Bitrate Calculator

Bitrate Calculator

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Download this Bitrate Calculator here so you can use it offline, extract all files to a folder and open the BitrateCalc.html with any web browser. If you can't view the Java calculator applet install Suns Java plugin.

What's new
Added DVD9, DVD14, DVD18, DVD1, DVD2, DVD3, DVD5 under DVDs.
Added Video size, MPEG/Authoring overhead, Audio size, ISO and Total size under advanced mode.
Compiled it as one jar file instead of several class files.

How To
- Choose video type under Type.
- Type in the length of your videoclip.
- Select how many CDs or DVDs and what kind of media you are going to use.
- Select the audio bitrate you are going to use.
- Now copy the Calculated Bitrate, it is the Video Bitrate you are going to use in your Encoder.
- Launch your favorite encoder(TMPGEnc!) and set the video Bitrate to the Calculate Bitrate. (Be sure to either use CBR or VBR multipass encoding).

If you are thinking of adding still images, menus, motion menus and extra subtitles and such you must add a few extra MBs to the other ISO files (click on advanced) or lower the calculated bitrate some bits or else it wont fit.

*CBR = Constant Bitrate
*VBR = Variable Bitrate

Advanced settings
Click on Advanced Mode to access some advanced settings:

Custom CD/DVD Size - Define a custom size in MB.

Bps - Calculate with 1 kbit = 1000 bits or 1 kbit = 1024 bits, most encoders uses 1 kbit=1000 bits today.

Custom audio size
- Defina a custom audio bitrate.

Tracks - Extra audio tracks, useful if making SVCD or DVD with several audio tracks.

ISO - Define how many MB you wanna leave for extra iso files, default is 5 MB for SVCD/CVD/XVCDs, 25 MB for DVDs and 5 MB for DivX. If you want more data files/iso files then increase this value.

Calculated Bitrate
  - Type in a bitrate and the calculator will calculate the total size.

Video size - The total video size

MPEG/Author Overhead
- The total overhead size, it is some extra megabytes that get added when authoring and encoding the video to SVCD and DVD.

Audio size - The total audio size

ISO - The total ISO size

Total - The total size

Manually calculate the bitrate
The basic bitrate formula is

(Size - (Audio x Length )) / Length = Video bitrate

L = Lenght of the whole movie in seconds
S = Size you like to use in KB (note 700 MB x 1024° = 716 800 KB)
A = Audio bitrate in KB/s (note 224 kbit/s = 224 / 8° = 28 KB/s)
V = Video bitrate in KB/s, to get kbit/s multiply with 8°.

°8 bit = 1 byte.
°1024 = 1 kilo in the computer world.

90 minutes video, L = 90 x 60 = 5 400 seconds
700 MB CD but be sure that if fits use a bit lower like 695 MB, S = 695 x 1024 = 711 680 KB
Audio bitrate, A = 224 kbit/s / 8 = 28 KB/s

(711 680 - (5400 x 28) ) / 5400 = 104 KB/s x 8° = 830 kbit/s.

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