pre-HD UK dvds though

PostRegion code hack posted by tintin37, November 01 2014:

Bought DVD player today, in the USA. Used dark mind, July
03 2013 hack (1st entry), and it worked perfectly. I set
the code to 0.

PostRegion code hack posted by ido5290, February 23 2015:

Purchased PHILIPS DVP2888/93 DVD in China set to region 6 in February 2015.
This hack works perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by Legal Beagle, March 07 2015:

Purchased a Philips 2880 in Mexico, expecting to follow the instructions above to be able to play US DVDs, but was surprised
to find that the DVDs player played US DVDs right out of the box without any hack. The manual clearly states that the player
only plays region 4 dvds.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mexique7, April 24 2015:

Philips DVD Player DVR 2880 hack worked on Region 4 (Australia) DVD player... Woo hoo! Very happy!!

PostRegion code posted by milaruzi, April 21 2017:

This hack doesn īt work..try to change region 2 to 0 but can īt change the number.. help me, please

PostRegion code posted by Robert, May 01 2017:

The hacks aren't working on the 2880. Wonder if Philips changed something. Next chapter, previous chapter just goes back
and forth between preference and audio. Nothing happens.

PostRegion code hack posted by ObeyToTrump, June 23 2017:

1st post works on DVP2880/12 , 8670 000 98567 MADE IN INDONESIA, sold in GER player

PostRegion code posted by DeuVis, October 06 2017:

Doesn't work for me, the OSD menu won't appear.

Version info - from "preferences" menu :
Image DVP2880-12.bin
Version 12.13.54.V06

PostRegion code posted by majormulatto, October 08 2017:

i think that the philips 2800/2880 machines have fallen by the wayside, like so many others. they used to be hackable & available at most local stores for $30 & $40, but are no longer available, even on the target website. i'm guessing that anything left in a store will be unhackable. if you look on the websites which sell all region players, you'll see these machines for around $100, which suggests a giant import duty. what i've been doing lately is getting decent machines from goodwill for 8 to 10 bucks. the older ones seem to all have one of two hacks listed here.

PostRegion code hack posted by EdM, November 22 2017:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. In Germany, bought a Philips 2880 pre-set for code 2. In 10
seconds, as per instructions, I was able to change to code works!!!

PostRegion code posted by rawrdinosaur, December 16 2017:

Just got a region 2 DVP2852 model here in Germany and the hack worked like a charm.

Set it to region 0 and tried with a region 1 DVD, works fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by Faisal, March 21 2019:

Worked in Asia

PostRegion code hack posted by Alex, April 05 2020:

Tried the code on the DVP2980/12 and it worked.

Looks like it works for multiple systems.

PostRegion code hack posted by JS, March 21 2021:

region 4

PostRegion code hack posted by Michael, March 26 2021:

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back on that.

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