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Samsung BD-F5100 17 user region code/hacks December 20, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
Region code hack posted by CARLOSLANZA, August 03 2013:

DVD region Free:

1. Power ON. No disc.OPEN TRAY
2. Press REPEAT button.
3. Press 7-6-8-8-4 (or your region code).
3. The current machcines region code will display at the top left of the screen.
4. Press 9 to change to free region.

Patience. I did this like 10 times before it works.

1- 29334
2- 57538
3- 56732
4- 76884
5- 53814
6- 24462

Region code posted by AHuthmann, August 09 2013:

Tried on my German BD-F5100 for half a day. Not working, will keep trying.

Region code hack posted by gavinross, August 21 2013:

Thankyou for this info it worked.

Power on

Tap REPEAT button

Tap 76884

Your code will appear in the top right hand corner change the number to 9 or press 9.

Turn off player .Turn on player insert a region 2 DVD like Debbie does Dallas or Deep throat. If DVD plays all is good.

Region code hack posted by allanwilson, August 27 2013:

I have purchased the BD-F5100 after reading the hack
mentioned, but haven't been able to successfully hack my
machine. Would anyone be able to confirm that the information
is correct and what remote they were using. I have the one
that is shipped AK59-00149A.

Region code hack posted by Prezz23, September 21 2013:

I know this is not what this part is for but I am really struggling. I purchased
the Samsung BD-F5100 Bluray player and I am unable to get the hack to
make it DVD multi-regional, I am in the UK (region 2) and all the hacks I
have tried haven't worked. Has anyone got it to work on a UK model ?
Please help.

Region code hack posted by rtalaman, November 10 2013:

Worked!!! Just follow the instructions above.

1. Power ON with no Disc inside
2. Open Tray
3. Press Repeat (A-B button, not Stop, not Return)
4. Enter 76884 for region 4
5. Enter 9 when a 4 appear at the top left corner of the screen)
6. Power down and power up again
7. Play a foreign DVD to verify the change.

For the other regions:
1 - 29334
2 - 57538
3 - 56732
4 - 76884
5 - 53814

Region code hack posted by BillKG, November 14 2013:

For Samsung BD F5500: Follow rtalaman protocol, EXCEPT use the "REPEAT" button to the right of the "A/B REPEAT" button instead of the "A/B" button. This worked for me first try on a Mexican bought BD F5500, after no results with any of the protocols posted previously.

Region code hack posted by keychain, November 22 2013:

This is for the Samsung BD-F5500 3D Blu Ray.

The hack posted by BillKG worked for me, exactly as posted by him. I live in South Asia, region code 53814.

Specifically, follow rtalaman's protocol, except, don't press the A-B button, but press the blank button to the right of the A-B button.

This worked on the second try for me. Make sure to sit close to the DVD player. If you're sitting at a normal distance, the player may miss sensing a push of the button on the remote, in which case it may not work.

Region code posted by bnes, November 25 2013:

Status: failure to set region-free
Unit: Samsung BD-F5100/AZ
Remote AK59-00149A
Firmware 1004.3

Tried all methods:
Reset to factory defaults
REPEAT/29334 /REPEAT/29334/REPEAT/29334/REPEAT/29334

None resulted in the region code flashing on screen.

Region code hack posted by pranab31, November 26 2013:

I am from India and tried this on my samsung BD 5100.

Worked perfect just in 2 tries. As someone says sit close to the DVD player
so that it gets all the digits. And yes instead of repeat use the black button
in the very last row of buttons on the remote. This black button is between
A-B and Screen buttons. Worked like a charm. Remember to do a power
recycle after pressing the last 9 and trying out outher region disc.

Region code posted by DuatedeAlmeida, December 04 2013:


I recently purchased the Samsung BD-F5100 Bluray player and I tried the hack mentioned here several times, but haven't been able to successfully hack my machine. I am in Portugal (Region 2) and my model comes with the AK59-00149A remote control. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks.

Region code posted by DrMirabilis, December 05 2013:

Hello everyone!

I tried all the hacks posted here in my Samsung BD-F5100 Bluray player and none of them works. I live in Portugal (region 2) and my model comes with the AK59-00149A remote control; firmware is BSP-F5100WWB-1009.3. Any tips?

Region code posted by naggerz, February 05 2014:

Samsung BF5100 and none of these hacks work.
My remote: AK59-00149A
Version: BSP-F5100XUB-1006.3

Any ideas and help would be welcome.

Region code posted by scramble, February 20 2014:

If it helps, I found an old firmware which I am downloading so I don't know if it will help yet but worth a try.

Region code posted by scramble, February 21 2014:

That didn't told me that the player already had the latest firmware update.
I bought this Blu Ray player purposely because I thought I could make it region free. I grew up in the UK and have many DVDs from there that I can't watch. I'd have to buy them all over again here, if I could find them.

Region code hack posted by raht, February 21 2014:

samsumg serie 5000

Region code hack posted by vieekk, December 20 2014:

I bought this model for my kid brother and have spent hours
trying to unlock it to no avail. I have unlocked maybe 10
Blu-ray- and DVD-players in my lifetime, but this one is
hard. I often lack a detailed report about firmware version
and remote control.

Model: Samsung BD-F5100_ZF
Region: B/2 (Sweden)
Software/firmware: BSP-F5100WWB-1010.0
Remote control: AK59-00149A

See images:

Anyone who knows a hack that does work?

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