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Insignia NS-WBRDVD2-CA

5 user region code comments

August 29, 2012 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by cleon21, December 03 2010:

1. Turn on the player.
2. Press the home/setup button and release. Enter 9-1-1-3 on the number
3. "Configure player" appears in the wheel menu to the left of the screen.
Using the up or down arrow button on your remote, navigate to it and press
4. Three menus appear on a blue background in the centre of the screen:
DVD Region, BD Region, and BD Profile. Select the one you want and press
5. A grey menu appears in the centre showing the various regions. Navigate
to the one you want and press enter.
6. Exit the grey menu by pressing the left arrow key, then press it again to
exit the blue menu. The screen will appear as it did in step 3 before you
pressed enter.
7. Open the drawer and put in your foreign disc. Wait a little bit. When it's
ready, the disc's main menu appears. Play the disc like you would any disc.
8. Consider yourself fortunate: You're now able to play foreign DVDs
AND foreign Blu-rays on your basic North American player.

Note: You have to do this every time you want to play a foreign DVD, because
when it's shut off the player automatically defaults to Region 1 for DVDs and
Region A for Blu-rays (i.e. North America for DVD and the Americas for Blu-
ray). The "configure player" menu disappears sometimes, too; to see it again,
simply perform the "home/setup, 9-1-1-3" hack again.

PostRegion code hack posted by bean1902, March 27 2011:

if you have recently bought this machine then do not upgrade to the new firmware. this stops the hack from working.

if you have done this then you can go to the insignia home page and download the old version to a USB then downgrade again

the hack does work...just takes a little bit of time & patience!


PostRegion code hack posted by nabozozo, February 07 2012:

Just bought this refurbished player from Best Buy and applied the above-described region hack:

1. Push "Home/Setup"
2. Enter 9-1-1-3
3. A new "Configure Player" option appears in the menu wheel
4. Select this "Configure Player" option and a secondary menu appears with "DVD Region" option which allows you to select Region 1 to 6 for DVD playback or Region 0 for region-free and a "BD Zone" option which allows you to select Zone A, B or C for BD playback.

However, there was no "BD Configuration" entry as mentioned by previous hack.

Also, powering off the player automatically resets it to DVD Region 1 and BD Zone A. Unplugging the makes the "Configure Player" option disappear from the menu wheel. It then has to be restored by applying the same 9-1-1-3 code.

PostRegion code hack posted by jman98, August 24 2012:

nabozozo's post is 100% correct and should be carefully read by anyone
looking to buy this player as a refurb from Best Buy.

I just bought this player and I had to downgrade the firmare to get region free
mode to work. Best Buy currently flashes this player with the most current
firmware and that removes region free capability. The firmware you need is:
See here for firmware:
If you use any firmware later than the one I listed, region free mode probably
will not work for you.

Note that the player that Best Buy sells in the USA as a refurb does not have
"CA" in the name, but it's the same player. CA is probably the Canadian

I tested PAL DVD and BD playback and it was fine. I confirm that the region
free DVD setting works and that I was able to play a region B BluRay on my
NTSC HDTV. This is a converting player. My HDTV will not accept a straight
PAL signal so the fact that it played fine means it has to convert.

Note that the HDMI defaults may cause problems for older HDTVs like mine
(about 5 years old). My HDTV cannot accept a 1080p/24fps input signal
which is the default when using HDMI. I had to connect the player to my PC's
Hauppauge Colossus card to change the value to turn off 1080p/24fps before
it would work.

Finally on my remote the "home/setup" key is just "setup". There is no
"home" key.

PostRegion code hack posted by mediaguy11145, August 29 2012:

I just got a refurbished Insignia NS-WBRDVD2 from and it did come with updated firmware which would not allow any digits to be entered at the point the hack steps indicate for this model.

However, I updated the firmware with an older firmware (also found via a link on this posting/site). At first, the new (old) firmware would not let the hack code be entered ... so if this is your case, please try the following revised hack steps:

1. Turn on the player.

2. Put in a disc and start playing some video for a minute or so.

3. Press the home/setup button on the remote and release to see player home menu.

4. Press 9-1-1-3 on the player's remote.

5. "Configure Player" appears in the wheel menu (located on the left of the screen). Look carefully.

6. Using the up or down directional button on your remote, navigate to "Configure Player" menu and press
enter (or directional right) button.

7. Change either the DVD Region (Choose Region 1,2,3,4,5,6 or Region Free) or the BD Region (Choose Region A,B,C).

Seems to work fine ... Region 2 DVDs played for me; however, I have not tested BD yet as I am awaiting a Region 2 BD to arrive from the UK to test.

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