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ATI All In Wonder Radeon X1900 Graphics Card
Tv Tuner
Analog VideoIn
Win95 Win98 Win2K WinXP
Vista NT4? MAC Linux
*based on user reports.
PCIE $500 5.0/10
2 votes
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Description (from the manufacturer site)
The All-in-Wonder® X1900 features a brand-new graphics processor and proudly follows closely behind its Radeon counterpart. The X1900 is a one-card solution of great performance for extreme gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, home users and moviemakers alike. ATI's Avivo™ display platform gives incredibly rich video quality from capture through to playback, while PCI Express punches through the AGP bandwidth ceiling. The built-in TV tuner, PVR and programming guide provides now or later program enjoyment, while hardware H.264 decoding gives effortless playback of next-generation HD DVD.

Video Features:

* Video Editing
* TV/FM-on-Demand


* 15 pin VGA
* Stereo audio, S-video, and composite video inputs and outputs
* External stereo connections to sound card’s line input and output
* YPrPb Output adapter

2 comments, Showing 1 to 2 comments

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Comments posted by shaktiIIIgta from United States, August 05, 2009:
Compatibility: Win95? Win98? Win2K? WinXP Vista? NT4? MAC? Linux? - Rated: 5 of 10.

No comments

Comments posted by checov from Brazil, January 09, 2009:
Compatibility: Win95 Win98 Win2K WinXP Vista NT4? MAC Linux - Rated: 5 of 10.

2 comments, Showing 1 to 2 comments

1 Capture Card hits, Showing 1 to 1 Capture Cards

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