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LG DR175

9 user region code comments

August 27, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by tollanarama, June 10 2006:

With NO DISC (Can use tray open)

Power On (optional tray open)
press HOME on remote

Use arrows to select SETUP

Arrow and enter for start menu

Down 4 to LOCK icon

enter 0000000 (press 0 seven times!)

This toggles between region protect and region free
tested works w/ PAL R2 disks on USA R1 NTSC system

PostRegion code hack posted by CO, December 16 2006:


You will need:

Nero Burning ROM, or similar
A blank CD-R
WinZip or WinRAR or IZark to decompress the .zip

Go to the site, scroll down to the photo with '6000' -- this is a downloadable .zip. Download it to your desktop.

The .txt file included says this:

"1) Unzip the folders and files to the hard drive in exactly the same order.
2) Burn the folder "RMT000" (including sub files and/or folders) to a blank CDR
3) Make sure you set; 'close' disc and session
4) Make sure you burn the disc in ISO mode (not joliet)

Insert the disc in the player and follow the screen instructions"

Believe me, it works. I have tried Region 2 and Region 4 DVDs without problem.

I tried it in Brazilian version of LG DR175 and works fine.
The Hack with 7x0 doesn't works

PostRegion code hack posted by martinp, December 24 2006:

If the "seven zeros" hack doesn't work (it didn't for me), the CD Rom hack described here will. The vital piece of missing info though is that you need to select region zero to make the unit multi region. That worked.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ian Oliver, January 13 2007:

I have just tried both hacks on a UK LG DR175.

I checked it would play a region 1 disc first.

The remote hack didn't seem to do anything.
The hack with the CD worked a treat - a menu pops up automatically, you hit 0 and enter on the remote, and all regions work afterwards.

I burnt the CD with the free version of DeepBurner and used a CD-RW so didn't even waste a disc. Great stuff.


PostRegion code hack posted by PJG, February 07 2007:

did the burn to CDRW
put in a regeion 1 DVD it didnt run
ran the Hack
put in region 1 DVD again
it works fine! thanx guys!

PostRegion code hack posted by STEPHEN BAKER, March 15 2007:

power home button on remote.go set-up,down to start and enter.scroll down 4 to the lock icon and across to area code.scroll right will ask to enter password.enter 0000 and for the first time it will ask to verify.0000 again.after which it will only ask will see G B above it.once password enterd you can now change the region by way of entering two letters from where the dvd america."us".you understand!this worked for me fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by Stachel, April 02 2007:

The zip file shown above has been taken off by the ISP. If anybody knows alternative links please leave a note.

The 7*0 hack as described above luckily worked for my UK region 2 player a treat

PostRegion code hack posted by Helen, April 04 2007:

Visit following url.*/

Download file 'May 22 2006'

Follow instructions on readme.

At screen prompt change to region 0.

PostRegion code hack posted by nick, August 27 2007:

Hi i tried that 7 0's thing, didnt work. i downloaded the 6000 zip thing but each time i did this the file was dameged or corrupt and wouldnt open. Finely found this site
Download the file and follow instructions. it says its for aiwa but its the same hack as the 6000. it worked on mine perfict. c ya

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