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Media Browser, beginning with version 3, is no longer a single program. It encompasses a large suite of applications all communicating with a central server that manages your library. No longer locked inside Windows Media Center, Media Browser can now bring your entire media library to not only all of the computers on your network, but also many of your portable devices. Whether it's the Roku in the living room, or your tablet on the back porch, Media Browser will bring your media right to you. Full description.

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  Latest version:
3.0.5424 (November 07, 2014)

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Download Media Browser 3.0.5424 (direct link) (400kB)

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Download Media Browser Mac version

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Media Center/HTPC/PS3/360

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:
Media Browser Server 3.0.5416 Beta Released
Started by admin , Yesterday, 11:53 PM

As many of you know, we have a lot of really smart people here in our community, and great things happen when we put our minds together. We've been longing for a way to make it easier to access your server when you're away from home, and we're pleased to announce our solution. It's Media Browser Connect.

Now you can use your forum username and password to sign into any Media Browser app from any location, and it will know how to locate your server in the most efficient way possible. This means you no longer have to fumble with IP addresses. Not only does this make it easier to access your server, it also makes it easier to mange multiple servers and share with your friends.
So how does it work?

It's very easy. For existing users that you've already setup, simply edit their user profile and enter their forum username or email address. The local server account will then be linked to the forum account. Once they accept the invitation email, they'll then be able to use their forum credentials to sign in to your server, without having to know the server's IP address.


In the user list, you'll see a cloud to indicate the user has a Connect account.

Invite Your Friends

You'll notice a new Guests section on the user management page.


What are guests? Guests are forum users that you've invited to use your server. Simply click the plus button next to Guests, and you'll be presented with a popup to invite a forum user. You can even choose which libraries they'll have access to.
By default guests have very limited permissions, and you'll have full control over what they'll have access to.

Local Accounts, Cloud Accounts - You Decide

While we expect this feature to be very popular, we know that many prefer local accounts and we're pleased to say they're not going anywhere. Both of the features work very well together and we expect to continue to improve on this.

App Support

This has been a large team effort and you can expect to see updates for all of our apps soon. Here's a few teasers to wet your appetite.


Try the Hosted Web Client

We now have a hosted version of the web client at:

Simply use your Connect (forum) login, and then you can access any of your servers (owned or shared).


Once you sign in, you'll see the very same web client you've come to know and love. Switching servers is easy:

As you can see the layout is currently limited to one server at a time, but this is only the beginning. We know that many of you are clamoring for multi-server presentations, and we intend to deliver that in future releases.

The hosted web client has one unique advantage over the local version. It features automatic network switching from LAN to WAN and vice versa, on the fly as needed. You might login initially within your home network, and then leave the house and transition to mobile. The app will handle it for you, all on the fly. The hosted web client is truly one url, any time, any location.

Important Note: The hosted web client is served via static HTML and JavaScript. All communication occurs directly from your browser to your Media Browser Server, just like the regular web client. We do not have any external servers that send requests to your home server, and we do not collect any information about your media library.

New Devices Section

There is a new Devices section in the server dashboard. Many of you have asked for device-specific settings and we now have a place to put those. For starters, you can configure a friendly name for each device, to override the name reported by it.


Automatic Camera Image Uploading

You'll notice the Devices section has a Camera Upload tab. Camera upload allows automatic uploading of images from your smartphones and tablets. It's easy! Just enable the devices you'd like to use it for, and voila!

Then go out and take some pictures, and when you come home the images will begin uploading. It's a fully automated feature. All of our mobile apps will be updated soon to support this.

If you like, you can even specify a custom upload path for each device to keep albums separated. Here is a preview of image uploading on windows phone:

New Parental Control Features

Now you can define access schedules for users to control when they have access to your server. It's very easy and only takes a few clicks to setup.

When users try to use the server during restricted hours, they'll see a friendly message indicating that they'll need to come back later.


Expect to see more parental control features in upcoming releases.
New Trailer Features

We know that trailers is a big part of movie watching. The Movies section of the web client now has a Trailers tab, which will pull trailers from all available sources (channels, files, etc).

There's even a new nifty Trailer Reel button. What is the trailer reel? It's the ability to create a long running playlist of random movie trailers. This makes for great background video while you do the dishes.

The best part about the trailer reel feature is that remote control is fully supported. You can send a trailer reel to any Media Browser app that accepts remote control commands.
DLNA Improvements

You'll notice better dynamic category images that are based on the content within your library.


Movies that have trailers or extras are now displayed as folders, allowing you to play the main feature or any of the extras from within the DLNA client interface.


Also, big thanks to FuFa for his work in helping improve our Panasonic device profile, and Happy2Play for lending some of his expertise.
Live TV Improvements

We've been working hard with Krustyreturns and SiliconDust, and ServerWMC users are in for a treat. If you have an HDHomerun that supports Dlna, we now use the SiliconDust api to stream directly from the tuner hardware, thereby bypassing Windows Media Center's wtv conversion process. You will notice faster video start times, increased reliability, decreased resource consumption, and improved video quality. Big thanks to krustyreturns for his efforts on this!
New Argus Live TV Plugin

We're happy to welcome Argus to the community, giving you yet another choice of Live TV providers. Check it out in the plugin catalog.
Latest Item Settings

Some users have reported that they'd prefer not to have photos or music showing up in their latest items lists. This is now easily configured in your user preferences and will take effect within any Media Browser app that displays a global Latest Media section.

Web Client Photo Slideshow:

Click on any image within a photo album and you'll be treated to a visual slideshow. Best of all, it works great when you're mobile just by swiping your fingers left and right.

Support for .STRM files:

These are a longtime favorite of Xbmc users. Now you can create stub files in your library containing a single media url, and the content will be displayed like any other video. Clients will then stream the content from the remote url.

Usage is simple. Create a normal text-file and rename the .txt extension to .strm then open it up with a text-editor (like Notepad in Microsoft Windows) and input the the direct url link of the stream.

For example:

Other Improvements:
Upgraded to fanart v3 api
Support Imdb url's within NFO's that appear after the closing xml tag
Bugs Resolved:
Music videos not showing up on artist page
Artists with & in their name not displayed correctly
Upcoming TV not displaying certain content

View full changelog

All features / Full description:
Media Browser, beginning with version 3, is no longer a single program. It encompasses a large suite of applications all communicating with a central server that manages your library.

No longer locked inside Windows Media Center, Media Browser can now bring your entire media library to not only all of the computers on your network, but also many of your portable devices. Whether it's the Roku in the living room, or your tablet on the back porch, Media Browser will bring your media right to you.

And, we mean right to you as the user profile feature allows you to set up completely different views and options on your library based on who is accessing it. Keep different display styles, parental control levels and watched and favorite status' for all the different members of your household and all of that information travels with the user no matter what client or device they are using.

Start watching something at home on the HTPC and pick it back up where you left off on your phone or tablet on the train.

About Media Browser

This is an application that should be installed on one machine on your network to manage your entire library and feed all of your clients. You only need this on one machine on your network, and that machine needs to be available with the server running for any of the clients to be able to access your media.

It is possible to run the server and one of the clients on the same machine and the server also includes a web-client compatible with any modern html5 browser. More information...

About Media Browser

Embedded within the server is a full-featured html5 client that will allow you to access your library from any modern browser - from anywhere with internet access (proper router configuration will be required).

Together with a rich interface for your library, the web client also contains a full-featured metadata editor that allows you to take complete control of the data associated with your items.

Alternative to Media Browser:
Plex Media Server
XBMC / Kodi

Guides and How to's:
No guides/tutorials, submit guides here.

Acronyms / Also Known As:


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