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Panasonic DVD-RP56

15 user region code comments

June 30, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, March 03 2003:

As mentioned in some of the other panasonic hacks, there seems to be a memory editor built into the player. To access Press PAUSE+>| on the player itself, then press 8 on the remote.

now on the remote, press 1 to read or 2 to write (follow the text on the panel display). Addresses and values are in hexadecimal. To enter the digits A through F, use:

A = Up
B = Right
C = Down
D = Left
E = Top Menu
F = Menu

Press ENTER to enter the address/values, press RETURN to enter new values.

If you activate this hack, it remains active even if you put a disc in the drive. To switch the display from normal to editor and back, press the DISPLAY button on the remote.

Now maybe we can get somewhere with this.

PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, March 07 2003:

Small correction, an addition, and note to the hack I posted earlier.

The Correction:

Apparently I wasn't clear enough with my button descriptions (sorry 'bout that guys) so here goes again.

To access the memory editor, press
[||] (pause button) and [>>|] (forward chapter skip)
on the player itself (not the remote) then *while holding those buttons down* press the [8] button on the remote.

The Additions:

While in editor mode, apparently pressing [9] on the remote will exit editor mode (Haven't actually tried this myself).

Check the hacks for the RV31 and RV32. They seem to work. I haven't tried them all but the ones I have did work as described (except of course got a different firware version number) Including this memory editor hack (it's where I got it from :).

The Note:

Did a (very) quick scan of the memory, it was mostly zeroes for the first bit (the first non-zero value I found was around 7990).

PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, April 24 2003:

A Service Manual (well... sort-of)

I found an FTP site with a self-extracting service manual for the RV-31/RV-41u. It's still kind of relevant since the RP56 seems to be in the same family of DVD players.

It's got lots of info on what exactly all those weird codes actually mean. Especially check the TIFF images en07_03.tif, en080101.tif, en080102.tif, en080103.tif, en080701.tif, en080702.tif (they contain tables).

Anyway, get the file here:

PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, May 02 2003:

Ok, the file seems to no longer be at the FTP site. I placed the file on eDonkey/eMule for now, and leaving the computer up for a few days. After it's been downloaded a few times I'll be turning the machine off so to those who download the file, SHARE IT!

filename: Panas-RV3141u.exe (4.4Mb)

I also re-packaged it as: (4.5Mb)


PostRegion code hack posted by cmunsta1, June 25 2003:

This "hack" uses a DVD and the remote.

That's right, there is a way.

I just received the infamous Panasonic Service Disc (aka Disc 2) and have confirmed that it works on the RP56 (I now have a region *and* macrovision free player :)

The only drawback right now is that I can't figure out how to copy this DVD. Tried Nero, but it won't recognize it's own image file. Will keep you posted.

Anyhoo, to get your own disc right now, hunt through the hacks for the RV31. They have a link to Panasonic Australia. I e-mailed them through the site and received the disc today. Try it out, you never know.

PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, June 26 2003:

Dup'ing the Panasonic Service Disc.

Got a duplicate to work and *very* soon will be posting a disc image on eDonkey/eMule. So what's the catch?... read on...

Basically, the only way to copy/burn this disc is to use an Authoring Burner. I used a Pioneer DVR-S201 with Prassi PrimoDVD 2.0 to create the image file. The format used by Prassi is a "Global-Image" (.gi extension).

You have to use an Authoring Burner and Media because the disc stores the region and macrovision info (or at least what it checks for) in an area of the DVD disc that cannot be duplicated with General Purpose Burners/Media.

To find out more about the different medias, read this white paper:

Ta for now,

PostRegion code hack posted by cmunsta1, June 29 2003:

As Promised, the Panasonic Service Disc is now up on eDonkey/eMule.

Anyway, Download the instructions first and read the ReadMes in there. There are two versions of the image available. The Prassi image has been tested while the Nero image has not. But the Nero image is nicely split into two files while the Prassi one is only one massive file. You decide what to download. Be aware that the images are over 4GBytes of data so play nice kids, it's going to be a *BIG* download.

You'll also need HJSplit to join the files together, and as mentioned in previous posts, you'll need an Authoring Burner.


The Instructions:
"Panasonic Service Disc -"
ed2k link:

The Nero Image:
"Panasonic Service Disc (Nero).zip.001"
"Panasonic Service Disc (Nero).zip.002"
"Panasonic Service Disc (Nero).zip.003"
"Panasonic Service Disc (Nero).zip.004"
ed2k links:

The Prassi Image:
"Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.001"
"Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.002"
"Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.003"
"Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.004"
ed2k links:

PostRegion code hack posted by G Parrot, August 05 2003:

I bought the "decode keys" from, and the RP56 is listed in it. The code listed for this model did NOT work on my Canadian model, but perhaps it may on yours. Here is what they offer:

A112, A120, RP56, RV31, RC-HT80

To change region on this player follow these steps:
Ensure there is no disc in the tray and that the tray is closed
Press Stop
Press Stop
Press Setup
Then key in the following 3, 8, 8, 8, 3
Followed by the Region you wish your player to play

Good luck on your machine!

PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, August 19 2003:

Hi again, your friendly cmunsta here.

I have been in touch with someone who has access to an authoring burner and claimed he would make copies for others. I've sent him the disc.


You'll have to make arrangements with him.


PostOther hack posted by cmunsta1, December 15 2003:

Cmunsta here once again :)

Seems that someone out there is sharing a corrupted version of the Nero disc image files. This has already caused some people grief.

In order to help correct this, I've created and posting some PAR files that can help fix the problem. I've done the same for the Prassi files just in case. Also I'm posting the version of SmartPAR that I used (for those who either don't have it or want the same version just in case).

Sorry it took so long for me to post this, been busy.


Here are the ed2k links:


Nero PAR Files
Panasonic Sevice Disc (Nero).zip.PAR
Panasonic Sevice Disc (Nero).zip.P01
Panasonic Sevice Disc (Nero).zip.P02
ed2k://|file|Panasonic.Service.Disc.(Ne ... 3FE7F6E6|/
ed2k://|file|Panasonic.Service.Disc.(Ne ... DE26F6FA|/
ed2k://|file|Panasonic.Service.Disc.(Ne ... F4FCC606|/

Prassi PAR Files
Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.PAR
Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.P01
Panasonic Service Disc (Prassi).gi.P02
ed2k://|file|Panasonic.Service.Disc.(Pr ... E687C619|/
ed2k://|file|Panasonic.Service.Disc.(Pr ... AEE666D8|/
ed2k://|file|Panasonic.Service.Disc.(Pr ... 9858ED9B|/

PostRegion code hack posted by Mario, January 22 2004:

j'ai un panasonic RP56 de zone 1 et je veux lire les dvd de zone 2 (france) quel programme ou quel fonction que je dois faire, merci d'avance

PostOther hack posted by Dimensio, April 27 2004:

I've a question for anyone who has used the Service disc with this player (or someone who has used it on a RV31)

Will the player play RCE discs after such a modification? I've not seen any information regarding this, and it is important to me before I try modding my player.

PostRegion code hack posted by ToneDeF, March 17 2005:

I am the ToneDeF mentioned by cmunsta in a previous posting. I just wanted to let visitors to this forum know that I can no longer provide copies of the Panasonic Service Disc 2. Back in February 2005, I sold my authoring DVD recorder on ebay. The last remaining copy in my possesion of the service disc was shipped out at the very end of January.

I am happy to have been able to help out as many individuals as I could. I encourage someone out there with an authoring DVD recorder to team up with someone who owns a copy of the service disc to provide affordable duplicates of the disc to other interested parties.


PostOther hack posted by ZeeOwl, June 29 2005:

I did a search with Safari for that service manual that cmunsta was talking
about. And I found an FTP site in Russia that has it:

Unfortunately, I can't do anything with it, because it's compressed in a format
that Stuffit Expander doesn't recognize (Windoze self-extracting archives
usually work fine with it). I can't find a copy of the zipped version.

PostOther hack posted by ZeeOwl, June 30 2005:

Just an update to my previous post. The link got broken in two, for some
strange reason. So copy-paste both lines into your Web browser to download
the file.

Also, I found out how to display the region code on my DVD-RP62. With no
disc in the player, press [PAUSE] and [EJECT] together on the player's front
panel, and while holding those two keys press [6] on the remote-control. The
format of the data is:

R = region code (0 to 8)
VV = video standard (N = NTSC, P = PAL). Mine displays "NN" which
apparently means that it's not capable of reading PAL format DVDs.
According to the docs, a player that can read both formats would display
### = panel controller jumper settings. I haven't opened my unit up, so I
have no idea how to interpret these numbers, or what options are available.

This function will only DISPLAY the region code of the player. It will NOT
allow you to modify it. But if/when someone finds a hack, it will allow you to
confirm that the hack worked.

These instructions were actually for an DVD-RV32E, and they still worked
with my player, so it's probable that this will work with many different
Panasonic models.

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