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Lite-On LVW-5007

2 user region code comments

January 28, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by rtiger54, January 23 2005:

1. Download the firmware for your region.

2. Save the file and extract it if necessary.

3. Open the file for editing using ultra edit.

4. Find the hex values: "55 53 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00"

5. Replace it with: "55 53 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01"

6. Save the file. (may want to do this with a different name)

7. Burn to cd and close the cd. (I used nero and renamed the file to the original firmware name before burning)

8. Insert the cd in the Liteon and follow onscreen instructions to upgrade the firmware as normal and you will have removed the macrovision check.

Since this fix changes the default region, correct this by following these steps:

1. Goto the Setup menu.
2. Highlight the exit icon.
3. Type 2960.
4. Select your region or region free to disable regions

NOTE: Keep the original firmware available since you may need it to recover in case you made a typo. The recorders are fairly forgiving. I made a type the first time and the machine crashed. I unplugged the power, restored power and it asked to insert cd. I inserted the original firmware and it recovered.

PostRegion code hack posted by nopcbs, January 28 2006:

I have an LVW-5007 (very late 2004 production) that I recently bought 9January, 2006) new at Sears. Great unit except for Macrovision and no 3h mode out-of-the-box. Solution was incredibly easy.

I dowloaded the ILOHACK15.ZIP file from Expanded the zip file, which gave me an execulatble named ILOHACK.EXE.

I downloaded the official late 2005 EPROM upgrade file, LNKA1040.EA0, from the LITEON web site. Put a copy of that file in the same direcory where the ILOHACK.EXE program was located. (Wanted to keep the un-neutered original file, just in case.)

I ran the ILOHACK.EXE program and had it use the LNKA1040.EA0 file in the same directory as its target. The ILOHACK.EXE program did its thing, gave me a report that Macrovision was removed, 3h mode added, and region free selected. The output was a new file also named LNKA1040.EAO.

I used Nero to burn the modified (or neutered, as I like to think of it) EPROM upgrade file to a CD-R.

Turned the LVW-5007 off, then on. Put the CD-R in. The EPROM upgrade program came up and asked if I wanted to run it. I said yes. It ran for about 2-3 minutes. Turned the unit off and on again, as instructed. Did the TV Guide Plus set up again. Checked the record menu and 3h mode is present. Checked for region free (type 2690 code at Exit icon prompt in Setup menu) and it was region-free. Put in a known Macrovision-equipped VHS tape (African Quess) in my source VHS player and proceeded to record it with no difficulty.

This little program is fantastic and Mr. Wizard, who wrote it, is a bloody genius.

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