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NAD T512

10 user region code comments

July 31, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Reidar, November 12 2002:

To play CD, DVD, VCD, MP3:

-switch on unit
-press Pause on RC
-enter 1472 (display shows 01??)
-press curser up until display shows 04??
-now press "Program" "4" "Program" "5"
-Display shows 04dE
-press "Enter" - display flash one time
-press " Return"
-switch unit off

Now the unit is able to play CD, DVD, VCD, MP3 but not SVCD.

PostRegion code hack posted by PGmx, May 24 2003:

Same as the hack posted for the NAD T532 by Nomar:

***Step 1***
Download the file from:

***Step 2***
Unzip the file It will create a folder called RMTM0000.

***Step 3***
Use CD burning software to create a data disc containing the folder RMTM0000.
This folder should be the only folder on the cd.

***Step 4***
Switch on your DVD player and TV, open the drawer and insert the newly burned disc. Close the drawer and after a few seconds a region-setup menu appears.
When prompted use your remote to select "0" for multiregion (or any other region number you want) and then ENTER.
Power off and... it's done!

PostRegion code hack posted by Pelle Pingvin, August 19 2003:

I can confirm that hack with RMTM0000 works on NAD T512. Well done gents!

PostOther hack posted by Ventil, October 17 2003:

To play CD, DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3:

-turn on TV and choose the DVD input (usualy EXT or AV)
-switch on unit
-press Pause on RC
-enter 1472

-look at PROM EDIT: (shows 1 47)
-enter 55
-press "Enter" - numbers flash one time

-press curser up once until (shows 2 42)
-enter 53
-press "Enter"

-press curser up once until (shows 3 00)
-enter 03
-press "Enter"

-press curser up once until (shows 4 dc or 4 de)
-press "Program" "4" "Program" "5"
-press "Enter"

-press curser up once until (shows 5 10)
-enter 12
-press "Enter"

-press curser up twice until (shows 7 00)
-enter 10
-press "Enter"
-press " Return"

-look at PROM OPTION: it should now have following value: 55 53 03 de 12 55 10 00
-if the code is correct, switch unit off (if not you should by now have learned how to navigate in this menu)

Now the unit is able to play CD, DVD, VCD, MP3 and SVCD.

PostOther hack posted by Carsten B Senholt, November 03 2003:

I can confirm that the SVCD hack posted by Ventil works 100% on my T512. Thanks.


PostOther hack posted by Henrik Krowgaard, November 17 2003:

Danger Will Robinson Danger !!
Do NOT use the software hack provided by PGmx.
I talked to the seller of my T512 and he is well aware of what this software hack can do.
He warned me strongly against using it, because he had a costumer in last week who had destroyed the PROM beyond repair with this hack.
So watch out with this one.

PostOther hack posted by Kev, December 05 2003:

I can confirm that Ventil's hack works a treat!
My UK T512 now plays VCDs, will try SVCDs soon when I've downloaded a couple ;-D

Thanks a lot!

PostOther hack posted by Efrain Lopez, December 16 2003:

I have a lg dvd-5812n. The code is the same for the vcd & svcd feature. But I can't play dvd-r's. Somebody know to hack and make this feature enabled?


PostRegion code hack posted by Richard, February 24 2004:

I have used the above CD-R on my NAD T512 player & can confirm that it does work a treat as does the (S)VCD hack. I can't understand the warning above about not using the region free hack. Just make sure that there is no other data on the CD-R disc, apart from the RMTM0000 file, when you try to make your player region 0.

PostRegion code hack posted by HP Deskjet, July 31 2004:

The above hack also allows the playing of RCE discs without having to manually reset your player.

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